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Final hour of the huddle ESPN of stay with Greg McKinney. And Alonso and coach Phillips Al sick today hopefully back with a us tomorrow a 44477. 3776. Roll up with the rest there's some. This Brady debate and how long he can play here but thus money just text me and say what about George bland and bought I mentioned George went. And it's true that George bland. He played inning game when he was 48 years old. As kicker kicked 41 year old 41 year old 41 yard field goal kickers don't count and next well I played at quarterback. When he was from one assay for as they. AFC title game against the colts. Losing 43. Men are going. Came in for Darryl Monica. Yeah I think you have to look at the modern era because bigger faster stronger applies here. I'm guessing back there and they Polly didn't do nearly as much damage as someone today would do. When he hit to him to be wrong. No no it's this deadly trio mean you know the quarterbacks are healthier than ever but soar in the defensive line. So well and and they're not. They're not it's not some low fat dude said no and a lot of times a guy with no like 5% body found last. Coming that you like running for four or something. Yet George bland it was 43. He became the oldest quarterback to play in a championship game AFC title game against Baltimore colts came in from barrel Monica. Seventeen for thirty to 217. Yards. Two touchdowns and he kicked a 48 yard field known as never do that again are now at a and two extra points. I've 43. Of 43 now a 45. And you know he was back. Those not still not the same as Brady being a leap to release 45. Which is what people seem to want to project. I'm just saying the odds are against it at all. A 444773776. It was not a good game for the South Carolina Gamecocks against Florida. Over the weekend as they were blown out they were not competitive that's going to be the issue going forward you know if you play and competitive basketball. People won't tolerate it when you play like South Carolina played against. Florida and lose 65 to 41 Florida had 41 points at the end of the first half South Carolina into the game with 41 point. This is not good. And Frank Martin didn't pull any punches in his post game. Remarks. August were friends. I got hired on March 27 2012100. Say we're winning and SEC championship and assume one of the fond of war. I said that our team would be the hardest playing team. Most disciplined. Told first punch or you know what. That would take to court every time we play and obviously. Because of the efforts of the ones who have come before or friends or bought in. And and they're here for ocean and open rush and our guys. Have not I have not kept my word. With the way we played today and I'm a lot of things between announcing I'm not news wire. And so. I got to get this right. Frank to that point they seem very aggressive inside very difficult to Purcell and coats or to move around what was different from the last time in Gainesville and around the clock to paint. And we remission. So layups early. Some opportunities to score early. You know there's this wasn't an action no. Problem here today we got beat to everything we beat tools malls we well disciplined. I've never coached a team that got beat by twenty something on us and boy terrible shots. It's you know. There's just poured like this we just go. We we we had no fight we we tried we showed up to play. But then Florida said we're not losing you guys again and they ratchet date they ratcheted up the competitiveness of the game and we look for the back towards the conflict. OK if there's frank Martin's not happy with the Al. Effort on Saturday for his gamecocks they didn't score until four and a half minutes into the game and and with nine and a half almost ten minutes into the game they have five points. And ten of their shots blocked. Shot 28%. Outrebounded by 22 boards. Frank brokering Chris Silva was 27 points. No the game got him more than five. Now South Carolina is thirteen and twelve living blues will more than be a 500 take and in the SEC their foreign aid. And they play at Tennessee Tennessee coming off a loss they'll be smarting and they need. You know to protect their. Postseason seeding opportunities so Tennessee should probably be motivated. That game tomorrow night. And to make frank Martin's day even worse. Earlier today this morning. SEC commissioner Greg sank he announced that coach Martin has been find 25000. Dollars. For commenting on an official. Who gave him a technical foul in the game. Against Florida at home on Saturday. And he was reprimanded by psyche. Frank Martin. Was not happy that official league Cassel was working an SEC game. He said the league gave castle his start. And then he turned his back on the SEC to go officiate other leagues including namely the ACC. And so while the SEC says that violates league rules about public criticism of officials. Or discussing what was talked about to league officials regarding officiating. 25000. Dollar fine for. Wrangler. No comments from him yet. On that so it's a team continues to play the way it does. This eagle and try to find a way to get out there as fast as possible mark and yet. You know. I don't expect that. This is what it's a reset here for the gamecocks. Nominate a Boeing company and from Louisville next year. And he's now recruiting recruiting or com. I know look I'm not presenting this as long term. Crisis for the game gone basketball program. But it's bad right now I mean this this year is just lost your percent. Now the BR. We are as good recruiter mile. Can come back but as he's worse than expected convey trade away six players and bring in for an island to a Cleveland trying to may be that you know. I don't think you can do that only you know it was that. And so the album 25000 dollar fine issued today is. Pretty a lot of bum. Comment from game got trans. Told you about some mama. An egg egg goes back to the fact that dumb. They athletic director Missouri was. So critical of dawn Staley basically accused her creating an atmosphere for the kind of problems that the head of that misery. South Carolina game where. Their players were allegedly. On the subject of racial slurs and spat on by fans even though. No one ever verified that. South Carolina investigated it couldn't find any evidence of a and yet the Missouri athletic director never apologized and the commission the SEC the conference. Never did meeting about. Some two plus weeks later. Nothing done about it. So there has been. Plenty of comment on that told you about a couple of tweets earlier carry rich former game Cox and Missouri's AD openly uses derogatory language about dawn Staley and USC's campus and doesn't defined or forced to publicly apologized. And John little to fix person that took two days for Greg sank need to find Frank Martin for criticizing officials except he didn't criticize officials are criticized the league office. And it's been two weeks since Missouri's eighty slandered dawn Staley but nary a peep from spanky. What in the world is going on so a job. And I just saw another one from mom they decline injure the posting courier. If on network. Used to to to me. Yeah conjure said there is an SEC rule about criticizing officiating. Guess there isn't one about athletic directors criticizing other institutions. Coaches and making baseless claims. Ashes and remedial fans are going crazy and on. We'll see Islam. Frank Martin says anything. About the find that he has been an issue that came this morning and hasn't met with the media just yet. But pay the gamecocks. Against Tennessee. Tomorrow night and see if they didn't do anything to start to get this turnaround itself. Really remarkable how. They look so good on the road against Florida and so bad at home against Florida. So much for home court advantage. Create some of that though women's basketball home for our bench. Saying how many people showed up to the game maybe that Clinton doing the affluent Maarten on no said the crowd was their form I don't know what the numbers work. But he said the crowd was they're forming apologize to some. He's not complaining about that right now right now. In the SEC. South Carolina has. Slid down to third from the bottom. Thirteen and twelve overall for an eight in the conference sounds a lot like. How they were projected at the beginning of the year doesn't it at all levels as the analysts say in McAllen challenging through informed on six a M and a 910 and eleven. The other tied for eleventh of foreign make. Tied the Georgia and Ole miss. Or eleventh. If for Nate only Vanderbilt has worsened the conference at three and nine everybody was all upset about that game of basketball season. Seemed like it was pretty accurate and unfortunately it turned out to be. Turned out to be the case so you know they expectations were high for this year but still. I lost five straight now in. Going nowhere fast. Auburn as the conversely did ten and two in Tennessee and Florida are both that eight and four. And in the ACC. Clemson remains in second place with their nine and three conference record. Only behind Virginia twelve and one Clemson nine and three but duke nip and at their heels they had a win over the weekend so they're eight and four in North Carolina and low level are eight and five. So I'm so we'll have to keep wanting to protect that. Second place standing in the ACC. What's next for the Clemson Tigers. They got Florida State Wednesday night. And it's on the road 630 year time here on ESP in upstate element of tough stretch your Florida State's not a bad team. Seventeen innate overall. And employ them on the road and then duke at home that won't be easy. I can be for second place in the conference. And then at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech just beat Virginia some. You gotta know that won't be easy. And then Georgia Tech Florida State again and Syracuse to wrap up the season for the tigers. So six games left. The tigers are. Certainly safely in the NCAA tournament with their nine and three record. Under 24 overall record. But to keep on winning proceeding in the next opportunity to. Help that cause is coming up does Florida State on Valentine's night on Wednesday night. On the road in Tallahassee 7 o'clock tip off. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Years security has PM will be back in a moment this is not a Lonnie SP in upstate. Surprise what they're doing it dumb. For high school football stadiums in the Charleston area we don't give much of the surround here you know while sharing school sharing football stadium. And the difficult done the due in Rock Hill rocking on northwest and other hire somebody has their own stadium. But. They're looking at me. Regional capital regional. Football stadiums in Charleston County. The Charleston County school district. Has purchased 38 acres in North Charleston. For eleven and a half million dollars. Four original football stadium. They promised in a sales tax referendum there are going to be almost 6000 seat stadium. Which was. Good size and not huge. But it's supposed to be used by. All North Charleston high schools. It's chosen site. Is near the corner of west Montague avenue in Dorchester road appeared from over with a Charleston or near the job North Charleston coliseum. And the board made his decision behind closed doors. The district did not publicly announce the site even after they bought the property January 31 couple weeks. The public is not a chance to react to decide. One North Charleston council member has expressed some unease about this he said. The people in Mount Pleasant got busy in change their stadium over the air there's been no public input in North Charleston. Are represented his own school board did not do us justice. The chief operating officer says the district considered several North Charleston sites they were looking for one located near the schools it would serve. And they can handle traffic flows and have enough room for parking and all that. Construction costs for the stadium estimated at fourteen point two million dollars here's the thing I don't understand about it. They're gonna put. 151000 parking spaces artificial turf football field. And it's supposed to be used for sporting events for. Academic magnet high school used to love to talk about them on the scoreboard when my favor wants military magnet academy. North Charleston high. And stall high school. How do you do that. This is. Or more on so many different levels for one thing you take away. Home field advantage. Take away any tradition you might build up with your fan base I just it's it's horrible but I. From what I've recall all these teams are not very good early. No nobody in there that so. Competing for state ass so I've gotten does that does that come into play is that one reason why I'm willing yeah I mean money. Sharing the expense but a what do they unity of play on like Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays. Four schools isn't a saint to any. I see you do to. You know whole little ol' boy and his flip flop on the I hate to have to try to put that schedule together to make it to where they can all play on Friday. Now it seems. Very difficult I mean that's the question that kind of jumps out at me but the problem they're having in Charleston is that you know they're not. Getting much public input doesn't seem. On this so there's this Macon beyond their dismay and no one likes that when they dismiss decisions we count template I insist. Again from a tradition standpoint it's horrible. Yeah I agree and again these are not football powerhouse season. Understand that. The district's eleven and a half million dollar sales prices almost twice what the seller paid for adjusts. Three years ago 25 inning maybe two and a half years ago. Doubled in Value Line the second half and you know something else I mean it's easy to keep an eye on the stadium when it's on your on your high school grounds blood you know this being. Where it is. How they maintain it I mean they're never good yeah now I've gone over to. The district three stadium in Rockville many times and it just. It doesn't have a real. High school. Feel to it doesn't have Leo and most of the time this is property sitting there is elected downtown. Sterile kind of environment. Up you know I know that Spartanburg high schools and planet Wofford College but that's that's a nice College Station and yes different and we may play there India feels like it's its partner highs net. Anderson they're building their own anyway they're getting that negate their new plants well underway but though for many years they've done that and understand and deployed at the old Snyder field before. Get stadium. For schools sharing one stadium. Really kind of bizarre to me so do the flip a coin to decide whose own team when he went to whom play each other play each other on. Are they do that either but. This is just getting under way here and the debate is just kind of ramping up. Com. But they seem to be enamored with this I guess they did something like this in Mount Pleasant. Before and Eliot do an in North Charleston. I hope this doesn't become a thing. Now I don't like to. I don't see I don't see the upside. For this. Doesn't them. Help high school sports scenario I guess or scrap for money and they're gonna do what they have to do and I'm not paying the bills but though. Not a fan of songs and not a fan of this we'll watch this with. Interest as the process kind of a moves on. We have the Major League. Pitcher former rated Major League pitcher you hear about ball players getting in trouble for drugs this guy was he took it to a new level. A former Major League pitcher Esteban. Low lays out. In jail felony drug charges arrested in San Diego last Friday. 200000 dollars bail three felony charges. Over twenty kilograms. Of heroin and cocaine. You one point. This sounds like something you'd see on a movie or or. A CSI or something like that. Charged with possession of narcotics for sale possession and transportation of narcotics for sale. The packages from this arrestor still being tested. He's 46 years old dispersed being court on Wednesday last pitch in the major leagues in 2008. Right handed pitcher. I mean you are traveling while. Pirates rangers' blue jays White Sox yankees nationals athletics. And Dodgers over fourteen seasons. I'm a journeyman two time all star left. And now. 200321. And nine with a two point nine earned run average in 207. Strikeouts he made 43 point seven million dollars and his Major League career you would think maybe he could. Sounds like immediate invested is in the wrong thing the ice just like he didn't take care of that money that's not the business he needs to be starting. While. Minutes. As serious drug charges though would that much you would think that's he's been doing now while. It's probably going to listen I just need a patsy and now. And another baseball note my St. Louis Cardinals have Bob. Made a deal with a pitcher Bud Norris. Musher feel about this he's 32 years old he just. Mean he's kind of been up and down but was good as the angels closer. And nineteen saves. Earned run average of all four point 21. Bud Norris signing a one year deal with the St. Louis Cardinals pending a physical. Made 57 relief appearances in three starts for the angels question. And and mostly worked as a starter before last year but he was nineteen for 23 and save chances last year. He had had no saves in his previous eight Major League seasons picked in the six round by the Astros in 2006. And made his big league debut three years later was with the Astros until 2013 so. You amongst the theme of ageism come from your son born most on this show us an honest and it was 32 it hasn't been a great. It's not great isms and OK it's not it's not his agents now visibility and yes. Look everybody else here's the thing mark cardinals are from mob bring it in any. Heavy hitters. Their bios marine in the big guys the stars are going out and get an. Outstanding. Talent. Yu Darvish just signing with the cubs. And cardinals get Bud Norris that's when I'm complaining about. Kamal. Can we do a little better. Maybe you'll be all right. Adjusts foreseeing a extended stretch with the cardinals are not winning the central anymore like they used to. That's the way it's shaping up this is not helping alleviate that cancer. 8444773776. Aztec break we'll come right back this is the huddle on ESP announced they would GMAC Alonso stay looks. Welcome back and if you wanna jump on board for the last twenty minutes of the show phone lines are open and 8444773776. Takes line always open. And ESPN upstate on Twitter text on a 71307. I don't know whom to trusting college basketball right now I don't know who how the heck do you pick. A favorite as we close in on the NCAA turn 11 March Madness coverage for you as we always do here. On ESP in upstate there's couple always look at this. Either it's. Not a great year because there are no great teams and that makes it less on or it's a better than every year because anybody can win this. You know not that it's never easy but think how much funds can be to do brackets this year down. The when people were playing and we're working on a bracket contest on our website lets you know more about that that. Who the heck would you pick as a favorite right now I mean the number one team in the country is Virginia. At 23 into coming off a loss over the weekend they're still number one. Only their second loss of the AF 31 place votes in the a people out today. And number twos Michigan State. Tom Izzo. Controversy surrounding their program without Larry Nasser situation while Latin distract Michigan State in the post season at all. Well to be more news coming out while March Madness is going on the wall. Be an issue for Izzo. He's at the number two team is 24 and three. Nine and one of the better teams for sure hasn't seemed to distract them so far I'm more had three losses. Villanova. At times looked like the best team in the country. They're number three this week. 23 and two record 91 place votes Xavier do you really trust is a beer. 23 and three. 51 place votes and as your top four plus some by the way moves up to eleventh. In this week's say people. And all Auburn is tenth. Clemson right now. Clemson is ahead. Of duke. Kansas. North Carolina. And certainly Kentucky's not even ranked. I can't believe your acting shocked about that really. You can't believe that no circus. Duke Kansas North Carolina all ranked below Clemson right now. I'm fairly you know clinches Torre informed. Inzaghi is ninth Ohio State's eight. To be one pick one who would you pick for the national championship for him good luck. I have no idea no idea. Who's gonna win at all. So if you had to pick a bracket right now. They need in a scene supposedly whose all the top seeds are. Who would you pick. You mean to win it all yes right now. If we fill our brackets right now. And. Not a clue. Not duke not North Carolina. Sorry man and upping glimpse into an all I mean you got to go with. Either. Michigan State or below are you getting over the Virginia new trust Virginia. Given their lack of playoff success. They're the number one team in the country. I think a lot of people if this continues to be how it is worth top seeds losers who go with the favorite team. I mean if they're somewhere up near there they probably have just as good a shot as anybody. Yeah there's no there's no chulk got a tweet about that. Earlier from a Porter who said this would be a bad year bad bad year ago chulk yet what's chulk anymore. With this group a taint. I and I think I can go either villain over Michigan State if I had to battle line I mean I don't know. I don't know the I would go house dinner Purdue. Because they're your conference. That account for perfect big ball house state obviously the reason why they're playing really well they beat Purdue and you know. They've got a pretty good rate that's what I'm saying. Normally I would pick one of the power houses that normally go through there but since we don't. Have a clue who's playing the best right now on the golden heart I mean what at least seems look. North Carolina one look and all that great. Last year and they want it. Duke can get hot. It'll like it right now. They can get hot. Kansas. Normally you say Kansas of the order your favorite team to a what do they done lightly Kansas. Kansas has lost two of their last three and lost Oklahoma State they just lost to Baylor. They are they meaningful maybe you Perry. Down a little bit by looking C when's the last time some of these teams have been narron and had a long run and maybe the moment may be too big for them. Blood I mean other than that I value would narrowly down. We'll get a look at North Carolina tonight against Notre Dame. Teams North Carolina started to pull something together million Saturdays and so injury plagued that I'm not sure what that's gonna tell you gotta be a home game for. The Tar Heels to nine yulia West Virginia tonight twentieth ranked team in the country they play only as. Against TCU. Now the ideas being game as the North Carolina Notre Dame game at 7 o'clock tonight. Or we can just watch Olympics. Much Olympics did you log over the weekend. Bits and pieces here and air what some last night and he's donating. Skiing he had hit it was on to channel so let's put them back and forth. It when when. Forget her name Korean born. Female skater for the United States and whenever I did the triple yeah. I was swat team it's washing I think downhill moguls or something like that and then they showed how they do screens. There walls saying live right now and they showed that she was coming on and we switched overrule quick we've we've missed the trip almost and they showed it. After she was done was almost the program Nagasu. Yes you really good. Yeah. Yeah she was good. The medal count. We expect to do well and we're not we're not exactly just it just started we have four medals the US has four medals two gold one silver one bronze. If I believe the over under question that you had a couple weeks ago was over under nine. I do was it eight bill on the show medals yeah we've we've we actually you asks. The three of us including yourself. You guys all went under an hour over and I. Still stick that. Norway has a nine medals they lead the way but only two gold Germany has four goals lately the gold count a missile into the Olympics last two weeks like home almost right. Do it to start it again bid to started his playing time. I know that but I mean we're. We got a shot the metal and in hockey. At least a women's hockey I don't know about men's hockey I mean there's some other things. We've got some speed skaters that are pretty good we've got some some downhill with women that are pretty good. Snowboarding. I mean we've got we've we one. One metal snowboarding debt levels prize Friday night yes. And I think we've got a couple FEMA also mortars that have a China. So I mean we've got the opportunity to win tomorrow. We will certainly when's the metals. We will win Florida once I found herself blog here on some some more curling time that you watch some curling DL Watson Russa India for Canada. For some reason I did I get real free USA in the Olympics are root for the continent. Did you see the cat curling. I did not see it kept early if now with a look that up its tent and somebody did a pretty good job of editing and but it can in the here instead of the whatever that this price doing the announcing this the checkered and yeah there's going to be viewed event at the chick that I thought to ask you. And 44 GS PE SPN I'll take a final Greg about it wrap it up here on the Monday hoddle next on ESPN upstate. So affirmative Wofford now dead even. In the basketball standings in the Southern Conference with 85 conference record seventeen and nine overall records. That's after Furman blew out Wofford ingrained bill over the weekend 76. To 52 Wofford went a seven minute span in the first apple now scoring. And solely lost by 24 points to the paladins. Fletcher McGrew McGahee and Nathan Hoover leading the terriers scoring ten points that's it is that a hard time game points. On the board Furman started the second half on a 70 run got the lead up to 25. They made thirteen threes in the game and that's the most vile Wofford opponent. Since the citadel also made thirteen threes. In Spartanburg on January 6. A forty point 6% shooting from three points for the allens. And 46%. From the field. So Juan nice win for Furman. Against the Wofford terriers. East Tennessee State though is kind of running away with things in the Southern Conference this year it's been sort of anticlimactic because a East Tennessee State's undefeated in the conference. Thirteen a no 22 and four overall Greensboro and second place at ten and two and then now Furman and Wofford with their. Eight and five records. And the so con. Frank Reich is your new coach for the Philadelphia are for the Indy NASA hapless colts coming in as the offensive coordinator from Philadelphia so. Frank Reich takes the place of all would be coach Josh McDaniels who backed out of his deal. To be the next guy. Ride will replace chuck put god though. After this search. Chris Mallard the general manager of the colts. Took the blame for. The colts announcing the agreement with mcdaniels before he had signed on the dotted line and so he. Backed out Ballard said. That the colts wanted someone that's 100% committed to partnering with us in getting the work done and they think they've. Found my guy with frank Reich. What is as he signed the Alan got so busy then press conference we signed an elevated on the press conference chip listen if on the colts fan out I'm happy because I would rather have anybody than someone from New England. Armed and Josh McDaniels I know he was highly sought after but he didn't do well when he was a head coach before. And frank Reich did pretty good in his last gig. So that doesn't mean hell do really well. As a head coach but. Coming after the guy who we can't do a lot worse now Lester if he has signed by the way the colts tweeted a picture of him signing. It's a fumble and begun enrollment he was they held on them way too long maybe he should have been gone a year or two ago he does. Sorry I mean I think he held on to a lot of sympathy I think that's part of it now. On and which is understandable to a point but they need to get rid of him earlier. What is frank Craig get as we've talked about earlier he don't know if you have Andrew Luck you know you have an off awful offensive line what else do you. Half. The Thursday. There is that in the draft he out on a Bill Polian said that frank Reich will be a quarterback whisperer for Andrew Luck. It can't make him healthy again I can't do math at a losing to whisper and make him healed I don't think so they might be you might be some by the it would. Opened play better if he can stay healthy that's cannot exceed the colts period. Any other thing before far recall since it's been forever since you've played before Andrew Luck got hurt he was not playing well that season I'm. He was having a pretty bad season a lot of people talked enough to be offensive line but he was not playing up to. Expectations for sure him and if he does come back this year is going take a while to get back into where he was. I don't know I'd I think it's a good hire. Bum knee Yellow Sea I think it's that it's not a man higher on paper we'll see if it works out. Good luck hasn't. Pro football since the middle of October. Right now is in Southern California he's working with a throwing expert they are a Ballard's GM says he won't skip a step. He walled in and go through the process of getting himself ready to play. In Ballard started up saying he's confident he's gonna prove people wrong we would want anybody else on our team. Who's about to visit Jacoby Russa. The maybe there and I think I think it I know Hugh what I'm pretty sure he went there from New England now I think he got hurt the camp and remember for sure. Elton well let me Reich was good at Philadelphia. And certainly did the job when nick polls is a back up the car someone's got to give credit for the. And if he can help Andrew Luck assuming a lot can get healthy then now. Maybe the colts can start to turn things around him made the playoffs in three years. Overnight and Omega this year you know probably not. Coming off for a twelve year. Probably not those looking at down. The draft teams that really need to have a great draft and certainly Indianapolis is. One of them they really big draft and they've got the number three overall pick. They need an inside linebackers they need offensive lineman. Probably looking for a pass rusher to. Edge rusher. Certainly one of the teams that have to have a big draft. Cleveland they got him they got to take advantage of having picks number one and number four I blow this thing can be bad for a long time ago. I trust in them and they're they're GM I think he'll do a good job and they got to go quarterback running back if they can I mean. Everyone's saying that that's above they gotta do that that unless unless of course again if they can. Somehow pull off a trade or some thinning get one of these or or someone these free agent quarterbacks that are. Out to be freeagent what does it happened. May yourself like that one. A lot of these guys are wondering able to actually sign people I was like Al Smith has you know. Gone to Washington but he can't sign yet. Then call now I don't know the exact date but it's pretty says but they might not start but Cleveland in a running back with the fourth pick I mean Barkley may not be there. Other colts to take Barkley a three Hecht the giants can take Barkley to the united gentlemen three quarterback an unknown thing difficult to take a running back because of recent history it but dim light. I don't know Barkley pretty good and there again if you're Cleveland and you want Barkley. I think I don't know what you can get by trading one spot but its possibility. And they don't have a lot to trade. This forced players ago. If you get rid Obama the certain receiver who's really good but he has a little bit of a drug problems. Little bit browns have five draft picks inside the first two rounds so the that would be looking for running back somewhere in the air and yes. Somewhere in there there will be looking for a quarterback. Improbably cornerback as well meaning that as well. Hey thanks for listening to the huddle today here on ESPN. Upstate. Tomorrow we will be joined by chase Elliot it's speed week at Daytona you'll be all when this at 245 tomorrow afternoon. And much much more so we hope you'll join us banner. Strider post surge coming up next it's hopefully Josh will be back as well for Alonso I'm Greg McKinney thanks for listening to the Hubble on ESPN upstate.