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A got a great weekend welcome end to the huddle on Monday on ESPN. Upstate. Pregnant getting along so here. Coach Phillips under the weather today so he will not be what this. Get well soon Josh he said he had a temperature block one on one. So yeah I know is really wrong when the is that deep down that the cavs split on the Celtics and he just wanna face hey I get it. Again it does fine yellow cab Saber here he's got a little bit to cast fever nuts alright I hope you feel better. If. We'll talk about it anyway whether he's here not hears it he'll he'll tweet about it from home. Now welcome to have a lot to do today here. In the huddle we are going to be joined by Brittany Wagner live at 204 this afternoon and he was. Really the star in my mind of our last chance you she has left the show now with the outstanding in that Netflix series she was the I guess academic advisor at the on junior college and try to help some of those. Young man and get through school and she's moved on and two and that basically form. Many schools now and forming out her services and has proved to move from Mississippi to Birmingham Alabama we'll check him predicament of the to a four. This afternoon get an update on what's going on. With her we will hear from frank Martan about the gamecocks. Basketball game over the weekend or an get the more information involving Frank Martin and just broke. Here in just couple minutes. Johnny Mann Zell on Good Morning America. Trying to. Set up a path to return to the NFL we'll tell you what he's saying in talk about that coming up. Yes the cavs beat the Celtics badly get into the MBA from the weekend and I hear from LeBron James about his. His new line up with the Cleveland Cavaliers so far so good. For those guys golf over the weekend battle of the lefties and Phil Mickelson did not. When it the will tell you what that happened they're as well coming up and the out. And the bracket preview put out by the NCAA yesterday in pretty good look for the Clemson Tigers they've. Laid out the top sixteen teams are kind of doing what they play off committee. Dozen college football now whether it's worth anything or not we can certainly start talking about bracket Knology. With a straight face now there were around. At February 12 and just about three weeks before the end of the regular season so. Everything now is a pretty serious all games really critical right now going down the stretch we'll tell you what's happened over the weekend there. You can jump on board Collison 8444773776. The attacks minus 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And on Twitter at ESP in upstate brawl we'll hear from Frank Martin about the blowout loss. The gamecocks suffered at the hands of Florida over the weekend and country lost. Five and around now and are fading fast. Pretty much all hopes of the NCAA tournament go on and again to get battered again and the ninety. So Frank Martin is frustrated we got that. And he rented the after the game on a number of things will let you hear what he said about his team and it's not very complimentary certainly not passing the blame for the way his. Team has played. But he didn't. Issue a complaint about who was officiating the game. Frank Martin was issued a technical foul by league Cassel late in the first half of that game. And after the game. Martin was critical. Of the SEC allowing castle to work SEC games. Cassel became a regular on ACC games. Last season. There's a Martin said he set I have never ever ever spoken about officials because they got a hard job. Both for our league office to allow that to happen that's wrong. He said I'm sure someone's gonna call me and say why did you say that and I'm gonna tell me it's what I feel and I've told you this before. You know I told you this in private it's the way I feel. It's not right. More not necessarily critical of the officiating as much as his presence at the game. Martin said eleven years as a head coach I think today was my sixth technical foul and eleven years. I got a problem in our league office puts a guy on our game they got his break in the SEC and turned its back on the SEC to go officiate the other leagues. Why are we hiring beneficial to officiate SEC games. That's a problem he said we got our tails kicked officiating had nothing to do those getting beat today. But was Chris Dodd about Silva the only guy that pushes no one ever pushes him. He leads the country in free throw attempts but no one pushes him. But he's got the pushes everybody know whatever thousand when he shoots around the basket. Well. Today the SEC responded. And reprimanded publicly Frank Martin. And find. Price Martan 25000. 25 K. That's pretty strict his college basketball fine right there to a coach. 25000. Dollars. According to the league frank Martin's comments were made in violation of SEC bylaw ten dash. Players. And support personnel from all public criticism of officials. And for making public any specific communications. With the conference office related to officiating. Greg psyche the commissioner said. The Southeastern Conference membership has unanimously approved bylaw prohibiting public criticism of officials frank Martin's public comments violated the SEC bylaw. Which results in this reprimand and fine. The SEC staff planning coordinator of men's basketball officiating have worked diligently over the past two seasons to improve the overall quality of the conference's officiating program. Our coaches and administrators have been fully informed of our strategies for improvement. Which include building relationships with the other conferences to coordinate the assignment of officials outside their primary assigning conference. We appreciate this collaboration among officials and will continue to seek and support these officiating assignments and basketball officials. Well okay. That's fine and you know it does sound like. Frank Martin violated the spirit of that law in noise wasn't. Criticizing the officiating he was criticizing the league office for assigning the official there's a difference there. But I wouldn't even quibble about that the thing it's going to stick in the crawl of all game cock followers. Is it took two days. For this penalty to come down. On Frank Martin. And yet we have heard nothing. From the league office. About the slander of dawn Staley by the athletic director misery. Two weeks ago. Nothing. Does silly double standard doesn't none. And as far Frank Martin goes he knew he's going to be fine when he did this but I is worth 25000 dollars to give them to keep an island in the official. Yeah he's probably jumped. Probably was expecting that he should've been he seems pretty planned I when he does things like this but I I completely agree with you this is ridiculous. I mean. Responding really quick on this and not saying a word about the other. What's taking so long and sank he has said there's been a meeting. With the athletic director at Missouri. And ray tanner about the situation involving dawn Staley. Two weeks ago. And yet nothing's happened. Nothing's happened ray tanner has said it's not over. That's what he said Friday. There's not a closed matter. The third invest. Negation going on is that the reason why. I mean I don't know what they can balance a thing maybe takes a while to find witnesses to question I I don't know. And now let the decommissioned the end that the SEC can find those people South Carolina try to find those people and found no one to corroborate the stories about. You know what was yelled at player but again and I said this. Ten times already. No matter what a fan yelled at a Missouri basketball player and even if they spat at them and we don't know that they did. But at what the heck does that have to do it on steadily. Does not aiming to do whether except for the fact that supposedly she's the one who is in steal this atmosphere. How. This guy made that claim. This lady made that claim and has not found it necessary to tell us. What's it based on. And has said. We're moving on we get a game. That's meant his response. Bridges movement. Disclosed. Removal. Why you Lew Ford if you don't resolve. The slander that he. Perpetrated against no stay with what you can move forward with new ones do anything about it that's exactly what he's doing because they're not doing in the not so far they're not. And why not why does it why does it take to it tasted. Find Frank Martin because that's cut and dried and you heard him say it. All right I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. We have audio evidence of that or visual had a pretty easy they know what frame aren't selling at that. There's no debating what happened there they know what he said. But is the SEC railing. Investigating. The Missouri situation. They've already had the meeting. The commissioner psyches RD met with the eighties a Missouri and South Carolina. They have staff in Columbia investigating this I doubt it. Is that what we're led to believe. Don't think that's happening. I don't think South Carolina fans and take desperate. Kerry rich former game got player tweeted this. Missouri's a and USC's campus and doesn't get find or forced to publicly apologized question mark. Joseph whittled expert dot com. Tweeted took two days for Greg psyche to find Frank Martin for criticizing officials accepted and criticize officials are criticize the league office. And it's been two weeks since Missouri's JD slandered dawn Staley. Nary a peep from psyche what in the world is going on. What are we waiting for on that case. Commission. Do you really think this club would be resolved. I think they would just like it to go away because they're gonna do something maybe they would have had to have done it by now. So who's going to back down is ray tanner gonna say all right we hope it wasn't over but I guess it's over. It dawn Staley hasn't come out set but she says she's. Doing something about a behind saints that's. Other thing if if for some reason she's. Bringing up a lawsuit. Daycare early comment on any thing. Maybe they're busy working on their defense or or some dinner helping her case out who knows if the suit not only system file maybe she's. Planning that. But it's it's been filed that would be public information. You're right but maybe she's telling them that that's what she's gonna do when they're bent so they're going to sign ailing Bret. Why shouldn't just be over. Now think that diary tenor dawn Staley are gonna. Accepted just meeting over. But if nothing's done and all they're doing is talking and that's all they can do right unless she actually. Goes forward with some sort of losses at all who can do. The league that no that's all south Carolina at all ray tanner can do this all you do is complain yet or file a lawsuit right. But religion reprimand the AD in Missouri and they haven't done that. Should ninety. Absolutely. Should they have to explain comments that he made unless they somehow find out evidence that he was right. Which I'm not sure how you can do that. What what are we to believe from the Missouri athletic director that dawn Staley. At a secret meeting with fans and told him to spit on the Missouri players. Consul for media. She didn't put on social milieu I know that our fans couldn't. Private house out of the house that dawn Staley is fall. What dawn Staley he's a fiery coach so is the Missouri coach show so is geno or AM a soul or the coaches and many competitive teams in women's basketball. And men's basketball. And yes. These scrappy games between the game cock women and a Missouri. And. They played hard and they mail fouled hard not only know that dawn Staley didn't tell him to play. Hard. The next game he you know and all of that in a case like that when you can flat out is don't like. Another team you don't need do coach to tell you to do you know do it. Right but what what does that have to do it so. It seems like the ABM Missouri is same because of the style of play the South Carolina women. Are known to play. That's somehow translates to fan behavior. Rowdy play leads to rowdy stands a chance and promotes bad behavior by fans is that what he's saying because that's numbing Capote won the sounds like. Yeah you can't you can't make that can't draw that line from a to BMs are used. So let's not Staley and encouraged fans to be abusive and I'm I'm gonna suggest that she probably did not do them. In the ADM Missouri stepped over one. And has not apologized. And has not been reprimanded but Frank Martin. Is wallets 25000 dollar glider. Because of him not liking who they assigned to a game. I think we've all dealt with someone who's on apologetic about something they've done and even when they've been proven wrong will never ever no matter what same thing until their consequences. In Baldwin that why woody Dennis really heavily office it's that it's the right thing to do. But not everyone does the right thing. Now you double down when he went on and interview another interview with a radio show and just doubled down he's not he's been given plenty of time to apologize he's decided not to do it. Decided not to do it again I can't complain about this fine for Frank Moore and it does sound like he. Violated the letter of the law even though he wasn't necessarily criticizing the official but the assignment of the official let's that's. Nitpicking I don't I don't really see that much difference they're so funny frame or not that's fine that's fine. Step it up on the southern thing breaks Anke what are you waiting for all that. Bans wanna know what you gonna do about that. Lot of people don't know where you're knew about the. Literal here from frank Marten about the game Cox 65. To 41 loss to Florida. Problem is they're not competitive and not just that they're losing but they're just not competitive and so offering more and certainly has. His work cut out for him for the stretch run of the season so the South Carolina can. At least start to turn something around here make something positive happen but five straight losses and they're sliding fast right now on the did not look good at all. On Saturday. 8444773776. Techs Linus 71307. What exactly more moments and hear from ma Johnny football. Johnny men's L coming up stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back as Greg McKinney Alonso in the hollow here Monday afternoon hope your weekend was good. These can be a weird weather week and it was like nice mourned today 67 degrees. And tomorrow highs going to be 45. And then by Thursday is giving back to 73 a schools as good warm and I don't that's what one cold day in and bring out the shorts while. Crazy and then their talking about. Some rain may be again this coming week that we need a nice weekend it's not just sloppy wet may be nice. But look we're a mid way through almost midway through February now so. No light at the end of the tunnel maybe springs not too far away Valentine's day of course on now Wednesday don't forget about that. That has always sneak in a point Johnny man Zell was interviewed on Good Morning America this morning that you just aired this morning they pre recorded it. And sounds like Johnny is trying to pave the way for another crack at the NFL. He said that he's been diagnosed as bipolar. And he's on medication for that. And he says he's watching all the other guys. Doing what he wants to be doing. While he's sitting on the couch being a loser. SL that said that diagnosis of bipolar disorder came about a year ago. Says he's not drinking. A said his drinking. Was a problem and it was. His way of self meditating. The battle depression here's some one man's will set and a Good Morning America interviewed so mad at him. Depression to a point where I felt like and sometimes it's. Both in the day when you wake of the and you wake up the next. Liquid courage that we would like sense of your. Before it's over you is all gone and your west staring at the ceiling by yourself. Hole it's dark cold sitting in the room by yourself being super impressed that you know all the mistakes you made your. What does that get toward an idea me except now. We're gonna give me a disgrace. Well nothing else it sounds like John amends ill as a less cocky in a little more realistic. I unless he's taken on acting lessons he sounds very sincere area and I I know I've been following him on Twitter for a while. Suddenly I think it was like last week. He just started tweet me like crazy I mean all over the place all that positive too but I mean the fact that he would disappear for long time now the sudden. He's out there so I think he's going. Through certain methods that are probably good ones to try to get himself. Being good graces will he get back in the NFL I don't know. Yeah who knows where's talent. Is or can be with a all his time off but. At least mentally he's making some progress is certainly sounds like that he says there's no one to blame except himself. That's a good start. And social media documented drinking binges and the run in with the law including a domestic assault charge. And says he's been working out and now he's trying to convince an NFL team to give him a second chance. Joining men's else that I don't know what kind of comeback this will be but I know I'll wanna get back on a football field. To what brought me so much joy in my life. And makes me happy doing as my job so why now it's a step in the right direction I you know. It's not say I'm convinced yet he's out to make the full comeback but so at least he's. So many people while they're they they wanna see you guys fail when and girls felt that they don't wanna see the redemption I'd. I wanna see someone win when they figure out paid this is what's wrong with me I'm taken steps to get better. And you hope they're sincere and hope to successful and I hope they find their way back will he be a starter. Probably not but if he can make it back on NFL roster as a back up we've seen how many times. Quarterbacks go down and get injured. I would mind having him as a back up if he's not a disruption and not all the things he was before I think you'd be capable backup. Down I don't know if you didn't you know I'm one interview and whatever he's done so far he can convince an NFL team that is worth the risk. Overnight so elastic kind of keep the snow's falling for a while. And work hard anyway may have to do something like I don't know playing Canada or something. C a may have helped if you would have actually started playing Canada knew what it was last week wasn't a worry he would. Put down a deadline to get something done with the Canadian team had ever happened right so. He could of them blame. Canadian football who knows maybe still was shot that but I think that would definitely help a few out there and and played that game plated at a high level and and kept his nose clean. About the only option we've already talked about the ex FL has said they won't take anybody with the issue that he's had if they stick to that he can't do that. Putting blame Canada and you know begin in. For a year there that might help convince an and a faulty he has the album ability to be a backup quarterback in the NFL policy not old. Now trying to still young man. And you know and and the fact that he's. Announced and is being treated for bipolar disorder is this probably apply through the media fills its teams. Front offices are gonna wanna know. You've identified your issues in your daily well that's the main thing but from a PR. Standpoint. This is a good move. On Johnny come forward and saying that this is just what's wrong with them because of the NFL except them it's also positive PR for them when it comes to lead this kind of thing. The great. In a debt that he's saying hey all of his bravado one. Being a Smart Alec like he was all those years got a nothing but disgrace. That's good step for him. And now I can do is try to work his way out of it worked out stay in shape. And see if he can get on you know step one might be a scout team somewhere and lingo from there. And he's got a he's got to deal move up he gets that opportunity so anyway positive bum. Positive report on Johnny men's ill for a change there haven't been many of those in awhile. But nothing this witness. A 444773776. Text line is 713. Zeros seven won't talk about the RNC double A bracket preview that came out yesterday. Where the Clemson Tigers are. Where everybody else's in this top sixteen. When we return here in the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Welcome back it is the Monday huddled GMAC and Alonso in Josh out bit under the weather today a 444773776. Is our number text line 71307. I don't know of the armed NCAA needs to do this for basketball but they don't have. We have a bracket preview released by the selection committee I like to do with the playoff committing college football and he came out yesterday. For college basketball. And the number one seeds are Virginia. Villanova. Xavier. And Purdue. If the tournament started now those would be the number would say the overall number one. Even though they lost Saturday or do Virginia Tech would be the Virginia Cavaliers. Number one in the eight people out today to. Committee chairman Bruce Rasmussen said when the committee started meeting on Tuesday there was a general agreement on who the top three teams war. By late Saturday that group pegged grown before. He said we initially felt Villanova was the top seed but we flipped that Thursday morning after the wildcats lost to saint John's and home. And after Virginia won at Florida State so we know Virginia then lost. Didn't matter they said based on their thirteen wins. They deserve to remain. On top. The number two seeds. In this first bracket preview are all burned. Kansas. Duke. And Cincinnati. And the number three scenes include the Clemson Tigers. Texas Tech. Michigan State and North Carolina. The four seeds Tennessee Ohio State. Arizona and Oklahoma that's all I did was the. The ups top sixteen. So Clemson would be in the midwest region as a three seed. If the brackets were determined today. So are these the actual guys who will be putting the things together damp damp. What we need to do that's what we just after I was on the dollar about how clean is just you know football season's over there what. People talking about college well there's a thing everybody would be speculating about this anyway so you fill it out there and and you let. And they're letting us know that they're already thinking about it. Dirty word in on damn America complain about it. I mean there's just like in football there's so much left of the season that. It's sort of meaningless there's no way they can keep it updated too much because of the top teams keep losing don't thing not constantly men. I mean heck. Virginia lost a little lost everybody's losing. Everybody's losing the AP poll. Out today. And Virginia even though they lost. Their number 123. And two on the season at least in the gay people coaches have. Michigan State at number one but that. Clemson is now on number eleven in the AP poll and number twelve. In the USA today. Coaches poll. That's near territory for Clemson basketball folks. New territory for them so. Got to be impressed. By that. For the Clemson Tigers. And heck yes they can hang on to a number three seed. Going into the turn. You have to be very very happy about that. Clemson that. Listen to this as eleven through fourteen. In the AP poll out today. Eleven Clemson twelve duke thirteen Kansas fourteen North Carolina which one of these is not like the other. Yeah. I saw the tweet earlier and I lost track come about all those other teams are constant. You know sweet sixteen. Teams. In the hunt for the national championship. And Clemson made one elite eight hour wanna say it was 37. Years ago. Little bit different history among so they are cracking on clubs and I thought of that opposes that Kansas won the ACC the month. None and announce now just that. Just think. Those are the regular. Top teams in the country other than Clemson a Clemson that Solomon on the people. So. The don't putts pretty heady territory for the Clemson Tigers. And it means absolutely nothing right now it means nothing. But to keep winning them to mean something. Rule breaking news here is this kind of disturbing I saw two hour. Associated Press reporting that Donald Trump junior's wife has been taken to a New York hospital after opening a letter containing white powder. Hopefully she's is being taken there as a precautionary. Yeah. Yikes. I glanced at and thought it was president Francois fits the suns want. But still. That's very concerning in certainly hope that turns out okay. And AP reporting that Donald Trump junior's wife taken to a hospital. After opening a letter containing white powder. Ridiculous things that them. Some people do. Well you know we hear anymore about that and hopefully she's okay. 8444773776. Short comment on our closest stands right now in the Al. In the bracket technology you can certainly do that they are all but they're in great shape they are in great shape. Where things stand right now and a the tigers can just keep winning they're going to well. It really high seed and have ball great opportunity. To go in with some momentum into the NCAA tournament. We'll take a break tobacco more just a moment stay would assist the huddle on ESPN upstate Monday edition of GMAC Alonso. Be right back. Little more information on this some. Suspicious powder sent to Donald Trump junior. Today his wife is one of three people hospitalized. As a precaution after opening this envelope. But preliminary tests suggest the powdery is not. Harmful to hospitalizations just to make sure. So has nobody good news on medal player bodies okay they're a 444773776. Text line 71307. You security SPN's. To the fullest up to Jimmy next and hollow eyed Jimmy. Yet early going as well. Could get. Yeah your time the last or they'll only come out number Clint single release date was backing that that you're not an eighty seat and well Larry Nance. Luke Campbell. Billy Williams or why it and you from mr. Liggins. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah agreed not bring him up. It because I'll let you down a belt and there in that town and you remember how I ecology step and really get basketball thank you remember that absolutely yeah. And Art Bell at the watch and senior in college game in the two leg in place for true McConnell. His freshman year. And they can't. Yet one under it was one of the best three point shooters and act here remember they had the three point rule that I'm sitting on eighty the detonator that acted she. Light up the basket from. The outside. And he ended up going to Clinton. In the moment and not eighty playing in a Tokyo court like what gains. They transferred to Florida State and dealers say. Metro conference player of the year. As senior senior years and anyplace charitable. And that you and locked. Yeah that's what he's saying they'd be any changes seen. To get Italy eight and you saw. And then the lock UCLA. In the elite eight game. The other three point about a boy came in in 86 but there were some conferences there were using it earlier in the now and I don't know if he had it. Where he was playing before that or not. That was true McConnell still pay college. I don't think I've ever heard anything more about through the tunnels and spent your net. I need nor nor airlock. Yeah I think it still is still there. Those in Georgia. I know you watched England or North Carolina mr. Liggins and I was talking up ran said that he blocked Kareem Abdul Jabbar shot. The hell are they a war. They go art beat daddy would like David Thompson if you remember Pamela Lee Lee and they say those student Garrett get real adopt and you bet he took it back when you start talking about they're Clinton not elite eight game you know pocket skirt and then the other day when Larry it being orchestrated. They get to talking about it that I've met him and Anderson and in Somalia really get really good guy. By out great player to have yeah I was thank you protect the collar Jimmy sweet six consummate the sweet sixteen in 97 but up. A lead eight was way before that so it's. It's medal long time for the tigers and sourcing a mating thing yet but there. They're seated well. Three seed projected as a three seed in the NCAA tournament with a committees. Releasing yesterday so we'll seek tigers are nine and three in the ACC. Twenty Ian for overall next game for Clemson will be Wednesday night. Valentine's night they'll be at Florida State 705 tip off and you can hear that here on ESPN upstate that'll be out. Another big one for the Clemson congress cannot speak at a college basketball. Well breaking news from ESPN on that looks like Andy Kennedy will be Alps an old mail us at the end of this year. Sources telling ESPN that Ole miss and their men's basketball coach will part ways after the season news conference scheduled for this afternoon. An official announcement is expected then arrivals reported this earlier today. Andy Kennedy's been enormous for twelve seasons. And this year they're eleven and fourteen their foreign aid in the SEC. And since January 3 they have three wins three wins in their last twelve games they have five consecutive losses. And Ole miss he was a pretty good actually to 45 and 154. All time winningest coach that'll mess. He was an assistant under Bob Huggins at Cincinnati. Before it came to Ole miss. And he is the only coach enormous history to lead the rebels to eleven consecutive winning seasons he has nine. Twenty win seasons. He led Ole miss two to NCAA tournaments and two final fours of the NIT. But not enough this year is. Not going well and all Ole miss has decided to move forward with somebody else and let him finish out the season apparently but Ole miss and Andy Kennedy. Apparently will be parting ways. After the season so while. That's. Some big news out of the I'm. Out of the SEC and of course she missed the opening of the show the Southeastern Conference has find Frank Martin 25000 dollars. Commissioner Greg's Anke reprimand mean. Martin for his comments after they lost 6541. To Florida on Saturday. Frank Martin said he was not a happy that belly castle. Was working the SEC gaming column not by name by the way but he talked about an official that was clearly Lee castle Martins said the league. Dave Cassel his start many turned his back on the SEC to go officiate other leagues the singer's does analog do you different weren't so upset about man. Think the little. Wondering if there's more of that story the fact that he left the SEC went to the ACC and came back wanna hear. So it isn't it I looked a little weird to Soes are supposed to be conference loyalty among officials believe it and then know that and neither it seems. Seems like a little bit of bomb. An overreaction as I mean I think everyone has looked down. A set of officials at their from a conference you don't like it and didn't take it oh yeah here we go. But. I mean justice fan buys you don't believe that's true maybe in this you don't generally hear coaches. And too concerned about back counseling where an official came in from and secondly he must have an issue Lee castle it to. He's not really elaborating on you must ranked. Must be more of the story than that that seems. A little bit overdone. The store your reaction bill calls Frank Martin 25000. Dollars that were coming down from the yeah. SEC today we'll see you a frame Marin has to say about it next time he. Talks in the media but I'm guess if you castle you don't want me. Franken and dark Alley and Yang seems not to be on a fan but not a good idea. Tonight. In the ACC get Notre Dame and North Carolina that's in Chapel Hill, North Carolina rated number fourteen they need a little moment a North Carolina favored. In this game Notre Dame just had a bunch of entries some tough night but tough year for Notre Dame they're fifteen and Tim and only five and seven in the conference. And we get to on number twenty West Virginia hosting TCU tonight. College basketball yesterday. A duke beat Georgia Tech by 1180 to 69 to Duke's now twenty and five and their hate him for in the ACC so close and yet keep wanting to stay ahead of duke. Because Duca took care of business against tech. Yesterday Cincinnati number six team in the country they had no trouble with the SMU yesterday and Michigan. Beat Wisconsin 83 to 72. We had to play any games on Saturday. No problem for Villanova against Butler they won by eleven we told you the number two Virginia lost to Virginia Tech. 61 to sixty in overtime. Good game. Virginia Tech led by their guard Justin Robinson who had down twenty points in the game but even though they lost to Virginia Tech. Virginia is still number one in the AP poll and the top seed in the sub bracket projection they came out by the committee announced that. A Michigan State beat Purdue that was ago when. 68 to 65. The game at Michigan State. On Saturday. Xavier barely got by Creighton 72 to 71 Texas Tech. Teams 121 and for now they beat Kansas State easily. All over rolled over Georgia so Auburn's 22 and three now and ten ensuing conference 7861. Was the final and Alan. I Kansas got blown out by Baylor was kind of surprised. Baylor beat the jayhawks eighty to 64 on Saturday. Good match up chewing and Zagat and Saint Mary's and the zags won at 78 to 65. Arizona. Beat southern cal ID 167. Ohio State over Iowa 8264. So hostage twenty to a five but thirteen and one in the Big Ten. I Alabama. Crushed Tennessee. More than upset player especially the margin 78 at fifty. I guess Rick Barnes in the volunteers so Alabama goes to sixteen and nine Tennessee falls to eighteen and six. Number seventeen Oklahoma. Despite 22 points from their phenom tray young went down to Iowa State 88 to eighty. West Virginia lost to Oklahoma State. And North Carolina was able to beat NC state by 796. To 89. Wichita State they get a nineteen and five with a win over UConn. 123 Nevada beat San Diego State Texas a and M beat number 24 Kentucky. 85 to 74 and now Kentucky a six and six in the SEC. That's not what they're used to. Seventeen and eight overall but a 500. In conference this late in the season pretty rare for. A Kentucky but that's where they are. And number 25 Miami lost they lost Boston College in the ACC on Saturday a 72 to seventy. Was a final score. In neck games that's weekend look at college basketball. I wanna come back we're gonna talk live to Britney Wagner you'll know or from last chance you if you watched the Netflix series we'll find out what's been going home with her. Coming up after the break also hear from LeBron big win for the cameras with their new look team against the Boston Celtics. An indelible on seems pretty happy so far and still to come we gonna hear from offering Maarten Bangkok basketball coach's team. Struggling mightily with five consecutive losses that's ahead as well. Stay let us headed our number two with Greg McKinney Alonso in the huddle on ESP in upstate.