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Welcome back it's stop Hubble on ESPN up states the final hour for this Friday afternoon. Numbering McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. If you wanna join the conversation a 444773776. Text line 71307. Starched actual the ESPN and Twitter adding ESPN of stadiums just before we get off this look in at these attendance numbers. Or college basketball for around division one last year. And down. Couple things there were kind of interest and to make Kentucky led the way last year an average attendance 23461. Fans on average. Attended a home game at Kentucky. Last year. Second was Syracuse. 211813. Was laudable so two of the top three in the state of Kentucky. Little drew 20846. Before they ran Rick Pitino our memorial. Lecture. Like other drawn this year that pretty good team. Ace and think yeah they're not bad. North Carolina was forced last year averaged 181067. People. And this one's interest in fifth was Creighton. In Omaha Nebraska. They drew 171412. Game. To Creighton last year. Finishing up top ten Wisconsin Maryland. Kansas. Indiana. And North Carolina State so yes you have blocked a blue bloods. And that group. So that's not surprising duke has the smaller place and Cameron so they only averaged 9314. Question. 47 in the country but the thing about it they got the smaller place with a solo. Do you have a smaller place just filled up if you have a good thing exactly right 9314. At duke and you'll see tiger to city now. Right. Against South Carolina 41 in the country last year in attendance for men thirteen 395. Pretty good and Clemson was seventieth. At 7260. Want to play some basketball last year. Drew less then. Colorado. Then. Virginia Tech. Then Mississippi State. Then. Butler. Saint John's. Prominence. Cal Nevada. Yeah. Okay but if I ever Isaac yeah that that's found me I don't think I don't think. Not only adds up now this year last year and this is last year when they were reared. When they were struggling. Biggest be bumping up this year that's what I'm saying should be bumping up this year with a twenty win team at this point six. And I should have 15196 last. For Clemson and Pittsburgh. Sued to get the rest of the way up. I'll Winter Olympics have opened I guess they'll play the opening ceremonies tonight growing yes. You know what time. Now probably just primetime making jokes and running clock. One of the interesting things was. That dumb. The show support between North Korea and South Korea sitting side by side is there an add each other's throats. And the sister. Of Kim Jong own. Was like two people away from Mike Pence the botched Christmas and in the pox last night. They're like sub almost side by side kind of an interesting picture that made. But everything went off without I hitch and the games are underway. I once and figure skating last night there are some mobile song was a good. Interchange at all. Figure skating was a little bit disappointing in some places but it really it the most are also well. Yeah we finally settled on. What the name of the city years. Is there some debate about pedal axle. Joan Zheng is concerned it's called Pudong change in yes okay. Just. Warming issue forward. Correct unlike other. Shows are people we we can read that's really when it comes down to months for their funny. It was diesel tweeting that it was being gulping don't. Now I enjoyed it of being slow. You know he set me up for that to the Seattle pilots do it you know that I scared but. And I'll divorcee in some of the skiing but I got to figure out what's 019119. And eighty is scheduled for. Depending no one has a system you have to. You know this year you have. Director of sound like god damned if you have something like data are regular cable there are multiple channels. Sure that you can watch and they were actually showing old Olympics leading up to this like 2008 and stuff like that would be kind of cool. The new cool to see the old stuff. So all plug coming its February they were between seasons and we got the Olympics that can entertain us for couple weeks and give them. Or see some some half pint. I like the X games sports that are in the Olympics. It's pretty cool now agree that. This new stuff to watch. Like the moment technical term for it but. Like watching the downhill with the polls. And now. You'll totals. What do they call things. I don't know that well moguls also have polls and in the moguls they have the mumps weather hitting all the bombs and snow to an email gonna go around know these are just. Don't realize this is a downhill hill values down that was trauma be a man because I actually what you get some wipe out school moments so you're just watching for other hole is like NASCAR. This close is not our guys and we're gonna no one can tell yeah our guys get hurt. Not a one our guys correct at all you know now rush or Luxembourg or something like that they wipe out of going you know I want to win. I don't care what ping pong us. It it's. Well today. I last night college basketball besides Clinton pulling away and running away with the Pittsburgh before Sony 500 overload known. North Carolina. Not letting him. Man that balls you. Often blogs I've seen this is legitimately offended he is all asking is offended for sure. He'll get it I duke did it come with. Twenty UN team. Couple thousand empty seats. I'm way it's done it's a small place 69000 people ought to be packed. You're clinching Greg why weren't you there exactly what he was talking tiger. I'm sorry I have had a wrong and thank you for a correction Parker had you know wasn't there. I don't think the files I want to pay cash payments or China but that's why Evans and figure skating with the North Carolina beat duke last night that game in Chapel Hill is 82 to 78. The final score their North Carolina. Nice balanced scoring for the Tar Heels Williams Antoine a Jo Berry with 21. I came John some of the eighteen. Luke may with fifteen North Carolina. Didn't shoot that well 39%. From the field and one anyone doubt about that North Carolina shoots 39% duke shoots 48%. But North Carolina gets the four point win. They did it. In part due to rebounding especially late get some key rebounds in the game outrebounded the blue doubles 44 to 38. And duke coach Mike issue Shas skiing not really pleased with the way his team played last. Played great and we were awful. Not even after called a timeout we were not good. And so they got that double digit lead I think of fourteen enough to run. And in your playing behind you and and our kids played hard and put us in the position. A couple times where you have the ball and three points down and you know we weren't able to convert. I think the story though of the last fifteen minutes of the game was defense of rebounds us. Here they had fifteen offensive rebounds in the second half. You get second chances. It means you're on defense for a long time. They played an excellent game and you know we are sharper opportunities are were not able to capitalize. You look pretty tired and post game interview knowing he's been frustrated by this team law but this year may another nineteen and five there seven and four. In conference. And North Carolina a seven and five. So North Carolina is. 23 fourth fifth and duke is third in the ACC here late. In the regular season on February 9 Virginia twelve and O conference they're gonna win it. Clemson nine and three in the conference some can't take anything for granted about finishing second because they're only one game ahead of duke and Miami in the loss column. Both duke and Miami are 74. In conference play North Carolina Louisville at seven and five in conference play and get the rest of the pack. How many things you think Mike the tournament. I'll go all the way down to about Syracuse. And depending on how they finish they can get in right the turn holing Notre Dame Boston College Georgia Tech again and and certainly not wake him Pittsburgh. But could you get. Certainly you have Virginia Clemson duke and Miami North Carolina lawyer bill. And you probably gonna have Virginia Tech NC state Florida State and any money to Syracuse and to thank all those can go and incidentally term. Tim. You're changing teams and wolf we know Debbie chin of Syracuse when maybe nine maybe Syracuse doesn't make a yacht a Syracuse man make time you know. There on the bubble there and am probably don't you think. Yeah I think so they'll give him and yeah. They actually what was a few years ago got in I think there was like four teams on the bubble. South Carolina was one problem. Syracuse was one of them and they had only had sixteen wins probably a couple years ago and then actually made that magical run of the final four. And they should even have been there right. They weren't the only one I mean there are several teams. That should have been there wells are naming the most. There helped them that they just below level. But five point two was Syracuse has left his Wake Forest. NC state Miami on the road only using North Carolina. Duke. Boston College in Clinton's get tough games left. Scene that's why I don't believe. In basketball. Football is getting there but I definitely think now in basketball. There's not one Dominic conference. Agree and I think you've got one or two I think the conference's top of the you've got one or two teams that each league. That is gonna carry the league come tournament time and that's about it. Yeah people are gonna say if Clemson doesn't make it deeper on their gonna say the ACC was a one conference was one conference team on team common drugs or just. But you know what that's to me I think that's every league. I think there's so much parity. And the woman don't have killed the development. Of division one college basketball. That you're gonna see older teams make deeper Romans. So. You know that's on them. That's why I think the the issue of which conference is stronger to me and basketball. Is dead today because of that manner last year the ACC put nine teams. Into the tournament only one of them made it out of the second round. Now they want the national title. But. You know out of it you can't have that many teams. Losing that early in say your good lead you can't. Yeah some people make the argument does nothing to do with folksy. I'll like that argument yet gotten me. They use that same argument. In bowl season obviously in bowl season matters. You can always heard for the last several years is ill the ACC's better than the SEC now on football because of the bowl record. Is what's Karadzic and you know what the right. Gotta agree with that. But at the same time he can't then change the narrative. And basketball because it doesn't suit the agenda. But fall ball and I'll be honest football is getting to the point the way here. I don't I don't think we will ever see. Another raw and like the FCC had in those ten years where you had four different teams win the national championship. I think the playoff. Has eliminated that. I mean it look look look what it took to get Georgia and Alabama are mean it literally took. Almost a miraculous situation for that happen. Mamet to squeak in Iowa for Alabama to squeak him exactly and then went and all that how about the SEC. A deeper they got to go in the tournament with teams Auburn. That nine into overall 21 and 321 to three overall non into in the conference. And Tennessee eighteen in 58 and three in the conference there's say Florida's gonna get in. Seven of four and a conference sixteen and eight overall. Then after they start. Pelican down the list he got Mississippi State Kentucky Missouri Alabama. Arkansas. Are all those teams are going. Kentucky possibly have to make a run in the tournament. It's like Missouri. They're sixteen and eight. Six and five in the conference. I'm gonna sing no. I'm gonna say the SEC maybe get six. If they're lucky. Well Lou made Auburn Tennessee Florida. Kentucky Mississippi State and who Alabama probably Alabama now. That's who I would go with. Over Missouri over Missouri yes. Yep that's who won't go away. Depends on how they finish up. When they played. Alabama lost to Missouri him play the last game by nine. They play earlier are gonna play again. Let's see here. Alabama Missouri play the death. At Alabama and it was 69 to sixty. Missouri won that game. And they did not play earlier that's their only match up. I would say maybe seven. If a team that's. Like say you have to me the only way the hogs can get in as if they when the term. Not bad not although not bad but I just don't there's such a long jam. And it's going to be a struggle for them to finish. With a winning record in the SEC. I'm in six right now yeah it's going to be tough. I would quite honestly don't be shocked. If they finished above 500 list out like Kentucky and Auburn right so those two losses at. Most likely so I think that ball Apple's mobile teams are going to be the hogs and they and AM. And if one of them makes a raw and in the SEC tournament they could be potentially the seventh team. But I wanna say this CC gets six button. And there we talked about. Big Ten and big twelve. Big twelve lesson certainly has some good things. At Texas Tech they got Kansas in West Virginia. K state not mad Oklahoma not man. And in the Big Ten Purdue where the great year Ohio State's gonna be there Michigan State one of the better teams in the country. Tom Izzo still dealing with distractions but. They're 23 and three does seem to be affecting them and got Nebraska and Michigan's pretty good. Coming out of the Big Ten. Yeah I must say sixteen definitely. Seen the other thing that affects the power font leagues. Are the mid majors. Because it seems like you'll always have several of the mid majors. That a team that's not very good during the regular season wins the tournament gets it and. It's almost you almost unbearable that your gonna have. Because I can even guess how many mid major. Basketball conferences there there's a bond chip. But then he you know usually you've got two of those that. Somebody makes Iran wins the darn thing and and that ball it's what that does is now they're gonna take obviously the regular season champion is gonna get in as the at large. The team that won the tournament's gonna get in because they wanna turn that bumps out. A middle of the pack. Power five team. Well we've got 13 weeks left Momo. Three weeks of regular season play left. In the NCAA in the we'll get to the up koppers tournaments and then March Madness which will have covered for you certainly here on. ESPN upstate we'll get to our three questions segment coming up here in the huddle stay with a sunny SP announced. Match here in the huddle Friday edition on ESPN upstate GMAC the coach Alonso 8444773776. Is the number three questions coming up. The phones doctor Tom next hi Tom. Thank god. Who then watch the game not night obviously I'm not beyond. I guess who say that you guys. On your whole Jim Larranaga narrative that kind of following up the wonder right now. Because once again Lou Williams proved why he would be bad approach. In the past decade in college basketball. Now that typically he had the bad. Another doesn't say on there I know OK Josh. When you got there on signed a contract. To work with ESP in the up state no one thought that you would have fifteen hours a week to talk about. Today that hey. Look great in stupid narrative they give jobs something to talk about it has not been part about regulars or the nightly. They do look at hey let's take a Miami coach. And look like just our luck help ease some how the bad coaching college basketball. I don't know what happened last night. Roy Jones came in and destroy your narrated and what it shots Phillips there he sat there and the eight it and begin cupcakes. Crying. Like crazy because the narrative got the earthquake now. No he didn't you could be in doubt it because he's not even begin anymore. No. Just built doesn't have any self control also he doesn't need need be cut it because he's not beat him. Thank you to. Your Franklin calling in their job well since I almost pulled a gun I mean come more from the world. Forcible. I'm trying to think I don't even know who Tom is. Mean we haven't heard. Who who is this guy. I don't know that there hasn't been. I'll call in like. Six marks. Look at as. He was wrong about. The NBA stuff that I destroy anymore and I'm bloody wrote it all out the guy goes in he obviously took a lot of time to plan. Which obviously you're in broad enough. To include the fact that Miami is ahead of his Tar Heels in conference they are just so. You can't Tom let me just help you out. You can't be below the team. And be better than them. I need to explain that to you because obviously you have a hard time reading a standing start. Okay Miami and Jim Larranaga. Is ahead of North Carolina. Which are set at the beginning of the year they would be. OK. So let's let's get that straight. They come into Chapel Hill on the 27. Right. Almost into the season. That they comply with yes Miami as the so right now ahead of him a UNC and ahead of UNC right now and I also try to tell Tom. And the rest of the North Carolina idiots. That North Carolina would sought and they do. They got beat at home while Wofford. Wofford is better than North Carolina. Where that night okay. Let's establish that. So. You know I appreciate that he spent so much time. Trying his very best. To come up with a way to get back at me because I told the truth that they didn't wanna believe. And he was supposed to be some basketball export that I absolutely destroyed. And continue to destroy. 'cause you don't even call in the show anymore. Because everything I said what happened. Has happened. Good writing takes time job does. But seeing the thing is you at least have to say. Something that's true. Even eat you you can't call and it's been that much time. And still don't more than what you were before you all. He would have been better off not even calling. Because he was his whole premise. Was wrong. But they beat duke last. Okay so what sort of thing Johns. OK these are great. They beat duke and congratulations. Everybody has beaten duke. What do Greg in the ACC right now. I don't know like fourth fourth or fifth. How do you get a copy your contract. I know I was in eliminating. You know what I'm glad handing. I'm glad he did we know those meetings we say are or what dumb things and we come up with Josh to talk about the yeah exactly. Let's hit this break because we are who ran out of time with that listening. People have to understand people like Tom have to understand. There's a reason. I'm certain more I am and there are certain with a deal. We will get to three questions. Coming up next and our ability espionage. Welcome back again this is not all this is ESPN. Upstate headed in the wage is beautiful out there today but the rain is coming looks like rain Saturday. Looks like rain Sunday. Looks like arraigned Monday. Brains on the weekend that's the new reality your depression I'm sorry. That's just the way it is but look it's it's February may be by a march will get some. Decent weather combined some sunshine with the drywall. You can stay in all weekend watch what's the Olympics don't you know from a natural standpoint. We desperately need it. I was actually going through. Clemson a couple of days ago. And the lake. I think you could walk across it and not get above your waist. Damn well us all about the core engineers and where they let the water ago and all that. They they do they do that all human actually do that only he picked up. Big done I was at the three questions today in the huddle. Alonso has our three questions Alonso question number one. Most confused by the intruders are so much stuff going on Americans it's a little business that is very very busy and some things underneath that. You may not hear an asteroid listing for a guy which NBA team had the best trade deadline day yesterday. Josh we talk about this extensively yesterday sorely you go for. Hands down the LA lakers. Hands down they freed up. Over almost eighty million dollars in cap space. Depending on how they handled Randall situation. On the summertime. That can add another eighteen million to their cap. Which allows them to go out and be able to sign. At a minimum. To Max contract guy so now the problem is definitely in play for the lakers. They can forty. They can bring him and not only can they forty but they can also go after a another Max contract player. To put us on LeBron that's who they target in the offseason so. Hands down they were able to get rid. Some good players I would say they're more role players but they were able to absolutely free up enough cash for the maker on and to better. That roster so to me hands down. The LA lakers were the winner on Cleveland close they did a nice job. Once so I think you'll disagree. Unlimited. Throw a wrench in this on the say in the Golden State Warriors. How deep best. Trade deadline day yesterday why they traded nobody they're still the best team yeah. Our I realize what the cavs did all right. Yes yes I did and you know the guy younger hopefully they got some defense of looks like they possibly did on the got rid of a lot of dead weight and Kevin Love will be back in six to eight weeks just in time for the playoffs who knows maybe just. Get some a little bit further this year are they gonna win the whole thing I seriously doubt it but they should be able to get past paso source Celtics. The outlook is one of those deals were both teams went both calves and the like usually a lakers went long term because they are going to be able to spend money on top players down the road. But I do think cavaliers got better this year and LeBron said as much today got faster. Got younger. Got some shooters they needed to get rid of because the LeBron. And random LeBron addressed that today said look wade will be happier going back to home. In South Florida and now LeBron can kind of be the mentor and buddy to some other guys on the team do you weigh was his best money. And he was right there at Cleveland and coming gotten away they had to get rid of Isiah Thomas they did that that was not a fit that's great for them. At these guys they brought in. I'm not a big fan of Jordan Clarkson. But I life hill I like hood like Larry Nance I think. They will help Cleveland be a better team do you woman new energy for this season look there safely in the playoffs their third right now. So I for the planet playoffs right now that face Indiana. In a first round a picnic when that series and we'll see you know how these guys gel together. Yeah you know it's a little late in the season but they've got time to start working together in and make a little bit of a play for and so I think Cleveland will be better for it. I don't think when at all but I'm going to be better for. Well one last thing and they start to more spots you know you trailed six before you get two more spots. There I saw someone in that I need to look at back up his trying to secure a mile so don't be surprised if a couple of the players. Give vials from the teams are on end up in Cleveland. All right question number two Jerry palm's latest bracket college he has d.s for number one seeds. Virginia. Purdue. Villanova. And Xavier does this tell us that the one and done strategy is overrated. Go I'm I'm gonna go with the yes but I think we knew that already. And it's not gonna stop and Kentucky is gonna do what they do and duke is gonna do what they do right now. Look at this Purdue is a one seed. Xavier. Is a once in Virginia. Is a one seed at least and Jerry Paul latest racquet technology duke a seven and boring conference Kentucky a six and five in their conference. It's the Auburn's it's the Virginia as the produce that are getting it done right now and I'm glad to see it teams with veterans. Are winning. I love it I'm all about it Alonso. All I'm I'm Gil within two and did you know Josh says this earlier you know these players stick around and they. The gel more they know more. The older teams look better too in the younger teens and young to. This one and done thing really is ruin college basketball makes it nearly a watchable and at times. And I wish they would eliminate I wished that they've without stay in four years because that would bring college basketball up would also bring the NBA back up because. By the time these guys get into the NBA their orders their bodies there are better and and all that kind of stuff but yeah I like it just. Yes I absolutely believe it is while I was out and out their zone. I had a chance to actually talk to. On generic as well as Bo Ryan. And both of them hate the one and done situation they think that it's bad for college basketball. That you can give a team to the final four but it's awfully difficult. To win the final four. When you've got a team loaded with nothing with freshman now look this isn't anything new Michigan started actually had the first all freshman team. Back in the ninety's. They didn't win the national championship and older more experienced North Carolina team won it then. And since the one and done situation took hold only one team. Has made it to the national title and actually want it and that was Kentucky wants. So I definitely think that the woman is vastly overrated. Definitely you want the most talented players that you can get. But it has to be a very unique situation. Because otherwise when you face a stronger older. More experienced team just like Wisconsin showed Kentucky in that final four you're gonna lose. Question three loans of penguins won't point out that Ohio State beat Purdue the other day. Now that the NFL season is over one of the big questions for the Carolina Panthers is whether or not Julius Peppers will return. Yea or nay do you welcome back. Boy Atlanta you wanna bond I think you do from a leadership standpoint I'm and we saw him. At training camp. Just I mean just his presence not only his size but his presence and how people kind of were excited all around him I think he does so much for that locker room and he still play so yeah you want about. Josh. I'm gonna say no. This is a big year for the Panthers. When it comes to where they're heading they already know that Thomas Davis is leaving. That this is going to be his last year we don't know how much longer Lou Heatley is going to be able sustained from an injury standpoint I'm gonna say two years. And a most. He's been a great player he's being built a hall of fame player and everything along those that about him is a 100% true but at some point. You have to start preparing yourself for a transition. To what's going to happen after he's gone and as much as those things that Alonso saying is true he's holding them back from building rebuilding this defense from a U standpoint. And that's what they need especially up front. Where those high priced guys it up so much of your cap if you're still having issues on the back Ian. I'd I'm gonna say that one more year for Julius bring him I want more this guy eleven sacks last year. Eleven sacks for the settlement. And he just had shoulder surgery thing this week. So he should be ready to go as long as it does him any council is not one of those that doesn't heal right and that can make all the difference in north and get him that want to pay him Tom. They'll get him at a relatively good price. And if they don't bring him back then they've got a draft a defensive end and I think you know. Bring him back and you'll have to do that you can fill another need this year and worry about the defense of line first next human being gets money. Second round third round this year you can fine but the you want to go first round. With the defense of line this year for bring him back from one more year still got a little bit left in the tank bring him back one more year that's when assay for Julius Peppers but were still awaiting a decision. Don't have it yet final break and hot welcome back and wrap it up here for the Friday edition in a moment on ESP in upstate. The south flap between South Carolina and Missouri from the women's basketball game. Couple weeks back is not quite over yet they had a board of trustees' meeting at South Carolina in Columbia today. And ray tanner of the athletic director was asked at the board meeting if the athletic director of Missouri Jim star had apologized. Four claiming that dawn Staley promotes a hostile basketball atmosphere. Back colonial life arena. And he said dumb. Is not. He said I won't disclose. Any contents of the conversation I'll just say that our commissioner is very concerned about what transpired he did call us together to have a meeting we discussed this at length. And I'm hoping in the future there will be some sort of resolution if all I haven't won as the apology come yet or are they waiting for. Dawn Staley confirmed today she has not received an apology from gym stir. And some might ask her she was considering legal action she says. A Taylor. That will be announced at a later date she said. Our ray tanner went on to say let me make one thing perfectly clear Jim's Dirk and I are not at odds were colleagues in this league we work well together. But I was clear that my opinion is a public apology would be appropriate and I don't think he's offended by my statement. I don't know what they're waiting for why if if stark is gonna apologize. Why wait till it. Is he gonna do that. Maybe they're waiting to see if there and play each other in the tournament or not do it after basketball season. I mean and go and do it it's he was a line yeah it was Ottawa that's what won the board members said today chuck Allen. Talking about Stark's comments said it was nothing but sour grapes loser talk. They've asked the post and courier newspaper in Charleston ask Greg thank you commissioner about it and he will not comment. But he put out a statement psyche did that said competition among SEC teams is highly intense but can never compromise the expectation. Of respect between our institutions that was telling him it's about. All this goes back to January 28. The colonial life arena crowd was all hyped up for Missouri coming him because. Constantly complain about officiating in the January 7 game in Columbia Missouri and they were scraping on the floor and then. One player from Missouri said she saw a USC fans spitting on tigers players as they left the floor. Now that was never really confirmed South Carolina try to find some body that. Saw lab independently and never found anybody. To do that and in stark went on the radio set a show in said the USC fans used racial slurs toward Missouri players. And in the worst thing in it was a said dawn Staley promotes the atmosphere. And that ticked off ray tanner and a bunch of South Carolina the end dawn Staley. And she said she would handle it almost sounds like she's got a lawyer involved but she's not confirming that. Just yet so. Not quite over. Ray tanner saying he still hopes that there will be some resolution. In the near future of what's being called me zoo date. Downing Columbia,. South Carolina and misery. I thanks for listening to the huddle today on ESPN upstate. On Monday we're gonna be joined at 2 o'clock. Right after the break by Brittany Wagner. Some of you recognize that name she is. Was only a show. Last year she won Netflix she's moved to Birmingham now. Catch up with her and talk to her about a few things look forward to talk and her on Monday we'll also recap the up. College basketball over the weekend even though Clemson doesn't play South Carolina does play Florida and a lot of the big games on tap. And whatever else breaks over the weekend we will talk about a Monday here in the huddle straight it was Sturgis next for Alonso and coach Josh Phillips I'm Greg McKinney have a great weekend stay dry we'll see you Monday at 1 o'clock in the huddle.