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But go back and it's cloudy got a chilly out there in fact I saw someone on FaceBook posting pictures that allegedly showed snowing Gaffney. I couldn't see the snow in this picture. I know there was no 1 North Carolina this morning Brian so it's that. Might be a possibility. Political cold snap here and I'm going to be around just a little bit but it'll be warming up policy tomorrow mid fifties. And by the weekend or by Thursday really should be back in the mid sixty's so just. Totaled temporary cold snap here cloudy skies now on this issue be blowing on out of here we should be OK for baseball tomorrow night should be sunny. Tomorrow Clemson Charleston southern baseball six clock here on ESP in upstate tomorrow night. Armed and it's it's good golfing weather and that's good because Tiger Woods is back. Tiger is back. Doubting him no more says ESPN tiger is going to win again. Jason Sobel. Who writes for ESPN golf writer for ESP and said dom. If you had any doubts the putt on seven seen at Val spar on Sunday. Should've Comanche. SN BC had old graphic and a quarter as you about but said this about 3% there. It all goes about 3% of the time of the 44 foot putt on the seventeenth always down to who play in of course you all within that committee. Was one of those signature Tiger Woods moments that we haven't seen in at least five years in the fact that. He's back to doing that again I think that's goals trouble for everybody else currently dormant. Here here's a Jason Sobel says in his article. What is gonna win again very possibly at this week's Arnold Palmer invitational may be even. Ed next month's. Mastery. He might win three more times or he might win thirty more times but it's imminent now it's inevitable tigers Italy. You buy it now. We have to do to convince you may have Taiwan's grizzly attack on Christmas second place tomorrow man. You're right they're. One shot back at the end. Very nice. Call me when that moment greens. If he only. It's as high as second place for the next two or three stops audience here's a guy place no. No he's not back to be only its second place. After what you guys you doesn't watch this situation however. I only watched it on Sunday. I held my plan. I'll watch nothing but basketball always models on the option and watch tiger. On the back nine. On Sunday. And he didn't fault no if he didn't even wave no way. And my thing is this. Yes. From a talent stand point. He's gonna do what he did. They my goodness she had a 129 mile an hour. So we had speed. Fascists and turn it exactly. So old 42 year old tiger right so from way. From a talent standpoint is to. Is still there what what letting down wasn't what it was his running. And I think that it's. That's what's gonna separate him possibly from. He's never going to be what he was at 42 OK now could he possibly win shore. But hold the same win majors right. A solid matters when agency went something he's stolen a major. Exactly and now was it. The odd jump out of my chair when he nailed that bomb. On seventh on seventeen yes. And then what does he do he pulls a two iron on eighteen and I'm like what Eddie just do. He got a 195 yards with a tin can for the upgrade it was basically a 280 yard shot. He then hit seven iron and leaves it thirty feet short. I mean I did not wonders. And I'm thinking he's gonna hit three wood that and that situation and try to get a hit an eight or nine into the green but he didn't do it and of course he left put shorten. It in round match was over. But it's good to see him in contention it's good for the game of golf lobby pulling for him yes. But I want to see him in major. What we employ him yet he'll be there he'll be yes and by the white tigers odds to win the masters were 101 another ten to one. Now attend what beds are pouring in on tiger. Two in the master. More bats have been placed on tiger won the masters than any other golfer that western Las Vegas. Morley co fragrance Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas. They're 81. Meeks and the only golfers are better odds the more money's coming in on tiger. As they figure they get the payoff here. Thomas has two wins this season. Johnson second in money wagered. John rom. Bear and woods fourth and money wagered this season. Yes he played the masters has 2015 is a won the masters since 2005. He hasn't won anything since 2013. And Ellie did this weekend. The Czech Chela. That seems inconceivable to me which one. He hasn't won golf tournament in five years Tories are tea married Al Hadi was number one again for a while back around to our thirteen first part of 2014 run it was number one golfer in the world for a few months. And then at another back surgery the last time he actually won a major. Yeah. 2007. Rate dropped for the mess happened on this it's been more than ten years Alia. The guy feel bad for Reed Johnson that put it if it. You don't sound like you can get back at the what do you do bodily assault. Okay he he's tied for the lead he's only eighteen. He's got a 35 footer up the hill. Okay. He leaves it short it rolls back down literally to the same spot he just putted it from. Motorola. And well that's for me and you that's okay because it means you. But how do you believe that she now. I mean what do you if anything I'm gonna run it three or four feet by. It'll lead at soccer shorten and let it trickle but he literally did not have to move. To upon it. The fourth time. That's mayors sells women's golf to me who is the guy doing the helicopter soaring. To see that do not install and it was a helicopters. Breathless. Was Charles Barkley that it looked like it. Could you demonstrate the helicopter swing I'm not quite enjoy coins rule in the clubs is made. Microphone comes back your dad when he scored again like to forward swings in my emotions okay. Says he's trying to crush it and turn it away it was John to do it was hilarious. It was hilarious. But no luck tiger had a good tournament. He was in contention for a lot of excitement I'm surprised you're now more on orbit Tyler Alonso I understand he's hater. I cannot understand that. It's just it's like I settled Friday it's hard for me to get excited about him. In contention at the gasoline open is it just because you just don't want to you don't want them. Build your hopes up and think yeah he's really back and I really liked this guy. That way you won't be disappointed again. Stay until until you have a reason. Street with me it's so weird because I. You know maybe I need to see a psychologist about I don't know. All on one hand the guy we're pulses me. He does. What he did those kids what they did to I mean he proposes right okay. But at the same time. I wanna see him do well. Because I generally believe in the forgiveness of people he's a man he made bad choices okay. That the. Should I hold that against him the rest of his life because lord knows I've made enough. Then towards is in my life. And so there's that and I think a lot of golf fans. Have that is that when they see him you've got this unbelievable talent that you cannot help. I mean literally. Must dubbed arousal in men among girls were over my parents. For Sunday and were watching the golf tournament my mother and I literally. Came out of march shares. Applauding and scream and when he made that Paula. And then I look at what they'll tell us stop to now when it. Why am I cheering for this guy. And that's. That's why I understand why Alonso but like I understand why a lot of people don't like. By the way. I dislike him for the same reasons you do but everyone. Wants to see someone built to be the hero. And then a lot of people wanna see that person fault. And the same people wanna see him come back because it's an awesome story. My thing was. Loved him when he was an amateur. OK I was the biggest Tiger Woods and when he was an amateur. When he I'll never forget that press conference where he says. Okay world here on him. And then he goes out you know because my memories of him. His relationship he had with his dad was very similar. To the relationship I have with my grandfather. And I'll never forget watching the money seven masters. And he came on I mean we were all in tears away when I like my twelve show you what my twelve show his dad was waiting on him. When he came off the green and they hugged and their cry and everybody in the galleries Kra I mean it was a powerful. Thing and then that spring boarded him. Literally into the world's consciousness. And then we've got this massive fail that was literally all over the television. And so it's like when you go from literally pulling for the guy and you and one of his biggest fan. Which I've never agree when I heard he got married went to stay. Because there's no way I believe this if I had us on that was a pro or professional. And he's in his twenties I'm telling him don't even get meter giving man. Just don't put yourself in that position but he made the choice he couldn't handle it and then as they say the rest is history. But opt out to see him back at that benefits spot. With that moment that he had what his dad and that's never gonna come back now and doesn't have to know it does to be exciting. But I think from aging Mac what I would love to see. It's for the next time he went and I hope it's out of dostum I'm gonna be pulling for. I feel bad saying that but I'm gonna be pulling for a golf would be better if he's just competitive in majors well competitive what I think the thing about tiger is he sold different. From the rest of the guys. He shows emotion. He he. Not everybody's gonna talk about you know we'll speak to devote. Half oracle when he hit it not I'm not talking about that he plays the game of golf like a linebacker plays football. And that's a different mentality. And I think for me I think it would be a great scene if after he won the masters his son was there. To me that would that to me that would say. Okay it to meet tiger being back is more than just his golf game. It's a human being stand point you know what I'm saying because again this guy has lived his entire life. On television. Public and private. He's handled it. He give any of us ever say how or. Biggest Damon's played out on national television and we still can go out there our profession and perform on a public stage. I mean you'll talk mark got to be mentally tougher that. Knowing that your gonna get both feet. Appellation and the criticism. I think mentally he's I think he's there mentally I agree forced his physical well you his car off on his. His play the tough when tiger's putting well. I think it was all sixteen the par five. He had 45 footer up the hill he left it about eight feet short and to the left. The tiger I'm used to play watching makes that putt. And he slid it by any of the Dutton patients. Get a couple calls and hear chip you are up first I you don't. The happening got Barry now do well glee they. Appreciate. And some thought well that at a golf professional here. Andrea there on August 1 say that tiger is Kirk and the go oral is noticing those. Grounder up more people were playing the gaming and excitement that it was the kids. So I think it's all right and that there. There is an eagle. Comparable I think. That the rhetoric but help the personal stuff all that kind of gone away but think about pro Tibet. I like them but it is hotter trading. You really are. You know tigers this digression there are kind of outlook that anymore they're out it's just about in being healthy. And happy and he's going to gain with a smile mistakes out there are some really. Oh. Yeah. You know though though the gap that we Revere or old or are still there and are not doubt that. All modeling that. And you're seeing now more interesting golf locally because. Absolutely. You know I know crawl our arsenal have under oath about whether that accurately it applies. Graham called the people claim that game and talk about it. Getting involved more game and is definitely going to combat org optic. With a major golf season approaching when he's only going gulf means. You know it's a tweeting about it there on the putting green they're bargaining in good person out there so. I think com it's definitely. More remembered that he has been part the last five years is there anything past the combat split ill I said that. The personal direction that it's a place you know. They'll follow us. Good stuff chip appreciate the call Allan. You're next in the hollow I don't. I got. Like tiger early. Look former she had that been burned by. It never Indian case ever thanks. For coming what I was there. Or that you hoped it would or currently EP the third. In you can appreciate. For. It turned out the real deal certain human being. As early as he played it at golf which at all. But you know forward. For eating it and distractions. That you are women act did at the man Dieter you'd. But yeah that it would include. What I want to greater moral. They're afraid that he. Ali I won't say it. It takes a lock. To be back to where you were. You know Ali if he ever got a woman in this like that would be down ball. Proper you know or any golfer really promotes offers it just it took it somewhere else. Instead of you know we. The blob like you work before you married a date they had to slick around now and and and I think a lot of the dresses. In his life I'll probably still create some of the injury. In that you know it was it was. You know it puts. Based puts stress on you when you swallow a golf club the illegal about it. And he can help want thank Poland. In a different direction and then that supposed to end ethnic create a lot of issues or both. You know I hope we come back at one point well picture on the Internet. At this tournament. One thing that that has seen it a little bit of that back underdog. You know last you know. Each I gotta say. But I was like he's shown his age. Down exported to he has no. And you know hit it it takes its goal cycle lot more than what they had before he's back where he watched. And I don't Akeelah it will be there I don't think he's done you can bag you'd be a good golfer but he will being going Lackey was. Margaret that thank you Allan non now backed by backed up almost expect what you look that's coming back in contention more and watch him on Sundays and it matters right. And and I think that's fair that's very fair. But you always wonder and I think until he wins another major. Or two. Putting to rest. That he did it without his dad. I think that shadow. Is still over him because. It seems like his downward spiral happened. Literally one after his dad died. It was like his dad was such. A rock and a place that shielded him he didn't really have to deal with the outside distractions because. Overall I mean he would not allow them do not allow the outside world. To get in there with a son and he played that role. Beautifully and it as any dad. But there seems like once it wants that. Force was gone out of his life he really struggled with okay huddle handle all of this stuff come of that he went that was my dad took on that load. And I think once he wins a major or two that you can finally met your thinking he ultimately foreign soil. To get over that fact that you know I've done this now on my home. And I think there's something to that. Down Earl Woods died in 2006. So it one long after that run that down. Tiger began his own he has declined hear his his last major was 2008. US open. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Give us call give us a text Twitter at ESP in upstate we'll be back you talk about Tiger Woods more. College basketball what ever it needed chance to 900 dollars to come and stay with us in the huddle on ESP an upstart. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate. With Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and lawns of the Monday addition if you wanna call in 8444773776. Always happy to hear from you. Unionists on the tax minus 71307. When you hit the texts and the keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message and if you want that is upon Twitter. And ESPN upstate mean it was gonna happen now is we're gonna get in even more complaining. About media coverage of Tiger Woods. This was already there. But now that he's. Had a big weekend and finished tied for second and a tournament and he is going to be a huge story going into the masters we know that you know. I understand like a couple term is on the road he continues to which he's progressively gotten better but I mean. I was a little too much last evening and the only as do my I mean I understand it. What you're saying our sport is so bad. Now this that we got to cover this one guy because they don't cover anybody else the same way. Why would they cover anybody else that's why no that's what that's what I'm saying that means that you have no other stars in your sport this is it. We got to wait till broke down guy comes back. To go full long coverage because we don't have anybody you know. It's. Tiger had done 12% more exposure than before previous winning golfers combined. And he didn't he had three times more exposure than the winner Paul Casey. And here's what. Eric Small wood of apex marketing group. Which is a sponsor to ship the valuation company set about it. When tiger's of the top of the leaderboard in a tournament. The sports content he provides increases viewership and attention that media outlets crave and thrive off off. I mean it's not like they're doing this. To be jerks. There's a reason they're doing this Tiger Woods. Is an anomaly. It's must watch when Tiger Woods is in contention that makes all the death. I completely understand that I do and and I'm not talking about that I think it's excessive. Because of what it says about the sport itself. Not because it's tiger I understand that that he transcends all that he's possibly some people's eyes the greatest golfer of all time I get that. But the fact that you have to overcome her hand and don't even cover the guy who won that much it's as a whole lot about. How your sport is failing. Golf has failed at least from what it blew released from a viewer ship in a publicity. Standpoint. You don't accept. I don't I think I think. There's nothing else like Tiger Woods and his impact on golf. Now you know you can blame you can you can use that to criticize. Everybody else in the rest of the sport. Or you can say look Tiger Woods is that big. And that's the approach I'd prefer to take on Tiger Woods does that big. Ratings go up when he place. Why is that a problem well to some people you know you're watching soap and a break in and say Tiger Woods has made this button and you shoved it down people's throats he used to and I guess that's all I can say the donut for a reason they're doing it as a works. Speak up Josh are you man it too much Tiger Woods coverage. No. Know if he's he he's Michael Jordan. I mean even bigger really as far as dominance of the sport yummy dinner because when Michael Jordan was around there were some other dollars to us right here and there there are no stars or golf. Except for tiger what they are they're just boring. Now let's mr. stars whose star that they're boring seeing that that's. The thing about tiger is. You can only wears his emotions on his sleeves he's I mean he's aggressive he's. You know he's he can dominate at times he did. The fall is noted but I mean the rest of these guys I mean they're like robots. I mean that they are. You watch him he wants in the way they swayed you want to and the way they. If you don't walk on the core they're literally like robots. Is not their fault or is it the PGA's faults in the PGA day be telling these guys hey be more review. No it's or do they want them to come form NBA certain way so they all look the same. No it's. Really the golf coaches. Because there's no use that there's. I don't have time to get into Brandon what do you pronounce his last name to share amble. He's got a very unique golf swing I wish he was war. I wish you one more was in contention more because he would bring a difference. To the top DJ is different is because big hit for a deal arts. Why isn't he a star. I think he he's a very low key guy. He's got the hot girlfriend and everything mile I know what you see that's the other thing PGA can decide to over expose who they want to be their star and make them a star would if they wanna be. Why don't pay. Well a lot of these guys don't want to be in the public well. To a certain degree I don't blame me there's a reason tyra tiger's forty million dollar yacht is called privacy. I mean there's a reason for that he wants to be able to get away. And a lot of these guys don't even wanna get into that realm. We tiger was and convince the contention on Saturday not Sunday on Saturday third round coverage of this Valspar tournament. As a really kind of an internal. I agree. NBC's ratings 3.2. Six overnight third the highest third round on any broadcast network since 2006. Oh yeah he's a media. Bonanza. I mean there's people that. Oh golf is on OK people don't curling or tigers plan put it back. Final round had a five point one overnight rating that's the highest non major PGA broadcast since 23 team players. But 2006 for the third round highest since 2006 from whistling especially if twelve years. That's why. And now there streaming in and straining miniature out of control the world over the weekend. Five point five million minutes streamed on the Golf Channel over the weekend while up 600%. From last year. Except 600%. CU mentioned it mentioned. Michael Jordan earlier one thing the NBA does. There's a market like five or six guys at one time if you see Promos BC all the stars on the promo. Even though those particular source may not be playing these games coming up. They do that was off nobody cares they do Promos with Jordan's Beason. Dustan knowledge around don't like Wesley. We only during golf though right. At least the NBA stuff it plays and other places. No other times. We'll know it does but you've also got to have the personnel before. At a golf needs. Without tiger golf needs another John de C I know what you're saying but personalities can be created. They can be if you're you know if you've got to you. That's what I'm saying and these guys. I hope they're not that bull boring in the realizes they are when you see them on the golf course that it was the guy that had a lot of hope for the would Rory because Rory showed up at a golf tournament with a different girl every week. I mean one week it was a redhead the next it was a Brunette the next was a blind. OK but the problem is he sucks now. It is not a negative I mean he is just awful. The helicopter guy about a loyalist Patrick read text tells me it was the quip that call. It was three he did a couple of those go look them up on the regular phone maybe you should with the puck Whippet. 8444773776. Back in a moment this is the huddle on ESPN upstate. Glad you witness in the huddle on ESPN upstate what do you say we giveaways saw Momo on me. With the up. Tournament starting up the selections have been made. We have the field of 68. And so basketball. But basketball interest is he is running at a fever pitch right now. And our sports agent for the hoddle is long Tonys he still around some cash and I got another hundred dollars burning a hole in his pockets of Alonso what do you have forced. I really like given away money really do. Clemson is in the NCAA tournament. As a five seed will play New Mexico State in San Diego this Friday night. The tigers' most successful NCAA tournament run came back in 1980. When they made it to the elite eight under coach Bill Foster. What team beat Clemson in the elite eight to stop their run in 1980. Now I color recipient know at 8444773776. 400 box what team and did Clemson is Ron. In 1980. When they made it to the a lead weight they've bomb made the sweet sixteen couple times since then nothing but that's the farthest they've gone South Carolina what the final four last year. Clintons made the elite eight before 1980 under Bill Foster. What team stopped their run 8444773776. All the lines are lighting up who belong to a chance to look. Get them. Screened and ready to go offering some money that it just wan has called into examined until now. While the other guys way to tackle well so we'll wait and see on that we have bought throughout the month march or given away hundred dollar prizes and what are we done so far we don't like three year for so we're about halfway through so we will have plenty more chances for you to win. 100 dollars with basketball trivia as we celebrate the NCAA. Tournament. 8444773776. Is the phone number. But if the reward him for him to do animal screen that we outs among all former winners and Colin and stopping you people. Stop at night 844477377. It was the rule thirty days they're based thirty day rule there quick on the Google. They are may have coming you know that's right they are hard to him on to all right we have Chris Chris. Welcome man Chris. Does not global thanks though for sure it's golf. All that waiting any figures give. A 4447737. Some of the exes on the continued. The voted heavily lighting up this is the matter and some money in just one I'm I'm Paul Paul welcome to the huddle washing guest ball. Yeah they're all you got it. Thank you we UCLA stopped Clemson is run in the elite eight in 1980. Under coach Bill Foster and thus the furthest they have been all hang on we appreciate it congratulations. Alonso will get your information and we'll get to set up to get you more money. We'll take a break and come back with more here in the hot on ESP in upstate so stay Ellis will be right back. Still to come got to hear from Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl. As his team prepares to play the College of Charleston. First round of the tournament. And a lawyer from mark Jason baseball coach at South Carolina I got to sweep over the weekend as did Clinton and toggle College Baseball in the next hour. Little more NFL news Dallas Cowboys. Have decided. Well she voted the other way Orlando Scandrick has asked to be released from the Dallas job. What some of that. Why does he want out of Dallas because there aren't a plane. Or pay them. He's 31 years old he signed through each warning nineteen. Base salaries of three million than four million. If the cowboys release or trade him they were save one point four million against the salary cap end of last season he thought his time of the cowboys was. Coming to a man is these are rookies were being used. At the cornerback and and Scandrick was dealing with a back injury joining cowboys is a fifth round pick in 2008. And dom is that it is time there you think it's time is pretty much non core. Yes he's gone letting go. Let him ride. Man I hope Dallas goes defensive back in the first room. But he won yet. I don't know have to think just somebody or somebody because now they've got nobody. I mean over the last two years ago Rosemary church. They got rid. Newman they got rid. And Mo Claiborne. Which I'm like that draft pick to begin with you as a flat bonds. Oh the only one that got left back years Marvin Jones. And they've moved him back from safety to corner. So. We need to get rid of it screwed Jeff peek. Or use all. I mean awful. It's safety. Of the cardinals are expected to release Adrian Peterson. I guess that's officially happened yet. He would be go to 750000. Dollar bonus on Friday the third day of the league gear if he's still on the team. Adrian Peterson dons. In cools getting close come on he's been done in blows 32 years old. Average is like one point five yards a carrier sometime you played in a four games for the saints and six games for the cardinals. Last year Bogut games he had that with the cardinals yet I game orient 159 yards. And another Rihanna and there 134 yards. But today everything else total up to 155 NE a neck injury in week twelve. He needs to. Gaze on him he say and now he's saying he's still good he said my neck is completely healed. Look at Ford play next season.