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Welcome back in the huddle on ESP in upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. Wanna join the conversation a 444773776. And the text line also open to you at 71307. Used the key word ESPN to begin your text message Twitter. Anti espionage stay five figured out what South Carolina needs to do enough basketball. To rein in threes. That's the new philosophy August 13 three pointers last night. For the gamecocks five of them by Wesley Myers. And South Carolina beat Georgia 66 to 57. They were up by fifteen at halftime. And they went cold in the second half and hit eight out of 33 shots and still won because five of the eight shots were three pointers. And Georgia helped with turnovers. Turned it over seventeen. Times. To five turnovers four. The gamecocks. Bulldogs also win sloppy and cold several times. They cut the lead down to seven with five minutes ago or five minutes into the second half but then. Created three offensive thousand turned the ball over twice. And so that in the committing ground from bear game Cox. Not really hot shooting 31% from the field. But they had already being George earlier this year by seven points with a shot 47% so they knew that one in a manner. Thank you win not shooting it very well. Frank Marten. Game cog coach says Georgia collapsed on Silva and the inside game for the gamecocks so they had to hits and three quarters to winning game last night. Yeah we we spoke about that last couple days that you know we've we've played them so much we we've got a pretty good feel for what are gonna do. That we needed to have some courage. And though gorge in jump up and make some threes and truly commuted to jump welcoming Koppel and they they do an unbelievable job of defending the paint especially on dribble drives if you try to drive. Their defense they become just attack Q make it hard to pass and definitely don't give you program but. You know or two point shooting was a very good today you know but you know Chris comes and gives us that that. Three point play. And then another basket. It was a hard shot. Where we got it to the end of the clock and he just took time for a student shot faked and got the guy off balance and just jumped up escorted. Those are two big. Plays by cringe. But we we spoke about average from current Booker got a little too much courage and took some crazy shots but. But he he he's playing with tremendous enthusiasm right now. Practicing that way and obviously. It's it's translated them and succeeding you know she goes when some danger. That's right Martins and gamecocks now fifteen and thirteen overall 69 in the yacht Southeastern Conference. Here's what CB agree would this here's what the South Carolina people say in their release. It's a long shot. But the gamecocks might be able to sneak back into the NCAA tournament. A year after making it to the final four last season South Carolina finishes the season at Mississippi State. At home with LSU. And at Auburn. Now the guys who work for the university say. Win two of those and make a run in the SEC tournament and they can get him. We think. Two out of three regular season then I don't know what Iran US how you define a run in the SEC tournament went 13 games over to a three and and maybe get him. Very nice of him. Hello in ninety. And that's okay for this team. Mean look they were who were they ranked right now. Right or skewed and we're really not what I mean by Iran is no. Where they had in the SEC standings. The Alec eleven. But were there projected against the other tied here's where we are. But here's the good news though because there's just this big cluster of teams offers twelve and three Tennessee's ten and thought. After that. Yeah 123456. Teams. Who are eight and seven. Florida Kentucky Missouri Mississippi State Alabama Arkansas all laid in seven. One team disseminate that's LSU. And EF three teams that are 69 Texas a and M South Carolina and Georgia. So South Carolina is only two games out of tie for second third piece I'm sorry third place. It during games out of a tie for third place in the conference but their eleventh. The problem is yell they could win two or three more games in the regular season. But how many of those teams ahead of them or lose they can all lose. The F sixteens generate the seventh some of those teams are gonna finish. With nine or ten when drank. Some album. Yeah and then you're also if you don't want it comes NCAA tournament you're having to be compared to. What other leagues do. So. And the Big Ten as strong they're probably gonna put seven or eight teams in the ACC's probably don't put eight and I and then. And they just don't ross' spot and you get the mid majors. And see that's where. Teams like South Carolina that the wanna Roland late. The sneaky and where the mid major tournaments. Affect him 'cause saying got. A team like. Right now let's just say saint Bonaventure OK I believe they're twenty and seven right now. And legal and I believe they're leading. Their conference and they going to the conference tournament. All the with a final and the team that even have a winning record beats and ups. Well now saying Bob that you're gonna get yet large and then the conference champion is going to get the automatic bid which is going to ball. A team like South Carolina and it happens every year. Every year the mid majors there's an upset. Where. She enters to what was corn state. One year was like. 620. Went awry in the conference tournament won it when the went to the tournament so. That's the issue that the gamecocks I don't think. They've got a chance go to the term unless they win the SEC to Malia now that when that big a deal automatic bid but short of that. At this point I don't think it matters what they do Google in ninety mostly stranger things have now. The other scenario the right mix comes together where they can just make it in on the bubble but us it's really a long shot real long shot right now in the RPI. Gamecocks are 73. Seven the third so. Noggin a lot of love for their schedule and what they've done against that schedule. Clemson by the way is still number ten despite what three straight losses most of number ten in the European. Virginia's one Xavier to below the three duke or North Carolina five to duke and North Carolina are in the top five RPI and that's not they've gotten lately. But that. So yes not likely. For the gamecocks but dumb they can make an interest and they can get into the conversation. We'll get more bracket apology coming out early next week. See what happens. With the weekend games. A south Kara on. Next game at Mississippi State that's one they need to win. More on the conversation probably pretty much over. I think sweep all three of those games in the make well little noise in the SEC tournament Middle East will have a conversation about whether their mobile payment. That's about the best we can do. Right now. I Clemson. You know that'll get things turned around how far down in the seeding or are they going to drop they've been projected as a four seed lately. But. Where they're going to be in the next projections. Because of what's happened to those guys. Lately again Clemson got that benefit of a good RPI. Tenth in the country in the RPI right now but that. They need to stop the bleeding sell freedom very very close here. Three games left both these teams in the regular season. Possible possible you'd want to. Audible listen last year in the note itself hard to believe we're still in March in the face Hillary. In the up happens very very quickly and numb so we don't we begin the bids are still we march 11. We get the so gone. Tournament next week but down another week after that before we get to the SEC in the ACC tournaments and and minutes on. And minutes on other college basketball. News Marvin Bagley missed his fourth straight game. Didn't matter Blue Devils beat Louisville 82 to 56 but. He's got the mild knee sprain. How mild is that if you missed four games might be time to stop calling and a mild right. Suffered that injury February 8 against North Carolina. Coach Mike Hsu chef skiing not saying too much other then it's a day to day thing. He said Marvin has a problem or LCB blank. Says not a structural problem. But if we were concerned about it having more injury in other words making it worse than you play he's not ready but he's getting closer I don't know winnable happens that coach can. Marble bag there when it without more dramatically as pretty good averaged 21 point two game eleven rebounds a game this year and even without him they beat. Georgia Tech Virginia Tech Clemson and local. Brigham. And duke is found. Little bit of an answer there. And learn to play without Marvin mag like Clint has not been able to do that without Sheldon Mitchell. At least so far. And then one more thing out of college basketball Bob Huggins reprimanded by the Big 12 Conference publicly. For comments critical of officiating after West Virginia lost to. Kansas. On Saturday. The commissioner big twelve commissioner Bob ball's beset their proper channels within the conference. To handle officiating concerns coach Huggins public comments are contrary to our sportsmanship standards. And can. He was ejected for arguing with the officials in the final seconds of the loss on Saturday. He pointed to the disparity in the team's number of free throw attempts. Kansas to 35 free throws West Virginia took too that's a disparity. Her live free throws to two. I think any coach that sees that his team takes two free throws and the other gusting 35 is prodding and tossed it. You don't want your card games like that it really makes rebar and you know there's a fall out there that a lot of these games are fixed. And I just kind of dismissing you know Leo conspiracy theory stuff they're. I've never heard of 35 to ten split. That's raising. As a hug and said he seven doing this forty years I've not been any game that I can remember where we shot two free throws. And I don't think I've ever been on a game where the despair seat disparity was 35 to two. Case at the sad part is Kansas doesn't need that that's a good team well coached they don't need some money to do that. There's something wrong to do that to kids who are playing their hearts out here you're gonna get reprimanded for saying that. We have a chance was down twelve points in the second half of that game. They were down eight points with 347. Remaining in the game. So PLO frustrated as they blew that lead in a free throws were part of that. Certainly. It was west Virginia's sixth loss in a row. And Allen fieldhouse. On a much. Success there are so public reprimand for a Bob Huggins West Virginia. By the Big 12 Conference that has been. Handed down a 444773776. Text on a 71307. Here in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. Take a break back with more coming up we'll get to some Olympic news when we return in the huddle there was this. Back here in the huddle on ESPN upstate I guess we have our Olympic moment for 2018. In South Korea right. And it's the the big goal last night by Jocelyn glamour road Davidson. Where she. The the triple Deke. That now happened like 2 o'clock in the morning close to it anyway. How many people saw alive. But they're certainly saying it today. On the rerun. And that. Won the gold. For the American women's hockey team over Canada she calls that goal oops I did it again. That ruined it for. A the. You know that reminds me of an old shall remember gong show out. Who is the host and that Montreal now shut terrorists. They've actually the had a new gong show out recently which wasn't too bad either coasted down. Some English too and I don't remember his name. Why does it remind you that. The Gong Show yeah for some reason women anybody tells. Or uses. A analogy like that I think they deserve to go all out. So so what he's saying is he has no idea who Britney Spears and I think that's what he's yes I know who don't have Britney Spears you don't know the song oops I didn't yeah Simon who that is. It was a forehand backhand forehand. That. Jocelyn glamour a Davidson spent years perfecting. For a moment like early this morning. And she used in demanding of the save for many Rooney. The goalie on the other end to to get the gold potential. Goats to work on kind of a gimmick shot and actually use it in the most important shot of your entire career problem impressive shot coming yet doesn't dexterity to do that you see the goalie. For Canada she bit on like all three finished with the chiefs and know what it's. Should it to a drug turner body in ways that would not turned trying to catch him and is this a shot that she can only do one time ever. I don't think so I mean how do you know which you know where the shots gonna come in all the Hispanics right he could you could've gone in from the left side in double him from the right side. But you can do that. Anywhere so on Imus does his second shot. That was awesome and then in the hockey setter in South Korea they played more in the USA. And and they played don't stop believing journey. Made it sound like a game was a Madison Square Garden event and those huge moment I'm his only unfortunate. Thing is that you know it's. So early in the morning how many people actually saw hotline who saw alive I want to hear from me who stayed up until too late and wasn't too late and it was close to 2 AM on. You well after one. We can't show in this this Canadian guy who's unfortunately sitting in the eight United States section and he's he's facetime or something himself. They're also braid around him and he's. Making a. Thanks it's prions the effects. Yeah. That's but that's that's got to be the Olympic moment for this year at least from the United States' point of view Olympic gold for. The women last night we've got to win we've got another one common no American curling compete with I go if we can wink are we not carried out in Canada's one like the last two or three Olympics sounds like I'm in the that's great. You know this is where. Only give coach Hendrix to shell out at Furman. And the reason for that is. Forum in spring ball park game is this Saturday. A moment. You wanna get into this mellow now the Olympics are almost over and I'm now into it like Christ. Listen you are stinking Communist if you not remote for your country. I root for want to do well. Okay. I just can't. You were up. And didn't have a TV on. Well this guy that's what my laptop was plugged into. Entity is so it was time you couldn't watch at which he would tell you up at 2 o'clock in the morning. It was a breaking them you know. Aki from. Current against. Circle to square. Let's not talk to trip he's interest in hockey trade. What's going on you don't feel good are up all my dreams. Oh on the idea and there are. Up when they cut into the coverage. A lot about over time went on but it literally. Albert gore polite gold would be cut to be your that I would arm. But. You know we know a lot of hockey your. They called up its incorporate them they would appear only in very you can make him the power play with the about a minute help where to go in the dying and Portland we were able to. When it out in the of course they were currently chart for the pot shot. But import them back or. But I would like that partially by Charter Communications -- about who volume by decided to be at the runner up. Of the emergency broadcast system and they really. They bit and we may have our goal when we scored when she did but I thought it important. It was not all lying in the road and gone shall order the oh. I haven't heard anybody thought about but I it was definitely it's been out of the big Murton is William the bloody. Ambien not a backbone you have been with the Canadian Parole Board backed off. And you're able to say you know. The ultimate but our our goalie balked at all. What call and of course everybody you know it was the right. And Syria were not hockey and earlier or something like that that they conduct their I did it but boy it will workspace and out toward. Yeah good job trip we appreciate the call thank you for low in the snow that you. Sort of saw carcinoma. Some breaking news yeah are you didn't it is yeah him across your feet going him. According to Saturday down south dawn Staley has filed a lawsuit against this UAB Jim start. There you go you know we knew that was come on yeah. For our. Go get them on anymore details that it. That's it. Of course this goes back to him suggesting that she'd helped Foster an atmosphere that led to racial slurs and spitting on misery players are. I actually have more kids defended the famed coach Staley by Orly publishing any. Third parties coach Staley willfully and intentionally created an atmosphere of college basketball game designed insight ride misconduct. Behavior by players and fans alike which is false. More so specifically. Defendants falsely accused coach Staley of promoting an atmosphere of racism and physical assaults against Missouri fan base despite being given multiple opportunities publicly retract those allegations of defendant has refused to do so. Only further promoting these suggesting ferocity. And it in his patently false allegations are now a lot of big words. Yes it was. But I think I get the just out. Yeah I mean look the guy had. The chance to back golf and never. Gave him the opportunity. Zone Luis. I mean how does that. Now socially. Now can she witnesses I mean she'll but what do you get out of I mean isn't Monta area and them. Yeah because he's forced to apologize and part of it and Olympics. And Obama is that he apologized now that's an admission of guilt. No I mean if he is found guilty is is that one of the punishment than these. Forced to I'm sure there are some. Monetary damages and civil civil rights via us they probably asking for money you know. He's she's probably ask him and he paid for attorney fees and then some and then song and climber man I'm only I don't blame her. I mean he never ever said what it was about what dawn Staley said or did that created an atmosphere that led anything that was a threat to insert the gums line. Never provided any. Information. The back that up. So and you know she said. I'm looking at. My options and today we get it. Jim stir athletic director Missouri named in the lawsuit by non state group for her I like it. 8444773776. Takes on a 71307. By the way the job. The Carling situation. Curling update. Josh tell us about the curling. Just getting to. The PC's too emotional to speak about a crisis and he's this are so invested. We got it would go for the old. I know I just found that out there to annoy you every run during the three room and we've got to do. Blue you know cross court against its switch lawyers. What you need to know Josh John Shuster and his United States team will play for a gold medal against Sweden. After their five to three semifinal upset over Canada. This Canada has dominated the world of curling but they've struggled. At the Joan Zheng Olympics. US victory was a remarkable comeback story for the team they had never beaten Canada at the Olympics. They had not made the podium since 2006. When they won a bronze. As remarkable it was was herself a force the United States to get. To the gold medal game. The loss for Canada. Was justice remarkable Canada has won the gold in men's curling at the past three Winter Olympics. No I can't look at Josh is obvious disdain for this legitimate sport and the fact that he has to look down upon its its. I'm not lose horrible. Root for your country I do OK look 38 years ago two day. A bona fide Olympic moment had. Special somebody tweet that. This would be good news be the bigger miracle nice of him get all the good and hula. Don't know Moussa who wasn't records are downplaying it was tuned to the athletes in other bears this is their moment and you're trying to take political dialogue not sure the car okay you can skip or rock across ice. Good for you. In some would say look you can you can knocked a ball into a hole or you can pick that thing up solace the coastline doesn't do for a girl signed snapped. Yes there's there's no difference the color I agree Camille has just aren't you can do. Well my company does it every night right. We supported it. Seventeen employees at coral every night. And I've paid top dollar and you'll see them out. The street waving banners you come above him flowers whose editor curling well. You could describe it is that if the order though but you know liberal molested two whatever you know whatever you wanna use whether. And it's good. And 444773776. Backed Obama this is bottle on ESP in upstate. Are back to the house Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso are here and ESPN. Upstate. I don't wanna bring you may see coming to a non now to talk a little BMW charity pro Amoco's golf tournaments coming up in May may see how aria. And how are you land. In doing very well thank you for coming on the day this is Tommy here here we are in February so where are still three months away from. The big event angry bull but you're on the hunt for volunteers is that right. We are look and are everywhere and that you don't want and register weenie. Volunteers. Are they well. Lab more than one day four days right at Suffolk. May seventh Tony. We actually many volunteers may fourteenth. Rated twenty have what they programs that are going on on Monday and t.'s stay in the mother had met pat on Wednesday that week. He volunteered for the entire week. And that all three courses I assume. Absolutely we've got we actually added a new course this year were super excited to be coming back to declare Alley. And that they will be in our rotation along with our host course sport played as well at Furman University. Okay Macy's so what's involved in being a volunteer do you still do the thing you're supposed to law you know Michael donation to be a volunteers are still kicks. So lately we have for our troops here this year and they are TH get children up at all. Click read that outreach mobile meal the art are an at state that Carolina and collaborate and so when you go online to register EP and iron it costs forty dollars. Twenty dollar and that got toward. He handled four and as I'm securities whichever one you would prefer your money to get towards and that helped write many four they ere caught. Gas chimp and do you get a cool shirt or what are you get to get something new way air launch of. I know app for. Lately let it gap there anything on where epic CNN at Ellis the M Debbie charity pro am presented at Synnex Corp. publisher and a half. You lot forget your statement beverages ready and Friday that you volunteer as well a patron credential for you and a gap. And we get to encourage everyone to come out bring your friends and family at an amazing pan. Everybody has done it in the past that he need to return because they had such a wonderful time. Dousing a lot of volunteers Ammann a great time out there over the years that I'm being going to this event what kind of jobs do volunteers do I imagine there's kind of runs the gamut doesn't. Yet we have our candidate our opportunity. And the consent and about on the web site and register we kept things from admission creek check people in a big day and get them their ticket. We have ever actually. Ecology waged that can't get because that Leslie picking up trash. Has been bid committee last year that it led the secret. Committing a crime you've got to ride around on golf cart could follow that and offered as day work. Performing in the Turkmen and you're able to follow opt out a course that you get in the garbage out and attracting. We had to act planning for people that are in single and a party helping. Went aren't meant that we deep throughout the week during the evening. We also have walking course what you get to walk with a pro pres and dignitaries including the celebrities in their court. We have everything that we turned Atlanta away and if he just really don't care what you can ask for volunteer services and we'll just puts you in all kinds of different bank. All right it sounds awesome mom may see again the web site is. It Debian Debian Debbie had BMW charity cock dot com. And you can click on and register now. Sounds great Macy we look forward to being out there coming up the week of may fourteenth at three golf courses around the upstate and now hope to get money volunteers thanks for coming off. Thank you Amex or haven't you have a wonderful day and we look forward to being. Lit apartment. Thanks ms. appreciate it may see coming Tim program manager BMW charity pro am again not taking volunteers for this year's tournament. Other golf will be played may seventeenth through the twentieth but they have activities beginning on the fourteenth so basically an entire week. How you can help out get up but close and personal with some of the celebrities and some really good golfers that are here for the tournament every year. 8444773776. Is our number here. In the huddle on ESPN of state was one call him before the outbreak before the top of the hour. And that's from Matt Matt welcome man what's up. I totally agree to judge I don't think. But it I don't think they drilling of the sport. This is in back out of his step brother. And a parliament are either they've probably got to reevaluate the list I mean. Losing about sport. Biggest thing or as an advance investigate dog. I would W actually the ball better reevaluate it as more cool stuff. So as Romeo she mad is golf a sport. So curling is not a sport but golf and go okay all right. At at least he's you know confident in his opinion and. Remaining idol I would say that so I guarantee you that that's a big committee. About sport in Ottawa bet that the whole event that they'll want him bawling should be in my summer Olympic. Oh I completely agree there and bring an element regular shouted that's why that's why don't bonus mile. The. What do you plan to the Olympics meant. What what what are of three or four sport you would put in. You know aside bigger brother about the girl or a bit argument really made bill because. From Iraq. Oh god now. City you got a camera nice and if you indicate these guys out. And everybody on the call our office. There yet how about some in the mail nice they'll be in just about marketing about thing when it's now about that no boxing. Very. I want everybody else was duped. Thank you man and an end to a new eco thing I. Curling. Met with the the and lying to view on the Olympic sports now is an amazing call my good. It's good stuff eight column and a 8444773776. Novel on ESP announced it will rub back and little more information on Don state lease suit against the athletic director at Missouri just stuff. Found out about this in the past few minutes to 75000. Dollar civil lawsuit. So she wants him to bomber. A game got women's basketball head coach dawn Staley finalist civil lawsuit against Missouri athletic director Jim stir. For comments he made. About her following a heated match up in January. Suit filed in Richland county today. It cites the defendants tortuous and defamatory statements as the reason for the suits course this goes back to the January 28 game. At colonial life arena Missouri and South Carolina women. I accusations were made a South Carolina fans made derogatory comments toward tiger players and even allegedly spat on them. All of the stems from the game in which two players fell to the floor. Gamecocks won the game 6040 or 54. Pursue shoving on the court. Fans got into the game certainly no debate about pat. And then that comes a controversy about what happened as the Missouri players were exiting the floor through the tunnel. And couple days after the game Jim Stark the ADM Missouri on a radio show in Missouri. Said. It wasn't a great atmosphere. It was really kind of unhealthy. We had our players spit on called the N word things like that. He was not a good environment and unfortunately I think coach Staley promoted that kind of atmosphere. In its unfortunate that she felt she had to do that. Lawsuit filed by dawn Staley says those comments were false defamatory reckless made with the actual malice. In that the defendant knew his stable was faults still might have. With reckless disregard. For the truth remember this phrase Knology from journalism school. So that's video charge that dawn Staley has made ray tanner the athletic director of South Carolina has also denied the claims is backed Staley. He said he was confused by the claims by Jim Stark. And down. You backed up. Dawn Staley. The lawsuit. Reads this way coach Staley has no choice but to bring this action to clear her good name and excellent reputation. Along with a reputation in the South Carolina fan base who were also falsely impugned or maligned by the defendant's fault comments and what some of you were saying run now on the reputation except your outfit and based. If I'm not sure. Everybody believes it's completely. Without question. I can hear now I'm say it before you call up and say of people. Look there's no fan base that slowed the quorum boards for crying out loud. I mean that would never say about any fan base side you're your. Besmirching their good name because I don't have a good thing is exactly and that's why your fans if a what fan base has a good name. Any like Greg sinking the SEC commissioner just issue one statement about this he said I've had discussions with the eighties at both institutions. Competition among SEC teams is highly intense but can never compromised the expectation of respect between our institutions. Coach. Brington is that earning Kingston. In Missouri coach and coach Staley have both worked tirelessly to build nationally ranked teams comprised of outstanding student athletes both things should be celebrated for their success. He said all that any citizen enemy would both ladies and apparently he did that. But never really say anything publicly about. The allegations. And you know I think if Jim's Dirk had come back and said hey I've got to ram a mouth off I apologize this would have ended. But he did not. It not back away from those. Comments and dawn Staley said that she would do something about it today. She has. Civil lawsuit filed against Jim Stewart. You think you comment on it. No now definitely not. His attorneys are gonna tell him keep his mouth clothes they won't even say knew or had an attorney say new. We denied the allegations and the alligator or no. The morning said that he probably won't even address. Could have addressed earlier he could. I think this thing ends thinking this thing. There's an award of money for this I you know the thing about it is isn't she a public figure isn't dawn Staley public tradition use. So. Where does that play into this. Well she's also a human being. I guess that but and I think the major. Issue on this is that it's a sitting athletic director. That is calling me coat. If it was and that's not a Peter situation like I don't think anything have been made out of it gifts are had a cast ray turner ray tanner was named to. And said look raise tyrant what whatever we blame him because they're on the same level. One of the court cares about that I get oil and no they don't but I don't think this would've. There would have been a lawsuit have the Missouri basketball coach. She would have had to pay a fond of the league camp obviously. Which are still very much in the league funny exactly right and why haven't they said it I think sir should be fine by. By the league office and I'm sure sign he told him. You know you need to be quiet. Well are you sure that we know that no I don't know once they tell you. Told us start. Thank you told star or thank you told Cirque dilemma we don't go to make the game in Columbia next fall move very intense and I hope certain makes the trip. And welcome to Williams Brice. Interesting stuff so the lawsuit has been filed will wait and see if anything is said from the University of Missouri. Back on the other side though might be ended he joins us a blogger and podcaster also next hour will be talking at 345 to NASCAR driver David Reagan. That's ahead in the huddle on ESP in upstate stimulus.