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And upstate a beautiful day. We can not so much entering committed. Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips is back welcome back Josh we mr. yesterday. Thank you good to be back. Always good to be back in style. Glad you're here while it sounded heartfelt thank east this. In a missile sound like he was reading you right guys stay with us they don't get the statement go to his. Last year it's good to be back in the hole plays good to be in the saddle recovering from I can't even get credit when I'm trying to be compliment. We're going to be back tomorrow it's going to be masses. After the they. Get a chance to listen to the show war there was possibly anything until well it always something. That that is the one good thing. About being a part of the show is that. You always know what's coming when you're the two time. Sport show or the year. Right then. There's nothing you just enjoy being apart so. You managed to Ogden underlines a skinny even from afar yesterday widger Twitter or because you got on Twitter about the Cleveland Cavaliers and their trade. Yeah. Allen got arrested the show and things like champ. So you're here you were felt marginally better. It's still matter marginal and I agree with that tunnel and talk about him being treated really well and yeah. We'll get to then three questions thanks Allison did changes temperament. When did. I was saying I was at the doctor's offices you guys know my old girl. Have you guys seen the vitriol. That Michigan and Jim hardball original talk about the Salome. That is ridiculous. How in the world does Michigan. Now what they like. 2128. Knives like 24/7 composite I think we figured other like 21 or blows after. What they only have like. Three or 44 stars and I'm going. What is he doing and I heard some of the national guys talk about how all well he's got a young team and I'm thinking no he's not all of his best defensive guys. Are getting ready go the NFL his offense is a joke. He just blew a seventeen point lead against South Carolina and a bowl game. Any couples that up with a Ohio house ate just. I mean it's going to be fun to watch this trilogy this big year coming up for him yes it is an Ohio State. So Clemson Alabama and those guys in Texas. Had such a great class but I was astonished. That hardball arming mr. parliamentary. Give them a raft. Spend my kids' houses he will do whatever it takes to finish 21 and it exactly right welcome to go latent form issue with a non million dollar coach. Yeah it's 21. To one and they composite ranking seem to get 74 stars but no five. Some important problem me as an Ohio State finish second. They killed it yet primer on Georgian. Does not getting any better this is going to be. It's really fun to watch. If Michigan has another year like they've had another four loss season 34 last season. That's true yes he'll be gone trip there are ready former players call for his head. I was shocked the one team most of the top 25. Didn't shock me and I know delegate to. Does show. Of normal. But North Carolina just exceeded they were horrendous. And four of their staff I don't know what they did or told kids to even sneak into the top 25. I thought Fedora did as good job. All as anybody to get North Carolina somewhat competitive when they were just so awful. Yeah I'm the year they had yet 23 for North Carolina yes that's with a year they had then that's doing some selling. Downey right there with Michigan so you know. Congrats list and you got to recruited by big parks the volunteers. Help. Take sane in UCL. You see here Florida. All of them. Couldn't happen to a better. I kill it up on the show today we'll get into the NBA stuff from my yesterday in our three questions segment coming up got the epic. Rants. From Jason Chelsea at the Philadelphia Eagles celebration yesterday at some of them for doing as pretty good. It was fun OK on this it's fine but right I don't know your editing skills are like you know what it at Canada. Really really I guess I got the part either it was pre edited or I got the part where he didn't. Go off. With. Expletives. So it's fine. Some assault on human wanna be alert. I had such that I thought. If he starts saying Hungary then on would be in my hand her the blood and that's when things are gonna they now think it's as before that in an aggregate par before that tore it. We will also talk about the college basketball from last night including the North Carolina duke game coming up on Nantz and a few other things here if you wanna jump onboard 8444773776. You can text a 71307. Usually keyword ESPN. On Twitter at ESP in upstate. Well as expected an easy win at home for the Clemson Tigers last night they cruised over Pittsburgh. So no shocker there seven each at a 48 now the tigers are twenty and four on the season. Tony is one of the year for console last night nine and three in the ACC that's pretty darn good. And Pittsburg is still winless. And conference it was on another big night. For gay but Devoe what about this guy I mean he has really come around seven for eleven from three. Nine for sixteen overall forgave the ball ended up with 25 points so what his thoughts after the game. I missed my first couple loose. They go down assurance can sing and have whose code toothless woman president not missed. That virtually no date back and neck yes. The a couple of dozen impressing Lugar is trying to force you know began consuming and other nonsense and. And describe what your confidence level is what vehicles wildfires excuse version that you just convincing. There. Is found his true congress. Within his teammates believe in me when are you involved coaches. Movie newsroom does continue on please clue would defense and set a solid defense we nonsense and now there's some pressure off knowing that if you have all the night through Internet here and other guys like visual. And read now there's three well. The you know the only person just. Soon we're on cost is nothing about it and she's Lou and one of them under the weather in the night but he's got to can go between the united. And the only us. You're what are more restrictions. As it was pretty cool. Oh plugin. I'm warnings here. Bob Moore makes him at seven. Last night. Four straight games with five plus three pointers war. Dave Devoe he was awesome last night and led the way for starters with 25 points they also got a double digit scoring from Sheldon Mitchell. And from our lodge Thomas with twelve and ten points. Respectively and so the tigers just kind of had it easy they were up like tan at halftime and pulled away in the second half. For easy 72 to forty when they do not play on the weekends kind of weird. But take a weekend off this coming year but that's what Clemson is doing now we have bomb racquet technology from. Jerry Coleman CBS. And he has Clemson now as a two seed. As a two seed playing right state. In the regional the eastern regional. In Charlotte that be cool for Clemson fans given go to Charlotte. NC the tigers quick trip there who would have guessed who would've projected Clemson has a two seed in the NC double a tournament is all about Willie make the tournament. Right now projected as a two. Really unbelievable. Gotta hand it Brad Brownell. It all came together form this year. Yes I can remember last year. People wore calling house talk and talk more off the roof to not far this guy. You know Clemson fans like this supposed to be the year to complete failure. When it was the first time that this group had been together. I'm probably didn't help the calls because last year I picked him Sackett I was a year. Anyway today. Everybody is so quick. To wanna double coach. When he's making improvement after improvement and that's what you have to look at and I'm glad we even heard and that meeting. That Dan radical which is getting right giving the act that was all the big room come and out of the storm and they have them meeting and you know man right now you're glad are damn right coach didn't make that move. They stuck with a one more year he is hackable basketball coach. Good guy who teaches the right things and he's got the right team. In his system and he's missing arguably his best player. And if they can finish this thing off to become to receive a program to make some wars I think in order to hold all of that. They're gonna have to keep. Obviously winning in the regular season they're gonna have to make of the bronco on the ACC tournament. But there's no question that. Right now they're doing what they have to do this day. In the you know the top five of the ACC and think about this right now points in his Hannibal. Duke in North Carolina. In the ACC and the only team album as Virginia of amazing. They only have six games left so why hang onto it you know he Allen got to win some games here only one of those teams they play is ranked and that's due in. And they did do get home. After this weekend off the go to Florida State on Valentine's night then duke next weekend. At Virginia Tech Georgia Tech at home Florida State at home. At Syracuse and that's it for the regular season for India Clemson Tigers so. Clearly in great shape. Have found some chemistry and gave Devoe has some. Found a shot. And is shooting with great confidence right now. As a Clemson is really in great shape going in. The other team from South Carolina that's projected for the tournament is Charleston. And their projected as a fourteen seed. In the south region. Matched up by Jerry palm and CBS with Cincinnati. In a game will be played in Pittsburgh. So while home. That's what we have right now. With Jerry punch projections were talking more about that coming up in three questions later on but the really good dumb stretch run here by the Clemson Tigers. They they're getting it done in you know they're not stumbling and it's good to six to six games to go will see Islam they're able to. Keep the momentum up also last night number 21 North Carolina handled number nine duke. 82 to seven VA was the final Duchscherer snuff finishing games they're just not finishing it in a chance to win that game in doing anything down the stretch. And North Carolina was able to log out score the blue doubles by eight in the second half duke led at half time. But Marvin Magli with fifteen points for duke Sam Johnson with eighteen points for North Carolina and now duke is seven and boring conference. And nineteen and five overall. And grace and Allen has lost a shot. He was batting analyst. Also last night number eleven Saint Mary's beat Loyola by 21 Gonzaga beat Pacific by tan. And miss UCLA ever number thirteen Arizona last night 82 to 74. Was the final in Allen not much in the top 45 tonight on Friday night basketball Davidson goes to number eighteen Rhode Island so. Not a lot there but on Saturday and some good games number one Villanova host Butler Butler pretty go to seventeen and eighteen. And of Villanova coming off that. Lost to saint John's 122 into. West Virginia will play Oklahoma State Kansas and Baylor this weekend on North Carolina goes DNC state this weekend. Miami Boston College in the ACC Auburn and Georgia. In an SEC. Matchup Tennessee plays Alabama Virginia Virginia Tech. And take not very good right now and they have to go to Charlottesville take on Virginia. And again Zagat takes on non Saint Mary's this weekend some of the top 25 action. On tap for the weekend and no itself jaws of Florida probably right. Coming up tomorrow so. That's what's on tap for the college basketball lineup for the weekend congratulations to the tigers absolutely dominant against Pitt last night and continue their hot streak. And again projected as a two seed in the latest CBS jury home Brackett talked to. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate. Back in a moment you're listening to the huddle on ESP announced it. Did you guys know that there's them. Gentleman from Anderson, South Carolina on the cover of time magazine this week. What. Well figured you would know long term deal though you know give it a guess why is a guy from Anderson. On the cover of time magazine this should be funny. At half. He has an award winning hall. So nothing to do a nuclear power. It does not what nuclear I don't know but. At sonoco account Indio Colonia and or stations or agreement oh. I know his name is Chad what Bozeman all adults that I ask you know to the you know to. Black panther. Off. You know is from Anderson I did not know I knew that idea that I did not know when he played basketball for teal and also. Graduated. From Howard university in 1995 yes that accident in the movie. That's acting. The million not a Odyssey you see a trailer. Seemed he's he was in the last Captain America I'll cut that I don't. Not been to a movie and I'll probably over a year but I'm gonna go see that that looks fun. He was in Nam 42 of the jacket or Jackie Robinson. But he played Jackie rounds. Judah. Is pretty big deal. And he's been in numb Marshall message from the keying get on up. And yes he losing captain America's civil war in 2016. And he's on the cover of time magazine's I was critical. I am a little concern for this movie it's so hyped up. A lot of times when things are so over hyped they disappoint I don't he's gonna happen with us this cool that he's from Anderson yes. I agree very cool. So check out time Mac using marijuana while. My wanna pick it up he was born and raised in Anderson and again and play basketball and a and then went to Howard University. Chadwick Bozeman. On the cover of time magazine alike. We got some off first NBA action last night coach for DJ Dozier. He got into the game against the lakers for Oklahoma City last. He played two minutes he made it. Didn't score he did he does want for to us all the score it was a nice drive to The Who laid it in went around some money and and took into the hole and scored. He still should McCain typical thing this changes than. Blake got some minutes. Problem. To Islam so hopefully that will help bomb. Maybe get him some more playing time or for the crush them by the lakers. 106. To 81 was the final in the game LeBron has talked today about the big trade. They I'm surrounded him on the court today as he was. Getting ready to work this new group. As the Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday traded away six players brought Ford you guys in LeBron said. I think we became a younger team a more athletic team and we Edison shooting. I like the pieces we have coming in pieces coming up. When I call up players pieces. The hallmark chest on about a puzzle here yes. LeBron said it's my job to get these guys integrated as fast as possible. Get us on the same page where we want to accomplish what we want to do I look forward to getting them here all four are pretty Smart guys. And it should be fun. We think coach. Rodney hood Larry Nance Jordan Clarkson George Hill new Cleveland Cavaliers. Regretfully I like it. Changes to a minute. I'll I'll like it I thought they thought they. Did what they needed to do it wasn't a huge move. Obviously but I think it's a move that they feel like. What would those three pieces I mean well when you talk about food and Clarkson. Larry Nance junior are really light. Very athletic and they're being mean these guys are 68. They can shoot from the corners they're gonna. Not so much I think from the offensive side of the glass but they're going to be a major upgrade. Are on the defensive side and then they're gonna be nice complementary pieces they're gonna know the raw right now they know coming into the situation. LeBron is the man. I don't think ITI don't think Isiah Thomas ever really embraced that. I don't think I think that's what caused. A lot of the case is he was not gonna take a backseat. To LeBron James we can't do that. When you go in that situation you. Have to know. That LeBron is the guy. And you're there to help them. Get back to the finals and then hopefully hoist. Another championship so. I thought they did what they had to do like the fact that. They got rid of Derrick Rose and I'm in sharper in any way I mean the geriatric. Experiment didn't war. Okay. And so they got younger. More athletic they are better defensively so I think now the cavs. Depending on how fast they can jail. I would have liked to have seen Kevin Love thrown into the trade mixed but. You know because he's. It heat and this is when the compliments this has been the most value he has had since he's been out of the building. So while later while these are exactly he's contributed more now it did he ever have so. But they didn't but I have a feeling that that's coming. Because as good as the as the cavs. Trade was. I thought the lakers was even better. Because they got a mid first round pick which they did have a first round pick at all in this upcoming draft. Are they clear it almost eighty million dollars in cap space so now they can afford to match contracts. Heading into the offseason that into the year. Plus they've got the opportunity depending on what they do with my handle to clear another eighteen million. So there's a chance. That magic Johnson and Rob Blake. Here in the next four months could have almost a hundred million dollars in cap space you wanna talk about getting good and her. And then everybody every option is on the table that you go offer LeBron a Max contract they could go after Klay Thompson if he chooses. I need to imagine a hundred million dollars at the disposal. Of the Los Angeles Laker. And they've got a nice young nucleus of players. So I think to me hands down the lakers dish Droid it in the great way. And I hate to say that as the Boston fan because we hate the lakers. But I thought Magic Johnson blanket the whole organization front office. Did a magnificent job. Of utilizing trade deadline getting a mid first round pick. Now it's gonna depend on what they do with Randall at the end of the year. Is going to Gaza Thomas to curb oh yeah yeah Hedo is Korea's iron as mentioned earlier what do they make all these moves and getting. See that's what happened in Memphis Grizzlies. See the Memphis Grizzlies wanted to shop Tyreke Evans. And quite honestly they need to do. But they couldn't find anybody that would pick up his contract. And so they got stuck with the Memphis. Sorely. Missed the boat in this opportunity. Sorely missed it. And now they hamstring themselves. Moving forward so. I would say. From the trade deadline deadline standpoint. I would give the lakers. An A plus plus plus. I'll would give the cavs an eight minus and I would give the Memphis Grizzlies. An F plus plus plus. You know while they asked LeBron about parting with his buddy. On the same team. Right now when wade was such a shell of informers his former self it was early. Room for LeBron to develop great relationships with some of the other guys. But LeBron today said Don Meehan. He gets to go back home to Miami and that's how it should be set always felt that's where his heart and his mind was so I think it's going to be. Great for him were both fifteen years and believe we know how this business is. More important we know each other we see each other all the time anyway so get out of here anyway. If you know. And the biggest day buddies but from a basketball point of view Indy. So fun to watch. Where we sided they played the night right out there when the hawks tomorrow Alex is. I'm just total for the best team to play when you're trying to on the consumer worst team in the league I guess record wise so this team to go up against the new guys if the new guys are there to play I aren't even there yet. Maybe some Oman on I don't know that many animal get on the floor inaudible seen a stunning and on TV according while looking and hear the TV game tonight is the clippers in Detroit on ESPN. So anyway they play the hawks in Atlanta just drop down and watch it you're watching NBA network. What they do they have a thing they have crunch time and what they'll do is still. Though it's got like red zone and playing the jump around to a bunch of games that are like in the fourth quarter. So we'll get to cease some of it there. All right well you wanna talk about let's knowledge about a day to absorb what happened in the NBA yesterday could certainly give us a call. On that 8444773776. Stop Gilani has be announced they will be right back. 8444773776. Techs like 71307. So coach while you're brought out yesterday Brent venables got a 300000 dollar raise. Peanuts. So he's not two million portion two million dollars he's the second coach to get that second assistant coached at two million. Iran and LSU support. He's a two and a half million. I'm sorry but there's just something morally wrong with the war bullet. Yet is well on. Your football coach Schaefer. All of that was making six and three quarters million camera make two million and look I'm not ever going to. I mean you've got a chance to make cheddar man you make it. And I am not faulting Brett for signing the contract believe me. Somebody threw me a two million dollar deal I would be like how would know how fast I could sign it. But there's just I don't know two things going on what did you something wrong. Just like somebody yes they've been. If you is worth the money he he's make him and to his credit he said probably not. Switching Yemen but that's exactly right. That's exactly right. You don't sound like a football coach over there. I do look I'm above paying my god what he's war. Okay. But win again that there's just. It's a hard. It's a hard balance. Because I know people are looking at a out of it is. Well compared to. The worst that he has been. For Clemson as a university. You know what impact has he had on enrollment own elevation of Clemson football program as a national brand. You know but those things run and two pins. Tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. So on a comparative analysis standpoint. It's really not that much. When you look at. What he's meant to that program and I've said this from day one. He's he is the most important guy on Clinton's that. They can afford to lose everybody else. But Brett venables even when Jeb Morse was there. OK Brett venables was the one that really helped double give this thing over the top because man I can remember when he first got there. That it was hard coach and for those guys because there wasn't a lot of talent that defensive side. He would get real creative. No chips or stepped into a great situation where it. Polish boys and Sammy Watkins and CJ Spiller I mean he inherited all those guys. So it was almost like. You can't fail when that title now will Brett literally had to rebuild that defense. So I'm not saying. That. From an analysis standpoint he's not worth I'm just hand the amount. Is overwhelming. Well I mean you've got access yeah I get Jim but you've got so much money coming in so the only question is you know I'm gonna stop bring in the money and so the only question is where's ago. Who gets in argument of the students must know that. That's not happening any time soon. So war you gonna put a mean they're certainly couldn't play any evident buildings you know to worry about them drawing or not they're not scripting on facilities. So who gets the money where does the money yet. Well I think that's another thing that you have to look at it across the country is. Like him or hate them the one thing Clemson has done as an institution. Is realized. You know what we can better this entire university if we embrace our football team be in the lead. If you bet they wanted to win but they really didn't want to embrace it. You know because you always had that faction of administrators and academia who were like we don't need to be a football school from the pulpit now you know where the top two and in the top ten public universities and they were talking about all that and you know one of the things that double Hezbollah and to his credit is that he's you know created the rift that was there between. Athletic specifically football and academics and upper administration. And now he has all those guys on board. Because of the way that he's turned that program into a national power he's shown them hey look. When we are doing and executing and performing at the level that we are. And competing for national championships. We can build you a new science that we can put a new library we can had a new. Dormitory which they're doing I heard about and care under the name of all. But I heard about dormitory to put them that's gonna house 18100 students the darn thing is gonna have suites. Start books. What I'm thinking this college. You have a Starbucks and they're gonna have a cafeteria with I don't know forty different choices. Choose from housing college pizza and spaghetti and water or Coke that's. You know also. Because of the success of the football like you just mentioned. The millions of dollars that is generated. As a universal Alabama's done the same thing. I think somebody get a financial law situationally Saban. Has meant Alabama. And it's and the hundreds of millions of dollars. Why does the Bamba coordinator Steve leaving in clumps and study. Because Saban is very difficult to work for. I mean he won't drive you into the grad. I had a buddy of mine that was with him as a GA and then went with him to. The Miami Dolphins. And he literally told me that shelf life. Of an assistant coach on the Nick Saban is about three years that's about all you can today. If you're normal. If you normal McCourt curbing survived. Eight years although he could have had a chance to go on to some minor other minor jobs. He waited for the right but he waited for the right job and pay at all. On cosmic cat kept on the B patient be patient but he literally works. So far. Like after the national championship game you're on a plane the next day going to recruit. Whereas. Doubles like OK look we want to win. We wanna have fallen. And we also wanna spend palm of their families. See you don't come out statements came you'll hear. We're gonna have fallen we're gonna have family time we're going to win. There's no balance it's win win win. I mean he actually has launch delivered to the football office so his assistants don't have to stop working think about that. Now how long do you wanna put up that well as long as you're winning national titles and in all of those things you can stick around but eventually. Under most circumstances guys are gonna be you know they're not gonna wanna keep grinding that hard. To that extent. And they decide hey I need to do something else. Yesterday. The rays for Brent venables was 300 Graham. But raised for Tony Elliott just got fifteen. Those two problem. So the race for the coop offensive coordinators combined underground race for defense cornered 300 grant volley at all. No. Defense is. Not over perform the often about a much yes. They also law gave up offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell 25000 dollar race he'll make 540000. Next year. Tony Elliott and Jay had just gone now make 85850000. H. You've been an assistant coach on on college teams and Ford do you. Do you guys talk about what each other makes a means that ever come into play. Have you noticed other guys being jealous over other guys. No not really mean because almost good staffs. Like Clemson have you gotten your pretty much friends. So it's like you understand the job. That guy was doing like Tony and Jeff they understand. How good of a job. That coach venables is doing. OK here is defense is have been ranked. In the top five and has been number one numerous times. He's put an NFL guys are guys in the NFL in the first round left and right. They understand where the rebuild came from so. I mean not really. Think that would creep in there we'll let you when they won the national championship it was it was really more profits laws in question. A blue creep in narrative especially if you technically won the coordinator once I want to coordinator on the other in this case is to meet you would. Think that that would. Become a concern a little bit well I mean if you're the person if you have the big guy who comes up with how much that you're paid would you be worried about. Trying to make it as equal as you could I mean if Warren has more tenure in the other that I get I mean they've been there longer but stow. Well and that plays into it I'm glad you brought up the tenure thing because that's the other thing coming Brent venables has been coach and almost thirty years. On the division one level. In he has been he he literally has seniority. On that staff including dabble. Because he's been a coordinator longer. Than doubles and head coach. Doubles government coordinator. And he's won a national championship when he was at Oklahoma and he's won multiple I mean his resume is impeccable. We're those other guys are a little bit younger there's still fill out their careers there's still. You know trying to figure out. Are they gonna stay on staff there that wanna be head coaches obviously they do. They used I think the UAB of the south Alabama job to kind of develop their experience from a interview process. If they keep them and I'm sure doubles columnist they look guys I know not all on the same pace scale but if we can't keep winning. The money can be a problem. I mean they're all mean 10840000. Dollars. How can you complain make them money you could DL yeah I mean 850000 dollars in. In small dictators. Another one thing that jumps out of me about the story. Wise they ran to make in two and a half Republican. Well some of that what does it done to deserve that. I know he's done he did a great job at Wisconsin that shock me if when that came out that that was L issues. Panicky the that he was leaving. And they said we've got to throw this out there to get this guy's day. And worked. Got to get our break 8444773776. B rob back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. You know you're supposed to be able to take and emotional support animal on flight two and if you heard about them. Excuse me governor about the expose him to elect a dog or whatever that's an emotional support and anguished what's been taken out into the Kevin in the plane thought I know where we don't want this and can we see Josh and reaction. That there's a college student who was flying from Baltimore to South Florida for college. And she wanted to take her emotional support animal. Pebbles. With her. A pebbles is a hamster. A dwarf hamster. She's 21 years old. And she checked in at Spirit Airlines. To make sure she could bring the hamster along the hamster certified by her doctor as an emotional support animal. Got a Baltimore airport airline would not let the hamster on the flight. In fact the Spirit Airlines spokesperson. Said that. She should probably just. What polish doubles though and hopefully a and she did. Relive it but really it's. Seattle your home for the peacock which was a story last week so we try to take a peek up on the wrong and flight. As their emotional sport and more so she flesh that punitive so much for support the content. Yeah he says dumb should consider other options but Paula just Latin pedals go and that would be cruel to run around. So should we see watched it letting pebbles go to run around the might have a shot at life fortunate down the toilet truly drowned and died. Voter utter misery. Not a way you wanna go now. Back at me. Outing this girl needed an emotional support around that she was flush it down the toll she needed something. So now. Just what. To you know suit Spirit Airlines. Because she's Lester on Amsterdam is don't show an airline does that suggest that it because of what. For actions war and yes she didn't have to do that she'd also didn't have to take the flight. Well she's just didn't have any other choice she was gone for some kind of emergency at home. Flight was boarding. And so they took advantage of her emotional state. She flushed doubles. A little now Spirit Airlines is denying that their representatives and you should legend and talk that. It. But not get a mid to that Arlen out of there any witnesses to that suggestion. While. But she felt that more humane to flush. Doubles down at all it and let it spun street there's always some places you could hide such an animal owners gave on the fly on to say there. And without killing it. Yeah I'm gonna try debt. Just a pocket. Somewhere zip it up and a pocket. The distinguishing enough and if they find the act surprised like Omaha. Mentally that this has taken most of my pocketbook Hank. 8444773776. Text line 71307. She can Bowman became inspiration. This is like a second time in a week we're gonna have peed after us on the ship. I don't think he gets a reference I'm pretty happy about that. I know I know I got the reference. I'm trying to get off of an unbelievable time to move away from. This quickly as possible. Jason Chelsea coming out someone sane on the show next in the huddle colony is about.