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Welcome back to the huddle on the Austrian upstaged Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso here's the Friday addition if you wanna get a more or less. Pick up the phone ring give us a call 844477. 3776. Text line 71307. Use security as paean. At the starting your text message Twitter at ESPN upstate. There were some small hiccups at the Eagles Super Bowl parade instrument. According to Richard Roth sleep police commissioner small gear pick ups. Two people stabbed an officer assaulted him four police via. Goals was damage. I would say that's more than happy. Worse than the night of after the Super Bowl or will it sell at Colorado win. Faulting on set but considered I mean you know they untrue they were expected worse at the parade. Yeah bush regularly along the parade may maybe they disagreed with Chelsea's. Outfit. Yeah we get them and see if he's seen pictures and how many people were in there you can't get that many people. Although parade route and and not have some problems. A Jumbotron was toppled because fans climbed on. And again for police vehicles minor damage to the police vehicle. And two people. Stabbed not providing any details only stabbings hopefully they are. Okay. The album the Eagles traveled in open top double Decker buses from stadium to the art museum steps made famous in the rocky movie. And that's where they gave some epic speeches most epic. Had to be Jason tells. The senator. He was. Dressed like you restrain out of Aladdin. A mummers outfit on and told. That's what that is. See I'm gonna go a little bit more. I'm gonna. Be a little bit more cultural attention. If you will. A cut. I would say. The character out of Jewish rule him the taming of the shrew. Remember him and Elizabeth Taylor. Nine you know and if if I'd watch that it's probably been a day or two. Help us sell loans and gives us the taming of the shrew Jay Leno who surely never seen it take it upon further details perhaps when I was a child yes. It was in black and white. No dog okay. Now losing column. What else for the old well when I first. That's exit when I first saw his and that's exactly what council thought you know what I thought on this man Josh can rock that. Yeah does he do have to be a bigger on the guy we knew when you. You beer. Jason jealousy here play a segment of what he said yesterday I didn't think of this as a Josh people don't. He can pull this speech off this reminded me when you came back from a South Carolina football game when no voice. Imagine. What Jason Chelsea's voice sounds like today. After this was just part of what he did from the podium. At the eagle celebration. Yesterday. Yeah. And I was out there. I. We. Okay. Don't. I. Is he just Noonan. It alone. They'll be doing that every Friday night your personal. Plus days until you sell like today dealing with the he cannot. It. They'll. Richard Barton patrols trying thinking. Richard Burton and taming of the Sri. Or Henry pause I guess it was right after that part weren't turned Lola. Ugly the other were. F bombs galore. In LA no holes. Not in Philly yeah. You know I give Michael board a lot of credit. Users are rightness that he was right he goes yeah I hear what kills you see. I was wrong and he was right. They're not. A bubbly fun to watch the Eagles Jimmy go for a while. Right. Could this be the second coming of the 85 Chicago bidders let's don't get. Carried away at a character standpoint. You know what they do after from a after the Super Bowl so so maybe they want a little nuts it could be him didn't they don't. I don't think Philly has the internal. Dysfunction that that team had between Buddy Ryan and Ditka and the offense and the defense I mean that whole thing was just. It was amazing they wanna warn. They somehow made it work. Now. Tom Brady is reflecting on the season he went on institute and and got 500000. Likes for his and stir Graham post so far is that what to do one flat reflecting these reflect on restaurant yeah. He said there are many emotions when you come up short of your goal. They're all part of learning and growing in this journey of life. Learning turns everything into a positive. The number one feeling I've had the past four days his gratitude. Gratitude to my teammates for the incredible effort given all season regardless of the challenges we face. Gratitude tore my coaches for the effort and sacrifice they made. The put us players in the best position to win gratitude. To the New England Patriots organization for supporting us on our very challenging and difficult journey. Gratitude. To Gisele for trading Jimmy to ruffle. Audiences are and it. Why did Carl Sagan space just pop into my head. I feel like you may drop it here see Ellis thank you mr. Rogers but don't work. This came on the album. Morning at the Boston Herald published a story citing sources that Brady is seeking a contract. Similar to Jimmy droplet did you ever think you would hear those words. Tom Brady is seeking a contract similar to Jimmy rob Lowe's. This Brady take a pay cut. He did he wants to get paid now I want to get paid. And the story in The Herald says they will skip the OTAs this year he doesn't yet they put that up on the Boston Herald movement to get down. Does the patriots co host and if you but. With a little song. Turnout belong it's the parties whom were. We want the government take it down obviously a phone calls made right well I don't think the patriots have a hundred million in cap space life. As early as children yet they give they can afford it they gave him 37 million. 137000137. Yes yes. Yeah. Now he's a man he's got more guarantee money in this I think then now Brady made is for sure team seasons I think that's the status of now look the money's gone up you understand that it's not about who's worth swat anymore it's. Who's getting paid right now that's what's that's when it's about with the new money. The new money well don't you feel at some point. Gisele is got to have an influence on him love you know what. You've sacrificed for this. Organization. You've. Been the teammate. Now you need to get yours. More shore. I like asked Boller and Rob Lowe won what five games and it's a big hole yeah he's a machine with the here's another story today this damaged and eagles' long snapper Rick Lovato told a radio station in Tampa Bay. That they Eagles ran a fake while true. And that he overheard other saying they were using plays not in their played your boat during the walk through. Malcolm Jenkins today set on sports senator I think there are a lot of coaches out there that don't trust the patriots. So sometimes they all over thinking and do some fake plays in case anybody's watching. The Eagles went through the Walter about an hour after the patriots completed bears a US bank stadium. Lovato told Leo station. We weren't going to show anything to anyone especially being there at the stadium. Remember of course spy gate. So they figure the patriots are watching and and their walk through the peninsula stuff that there were never any Smart move. Turf. Just go out there and taken me five straight times. That's two waterborne inch. About letting go out there and show that pastor Brady. No problem and so they did in the walker. And yes. A 4447737760. Heard about this Josh passed her story a Georgia Tech. Unbelievable we'll talk about a coming up the huddle on ESPN upstate stay with us we'll be right back. So this is Josh passengers second year as coach George tech basketball they're not emerald that you're there eleven and thirteen four and seven. In the ACC but that is not Josh pastors biggest problem right now. There's a Tucson Arizona couple that is filed a lawsuit against Josh passed. Claiming sexual assault and sexual battery. CBS affiliate KO LD. That's just like. Harry Chapin WO of the except now we're. Tart gentlemen. Mr. act of this county jail all the reports the suit was filed yesterday in superior court. By a former Georgia Tech booster and his girlfriend Ron bell. And Jennifer apparently. Last month the coach Josh passed her filed a defamation lawsuit against those two saying they're trying to defame and blackmail him. By accusing him of breaking NCAA rules. And now there's a countersuit that claims passed her. Sexually assaulted and late February 2016 when he was a Memphis. According to the lawsuit pastor told Hanley not tell anyone because he knew very powerful people who could make her life a living hell. Melvin Ken lay claim. And later Chalmers including encounters including a 27 team while pastor was a Georgia Tech that. He would pinch and fondle. Jennifer apparently. So Josh fasteners attorney. As put out a statement he says this is false and malicious his client never acted improperly with Pamela. Passed there after last night's loss of Louisville said he's the victim in this deal. He said it's unfortunate. But I'll deal whether all my wife and I try to do is be compassionate to people that's life you live and learn. Many said but unequivocally. 000000. Truth. To any of these disgusting bogus allegations. And then he said 011 more times. So 60. With seventeen zeros from a Josh pastor. As to the truth of the allegation. So I mean he did it and he's banking on the fact national news. That's pretty me. But that. Don't know. I'm gonna you know sitting countersued you're gonna get allegations flying around us ugly in the. So innocent until proven guilty means nothing to you well. Some of these accusations by a some of these people. Might actually be fault you know no question. No question. That's definite possibility. But if you're guilty if you're if you haven't done anything wrong. If that's me and so I'm gonna be like okay when. And roll it. And it doesn't all. Right. It's kind of what he's due 1000. There's a lawsuit involved and he's in position and yes to answer questions showing here and things like that so. What's the Tom breaking NCAA rules park. They don't get into that in this story from CBS news. In. Not. Breaking NCAA rules to fondle booster as a. Maybe if they were paying for. Different extra benefits for players like dinners or. Apartments. Paula something long that affect. I mean he could've been shmoozing horror. So that she would. Be friendly to the recruits. Big time penalty. Down mean there's something else to of the dot talked about that would be an NCAA right penalty and it goes to Memphis and he goes to George tag both apparently. The allegations that. Stuff on non past their right now ending you know London appear right in. And you don't know but if it's bogus. Get a feel for the guy. Who's once your character has been defamed standpoint it's always with you even if you're proven in this task right. That's why I'm telling you boys. In this day and age. When I leave the house. Are paid homage Stevie Wonder how field. A a man. Here's the latest to get caught up and accusations besides Josh pastor permit more right all you have left and right like. Or viable week. I don't have a Josh fastener is denying everything right now here's the marks Limbaugh story on. ESP NB a little more in commissioner says the sexual assault allegedly occurred in a Houston hotel room. In February 2016. Pastor was and his final season as the coach of Memphis. At the time. A bell is the boyfriend and passed her became friends went past there was an assistant coach at Arizona. 2002 to 2008. Mel's been named a defendant in pastors lawsuit. The lawyer for past nurse said bell and Hanley begin alleging the assaults. Only after a two month long scheme to blackmail Josh pastor. By claiming he knowingly. Participated in NCAA violations. And when that attempt to blackmail him failed. That's when the assault allegations came up according to pastors are turning. In fact Toms at the lawyer for pastor said in fact contrary to the claim she filed today for two years after ms. Finley alleges the first assault occurred she continued to proactively and enthusiastically. Initiate communication and contact with Josh and his wife visiting their home giving gifts to their children. Attending games and publicly expressing positive statements about Josh and his character. Pastor's defamation lawsuit. Claims that the two began a malicious campaign to defame fastener and extort them blackmail him by threatening to release. And releasing to the public the media Georgia Tech in the NCAA. False and patently untrue information. Mel and thinly believed and intended would be extremely damaging to pastors reputation and mergers Alton him losing his job at Georgia Tech and being penalized money NCAA. Won a big Coleman asked. That lawyer has released a copy of a police report an incident report. About a welfare check that happened April 4 and Bell's home in Tucson. According to the report. Bells the more terminal according the report pay at least father Larry called police and said his daughter's friends have been calling him saying things like she is in fear for her life. And that he is physically and verbally abusive her more different. Officers arrived to Bell's home. Henley told them that things were touching go but okay right now she'd wanna talk about it anymore. She told police that bell or more for a monitored her cell phone listen to a voicemails and prohibited her from speaking or family. An officer called pay at least father itemized in that Jennifer needs to come forward to law enforcement so we can helper. So this is just done. A lot of twists and turns. And and pass the distraction that Josh passion there is dealing with losing right in the middle of the basketball season. And Georgia Tech on a no idea where the truth lies in this. But it's ugly. Don't you feel every time we hear a story like this. They're all there's always a resignation at the end of. News. You know maybe this is just a second year of their tournament. So I can your attack it does seem like there's these guys never whether it. And never come out the other side and apparently this guy is a Major League. Will work and I use it dumb of the boyfriend Knoll passed passed or are you purchased Obama yeah. He he apparently released a statement that he would not higher in ES yeah coaches. The Pentagon Carl Cameron. He hit that you'd like dead why that's the biggest violation diiulio and look at this thing is among us can album and I've if you told me I would totally hot yeah got to work apparently say yeah yeah. I gotta to dump the letter I'm late and adios and it did say that run as he was tired at George tech arm. You'll it's your Dominic Slavin being demanding his legacy is to. Know doctors awful my stamp boys there's a difference. Being demanding and being. Overbearing what else. Dazzle much. Will watch it play out. You guys are not confident the past there can survive. No because of the way he handled that currency you can go overboard with the I didn't do it. As the university came out and support of him. Only do nude yeah agony then yeah so I mean that's the other thing. If it looks bad on your workplace. You're probably not gonna make it through it. But he did it or not unfortunately. Yeah you know here's the thing maybe he didn't do all this that is alleged that maybe you did something. Exactly. And as they dig into it turn over rocks were polling. Well they say that they don't want and that's something that you don't want. I don't care who you are you could be Mother Teresa. You dig far enough you'll find something. Else. Yet as the best why you don't want cash involved in the loss that's what people settle lawsuits born to a bigger is right. Discovery can be ugly. Big term. 8444773776. You'll come on board here in the huddle on ESP in upstate phone lines are open text line open as well at 71307. And Twitter at ESPN not upstate stuff Friday hoddle back in a moment Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso stay with us. But again no huddle ESPN I'll stay with Greg makes any coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Phone lines open do you 8444773776. You like to join us. So this tweet from Clemson basketball player Elijah Thomas after they jumped blew out Pittsburgh last night. That little Johnny said great team win in front of our beautiful crowd to thank you all for packing Littlejohn again. Well. That's interesting because also saw a tweet from Molly guys at sports talk. In Colombia. That said it was embarrassing that there were 2000 empty seats that game last. I'm looking at the box score from Clemson sports information they list the attendance of 7573. That's almost capacity and the capacities nine says 15100 and decent man. Shouldn't they sell out right now the way Clinton's point. Can you expect to sell out against Pittsburgh going on game though you should. I would hope so right. Students are not gone. Seeing this is where. Perception. Is better than reality. This the arena only sits seems to 9000. So if you have seven plus and there is gonna look full. Because you're gonna have people kind of you'll have everybody around quarter and then you have everybody else kind of smattering around through the upper. Areas so it's not going to be like one area like. In Colombia. It seems 90000. If you get eight or ten in there it's go look like it's empty nobody there because it's so massive. We'll just talk and raw numbers as a 7500 kind of a non impressive crowd for a team that's. Second in the ACC in February. I mean. Yeah compared to. What they're doing I mean what they're doing is distort. Quite honest earning a toilets. I mean second ACC had duke had a North Carolina. I mean unbelievable. I mean as Pittsburgh of the worst team in the conference I got that. Is that the reason last night Willie draw better when they have duke in I would hope so on Sunday the eighteenth week from Sunday they'll have duke. Three home games left. And now. The regular season here they've got duke. On the eighteenth Georgia Tech Josh passengers complete with. The you know on the 24. And Florida State on the 28. So the Pitt game will be the low one right out of that group. As far as attendance at Thursday night against. A winless team is winless in the conference. She would just cut him some slack on that one or are they going to do are they having may never issues withdrawing at Clemson for basketball. Right. Well I honestly think they've. I think have an a on campus. Arena. There is. Almost worthless. They got on campus football stadium does pretty well you know that's different animal health ethical. I think they would draw better if they had their home games in green thumb and I hated that we have because of the drive. Well wasn't great for the team. But I mean the crowds were phenomenal. Mort that good they're good on all want to only doing 230 like may have played Miami man that place was it crazy. And I get what you're saying there and Clemson and that's not the population base and who's gonna drive over on a weeknight from Greenville Spartanburg are back on him exactly. I'll buy you would think some people wouldn't for a good team. Exactly how far people drive to the duke and North Carolina Tennessee basketball games we'll to we'll also has to do with. Area population size. I mean what's the population clubs and well let's did nothing but now I'm drawing from downtown clips but that's small point. Is that there's so that there's not that much. There's enough going on and there's not enough going on that if they played. In green bull. That it would attract. A greater audience well as we have a lot of it we have a lot of fans to Clemson fans. Here in the greater Greenville area sure course that I'm not gonna travel if they gotta get up and I got to drive an hour they're gonna drive an hour. Because I've made that trip before. You've got us over the park kid. You've got to leave it at 530. Which is a push would you get off war. So you leave you get down there even if you're a little bit late games over to a mine by the time to get home it's 103011 o'clock it's midnight before you get in the bed. No well it's even worse on that Florida State game to get to Saturday games left 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock Saturday that's find that Florida State game on Wednesday the 28. Not a cola. 9 PM tip. Not good for Wednesday night. I think they would be well served. To hold those mid week games. Bonser of course I think they would draw event does not gonna happen Josh I know it's not gonna happen. They just renovated that place over there have been dramatic in felony. And they've. Hated -- degree I'm talking about the school. The team. All that stuff hated it. And not I know what you're saying yes it's journalism people who going Graeme all the worn rock clubs and I got that. And think about it now you're bringing in Clemson fans from Spartanburg gaffe him. Charlotte. Charlotte that a conscious and they drag agreeable to watch and drive to clubs. Just another hour from now beaten big minute. Yeah I but 7500. As a in attendance number at this point in the season February 8 which is yesterday. For a team. That is twenty and four. And nine and three in the conference not I would be a little disappointed in and out so let's fill this place up even for Pittsburgh. They'll follow up Purdue. Sailed into a Florida State on that Wednesday 9:9 o'clock in last home game of the year. Over Littlejohn. A mean. If they can't fill up on 9000 seat arena than non. I guess I'm gonna have to believe everybody when they say. Basketball only happening in constant. The sparse transport. Well I mean if day if they can establish. Like this year they've taken good ruined say they split. These last six ball games at worst. And go 3 and 3 am okay. That's gonna put it meant. 23 and seven. Twellman six and down twelve and six in the conference probably good probably in the top three. In the lead. Probably a second at worst three seed in the tournament. In the NCAA tournament. Just a team and made the tournament and forever and forever exactly so why aren't you excited right in and say that team goes to the sweet sixteen or beyond. Now you've got some momentum but you've got to piece it back to back. What's Carol I know Frank Gore was complaining about December attendance in Colombia coming off a final four now people are going 'cause they staying. I'll blame by for an on going to a softer I didn't run them. It's deplorable. Relic I do yes. We've got to win man look if you can Pat Williams Bryce from your old eleven football. I don't care if you are it's a ghost town in the second half. But if you can go watch. All eleven teams stink up the field and pay what it pays to watch a football game you can pay the twenty books. I say he gotta stay the whole game. But it's not like kids are playing hard they're trying they're just not very talented. All right you got talent on the horizon. You got boy coming the end you've got Felder who looks like he's coming back welcome when they get here. All we went in South Carolina I think it's unclear whether I think it's neat deal. Outlet lesson under my boss for her other thirteen eleven I jet you know get a deluge ground and by the way in April a drill mourn 7500 open. Are they drawn better on the net. Yeah but they're supposed to be much larger or South Carolina traditionally. Past history and basketball. I mean you've got to Alex English as you want SEC championship you've. Put guys in the fourth round of the NBA draft. It's not like there's not a past history. A basketball success. I believe how great it was name McGuire somewhere that guy was pretty good. Dunleavy. You're history major mobile I'm saying. It just aggravates me that. Oh well. We're gonna go army of fans jobs to go support the team to boost them well. Whether they're good weather bad and you can do it under football. Seal yeah but let's talk realistically here I mean you got a winning team at Clemson twenty wins. In mid February when I'm in the mid February they have to when he lands. They should be drawing. Quiet while they are from a competitive standpoint. It's night and day. Mean semifinal of a percentage of filling up a smaller arena on mode and yes suddenly 5% of their league and they don't have the established tradition. I mean if South Carolina. From a percentage standpoint. Filled the CLA to the standpoint that Clinton did. The place to be raucous. And and I don't wanna hear this all well it's so expensive no it's not I went on the third. Avenue to get tickets vivid scenes seen geek all of those and those people are expensive. And their twenty books fifteen books. Do you get down on the court for thirty dollars. I mean Gore's support to pay. Talked to Jimmy about this Jimmy welcome to the huddle. Little did. But you that would listen they're happy the championship. None of them all they tell us. No. Are. Basically the poor. Are there in the end Hitler was there. An NBA players. Mike Dunleavy or orders and English. Well. The outlook. Worried about art loving basketball strike a liar. And is currently. To agree to get people strategy at UCLA. They're at in the senate seat. Were back there. And the Internet. And they the most innings. Two. We had in the trap and the government. Leonard and raised that what little. Yeah does a cart path ultimately hurt or is currently. At UCLA. The port on the. Thank you Jimmy. Now there's no question that dumb and great teams back there and then maybe front. And that happens. When you get into the turn especially Dan where they only took conference champions. At that particular time. Yeah I mean you literally down. To the absolute best of the best mature competitive. On the national level blip in the port that I'm making though is. Is that there is a historical. Background to Carolina basketball. Don't people know much about them okay but they know what they just soul. This past year I. They. You don't have to be too old to remember BJ MacKey winner in the SEC championship. And that's that's my and I must say that there's. Are alone but what what I'm saying is. The wins and losses excuse for not going. Isn't an excuse. It's exactly what it is as an excuse. Oh were gonna go look at right now we're not very good okay with a dot published right now I'd say well that don't come in order. Because the whole point of fans I guess I can tell you from my own fan experience. The hogs are not very good. Are not very good. Probably if they make the tournament they're gonna get beat the first round probably pretty badly. But let me tell you saw them when they play in Baltimore marina. It is packed and it makes a differ. It's. Absolutely it does. John I'll get it to break here but this this might be one of the best teams Clemson has had. Certainly a long time maybe in history I mean Tony wins at this point many times they've done that every time on February 9 has gone some basketball had 21 that's. No question there should be standing room only right. I couldn't agree more with 28444773776. What we're back in the huddle on ESP announced. I'd Joshua here's my final point on this I have looked up the basketball attendance. 427 team from last year. Twice extinct when he seventy. And South Carolina averaged men's basketball last year. Thirteen 1395. Fans now and keep mine nobody knew that was a final four team in the regular morning I get that at the end of the year there was. A lot of excitement excitement during the year was mayor because they were winning. A lot of games in the past when he wins and all that but it one like this is a final four team nobody thought that their pregnancies and questions. Thirteen 395 planned best when he first in the country. In Colombia for so after. Thirteen 1395. Clemson. 726170. In the country. See last year they stronghold. I guess my question is this are those numbers are going to tighten up a little bit can't tell you know much just clinching can only gets 9000. I know why they made it a 9000 seat arena they wanted me cozy they didn't thing they needed more than that they took seats out during the renovation right. So in the solid up. Shouldn't they be eight plus on average. Last year I don't know where they are this year look at the numbers. At the end of the U. Should they have 7500. And last night. When they're going to their twentieth win. That's what I'm asking you I think it's a fair question. I don't think they know how to deal with it. Let's say it might be used to whirling may be though maybe this will build right maybe there you know. And it is I you know I got a text on it and I'm not here this all the time. Midway game hard prepares to get there and get home for their kids. Yeah but there's 20000. Students at the gold points. Just stuff. Me all you gotta put in there's 9000 people I know why you don't get 151000 well why don't you get nine exactly. Exactly and why should you draw half as much a Clemson has itself Carol. Well over half as much lecture. Well last year and they struggled all by the way you know Columbia's food on the play supper women's basketball too often clumsy and not doing that well. That's because one is duration national power to another woman's. Dawn Staley and all those reasons I don't much but you you've got. You know that battle for your. Entertainment dollar and for everybody goes down pasty little women's game are they gonna go to the men's games too was a different round. So the let me ask you this does it hurt. Frank Martin and the men's team that the bat the women's team is so successful. Well none seemed to be if they drew thirteen 395 and they were 21 in the country last year that's not bad. Notes and and people expected. They didn't know obviously nobody knew. South Carolina for fourteen. But there was a lot of excitement because of the team that was returning. That'd on 25 and AM you had started yet for a while at dodger he had no measure yet so balloon idea. So you have some name recognition. And that generated a lot of the excitement and then if I can remember. Some gamecocks fans at the end of the year his number Carolina hit Lanka. Six game losing streak. In the year before the SEC tournament. And people like you want to explore all other gonna get left out of the gonna get left out again right. The I just you know we'll see where these end up at the end of this year Clemson should be closing the gap based on what they're putting on the floor this year. Much and I'm sure they are yet will might. I mean what is there to do. And Clemson on Wednesday night. It's not like it's this major metropolis. Well again you're talking about it like it's a Clemson thing I think it's an upstate thing I do think people drive from ringel Casilla Clemson. Duke game. But they didn't go over there to see the Clemson while I mean Pittsburgh and there's enough people in the Seneca Anderson easily area and thought little Joseph. I break time back with more in a moment final hour of the huddle on ESP in upstate.