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Welcome back and it's the final hour of the huddle here on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. You wanna join the conversation 8444773776. And a sex line is 71307. Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. Bringing in mind vendor ID add Diddy 33 on Twitter he is all over our web site ESP in upstate dot com he's a blogger and podcaster and and today a I host your known him for roster urged later on the pet co hosting. This one with Richmond Weaver who's gonna be on four of five myself all jump in from five to seven and a close up the real sturgeon price are headed up to love them see the army yankees game so I think they're attacking Philadelphia right now -- from what I hear that's as long as they got past the rental car heard there was some dramas coming you can follow the play by play yeah trip on FaceBook does you know it's it's there it's all there for you but anyway look forward to having you on this afternoon I'm 5 December let me start with mine. Customary baseball question that. Rough field Armey. I'm so upset by this yet is economic comeback. Yeah he is off. If he's 5030 your results with the and he says there is no doubt in his mind he can do what is this about as is he just crazy. Is it just publicity what does he think it. Well I mean it doesn't have more of a right it couldn't keep up to at least a minor league acts. I've seen he's missed just as much time is Tebow did but he actually played Major League Baseball so I guess you know put him in the minors but. If you really think seeking competed in Major League level and he must've got another one of those B twelve shots and that's apparently wasn't illegal back in his days. It's just such a joke just some of these guys I think maybe he wants to try to just get relevant again so that may be. He could sneak into the hall of fame. But no one's gonna forget the blatant bald face lies to congress no one's gonna forget the B twelve excuse and he's done them and if he's not coming back was one of the worst right. And the whole. Among choosing I think I almost feel like Sammy is almost the worst is because it was such a quick rise and fall even hit the 600 plus some buy it. Yet that the bold faced lie when the proof comes out only him and Clemens really went that far at least the other guys that I'm my answer ride out the right. Would you like to see him get out gimmick for loans of no because his sentence of death if victims as sort of egg gimmicks out the game too much if not. It doesn't work well in any sport but it's it's almost even more embarrassing in baseball because you have to stand out there for so long after looking so bad at the plates are missing a play and you stay out there in left field right field where they're gonna put them. Right and it's just not good ago and that's not good for the game. All right in baseball offseason news that your following what's going on in baseball all client. Why now all of a sudden I mean it was all John Carlo and then it just kind of stopped and he is basically holding up. The winter the offseason of movements nobody wants to make a move telling no we're two things could fall that tiny hero not do you have like an pursues him. A getaway for these guys to make Aaliyah remembered. But you know his whole thing with the oil supply and a small Markey wants to analysts coast but somehow he's still talking to cubs and the Rangers which are not small market or West Coast. So it's just all that's like really dominate the whole thing and I think once those finally drop will see a lot of movement in the offseason will be a lot of fun the last couple months leading inspiring. Aren't boy for some action there it's just a cut of the quiet time right up let's go to football which is what really matters Tom. How current are finally out the good would that then and in UU its key hire right to keep our photographs. Because. In mostly I mean. I don't think it's a bigger key hire four months champ himself as far as his head coaching career is concerned. That is necessarily for the gamecocks because of everything fails they hit reset they get another coach hopefully things start picking back up and go back due to the wild but it. If muschamp doesn't find the right guy in his office continues to be abysmal going forward he might never get another big time head coaching gig because he doesn't know how to. Find the right coaches get the offense rolling in when football games so. It almost weighs heavier I think on must champion has to find the right guys that's gonna put points on the board or evil for ever be the coach who could have been great. But had no collateral off the winning eight games doesn't mind some time. Do you think yes and no I mean it depends on next year I think your threes that big years since we've seen progress you cannot revert back. So the new offense of coordinator comes in office looks just as bad if not worse in their losing football games and it goes back to being six win team you start thinking about that pressure. Damn yeah you'll click along to get back into the minds element now that the office is destruct everything has Michigan matchup in South Carolina and again. I mean I think so because I think they can compete with a lot of teams on the level that they're on the net eight to nine win level. Because of the defense I think the defense can take care of Michigan does Michigan's offense has been not great. I as far as they were supposed to be so good so talented they don't really do well offensively. And if Jake can play safe is really all he needs to do I think in this kind of game is I think the defense can dominate so. They have a great chance in this one but it can also go bad it could easily go bad paid Hurst said today he's declaring for the draft no surprise now. But take it you'll miss them. I absolutely I won't miss the slow motion jet sweeps. If a but I'll miss his hands and never really well now we have you had speed like why not use or tray you know somebody who can run fast again he's big he's powerfully that he's gonna bust through very yard. But my got it took for ever. Just to get there and again a question Heisman Trophy coming up and it's all maker mayfield how close will this make it a very it'll be one of those blowout ones and it's. And fortunate to have that happen because you like seeing that talk in the conversation we have 23 guys all have kind of a legitimate conversation to be there. It makes it more fun leading into it now it's. One of those years were just like yes well as going to be announced you know it's not there's no excitement there's no anticipation it's just you know he was brought a wave people the year I think that locks it in for shall you may not have been listening earlier but we talked about the NFL dot com's Heisman projection for 2018 and Kelly Bryant number one. Does that surprise you that surprised me a little bit I mean we've seen him develop a little bit passing the last couple games by. Maybe Miami was operated in south Carolina's not as good as so. Is it for real I guess we have to find out against Alabama they play that kind of defense that on their level. But you have seen him progress with the passing game and with his legs alone he's had formidable you know offensive weapon. The question is if he can't throw the ball well they can get a player. What does junket Gelman and they can just light up the world you know you might not make it this camp but if that's who they wanna put on their for now. I guess it makes sense if you just assume he's going to develop the passing game in the off season and start next year. Well demo is on not one to start a true freshman and one he's gonna him make him Arnot so off Ali I'd Chile Bryant certainly starts next year whether hangs onto the job. Now remains to be saying about duck. I just you know the stature Chile Brian really. Aren't there and and and why is it going to be different next year statistically. You know he he's playing great don't get it wrong but we're raising and get the stats from. Experience maybe that's what they're expecting that the only played a couple games leading up to this year he's done so well this year even throw the ball as well. I love this final four did you like to. No because I think it's like I don't not like it as far as did. A value of entertainment and again we're gonna get great matchups. Having Oklahoma and it and Georgian and having the national championship two years of growth the rematch for the first round as huge as far as one you know look at your experience I don't like the playoffs because. Why even have copper shipped two games why did you force the big twelve have accomplished in the two games you don't even have to make war. I get it it's only one loss I get it they only lost Auburn but the only two games they played this year really marquee games and one of almost kind of a good opponent Mississippi State that they held on. And Neal was out Auburn who beat. So I just kind of don't think you know you can go all what these guys. USC's say. Didn't schedule heart nothing while Alabama what Mercer. Yeah so it's not like the other teams across the country are playing gimme games as well. You can only for the conference you have there's really no way to actually gauge which conference is better because they don't all intertwined. And I mean if you're an accomplished championship both of your losses against high ranked teams in you've beat Stanford twice. I thought USC should be in the conversations season and not Ohio State. The usage and there has on the road against a thirteen points so added to Ohio State to regulating it and you. Through. And I'm ranked team right and Alabama routed baby that was any good other than. Mr. B statement beat everybody they play decent for all over so I don't know I just think the why have proper shape it's just that they don't matter at all what you can't put every conference wondering India Fund UK's so but how are you gonna be usurped conference champions for a team that didn't even when the division. People said that Ohio State residents taking care of business. People said that USC should have taken care of business but they're not saying that Alabama should've taken care of business at Auburn won their division. All of his better games and clubs Alabama's proven good game. Premium is not this year but it always has been as I mean they were supposed to be a more of a focus on. The games played the opponents and the schedule and the winning a conferences. And not on. Wins and losses but it seems to have still follow wins and losses so why even how the system and not the easiest. Just expanded date we move or that. Or do that in the US UCF actually get the chance and or New England Patriots tight and rock got to willing suspension from what he did the other week which is like. He deserved one game suspension come on her disgusting aspect of one game one game that's what they've set the standard you can't just change it because it's the guy on the team that everybody hates now all of a sudden while we have the punishing more than we punish people in the past because it it involved the patriots. You saw it with Monday night's game. Those guys got one game suspension because lay in on his belly was his head down animals it was an unnecessary. Unnecessary roughness penalty he should have been thrown out of the game. And suspended for game that's what they've set as the standard. And you've got to keep following the standard if they wanna collectively bargaining different. Scale of punishments or collectively bargain to maybe not just let Roger Goodell do whatever the heck he decides he wants to do. Then they can do that and sent a sent scale of what suspension should be for Wyatt. But there's other guys that have done things like that are worse than only one game in the past it's only an issue because of the team plays. I don't know I don't know that seem worse. I don't know. If there's been worse I'm dancing. Ordinances totally Finnegan and am announcement that. Brawl overall I think what happened out west with and you tell leave I'll Collins different at least a brawl is two ways as I was in on the I understand that could even see him I can't even so leave and and Crabtree. Is equally as bad after the play it's unnecessary they're going after each other just as it was only one guy not to mean that just the one guy gets suspended because it was him that data wrong. And now you're on that level where you've been suspended one game for your external play your extra curriculars. You do it again you suspend a more public editor and I can't get past but nobody ever can everybody who advocated that never got an open never quiet but the count and count the Conyers or whatever by asserting an anti patriot personal but only what your fans that's called upon all of although he wanted southern cal to make the playoffs for crimes I don't record. Eyes are thought that winning games against the teams are supposed to be to win your conference was important college football poll back in the days Spurrier. You want that title. Button in the back in the old days. I'd feel like it right now in the NFL on double first of all Panthers play the vikings this week in going to be. I'm not sure it there's such a Jekyll and Hyde team this year and last year there Jacqueline I just kept losing. They looked at that time we kept losing games this year and they beat the patriots. And then they look like garbage against other teams that are not as good so it's kind of hard to decide but I think the way that vikings are playing to just kind of now matching everybody at the at the line of scrimmage and it's gonna be tough and the wind and shall we draw straws in the AFC west and just give it one of those teams. It's the team that wants that the the least when it. Yeah its it's a bad division and it's shocking because we all thought the raiders are still greatly off up Denver still had a great defense the chiefs came out beat the patriots. And I was like all right it's only the charges that are domestic in my when the whole thing that's what's great. Earliest early on right now Mike Gundy what's on the website did it have some podcasts and blogs coming soon. They will not be homer. Podcasts that promise you'll be wearing your New England Patriots and will he land like it was agents. Anybody that knows me for an extended period of time let them know that a far. More impartial than the people who just go out of their way to back to the patriots everyday and make up fake stories about them being system quarterback some stuff. Like the guy and is Cleveland Cavaliers here who have short shower her takes LeBron James and Elizabeth and that's what. At a good stuff check it out on the website or follow him at ditty 33 and listen to on this afternoon starting 5 o'clock aren't yet certain you get two full hours. Now. Ultra thanks debating repression and give a 444773776. Bright time back and more coming up in a moment. As we roll through gonna hear from our own putter re intro Clemson. Wide receiver and ready to play Alabama again. And he likes it that's coming up the huddle on ESP in upstate. Glad you're along Willis in the huddle on ESP in upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso phone lines open do you 8444773776. Tex lines always open to you at 71307. And Twitter. And ESP yen. Upstate schools canceled more yeah. Haven't seen one flurry. Not yeah but they're common man to come we need to be on Tyler who happens in the next ninety minutes yes good thing there's no football games tomorrow there are already moved until the night. High school there at the move that up. What's your bet do we see at least a flurry fingering bills tomorrow no zero flurries. Not one no over under on flurry zero from Josh. If the I. Also do you think there's going to be flirt. Yes it'll be 22. Yes two hour and who will see them. Com well you got to be looking got to get somebody will spot them and call us tomorrow on sale software. I saw Florie. And not a big deal not a big deal coming up I say it's going to be a blizzard tomorrow. Buy your milk in your bread right now. Heard it before everybody else gets there get there and get it done making me feel. Odds are minus Williams the gamecocks freshman defensive back has been named to the all freshman team in the SEC he did have a very good year are south Carolina's lone representative on the list. Finish the season with 38 tackles fifth overall on the team yet for tackles for loss. I joined is tiny and Hayden Hearst linebacker Scott Moore as gamecocks honored on all SEC teams by the league's head coaches again this is the all freshman train. Team that the demise Williams Mike they have got a year you thought he would have he was very good there are times when he. When he got the loss yup if you get sick vintage is where is under around looking for a spot. You refusal. Yeah he he took his flops. Gave his lumps but overall quality the a very good year for freshman. This is going to be really good player for so Oscar. I will say this hunger referral. Introduced him rather rudely to. Because he did he leading. Crack back block that jemaah on that on one of these swing passes. Marriage America's skiing that you have to yellow to cry so you've got to yell that out. To let the movie inside job that you're getting ready to get your hold that did not happen and if he was put him behind cockroach now. Speaking of honor him throw he's pretty happy to the Clemson wide receiver about stuff facing Alabama again Connor Ambrose says he feels like this has become a good rivalry game for the tigers. And certainly not a state rivalry a copper traveler but. It added some sort of something over the years. Just do what come in and not only playing each other via but the games we play them. All classic my little great games and it's solid like Ellen the stakes are high just app the will of the two it really does it feel like a little operating. And we kind of knew they're going to be number or just because that had happened that plan. You know the odds on these games are moving around Labatt breweries to have Bob Joshua pro war here it's time we used to have John price of sports information trader dot com on has again stand up. He has released his odds here that are published in Forbes Forbes dot com has Johns volunteer for the eastern championship games. And he has Alabama favored by two and a half. Over the Clemson Tigers we've been hearing one point but he isn't by two and a half and he has Georgia favored over Oklahoma. By one point sold the lower seeds favored. In both of these instances but when you say lines between one and two and a half you know you've got some month some pretty good games and has about as diminishing yet but clicking yet. On paper. I don't think they'll be that close on paper I probably will be back. Think the Clemson Alabama game's going to be phenomenal. I think George is gonna run Oklahoma State you're really yes. Yes. Probably a 150 each for Sony Michelle and nick showed. Could well because no defense yeah yeah they're they're going Clabo. My man I'm known is that good and if Clemson pulls it out over Alabama leader of the face George or Oklahoma. You go as far as Oklahoma I don't think it matters because to me the national titles decided between Clemson and Alabama whoever wins that. Game. In my opinion is probably good gold when the national title. Just because they're just those that in my estimation there the two best teams. In the playoff. But you know concede a plea now in strange things happening college football. For sure. But it. I think of routine comes out of I don't I don't know how well number one Oklahoma. When you look at the three teams in Clemson Georgia and Alabama. Those are three. Physically dominate teams on both sides of the football. You can't say that about Oklahoma. They're flash there. You know they look good they're pretty. They're all of those things. Bo Lamborghini does it went ahead on head matchup with a dumped her. And I just I don't know if Oklahoma's offensive line can hold up against. Any of those three now you would think that Georgia would have. Your ranking their defensive front. They would probably. Be behind Georgia Clemson Alabama. But I just I'm not sold on Oklahoma's defense. I'm not sold on Oklahoma's musicality. And what happens when. Baker mayfield has to run for his life. That's going to be the issue is because he's he is a pension to throw the ball in tight coverage thrown it up for grabs when he's under duress. And when they get after learning he you can't turn the football over. You think his cocky news that he showed that got him in trouble at times would work against him. And a game like fans like against Clinton's defense sure try to do too much. He tries to do too much he tries to force the action he wants to prove how good he is. And instead of the check down he tries to force and they signaled ball's going the other way. But what I look at when our rank. The musicality. Of these teams I would think Clinton's the most physical followed by Georgia Alabama and then Oklahoma. From a physicality standpoint. With a complete football team damp and that's just going to be total output Alabama third. Because from a quarterback's standpoint. I mean what Jalen Hertz has struggled sometimes and I've been his biggest. Proponents. But he did not look good against. Auburn and the defensive schemes that they presented so. You would think that he would struggle against Clemson and Georgia specifically. Oklahoma Bob the the least amount of points they scored all year was 29. And a game. Can hardly that was against Texas be Texas 29 to 24. And then on the other side of the football. They only held their opponent to single digits. Two times. And those opponents were you to up Texas El Paso. And Kansas and that's it for keeping the other team under ten points. All yearlong. And certainly they gave up tons of points to teams like Oklahoma State now a lot of people give up points to Oklahoma State the Baylor scored 41. On Oklahoma. Back in early October. Knowledge late September 41 points Oklahoma on the game. But Baylor and West Virginia for 31. On an Oklahoma thing. They have certainly given up some points so you're right it's going to be interesting to see if the defense can hold up. Against quality opponent that's what they'll have to do. In these playoffs. But I like you know like these matchups yeah. Come Paula both Bob homeland I think we have a reasonably good chance for an all SEC championship game reasonably good chance for kids that Hawkins. Heads are gonna explode. But you know one time coming can't Georgia beat Oklahoma early you can Alabama beat Clemson. Yup they can. And in that game you know at some point special teams is simply an issue. In the Alabama Clemson game yes last two times yes in both games special teams were enormous and deciding. Two years ago it was king on Detroit returning hundred yard and the like Clemson was getting ready. Believe there were ten. They were getting ready to take control of the football game. He returns a kick a hundred yards for a touchdown changed momentum Alabama wins and on psychic sidekick which enormously as well also. You know you feel like in that ball game. Whoever can crack pot or kit. This problem when it. Death could be a big factor for sure let's go to the phones dubbed bill next in the huddle hi bill. I got a the other billboards up today. I got to special Payne Stewart or re right. Temporary McAfee buy a piece like target this year so much better I got sick a bet that though what they don't bicker get. I was gonna say that they cannot be careful with that because. Big games he has a he has a history of putting the ball on the day it. Any different and the early and they got away with a they were covered. So you are involved dabhol I'm not putting that kid out there to begin probably thirteen handle it. Oh yeah every outfit. In a bit in that between your entry and take it but not agree with you Moeller. We are Georgia I think Georgia. Totally just. Shut down biker mice at an Oklahoma like at least similar. In the last eclipsing not a lot of but Oklahoma school zone. But I think the front along. Office and he just on December sort dominant for Georgia. A crime that is square at a price that but it select a partner Tabasco all. And they've. Yet to baker of baker got a release short England. And I think if you frustrate him took there that follow our. That are after happening to Democrats again going to be epic. I think sort of. I think I think I'm a little harder for Georgia. It's gonna spend so much Tom baker may feel he's don't feel like his girlfriend. Here that's a Hispanic mother does that dictate they Oklahoma at the plate if so European. And now BankAmerica and I'm not flatly. Eight. Decade and the field. By the ankles. Not a big fan and I think it says that harassment. But he does little past the truck is that it has evolved as low esteem. That it bought east and they remember growing up in the early Manny you know. When people legal attack there are worn it you know Ireland. When when these other people wonder when Lindsay. Shots Obama wanted in it it there for hours and it didn't you doctor today there are such a special award or. They are the last couple years I don't is it. Beside my kid rock and really an Icrc I don't deserve this year although mark actually had a great year. But it is in this immediate care experience everything you can't hold. But it's a great deal of knowledge gap in. Opinion that there are real people who lead and never let. Appreciate the golf to me everything is you get older seems like he used to be better than most of the but you know what like in the good old days nobody is particularly good gross margin net. ID 444773776. McEnroe moment in the huddle on ESPN upstate. A 444773776. You wanna get in the final twenty minutes or so of the huddle today on ESPN upstate let's go back to the telephones and talk to Jake. Next project welcome in. Are you doing. The collar. Greens and George it was just got beat down all. Poker or. I don't vote and distinct disadvantage in their French of course tragic our. I mean arguably some really good competition at Oklahoma got better your defense. And they may be peaking at the right arm. Yeah that's that's a great point take the quarterback edge I mean how did the quarterback edged Oklahoma certainly. Or in the end and again his questioning right build our. Eric. And the daily and got down to thirty Biotech. And came back on Oklahoma is permanent character. Through adversity. Are your career. It thank you delete represented why don't overcoming adversity being a bit. Minus a couple of look at this snow yet. Yeah these Ruben what it takes to be true wetter and elevate that program back where it used to be. You like Oklahoma in the name. I'm not going to close but I thank you are going to be a blowout. Now I would do nothing going to be good again. They inject. My coach disagrees. While all the places Josh. Blowout Georgia. And they don't run a mile the stadium exe that Oklahoma is given up 150 yards a game rushing. So I guess I know he'll be picking which is why everybody else needs to question whether they should pick that are not have to science and we've only lost the bulls went doable seasons in honor that your artists we are going to be a lot of bowl game last night. Toledo. There was no ball game Saturday was there was a bowl game. I did because the next week not one dollar new wanna play a backpack packed app that all I am I don't know about it now we'll get into isn't really room. You want to replay is new images witnessed it's your setup to bring your Tebow Jim Molinari Trent lot what happens is I took a drug that Julie ditty had. While he was in here. That may need. I'm thinking outside and have not some bad stuff then you know that that you listen and that brings up the point. I don't think all dirty hits are created equal and I don't think every had asked to be the same punishment. Does is that the way it has with its count like with the young guys have been in trouble for the way they treat women. All these things are not equal summer away worse than others seen here and Bronx it was way worse than the average was definitely worse because he was a defenseless guy lay on the ground could not see him coming well I also believe me it was does ridiculous. That was going to be. Okay. Because gras was mad at him because he was holding up a lot of screen okay well he was just about doing that. And grow up waited until the guy was playing. On his face with his back it's blows. Okay that that's a problem for me now if he stood up and then grow called him with a right cross well then so be it. You know not only that he aimed at his head in I mean you purposely hid them and ahead. Yes well I mean that's the definition of muscle problems. And to me I can. Only come after guys come off doing what he's facing him face Pia you know. Vehement about it don't be cheap wine convinced us it was just ridiculous and hopefully that's not a sign of things to. Column for Davis wiped the guy got hit for the bills called the one game suspension a joke called rock and dirty player he said he could broke my neck. It's at a sun to race people think about that when they react he said I'm glad to have my mouth piece and I could have bit my tongue off on the right. Cindy billet that has lit pretty bad had terrible headache he did what he wanted to do it was dirty shot what does that make him. A dirty player it's simple. And see what I said yesterday about you know about crop this is that this is a grown up thing in people's got hot too still is cropped. No wrong being run up the Big Ten doesn't matter who it is it did that's ridiculous. It is and he's getting a pass and he should have been suspended. Now he's in game five or six games. And a lot of rallies Britain's place. That happens and a one game. But I mean I've got the problem I have with the I mean there's going to be extracurricular activities. You know there's guys jumped piles. You know. I tell all he used to tell all my guys look you better all around upon. You know the score is going around you better either jump on Turkey running. Because if you look at your around the pile you're going to get your whole. That's just the way it goes. But again the problem I have with it is wrong with the guy I was laying down on the ground. I mean that's that's like a no no. You know these two teams play again Christmas Eve. In. Just say. He denial now when I can't believe one of his teammates didn't jump on grown. Up. And could vote on the sideline and we there have been. Why is the possibility that there were just as shocked as everybody is the you know that yeah it in the of that guy has serious issues and lock. He must be the whole the most hated man on the tee. Because nobody came is to and it was on their sideline. Yeah but I. As far as retaliation goes can't justify what could happen. When they planned Christmas you can supplies onto alone grow yeah most of it is I get it all better get ready for amnesia. Doubt expect something. I would and he's not the most healthiest of guys. Throughout his career. I would get a our final break if you wanna jump into the final segment a 444773776. Be right back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. All right final five minutes of the huddle here on ESPN. Upstate and some good news out of by Carolina Panthers headquarters. Pro Bowl players Ryan Khalil and Greg Olsen will be back for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings at Bank of America Stadium. Khalil they said that he will play. Although his coach Ron Rivera said it will sink. On your on gets the last word program. I Khalilzad dot I'll be suiting up and snapping the ball on Sunday. He has been sidelined ten out of the last eleven games of that neck injury that flared up after the opener. Trying to make come back October 22 at Chicago re aggravated the injury in the first half didn't blame in the second half. And has been an active for the last five games he did not play in the one gaming suited up for. Tyler Larson started for colonial Tyler Larson has not practiced the last two days with a foot injury. Polio listed as limited today but it worked with the first team offense. At least during the media portion of practice. And Rivera said he had a good couple of days he's encouraged by that looks good out there and will continue to move forward. Greg Olsen the three time Pro Bowl selection. Was activated. Off of the injured reserve for the October. 26 game against the jets developed soreness in his foot surgically repaired after he broke into week two against buffalo. Enough play in the second half against the jets or Sunday in the loss to New Orleans. The staff took a cautious approach on Sunday the thought that artificial turf in New York contributed to the soreness and they didn't wanna do that again on the turf they have a New Orleans. The next three games though are on grass there at home for three games. And souls and is expected to be back he says he feels good. Looks forward to getting out there and hopefully. Staying out there this time so this comes at a good time for the Carolina Panthers because they're eight and four of their game behind the saints who are nine and three in the NFC south. And they're two games behind Minnesota and Philadelphia for the top two seeds those two teams are ten and two can also bring a spark to the offense the offense has been. A bit inconsistent so this is pretty important stuff. I'm coming up here for the Carolina Panthers. I about the saints and Atlanta tonight. That's pretty good matchup gosh 75 falcons nine and three saint. In Atlanta and Mercedes-Benz stadium we'll have a four here on ESP in upstate it'll be on TV on NBC. We like the saints in the falcons tonight in Atlantic in the falcons when that went home. Jumble with. Egypt. Go falcons. I can't go with a laugh a New Orleans that their offense is on fire in defense is playing better on the house and shore what falcons teams going to show up you know they are playing a lot better lately losing the last couple games. New Orleans zone that look like they're gonna run away with this tour. And all that too and everybody to New Orleans last in the division and their first and looking really really strong who's gonna stop who you know I am. Good point. If five frying get a tunes like him protect him long enough but not cornerback you gonna pick if it fits just who scores the most you gotta go breeze on him. You legitimate question. Number he's just an Julio. So in this game with the county's attorneys as much as they like to throw the ball in New Orleans. You gotta go Grady Jarrett in big Beasley getting after. You just Clemson home sounds like he's done it. Ideology and the it's so large that wouldn't always a real. Nor can see that on the island it's I'm covering his blog picture there. All right so anyway you can hear the game tonight to it's 825 tick off from the superdome not the superdome at the Mercedes and stadium. And Atlanta for the matchup between the saints and the falcons like we're back here for the Friday show tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock so. Hope you'll join us then straight up was to urge without Sturges coming up next. And have bug didian here and who is going to be in here next hour. And in my nose and your next hour automobile lobby waiting for the frozen over music at that it anyway. Credit restored show will be here. Next. On he has the end of state will be back tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock in the huddle on ESP announced they'd have a great day.