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Hey we made it a Friday welcome into the huddle on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. We're ready till 330 today and that's what we take you to consummate small. Clemson and Dallas Baptist good team Kevin and conducting more stadium this week in game 1 this afternoon 4 o'clock. For the first pitch talk a little more about that coming up we've got the all three Clemson games for you have this weekend. Not tomorrow Lin of course weather is a factor in the talking about the possibility of rain so we'll see what that does the baseball. But tomorrow if everything holds we will bring you baseball up until. 2:30. Until 1 o'clock game tomorrow and then the network will switch over to college basketball with Clemson and Georgia Tech so. Part of the team tomorrow. If there is no whether delight and then all of today's and Sunday's games for Clemson. And a Dallas Baptist College Baseball action this weekend. Coming up on the show today go talk to Bob Costello with a Greenville news. High school sports reporter because of this weekend. We have basketball playoff action. Upper state finals at Moscow wellness arena will go to those games with Bob coming up at 204 this afternoon. We will have another inch studio guests actually a couple of them at 304. This afternoon. To talk about the bass master classic at lake marble that's coming up mid march to register around the corner. And we will preview that for you with the upstate outdoors host Philip gentry coming into Iraq. Help us with all he knows a lot more about fishing than any of Boston. So Philip will be here that we could ask Philip about the short story to. Yeah I need to I was pass from some tells them last night due to green I was gonna ask them thought now wait. You're jumping and remind me that I would when he gets in here anyway that's at 3 o'clock and then of course we go to a baseball at 330. Lots more in between now and then including your calls your tweets your text 8444773776. As the phone number. Text line 71307. Views ESPN at the beginning of your text message. And Twitter at ESPN upstate. So this FBI investigation into college basketball. And yet. We had another. Another report from Yahoo! Sports this morning. This can be death by a thousand cuts is this information just continues to trickle out on named schools. Everything that's a ball to end the corruption investigation by the FBI. Into college basketball. And this morning's report from Yahoo!. I'd get a five players from more than twenty. Division one men's basketball programs. As possibly breaking NCAA rules. Through violations uncovered by the FBI. Those schools. Included some of the blue bloods duke. North Carolina. Kentucky Michigan State. Kansas. Along with Texas. Southern cal. All of by the way. South Carolina and clubs. The documents obtained by Yahoo! detailed a workable former NBA agent named Andy Miller. His agency is eighty SM sports. Yahoo! reports that the documents show cash advances. And entertainment and travel expenses paid for college prospects. And their families. You know who Jeff Goodman is it covers college basketball for ESPN. And he says here in this news about what Amy Miller was up to comes as no surprise. I'm not surprised one bit I was surprisingly actual document. But I'm not surprised one bit I mean we've known this is gone on Andy Miller has been a guy that either coaches have a load. Because they've got relationships within and it helped him get players. Because what is Andy Miller have which he had control of its stable of a new coach used. Vick could help. Facilitate eight in recruit going to their school any return. They would then make sure that. That player ended up siding with the Andy Miller. I have a lot of college when they left so some coaches love Danny Miller they have great relationships. There was another side to it absolutely couldn't stand in the Miller. Because he would come on campus. And he would deal would their players or dirt players' parents. Without really going through them and and he would get he would try to get these kids who don't totally. When a lot of home if you look at the track record war lottery picks won't even first round picks but he get them to come out no matter what. You probably asking what's the South Carolina and Clemson. Connection right. Here's that news. A pair of South Carolina players and one former Clemson player mentioned in his report today former USC star PJ Dozier. Current USC player Brian Boland. Can be shocked and his paid as mentioned in this transferred him from little. Still hasn't played. A bit for the gamecocks but may be next season that's the point. And the Jauron blossom game. Former Clemson star. Named in the report. This report says PJ durocher. Received at least 6115. Dollars while in school. Bryan Owens family. Received at least 7000 dollars in benefits. They're already been reports of much more than that there were reports of a six figure agreement would primal as father for him to go to mobile. And Toronto awesome game reportedly. Since. 1100. Dollars through Ben Mo mobile payment and. Statements from Clemson and South Carolina. Today. This is from Dan replica which athletic director Clemson. Clemson was made aware of an issue regarding a former student athlete through this morning's media reports we received no inquiries. Or prior notice from anyone. And we are in the process of reviewing the matter. Ray tanner athletic directors South Carolina. We first learned of the allegations and Yahoo! Sports report last night and remain committed to cooperating with the NCAA and the Department of Justice. As some short statements. We know nothing us what dumb the schools are saying. And you know look maybe that's. Certainly the case Brad Brownell has commented coach or clumps of Brad Brownell said I've been in college basketball for over 25 years of always tried to conduct myself within the rules have held my staff and players to the same standard. Because I do not have any personal knowledge about the current investigation I won't comment or speculate about that matter. We'll cooperate with the anti agencies looking into the issue with they contact us. So what we learned today guys well we learned that. Places South Carolina are not going to skate. Without being involved in this. Major. FBI investigation. In two corruption college basketball in fact they're out. There out front on that one of the first schools. Mentioned. More than twenty mentioning Clemson, South Carolina. Already mentioned. So where do we go from here we wait. Obviously the schools are gonna say anything more than what was said by the eighties today and Coach Brown islands evening for Frank Martin today and you Josh. MC quotes from him. Know our I doubt he gives a press conference. Now an outing in a statement no yeah he's not exactly and very good mood move. To protect the. So we make of all this just. Let me toss pricing right if you if you thought that. It wasn't gonna touch our area schools than you know you're probably kid yourself this touching. Most major programs. I'd be curious if you are a college basketball fan he came. I mean what this will this cause you to not watch the games will this cause you to not watch next month when tournament happens. How does this he affects someone is a big time college basketball fan. I would have to say yes and no. For myself. Because when I hear Jeff Goodman talk about an old let me say this I had an opportunity. To meet Jeff while I was on the Arizona the funnel for. He is awesome. He's also going to be around I mean he has won the gently he helped me so much just navigating. Around through their behind the scenes with the media stuff. The bad guys just the heat on a lot of respect Georgia. Like he said. If coaches and within the basketball community that it's always fascinates me they've all this stuff has been going on. For so long it took him FBI investigation. For them to do anything about it. And so for me. Although I hear what Brad Brownell saying he's disingenuous. In his comments. Ease flat out disingenuous. In his comments to say I was totally unaware. That the load. Because when you've got something that's what did you know the agents are there you know they're talking your program you know you have to address that. With your team. So for him to come out and say you know in 25 years I was is he he's full of crap. Because everybody's in the home. There are coaches right now that we're not involved that are laughing at the ones that'll other players to get involved. There are coaches tweeting in to actually out there now saying it's about time. The ones that have tried to do with the right way. Because they've known about the grass root systems and the AEU in all of that stuff. And just it just don't say nothing. Don't know what you have to come out and say something know something Pia I'm because now you don't it's it's almost saying we're guilty and more water or no. If I was a coach right now and it and one of my players mentioned insult them like this. I would not to Wear anywhere near a microphone and if it was a mandatory media thing I would say I would get up in the first Leo Wednesday as. I'm not making any comments about this beyond world it's about what they're doing drilling and assay and much more than then yes. They're saying will cooperate yeah it fit. But the thing gets me about this thing are honestly I think any of these teams that are involved in this FBI probe should be thrown out of the tournament. I shouldn't be allowed to go. Landon isn't it brewing guilty. Well obviously there's guilt there. Probably so but. You do want to get to process. I understand that part of it because here's the thing look at what we did. To pitino. You mean to tell me much it's just. I understand heard it here since it aggravates me about this stuff as a coach. Don't tell you don't know what's going along don't tell me that you're here. That oh well so and so especially if he is a legitimate draft. I mean both the ones that you have to pay extra attention to do Jewell thing dabbled Sweeney when they put Jong Watson. Out there after that first year that he was like OK where were gonna have to. We're gonna have to build basically. A fence around this guy for the time that he's here it is well known about that. Down with the putting and say yeah that's the sad thing for Clemson south callous these guys doe germ blossom game if they're edgy league. When you said innocent until proven guilty when you heard this news recent prize I'm not an or an asylum trust me I'm not I would like to meet the person who surprise when they heard. Don't know it's priced at all. Now it and IBM up pierce saying. That. Knowing about it and and doing something about it there's two different things. Yes and no. And I'm not saying that there are circumstances. Like you know if an agent takes. A parent's. Takes a players' parents out for dinner and it's a safety problem dollar dinner okay big war. That he meant. No man has come and go according to the portrait Jerome blossom game was Ruth's Chris Buckley the bill was like honor may be bought. He was there himself. It was another just on an eighty per person. That was the idea for. It was the night before. The ACC tournament and Clemson lost to Georgia to two years ago. So that's the total 11100 dollars was 100 Mo Nunn and that was. The first incident at the list of multiple instances. That involved blossomed. On you know it also brings up the point I mean Dennis Smith junior. Now with the Dallas Mavericks the NC state 73500. Dollars in loans oh yeah Kentucky bound Audubon I don't think he was wrong a hundred miles Dan. I mean there's big you know. And a variety of numbers being thrown around does that make a whole lot of difference if so you. He did tell me. And the lower level people right now they're getting ready to storm the streets because. Everybody. In the country knows Calipari is dirty Blanco. He is as dirty but he can't he has no different than Rick Pitino. OK but the Tino is gone because of dormitory issue. All that blew up before this. I mean not not to say he's not going to be implicated. In this and we know the Bruce bow our Brian bro Boeing's been. Named all that stuff but coming pitino had other. Issues the sped up his demise as one on site sure. You know these other guys are Canucks went down right now. I love G Max. Valuation system college football college basketball except take the money leave the hookers alone. I'm just saying that would Spanish we know what happened right there on the inaugural season you know it's not finished yet there's just different timeline stay away from dominance and now I listen mostly in the this is any better than than this or worse it's going to be worse and stereotype because they know not playing stairway from diamond through my. They're paying outlook when he came in Washington and the liberals but you know on and I'm not bind the out poor Rick Pitino stuff. No I I agree with that and I'll also on our bonds and look I got a tremendous amount of split respect. For Coach Brown now as a dual other coaches and they they work hard and it's a lot of money and nobody can sit there and say I certainly can't. That if you're making 456 million dollars a year. And you hear that a major is gonna float you player and an age you can. But can possibly be the difference between you resigning your deal or not. I mean as much as I hate to say that's life. That that's that's life back door deals happen in business and every single day. We don't know who did wat but that the stigma from Brad Brownell is I don't have any personal knowledge about the current investigation hitting goes far to say I never heard this tone today with the because everybody's or doesn't board today Russia he used semantics. No personal knowledge in other words I wasn't involved Ali Ali wasn't there and ride. 8444773776. Fuel comment on Delmon is online just get him in here I don't. At all growing more confident not Collin hasn't visited moves came as it has. Naylor in. Congratulations you're enrolling you're not left out. Payment from all that is about all personal. That putt I don't want to accept candidate playing in the sub or excuse yeah are you believe. Well he's there I mean we don't know Veoh player not. But he's there to ask. Our I don't debts and little cliche. And told me that you would easily you know he might he seems great try to seal but it could look good karma October. Most of they won't won't want to bottle. Been vocal about. Yeah so you're right he may never play. He may never thought. I don't well Brit mountain I put yeah that's a little bit. Well done closed put it over Alabama both of those same domain. Name. Yeah you got a lot of guys are already gone but you have some key players Collin sexton Alabama Wendell Carter and miles bridges Michigan State. The war current players. In court could also by the bureau of the hour news is it is. Didn't quote. Nothing with it with with the he's Smart in the paint gushing. Just don't promote home. Well. Lou Williams. What did. You can't say enough you don't quote let's say well attended grade. I didn't say it I was and it has stated there are things I did. Look if I was the top tier basketball recruit. How would be clamoring to go to north kill Republicans are gonna give you pay agreement overpaid do. They don't have not a 105 star all Americans. Well they used to now there now and are able to. And don't put Cabrera came out of state. One thing. It is but I you know I had no knowledge. And amass delegates at the statements are honest. But did he have any knowledge even though they had records of him with a signature on the Jack. Good grief of slums and these guys. If you did and you got busted don't see anything or just. Admit I have more respect for. Only when it is going to be a little or 48 late but bridges. It certainly doesn't become will close but it doctors thought I would do it and I don't know. Yet oil slicks of Sunday's march 11 what the other thing or more be fascinated four to see is what happens with the guys. There names only that received money that our current teams like Wendell caller did. And Colleen sexton and Colleen sexton. Marvin Baguio things done I don't think we'll ever see him on the court. Dealing a player who. I think he's doing. Thank you down for the call if you wanna comment on this Yahoo! report rebel linked to weight. On our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash ESP in upstate for you to search for the Yahoo! Sports report today on. College basketball corruption and again this is just another dribble. It's coming out and be nice this ended it but. That's not going to be the case for these schools they've got a lot more of this to all deal with thing coming months 25 players at least. Current players linked to impermissible benefits and a whole bunch more who've. Party going on a 444773776. Back in moments no huddle on ESP in upstate. Critical story involving Larry Nance junior son of the former Clemson great Larry Nance wariness junior now the Cleveland Cavaliers. He will be abandoning number 24 he will Wear number 22. That is the retired that number that Larry Nance senior year. War when he played for the cavs here's Larry junior last night before the Cleveland it yeah. We'd like great. Here on out. I couldn't be happier with the Stacy great thrill and it's Martin tomorrow life and it's where the food values. Yes got a cool so let me get to repair career. We are retired numbering is worried about he wore that number that bring the retired number down through rafters but over the all star break the cavs organization. Revisited the situation they got approval from the front office the league and Nike. To make the swap league typically does not allow players which is uniform number mid season but stellar in his junior was granted an exception. As a legacy of course he wore. Replica of his father number 22 Phoenix Suns Jersey during the don't contest. On all star weekend so I'm very soon he'll be switching over to that. Anyone who has already purchased the number 24 uniform for an answer junior can exchange for number 22 uniform. Catch up find out you gonna bring him back off front fall back won't take care of you this and on Larry Nance junior along main. I think is an awesome story and I saw several interviews where his dad was trying to convince them to try to Wear the Jersey and I think it's called these Dylan had but. He's not you know. The most popular Jersey in the league gets solved Zion is a little Polly not a whole lot of those Jersey sold so it's easy for them to say bring him back. The other OK so sure if they were Kobe jerseys they would moan and yeah I don't think they would do a thin metal thing. Another NBA story of course we've talked about this Dallas Mavericks investigation harassment investigation which has. It's pretty bad maybe young college basketball do this the MBA is instituting a confidential hotline. Team and league employees can register their concerns of improper conduct on the hotline. Adam silver commissioner sent a letter to top officials of the thirty teams. Yesterday outlining what he described as the league's commitment to providing employees with a safe and inclusive work environment. They're getting used to just hotline next week. And the rest of the memo outlined existing initiatives within the NBA on issues. Surrounding the league's respect in the workplace policy. Or Sports Illustrated report described a mavericks culture. Up predatory sexual behavior spanning decades. And including numerous allegations against their former CEO. And president. Probably a good time to do that. Now this is a good idea but it's a bad idea to on the nine stand alone how toxic it was in Dallas and I can understand why they want institute something like this but think about it the other vendetta. Against an employee. I got to do so soft in the box and say did some that in due in and for you know they're being investigated in that true anywhere in the game once you're being investigated whether you do or not you got a reputation around the building as someone who did do something. I'm just I insist. It scared. Him and you get some false allegations under which I don't happen they end up in here in this building. Everybody would be accused of something because this is the Smart key has. Place in the entire upstate and everybody would think it was funny to do it to somebody else. It's radio people trying to. That's just their nature to clones. You watched Cleveland Cavaliers last night they lost. I did for the wizards sort of yeah it was on the sort out really hot and then they got cold and in the wizards. Found a way to get past that this didn't play defense down the down the stretch and the new guys couldn't hit a shot in the fourth quarter towed to an all star break is gonna kill the momentum is definitely did. I think he'll quiet. They're not going to win them all you need did anyone expect him to win every single game come on back this 'cause they were hot the first two games to get back you know but that did it. They get that break did it. Yeah I saw somewhere tie Lou said that. During the dead practice they forgot all the plays and learned Ernie Els. And Australia celebre. I'm was good though he's at 32 points last. The hornets actually won last night that's how weird. A night it was course they're playing the nets so that helped. The knicks beat the magic sleet and some of the other scores the thunder over the kings last that was Russell Westbrook last second three right I think I heard the highlight on the island. And one and at the buzzer. 110107. And Golden State did meet the clippers Golden State 130 for the clippers won 27. Last night's death just put in a cool 44 points but he's not a good. Coach. The personally. Aren't words of defense and anger and how many points were scored housing and all star school wasn't. Overheard a C 134127. Sent via a bunch. 26261. It's a lot of points. Like confident she would have enjoyed. That game fact there was only one quarter in which one team scoreless in thirty points. Clippers in the first quarter were 23 on the net every team has over thirty. In every other quarter are the cougars. Good and ending the corporate real good 500 little over 500. And they put a 120 something I look at it. They did what they lost. 8444773776. And a talk high school basketball coming up at 204 this afternoon got some good stuff on schedule for the wellness weekend Bob Costello with a grim news will join us. For that conversation we'll be back after the break this is the huddle on ESPN upstate. Well Brad Brownell has talked to the media this afternoon about Dutch shell to Mitchell and really nothing definitive. About whether or play tomorrow against Georgia Tech but he says he has chance. He has chance to polite hopefully can practice today and practice well enough and respondent. VOK to go. Tomorrow he did practice Lowber yesterday. But Doug Brown also there was not a lot of contact today will be its first hard practice. And so there are watched that before they decide whether shelter Mitchell can get back out on the court against Georgia Tech tomorrow he is. Clemson is fourth leading scorer but of course runs the point and top assist guy in. That's where there really missing Mitchell right now took an elbow to the head against Florida State back on Valentine's Day. And win in two concussion protocol also worth ten days out from that. Injuries from a long time to be in concussion. Protocol they really hurt not having Mitchell against duke and against Virginia Tech in those two losses clubs is now lost. Three in a row and they could dumb miss out on the double body in the ACC tournament if they don't finish in the top four. In the ACC. And they don't get the double bye for the tournament coming up enough Brooklyn at the Barclays center. So it's got a big that Clemson get a win I got text about Clemson and South Carolina. What do you guys think of the prospects. Of both Clemson and South Carolina playing themselves into the NIT. And be paired up at some point on you as possible. No I don't think clubs is in danger of falling that far running. But at the lose. Everything else. The rest of I think Hudson's gonna beat Georgia Tech Georgia tag is not very good. You got them at home. And they've lost like six in a row I think tomorrow is where Clemson nom breaks the streak. Even if shelter Mitchell doesn't come back and I think chances are to be back and play maybe not the whole game but give back in there and play you've got to beat. Somebody left on the schedule and this is the easiest game Georgia Tech. George tech is eleven and seventeen. Four and eleven in conference. And six straight losses so they are struggling. This is a team punching and beating without. Joseph the Mitchell and you better get this ruling because Florida State even though that's a home game coming up on the 28. That's tough game. And then you go to Syracuse for the final regular season game in Syracuse is not great but a road game to Syracuse is always. Tricky so. Get that win none tomorrow against Georgia Tech and you hear that game here on ESPN upstate new Graham becomes is not gonna. Fall back to your team are no known your income. As they should be. How many of their loss and run for. At what point does that start hidden in your head. If you lose Georgetown. Yeah that would be. Not good because that's the one on the remaining three games of the regular season schedule that you ought to win no matter so if they were to lose that game would you change your mind Josh. Yes Erica. So thank you lose six and eroding in the season they get bombed one and done in the ACC tournament they're going to be in the united. I would say they would be in danger room. Even with their two when he went. Yes which when he Wednesday against South Carolina what 252500. No. And again and that's you know that's exactly right because then it comes down to. And you hate to say this but it's true that determines don't look at them. Generals say OK well. Yeah 120s but. If you're comparing bubble teams. They've left out teams with better records before. Have you would think they would you would think they would do that to a team out of the ACC but. Name recognition means something or lack thereof in Clinton's case. But come back to the fact that they're still tenth in the RPI. Tenth in the country. In the RPI and they're not gonna make a 68 team tournament. I'm just saying it would open up the discussion. They beat Georgia Tech it's done there Ian. The original discussion. Stop the six game win streak gets 21 going to turn that it doesn't matter. Yeah how they big play Georgia Tech in Atlanta out. Few weeks ago and they one element it was close 72 to seventy. Of that and it was a big win for them too because after that they beat North Carolina in the navy way can. Pittsburgh it was an old run that started that Will Forte morning straight for the tigers but since then they've lost three era. So yeah this is a big game I think tomorrow and just two off. Avoiding any drama for Clemson coming on the stretcher. I agree with the that you want to win here on these last three. That's solidifies things and and only in the it keeps them from ending this season like a seven game losing streak you don't want that. Now think that'll happen. And it may be getting beat Florida State at home to the Florida State's better team the Georgia Tech's are. Nicklaus and coming up next week 8444773776. We'll be right back in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Clemson Dallas Baptist baseball this afternoon 3:30 year time 4 o'clock for the first pitch from Doug and seems more stadium you can hear right here. On ESPN up states to the phones we got all and Jimmy is next hi Jimmy. Hey guys that bought loyalty to the well. Bill like that down daily La but it got more enters saying about. And that yesterday. I hear that Greg thank eat at the national debt bait state. Finally decided to reprimand and fine. They athletic director Missouri up and then it is resent. Was the same rate than day eat five break Morton. At 5000 dollars for playing about that a visual. But you know like that in order today at five frank Barton. Interesting is they waited so after. Actor thought they came out there all the that finally come out with a reprimand and the bond that built like knee jerk reaction in the eight bag breaks Becky. And I think he even made himself even look worse in this whole situation. I agree what what took so long. If you're gonna find 25000 dollars what are you waiting for. It's a knee jerk react at all there's not to. Why did you wait so law they came out. New reprimanded by Tampa bay saint banging his our friend mark for as did did that make him look really bad or not it. Agree with you thank you Jimmy who agree would you yell what dumb. Sank he said. Was that they public comments from its gyms Turk about dawn Staley. Violates a bylaw that State's coaches and administrator shall refrain from public criticism while other member institutions their staff or players. Ball wasn't take you weeks to figure out the that's what Jim stirred did it was against the violence on it to you weeks to do that. And then they also announced. That they will review south Carolina's dean management procedures. And visiting team security okay. That's fine why did take his own to do that. We've already met with both. The coaches involved what more did you need to know. Before you decided to issue the final stir. And what more did you need to know before you decide to investigate the allegations of problems with game management south Caroline. What it takes. It by the way. University of Missouri. Athletic. Are rather the chancellor. And the system president. Released a joint statement yesterday. After this lawsuit. And they said this they said we remain confident. In University of Missouri athletic director Jim stir. Since he came here in August 2016. Jim has exhibited a passion for our student athletes and their success and safety. Both on and off the court he has proven himself to be an excellent administrator. As good and it. It's also. So he's he's he's just concerned about the safety of the students that's why international Stanley. Good job. 45000 dollars. So says the SEC. Finally 75000 dollar lawsuit we got today yesterday Ras were leaving the air in and pretty soon after we got off here yesterday came word that. The fine had been issued by the SEC coincidence that those things happened within like an hour of each other. Is that a coincidence that took this long and those things happen within an hour each other. That is not a response. To the lawsuit. Was he taking his time was gonna do something maybe next week in the sped up when mortem lawsuit came out. Again that's not an excuse why does it take as long as it took. For the SEC to do something but that's. This is not a good look. For the University of Missouri and it's not a good look for the SEC office. The sit here and spend their wills illness. What you think coach content China in. The way we do all the talking on this while you're doing great. Are what I say that you disagree with and in the mafia and got. Things. Can't disagree with the truth but it is what it is now. Almost saved us. I think sake he'll be fine. Who go find psyche. Somebody. Boys have blown it hasn't in New Orleans. Did you meet with both if you meet with the two ladies and they express themselves and this was couple weeks ago and then you just sit there on your hands until lawsuits filed in the new Camilla some. Well it should trouble us. Obviously it shows what they weak leader he has. Leaders are not defined what everything's going great. It doesn't test you or. Fortitude it doesn't test your resolve it doesn't test. You are you still gonna do the right thing even though may be unpopular. And that's what we try to do he truck he. Took the weasels way out and thought hey you know what I'm gonna try to stay out of an outlet these two institutions dictated. I'm not gonna get involved well when dawn Staley hit him with a lawsuit he was like although I guess I better to do something. Justly that common she cannot call that shot way back when when you said hey I'm gonna do something a different forum about this adjusting your common. Exactly she says there will be handled would not arrive here. And I also lost the right camera with him and he got nothing damp. Now no apology no retraction of another bite back on the other side here in the huddle Bob Costello with a green blues will join us we'll talk about the asked about playoff action come and upping ringel this weekend that's next they Willis in the house.