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Like command said are you ready for this. Will get ready it's the huddle on ESPN upstate from Monday the twelfth. Of march as the madness is about to begin colonial back coming up Brad Brownell coming up dogma Clemson seed. As they head out the San Diego we will certainly. Be spending a good bit a time. On the brackets the came out last night on that excellent TBS selection Sunday show wasn't that good. Luke. What does the what does everybody complainer but I feel as I did watch some of it I knew it was just getting out because I didn't but I know and now I missed the beginning of Iconia it and so I was hoping there was a Johnny and though. In the building that would pull the plug and go home. He was true oceans. Atrocious. How long it's taken didn't sync up the audio to match the video. So that they weren't two seconds ahead yes I did think I was watching a Bruce Lee movie argued genetic wanted to know Gumbel has put on a few pounds doesn't. No it wasn't that it was his delay on he has put on a few pounds well I don't know maybe I can see them probably as well but it was just his whole. It was like he can never get an rhythm and he was just pick up and left and right it was a complete catastrophe. A Washington buzzing go back in now it's just to show. Also as we get the information. Well when I came mandate already. Did one portion of the bracket disliked. Like the top left or whatever and then I saw the rough stubble and they seemed it didn't seem real fluid but it didn't seem as bad as compete. Plane must avoid announcing all the teams and then giving a match up later this and I thought hey anybody why what do we wanna do that why are they doing that what's the explanation I haven't heard the explosion that. I hated and I guess they changed the format to be. Compelling or whatever but all they need to do was the mic the big. Turn on the map up there. And this is the one C this is the Jews right on down the line not have been used to be like family feud to just the. Massive turnover lots of news is that success this turnover that in the UC unit is in turn over name in new and not the same thing just slowly go down. Then they wanna stretch it out I got that maybe that's why they did it this way this time try to beat. Viewing this extravaganza longer but. Actually forgot about it. Early and a missed the first four hours listening but again and it gave me a headache I watched the darkest hour and income from the anyway we'll talk about where teams are playing including Clemson and Charleston and some of the teams as we go forward today. Also talk about how South Carolina is done. He has done with surprising there are no analogy for the gamecocks. Oh Tiger Woods and talk about then between that Josh about it all weekend. So that was funny and oh yeah by the way says stokes your Tennessee Volunteers saw. But just being organs. Heidi how does Tennessee go from there unconscious. Against Arkansas they couldn't even make a layup against Kentucky. Yeah spay and Kentucky zeliff. Surprise surprise but they lobbyists say about. March Madness in the bracket apology. All on the basketball front we'll have a trivia question for a hundred dollars for you coming up. And of course three chances for you to win 1000 dollars in the free cash dash that's coming up. We'll get the College Baseball Clemson and South Carolina with sweeps over the weekend so successful weekend both the tigers in the gamecocks. They air there is NFL news we will get to advance and much more so we're glad you were this year and huddled. You wanna join the conversation the phone lines are open. 8444773776. Techs minus 71307. Use the keyword ESP NN. And Twitter at ESPN upstate. Well aside from having to go all the way across the country to apply. Clemson is got to become a pleased with where they are in the midwest regional. Tigers will play New Mexico State late Friday night scheduled for 957 tip seat stadium tip off at that time. New Mexico State a 28 and five team. And a twelve city clubs and was a five seed that's kind of where they've been projected for a while now and that's where they ended up on the good thing about this. I think is. Well therein the region where Kansas is the top seed you can do worse than that you could have a harder region and and as better than having Virginia again. Or Villanova I think Kansas is beatable they've lost seven games this year. Also if you if you beat New Mexico State as you shouldn't. You get the winner of all burn Charleston. I like that Charleston south there was Clemson that's gonna cool program that's cool story. Former Clemson assistants or Brad brown dog it's reunited with him after enough San Diego. And all burn is all Ernie is extremely beatable right now. Auburn and I'll play in that well. Right now they're depleted they don't they're not deep I think they have eight scholarship players now because of injuries and guys that have gotten booted and all that so and so at this time a year when you only a great scholarship players you can get a little tired and I think. Auburn is in danger of being right there with that so that's pretty good for Clemson. So are you know you're looking at the path for Clemson to the sweet sixteen. New Mexico State possibly Auburn Charleston to pull the upset there wouldn't be completely shocked that for thirteen. But may be Auburn they're in game two and then. May be Kansas. Nam in game three. To get the sweet sixteen doable. That would be to get clearly date I'm sorry if they beat Kansas. The last Charles Barkley he's and he himself to the Clemson faithful real epic and lose and New Mexico bill should bit and get these weird. Clinton may not be the only one they're gonna bet that the way to go hard to say bigot. New Mexico State year old Clemson that's what together until. You are saying you pick them mow lawns and I might have been. The. The abortion. If they it doesn't happen you'll say I didn't but I might have. I would never go back on something when it's the these tournaments you can change your pit. So you'll you can yes you can and Leo it as you know I had a discussion before. We went on the air so that should let you know. That yes I did pick. New Mexico State. To be clubs. But don't go pick some upsets with the way this five hour energy bracket thing is though you can make your changes would you federal pay attention early in that game. You better sit by your computer in that game and Gary image as child to make up for what I did last week that this totally shocked Josh would not put a bunch of praise on Clinton and I I have to redeem myself by saying they're going out the first round. I'm still calm there. It's got its nice trip to San Diego that's one things mentioned by Brad Brownell here's Brownell. Yesterday meeting with the media and talking about the fact that Clinton gets to move forward and gets to go on out to us San Diego. Thought we played well last week you know in. Brooklyn. And a very good team in Virginia and could play overcome. They're size in the festival is just played really well lit up our guys got better but we we played very well in the morning and thought Boston College. But we competed hard against. Against Virginia now we've got. More games to play. New Mexico State I don't know a lot about them but just looking at some quick stats. And I didn't see a couple minutes of their game maybe Ryan yeah. I don't Hawaii. Christmas term it saw no there really athletic I think it's an exceptionally well they rebound really well. Take care of all pretty good. We should all sides of competitive well coached team so I was at 128 games. That's or do college basketball we heard when that many games. So. We'll have a challenge but we're looking forward to is going to be uninteresting troops on high school great place San Diego. Also kind of neat that thorobreds teams will be out there so we're excited to see those guys. Also hope whoever's breeding near of near a brand microphone get some treatment for that emphysema before Leo. Tournament as a government and a photo with him since I know it's Melo wasn't him. Did you tell him breather at the same down nets. How hard some politicians that could do so when Jacques. So Brad Brownell we think about it. Coach Roy thing about Clemson is. Bracket here how it sets up for them again get a chance to make a little run here. Yeah I do if they can if they can get out of the first round look let's go state. Don't proceeding fool you this is a very good ball club. Are and they're going to trust glimpse into often they're gonna beat Clemson the answers no I think the tigers are just too good defensively in. They're better coach but. If they don't play well this is a potential of CNET. But if they can get by them then I don't see anything anybody else stop and home. Till they run into Kansas and then it's 5050 on what happens. There good thing there and the midwest and now the west. Regional. At soccer there is brutal. Down. Best ride and that's what Calipari is complaining about. Calipari is in the group of death and I get what he's got he's upset. Well you don't want to be better man. Be better and you'll get a higher seed they're a five seed as well. In the south region isn't complaining they have to open would Davidson coming from a we want to about them Davidson is a twelve seed and a Davidson's. A dangerous team 21 win team Davidson won their conference. This is why can't stay in Kentucky. And Juan salty Tennessee right now. 2000 pseudo malls and in that and had they beaten. Kentucky then we we wouldn't have to listen to cry baby Calipari. Bemoan the fact that hey they actually have to play some people on the way to the national. Okay that they're not on the same bracket as. All I don't know Indiana I UP and Wisconsin Whitewater or any of those other cupcakes. That they're used to playing on the way to the final four slope. You go. He just got shut it'll borrow a phrase kill Tori show up and coach. Have a question anybody on Clemson team bin in this tournament before because I don't think there is anybody is there. He knew them insist when he alone that's right and their goal in the West Coast they have to deal with the time change there there there's a lot of factors in here that can really thought this game off. Especially if they take this team Miley. I was hoping they were gonna get kicked in shortly regional. From a fan. Travel standpoint but I did talk to several Clemson fans and they're actually glad. They're going across the country because according to. While the Clemson fans they played better. In the tournament away from this area of the country yet. It's from a focus standpoint from and I understand that. As well but I absolutely think that if they can get a little momentum and they can get the thing about the term. And it surprised me as a observer. When all of us were there is it's a big stage. I mean you know you're in the NCAA tournament when you've got the Roy Williams in the march issue show rescues and all those guys walking around and you look at in this. Hands and you've got all of these different celebrities and and what it is a big deal and especially the fact that it's in San Diego. We're you know there's going to be our crazy amount of people. The out of there getting I think brand's biggest challenge is going to get their focus. That we've got a game to play and not get lost in the moment because it's easy to do. You could have more New Mexico State fans and Clemson fans incentive possible riots I don't know how well they travel but yeah so certainly an easier trip for you what does it. Las Cruces or is that in Mexico Purdue. I don't wanna I think. I think New Mexico is in Albuquerque and New Mexico State is in Las Cruces but yeah it's only 56 hours. Solid base prized that they'll be more people they're for the for the underdog you're right it's in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Over the enrollment of 25000. Students mean. And New Mexico State. So that's the match up for the tigers and again I think they got a pretty good draw on us a nice trip for a I don't know how many Clemson fans are gonna go with the West Coast for this but. That's a heck of placed give sending him. Gorgeous only go some. Really good friend of mine that played football at Furman. Is working on his doctorate in San Diego and he just keeps telling me man you gonna come for visit this place is gorgeous. No doubt it's gonna falls dog to a Delmon first up today. In the huddle I don't. Not able. To put it took on political question well part of incredible vision and passion and. Now mr. Yeah you got just transfers on mending take that into account but I'm not a lot of experience there but I don't think that's gonna hurt clips. Well I think that I'll deductible alt alt union hopeful local state didn't try to do all of a sudden this song. Almost portray your seat yeah he's really need to turn it. Post. I struck rental car. Adelman a serious candidate to promote a lot to bid committee can remotely compared to asking the winner Tony Hawk all star game went on a roll. Didn't hear. Not okay and all talk almost each twice so. Currently I don't need to establish. Yeah hmmm were you there I think Oklahoma State earned it and not some guy used to play for the gamecocks and Boeing. Com play what the early two thousands as a point guards South Carolina had a good year there. And be app being Texas twice. That's pretty good because they aggressiveness sometimes they pick a team on purpose to cause. Some controversy. And cause people to question. I don't know on it wouldn't shock me. No it wouldn't Busch Tony controversy no matter but they always rise I mean I thought Oklahoma State Saint Mary's. Out with a Q that really got the shaft. From the committee. I thought it was ridiculous that Oklahoma got in I thought it was ridiculous Alabama got in. Oh along with Syracuse I mean those three teams not know Syracuse is playing the what were they called down bill plus one or. Whatever it is tomorrow night. Well and good player yeah the first four thank you. They're getting in there but Syracuse didn't do anything of note Oklahoma didn't come with you were I mean you've got an Oklahoma State team. That was as strong as. A lot of people were already picked him to go to the final four. They were a lock. To get into the tournament. And it's almost like the committee put. The teams that made a deep run in their conference tournament ahead of what they did over the regular season. It's like they got swayed by the fact that Alabama hit that miracle last second shot. To go to the semi finals OK well let's put them into the tournament. Forgetting the fact that they were ridiculously bad the last month of the season and eighteenth when dean. I'm like you said GMAC Oklahoma State. I mean you beat Kansas twice. You beat all the other teams. In that league West Virginia beat West Virginia. I mean I'm with you on that and don't even get me started on only now. Saint Mary's I think Saint Mary's was 285. And they get left down over teams that you know. 11718. Ball games so. It'll outside of those story which I've definitely thought they were snobs. Are odd ball the committee did or a relatively good job. You know they're always going to be that one bracket. That is exceptionally tall that it always happens. That way so you don't have to fight their way through it and it's going to be fun to watch. Or Oklahoma State instead they'll play tomorrow night Indian ninety. Against Florida Gulf Coast. Spigot in the ninety. South Carolina's not going. UC coach Maurice two week here but we'll talk about coming up 8444773776. Text line 71307. Come back at a moment just underway here Monday huddle on ESPN upstate. So Josh you're headed up to Charlotte Thursday and for on air and Earl we can all weekend all weekend. You know we're heading out Thursday morning about 830. Got to get up there get our assignments. And then fry day it is a fifteen hour eighteen hour of split. How well you see some good teams up there you're gonna get to Virginia I'm number one seed in the country. And their matchup against Maryland Baltimore County. But then that after that they might get they'll get either Creighton or Kansas State. And man on the other side that's the south regional games in Charlotte and in the west region games in Charlotte yet Texas a and M against Providence. And the North Carolina Tar Heels against lipscomb so you're missing North Carolina for the second year run. Thing which most people. Know my take on North Carolina I think somebody hasn't cruel sense of humor. Put me or what my brother goes now you know don't throw Roy Williams in the figure for Laidlaw. Your haven't been scoring and fourth book and yet north Carolina's going to be there yet it's it's a pretty decent reason. Yeah North Carolina and Virginia said duke is the team that is the odd man unsure that blood to be in Charlotte looked up. That did not happen for the Blue Devils North Carolina must still be the favored team among somebody. With a for that to get to stay. Closer to home. And play in Charlotte. And duke will have to travel wears do go into one the one of the going to Boise thing. Man these things are hard to read sometimes are doing nicely on this trip is so small. Mark you know fine do. Do keys allude to the play and Iona going down to the bottom in the right. Bottom right do there they are they're going to Pittsburgh. Duke is gonna Pittsburgh as a Tuesday. So. Roy Williams was that little battle is just as good it's a stay closer to home. I South Carolina did not make the in nineteen that's surprising. To me just based on projections because most of the projections I was seeing last week. And the gamecocks NS without. Foresee five seeds sometimes succeed but not out I don't see any projection on the ninety they had amount but they're out. They did not get in and sold. Frank Martin said if we don't get the NIT bid we will lobbied on one of those other tournaments we will allow wrap up the season and so they have the up. Lost Arkansas all end up being the final game. Of the season for the game cops there's tweet from Frank Martin. That said last night game cotton nation my guys and our staff gave it everything we had. Unfortunately the Arkansas game was our last opportunity to represent that game cock uniform. That's four consecutive winning seasons for the first time in a long long time we're still building we will be back. Yeah four straight winning years barely winning seventeen and sixteen. This year. The last time. The gamecocks won four straight seasons and winning Gregor force straight seasons was 1980. Under gunning for example he's a pretty good has been a lot it's a long time you'll take that and I mean he's right they certainly had. Issues this year course DJ Dozier coming out early and they lost storm while on notice in just a MacKey and then they had. Reaching Felder suspended for off court issues and but this is never found the leadership they never found that one leader even though locked so had a good year. Is just not a natural born leader for the gamecocks but going back a huge bad everybody will be back in the neighboring M Brian Boland who you know. Like it or not he's great player so. They should be better next year. Yeah I think so whiff. Bowen and believe Felder he's going to be bad speller. Are really liked him on when he was on the court so. I think that's gonna bring. The much needed leadership that they just could. Never. Develop like you said so those are great player but he's not that. Bull cold get everybody together. You you know let's make sure buddies on the same page. Type of guy that's that that's not his game. So next year was born in filled those guys will probably fill that role. Pretty well and they're gonna meet debt so blank piece that I mean they've got a lot of promise. Alone coming back you guests over coming back you've got coats are coming back so that there's a nucleus of guys. That they can surround that team with to build off of soul. Be interesting to see what team they put out there this year. Be nice if frank Booker was coming back but he's been done since it went off last season it seems like we literally just head coach Martin on the show. Before the first game. To start the season now here we are. March Madness and no question. The Booker moves on any star to play well at the end of the season after all came home well for I think another guy who. That I think's going to get better as Manama. Yep I thought he you know he made some shots in the or console game. A few reporters and there were flashes. Here there that he could score the basketball. So you can add him to that list as well. So the gamecocks well it is not like. It's also much like football and not getting a bold bit world those extra practices help you it's not the same kind of deal in basketball as a Connolly in the army they play thirty something. What is sixteens of the what's the 33 game yeah. I mean that honestly I don't think. Colds more now on you'll never say this okay. But something tells me I don't think he's all that disappointed having an early in the offseason. Yeah I gradually and focus on recruiting in the end and just thinking about next year and run these guys from Breaston and all that stuff. I damaged that we start to play like we told you. Tomorrow we have in ninety into you'd just be stern led to a million. OMB practice time and possibly go play some more he had to go play a few more games and so that's the thing missing now on the top. Anybody gamecocks have wrapped it up. Whether another winning season but a difficult season. Certainly no question about that 844 GS PE SPN must take another director Michael Moore in a moment. The hot money espionage stay with some NFL news coming up stay with us. Ndamukong Suh being released by the Miami Dolphins about that. Exposed happened today according to sources he's been tweeting he says some sick some exciting things going on in a sweet yeah I did early steps except it. That's exciting they're moving on from suing Miami. Culture changes how they described this. They traded Jarvis Landry course to get rid of Jay and John the running back. And they're gonna save much money. Salary cap number of 26 million dollars for Tony eighteen. Or Ndamukong Suh so. They will save. A government money releasing him now they can save about 4000003 point nine million if he's designated as they posted June 1 cut. 31 years old Ndamukong Suh. Who want to. So if you're least because of the culture change does that mean your problem. We what's the what's the what's that mean these are somebody's eyes you are yet and applicants it was a problem right. Well they knew that when they got him yet but still on mean it was to be labeled as a casualty of culture change nobody. A special deal called it's not Taurus they were jostling up the next day I met my first day he's not here is. And have a culture children here. From hit a change in culture. Will not popular demand voluntarily cultural Cheney's. Teams that ESPN list as potentially wanting Ndamukong suit. Atlanta Falcons. You. Need somebody to help in the middle along with Grady Jaret who's playing very well and of course they get Vick Beasley rushing off the edge. And they got McKinley. Falcons. Don't have a tonic cap space though so then I got to pay too much. Porn number cancer Buffalo Bills. They have lost Marcel Darius. Kyle Williams had a free agency. Do some help. How about back to Detroit with the bring him back in Detroit they need defensive line help in Detroit. Would they go back and on Ndamukong Suh. Well I mean he made sixty million over the last three years. So you you have a feeling he's not going want take play. As you have to let me ask a question how much to pay because you don't view on the tape could I don't know I am now a month. LA rams New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also listed as potential destinations by ES PM pursue their discount speculating who. Who might do it. Knowing it's certainly. Not a win at what 31. But he has not. Dominated in Miami to say the least. So would you wanna mess with that. On your team not the question. I would say no I think useful in the our names war. Number Albert Haynesworth won't when he was with the Washington. His first several years he was one of the most dominating defensive tackles. And the league will then he got that money million dollar contract. And it he was gone he just cast him in was never the same player you almost get the feeling. Susan become that. You know if he was so dominating early on in his career and literally a block global. Patty sustain that there's no question in my mind he'd have been a first round first ballot hall of Famer but since he's gotten that massive contract. What was it would Miami give 120 million something like that initially. It was a bunch yeah and now he's. Bitterness so you don't think there's a possibility. Scheme has something to do that he just didn't fit well in the scheme of Miami know a guy of his talent. I mean when he went to. It he takes over games he's literally a block was to wake him it could. Well he's made so much money he may be light on the news. Richard Sherman will be December Cisco forty niner. About that and east says part of the reason he wanted to go the NFC west is to stick at the CF. He says I'm vengeful and that way to let him in QB. Yesterday. This he loves the fan base to death he's getting grief from Seattle Seahawks fans sanction a Simon wanted to rivals like and they are placed him. Was his positive sign where everyone's. Right you didn't abandon them he got amongst children under the deal then. He said as none of this team hasn't said this but he says the deal was worth up to 39. Million dollars. And has some guarantees on. Says he'll make a Pro Bowl and he's gonna make a million dollars guaranteed the next year. What time make a Pro Bowl Richard Sherman said. And we got to fawn what Sherman against a Seattle. Before I want to San Cisco period I'm gonna get as well as they did once when Rob Lowe went there they improve their defense who knows what things do this year if no doubt. And you got cut for your chiefs is there which is a business tumble Ali has been released. Very. So moose are being made men. Raiders are gonna cut Sean Smith according to ESPN. Because he's about plead guilty to a felony assault charge that would make Wanda make a difference you be sentenced to a year in prison. The legal trouble for Sean Smith and the raiders will part company. From him so good some of the in a film seems like every other tweet today and somebody else being released him while down soon. It's that time a year but Suze I guess the the big name. So far today and today's not over we'll see if that changes. I must take another break welcome back to wrap up our number one we will like to be the code word to win 1000 dollars coming up in about thirteen minutes as well. Here in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. So tonight. We gonna have Bob Brad Brownell on tiger calls at 7 o'clock they had a one more show to the season because of clemson's success and one the should be a fun one tiger calls tonight. At 7 o'clock on ESPN upstate you wanna hear from coach Brownell and Clemson seeding in the NCAA tournament as they head out San Diego played New Mexico State. Late on a Friday nights in the up. In March Madness so to court hearing that and the tomorrow. We have got some baseballs mostly sunny tomorrow and it was it was rained every day for awhile. But sons boast about tomorrow so should be OK for Clemson and Charleston southern 6 PM is the air time for that tomorrow night and then after Clemson baseball thank you to the first four games. As we come get March Madness under Y and now we have tons of coverage of that for you here on ESP upstate in fact Thursday and Friday. We won't be owned because of wall to wall. More tremendous coverage here. Funniest paean upstate from Westwood One. Tons of that Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday only to be interrupted by. A Clemson baseball game possibly a basketball game. I hear in the air but done otherwise. It is March Madness time so want to be here on ESP in upstate we have you covered. For all that kind like what the Orioles are doing did you hear about this Major League Baseball has the oldest fan base among the four major sports. Baltimore Orioles wanna change that they have. Started a program called kids cheer free. Parents can bring kids nine and under two games no charge. Every parent who buys are regularly priced upper decks he can get two free tickets in the upper deck for the kids. Pretty cool is a monster monster motions are right now you can only by nine. These tickets for the month of April basically. The team is expanding its kids' entertainment center in Camden yards. Offering more child friendly food and beverage options child friendly food. Mean as a hot dog not child's friends say they are how hot dogs and I have not shows don't say I mean that's premature kid meets. Is this going to there's only one teams of the answer right now is nobody at this if this spread throughout Major League Baseball startling kids nine and under free. In free with their parents. Would have helped bring you age down here's the stat sports business journal says. The average age of a fan in 2016 a Major League Baseball was 57. 57. I'm the NFL it's fifteen. National Hockey League it's 49. NBA it's 42. So among the major sports Major League Baseball is clearly the oldest the other thing is used participation in baseball has been declining for about two decades it's now started improving a little bit in the last few years. And Major League Baseball started a program back in 25 Dane called play ball. To encourage kids to play baseball and softball you'd think would all look. Concussion fears in football and baseball be growing among youth but that really hasn't been. The case. Soccer. Yeah. Josie and the united vs DC united game or are you really ask and I was always do that Mercedes-Benz arena was packed it. And where is this place again. Where's Mercedes-Benz or even Delaware is a poster and it. I'm not taking his basic no no I'm I'm listening command regional. Joke yes I know anyway. I like that there let the kids and for that's cool you don't do that if you're selling out but you know put to free. Butts in seats in the upper deck for repair and if you're selling out so I guess they can afford to do it numbering amend the by some concessions but. You know on kid under nine. Like death. Only can under an unjust to buy a ticket for. Just look and I agree. Is it what it's so it's all kids under niner. As opposed to well so say Europe's most say you're a coach. And you want to bring your entire league he's ordering two. Egypt and assessed parent I don't know how they would know you're the parent. Mr. checking IDs here and trying to match up names but I would think any adult bring tickets. Out of that's the case. So two kids per one adult. No you clambering. Forty player team. Annual kids in the C does a way to take care of it right there are a Little League Baseball team shall. Bloom in hand Villa won seats Zanetti anyway. Well I wouldn't think a Little League players of the guys they want to get to another wanna encourage other kids to come with stereo. Well have the parents buy tickets if you'll forty kids to come at Torrey parents about ticket Nick Graham. Bring to each right. I didn't realize that the average age for baseball famous 57 so that shocks you cause it doesn't shock me 57. I've always thought based laws and and old man's sport I'm surprised that an NFL it's fifty. Yeah the ones you read that was shocking I am also shocked about NB AB a 42 I would have thought that would have been younger Newton you know somewhere and it's warnings or early thirties. It's these nine years old and year old that are skew in the average year. Wait a few years will be on that at the moment might as some. 57 Alina you'll look. That's a problem baseball they do need to do something about it.