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On ESPN. Up states with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso we have a full showed today until 4 o'clock this afternoon. Coming up tonight at 630 we'll take you to Clemson basketball and 7 o'clock tip. In Blacksburg as Clemson takes on Virginia Tech pretty big game for the tigers as they continue to jockey for position for the post season. And those so that makes this one import will preview that for you coming up also South Carolina plays Georgia tonight at home. And that would chips at 630 so half hour earlier will preview that as well. Also today we'll get into a College Baseball both Clemson and South Carolina won yesterday the gamecocks play again this afternoon we'll tell you about all that. High school basketball playoffs and we have above the upper state. Finals set after games last night's oval passed that information along to you. As well. Also coming up we will hear from Paul fund bond talking about the lawyer evil basketball situation as their appeal was denied yesterday some thoughts from. I'm mama on Mac coming up Mike Patrick. Stepping down retiring. The out longtime announcer. They about back coming up as well. And we'll take your calls your text and your tweets on anything you like to talk about today and 8444773776. Our tax lying is 71307. Glee star your text with the ESP and so we can. Get to a more quickly and more on Twitter Addie SP in upstate. Now some front office news to law start with and on the NFL front. And the NBA front. First of all NFL Carolina Panthers have made it official. Not much mystery in this process for the Panthers Marty Ernie. Is the full time general manager of the Panthers his second time around. In that position. Initially Mardi Ernie was the Panthers GM from 1998 to 2012. And down. He parred in after one in five starts that year. Hired as interim general manager of the week before 4017 training camp after Dave gentlemen. Was fired cancers at a Goodyear they won eleven and five this past season. They did interview some other folks. They had a committee and not Charlotte's led by chief operating officer Tina backer they interviewed Texans assistant GM Jimmy raid the third. They interviewed lake Dawson. A couple of times he's assistant director of college downing from buffalo. And Martin Mayhew. The lions former alliance general manager. But backers said in a statement. Today and we're very fortunate to have Marty as our general manager he did an exceptional job in the general rule this past season. His guidance envision help build the foundation for the team his work this season was instrumental in returning the team to the playoffs we believe he will continue to craft a roster. That will win games and contend for. A championship and all the scout got put on hold of course because. Marty attorneys ex wife accused him of harassment a few weeks back. And sought a temporary restraining order in court that order was not granted the grumbling was dropped. The NFL conducted a two week investigation. And down and make sure there was no violation of their policy during that time Marty Ernie was on paid administrative leave. And that investigation by the NFL revealed. No violations so he was cleared. And pretty quickly he was hired he just came back in to work on a Friday. After the paid administrative. Leave and go he's been more human Ron Rivera and they get ready for the com buying coming up next week again ready for free agency. They're getting ready for the NFL draft so it will be Marty Harding. That is kind of the league guy for the 2018 NFL draft which starts April 26 that AT&T stadium in Arlington Texas and the Panthers pick 24. This year. So the people are speculating now who Marty Ernie and his team will want as the first overall pick. For the Carolina Panthers this year but it's done deal most prized there. Talk coming and once they get this investigation. Al the way. That was accomplished today in waste anytime getting that done. Another front office story today because heard about the Dallas Mavericks story. This is a little ugly. Former mavericks president and Chief Executive Officer. Turned Demont us rate. Accused of multiple incidents of inappropriate behavior toward female employees. During eighteen years with the team this is a Sports Illustrated story out today. This report details allegations of sexually suggestive comments and inappropriate touching by a straight. And despite numerous complaints to the human resources department before he left into when he fifteen. He was allowed to continue to work over a period of years he stayed there despite all the complaints. He departed in 2050. This report actually published last night and right before it came out. The mavericks knew it was coming out because Sports Illustrated. Contacted them for comment. And so the mavericks put out a statement. Right before the story was released saying they had launched an investigation into allegations of various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women over a period of years. By a former officer. The team said the former employee quite in question left the club almost three years ago. And that the organization was only made aware of the allegations in the past few days. The mavericks organization in their statement said. We take these allegations seriously. We notified the league office hired outside counsel to conduct a thorough. And independent investigation Mark Cuban is the owner of course of the mavericks. And he addressed the issue this week with the business employees of the mavericks. Organization. He said he heard about these reports. Recently actually went all the meat to. Things were happening that certainly blown up in the past few months he said he asked. They're HR director do we have a problem. Do we have any issues I have to be aware off and the answer was no. Most probably a bad answer. This Sports Illustrated report says employees became frustrated by the inaction. A buddy Pittman he's the human resources head for the mavericks. Hired in the summer of 199080s when their long time. The twenty years. That's after the first allegations of misconduct by a street have been reported so we I guess this is my question. How does this not get to Mark Cuban. When you wanna know as the owner of their allegations of misconduct against what your top. Executives when you expect to know that. How is he shielded for that do we believe he was shielded from the it's possible. Why why would he not know. If if you leave someone in charge if you put someone in charge you expect him take care of all the day today and that person doesn't inform you. Is it your fault Hamas aiming now but got the possibility isn't it. Shouldn't they have. But I agree it shouldn't be but it's still has possibility. Well. I mean the only its possibility is that if you set it up that way. Number one and say I'm only here about it take care of the stuff. Let's say the guy right below Cubans good friends with the guy being accused. And he just decides to never tell them. Well that's possible. But it shouldn't they. So I you know Mark Cuban say they had to know. When I think Mark Cuban should be saying what a non. Legitimate question. That be the biggest question to me if I'm Mark Cuban. How to take does this happen over this long a period of time and I don't know about it. If in fact he didn't know about. The mavericks set in their statement they had fired another employee. For providing misleading information about a domestic violence incident. Mavericks dot com employer girls need accused in 2014 of hitting a female colleague with whom we had a relationship. Maybe Cuban knew about that I don't know. Snead issued a statement ESPN yesterday handset while both instances described in the report are damning in language is not accurate. The two relationships described in the report are not something I'm proud to have been a part of so Mikey saying that down. Mark human did know about that part. I would just have that question first and foremost if I'm mark humid this. There's a lot of high level guy here we're talking about an announcer. We're talking about the president and CEO. Accused multiple times of inappropriate behavior. And mark Cuban's not gonna know about it I just don't know about that. That doesn't add up to me. Possible sure some money shielded from a for all those years I guess that's possible I guess. But doesn't add up to me this Cuban he's still owns multiple businesses right sure. He's very involved in the mavericks. I think the quote I heard is not in this story I think the court are heard as they he said. I'm involved with the basketball partner not as much the front office stuff. I'm just. I think from from our standpoint where our president. Intercom he think he knows all the stuff that's going on. But we he'd probably does but it. But it I mean a president of the big time corporation who has several businesses. Says guy with the mavericks as CEO and president. This is not some I don't want to sound like a little less time I had this year I'm just trying to figure out possibilities why this happened I would be. Turning over rocks and jumping up and down say how does a school for eighteen years I mean. As the thank you do you do that publicly though when you find out I mean do you go out there and say I don't know how I didn't know. Maybe he's doing this behind the scenes trying to figure out how he did know. Maybe as but I would say it. I would say it's not acceptable and haven't heard that from Mark Cuban yes. Maybe he will. He said it's not a situation we condone. He said I went to our HR director and said do we have any of these problems since all the stuff came up with a us. You know with me to reporting in all the cases of sexual harassment we've heard about the past few months. And his HR director said no he was like him. Well a lot of times you can only take some body at face value until they prove me otherwise. Got to Charlotte got archer in a heartbeat. He still with a think. Q I have a problem with that. Now the mavericks didn't say who they suspended but they suspended an employee. Who was involved here could be buddy Pittman via charter and human animal wasn't fired suspended. Got a gimmick yes task given now that looks that's something you can humans. Just breaking Sports Illustrated certainly will take the lead on the story and follow up and of course the Dallas. Mavericks media in Texas will be following up certainly Woolsey. Al what they come out with intra will be much much more on this one. Not a good situation there. For the mavericks and certainly from Mark Cuban dad an issue to deal with it he's not involved with a front office it's time you got him. And just be a basketball fan when you know won't attain you know. Gotta pay attention to what's going. To make sure that your employees are keeping you in the look. A 444773776. We'll get to the basketball part of the NBA what's going on where were coming up on changing season. We'll talk about the head coming up Nextel I hobble on ESPN upstate stay with us. So now way past the MBA all star game haven't over the weekend in Los Angeles. We have 12223. Games left. Depending on the team in the regular season. It's time to begin the tanking. MA and almost no mistake that's that's about to happen for a bunch teams. This is Zach Lowe he is host of the low post podcast and covers the MB and and he says get ready taking time is here. You have as many as nine teams. That have a semi realistic shot for the best or second best lottery I'd been in a way having so many teams sort of reduces the incentive to tankers are just too much outside of your control for anyone deemed a duet. But if you're kidding yourself revealed they all of these teams are gonna start you know if someone has an ankle sprain so much that it needs strains on what the DN people and every them. They're all gonna jockey for position as we get down to it. Yelled watch for injuries. Sudden unexplained injuries. Among some of these teams the Atlanta Hawks. Orlando Magic the Brooklyn nets. The Chicago Bulls on thing and it landed doesn't need good thing. If they want to stop pick no nobody has gone play their hardest they're still owns the Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks. The Sacramento Kings the Memphis Grizzlies. All prime candidates to compete. For the number one lottery pick Mark Cuban did an interview with. Got bigger problems than to be talking about this he did an interview on Julius Erving spot destiny says he was. He was star struck that's his excellent explanation let's. The basically. In this interview he said yet thanking her best option. You know us post say that. You're supposed at least attempt. To hide that. On house call a doctor. He's attacking our best. At a solar knuckle like that in fact. Cuban said he expects to be find. He says he just don't. That'll star struck and admitted what it and they did last year by the way I think he can afford. Jay can afford to find possible thing is the first time he's been fine to do you think no artisan tea people just stop there's not gonna try to hide this anymore. Michigan c'mon admit it. They created and that's over doesn't want that. And it's so easy to do. Other starting four. So it. But it's so expected to even pay attention to the bottom teams know I mean that if you're not all carry us I want it now because. Yeah meanwhile. It's not like in football Howland how poses for you I mean right away. You can be pretty eventful. One guy can change basketball team before one guy can change a football team sometimes can you think of the last time that happened. All I don't know. Well the MBAs being taken over by Europe anyway. You guys around. Just a barrel of laughs today mean because you're out. This site there's no hope for the NBA anyway. There's really not there's no hope they'll bottle mocking me now not open about nobody wrote about I don't know. Right now think about it you've got LeBron James and the next guy that's giving most of publicity. Is forcing us. And he's on a horrible team and the number one pick. In this years draft. Is it item it is a guy named Luka. And I can't even begin to pronounce his last name I believe it's no church. A belief that type and subsidies from. I was gonna ask you really on the second floor please vote I think you're home can get it. Idea. Suzanne thank. This week approved a were unemployed if there's not. It's not enough. And. So he can't change teams what percent. Look at that kind of college basketball right now I mean dude who's the one guy do you think if we get this guy word. We're ready for next year I just don't see anybody out there do you. I think it makes a difference if you've got to update number one and number eight. See the reason I don't think it does nowadays GMAC is because he's in the top ten. You you're gonna either go to Europe. Or you're gonna get a freshman out of college. And if I'm an MBA executive. I would much rather have a nineteen year old. Like Lugo who's played in pro ball since she was sixteen years old. The kid's been approached and she was sixteen years old playing against grown men he's much farther along in his development. The only one and done. And if you look at all of one in dorms last year that won in the top five. How many of them are making a major impact. On their roster I would say even in the top ten are making a major. Impact on the roster one Jason Tatum. Who in my opinion should win rookie of the year. Force was a washout Josh Jackson has been. It is even still playing for Phoenix. I write these guys golf now. What's that you write those guys off or does it it's not that I'm writing them off is that there. They're not ready to make that type of job they're physically mentally and emotionally not really they don't. It was a physical specimen because he stayed. How many years he was three for your starter for duke. When he came out I mean the guy was a physical specimen. So we'll when he turned pro he was ready to make that leap and all facets of his. Person well if you get a one and done out there army in yeah I know people point to Anthony Davis in the out wires that that are not. The norm but we're starting to see the effects. The NBA they lied they want it done but also in other projects it's gonna be. 8234. Year process before they reap the benefit of those guys. Look at they got a day of the NBA literally has to grow mop. I guess you're gonna shoot a few of them in there that are going to be ahead of the curve but again that that's an outline. And if you make if you bet your franchise Bill Parcells had a great quote. If you drop nothing without wires suit your team is gonna be full of home. And you really get me. She can use the exceptions to the rules to say well that's the way we need to go. I think Tatum is a perfect example of why they need to put the go bosh on the one and done. And I know people are gonna come out there OK what about Kobe what about LeBron okay way to neutralize that we're zero and exactly. Which I'm fine with that. If you wanna turn pro high school go my thing is what difference is gonna mate. For a guy if he can't play out of high school one year colleges and make that much of a difference. To indefinitely three years makes an enormous difference. That's why I'm a huge proponent. And I think our I know silver's going I addressed that and I'm I'm expecting MBA. To change that rule. But I mean overall. The ball and just isn't. You've got literally two teams carrying the NBA right now. With a third pull up the rear you got the cavs will LeBron. You've got. The Golden State Warriors. And then that's about it. You might have Houston this year maybe if they can pull ups. I'm so well as much as you guys. Don't want to admit that this is gonna happen of this is gonna happen the NBA teams don't share your. Lack of enthusiasm for the number one overall pick. And so we will see tanking and we will see more more of an and we'll see a more in the open that we've ever seen it before. Although I must say that follows GM and I was at the bottom of the league wouldn't tank. But I believe would. Bill so you know. If you've paid for tickets season tickets for one of these teams I'm sorry. If you procedure that you know to. Yeah exactly hi I mean I love these bottom feeders have been now forever and and getting number one number two draft picks has not. Made them any better unfortunately. Dallas Mavericks haven't been there forever Phoenix Suns and amend their forever. They Atlanta Hawks haven't been there forever the Orlando Magic haven't been there forever the Chicago Bulls haven't been here forever. Distinct feel. You'll blow came out of all the team was the last time they even competed for a championship bumped up a check how many teams are competing for the championship. I'm it's been a couple wins a lot of the teams you mentioned was close from the made the playoffs I mean maybe they were. Seven or eight hall and made the playoffs recently. Well I was 1232. Here's the only way that's not exactly ancient history and UNAIDS and got rid of everybody. Which I didn't understand. What was the purpose in a day it was a purge for them the Dallas Mavericks you fail to remember them in the playoffs. Was that a decade ago I mean when's the last time when Dirk was younger. As an a decade. Seems like it the. So just watched NC. And even though Alonso and Josh won't care. A bunch of teams will tank. And somebody will do so well that they'll get more low ping pong balls you know get the numbers and I'm just curious of what if the listeners care or not. When they thank you don't care about. Integrity of the game. That OK for all sports. Just but unfortunately. Tanking is a part of the business side of sports and sports are business and why we try to hide it I guess that's my question. So you don't get fond. They're not doing a very good job hiding it. And I would say that's condom and actually oxy moron with professional sports. Integrity in professional sports and there is none there's no. It's about the marine. Some people argue that. It's infiltrated down to college. Certainly. A much difference is there not much not much I'm kids. I can see that we're human. 8444773776. Do you wanna like get him on us today in the huddle text line is 71307. We will come back and take about what happened in high school basketball playoff action we have bomb or game set for the Bosco wellness arena this weekend for the upper state playoffs. And oh lead out for coming up this is the huddle Wednesday additionally SP in upstate. I talked about the NBA. The New Orleans pelicans are hanging on from playoffs they have the eighth seed as we come out of the all star break. Eight seed in the Western Conference. And Anthony Davis. Is saying hey you know what if DeMarcus Cousins had not ruptured his Achilles. No one could've stopped this. We would have been a contender. Told Rachel Nichols that. We are gone to the finals. Except for that injury. That Marcus goes. I'm loving that rendition of on the waterfront. That was outstanding. Davis in cousins were on pace to become the first teammates to ever each averaged 25 points and ten rebounds a game. So does he have a point. Probably not blue he would have got thrown out for. Elbowing somebody or something. I mean they were sixth when he got hurt so it's kind of hard to say. And we were chair and a PG. A but they were moving up there were count against some chemistry together and learning to play together. Cousins was averaging 25 points a game. And now of course Davis does as well. Now all the burden is on Davis and their eighth and barely hanging on that a playoff position. Mostly. It's where they are found. It gets healthy and they stay together but. That is a pretty formidable. Group of big men to have one team you don't really see that that often right no two guys like that on the same team. And down now talk about guard play being dominant. Lot of times but down. And a pelicans do with big guys with a couple big guys know. She perimeter game now. One doesn't have to be. Yes why. I'll give you don't coupon draining threes. A win. Cultural more than 40% average they'll fare. Very fair. I'd be fascinating to watch and see if they can do something. So it's pretty good teams that are wondering no there there's going up threes more than anything. You. And I always I yell at the TV when I'm watching the game go through the rams won opens his goal when there yeah. And all they care about is is trying to hit the three. Well maybe just personnel. It doesn't matter what game while watching it to simulate what Josh said this perimeter I mean there's there's kick it back out you got that obvious layup. Think guys are taken aback out of furry is the has taken to you should I don't watch and pelicans. Can now Beaulieu her. Doesn't apply anymore I try not to watch overrated players like Anthony did not please. He religiously. And he used listen he is called eyes and Davis racing ever done he's Kevin Lowe went solidly as he ever done oh my god what is he ever done this I can't believe I just hope that by the way I don't know why it took him out there because he's champion within three days old dog us Kevin love the biggest leads ever won all right so you can keep deflecting in in filling camera over here but you can't tell me away at the Davis is never done he's kicked in for John Kerry in a more. To the play offs really and and I don't think. And they're gonna do what they probably get back on but it does priced. Aren't they mailed us Kevin Love scary. This is always we need those Kevin Love and there when you can't do a whole lot in another. The good. Davis is singlehandedly got dropped the pelicans to boil. They're gonna get at the end have you to brow most people would know who uses. Praise on a losing team he's upping coming up and coming every year have been league 135 years up and coming. And my guess is I don't think we don't pay any attention to the album. Teams that are tanking at the bombs that we shouldn't pay any attention to the stars on the team's internal Paramount these losers so why it's all about normal cavaliers in the Golden State or I don't know how else matters. Wish at the Anthony please publicly he's comfortable and please come to Boston and we will destroy song title blitzes and now. Please Anthony got am and let's. Squash all of this I do want it now song stuck in my hand I'd rather have the other. I'm Luka out of there yeah the highest. They've bargains now all of upstairs from you actually knew that time then the yeah singer and Oscar. High school basketball playoffs let's that whipped up a couple of great games Dorman beat Riverside in overtime. Overtime 51 to 49 last night. And wade Hampton beat nation Ford 61 to 59. So Saturday at 630 about scurrilous arena for the five day upper state championship it's the dormant cavaliers and the wade Hampton generals like Kobe go one. But the board that this weekend or two good teams from Greenville and Spartanburg will be squared off at the well this Saturday foray. The a percent finals will be Friday night at 830 and that's south Aiken against ridge view. And then three ace outside advanced cell Sime winning last night so they won't play while Ohio law. The razorbacks. That'll be Saturday at 330 for the 38 titles don't have any area teams in the 2 earlier in the morning. IQ my transition high school this was real you yeah. They tanking in high schools that. And you know the new target though glad to hear it. So Ali I'm thinking in and get on over to the well this weekend and to some great high school basketball actually have some good teams will be playing. And can enjoy that will certainly be. Chatting with some of the coaches as we go along here we're getting closer to while the run toward the state championship games in Columbia this year as you get toward the end of February high school basketball. Winding down 84447737760. Excellent 71307. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Plus basketball tonight Clemson Virginia Tech 6:30 air time 7 o'clock tip off from Blacksburg here on ESPN upstate south Carolina at home against Georgia tonight. That one tips at 630 of course big news today was passing a reverend Billy Graham 99 years old. Preached to more people on more continents then any. Other minister not likely never be out of the Billy Graham. I'll see you BC and tributes pouring in and know more about them. None of them services and that kind of thing coming up that happened this morning and certainly his zone making international news today. Not as big a story but still a story in the sports world is the retirement. A Mike Patrick Mike Patrick and ESPN. Began his play by play a role with the network in 1982. This kind of odd year he ended on December 30 he called us last event and they're not announcing his retirement till the day. Seemed a lot. I don't know London England do it back when he wrapped up this. Final lament may be trying to talk about I don't know. I don't know the Liberty Bowl was his last. Broadcast Iowa State's 21 to twenty win over Memphis. On December 30 he's going to be at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Tonight for the duke Louisville basketball game and there will be a tribute to him there he'll join. And Schulman. And they're going to recognize the work of Mike Patrick he was the Sunday Night Football announcer on ESPN for a long time 1987. To 2005. Course to a lot of college football a lot of college basketball. He called more than thirty ACC basketball championships. Andy was the voice of the women's final four from 1996. To 2009. Attribute narrated by Reese Davis is airing all day today on ESPN two. Mike Patrick. So would you think about am I know a lot of people didn't really like and like his play by play and how much and I can see why they had a problem. Yeah I mean here and kind of jump ball screen like some people did not have a problem one. I mean I thought it was a certainly very smooth and professional knowledge never controversial right. Kind of stayed out on any. Controversies that I know about. I liked him and the Osmond again. They took a lot of people I enjoyed him down. You know when they did what when they do in the NFL. Yeah of course a lot of basketball Dickie V you know. So he's done a variety of sports and now I'm in 1982 that's a that's a while. That's a long time. But don't yelling my Patrick coming. Like from just find them they watch the game tonight. Pay attention to the attributes to off Mike Patrick as part of on the broadcast of duke in Lloyd's goal tonight if you wanna. Check that out. A 444773776. The Anthony Melton is withdrawing from southern cal. And is gonna focus on. Get ready for professional basketball kind of weird timing on that but he has suspended. So Latin. And our vote precipitated that he has not suited up for the trojans all season long had an eligibility issue. And that goes back to that FBI investigation. When USC assistant Tony bland was one of four assistant coaches in college basketball. Named by the FBI for accepting bribes to steer players toward agents financial advisors and apparel. Companies back in January USC southern cal decided to suspend Melton for the entire season. After determining a close family friend did receive an extra benefit. That friend was Dave Elliott an alien allegedly took a plane ticket possibly payment for a hotel room at a basketball event in Las Vegas. And USC let melt them play they could have risk forfeiting games so Lynn Swann the athletic director Sam Adams behind the decision to. Go ahead suspend him for the season could evolve. Been a forfeiture of games as a result so we said dust once that we felt was the best thing to do. Trying to see if the facts would support. What happened if he could play but making sure the team was compliant in Ireland implant too we knew that he was allowed to remain on scholarship to southern cal. And I thought he would be eligible to play next season if he chose to return as a freshman last year averaged eight points in three and a half assists per game I don't know how much the MBA got to look at. Melton and how. Much demand there's going to be for him. That's going to be the problem. But he's gonna go and hone his skills he said and try to get ready for. The next level so that's the end of the college basketball career of the Anthony. Melton pretty good down prospect coming out of high school but things just did not pan out for him. At southern cal also you'll laugh suiting to get ready for the NBA and see how he makes. Al going forward and professional basketball. I back on the other side here in the huddle and speaking to college basketball. About what's happening low low mortgage and Thomas and Paul climbed bomb also. We will look at they baseball. College wise yesterday both Clemson and South Carolina got winds gamecocks play again this afternoon. Amble preview college basketball tonight South Carolina Georgia. And Clemson Virginia Tech as were downed over the last four games or so of the college basketball regular season's winding down quickly a couple of weeks will be at tournament time. A 444773776. You wanna get on board takes line 71307. We'll be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate.