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It's a thirst Avalon ESPN upstate as we slide on and our number two heroes Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso to back your calls and a 444773776. In just a few minutes you can always had us on Twitter read ESP in upstate and on the text line at 71307. You skewered ESPN at the beginning of your text message in that way we will see your message. More quickly let's go to the gas line now and bring in Greenville news columnist Mandy Robinson they Manny. You don't. Well good to talk to you again Tom Mann has weekends can be tough without a bunch college football does when watched army navy and we want show Wofford and a North Dakota State but that's not only are well. Oh man out wait wait and looked at the places that aren't going to withdraw you do it made it. We're a fifth but the I like doubt like offered you know soothing to do on the road willingness on ESPN to not get what here on. Yeah good good look at him I can't let him that would ate it up outside. So right now I think it'll citizens those it is there are a great program. Wish them all the best fit you know. Never seen written the state as well whopper head. You gotta be behind the. No doubt about it then you've followed Furman really closely what did you think of the job clay Hendricks did this year. Unbelievable. The you can't I mean of course you never want those you'll have one ruler in your intriguing in that manner but. Anyone who says that they believe firm would be there these reliant you're there are so. It was just a great first you can't you really couldn't answer you think they're there and you know sort of a national championship. You don't you know from where that program work which he gave him one year. Out pretty exciting look forward to seeing what he does in you're number two or spigot and not be able last for much more about the Clemson Tigers and Hillary. Who would've said that Clemson will be number one at this point going into the season given what they lost last year so lomb were all impressed with a Aaron. Yen it in the initial. It's about this time but it is looking ahead to what they were on boot and the U bought some of them at that position the best players that. You know the Clinton has ever. At least cup opt out of this he's got much don't want to Mike Williams. Jordan radiate. So for the in the it to do what they can and often they're they have that thing about the role in the same did not most extolled and you get good. Playing well and the erected in a more. Suitable though a bit about Butler and duke everything in the ACC you know particularly deep here. And this year the way you win they had been warned they get there really adapter took to get there. So it is amazing that it also what was. Are you happy to see Alabama as the opponent verses say Ohio State. Again it is a foreign. You know it coming into the true either rubber match. You know did it early in the season kind of point it looked like it was headed toward. You know going to be the trilogy is gone in in the national attention and let you go. So does it mean with the worry if we got here but everything New Orleans. You know and they need the troops from both being I gonna be another. Great environment and that should be another great thing. Yeah and speaking of easy trip should they win that game to get the national. Championship and alama that's pretty sweet. It could you imagine at the end up being Clemson and Georgia in Atlanta with a net which is certainly that. Well represented that they didn't look into that mayor brown beard and they're going to be loud. I get ahead ahead of him for one scenario I mean that would be the most on. And you know you also touted the Ohio State or Gardner also tired of the venerable wood in. Oklahoma spurs aren't so did Georgia is included in that situation it would be really suck. Early line says I Alabama favor by a point by Vegas does that does surprise you at all given what kind of seasons these two teams event. It that I know that not that's not yet. The book particular. Pretenses in going to the depth chart where it doesn't really. Definitely that there. But still that that Alabama was on the brink uniting to get into this thing I think a lot of it goes out their name I don't think this is Alabama strongest thing. In their last group for years I think. I think one thing should be favored at at fort the football goes you know what Vegas doesn't go to Spain. I think I think comes in should be in position to get a victory as well. Talking to Manny Robinson he's columnist for the I agree more news here and the huddle at Manny being Manny you can follow him on Twitter. Many I don't know if you saw this sum mentioned it a few minutes ago is out with Heisman favorites for 2018 Wheeler maker may feel is gonna win on Saturday for this year. And I am telling Bryant as the favorite. For the Heisman in 2018. Million Mike issue is I'm not sure you would have the stats to do that but what do you think Ken king Kelly Brian when the highs and extreme. It in the is in the offing if C. It has so that the pastor. Delivers better it is I you know power if some you know I would wanna be the favorite. How often does it wind that you don't. Going into the season. Meaning he's capable of it I think it is Google locally you'll probably be good. The best returning name I'm I think that's what. What do those do what I said it in the it's been altered the opposite to quit for whoever's running that Cuba beat the get the stats if he executes it you know they have and that's become gains were in the hat goes quote unquote the moments. Are their certain. There's some Clemson fans many who think he's going to beat out a quarterback next X the fifth with. Ha ha now I don't think so I mean of course. Marco in his it was great great passover these first and they think Clinton and then get a little. Have gotten a little bull by that we have got record lap of the Mike Williams. He didn't build that community and they contribute right away that political position. Not even to show a lot and was ready to take the reins. Completely in the first year where you can open up the playbook are peaking Erie can manage to gain well that's somewhat what they would do that as a freshman by as far as opening up the playbook. Mean you talked to the court they Tonioli down there I hate talk about how much freedom. That block content and third year the closest first you know you got a guy like killing branded in the programs he had beat you use some of that freedom from that that trust. That you you wouldn't want to give freshman currently in a man out that he is. Now what do you think of that other us semifinal game Georgia and Oklahoma you like and don't. Not here later tonight at that love to be Jordan will play really well their offense is outstanding and make. Victor mayfield and playing. Wiped out I have questions about the deep into whether it be able to stop. Georgia's running game you know that that the reported that the great Bernard. Told she didn't have good at keeping they got the team that it rapidly from beat them the air and eat. He cable companies that are adequate Utley I think sort of sad that so that the people in the meat inaudible make a great. Actually call our. Both these games early to start could go either way and not surprise anybody with any of the four. Being a winner. I Randi let me ask you about couple of these higher scores today were getting word that Tennessee has finally got their guy in Jeremy Pruitt. The on defense of coordinator out of Bob Alabama. Do you think they have a demand there for Tennessee. Absolutely and that they. They got someone in place and I think he's better than some the other end. PW that it. No but they tell. You know that dial 88 if you take it you look at if you take. You know. Alabama's. Because ordered and you can and do you sent him a little bit early you know they have to play him every year. Stability I think it's the biggest thing crew would you view. He indeed be picked it got there because the market we're going to be pretty straight laced. That's what interest in keeping the meat so that their teams are going deep it's sounds. And they were looking that way with the trouble that they can't alternately. On the same thing with which. With sporting news view article all of this arbor. Isolated but. Mostly I mean it that if the governor this occur. Time to make be making the transition but. But I don't think conceded that far. Always wearing a split ticket for five years to get a gold. Down all you know one of the story lines leading up to bomb New Year's Day with Clemson and Alabama is going to be apparently Jeremy April it's gonna stay in coach Alabama. The Alabama defense and that and through the playoffs but. Ought to be able against say hey he's distracted his mind's not is minds already at Tennessee they were going to be hearing a lot of them. Yeah you probably hear him but I don't think there's any merit to having a coach's. A wired differently lately the Pentagon that they. They they love that game in the tunnel. You know he didn't indicate even. You know having that have a net. He can focus on an opponent an enterprise enterprise. You know not when you look would support it due to an opponent. I don't like that he's staying on in these the other coaches. That are doing it it's kind of condition now with the gas and if you if you upfront about it you can explain. To your players. You know about what what this position in career advancement do you. But you show them that hey you want to finish it here within and maybe try to help build. When championship. I respect that. Actually load but he buckled to look the other way but. I respect him it's taken out and you know there there there's some some filters gained peak is he giving it to me get a championship. Is great city rustic that would. Now but who's to say Nick Saban gain weight might say are don't you go and leave like it'd last. They accept the code over incredibly close. Yeah Jan Morris to Arkansas. We've been talking about where Chad mine go pretty successful and SMU not necessarily wins and losses but you could see the turnaround starting deal like that fit for Jim Morse. Think love him or more each day where more acting and what is is that initial meeting with the team today in his same boat jet more route followed that might as a huge you know. Count what the scores and you just steps from that that we consult kind of keep a little bit but it. It it's a great I think it is a bit that reforming familiar with that period. Eaten it takes is packed up there as well. And that's the place where you eat and get that often in his group to be looked at. And in India to see where I think it would be a good change takes on course for that matter conference. MI mean a little early to call yep but it and it looks like dabhol may get to keep balls assistance again this year and on the. Yes it does it it it it's not surprising given some of the names of the that they were cut to put I think I think they're both all three. A quarter in a position where they can be a little bit picky about where to go. That's indication of well the respect they earned in your field. And also. What they value in the program in the continuity of in the family atmosphere on the there's no shame and working the fact not necessarily under or beside a guy you respect. And working environment and community that you would do. So I I don't it's not been out. We are Libyan people and pick out there and issues and things like that I don't yet at all and we will valued thing. Differently than others and I respect what they're what they're doing. One quick question about South Carolina they fired Kurt roper this week do you think they really needed to do that to try to light a fire under that offense. Hey this column. They're everywhere and you know I never wanna call or I'm not. The C. In your own crime and with those guys so. I don't. I would stake in bank asleep at the Wheeling thing like dancers you know wouldn't work and a little bit so they they've moved they move forward. Market I don't. I don't know maybe I am not that old school but. Tucker want to put a place where thinking they can run the football. I think that that's like. Bet it yet beauty of the game cut I know they have a great. There receiver right now especially if you look on the banquet. That they can consistently run the football academy Atlanta it was going to act that. You know player player board met now out football I think that it and that liquidity could split. Otherwise they started last season's scoring fourteen points a game for the first half of the season for them not to be better this year than last year I think probably did roper and don't you. Yeah right and you don't find that commitment as a fall on being carried out think he improved our met the same rate as we expected as well like. Coming down the electorate to that the regular season he was brought ball. Particularly well at all so. You know he got to take some responsibility for that two of the players so. But did you know Kurt built overlooking gut who who bring up later the end so and the kind of looked vicious cycle. Up period always think about South Carolina Michigan. Well. Ha ha ha ha. Yeah. He I don't know they're currently rekindle it they had thirty years ago. I'm here to be here I'm disappointed that it did it Michigan on its its stake and then not have a dark. Expert on the big canyon but advocate for if they values that gain over you know over whatever they guy. An and the team with the better record and the team that won back hit it that it should be in that inning. Yeah Amaro I Antonio said the same thing you know migrant the fifth. Yeah yeah yeah I think so any ever grateful of the boat we know it about you know or about. You know with the MacBook yet there in the dollar that they can make. That it is. It's so they can show that highlight of counties hit about a million times between now and earlier today. Here prior to think the cougars third notre Mandy Robinson during a news Manny we appreciate demand thanks for coming out. Always reporters picker many around some of the Greenville news at Manny being Manny on Twitter. 8444773776. He is our number if you wanna jump in now text line 71307. We'll hear from frank Martin's game got basketball coach. When we come back gets the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle on ESPN upstate I hate her South Carolina tied in has officially declared for the NFL draft. Not surprising there again. I never declared a most of today. He speculation was he would be. Doing so but he always said he'll decide after the season well he's decided. So wide nurses moving on. South Carolina will lose him as tight end and not get by selling them. Those project but that's some good for him get behind draft pick I think. We'll see where he goes in the upcoming NFL draft South Carolina basketball. They got to win last night Chris Silva had nineteen points ten rebounds in South Carolina beat Wyoming. 8264. Frank Welker was sixteen points 33 pointers. And it was close for a while got to a four point lead. An early in the second half than South Carolina 120 X one to six Rwanda and regained control enough. Frank Martin's numb in. Happy to get the wind certainly and talked about it after the game and and as part of his comments. Got a cold out the fans here's Frank Martin after the gamecocks went over Wyoming. We worked roared to us two days of fiction that's what we played better in the first half now. We got to continue to practice. And that means we lose cause we're tired it is what it is we won't learn to play the game the way that we were chore. But the play here in South Carolina and you know be nice of our marketing department helps us to get some people in the seats to a disappointing to continue to play. After the winning issues in the issue of school in the building for 4000 people to bashing. Trying to. Frank Martin is embarrassed by attendance at men's basketball coach for 5000. As solidly listed as I think they listed the attendance at 101000 but you know Legos you bet that's. I was always six QE2 in the push. A billion point should there be more game Garth fans out these ball game trying to yes. The final four last year. I mean my question is. Why it it sold out. And I mean besides that Colombia is. The surrounding I mean literally into the middle of the state you can be down there and back. In three hours like regularly get down there and listen monuments. We had this conversation we had last year Oslo insidious in play every year he's doing the same thing well. And it it more people will tell us is it's rather expensive to get on men's basketball game because all the decent tickets have been scar stop so if you wanna Beimel in the secondary market. Their pricey and you get into a women's basketball game for next to nothing and they're really good to. And so people are going to the women's basketball games more than the men's basketball games price has a lot to do it. So let me get this straight. They won't show hundreds of dollars. You ghosts that Williams Brice. For loss can. Josh this is not football this is just basketball. OK. Let me ask you this has the football team with. No I am not such a good basketball you know they are not know. But it's still basketball compared to football I understand that. And I have this is a duke or North Carolina where basketball is king. You doesn't matter the reason here's here's what fans need to understand. Okay. Especially basketball and I understand why frank is upset. There is because that affects recruiting. Sure OK I am right now that they are literally and the battle. For probably the best basketball player. In the country. And you got a final fourteen the coat instead of working their tail off the the school was feel like they're doing everything they can't. To put the best product out there. Okay it's up for the fans to show up I promise you this. South to relegate our basketball fans. I can promise you this the razorbacks have been awful in the last twenty years. Since Nolan took over the last fall for national championship. Ended his day. And that about a dog you'll never find less than 151000 at home game and never. Never ever. In the red as it's been a long time since arkansas' even sniffed. A final four so is the problem that people are buying season tickets and not going to the games. Is that part of the from I don't think that's part of it I mean if you've got 45000. People those are probably. Your hard money guys that are gonna go. Okay so they've done their power. What they've got to do is get which I don't know what the student participation is but I don't think it's very good. So you don't think it's it's the time of the year because people adapt to the sidewalk when the pay for a football game or basketball game to its aren't gonna buy a football game. And now the full balls over except for the bowl season maybe attendance will pick up. I remember this from last year and our member people call on this show and telling us that you'd be shocked how much it cost you to go to men's basketball game if you're not a season ticket old. Are paid to walk I remember comparison between men's tickets and women stay asked. The winners take its order chief. I went down there. Probably two years ago. To watch a couple of games. From here. Cost me thirty books thirty bucks a ticket. And I was sitting behind the bench. I you go to Craig he would not go to life vivid seats. That's a third party if you're gonna pay through the nose for that. Okay. Every now that you get special what I would do is if you're looking for something cheap. Is go to Craigslist. And look at tickets and the Columbia area you can get them. Our outlook is generally people that don't go there are going wanna waste them so although all the times people give them to. But. I mean for the fact that this team. Has accomplished what it's accomplished. I mean the CLA on I had 101000 at least every home game. I mean you just showed what else they're doing Columbia. Right no and I get all that but when they're in town. And you've got the ability to go well. They're not going on there's not and they are not going. Right positions. I mean it's not that are off to a bad start they've lost two games. Two early games Arenas not a problem isn't. No but again seen. I don't know how much. So when the stadium as raucous or an arena is rockets it's when the students. Are the majority of the fans. And I just don't know how many students. Are actively participating in home games. At the colonial life there went our way there was there was a lot older in Mosul. There was a lot of people there. But it was more of an older crowd as opposed to the students. And it got little raucous but. I mean this time a year mean I can understand one coach Moore and frustrated there. I mean you want more than 4000 people come announcing that that's that's it and he is right when you look up. And you just came off the final four you've got recruits and town if you're trying to tell them that this university. But actually a basketball team. And gives us all the assets and off all of the things that we need to be successful. And then you trot out there and there's 4000 people in 191000 it looks bad. Does seriously does may build a better when they get into. Conference blind. But still. Last night to have you know about 4000 people they're for. Wyoming is you know many don't expected to be filled with the yields what you expect all know 8000 people and if you can get 8 pan am I mean that's. Doesn't seem to plan anything and torture OC Wyoming does I don't know why don't we had a good to go see Louisiana Tech but they do and you. Right you go because you wanna see your team I'm. Okay. You want to go see your team. Like I can promise you right now. If I was back home I would not miss a raise about basketball game. Not happen and the university from where I lived grew up is three and a half hours away. That the northwest corner of the state escalate Clinton is in South Carolina. We never missed a basketball game it didn't matter who the opponent was as you're going to your own your team. This is not a new problem I think Frank Martin though is thinking hey man so we did last year I thought to be a little better right. Well the support yeah butts in the seat equal support and equal how much you care about the program. And when he looks up there and he sees. That we just what the final four will hang in batters left and right in this place. And it's a ghost town. How much is the fan base really care about what we're doing. Guess some thoughts on that gamecocks fans let's hear from you want to go to South Carolina men's basketball. Is that something do with ticket prices is there something else. That is now a 444773776. You can text us at 713. 0% of the hobble on ESPN upstate here Thursday afternoon Greg McKinney Josh Phillips and bonds are back in a moment on ESP in upstate. 8444773776. Is our number here in the huddles on ESPN upstate to the phones Rego and it's Jason up next IJ small command. Our culture he'd let India actor Pollack. Have eat ought to be bad call for years. It's weird and good luck you're bit well they have a political a little bit suburb. But don't let tumbled away at the state old man sort Alabama Auburn. No wait let struggle hit it quite well they had a pretty good. And I've got to Turkey of course adamantly your girl and better go to him potentially unique. Pretty get where or what did order could you know. I'm Noah about the Jordan legal to edit the baby so are our rollout. That the southeast spartans. Didn't say hello lap. And then it isn't just about four hours short term Georgia report Karl is there aren't you would go out there that were out there every year would play demo match. Saturday afternoon and we aren't able to go down every year and couple years there an age based option or ticket there's a lake district and and so it should. I don't know maybe it. I don't know. Apolo creature is is backed out of big game. Those are channel understand Emily you know which bash go to great sport and secure you know. You've got a good team buckshot Carolina did last year. Dana charting. Why would you not go watch you know it's it's going to come out of that ticket prostitute or just acting dial tribunal Patrick out of court you're going better. It'll probably partially you know tomorrow latch there are technically be but in addition it. You know ultra. Cut off their radar or try. Well you know might be near eighty feet if you're real game got fan and you just shelled out a bunch money on football that you're gonna wait until January 2 conference season to start. Pay for basketball tickets you know lectures season ticket maybe you're gonna wait to some of the Bahrain so that's while the December game suffer a little bit. I don't know it happens every year and you know frank Martin's point is hey we're bore hold up our into the bar remind. Bring in inequality team that but a lot further last year than anybody ever thought we would and and the attendance issues still the same this year. I get a appreciated Jason thanks for the call here's some of the state newspaper as an article list today after Frank's comments yesterday and we just plea for. Paid attendance for yesterday's game with Wyoming west 101205. Well there weren't anywhere close to look for people. And now colonial life arena he estimated 4000 to 5000. And Frank Martin is a former high school math teacher so you know we're game benefit in the down to build on Cuba estimate crowds there. But he's he also said this on Saturday he said now maybe there's a golf tournament. Or an evaluation of seventh round offensive lineman happening in town on the stake in the crowds like. I. Like that does pretty good. The agendas numbers are pretty close to what they were last year last year. There were coming off day here you know that they won 25 games which is a school record. I instilled in make it to the NCAA violently in ninety. So coming off a year last year the colonial life arena drew an average of 111654. Spectators injuring the nonconference schedule. And after the first three non conference home games it was 10100797. So three games into this season. It's 111058. So it's actually up three games then. By why 200 to 300 people not much. They unraveled the final four banner. From Monday night game against western Michigan and they drew 121136. But the home opener last year Friday night game against Louisiana Tech bubble teams. Drew thirteen 334 a thousand more fans. And you heard Frank Gore mentioned the marketing department he cannot laid it on the marketing department and one of the things they're doing like Saturday they play coastal Carolina home not really going to be a big draw a human thing. There having a star. Worst thing maybe that will bring the fans are. Or bring you a long time store were sticky where you can Wear your store were stuff new movie comes out this week for you there next week when so I don't know. I get to frustration. But let's let's given little time to see what the regular season not just regular season conference season attendance is as he tried it should be up after the year and a question. What did you Leo what's the population along. It was like a 100000 in the city. From like them. And the most right now. My sister city population you know it's a it's not as big a metro areas agreements barber was also Wednesday night right. Audience which is a church and I compliment I can factor in who they can't. So use a little over 101000. To know were sold but who showed up. But since seats manual millionaire and there's no environment if you sell 101004000. Show a moon. Ends didn't at least you got the money now did he get the money. Yeah what you've grown and screaming he wants that atmosphere and the pride that final fourteen. Deserves and you know he's asking for lunch for it to happen overnight but it should be better than 45000 nothing like you and larceny if he gets 8000 in their I don't think he's complainant moral enough for war I think frank should go out door to door and give people becoming. Just intimidate America francs or two doors they become to the game going a little coach let me give up hope your common tonight. Get there. Com all right so go to the Star Wars game against coastal here on the senator. Tells me to always be with maybe they'll do that. You know install war's opening the same income of the game you get in free if you dress up as a care. Alike it. Our detectives to remove yourself yeah I like a 444773776. Out of brick of the hour back in a moment this is the huddle. On ESP in upstate. But back into the huddle ESPN of states coming up on 3 o'clock Mike Ben ditty. Will join us. After the top of the hour. Talk. Few topics with the ditty has we do weekly. And down look forward to doing that by text or at 71307. Josh says just god. Drink goods from NC state as a USC offensive coordinator. Candidate says that the INC state has similar personnel. As we go so it could work about it drink it's mansi state. Yeah that's possible I mean he's a gust miles on. Disciple and usually with gusts at Arkansas State and Auburn has as an off field guy so. Of their their philosophical. Ideologies are very very similar so. Yes that's a possibility I don't think it's gonna happen but yeah I mean he can work. I mean I think this is some real look back at this higher. In three years down the road and and it's going to be pretty big deal on how this works out is gonna make it her break Will Muschamp. Yeah I agree I mean. To me there's three guys. That are you have to interview. Objects out of all is one. He's got to be out there and you can put all these guys. Group a or one a one B one C yeah Kendall brawls as wine and then your troops from Oklahoma State. Is the other one. Mean those are all three guys that it would be harmonized. You need to talk to. Now to me Jake's that a ball would make the most of this I mean that guy he listened to the coaches. That this guy has been under art brawls Mike Leach. Dale hold person. I mean you wanna talk about. Totally go one in a different way and tumble off next time with a lot of points. I mean that's your guy he's a young man means thirty to 33 years old. He was the guy that dumb broad Texas a and M in the Colombia that started a daughter for South Carolina went. Everybody is going in so confident of that season what three years ago and then right and they called him in the moment and just. Unloaded on site owners and so exactly. Com as he has bottoming now is he was then no hammered as much about him not well. Mean he's been up there with holders in the West Virginia. And any time anything they do offensively it's automatically gonna go today. You don't whereas when he was to legislate them someone was collared the CEO. And they're out there playing and all the support from people will she offensive coordinator. All of must be spy out of to snap an all basketball IQ. Get his name is 32 years old yet yes he's young guy but both story. You need to talk to him because. I mean you look across the landscape. Arkansas has gotten. A guy that's gonna speed up the temple's program in the landscape. Of the SEC's changing his killing mater. He zug jumped around a little bit lately parting ways with Texas a and M January 3 when he sixteen. And now was announced as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for California. And February and less than a year later. It was announced he would serve as the interim head coach tech cal. And then right after that January 13 of vol this year that was announced he would return to West Virginia. As the offensive coordinator rest not unusual for coaches to bounce around a lot. No he's got a raw deal it takes is seen them because when he left. I Kevin someone threw him under the bus which was ridiculous. Because he got called up in that deal they had five quarterbacks that transfer of and they were off four and five star kids what he blamed. Jake for that him and they kind of got into it he decided on need to get out here and it was a Smart move. But I don't hold that against him I mean guys are good football coach. Jake's Babbitt all want to see if they interview him I don't know the wall yet. Too much information out of South Carolina during the interview process but sometimes some stuff leaks out so we'll see you. It does and I hope the guy wish they would go laughter and just get over what his dad did was kennel brought them. I mean that guided me needs to be a powerful and I think he him and Jay Bentley. Would be phenomenal. No just interject and oh yeah Jerry quick throw for 4000 yards and an office. What I would be nice. If a that would be nice to start to see that potential develops them. Now hopefully they'll bring some money and they can. Began to do that I've been here for mater renfro coming up the Clemson receiver talking about playing Alabama yet again and he likes that. And now Mike and he joins us in studio next 8444773776. Will get Jim well thus you wanna hit us on the sex line 71307. As a red and into the third and final hour of the huddle for Thursday afternoon on ESP announced they will be right back.