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Welcome back end to the huddle on ESPN upstate. I'm Greg mechanic coach Josh Phillips is here in Alonso is here phone lines are open to yield. At 8444773776. Text line is 71307. Twitter. And ESPN ups it what does India Saturday. And our first Saturday. I know we got army navy you want German and clearly navy's cool but. At what time is game. 3 o'clock. Watched the second half. I'll just be probably won't hold you got more golf for you. I commending him I'm like this week you told me you're going North Carolina. Which we have finally got a golf in the snow. Man I won't go off and hurricane okay. In week Greg and I have the best time. In when he pulled out that vintage Paul. My respect level for him went out the roof president wasn't a belly putter is no I don't know that I mean it was a vantage notables I mean. To bullseye Avis and those islands I have not seen a bullseye its gold a bit out of wood none at all you can just see. It has saved in court and show engraving on me so it was like as Ted Knight punter from Canada Asia. And I'm not quite totally true. It's some gave it to me I would say in nineteen. Mum. Probably 982. And I used it percent and never changed that's awesome. Project is awesome a lot of those I had some putts that feeling I get right to say mom and overhear them. Can roll the flat stick now I mean he was great and some bars IBO overstatement just movement and I was with a should be me and I am like like eighteen jock well if you haven't. We haven't. And it was it was an off day for him to Bermuda by a team now. We were having phone and we're we were up here performing his peers and I mean it was. Just there have been four it and it was a beautiful day forward just days in America exactly. Yeah and Greg's old they're just roll him in June 15. Well I have to I have to hit those because you out drive me by about 75 yards. Italy on every word on average about 75 year. Wouldn't say it was that by the lake like a collar is called in to remind us that Wofford who's playing center. Thank you justice on the year one and know what to watch Saturday football a luggage if I get recover from them. Is that on the television. Offered in a north it was a television problems I don't he had seen me. On three nearly is on regularly meet they play and North Dakota State in Fargo might be. Minidisc sentencing for even if it is an on TV how many people. Actually watch on TV anymore on people want to what's going on line yeah I'm shooting in an on line. Now Wofford now its own do. He has been into it's on the loose twelve million all right well how else thank you for that reminder to own and I'll just be team all so that's going to be a tough place to go. The Fargo dome and assuming outside in Fargo no. No yeah that would put safety reached via features. Mine that's fair so bad at noon army navy at three in essence a Stetson doable day of college football for your withdrawal weekend. But it's that it's not going to be like it has been. No so the is that North Dakota State is pulling out bodies and bodies. They used this I think they used diseases they pronunciation I think he uses the pronunciation. I don't know the answer to that. Like when we played South Dakota and they are master is the coyotes and well they say are represented the book in the press box. To correct our PA announcer because he said coyotes. And they were mad it's not a coyote attack IO. It's a coyote that's what really counts yeah solid. The course just South Dakota coyotes while NR PA announcer was pronouncing them the coyotes. In May and those people wrote. Upset so great so I give if you were announcing substance would you say coyotes who we think alliance Belichick coyotes and less instructed. So with fervor beforehand then yes I think it's a normal thing we don't count I agree with you but I mean they said the delegation what is it we'd better call on the field before quit delegation were they large burly man. The gradual and I'll point out a psychiatrist they would say guys if that's what I would do 8444773776. Go to the phones don't herald next herald a command. GMAC is doing absolutely gone bad and readying his bachelor and the more questions approached. Aren't here we go. Charm and had a really good football program and they played in March and the state and they lost yeah and if you you don't let apple actually state 13 back to back championships. And I guess you talk a little early to get acclimated to a skin care do you think walkers do the same thing actually coached. Thank you Carol would you leave early for Fargo. I mean is the air thin inside the Fargo dome I guess it's thin but it's not like being outside I. Always wondered that if there's a different tone in time in North Dakota and I don't think there's that much of an elevation. Montana yes because. The grizzlies. They're literally like 7000 feet I mean they're up there. So. That's a great question for Harold North Dakota State north Dakota's very flat the elevation. I was up there about three years ago that there's not a lot of elevation to it and but now the cold. Boies let me tell you something you have seen cold to you get through. Nebraska. South Dakota North Dakota. I mean it's a different. I mean it gets you to the ball. I know about cold judge. Ohio. Sixty below wind chills as cold when yeah when it's not freezes and hurts that's true cold it does. Mean those winners through the upper mid western Jews group and. Trying to get to the Fargo. Forecast. Fargo for future with more like it right now Fargo is nineteen degrees exactly the at this time a day it's ninety degree and have a real feel on there the real feel it is to two degrees above or below zero could not easily. We look ahead of whom nothing is warm enough to look at the tent Friday is going to be 31. Place Saturday in last known around here so let me jump into the tent forecast. In Houston and sat heard of a high of 22. I have 2182 on Saturday. In Fargo north to go. But it's here in science or slug him what is the matter is. The football team across the line and screamed for him the other party British soul to. 8444773776. Here in the huddle looking at NFL coaches on the hot seat five. NFL teams. Are identified. By ESP end. As having a head coach on the hot seat you guess what guess the five. What five teams have a coach on the hot at the hot seat now not the warm seat but boxing and Johnson say Dallas but I don't think their own there. Is it does appear on their. Hand in Jackson. Yes Cleveland is on the figured that would be. At this huge drop in case. And a case and and me. Then you know the Denver coach suffered head wounds. Amber now really now here. Chapel O'Donnell has to be chuck is on the issue number one on the English you'll be leaving the ban Indianapolis is only. So you decked Cleveland and Indianapolis you need three more. No Mike McCarthy. Come on now yeah maybe they go exactly. And ready get rid of him the last two years he is not on the hot seat in Green Bay greens dolphins don't like him I don't care form myself he's not on the hot seat mile launch. Jump. This yes the mayors earlier John Fox's lair he dressed submit to this month's. They're three and nine the Chicago Bears. And your other two are. O'Neal more distance. Control room we'll Bruce Syrians and retiring she take him home phone is. Kyle Shanahan just go out there does Del Rio and there. He should be for Oakland now I know bill real now. Laying on the street nonstarter and think maybe Andy Reid should be but on struggled this year that is Jason Garrett should be eaten. Marvin Lewis of Cincinnati. They're five and seven must not terrible Newton. And Tampa Bay cutter he should be I can't stand and urinate. He says they make. Those are your five hot seat. Job trying to Tampa Bay Indianapolis Cleveland Cincinnati and Chicago how many of those guys you think blacks who get fired you think all of them. I mean why they put it in the article is unless. They get hot at the end of the season they're gone. Yeah I don't think Indianapolis get rid upon the sale they forgot how can coach that are he's got a he's got dirt Kersey somewhere. Elton let me add back to back 88 seasons where he missed the playoffs tonight on three and nine give or got a built in excuse. No luck no luck no luck at all. So is not gonna make pro season again this year. Now warm seat they got to Dallas Cowboys players imagery about Jason is there on the warm seat in someone's concerned that that's on the right. There. Anybody that would even remotely consider hiring Derek Dooley needs to be on the hot seat automatically. Also on the warm seat Denver. That's Joseph. They're three and nine bill O'Brien in Houston I lost his quarterback yeah. On the green. You know there were two and today and arguably what a great coaching job he's done through a few years when you have a quarterback and all made it into the play will rise so I mean great surprise that they think he'll be back. TSB and thinks of Brian will be back. The jets Todd Bowles. I mean they have surprised some people winning five games. I'm I'm still astonished. That they've won five billion extension. And then. Arizona of course. He made it on anyone you like. Yeah he's talking to him year also abilities and I'm sorry those worthy Arizona moves up to the lukewarm seat. Luke warm seat even day and plan and Atlanta I don't know about that being actual. Little early for that or 75 and had just won the Super Bowl Donald important seat. Baltimore Detroit Oakland. On the Luke warm seat miles the only camera. Yeah you're the Atlanta's underachieving you could go a little coaching without talent because you were really high on them coming into the season a little bit but. But this the make the playoffs so it's not a Super Bowl question. Mark. Anderson and time. The cool city not in trouble Mike McCarthy agreement. The chargers Anthony land the Eagles at ten and two why is he not only perfectly safe list act because they met an outstanding year and I mean an outstanding year. I don't get that Tennessee. And the Redskins and then they absolutely coldest of the cold seats Sean McDermott at buffalo. Just because he's a new know he was in any. Well above the video all about things like Peter monopoly quarterback I think puts him on but he's on the cold seat he's absolutely safe. As is Ron Rivera sorry Alonso. But the Carolina fans are more a Mormon out through their Robert Baer a couple more years. Love hate relationship with the Panthers fans which I don't understand and well they make the playoffs will be the third time in four years they got to the Super Bowl and he's being coach of the year in the NFL twice. He always always done is won the division one a record three straight times for it doesn't four years of playing well yeah. Jacksonville. Kansas City your guys perfectly safe and Andy are you gonna gonna better than injury nine now I'm just. But we need to hire defensive coordinator actually get some defensive players because it's not on Alex Smith whose defense is horrible. Thirty year old Sean McVeigh. With the rams. And a great year nine in three. Adam case perfectly safe. At five and seven. Took into the playoffs though this first season and 26 staying. So I he has ownership support and they had some injury issues Minnesota Vikings might simmers find their tenant two saints of course. They are nine and three Sean Payton. Mike Tomlin with Pittsburgh perfectly safe the niners. With Kyle Shanahan just because he's Branyan. And Seattle. With. You know stinky feet. Stink you paid a safe good keep him that's fun. Good and then he can you hate to do the memoir former. Where's this. Hatred trying to hit them close before and I'm not sure I'm adequately explaining it but. I do like the man. He's consistent about it I've always since the beginning of the station in the way before and I'm sure some Alamo. And then of course militant Belichick is the coldest of cold. That's more gutsy he's got a lifetime deal. A 444. 773776. Quick break we'll come back and mourn a mullet this is not all your listening to ESPN upstate. Welcome back into the huddle ESPN up upstate woman cloudy Wednesday afternoon with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso back to your calls in just a bit a 444773776. Is the number you can text at any time at 71307. Just use the keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message on Twitter always available as well. At ESPN upstate Jim's okay WBT radio Carolina Panthers radio network is on the line as he joins us every Wednesday to talk Panthers Jim how are up. Greg played under great. I'm doing great here appreciates coming on not the best of all performances this year for the Panthers against the saints last week 3121. And Ron Rivera talking about bad tackling was that the the just of the problem or what are you sick. That was one of parliament who is you know wide spread. Like it. Ariza who was victimized or that that they had been at the game has since Sunday has been adamant. They're turnovers CNET things like turning over our punt return. And essentially turning over a punch sparkle RD who mopped wanted to try to throw the ball out of that. Yeah you know dropped interception opportunities by worldly yet to drop catches by a bunch spec have been made. So it does it all really all three phases I think if you account by so being. A really good defensive team probably that they didn't stick with coach the most. This would be an old linebacker so there's the port tackling and not being in the right at right alignment not being in the right gaps as governs. Yeah I'm so mom the saints are in the driver's seat for the NFC south where does this leave the Panthers some dominate. Really need July at a couple wins pretty quickly aired on the. Yeah you got big game Thursday night of course would be at saint without the resources that it was sold the idea where the division gonna look like. In this coach says in Serbia it is got to worry about themselves you know you tell them up at the end beer or more games ago you relate they can get to essentially. You're cute games back of the saints you're one. Mathematically but that would that tiebreaker they get they get to pitch ahead of them I looked up. At the absolute portico you're YouTube actually doable. But you know early leaders so much much wiggle room because new world looks like the back of that slowdown attempt at a reduction. Damp so Lawler probably more talking about wild card is that Duff. Pretty tight race he usually is. Yeah I mean you know LCI yeah I'll think everybody's give up the division yet we see stricter Big Apple would he spoke out this stretch or so to get out that stretched so. I'll get a big wave the white flag on division yet but as far as. Wild card yet not yet be careful there even because you're rug quite that attitude Minnesota team. That's 18 games in a row and then bitterly to show any real weaknesses so leather goods like what we are on defense and they're getting it done. Offensively and what they've got the Cupertino lot of starting quarterback of the starting running back. Early in the speed and it didn't really resilient so well. Yeah they they just they're fully focused biking this week it mammal kind of regroup and look at the standings again coming out of this one. Got Jim. About the the injury situation any update on relying Khalil Greg Olsen anything new on those yes. He also was practicing today so I think their plan. Over the past weeks is that jets gave ms. Phillips way to get back and natural grass so I expect. Baltimore played as we are sure barring a setback that happened to recount that. Why will the top what do figure out they'd they'd had a W active roster but he was the exact about Sunday is active the week before against the jets. So glad they're very hurt very cautious obviously with a wide global village one of those concussion protocol you know to neck injury like that back richer when. To be fully help needed to take that and that the rigor plagued senator. In the you know but I also have no idea Blanco Lilly is out there practice today I don't know what he'll do agenda will happen on Sunday. This love the games remaining Minnesota you mentioned this week in Green Bay comes in and and there's talk that maybe Aaron Rodgers plays in that game when dealing. Yeah and the only thing I guess that's what you're doing scout team for their preparations against. Cleveland which we another step up and get out there and doing things. You know they got a Gillick got a winnable game obviously but nobody law so they would you know. Did that they're not out of the race could be 76 at that point if they win. There's a pretty good chance blog is cleared medically. But they wouldn't because you're that they would actually go where Rodgers out there. And try to play with them select that a lot of intrigue to it next week's game and obviously that makes the Packers a lot better it's clear to help it up a clay. In a treated everything as our corporate greed they have. Up umps all this someone to ask you about this while we have you on here talking Jim's OT Carolina Panthers radio network up. The NFL's looking at adding a targeting rule on next year do you think that's doable deal like. I think you know I just about player safety that's been you know it's one of those things where they're they're trying to get it right and Neil I think they'd. There was a lot of people word that happy at what they saw in terms of some. Hits and somewhere self inflicted is that they achieve your signal that was the soap and what it is adopting a correct apple but. A player safety is gonna continue to be important they're looking at the future of the game out. Players like Ben Roethlisberger sale on Tuesday hopes his son plays golf he supported both the oaks. He played golf with me at the violent game inside figured as much as they wanna try to keep. They're hitting aspect of football and it's got to be at a Safeway where it's not. Turn off that people are worried you know safety lies about their kids play and letting them play. As they reached thirteen years and so forth so we'll be adjusted to see what the league can do the terms they be adding to just players' safety group report. Now a one thing we talked about earlier on the show that they can do is not make the suspension for throwing a flag in the stands the same as the basically what grown memory try to kill some money and look at a. You have to get planets that would Judy Smith Kuester your stand over taunting the player. Andy gets the same suspension has got to get it in Kosovo a dirty Little Rock so. Maybe the other ones are one game and he brought deserve to have more than one bowl or being so. Derided at such things like there's only one side spit ball from a misdemeanor to a felony that needs to be backcourt where. All right so if you're Panthers fans you're pulling for the falcons. On Thursday night and then now waiting for the weekend right. I have no idea I mean it's. And partly due due to give up on the division band and bringing urge you green package plan will ultimately a division contender again. Down the stretch so what those two sorted out and ultimately a particular business. Against Minnesota will have better chance at a back. Jim we appreciate as always thanks for checking in our ticket Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network has yet point I thought well you pull for the Al. Before for the falcons so you have a chance to win the division but. Then maybe you lose the wild card of the falcons so good April 4 Thursday night. In the in the ball game between the falcons in the and the sites appear transmission I don't know the good questions. Apple for the falcons has elect falcons about that cannot do that. So now I'll pull for the saints because I don't like the falcon and it's pretty I'm pulling for the falcons because. A war Sean Payton come to Dallas. There's another raise and everybody has their own agenda right. Everybody has an agenda shows you if you wanna find a rooting interest you can't damp you can find something which is what Roethlisberger said. Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh said there's more of a mutual respect in the Steelers rivalry with the ravens band with the angles. Said that a couple of days after two players were disciplined for illegal hits. Made during Monday night's game between the Steelers and the Bengals he said. And that one with the Bengals. Feels like people are just out there to hit people. And we don't feel same respect from them the Baltimore and we have I'm not really sure why. Something going on between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati you know they always seem to me they hate each tried to hurt each other and it is sat. That is a loan longstanding. Rivalry and I mean those guys. And Marvin Lewis. Kind of stoke that fire to. Of trying to go after those guys because quite honestly Mike Tomlin is everything he is not. Martin's number one he's never gotten the Super Bowl as a head coach he's had teams that should have gone to Super Bowl. And they've consistently failed come playoff and and you've got Mike Tomlin. Same division he's already won two of these averages in double digit wins every year he's in Pittsburgh. And there's a rivalry between Andy Dalton and Ben Roethlisberger which is ridiculous because Andy Dalton Sox. I. Well I mean there's there's been a great rivalry between Baltimore and Pittsburgh but I guess Russell Berger saying there's more. More respectable leader not a lot of respect in the Cincinnati snarled its moral wrong. Hatred is hatred and yes now that's interesting. And you know. That probably won't sit too well with the angles players for the next time they meet. They probably won't lighten up and you'll have to. That game we just saw I don't think it's really going to matter I mean short of short of a little bit clearing brawl breaking out in the middle of the game. I mean there's really not a whole lot of more dirty that they can bring that football yes pretty bad. Pretty bad and is almost a point of the mayors and yeah I mean the officials. The crew of the officials heard. Had to go to the hospital because they had carpal tunnel near Noble's throw flags automate Liza yeah. Now I'd hate for forging ESP ESPN got about 25 minutes left when we come back so if you wanna get AM for the final couple of segments here in the huddle. Now's the time to do it you can jump on the tax line at 71307. Or on Twitter at ESP in upstate will be right back this is the huddle. On ESP in upstate. It has the huddle it is ESPN. Upstate. GMAC coach Phillips and lawns of off fought Twitter law dog says. Why do SEC schools hire other SEC coaches they always are recycling coaches must chant please hire an outsider big twelve offense. Go hire a big twelve offensive coordinator we're shelf Carolina. Would be the worst idea in the world went. I'll like the Oklahoma State even. If you get a kid again could you get did you give a damn could you get a that's the question you could. Make a run as some of those guys. I imagine that dumb Muster actually turn it over few rocks looking for. This officer quarters or not just. Go with the obvious soared just promote from where. One would think. Otherwise I hope you're right John otherwise. He could be destined to repeat the Florida debacle all hope you're right. Often does your thought and Roger mills on his way out and a not so much. National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell contract extension has been completed. Bringing resolution. To a hostile week long weeks long problem drama in which Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones attempted to forestall the deal. There's a letter from the NFL's compensation committee. To the owners today that set a binding contract extension has been signed by the commissioner. And by Arthur Blank on behalf of the leaks entities. Like of course owns the a lot of falcons any chairs the compensation committee. Statement the letter says. Obtained by the Wall Street Journal says we are pleased to report there is a nearly unanimous consensus among the ownership in favor of signing the contract extension now with a Roger Goodell. They hope to avoid any further controversy surrounding this issue. As long as she's then there's going to be controversy. With it well he's back. He's back. And he's going to make a whole bunch of money. Could earn as much as forty million in a given year on the new deal if all the benchmarks. Our hits. And this is go up from there hey he's worth it their make it look here's the deal. Leagues make him money I don't care about TV ratings for now that'll come into play when you the next TV contract right now you're making money hand over fist and they're gonna keep up. That's what they're going to do it obviously in thereof thank in his steps today. I'm so glad to keep them just because people like Josh and didian you have guys like that at this pick small business so it's it's worth it to collapse just to watch their faces turn risks. Now my kids the kids feel on the radio so we can look at the Rogers back Rodgers back this go to the phones Doug Darrell next. On the huddle. A Daryl what's up. There you go out though we're doing good man. I of course mean you know I feel like you guys but it is what sales on the air it well. If you keep roster bill a key so muddled storyline Google. His son to talk about it a little bit sorry guys and that's what this forum is all about controversy. Well. All bad news good news right yeah at least you're talking about him. Yes that talk about I mean normal body and then you'll have a look out you know about it just like you know. I think they've really you know is going to be a story wicket evaluation orbiter aegs you know dollar bailout and it. Bryant actually go to Darryl with the NFL owners I don't think they wanted talked about but I don't think they're willing to want. Give up a guy that brings help to bring in the the boatloads of money just to get the controversy to go away in the B new controversy with a new guy anyway so it's all about the money the money still common in these get in the. The move is always got demoted. Budget got I was out about this stuff I had a couple of it'll talk about my White House shot. And our shot because now it's not at Arco. Coming up for what what are. There have been achieved what they're called you know all our state. And he played wide receiver they're going back 84 important at all. A million shot and didn't take that. Goya juncture the Arkansas man should you take and I don't know because our consoles dumpster fire right now. I mean that's an adequate yeah go ahead. M I'll I got about of course about I think about that Corbett widget planned or are there a way of Miami. Yeah he's seen. The thing about that kid is. His versatility. And when throwing the football plus running and that's that's not mark bricks Forte. I know that's what outcome of that wild wonder in light you know being in the pulpit there on the on millions more of the pockets pockets quarterback. You know the ball stopped at the bet. Yeah exactly right and so for him to do that. It tells me that he's kind of getting onboard. With the landscape of college football that you better have an athlete quarterback. He won't be telling you things are able to explain that. Yeah there the defense the defense is that you're facing. With Clemson Florida State I know they're down but they still have athletes. And if you wanna compete for the national title. You literally in the days of a statue as quarterback back there. I just don't think you can win a national championship on the college level with one. Yeah at all I'm not mistaken we still got that brought it back at a achieved in the top. Of if you want to coating built in cook on the planet right. Yeah I think so the thing Miami fans need to be excited about. All of the top of recruits they're getting defensively. They're getting 6162. Quarterbacks. In our safeties. That are just absolute. Animals. And ultimately up and not look on the news I've heard that. I've heard that I don't know. Yeah I don't know if I'm ready to go that route yet Sean took its usual specials that. We get to especially thank our but it and the great columns and agreed yeah. And I you know presented. Yes the thing about it Arkansas is right now I mean they just one for ball games it's the fifth. If you're lucky it's the fifth best. Team in the SEC west. Now the good news is. I am fully. Believing in the packet Chad Morse is going to. Rejuvenate that off they're gonna get quarterbacks and the other gonna get wide receivers and there. Because it's fun to play in their profits and that's exactly what. All of the hot he embraces. What the state of Texas does on the high school level. And they are going to go in there and they're gonna get their fair share. The question I have is what is he gonna do on the defensive side of the ball because when you look at this and you that's what they want they won. 48455550. In these basketball on grass shoot outs. And your plane in the SEC west would defense is like Auburn LSU. Alabama. I mean those guys aren't going anywhere. And that's something he's gonna have to figure out but it's going to be a paradigm shift from what would it be normal was to jab mores. And it's gonna take some time. Are we gonna catch up on a few text before we get out of here we'll do that and our final segment and it's coming up next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Our final five minutes of the huddle on ESPN up states. The biggest local sports news is today ink issue somehow missed it happened about 9:30 this morning new announcement from the University of South Carolina. That's so well must champ has relieved co offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Kurt roper of his duties. Effective immediately. Co offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Bryan McClendon will coordinate the gamecocks offense. And we'll call the plays for the Outback Bowl January 1 against. Michigan noticed that they did not name Bryan McClendon and in her bedroom offensive corner and make of that. When you well and he's already co offensive cornerstone issue need to do them but. They didn't do that. Must champ said that there will be no replacement named until after the bowl game. On January 1 so there that off the tax line at 71307. Catch up on a couple of text that tough. Coming up to here. Wofford will be North Dakota State this Saturday mark my words. Might overwhelmed I would honestly I'd love to see the terriers and Mike Ayers advance in the Fargo dome. Twelve noon coming up on Saturday. Dexter says home run hire would be what would be your church Zahir pronounce his name from Oklahoma State. But I would be fine with Randall Lashley Orman zoning those are some other names that have. Been mentioned. Talking about south Carolina's offensive coordinator position. All right and another techsters says I guarantee. Eli plays in Denver next year I'm calling it now. If Elway can pull patent to the mile high city. Then he can certainly get Eli and Brock. Rosters that would be that would be interesting. He might do it it's not about the same result than his brother had. Which was. Super Bowl if it and then fell apart while he still Clinton's Super Bowl and you say we're partners is a Super Bowl was that it is. No real 110 interceptions in 31 interception touchdown if I saw a quote that John Elway says he's embarrassed by the Broncos season. Embarrassed he needs to blame himself. And I agree that they'll be aggressive the Broncos be aggressive and turning this thing around. If you're wondering about some of these head coaching jobs and whether. Anyone would hire a defense of coordinator you might say hey Tennessee's not gonna go for a defense of guys they want they wanna get an offensive guy Tennessee because they're office has been pretty bad. You know people tend to think that way don't think hey we need an offensive guy we need a lot of the scoreboard go get the best offensive guy. Well there's been some defense of guys that have worked out pretty well. A few. Nick Saban. Worked out okay. Okay you got to take him off the board want. Well I mean he's arguably the greatest college coach in the history of the game. It was a it was a defense a guy. That's where you that's where his roots or. How abouts. Will must champ. You know the jury's still aren't but defensive guy doing pretty well Morton Antonio universe is South Carolina guy if it's a guy Michigan State. Derrick Mason can we tell him to Vanderbilt the. Well you know what you gotta give the guy credit he righted the ship I think what that one year he was to remind. Them made some staff changes. And then now he has a more to compare me they are you don't they are the team in the state of Tennessee. That bears only imagine that in the state of Tennessee. Any power structure Vanderbilt won Memphis is two he's done. All right really. I you know whose job inveterate and right at Tennessee Tennessee scattered you know. Endorsed Ron again and LSU will see I think the jury's still out on him but they don't have a decent year Gary Patterson of TCU certainly. Certainly has had a lot of success Kirby Smart at Georgia authorities done a couple of years many showed a lot of people won't group. Mark Stoops a Kentucky and he's done a nice job my man Charlie Strong. Gotta rebuild. Him. And Kyle winning him. I resign if his guy who's had some success just to name a few. So will save more watched the Tennessee thing. Again Jeremy Pruitt and Alabama defensive guy. Being mentioned for the Tennessee job pretty heavily today we'll see if they go in that direction they need to do something here probably pretty soon. Good calls good Tex we appreciate you listening today in the huddle straight it was Sturgis coming up next. Alonso and coach Josh Phillips I'm Greg McKinney have a great afternoon we'll see at 1 o'clock tomorrow in the huddle.