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Welcome and it's a Thursday huddle ESPN. Up states with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. With the to a 4 o'clock this afternoon. Lots on the agenda day lots of college basketball. Today we'll hear from Brad Brownell on Clinton's loss coming up. But I'm Frank Martin of the gamecocks win. Coming up on the show tonight and we'll talk live with Furman coach Bob Ritchie Berman. Has won twenty games for the second consecutive. Year and they want for a rope. So bitter role for the paladins who talked coach Ritchie coming up at 145. Today. Also will NASCAR today they race in Atlanta this weekend we'll talk live with David Reagan at 345. Today he'll make his 400 NASCAR cup series start this weekend. And days Georgia guy so making that start. In Atlanta is a pretty fitting for David Reagan look forward chatting with him Mike been dating blogger podcaster extraordinary will join us in studio 304 this afternoon. How we'll get to the Olympics yes we won the gold. Early this morning. In women's hockey. He has launched into the life. Don't let me. I had a Dolan. At the beginning and you were sleeping I never saw him drop the puck and flawlessly performed appointment and I intended to watch it it watches and Josh. OK it's all right Josh good say yeah I stayed up all night at. I was working so now you're working other you know 2 AM. He's got other geeks and others do the show prep for this today. That's what niacin. Anyway there's also a way to get the gold in women's hockey and we had a chance to get Golding Carling. Now what we watched yesterday we never finished the match but I saw the end of this morning and yeah man solo play Canada for that to rent. So willow relaxed and we beat KLS it would we be candidate so we get to play for the gold. In not curling. Pretty cold. And we'll update you on the Olympics coming up a little bit of an update while Shawn Jeffrey coming up his a surgery we told you about yesterday from the Ottawa. That's the word today. DB details on that coming up. As well here in the huddle. 8444773776. If you wanna call it takes on 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And on Twitter ready ESPN upstate page said told you so but did not feel good about Clemson and Virginia Tech. Last night obviously. Told them. Ego 65 to 58 was the final tires were able to Neal hang close it was a one point game and halftime. But. All kinds of issues for Clinton. Last night in of course. You know missing their. Outstanding guard he is. You know that's that's the biggest part of the problems they're facing right now shall the Mitchell still allow hopefully he'll be that this weekend against Georgia Tech. Clinton got listen to his bench production. O'Donnell over one Spencer over six trapped over to. They got zero bench points. Against Virginia Tech. Last night and lost by seven. Marquee Sri did what he could 28 points. Including eight for 23 pointers read jacked up 23 points since taking the just jockey Clemson close and hit enough on but he was able to keep them. Fairly close but god just not enough bullets the tigers shot 38% from the field 30% from. Three point range and they lose game number seven a of the season. And clubs is trying to find some answers. Right now. He was asked Brad Brownell the coach of the tigers. Was asked about fatigue. Setting in for his Clemson team. Maybe a little damn it we offices and get much out of a bench. Plays guys. Couldn't make shots. Should have been that much. I have show. And we just we had we need more bench why can't play those guys. There's three guys almost. It's scratch. It's and anything different. The sound anything historic mark. You do your job. Then great that's. It didn't get a lot of great looks got a few good. In making us miss free throws a little. Didn't argue but. Yeah I gave to blow up three for nine. One for six from three point land and continues to struggle he had eight points and free throws Clemson three for ten from the Fallon. That won't get it done to all kinds of by issues. For the tigers in last night's game and they fall to twenty. And seven. On the season. And sell right now. In the ACC. Restarting middle Obama clump of teams. As you look down to. Third place and beyond in the Atlantic accomplished golfer trying to Virginia 14 morning conference duke is eleven and four North Carolina is 115. Then you have Clemson. Virginia Tech NC state all at nine and six. In conference. And then you have Florida State Miami and lure him all of Dayton seven so you've got those six teams. Clump together. So that's gonna make this a stretch run for the tigers. These last. Handful of games before the ACC tournament. Pretty darn important three games left to Georgia Tech. Coming up on Saturday does a home game 3 o'clock. Florida State. That's a home game. 128 and then at Syracuse on March 3 that'll be a for the regular season. So while I you know look you get shelter Mitchell but I guess the good news things probably RI but dark day and age struggled to do anything without him right now. Yeah there was little bit of fear going on the road at Virginia Tech Georgia Tech's got a good ball club. And you he really didn't feel very comfortable. Making that trip up there especially with the injuries. It's. Seems like the last week and a half. Coach Brown announced clubs gotten little snake bitten with the injury bug in. If you've seen some guys step up but at the same time. That you can't explain away the poor shooting. I mean it's not like it'd have open looks it's not like they didn't have. An opportunity especially from the foul line. So even though you've got some guys out I'm sure it does it. Make coach Brownell feel very good win the guys that are out there. Are producing. Yeah you know it's kind of relation only two. You know in his press conference last week coach more Frank Martin was talking about now. He was getting nothing coats on the first well told brown now could say in his press conference we're getting nothing out of anybody else. And that that would be a legitimate statement so. You know a little bit of a struggle coming down the stretch like you said they'll get. Some of those other guys back in. They need a good showing in the ACC tournament with a three games left him and I didn't have the ACC tournaments are expert Clemson. To make a pretty deep run into. If you have bomb are gonna have a bad stretch it's probably the conduct. Before you get to post season yes it another way. And again you know one key reason is a lost of oh loss to chill Mitchell. And hopefully he will be back against George tech this weekend we don't know that sure haven't heard anything from mom clubs staff Seattle that may be by tomorrow will know. More about that club Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech in the ACC last night violent at 65 to 54. Number three Villanova. Blew out DePaul by 31 points number four Xavier beat Georgetown by a dozen. A duke was all over little to develop that would be a good game it was not now watched that game but that was in process. Looks up kind of put things together right now no they don't price now let's play well yes you use for change. He's really an up and young guy and. Yes he has and he's distributing the basketball in. The you know just Wendell harbors just. Unbelievably. Good. The other thing I was impressed with what was. Didn't control the glass on both ends of the court. That they had so many putback follow dogs. It would. Crazy so. You know the usual suspects. North Carolina is making a good Joseph bears keeping them. Were they on the 67 game win streak right now. And he flat out turned the game against Syracuse. With a key steal slow. Maybe you gonna be a interesting finished in the end although Virginia is already wrapped up. All the regular season and in the number one seed in the ACC turn. North Carolina maybe getting hot at the right time they didn't answer key spots for last night's North Carolina is now 22 and seven overall. Oklahoma State upset Texas Tech last 979. To 71 only the sixth loss of the year for a Texas Tech Auburn blew out Alabama ninety to 71 last time. So Auburn is now 24 and 412 and three in the conference which dot state with a win Michigan beat Penn State. Tennessee B Florida. Last night's twenty Tennessee is the twentieth win. Of the year I'm here in Florida many missed turn 1711. Eight and seven in conference soon there bubble mean they're dropping like raw you know and number twenty Nevada beat just San Jose state. Eighty to 67 was the final and that one this being a Thursday. We'll have a bunch of games tonight number nine Purdue plays Illinois number eleven Cincinnati played UConn number six and Zach a place San Diego. I get Arizona number fourteen in the country at Oregon State number 23 Houston and Memphis and number 22 Saint Mary's. While most Pepperdine to those your top 25 teams. In action tonight or going into the final week and a half of our regular season play. College basketball also an important three games left for most teams. And and I'll tell us. You know seedings are going forward after tournament play and of course were wooden board bringing you all that here. On ESPN upstate we have March Madness cover for you have tons of games to bring to you. Started a couple of weeks so we hope you'll be all listening for that won't even more on the schedule mapped. Going forward we'll hear from Frank Martin gamecocks got a win over Georgia last night so their play better. They're trying to fight their way back into the conversation. And what it isn't the SEC right now. They're such a cluster of teams that are only separated by a couple of games that they can make a significant move. But there's a whole bunch of teams that they have to pass to get into any kind of vote. Post season picture certainly for the NCAA where they're paying an arm by a thread any hopes there and then even for the in ninety and need to win some games to. Make sure they at least into the some kind of post season tournament boy here Frank Martin coming up on the game Cox nine point win over Georgia last night. That's ahead here in the huddle sort of stay with us for that 8444. 773776. Text line 71307. Back in a moment this is the huddle. You are listening to ESPN. Upstate. We're back it's the huddle ESPN upstate. Update on Al Shawn Jeffrey and numb and pretty serious surgery that he had yesterday and he had a full care of us right rotator cuff. And up so we had the surgery to repair it yesterday. And a source is telling ESPN's Josie now Anderson that it is very likely that Al Sean will miss pre season. And they're unsure about him for the regular season. Hoping to be ready for week one. Roush on different but this is a six month. Recovery. Joe's gonna push rod up to the beginning of the 2018. Football season. Al John initially suffered this injury in training camp before last season just kept playing. Started all sixteen regular season games caught 57 passes. 789 yards and nine touchdowns. And then had the outstanding post season and including up 34 yard touchdown in the Super Bowl win. Over the patriots signed a one year deal with Philadelphia last off season. But later got a four year 52 million dollar extension that happened in. December. And no recourse from the Bayer's second round draft choice out of South Carolina hand them. 28 years old now so hopefully I'll show I'm will. Be OK imagine how good he quit him last year him and heard all your. I mean he was pretty darn good with a torn rotator cuff. All year so I don't know how long it'll be before he's back to his normal self but it is it's gonna push rod up to the season and this rotator cuff injury is down. And take a while to heal. When they say now shutter in the Eagles are saying this but a source is telling ESP and they're unsure about the regular season has not exactly what you want to hear. No it's not and that's something with it at least what his contract it kind of gives him time. To get that thing healthy and and get back. Four in May be the third or fourth game of the season if he needs. To stay up that loan. Hard to believe that he just with a suitable being done what now. Two or three weeks. Those guys are going to be reporting in about ninety days yet so that's crazy to think that it turns around that fast. Bug in a solo home and they never stop now Shaun Hill if he's tough enough to make it through the season. I'll be surprised if he misses. More than. Q2 games of the match. Yeah I agree I think you'll probably be there in the you know they wanna take care but now. That's why they did surgery now and Iditarod after the Super Bowl which is Smart so he's got as much time as possible to recover. Bomb solve you know he may miss certainly may miss pre season games and that will be a big deal would have played much in the pre season and you're probably Aaron no no. My book wrong to three planes now. The Andrew Luck update we got this week is that he said any thoughts of second surgery on his right. Shoulder will not be happening said that ship has sailed. He's continuing rehab on his right shoulder. He did a prerecorded interview with Sports Illustrated. Said surgery is not an option for me right now I feel very good about where I am. And he says that a relief that they're not thinking about another surgery for him. But of course the unanswered question is how close 200 sensing going to be as it comes back. The colts undergoing an overall. New general manager new head coach probably new coaching staff all the way top to bottom. But. Same old quarterback with the same old injury issues and Andrew Luck so lomb. They're hoping certainly that he will be ready to go and be a 100% new coaches frank Reich he says that you know to be there once April work outs began but they don't know for sure. Just yet. On Andrew Luck. Me quite a different colts team here on May be that will be the shake up that the colts have needed for a while. And then this guy. Speaking of the cult's. Just never seems to go away Adam Vinatieri. Resigning. You know what the year this will be in the NFL friend Adam Vinatieri. Give me a guess. Sixteen. On the go and twelfth. Twenty feet. So we will wait. That are together armaments in the wa this will be your 23 in the NFL. Per annum and that's incredible and it. As unbelievable. And if you combine all those years together in minutes he's played one full game. As a kicker. His deal will be worth. About three point six million dollars Gordon and a chapter million dollar signing bonus in the base salary of two point six million. He will be the place kicker on the colds for 28 team. Frank Reich the new coach of the calls was. Playing quarterback in the NFL win now. With Vinatieri started in 1996. Was Hussein I think remember him kicking and as a senior school 45 years old. 45 years old and coming back in that's on the label on. I he's only 58 point shy of passing Morten Andersen for the top spot on the scoring list in the NFL forty 58 point. So he could. Get that done. I'm fact peace scored 58 points plus every year of his career except one and it was 2009 and I hear only played six games. 90% kicker for field goals over the past four seasons that's why is coming back as a lasting thing yeah. Unbelievable. Spent his entire career playing for the patriots and the colts won three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots from one. In Indianapolis he's the liquid up kicker right who's. What was the record up Peyton Manning talked bones look at them. Out of that minute there was of them do know those of energy project or hoses checked the sweet. That makes more sense than a muscles. The energy announcement Bruce's. Yeah they'll be disparaging Adam Vinatieri richer with your stories I apologize this event here now. And then now boost police gone. One more thing about the Super Bowl. Hear what some of these Eagles fans. Received. Small group of Eagles fans have received a gift by the Minnesota Vikings confetti. That fell at the stadium. And Eagles won the Super Bowl the confetti was sent to about 24 Eagles fans who made donations to the vikings foundation. Shortly after Philadelphia beat Minnesota in the championship game. The foundation usually sends thank you notes they said this year we're just gonna send confetti. Most of the donations came with the notes apologizing for the behavior of Eagles fans after their team's 38 to seven win in the NFC title game. I it's critical mailing them famous stuffed it to Gary money mailer you've glitter before no. You don't want that. Yeah like in birthday party something you can open the car needs to do is everywhere you'll never get a dump Rollins same deal with confetti. K look anybody that wants to donate to the Phillips foundation will be happy to. Send you. Cut up paper or glitter. Mail. For the don't sit donation councils take calls. While those phones lineup. Merrill. All of that. We adopted the head coach above the basketball team at Furman Bob Ritchie coming up at about 145 let's get a break out of the way here we'll be back and more coming up this is the huddle. On ESP in upstate. Does make you feel old. Member Chris Weinke Heisman Trophy winner. We Florida State. Wounded knee. He he's 45 yourself. Oh man 45 you know he's got hired by Tennessee. To be their running back coach that's interesting these quarterbacks being running backs coach. That that a self care Clinton the went Bali Bentley don't. So that announcement has been made by Tennessee. I Jeremy Pruitt the new Tennessee coaching Chris when you work together in Alabama last season they were part of the Torre seventy national championship staff prudent course the defense of coordinator which he was an offensive analyst at Alabama before that. He was quarterbacks coach for the rams in the NFL for two years. When he 1526. Breaking news Vince Lombardi as a panelist for Alabama. Benson Marty yes. I don't get a her body in the country everybody comes as well known as an analyst for probably not win so probably probably not right now. I'll wake you remember when you play for the Panthers. And for the San for Cisco 49ers. But he will coach running backs. Pruitt said he has played the game at the highest level and what he is accomplished on the field speaks for itself. This is a great teacher of the game got the NFL experience the college experience eye for talent all that stuff so. See how he works out near me was that I NG academy for five years to as the program coordinator policy and some pretty good athletes there. In fact he trained. A downing Camden. And a guy named Russell Wilson. Not bad. Get a nineteen into record as the head coach. And offensive coordinator for ING's high school program back in 2013 and 2014 sell as senior running backs coach at Tennessee is that is two year deal 350000. Dollars a year. Takes over from Robert Gillespie. You know Gillespie a look like was going to be the lone survivor from Butch Jones a staff. But alas he's volunteered but I think he was dispersed after Carolina LSU with no. I just last week part of waste a single aspect the looked like he was going to be. Surviving the transition and be the holdover from Butch Jones staff but. And quite might not quite the chase so it will be Chris twinkies so new blood certainly top to bottom at Tennessee. Be fascinating to see how the on volunteers. Fair. With them. All these new coaches. And how long outpatient. The fan base will be. With that and you know John Mack going is gone to Michigan to coach wide receivers the former Florida coach. All miss him needs to do now have hired Derek Dooley and. They've got the perfect staff. Surprised the math going didn't get any kind of look at the head coaching job. Not a big level. You probably didn't wanna drop down I don't blame him. It's 55 years old he became the first coach in SEC history to lead this team to the SEC championship game his first two seasons. But that was not enough. Boy they got became metal quit then today kind of I mean he became coo who were a wanna say jump the shark. But I decided that's only about ideas could think he's going to someone with great mental strength. Jim Harbaugh so you know people put one run track. You'll learn from Harbaugh yes. Now. Following the 42 to seven loss to Georgia in late October of last year Mac one was part of Florida. And now. It all kind of came to him the death threats story that he talked about that week. Is claiming it received death threats but then you wouldn't get specific about it. They meg trying to apologize but it was too late that. So while Michael plane to Michigan Jim Mac going coaching wide receivers. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan that staff announcement. Just in May by the wolverines. I'll stick our last break the hour now we'll come back and check in live with a head coach of the Furman Paladins basketball team that's Bob Ritchie. As the palace. Face western Carolina tomorrow they finish up regular season play on Monday with the East Tennessee State. And then on to the Southern Conference tournament. Goodyear for the thousands more comfortable Bob Ritchie next in the huddle on ESP announced. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN. Up states I'm Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips is here. And Alonso is here with the till 4 o'clock this afternoon and talked to David rig in the NASCAR driver at 345. Might be ended he joins us in studio at 304. This afternoon. The are right now we're gonna get the phones and bring in a special guests and that's the thing coach of the Furman Paladins basketball team and that's coach Bob Ritchie Coachella aria. Greg are you going. Good thanks for coming on today enough first congratulations in order you picked up your twentieth win of the season. This week and back to back twenty win seasons for the palace has been a long time since that's happened so congratulations. Well we appreciate it you know let's say it's a credit the type of people in the players we have here and you know just got a really really tight group. Tight group of guys and got to work really hard together they care about each other and I've just been fun watching. Especially this senior classic came in here's freshman. And when the program wasn't very good shape but just to see where this journalistic mr. You know adjustments on the be a part of the journey. Yeah no question you have the advantage coach of the knowing all these guys because you've minute Furman for wallow like six years and this is just a system is that right someone and right right. So why all these guys are you you know the transition had to be pretty smooth. There was a mean we we've fortunate to have a lot of the players like that we had. Eleven of the thirteen players back from last year and oh loss to really really important piece is one of them all conference player Chris couch and I'm not going to K eighties that was. You know one of the best teammates I have ever been around in down so we knew we had to we knew we knew we had to fill some gaps there. By we did we did at some familiarity we knew what it worked we knew what. You know we do what we have to do to win here we knew what. You know we'd we knew what type of teammate we need to be we knew what we do we get to play that we ought to each other. And so really was about just more support and down you know stay in the course and continue to try to find ways to get better you know to this group's credit they have in doubt. You know due to make our action you know wrapped trees. You know question Mark Wood is back in ought to a lot of lot of people were fearful you know our lack of inside presence and you know this team is just continue to fight and after each had a phenomenal years younger guys stepped out you know local product Jed Williams. Was phenomenal in the whopper game it was as it has been really really good lately down stretched and you know we've been at work. Along with a caller that are that are older we've also been able to get some steps and out some open and shot. You know to give us give us an opportunity have a successful season. Yeah I'm really impressed with the balance you guys had -- four guys averaging double figures yet another couple guys after after that averaging over eight point two games so I mean nobody DeVon simply lean away with just under fifteen points a game but you did your scoring from everywhere on the Florida launcher. We do you know that's that's one of the core values of the programs and you know we shared the ball and and that's something that we like to do that on the court but it's it's that they that they feel encouraged you know when you're when you're willing to share the ball a year you're willing to play the team concept and B you're showing that you trust people. And we talk about that a lot you know it's kind of you know a key ingredient of law that's in. You don't try to get a certain amount passes tonight we really engaged all sentient you know to be got credit they they they're buying into the and it's a little bit. So little bit different than you know what they come up and usually high school when the ball and focus. And they've got a bye in the play and more key concepts and you know it's you know we eat we have a bunch of games we had eighteen process. And the ball movement out of cutting. You know it is could be in in what's what's what's good about it is not a we average about eighty points tonight. Which in college basketball right now especially on the higher end things by being seen. That the ball movement and playing together it increases overall scoring and so that's which gives you so one or two guys. Trying to go get double figures and you know run by cancellations. Out and get. Ole group of guys that are in double figures and they also part and it it just makes it makes you call. Dog can do while Bob Ritchie Furman basketball coach here in the huddle on ESP announced a coach even though you guys do have that don't share the ball philosophy in you certainly live that in every game. DeVon Sibley has had a heck of a year and he just became the number seven all time pal olden score. In history pretty impressive for him. Yet DeVon to very very talented player and it was. You got a unique combination. Of athleticism. And the links. And still be on your record the slow. You can you can scored in all three levels and escorted the ground because scored in the middle and because what from the Trevor. And you know when you have a guy like that. Could you have other good players around them that they can get that one particular player staged. In is an opportunity to actually scored and a you know he's he's had a great career you know we came in and he was freshman year in the league as a freshman and then laster junior whose players vehemently. And you know going to be difficult balance that was really this class is one of the all time winningest class is that part of history in the obviously he's a big part of that. Then a question you guys won four in a row now when you have sole possession of third place in the Southern Conference pretty good time to get hot isn't. That's definitely this is we all know the reality of our of our level this. You have you do all this and it basically have a pre season. And and so it's all about trying to play your best all of February. And in the march so you know we got to play well right now you know an official put it. Each game to the vote. We don't actually own. Next weekend so we know went 33 games in three days. Down always challenged but always an opportunity there western Carolina tomorrow night on the road East Tennessee State on non Monday. Also on the road tell us about those two games and how you match up of those teams. You don't want to leave who played both here already and that played very well in the western being here. Likely I think it was one eight. And we scored a hundred I can remember exactly what has been 110166. You know how to really really good offensive night. But always a different deal I mean it's always you know last year we are great shall we here at home for western up. Up there you know was a rock fight and out O'Connor's coast a lot of gains a lot of years in this teams are really really caller choke you know we're gonna have to make sure world we're ready to go. And you know you can never take anything program on the road. And then we got to go to dot city after that play east East Tennessee State. And now lost to them on we're up one late and they hit the shot four seconds to go to that to beat this year and so. You know they've got they've had a really good seat and and they're they're really really talented big Ole group. And so law very good defensively they play really hard nosed man to man defense and that they pressure so we get a beer build their pressure. Go out there hostile Barbara laster who went out there and it was sold out of 6000 people there that gain and so a lot of got a got a big time department got a that was well. Dowdy still sees day gets so long good here lately. You know colts coach Forbes came from Wichita State and that before that was approved correlate to achieve so. These he's working some some great basketball minds in gasoline built programs have not picky brought in a blue craft that. You know they've been unfolded and nobody will work through the last three years to you know that there really committed up there and actually it's. They they knew they want to win a basketball and they basically you know renovated street ball down how to so he's put billions of dollars and make that delicate that nature bit you. And you know they bet they've been able to get a lot of good players that kind of that the transfer. Market pretty hard and they've done a good job they're just play hard they guard. And they got it they get knocked out what this is about links when that particular issues so luck. They're good there's no doubt about it. No question now Bob Ritchie Berman basketball coach coach are you pretty healthy here going into the stretch run of the season. Yet a pretty healthy without without one or two kind of make up its arms. And to look at the game here and there and actually had a dislocated finger you know about a month ago but he respectful strain of you know at this at this point a year you know most people work. Bank opens somewhere former fashion and in usually comes down to mental toughness and you know it's no different trust it and we make surety. Our coach good luck in these last two final Lotta regular season games and certainly in the Southern Conference turn to mobile we want you we appreciate you joining us. Thank Greg appreciate it have a great day. You too Bob Ritchie Furman basketball coach Furman twenty and nine on the season four straight wins they're eleven and five in the Southern Conference. And sole possession of third place or one game ahead of Wofford terriers who were ten and six in the conference. And a couple games behind UNC Greensboro so mom. It would likely that Furman would catch a Greensboro but dumb great opportunity to finish third. And for Bob Ritchie taken over and taken a bit Medved who a moved on to Drake. That's a heck of a year to have twenty wins before the regular season as a even over the couple games left that's a heck of a year for those yes. Jim is in documents and solid third place finish. Or third place spot right now not finished. And hit that twenty win plateau has just been outstanding. You know I'm Bobby stepped in tool. Duke it's never easy because Nico built. An outstanding brand and program there and now Bob is maintaining it and try and take it to another level that's difficult to do. Is to put your mark on something that. But they're good friends he's on the staff for many years. Now he's doing what he needs to do. I'll definitely firm hasn't dropped off under his leadership. Bob Ritchie in north Greenwald guy so on local product they're from a college and also coached at Charleston southern before joining the staff at Furman. And doing a great job there what are your for the Furman talents again now what they have coming up is western Carolina on the road in color we tomorrow night and East Tennessee State on the road. In Johnson City, Tennessee that will be on Monday and East Tennessee State. He is the leader of the Southern Conference with a fourteen. And two record in the conference in 23 and six. Overall also East Tennessee State certainly will be a challenge a for the paladins and lash regular season game but here's the deal the Owens on the covers tournament and you wanna get. If you wanna go to the dance that's what you have to do so why everybody goes and that pretty much. On not fairly equal footing so while that's what's albums we faced with the. Yes and that's going to be tough on the need to issue it is just exceptional Colo and and I don't be surprised that one. A gamer too well in the NCAA tournament if the bracket. Fell just right but hey you never know you know waffling on the road beat North Carolina. Furman says some nice win so they don't play well in one of those two do two teams do that and you can have an upset there so it's going to be excited they holding the Southern Conference tournament back in Asheville. All of that be fair test it's great players you get a chance to go that you need to go it's it's also. Yeah not check some of that out almost certainly be following it as it gets underway after these last two regular season games and now let me know about the seedings in the match ups coming up in the Southern Conference tournaments spirit college basketball on the gamecocks got to win last night so don't look now but the game captured. I slept in them they beat Georgia we'll hear from Frank Martin the coach of the South Carolina basketball team. Coming up we will law also talk about the Olympics. Women's hockey game early this morning while most of us slept. One of the old metal. That was a big deal we'll update that for you coming up. And I'll also we're going to check in on your opportunity to volunteer at the upcoming BMW charity pro am golf tournament and talk to Macy Covington. The program manager over there about what you can do if you wanna get a mall than that that's all ahead as we head and our number two of the huddle here on ESPN upstate phone lines of money for four. 4773776. Text line 71307. Mac in a moment in the huddle on ESPN upstate.