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Quarterback and the huddle on ESP in upstate and Greg McKinney Alonso was here coach Phillips off fought today low but under the weather hopefully back with us tomorrow we about your calls and you're taxing your tweets. In a just few minutes and a 444773776. But right now lol welcome and special guest on the huddle gas line and that's Brittany Wagner you know learn from last chance you couple seasons on Netflix Britney or. And didn't marry him. Doing great appreciate you coming on today out ball wanted to catch up with the usage she left. Scuba Mississippi. A lot of changing your life in the last year or so against. Yes and my left ear as he actually let them balance and I am. And I'm Irving learn how am I. Me and I admire company about it. And now lives in recently on the odd pack lack actually. At about and bear it basically and I can record athlete or teachers out there all over the country on how to ask. Create an academic that Kirk and kind of like we reenact the Vietnam they are with the athlete like Atlanta beat it beat. How do a lot of men they. And it. They hear I. Thank you not. Yeah absolutely wild yeah you're you're the star of that show at least in my paying enough. I know laden you have a new level of fame thanks to that Netflix series so you're enjoying that. I can't I mean I don't. I think that at that and them I have bad. Or being on a map like that but really it being that I am at great bulk order iPad never out payment and that's not what it really my call that thing I'm thankful that that. App like provided it is the opportunity. Provided the topic in eighty. Have a platform but bigger and equipment that it be really vehicle and track ball or outlets. Am meat that may edit the. If for people who didn't watch show last chance you just two gimbal background you were basically in academic advisor end east Mississippi Community Colleges where some off. A football players you lob got to trouble in other places would end up and try to get back on the right path and you're a big part of that just trying to keep them. In the right place with their grades in their academics there how did you welcome to east Mississippi community college in the first place. The next lacking in mid day and how it account where where he went back rent athlete and a B day. A 4 year and I am and ESP had kind of there are. Big time debate in line guy on the team and he went biking out and not really loud like kind of control and the battle. The president of the Mississippi can't be athletic director at the time Mary Ann at the and Larry that out we have the part met. Back back back and I am and then neck thank you Matt I don't know that at the moment trying to get credit score. But he and map. Next thing I knew I had a bad cop the president op erred. And I wouldn't do that. You know when Netflix came in for those two plus seasons that you were there are a camera just the cameras are just pretty much rolling all the time did it get to the point where you. Freedom not much attention has a pretty natural what was going on the the interaction with kids and all that. Now that you ever yet but they they are pretty you know obvious like Erik and your faith that their air bet. I mean it really important that hat creator created the men actually Korea lit. And pain cameraman at saint bound track. Basically Eric courier Whitney. All the time and never the same color eyes and ears and I think you have that. He'd like the people. Like cameraman and the like but now I feel like you're out but caught the ball around and and it debt create a more apple and I'd be at that guy in the creator and I tracked and then and I act out like they cared about how well being loud and I think that helped crack that. And yet Erik days where he bragged that turn and not have any comment at Eric. It wears on in LA county and you're being buried on our girl. And it being on our I figured out. But I'll wait back at me it seemed like it would be a lot you're the actor at the people on. People don't like your world and it is like your role but when year you're out there they don't like yeah. About partner I think it at that that you Barbie you know that people don't like you'd. At that moment come. I'll end her and that would I agree it yeah I mean that I was out and it it it out of it LL. And amp talk a new love Britney Wagner formally with up last year this year now she has her own company called 101000 pencils mall and a podcast we'll talk of about. More about that in a moment. I asked him Brittany about gaining the trust of these young man because they evolve. They've been through some stuff. They're they're for a reason and east Mississippi community college and now. You know to get them to trust you and trust that TV crew or the film crew that's in the air and all that. The key to bat for you two are gaining the trust of some of these guys who've not exactly. Had great role models in their lives. Yes and for me I think to eat at that is is being genuine and can't be here now I mean I care about and equal optic deal I think. I think I I would bet and they would get an eye out at that their worries but it they're being critic he made adequate then. I would learn Redick came and I like it in and I are about and I think. When you care about Mattie you're trying to economic elite eight rat. Attracted bear you know I'd rather than there are acting. Eat army. It's getting you know them and hearing about that never. Lot I mean I would cap on them time but I thought. Dan and you know I would be happening at. And I think that relationship building with heat Ernie at the camera. That even one and you are and I. The way happening. I don't add any act by that anyone with a lot apple says that that is being art now that I eat it what. I am I think that's why they're back annually in net a lot I'll. John Franklin and all the guys on the planet on it no matter that we etiquette PPL I hand. Well my did you decide it was time to get out scuba and do something else. I felt like I had done I'll like you I eight geared. I I have about like okay it went Nat on NN that he could he have like went out there you know. Out at Q under the ballplayer than at the next level. I went out there for me EU ear I am. I really felt the responsibility. Act felt like app platform but now. World I Alec yeah now I'm caught all of the oral. Enact bell on act like I was eating that arrow. And all the art I had and it there print it cite it and eat and and really Enid. I can't Alec. That was kind of my calling an album it now. That I get back there in England being banged out it was really got. Didn't some of the young men tell you that that you tell in the fall they're adamant they want you to do the same thing. They cannot really pulling out it really happened art in that area making it didn't really the athlete he. And it hit the Gallup urbane Heyman and that. It is your time like you do apparent that this is like our need at all you're doing all right Alex. There are really what kind of an end in early the athletes that and it gave me the courage yet. So now you're doing this for odd different institutions not just one not is it. How do you do that given the fact that your not going to be able to have all the face to face time like you did in scuba you're doing a lot of an on the phone against. Yeah I am glad now I am glad they haven't. Don't realize yet there are 88 I'm in that a lot back ever act well that it out and people say. A lot of acting a lot at marrying a time I. Travel quite an that I am. On I met at amateur races. At 88 Amy now ban a lot of a lot of traveling and. Now how about this a new podcast I heard your first episode tell us about that. Excited about it I'd act it is on I speak every went to be caught at every Wednesday. Apple drop that knew that the and our weekly blanket at 9 am really excited to have him on our act that there won't be asked every every week some weeks are at me. Am and it's not always going to be or banner and week out this talk about and then this week on Wednesday dropped one and it's basically about. Meet turning or eat it here I'll bigger bite out out of your bat there become bakery that gas. And we are not only it'll about athletics I'm not entirely. Well what it gaelic created shadow that where people felt like they were and my op and and they were having medical action at me like the athletes are having Larry it laid back in the chair but at rock. That we're really trying to create a podcast is at them. And Britney got bad and bad. Yelled having Lane Kiffin measure first guest is certainly a name and a guy that hasn't been without controversy understand you like him what do you like about Lane Kiffin. You. Eat and without need to apologize for it and I out of athletic de part of I think every line selling out. It has get it cut at a chronic addict is not great at the bank at this. And then I met a kind of hat has. Not that great anymore because they sell out is an honor their athletic director aware. What they think they EU and everything that made it great at that this that. Brilliant and you know they don't do it and they do it at that and that I. Back at like ERL I like everything agreement they eat eighty or around. I need not really selling out at people anymore and it is. And apart got bored and I respect that. Dan can appreciate that's a lot of people find your podcast one of the looking for. Our app or lack there and outlet that I hiking or anywhere that it brought out front. And I've ray review men and hair at our air and it got every lead that. Very good Brittany we appreciate that love your work and will be listening to the podcast and really appreciate you coming on would love that you backs and I'm. And that. And it. Thanks Brittany Wagner. Formally with last chance you which show early lob she was outstanding in that series. Abbott has moved on and moved to Birmingham Alabama and down now is basically consulting. Various institutions to help with the with athletes who are in that academic trouble enough managing to chew through there and her 101000 pencils. Comes out of the fact that she was always. Telling the athletes to make sure they had a pencil. Sounds very very positive and yes she's awesome she released she's lost on now follow her on Twitter at Brittany underscore MS girl. At Brittany underscoring this girl from Mississippi State. And then check out of the podcast you can find it on year. You around. App Store whatever you may have for you or podcast downloads just do a search for a new law. You'll enjoy Alice nibbling tip and it was kind of funny in the Shiite Clint trick get on a remember him but he was an assistant. At Saddam Mississippi east Mississippi community college and he and lane were together on a recruiting call when she animal on and out. Clinton did not want to be on with her at all and you could tell he was very uncomfortable. With the ears I gotta go Britney go Britney but lane. Lang was the hammy certainly on spent some time there missed a check it out you'll enjoy it it's Britney Wagner pressure coming on here. In the huddle on ESP in upstate bright time back with more we'll get to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their big win yesterday over the Boston Celtics on Alonso has an interest stop but the so good coming up next you're listening to the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle he ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney and Alonso in studio. Today. And Josh out under the weather hopefully back where this tomorrow 8444773776. The text line is 71307. And on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Cleveland Boston NBA yesterday. 121 to 99. Cavaliers you watch this. I did I also lost two games Friday and because of one dealer's compare what it was like after. This trade before the new guys got the play and what it was like once the new guys got in there know new guys play front now and an end Friday. Really quick. They have an energy about them that they haven't had all year because of my biggest complaint and I think it was very obvious by anyone who wants to cast play is. There was no energy there's no. They look like they were bored. And out Friday night you could to see that they. They look beautiful then in the third and how they were approaching everything and then yesterday man that was. Now was a lot of fun to watch I know a lot of people go crazy about. How old their back all this kind of says one game it's one game without one game was against. Supposedly the best defense in the NBA. And not only did they. Went from pretty bad. On what the Celtics but they also. They played better defense. Davis would better overall especially the guys who have been on the team. They had a different energy about JR Smith was back to being crazy JR Smith making shots isn't. He should not take and it's just a really good. You sing big guys that are dawn. Are gone because LeBron wanted to and all. Physically hand picked those gusts only. You know I know you have some sound coming up now most if he says on this hour what he said before he he's he's saying that there's no hard feelings toward the guys who in the shade towards the guys who left and Alice kind of stuff. I don't know because he makes it sound like he says that the front office made these. Decisions of course even if you was pulling the strings he's gonna say that. Mind. You'd have to think he was consulted itself. Yeah me add to be I mean it's it's documented that he was consulted about the Dwayne wade thing. But the rest I'm out. And there's only one really disgruntled guy out there who left it and they'll be Isiah Thomas no surprise there. Right arm blood. Hand I just. I don't want to get excited and and and believe that they're going to have a shot against Golden State. And kind of feel that way because he'll listen. Iditarod and he's now either move him past Boston I didn't I never heard. I have a little bit of doubt about the when knees but. I don't mountain. As far as can view go and state I'm still not sure Golden State's can be represented in the last night so used to drive there yeah. And so what do we see what happens and again it's one game. Before you guys Giorgio Jordan Clarkson Rodney hood and Larry Nance junior combined for 49 points in this game yesterday. 49 point that's pretty good. And a defensively held the Celtics to just over 40% shooting and more importantly 26%. From three point range. To that help here's what LeBron said about the lineup they cast put on the floor yesterday. Seduced or you know. Russell Martin who does you've been here and so are we Georgian. What we're sure they're doing just wanna contain and then we just came off the bench it's not Jordan's. I. He's very escorted when congress composure was great home run puts so much for isn't. It was just control who knows where Emerson great pick and rolls and allowed underdog. So you just over the moon goes Gasol for all of us know we'll return potential. I George Hill said the pregame message they got up from LeBron James was who cares about mistakes. Who cares about miss shots. Who cares about all that stuff he said we're not here to be perfect there's no judgment go out there have fun take your shots be yourself. And now ceremony is pretty relaxed. I was impressed with Clarkson to you know my expectations for him we're not real high but it's seventeen point shot seven for eleven. Couple steals. So pretty good. You know not only did they add them but they've put Z osment in there in the starting line up and he only played really good the last couple games and he had suddenly been inserted. Which is one of the reasons why blame ways will no longer there. And he's a younger guy but he's he was playing in Turkey at fifteen while so I mean he's got a lot of experience he missed the dunk which was hilarious if there was. Cracking I mean he stole the ball got only down there and hit the iron not the near iron but the back I and so he was up above the Rambus coastal areas. The sideline was doing something that they haven't done all year jumping up and down getting all excited and it looked like. Innocent teams had to switch. That they turn on when it's playoff time at it look players playoff time yesterday at nuclear playoff game and when you see. Carrier ring sitting down in the fourth quarter because as teams get beat. Up like that thousand dollars for enjoying the. Well I hill we'll see if they can and keep this energy up obviously they were excited because of the new guys on the floor yesterday and you get that can they do this night after night week after week. And the other thing about Cleveland is dumb in May not be just about catching Boston in May be about catching Toronto. Because Toronto is 15 in a row and they're now on first place in the east. Over the Celtics. And Cleveland six games back of Toronto now and five and a half back of the Boston Celtics. I don't think I want it to cavs care about being first. I mean because Celtics were first last year and being sued they do with a knee there it's almost better to be in the position you're in right now ethic. And I guess depending on the match up you know Lou right now who they play new play the Hoover in Indiana succeed yet so I mean I'm bad now. But if you were the one seed you play Philadelphia. And I you know who knows. Who knows which is better depends on match ups over on the western side. Houston is now I half game behind. Golden State Houston has won eight in a row. Nine of their last ten and their half game back of the Golden State warrior so that's great race to. 8444773776. The stock to Harold next in the huddle hey Harold. America always a pleasure Doug you allows you know we had a great day no coach should know better thank you we appreciate it hopefully be back tomorrow. Why don't know reducing it you're talking about Toronto blue and gold then won't hold you go to Toronto and it seemed like in this area we don't get to see them on television so. I'll tell you germ personnel are usually are doing in these comments as far as AR competitor historically when. Now look they're doing great. They're doing great they have some players they still have. Nobody likes to talk about DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry and surge in those guys but their play and a high level now I don't think their goal and an. Where they're missing here's the thing though they played at a high level before the last couple years in the in the playoffs and I'll do anything so it depends on. Can they get past the first round. And I can get to big to the conference finals we'll see what happens there but. History would say that. They won't supposedly they've changed their entire style play out and gets him play either now will not go well obviously their first place what do you think Carol do you believe in Toronto. Well the thing about Toronto and new multilateralism Virginia Cavaliers in the NCAA. We do great regular season when it comes to the knicks let alone play else got a bit and I did and yet so different beast and it also don't know where all. No they haven't they haven't in the past that's right. And you know you guys may run there may be no difference this year the images via great regular season team and fade away into oblivion when now. When the playoffs roll around I don't know. You know you are clearly don't remember our deal were higher during the regular season and then they get to play and they do they do now. Yup that's right. Another goal and things such a thing. I'm I'm I'm okay. They're gone. Now other nobody's left last one out turn out the lights thank you Carol we appreciate a bomb falsely. We'll save Tron display and really well right now five straight wins. And a half game up on Boston and down that's a really a two team race. Well and more into one of the Wednesday it was Toronto. Beat the Celtics so that. We'll see I mean there are what like when he selling games left or something like guys who still lot to go before we get to deploy now. Me Catholics looks like gum. Test case of not but yet again as you say. You know let's finish first you wanna be in the top three or four. You know because you don't wanna play a top team in the playoff first round of the playoffs so don't get that second for you don't want that. My Cleveland safely there even though still pretty close some in Milwaukee is the five seed right now. And they're eight games back as as Indiana so there's not much there's only two games difference between the three seed in the succeed in the east. Cleveland's 13 Guerrero I think we have one more game before we all star break I think it's tomorrow night. And we'll see what happens. The galaxy Cleveland will play a home wouldn't have been possible schedule there. OC today is the twelfth. So they will play tomorrow and OKC that's right. At Oakland Citic bigot that's worth watching. And be on TNT tomorrow night. Yeah hale and I don't we moon watching good to see how they match up against okay see him do they have the same energy that they had yesterday the other us right now as well say when your take in the callers can they keep the excitement level up obviously they had him with a new guys on the floor for the first time can they keep that going. As they finish out the regular season through mid April. 8444773776. Text line 71307. GMAC Alonso back in a moment in the huddle. On ESPN upstate. It out model on ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Alonso a 444773776. Text line 71307. Use the key word ESPN. Had a text or say Greg had a skull the SEC office to voice my concern with sank he. Not doing anything to the Missouri athletic director there trying to issue mr. frank Martin's been fine. 245000. Dollars today by the league for commenting on the officials. Saturday after the gamecocks lost to Florida but yet. Even though there's been at least one meeting. There has been no action against the athletic director in Missouri for basically. Slandering. Dawn Staley interest to do here what the officer into that person call them down. I get blessed man in this is going to be equally venomous and I doubt if he got. Sank you on the phone. Probably not the thing about this some when it comes of the NFL and it was interesting story. Following up to the Super Bowl that Blaine Johnson the offensive tackle for the Eagles. It's taken shots at the patriots. Seven an interview recently that. The patriot story fear based organization. The players don't have fun. Talking to bar stool sports. Said the patriot way is fear based. Today when yes they when they want for a long time. But do people. Enjoy it there can say they say had a lot of fun playing there no I don't think that that's the God's honest truth sibling Johnson. And he said bad like robots swimming and interviews. Actually said they act like. Blinking robots. Is he wrong I mean from perception standpoint how he's wrong and all Dolly is wrong and all but you're plus think about is. This Josh McDaniel decision to back out of the colts job and stay in. Indianapolis I'm and stay in new England and wait out Bill Belichick. Is a little surprising when you when you analyze it a little bit and think about the future. Of those two places. Personally don't know when he's gonna take over for Belichick could be a year can be two years can be more than that. The Brady's not going to be around that emotional right. What else today and rock is talking about retiring. I know what you're saying but if you stay you have a chance. To help shape what the future is. So you don't have to go in to India and go OK I have one this you know what you have in New England. You if he actually is taken under Belichick swing which again why hasn't that happened until now I'm but if he has a hand in. The futures then you know what you got. Indianapolis has the third pick in the strapped on to. Indianapolis has a lot more questions. Now they're anti retro it yeah they did going to court. You know you're not a quarterback who was an ex patriots scored well as far as that goes you know at least at this moment you have Brady. Do you know you have look we have no idea of that you just going to be. And it makes me wonder. Josh McDaniels knows something about Andrew Luck and his future. Because on the face of that lesson you've got if you think Andrew Luck is going to be backing of beyond what he's like 27. You got him for a decade. You know what the heck you're gonna have after Brady in Indianapolis and by the way you've got picked number three in this year's draft you might get sick while mark. If you think you've got luck and Barkley. You can't build around and you know what's appoint him work with you on the line when you got to build the line. I mean a patriots don't have them in the best line in the world. Then align good enough to make it to Super Bowl. I'm just say and it seems to me I'm just suspicious that Josh McDaniel doesn't think Andrew Luck going to be. The answer long term in Indy. And I still think he was given assurances. I think he's given a time line about how long military is going to be there and he knows it's coming soon. And that's where he'd rather be so we stayed there knowing that I would you rather be. Keys to the Kingdome but team that's been to Super Bowl. You're gonna follow a legend you know you don't wanna do that. Not supposed to do that. I understand what you're saying but if you are also being. Tutored by the legend in Europe under the legend and you keep the same methods and then you got shot women's health and as a work. I don't know. I'm trying to think of instances one where does actually happen. Now I. I don't know. I mean I was suspicious about locks long term viability alone. And what McDaniel did doesn't help mine doesn't alleviate those concerns to me. He's probably got some information. And maybe he found out that information. Between the time that he agreed to go there and the time that he backed out I know that they got a whole love them and made him some assurances. See I still think this has more to do a new England and it does. Indianapolis but I completely. Agree with you there he told you that probably. Edged him back the where he was but I it again. Wouldn't shock me don't check it doesn't I know Josh said does it wouldn't shock me if he did retire this summer or at least say I'm done after this year. You can get but that third pick you can get the best offensive lineman. Available. This year because you know Cleveland in the giants are probably going to be a mean in my giants might go alone they might. Not at all Cordoba probably a quarterback in Cleveland. Probably a quarterback. Onion. As go to the phones and talk to blood Jason next in the huddle Jason welcome mat. Yes thank markup a comment on the here we are going to like it. Our war membership and initially in their early. Or stroke. The multiple where I'll this year. And I don't have a real issue where it hit a beautiful day and rip it up. My ankle injuries. Let's get that. You know you make sure my christianity. Are treated well but you know. How old ban on torture you know you're a Michigan State and her and understand and appreciate that forty tech. Lol yeah. Yes I think surge at two or you know. Yeah to apply to other. Tell lies they're one of the yeah and certainly one of the top eight teams so that would make him at least a two run. I would say so that's surprising elevate your Tennessee team was was a top sixteen team and happy about than ever. Our our alienated me had a terrible game not edged up by upper. You know election are endorsed gay game at Shea Asian election. Borrower political not actual play another bash bill and a church grounds. Panel Mardy has a lot causing. But it let's check urged. Her mr. absurd you know I think engaged approach that America touched. Over regret art art predicts. We sure you know crush her. I think they can't get sick Clinton yeah yes you know. Listen that's awesome yeah oh sure it. And I had a great year no doubt that Iraq study group George. Comment electorate has is that there are a lot of it just. Green in the bracket out Gina did orientation industry. I'm bashed all likely place that Gupta yet. What pops six game plan definitely reassuring to me you've got to turn it isn't a little more release a clean sand mound. You will be extinct remotely made major. That they have an upset. You know than I don't know that Belmont got wanted McCain camp that Ronald were locked. Voter who's and you got to like their. This is not the year that you just wanna get chalk on the staff because. There's really no child who has and who. Virginia as the top overall saved of people really trust Virginia as the top overall seed. I did not think they're better than they've ever been. But top overall seed. You know based on what they've done in tournaments. In recent history. Schedule follows doctor Brian next they bribe. They got married that little. I think you can call one saying from the whole Josh McDaniel. New England situation. And that is that Brady barring injury plans to play for another five years 45. And read option in that. Everyone knows. In I like it helped free. So barring injury probably would be capable of doing that I mean he doesn't take a lot of it but every aspect that is too old. Warren. You know knowing Belichick he probably wanted to transition to go out or. And they and their young how did. Quarterback. And the you know there are some of course some of the words about rivalry between. The order and Belichick and Brady I think it could have easily been a situation where he was like are also another five years. And and make your crap shut up. Ortiz got an awful lot more here he's our quarterback we're not transitioning to drop a lot of and then Josh McDaniels here's the signs saying well get a barrel or five more years. Then maybe I should stay in New England. Arms so I think I think one thing you can definitely golf and that is that Brady plans on being around a lot. Do you think but I thought he has invited him like five years solid and be effective big rate. And be able to run is now. I'm 45 he's forty I'm 45 an optional simple help BC. Now having said that I wouldn't write anybody he is not like anyone either apple or 300 out my number 8 o'clock that either but I definitely think you could quite. Into his mid forties yes that bank got into. On. Nobody's done that and he'll he'll understand there aren't. Effectively I mean on George bland it was. Role and now they're what are the war on the moon was what 4142. Something like I'm 45. True. You know you've got to get to forty or 42 before you get the 45 on to say in two. I just you know he's going to be the guy I mean it could do but I guess you know. You've got a point. That he would be the guy but well if he does played a 45 would it make you considered. Going on the diet and he's on a check on to say and I mean. If he's able to play at least at the level he's that right now and in I knew Brian he's he's not who he wouldn't. When he was in his prime you're gonna wanna for a racy anyway he's just not that kind of a quarterback but yeah he still plays a couple years and still plays the love always on right now. He chickened out that died because that thing must be pretty good judges bill diet. Every guy I don't think that's when it's confident that she's fell again a moment when do you guy kicked out of patriots campus houses offices across the street. Yes that's an. 8444773776. Will be right back in the huddle on ESP announced. I go back to the huddle ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney Alonso and studio till 4 o'clock this afternoon a 4447737760. Here's the thing about Warman. Yes he retired at 44. With the chiefs. His last year with the Kansas City Chiefs into new year 2000 he played in two games. Is next to the last year in 1999 he played in one game. So we effectively retired in 1998. At 42 won't be saying that the most backups or retire whose use is being a backup break. I'm was Brady's a but I realize Brady will never be a back up I guess that it's a whole different dough ball game now he's not going to be a backup right. Embrace and agony that so. You know 42 for Warren Moon. Above playing effective. And he's got a league the standard for that old quarterback core X don't play main course Blackstone just keep going owning your own. Tom Brady's gonna hit the wall don't believe he's gonna hit the wall just. Because no one's ever done before doesn't mean it can't be done and it's I want him to retire last year but that's didn't happen is not gonna happen this year. But with this day and age in and all the things that we're finding out about nutrition and keeping your body. More fit in all that kind of thing he got to believe that's always good do it eventually. What is do it. Play effectively until. 450353635. I don't know is there but I can maybe he can go 45. If if anyone was gonna do it when you believe that he might be the first one. About it. Bubbly to you was gonna do I don't believe Tom Brady is sling it around 45 how much does he got to diminish before you tell him he's done. All I know is when they hit the Wally at all. True. But he does have the wall yeah that's right. Now not even codes please don't you think he's one of the main reasons they made it to Super Bowl and since no question about that. He is the reason. They only do without Brady I'm not disparaging what he's doing right now at all. I was greatness Super Bowl lost one this ball. He was great while there was a strip sack that was kinda has forward they can blame it on the line Zain east cock in his arm back. It's it from the blind side was exposed as a I don't know I can watch that replay over and over again I don't know what he's posted. No I you know he's great he'll he will hit a wall. Why we think the wall is gonna. Be 45 for Tom Brady I'm not quite sure. Has meant for anybody else but it's going to be that for Tom Brady okay. I just it's just weird to me. The Josh McDaniel liberty to. Because. Lot of time. This could go a year to either way but by the time bella checked leaves. Brady's going to be leaving. The whale looks. You really think Brady's gonna play a lot longer than Belichick coaches. I still wonder I think a lot of people speculated this that they would have won the Super Bowl this year maybe they walked away this year may be. Maybe they feel like they have to win another Super Bowl before they can quit. How does that help Josh McDaniel. Josh McDaniels going to be there was an empty. Covered. That's the way it looks to me. Now droplets grapple was still there on state and if I'm Josh McDaniel I got them but he's gone. Just a trader at unless. On pins on how and how long was his contract again that he did sign around. So you know four years from now. When it's time for Brady June to go flush you bring back drop below your radio. For auction. That's the plan it's a master plan I'm just announcing it just noticing the master plan. I you know in new England's gonna pick one next the last. And Andy's gonna pick third. I feel dirty speaking positive of New England so much does bothers me because I want to see the evil empire fall when it comes to them. And it just doesn't show any signs them I mean there are cracks here and there but. You know. New England is radium belly check and they're not going to be there. What's he doing little loud Brady and melon checked all seeing as how we. In recent memory we have no idea what I mean when's the last time they weren't there along as a band. Awhile. But they're not going to be there. And that's what you're gonna get Josh congratulations. Good luck. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate. Earlier from Frank Martin and hopefully you won't ask us for a long. Rallies and find 25000 dollars. That's coming up we'll talk about the weekend golf and much more our number three of the huddle with GMAC and lungs those straight ahead if you wanna jump in 8444773776. Text on 71307. Back in a moment ESP in upstate.