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Just snowing yet. Stop it snowed again and yet it was cold it's cloudy. Cloning. Looks like snow out there Josh are you a bread milk ideally go into bread milk are you kidding me no. Cloudy with a scenario Hillary's the exact. Perfect. It's perfect must must know me as an act now to I think we're going I mean that is one of the most ridiculous things. Please I'm in the mood today soul. Concede that word we might begun to blow it might be just a three year ten dollar it would just got underway we just opened the show so that's just heard today for you write him. It's a little more than that but it you know I'm tired of stupid people. Your intro. You know stupid people get on minor it's like just wondering if your ignorant. OK I have no problem with people I can be ignorant ignorance is not. A bad thing it just means you don't know. OK so you can either teach yourself or have somebody teach you and if you're not there anymore. Stupid. The ethics you you can't fix that. Note ignorance is not necessarily your fault some stupid does not necessarily your phone either I mean you know this. I mean house to do with her intellect and I mean these whiny people post everything about their life from a personal standpoint. You tell us. Figured this system do you learn Hebrew where you scream ms. You know and say I hope my cat I don't know who hello to you know he's right now it's true love to you know it's like dark here. Crimea river. Cry me a river dressing Justin timber and now know who can give him Horry I'm just. You know so people. Educates. Okay. Social media and for those of you that are bigger it was social media like Georgia fans let me explain that I'll. Instead Graham. FaceBook. Twitter. All right I have a single rule my FaceBook page. Is kind of mind. Personal space. A post pictures of my kids. Travel. Things that go along it'll look as you use that as kind of a connection. With the people that you've grown up with a mean I'm a thousand miles away from home so that's the only way we can stay in touch right not a bad thing. Okay. Twitter for me. Is more professional. Hits Josh ESP in upstate which were a post sports stuff foreign stuff professional stuff that's where you rant. That's a good spot to it's a great follow bundling if you don't follow Josh you should do that it can be entertaining at times especially the comment. But what gets my go or what galls me okay. Are these people. They feel like they have to go all the social media and cry about how bad that likeness. I mean and Agile whiny babies and raise. All this happen all that happened hey hey hey genius that's life. White stuff. It's and one people cry out for helping you just don't OK there's a difference between cried out for help and cried out for attention. That's a good point did I don't think you or GMAC on there cry a river over every little thing. Man we have two minutes and two hours and 53 minutes to go in each of those things. Gras literally would forget the shows are on our ability agreement I don't I'm sorry I had to get off that I feel better. I think it's just. It's what kids are raised nowadays. This is loosely a sign of things to come majority hitting the whenever that is could you stop doing now well founded on the table yeah thanks in Saban yeah a former every coach does it Jeb Morse did it is Prescott. When I'm Mike falls off. Against her that twist look at. I exit up every day when he gets here yes preventative. Coming up on the show today here in the huddle Mandy Robinson with a grim news joins us at 204 this afternoon we'll talk to may about done a college football particularly in May be a couple of other things. Frank Martin was little irritated last night gamecocks won. And Frank Martin promptly criticized USC fans not showing up. We'll talk about battle but today actually hear what he had to say. Mike been Diddy. Podcaster and ESP in upstate dot com contributor and well join us at Rio for the sentiment gonna hear from hotter renfro Clemson wide receiver. There are a few weeks off now but Clemson Alabama coming up and veteran pro says that's the way it should be he likes the fact that the tigers will play. The Crimson Tide in the outpost season in the first round of the final four. Get into some mine NFL. With the vikings coming into Carolina and take on the Panthers in a cab to moderate and has played for both teams and these talk and that's always fun. How about Wofford beating Georgia Tech last night and college basketball over and over at the jeer a Q with all of the year we called the jeers. Pletcher McGee three pointer on the final seconds to give the terriers that went a group unaudited bellies also. He's awesome to a great win for Wofford at home last night talk about that coming up. And we will take your calls and your text 8444773776. Is our phone number of the text line 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And more on Twitter Addie SP in upstate. News alert news alert Tennessee as a football coach. Can you believe that that was easy right you're being generous. You don't like him. Why all the Internet we'll get that. Tennessee Volunteers. Have their guy after weeks of Bob twists and turns. The volunteers and announce the hiring of Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. Today 43 years old. Two time royals award finalist as the top assistant in college football. Fellow former wanted a tough minded defensive presence. And a proven track record as a recruiter. And he believes he got that in Jeremy Pruitt out of bot Alabama. Paul fine bomb commenting on the hiring a Jeremy Pruitt. It was going round and colorful or off the job to himself and he would turn it down and that's not what happened here. I think Jeremy Pruitt is a good choice when you consider everything else yes it's a precipitous drop from Jon Gruden which is where this coaching surge. Began. But. He had great experiences of former high school coach for eleven years ago he was from high school ball and Hoover Alabama. Even he has had a couple of tours of duty Alabama. Under Nick Saban. Currently the defensive coordinator he also work with the new coordinator at Florida State under Jim both Fisher when the seminoles won the national. Has great experience. You know you always wonder about it. Assistant coach. But from knowing Jeremy for number years I don't think this stage will be too big for him his father's a coach it's ingrained in him I think he'll do well. You sort of touched on a coaching lineage here her out for pro and Paul another coordinator under Nixon is gone now to head coaching gig in the SEC. What significance is their hiring a coach under the same been coaching tree. Well some worked out very well and some haven't it's worth remembering in 2000 and and and pan after Lane Kiffin left. Tennessee are near deal he was an abject failure. The one thing that's important to remember about saving assistance don't think you're going to beat your boss. Eleven times saving assistance have faced them master. And the number is oh and eleven and they have been outscored by an average of 43 to eleven. In case anyone wondering how about we'll play in the Wednesday via. A ball find bond now what you might be thinking if your Clemson fan is is this going to happen again where Clemson Alabama coming up. And a top assistant at Alabama. Departs. Right before the game well what they're saying right now. Sources are saying their Pruitt will stay on. As Alabama's defensive coordinator. Through the college football playoff. Buddy will also begin to do some work. Putting together a staff and recruiting. At Tennessee so we go back coach will he be distracted. His disadvantage Clemson with Pruitt on his way out the door ahead of the Alabama Clemson and. I would give him boom. You're gonna make the move yet so does what he did last year we lost our our I would give him boom. I mean he doesn't need. I mean mic calls everything goes through net when it comes the defense. I mean yeah I know pro it's got the title any parlay that into the Tennessee job but they don't need Jeremy Pruitt. To be success mean nothing's gonna change. Systematically with a Alabama's been hit with him they're not there. Last year with Kiffin it was office. Yeah and then Turkey using came in and who knows how much of an impact that had but it was officer right that's a different drank. Right exactly so. You know I would go especially with it being. A rival school in your same conference. All I would just go ahead and tell him hey congratulations. You need to go worry about your next job by. What do you think approve it at Tennessee are down no. I think it's great for us these because. But they're. Not going to be very good. I mean can Jeremy prove it here's the thing that. And I was astonished. That fellow former went this direction. And to me it's the safe. Call it's the well we're getting and the guy. It worked out for Georgia. So let's see if we can make it work out well that's not always the case. And. I think told former. May have. To be honest with the I don't know why he made that choice when they were so much better. Choices out there are thought that RD ask everybody else yeah I have made it clear down here last want to take it I don't know. You know it seemed like. It was going to be down to meld talk for him and less miles last may not want I mean who knows what happened Kevin Steele mention it Kevin steele's intervention you know. But. He did a great job Florida State. Like Florida State did a great job. With Alabama. But I just don't know he's been there what two years three some man okay. And these coaches that go there with you they can enjoy quick. Cannot do so well Derek Dooley made that move although he was walked. He used his Alabama experience. To parlay that into the lot job. In the left La technical Tennessee so I think when you look across the landscape can he recruit and help coach. Kirby Smart will question. Stoops. There Mason. I mean where would you place him in that list. Now Dan Mullen Florida deadline passed you don't beat those guys. Even though Alabama's first in the nation in scoring defense under German pro. Why would she inherited. A minute or two years they got him some credit. This is the second year. Yeah I give him credit that he kept his nose clean them off that. You'd get fired. Now fighting a fire. No he did he did not give our I Kevin stills interviewed George defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was interviewed in new York and Phillip fullmer notified those guys that they're. Going in a different direction so it is. Jeremy Pruitt whose dad is dale Pruitt legendary Alabama high school coach. See this is a Tommy west moved to me for ten Lulu. Wow. If they Tommy west moved for Tennessee. Then that's what it screams to me and you know let's. Let's get you wanna moss. Let's get somebody that can drink corn liquor. She coon hounds. And that's exactly what they GAAP. Almost seems like everybody just wants a piece of Saban gimme somebody that's been around to see my country fair that's a fair assessment team. That's a fair assessment and it doesn't always fine mom said doesn't always work out no no balls. People who work for nick Arnott net. That's right. So I think if you're Tennessee I think it's one of those well let's see. I'm much happier with what the hogs did. But I got an office right. And that's the name of the game. Anselm. It's going to be interesting just to see how this plays out and how quickly he's good recruiter and a good defensive coach will that be enough at Tennessee. To make it work our doesn't call stacked up peerless two we get a few of those on here what's The Herald is first terrible command. You know always a pleasure to listen you and the guys public usually quick short and use the limited all your time. You've got a promotion. Hold on don't be about a layout and this and of course a little help in the game they didn't get laid tonight. Well okay me out now they play on Thursday so you get Jake polite. And I want to head coach are never had the whole string any. Had eighteen in the Super Bowl building during my cues can do it this year have a great day guys. They air on in the vikings. Go to Super Bowl this year yes irony. Yes they couldn't. There right up there especially in how weak division that there are in right now both stop and there I'm gonna win their division the Packers are gonna come back Aaron Rodgers starts in two weeks and it's over. I can't even say that with a straight face he'll get a hang nail and then this is an argument that the yeah robbing the vikings won they tenant to coming there are also. This year it looks like in it although I think Seattle. What model I have the same time you go to the rams are relish. Where you do have seen is going to be calm very very interesting to see our I honestly think it's gonna come down. To Minnesota and Philly. In the NFC championship but stranger things have happened. I was gonna Derek next in the huddle Haider. Are you there there. Going going on I'd Gelman. You are next. Delmon welcome man. We're good. Quite slow now to keep it oh. They got a guy what do you think yeah. What worked well the quote mr. Well over at you don't play into YouTube views and not because quarter. Yeah. These evening inherently wrong with hiring a defense of corner we've a lot of successful defense of guises and coaches we talk about AS. Being. Well it is Britney noticed his sister do Beirut at 20 feet deep into the vehicle. It proves to be there as well the quarter. -- make a lot of difference. It's gotten it's who is ER who will who will Jeremy brought bring in the Tennessee. Because the offense was particularly. Poor. This past year. That's going to be critical hire for. Yeah you know. Just what sparked corners of corporal resided in Portland. Well Lusk who all understand would listen to receive this I don't look so normal for a when political news that was being shouted turn now over the trap that went wrong when it. No not. I can tell them we appreciate it yeah yeah I'm hearing that Dan Enos is probably going to be. It offensive coordinator and good luck with that. Yeah. But your finger Genesee fans were you guys. Come on volunteers boys think of this. Happy wasn't as a sum as good as can be expected under the circumstances. Maybe this is again you wanted all along out of here you talk about enough. Spoke the name that we were hearing. Or the names. Yeah there's a lot of excitement. On social media about it camp I mean generally fans. In or any or either really mad I'm really happy. All it sounds like they've just come through on their hands up like okay well it's overlooks mobile. They're just glad to have somebody who played the job and examining turned down have a dozen times. 8444773776. Nor comment on Jeremy Pruitt the new coach at Tennessee being announced today. In the Knoxville but I can come back with more in a moment stay well this just under way here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Backus the huddle on ESPN upstate if you wanna join the conversation. Get on the phone at 8444773776. And you can hit us up on the text line. And any time issues to keyword ESPN and cinder text to 71307. Twitter is at ESPN upstate. Carolina Panthers will host the Minnesota Vikings coming up Sunday 1 o'clock you can hear it on classic rock 11 point one. And I can't do motherland has a lot something extra to give for this game having played for both these teams. A nickel back for the Panthers talk into the media this week. And says he left millions on the table in March. When he left the vikings to return to Carolina where he was a seventh round draft pick out of South Carolina. In 2009. Now with the Panthers he wasn't happy with this playing time but he says he has embraced the situation. And he also talked about how he. Insulted Carolina wide receiver Devin font just last year. When he was with the vikings and Minnesota want to Bank of America Stadium 22 to ten don't know if you remember this but dot. I tell them Benjamin was around last year and tepper marlin said that the vikings were not worried at all about DeVon conscious. He said at the time. I'm just gonna be honest me personally and I never talk like this but I don't think he's got a good number seventy. I he's changing his job changing his words now he says that. The imply just wrong good terms right now. He says that he feels like. The former Michigan star now the number one receiver for Carolina since the trade to Benjamin to buffalo. Is having very Goodyear says he's playing great. Playing lights out he said fudge assessed 21 catches on 32 targets for 346. Yards and three touchdowns just since Kelvin Benjamin was traded. And fifteen games last year at 23 gesture so we all bunch is already almost as many catches as he had all of last year. And he has played well enough that Marlon predicts the vikings will have their Proehl Bora bowl quarterback Xavier Rhodes shadowing font just the way he does the top receiver for. Most teams and says DeVon font just does. Deserve that kind of respect I would love to see Carolina get it together and beat Minnesota. On Sunday is a possible. Are possible. Kim plays well. Offensive line gives you time. He made some plays with his feet again Molson back I believe this week too right. A comes and egos I don't know how much he held line. I now healthy I would say not but but he's been playing some minis and announce some and I don't know what the status is MC knee injury report yet for a Sunday. But Dahlia hopefully also mole like. And they do need that they do need him. Commit tough game tough game against again Minnesota team really good defense really good this couple good defensive teams up with the best. It like defensive football. You'll enjoy this game on Sunday so it was fun to watch and see how much except remodeling gets in the game and how he plays. This weekend against his old team the Minnesota Vikings it's 1 o'clock start on a Sunday afternoon. In Charlotte 8444773776. Let's get back to phones and bring in Joseph next and the hoddle welcome in Joseph. Regular name guys. There regarding the typical ball situation knock. I understand it all were offered himself the job we're turning it down or just. Bring it. That's fine Bob's line he stole their job. OK I accidentally you know kill. And imitate fine since forgive me for Tiffany that got it. Yeah but you're gonna give him Wii version. That was a just they are just the joke upon mama's articles. On the stations. In all of all these coaching situations going on. Going to be interested to see you you know there's a very large all star game shrine bowl. When they kick off what time is that common that is it this week. It's to Laguna. Why what are you re looking for well usually every practically every coach in the country comes to that aha and I would be fascinated to see. Of course Clemson, South Carolina and in state schools. A will be well represented. Oh yeah at the shrine bowl there's quite a few kids. That are uncommitted. One of them being Ken mentioned yesterday Channing Kendall who personally think. As the best player in the state. It's a week from Saturdays of sixty OK yes so here in about two weeks so give stadium all practically all of the coaches. College coaches in the country. A B over Norman. Not a dum bullets at them offer. It's a pretty all the practice always come up front right and yet they usually you know way up. Does the coaches usually come in the week of practice match. Because they can get next to my ball home. And then. Panel now these legal some stay for the game many so's not about the game is no bright it's about a week of practice faster. You know can they can get transcription. And stuff like that snow plus they can stand next to him give him the ball says turf. You know kids that you know coaches from out of state. That may have heard okay well this kid 63 they're staying into the coach the coaches 61 and shorten him I saw the mayor right now. Yeah you know kind of one of those deals and plus you get to see him. Move around in drills and you know especially offensive line defensive line from Russia and a lot of my time no 1000 trumbull practices. Watching the big guys get and how fast they get off the ball and you know and then of course the the daily sessions. To see if your eyes matter if the tape matches reality. The album north south game is this weekend yazoo one of those pets in Myrtle Beach so a coach is get down to August oh yeah yeah. Yet not as many might there be a few but most. If you're shrine bowl than that means you're more than likely going FCS level or below and that's just every now and then. You know some smaller school kids a squeak in there mainly because of you know they're not quite tall enough for. Play a position that bit there getting overlooked but. Generally the rule of them is. The big schools this he has a BS that are there for Campbell kids. After a 444773776. We'll get to amble Abbas here and the hoddle. But the follow whopper didn't college basketball last night's pretty impressive number of the Richardson arena in Spartanburg. That's next day whether us it's the huddle on ESP in upstate. So we all agree bay gourmet feels gonna win the Heisman Saturday right in a landslide not going to be close no. Do you know who Lists as the leading candidate for the Heisman and 28 in. Next year. As of right now. Next year next year NFL luck comes number one Heisman candidate. Or 2010. I have no idea. Kelly Bryant. I could see that. Really yeah. Why does this surprise you know again the stats to win the Heisman. It may have thrown enough it's not about stats about popularity with the pace has about stats Huntsman is all about stance. I think if he. If they want a playoff game Williams play and when the national championship but. Because of all of the I mean that kid got so much play. For what everybody said he couldn't do I got down I got a view over achieved. Right well now everybody's saying. Well he must be really really good. And did you see the I think around the country voters. Wish they had their vote back from last year. Say a payback it every south of the Kelly Bryant wins the Heisman and shown that. About that possible. With a if I'm just skeptical sword and I'm skeptical that he's gonna have the numbers necessary to get enough Heisman votes. Don't get me wrong and he's doing great he's been great for what Clemson has asked him to do bullet. You know you Domata guide that had what thirteen passing touchdowns a Sheila wanna game. Room. Exactly closes first you're starting. Now I could he could he could improve on that next year no question. So the more he feels comfortable. In the offense is down to go because the only do more things. Mean this year he wrote does that have to do a whole lot because of the strength of the defense. As many Robertson when he thinks of that William. In the running game I mean again. Three running backs that could play anywhere I try and so he doesn't get the running. The rushing totals that he otherwise might as isn't around as much either. You know now that. If they've listed him and that picks up speed heading in the next year. Now these Clemson fans that are just itching to portrait artist star quarterback. If you get the favorite mobilized favorite for the Heisman. Let's put animals. There. Yeah the favor for the Heisman on the bench for high school kid those interest and they will say when they care about highs that's about national championships and especially if he doesn't when we have had one Clinton. Ever now. Greatest programs of all time to stop and Heisman Trophy and a coach advisement you guys in coach and if you if you wanna count there's a guy. That works. Leo we got the namesake but we don't have the term. I'm looking for any opportunity. I'm kinda hints that it lower this club has disparaging Kelly Bryant for the Heisman and now I get the Nokia I'm questioning him. I'm questioning. Is she hard. Wofford last night play Georgia Tech college basketball and they shot 35 point 6% from the field. It is now Wofford shot 35% from the field Georgia Tech shot 57%. From the field who won the game offered well. Fletcher beat you with a three pointer late in the game and the tears when it. 63. To sixty. Last night over Richardson arena. This is not the best George tech team they've ever had don't get me wrong may have bomb. They've lost some games policy they lost to. Well the last UCLA another wrong lab they lost to Georgia State. First game of the year. And they lost to Grambling State by one point. And I lost to Tennessee but they lost to Wofford 63 to sixty last night. So they're now four and five. On the year out that's come whimper Wofford. Obviously an exciting game crowd was really into and Fletcher agree McGee was. Outstanding last night bash is arguably the Wofford shot that poorly. But Fletcher McGee did not shoot poorly he shot. Twelve for 22 from the field. He was eight for fourteen from three point range four for four from the free throw line. And led the terriers to the 63 to sixty. Win last night so nice when congratulations to Mike Young. And and that was the night that they were recognizing Fletcher McGee for joining the 1000 point club last year last year as a sophomore. He became a thousand points scorer there were honoring him last night he just went off and let them go victory over Georgia Tech. Hunched and the crowd was loud and boisterous and it was great atmosphere last night's offers now five and four on the year two straight wins three straight losses for Georgia Tech. First time Wofford has beaten Georgia Tech in the seventeen game series. History and is the first win for Wofford over an ACC schools since 24 team when they beat. NC state that congratulations on that. 8444773776. Got to get our final break of the hour we'll come back in a moment in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN. Up states tonight's. NFL action. The saints and the falcons a 25 is the up tick off in that one. And you can hear it here on ESP in upstate Cleveland Browns want some moral law you Jackson. So they're going to bring him back next. They fired their executive vice president of football operations Sasha browned about. But they said that done hue Jackson will remain as their coach will return to 2018. Together these two guys. Jackson and brown. In Cleveland had a record of 127. Should just blow it up and get a new coach to. Are you bringing you Jackson. Says that record again won 271. Win. 27 losses ON twelve this year so what they're saying inside she. Brown was a problem and not hue Jackson. Well tolerated and that has changed the pros problem can't fire him and that's the problem with. He's the owner you get far more apparently hue Jackson wanted to draft Shawn Watson and Donald ruled. So that's probably reason runs there enough to keep them. He is Smart enough to wanna do that at least. So Sasha brown overruled him yet that that's why. You know they asked Jimmie Johnson. About. Coaching and the coaching. Jobs now and he said. If he was coming up like he was he'd probably stay. In college the college the college coaching is better. From a job standpoint in the NFL because in the NFL the head coach is the last got to make the decision. You've got the owner you've got the president got the general manager. Then you've got the head coach. Now a lot of times they'll team those titles out but most organizations have. You know what Bill Belichick has. New England is it it's an aberration it doesn't exist. Because he has a direct line to the owner but the rest of the NFL. That's that's not the situation. Down. Cleveland traded away the picks that turned out to. Become Carson Wentz and Michelle wants. Betrayed those picks while. But they have much future picks I do I mean they have stockpiled some picks and they drafted John means balancing how the war. And they also messed up that McCarron deal remember that there are gonna trade for AJ McCarron. Being its favor or redundant on October 31 before the them. I'm sorry wins or want to go to Cleveland Cleveland still stalks. I'm because arrest could well yeah not as bad but still it's it's gonna take a lot to fix this if it's fixable. Well it's not because they're incompetent. Mean you can't burning a five foot 10180. Pounds. Soaking in what string being. To Cleveland and try to win. Not outside. Forgive it and they're gonna turn around they're gonna mess up there and do the same thing because Cleveland's gonna draft Josh Rosen. Who can't. Function in that environment. I mean when you look around the landscape of the AFC north. Okay. What type of quarterback does Pittsburgh have what type of quarterback does Baltimore have that those are two teams. That have won Super Bowls with those quarterbacks. 6524215. Pounds that can handle and throw the football. Through the blizzard. You can't bring a quarterback that's a midget and function. In October and November in Cleveland Ohio. Feel like the saint. Jude. Alike simmering in Dave gentleman as the GO. Probably not a bad idea. He's available. Just to see what he would do with Cleveland. Just to see if people working magic there because the more magic there into it anyway it's true if the let him do it. See that's the that's the kicker. Is you've got an older. That wants to be so hands on. That we who's really calling the shots. Flying out I mean he's not gonna comment if that Diana like him make decisions. Exactly. So that they're gonna have to figure out. In the got to know who they are. And they have to draft towards that. And get away from. You know the hot to what I call the hot shots you need of water. You know you need a moderate you're Cleveland you need a motor. Somebody that can. Whip when the weather goes south and it's gotta be hard penis has to be a toughness. Give me a spread guy. Forget it. I back on the other side we will talk to many Robinson columnist for the Greenville news also coming up in the Holloman here from frank Martin's view on. Alphabet on gamecocks transfer their attendance at men's basketball games lawyer that coming up. And I your phone calls to an 8444773776. That's all and our number two of the huddle next on ESPN upstate.