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We're back gets the huddle on ESPN. Upstate GMAC. Coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso phone lines open view and a 444773776. Text line open as well. At 71307. If you wanna talk sports or wish lawns or happy anniversary or anything like that you cannot hit us up on the text line 71307. And Twitter. Addie SP in upstate. So why you man Jimmie Chad Morris coach. At Arkansas according to sources quoted by ESPN's Jim Morris will be the new head football coach leaving SMU he's 49 years old. A fourteen inch warning to record for the mustangs. But some there are two intend his first season they were seven and five this year so you can certainly. See the improvement here's what job Brad Edwards of ESPN has to say about Chad Morris to Arkansas. There's certainly some things about the higher too like I mean if you're. At Arkansas and geographically. It makes the most sense that to build your team. You have to dip in attacks you've got to on that area and they look here you're not gonna beat Texas and A&M and Oklahoma low for guys. A lot of the time. But you should be able that you know to get some guys out there that that some of them wanted. And and I think Chad Morse is gonna help you do that he ended because his his roots there in Texas are deep and so that's a very big positive. For Arkansas. Very big positive for Arkansas you agree coach. Yeah and that one aspect. Yes. The situation with that wise they had to get somebody on the cheek. And they got him for. And what has been made public yet but. They've got to him for five years three point seven mil. That's a Coca bag of chips for the SEC had told him. And the reason they did that is. They still haven't fifteen million dollar buy out. Brett be normal that they have to pay in through 20/20 two. Think about this Brad Beale was making the same amount of money sitting at home. That Chad Morse is gonna make under the pressure. Of being the head coach. So from a financial standpoint. It makes cents CE NTS. From a long term I honestly believe he's a stopgap guy. Because I think from a federal philosophical standpoint. Chad does bring a different office. On his office does historically score a lot of points. It's noon so they've gone to a paradigm shift. From Britain beyond what to Chad Morris which are alike. The knock on Chad Morris though is. He's want to get out of a job after the first or second year. When he was that Clinton's men he infuriated. The for the fan base because he came in dabhol. Brought him in nobody knew who the heck he was. Off from Tulsa. His first year they set the world on fire he renegotiate his contract. I gets open one point five million dollar range. And then he starts looking for another job he put in for the NC state job. He put in for duke he put in for Wake Forest he was trying to get the heck out of course. And that's what this guy does. So. That bothers me because Arkansas is a total rebuild job. That the talent is horrendous. Not only is gonna have to rebuild the recruiting in the state of Texas that Brett be on the rule and he's also gonna have to build it with in the state. The hogs have already lost a very good player and little rock the Mississippi State in this class. The number one player in the state is committed to Baylor. Jerry Bowen and and that's. He's got to fix that now I do want him to do well a guy on his staff by coached with. And know very well Justin step. Who was a wide receiver parliament. I'm Justin is an outstanding football coach. He is an outstanding recruiter so he's got guys. Around him that they will get out and recruit and they need to do that. But my biggest concern is. Say he has the hogs and bowled next year which I don't think. But in his second year he gets some disseminate wins. Then the next thing he's doing is trying to go to Nebraska you see away somewhere like that. And then now what he'd do. Because that's his MO not long term no he comes into a job beast if one or two years and he bounces. Me ask you this. More of the guys who was mentioned for the job that dating get a along with Mike Norman L was clemson's defensive coordinator Brent venables and now. Interestingly. Amazingly. Stop it remarkably. Stay operates the word is going around the world wide web which never has anything wrong. That Chad Morris wants Brent venables to come to Arkansas to be his defensive coordinator. The chances of that are. Zero and zero. That was started. By a guy and Arkansas that owns one of those 247 recruiting things. Okay. And they didn't even know who was gonna get the job they didn't know what the contract was going to be. And now he's float that stuff. It's a crap out there okay. Brett venables is not leaving clubs and go to markets Howland thinks that would be the live that would literally be. The dumbest thing in the history of coach so you're saying you're one. He'll do it. Hey I'll take it as an Arkansas and if chat more sports that all. Okay people are going to be looking at double sideways light what just happened now. I have her Wally hall whose longtime. Arkansas Democrat gazette sports editor. Has that. There has been some discussion. That hogs would offer him to a half million to be the defensive coordinator. That is ridiculous. Almost as much gentlemen as much as the head coach makes him. Now that owed a debt early in his career. Because he realized. What it meant to have a good stuff around you work and that eventually got paid. Well maybe that's why chance stimulus money he savings number Brandt might get it by. If you do that with Brett venables was gonna take the job as the head coach. Why the heck what Eagles defensive coordinator started after the launch and maybe you wanna be offered some well I mean there's a lot of speculation and that Jerry look Jerry Jones got involved and which tweeted about that in all of sudden that went national. Okay we're Jerry literally told him you're gonna hire to add more and forget about these other guys you're going to hire more. Just like he told them forget about your Greg also has athletic director you're gonna hire you your check Houston. It was a good story wants Jerry did that. And he got involved and it and that's exactly what happened. So I mean I don't really have a feeling either way. With the job. I understand why because of the money that's involved but people have got to stop. With if Brett venables goes to Arkansas. That is a reflection of his relationship. On clips and the guy is a liar because he literally just said. His loyalty remember this clip everybody was played and the state. My loyalty. Is the Clemson. My determination mind. Everything that I have I owed to double Sweeney and the callebs. OK if a week after making that statement. He suddenly jumps to go to Arkansas in the same capacity. Then your call and his integrity in the play. Because he just said my loyalty is to double Cellini and eclipsed. He's already said publicly. So I take the man at his word I think is a relatively honest guy. And his son is getting ready to come there. So people need to just stop when Brett venables leading Clemson to go to Arkansas defensive coordinator I don't care how good a friend you are. I've got Frist. I feel bad even calling you but I'm gonna extend it because we're friends. That's the way it works. So he he may be really good friends and Brett venables bought his house and Clemson and all of that they may be as tightest music cares. OK but he would be doing himself I mean what is the draw. OK so you might half a million bucks or more to go there. What you're gonna get your teeth kicked in your first year. The defensive talent and Arkansas. Is so bad that they've got walk calls. Out there because Brett deal a month. Didn't handle his business recruiting lost. The defense out there is horrendous there is literally the three of us can go out there and play for Arkansas defensively right now. That bat. So why would he leave a situation. In which he is not a perennial national championship program. He's got first round NFL talent galore on the defense and more coming yen. Xavier Thomas. Class. So these people that are float that they're out of their mind there's there try to start open. Or they've got an agenda or they're wishing or something. He's not leaving Clemson and Arkansas that that it's foolish. Dagger. Don't see why unless there's some. Something behind the scenes that we don't know about and I can't imagine what that obese and don't expect that to happen. Up Pittsburgh really likes Patton are doozy apparently don't blame them. They have signed him to a contract that will keep him there through 2024. Was so great about him he's 21 and seventeen in three years. Five and seven this year. Why get excited about that. At Pittsburgh. I mean a big clubs and he did with her last year. One but have eggs have fourteen players to the NFL while he's there so that's pretty good. They really loving the athletic director Heather like called our doozy a tireless worker. Said the athletic department is deeply committed to helping him and his staff help the Panthers compete at the highest level in the ACC. So they have extended pat nor doozy at Pitt. To a seven year contract through twenty point four. Don't know the financial details but. They really love. I'm okay I'll like yeah I mean I and I'm not saying he's a good job and coach. That's a long term commitment to a guy who's. You know under 500 this year. And his thirty year. What do will must share was five and seven in his third year now and again. And at the but he'd be going back to meaningful to coordinate odds of a slam in just not a lot of pressure a bit Doris just everything else they like about him. That you a million and a deal through joining Torre for a guarantee that. Must say I wouldn't you be or five of them are here he can really give an extension damn. And that's where I'm hearings for you citizens. So no complaints was that. And and still. Watching Tennessee I don't know I don't know when Tennessee's gonna make a decision there was or four out earlier that they wanted to have somebody hired by Tuesday Tuesday as in yesterday they did not. So. Obviously Phil fullmer has some. I's to dot tees to cross whatever before he figures out who we wants. And we will wait and we will watch. But right now. No Tennessee decision has been made. We're starting to get out of is gonna get down a coordinators we're gonna get these head jobs filled in all the young looking for their coordinators in that will. Certainly. Be another story line is they start to approach from other treatments. You know what though. How fascinating what what what the outcry be though. If Brett venables did leave to go to Arkansas. The Clemson men's heads with spam. On my name is what I understand announce. Would understand it SOM a for the head job head coaching job yeah I'm but forum coordinate. If that happens. It would make me think that there were things going on within that program. That's. Probably. Not only up enough. Sale would make me think that. That's the day and he he would have mores are really good friends and his body ask of the company decided you know what I've done all I can do hear them say if I can do it again somewhere else. Doesn't have to be anything affair is sometimes is go because because you wanna change a seahawk. I understand. That point of it. But. If it would really make any question. If he made that movie or what I know about coaches. It would tell me he's trying to get out of something. That's getting ready to come down and because it just. It just doesn't. And I understand the friendship part of it and I understand what you're getting coaching somewhere write. A good one yet. I mean you're talking about. You know what he may not want to do that he may be a defensive coordinator for the rest of his illustrative and he may be happy with you know I look coaches leave me alone. They let me run my deal and there's something decent for the. The most recent hot name on the Tennessee search by the way is Jeremy Pruitt defensive coordinator Alabama where you about that. Debbie go on. Are sort Jeremy Pruitt to where. Tennessee. The Tennessee his name is we meant a lot today for that job. Our. Oh I would like. Our one like that. If you're Tennessee you want to see if if you're Tennessee I mean if that's the case then. You know go get Mel Tucker Georgia or go get you know that there comes a point where you just got a bunch of guys that are all the same. I mean. Go get an I formation guy so much want to on the football. And I think Tennessee needs to open it up now they're I don't feel they're gonna do that. Because that's not the former philosophy. And I think he's gonna hire a guy. That is a run based oriented. Coach. Because that's what he believes Tennessee football debate. Well you did approve it and handle the defense is going to get a big name offense of corn and include. You couldn't. Just juvenile that don't rule out Jeremy Pruitt for Tennessee that's. Is he one of whom fifteen months in the second interview with the balls are all about that. The name I have seen him pop up. On several. You know. Twitter accounts of people who and know what they're talking about. Wes Rucker of buck 24 sevenths sports says several balls boosters tried hard to persuade DN AD day heart to go higher Kirby Smart five years ago. Smart one of the Joba would Jones Butch Jones got a he set about some of those same boosters are the ones who want Jeremy Pruitt now they don't want history to repeat itself. And apparently is a push. From some boosters at least for Jerry probe attempts. A 444773776. Let's take a break we'll come back and talk to JC share Britain and expert dot com we'll get his inside on the Kirk -- firing him where South Carolina may go for their offensive coordinator. That's coming up this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Back Kerry and the hoddle on ESPN upstate glad you're along William back our phone calls in just few minutes at a 444773776. But right now let's go to the gas line and bring in the bigs Murdoch comes JC share hurt demand Gloria. Then he had to do it yesterday. Thank you JC we appreciate it Saudi gamecocks pull the trigger on Kurt roper this morning and hum. How hard a decision do you think this was for mosh champ JC did did he struggle this or was this a form their own conclusion. Now it does does he decided. Right after the clincher yeah he it'd been. Together. German publicly that is what you have the Camarillo on the political and lo and behold my. Not this ability to spot. Predictability. Was a consensus among. Not only carriages that are closest South Carolina but our coaching it's after all of those that. That it is yet to show. He can't be predictable that what what must ship promised a plan to get out here or understated and Rupert chance because. If you look at how what he does you hear about what he does that's for how strong global natural born. It's meg except that there are a lot of coaches out there like. Our rob Spence was like that should thank John hunt the former opera to blanket south Carol like this past several child or all make sense you get game day. And Abdullah app and down. You have heard from several people roper were kind of rub up fiery guy. With the quarterbacks. To the point where. You know he would get so rattled call quality during the G-8. That it would rattle everybody L arm if you look at the great play caller out there a single one thing. Really demonstrative in the sport often it is deep into guys yet. Operative got I don't know very many then come the mine so armed and demonstrative maybe the putting it mildly. So. You know he had a graduate assistant all the feel last year and this year signaling and way. I got that football. On that your eyes. Lifting your quarterbacks guys in you know when you're dealing with future freshman and pick your walk on last year an object Bentley as sophomore this year with a much more responsible. Com that probably a lot of Smart and then you know I think they put too much don't Bentley this year I mean that although our videos and so that. He ordered apartment property got a lot of those during the years with the browns in our out settle lot. You cannot run pro style offense of South Carolina it's it's it's historically has never worked to get people fired. There's some hills Will Muschamp does not willing to I don't. And mount roper. Did one so that it's a new date page and having most game got rams players other coaches. Are relieved and and you know our Patrick Crowe Rupert has a lot of football. You know maybe he's probably divide the pros and and and cast upon due to scrap the conveyor. I'm incredulity want to Dave I'd just. I just don't what you can do that in college. All already. So saying that Bryan McClendon will call plays for the bowl game what's the significance from there what do you make of that. O'Brien McClellan and the co offensive coordinator in title only since he got a South Carolina never called plays before that. You know want to guess. And have a knack for having play calling it what others think it's either fabric cult. On the and there's not enough time for what my ship go higher due to cornered hat and call fall. I mean it's impossible to know personnel. You know I think Bobby Bentley and world war assist Bryan McClendon in my understanding as. Those two were very like minded and here's the difference for those either. You know yeah I don't know the difference you know Kirk Kirk Rupert type opposite coordinator look examine tablet the principle on an. And called played really an NFL trying to beat. Armed and of course David suggest an I don't know what he don't. Armed. Bentley him a letter of the tribe they wanna attack bigger and they're gonna run their stopped. And it's abuse figure out a way to stop. Com mail and I I think what you look around college football. The better offenses are ones that they do that because of class that they're more aggressive in you know it is if it's a situation where. Well much has an echoed in the SEC or six years you never outlets that are that second laughed. Com I think he was sick of watching bad offensive football and so I think they're gonna try to. You know did it get ago and I don't know the bowl against ago at Michigan State is going to be the right opportunity for. Miracle happens but come out certainly say they'll be a better in game approach. I'll escort the play calling him and the creativity. Things like that. I dug in to JC share with a big bird dot com here in the huddle after the dismissal offensive coordinator anchor Rupert this morning. At South Carolina so overwhelmed the obvious question JC where they go from here you got a couple of names and throw out that you like for the jump. Yeah amateur and I think red. Purse to form a dynamic planet and apparently have a shot at it if they turn around. All I don't know that I call in the clubhouse favored whether the plot about paper. If you look at still longer for baldness is. You'd get a good job this year all things considered. Ari sort of pass happy for my case we're gonna do believe east softer rumpled ball. You know peck at it may be that. He can add some things and then you know they documentary about what shape Patterson then you have all the as receiver. Chuck around York. Com. You know rat actually it was the panacea at all burdened and that was the Connecticut this year he improved. Connecticut dot nets in seventy top spot in the total off centric event and panel this year. Bomb just now launch system I think is the best system. For the gamecocks to kind of adopted if you look at their personnel. But he's the gadgets like Kurt roper the war for the guy. And you know I'll always have ruled palm. Ever Arabic out of work to be capita in whatever orca. And down. So you know we'll we'll see what happens. What would regard to that. You know other than that you know Mike you're just from Oklahoma State has remained without her again he's very Passat it's big twelve cents. On any grand at Kentucky. And Alec urged fans out there and hear his name and create. That battle up at the last two years. To look back awarded at Cincinnati will be more that target saying. On the need a running back coach by trade and so that if you're gonna Bobbie that we coach quarterbacks. That would make cents. Tom you know Dan Maurer who was the OC at Ole miss or longer than nine per. I'm not too fired up about it but aka. You know we'll see how that unfolds but. In and then there's other guys the kid they could emerge Erik Wolf for. Well it was not early on must cancel right nor last year or until he pursued the job they admit. And turns out there like minded. And a lot of ways and so. You know what you look at it from that standpoint it it's not a situation where it's late disappear gather again at gas they can beat somebody unless you deal all Orlando is. It will be a dramatic departure from what occurred Rupert tried to do. All. There with a gain traction this year and what our power to our club and fans out there. I'm not saying that that game would have been closer with a differ like I'm not saying not at all. Palm not I don't wanna sit here blame everything on courtroom because there's still some talent issues South Carolina thing like that but down. Is it possible for people called Albert. But I think that the I think that overall this year throughout the course of the leader of the offense. What they'd better plan a more aggressive plan would put more points on the board to get some of these teams that. You know that they probably should. Front if they do keep an in house UC co offensive coordinator between the Clinton amendment zevil what happened. Other than the possibility and the likely scenario and in other recourse some of those two is you know who's gonna coach quarterbacks. On. And Bobby obviously have a long history catching quarterbacks in the Clinton never go to court so. In I think that when you look at it that standpoint you know maybe maybe Bentley that even get a lot coordinator title. On. May be egos. Just churches QBs. What do me any shoring up to doing any recruits because you broke her departure I'm thinking particularly about the carrying joiner but anybody else to. In not join Jeremy Maclin and and must have been the dam. On yesterday and without Kurt roper and obviously that would look by design. And everybody on Alabama the Mac it current but will it occur to anybody so. And that it's a shame because he has. That Research Triangle North Carolina what does the place South Carolina. If they try to get in the battle you know they they've been kind of weak up in that area years so. That'll also be an upgrade especially if you bring it Edgar were actually. You know got a bit of a great recruiters so you know it was a bad call all India. Helps protect government or territory but I don't. You know what they're going to be immediately have any doubt that sort. And quite frankly the carriage Warner is better (%expletive) about thirty different other offenses than what caused little tried to do so. I think he's probably happy future and go back. I JC a couple of ways away from the early signing period December Tony so probably didn't cost me doing it by that date a lot of activity or not them. I think I mean what what paternity right now get that are firmly committed to go ahead and signed it up to worry about them all the coaching changes. Around the country it and various programs. I mean this year sort of unprecedented because we've got a lot of gas go from power op job job that rarely. But you have to in the SEC which. Mulling on the floor and Gemma pitcher going in him organ can it will tiger are you. I guess that's not reality that the SEC but it means it's another but a lot of movement that happened. Understaffed at the ground around them that they're looking at programs see you know hey we got top spot. You know we just turned seven lose because the old apple curtain don't. We need to get sober responsible who's committed south Carol you know that. And and the theory is there's going to be kind of mad dash in May be some rural custard cup thanks. On and so they're very Smart to get the gap signed Warner will go ahead inside have been you don't have as much rob. That's gonna happen man. Then after that you know heading into the January period that I do expect some surprises. Everybody asked me that ultimately be surprised that there and I can say. For the first term I do expect a surprise. Our rights prize is Tim Egan on Josh what's up. They say let me ask you something about the kid that's undecided. What what's the status of Channing tend. All I know he's listed as undecided but. He's in my opinion. If he's not the best football player in the state. He's definitely up there. Well in a great athlete you know you don't have many linebackers that are 62 toward a long arms. Hit really hard they can run for four and forty consist. Bomb. For the game got. He has been tripping to Georgia here are up. A bomb that early also go to Georgia mom all or pharma. Yes South Carolina historically used not recruited spring rally well whether that's. Not altering Travis Lee in the Christian Millar whether that. You know just sat on the one got busted and Clinton rich the strike Powell ball where's the matter is that they don't they don't repent schoolwork slip. Armed and that desperately trapped or they offer chanting Campbell three months before any other school. Bomb but Jordan is not right to order got a budget good recruiters George don't play golf. He hit what they do is dramatically as well South Carolina so right now that they kennel dog Georgia. But you never know I mean it Jordan Blair for awhile and Carol Ronald jump back up so it's not. It's not over but do you think right now it you know I'd be inaccurate to say that he was not trending university. Jason last question got failing as the ambulance goes by how many times haven't we don't do you I don't know if there's any. Six hours nearby hospital and polite about here every that's like the man amity. I guess. Will Davos when you lose any of his top assistants this year Brent venables Tony Elliott just got malarial stay put do you think. Right now when you look at it probably certain Palestinian leaving perk that is job. A he's Everett were just. Just got kind of had a maybe interview itself well. Which I don't know about him Utley reports of about one. I think it started interviewing now it's a UPS. Had gone after. Just got. I think drowned in a may be receive that in on attorney Elliot was in the mix for that job before they hired Josh cycle. But down. You're not out until they are now at what they meant that you them. Never does the type of job that would go be a very lucrative situation. While port just got ten mile maybe even then. Probably gonna boldly and let him sleep tires didn't. To be honest our up and others rumor out there about our consult. And Jim Jordan cap Mort there. And let this just an un godly deal didn't I just don't end it Jerry Jones promises in the cal job and I just don't see that happening only. What do you get over there in the golden triangle with the money you may look for god. Very appreciative of your winning championships. You know you love your players. This I just don't see him going. Too looked at best job in the SEC west to be the coordinator for jet Morse now if a coach maybe but coordinator yeah. And I JC we appreciate it out of time thanks as always man. Ortiz and JC sure an expert I've come back in a moment this is a hot you're listening to ESP in upstate. I'm gonna give up trying to laden justified the equivalency of NFL suspensions as I don't really yet. Marks Peter suspended for one game for tossing an official's penalty flag into the stands. Rob Gronkowski suspended for one game for trying to kill a Manhattan. I mean just try to kill him. It helps dove on him and tried tequila one day they're both well again. I mean is Eric. Yeah Marcus Peterson thrown a flag into the stands and I know he's done some of the stuff but what they're saying is it wasn't the other stuff there was just this one today. That's led to this suspension Peters suspend because he's stupid. That's that's what that Jimmy suspended for being Stu I think you can be I think you should be with a lot of guys would not be playing. Frequently. I mean. I don't that's a check of one game for Peters for what he did and how and why why can you want you justify. One game for grown for that should be more than them for what he did the engineers to. Our player treatment. This front as far as Broncos have it would have been somebody else will be feeling a little ball that's bong. No it's not that is well is he's one of the biggest star on the only way. Those doesn't beat up women got two games. I don't know. But I think drunk should be certain for. Three game I completely agree with you I think he should be a 46 someplace in and make an example lot of what they did not. So three or four is good. Brees ago I was as blatant as anything of Cingular it was that was bad losses you just Ramon was. All because he apologized to him you know my got them but still. Why I'm sorry I tried to decapitated. And examine over sorry my bad and guys in cash and right the guy you. In the in the protocol at least yeah I mean it could've been to the guys Korea us yes. And that's one thing that the NFL players are noted for is kind of protecting each other needing. Just like there's unwritten rules and baseball there's unwritten rules in the NFL. About we may get after each other but we don't go for like the career ending. From behind us so much out of gasoline flat on his belly and I sort of form at the knees the ankles will we stay away from that stuff and you know ground just. That was it was bad it was really meant yeah it was all. Final break of the hour welcome back we'll get to Bob Billy you'll be next when we come back rubbed against the clock here back in a moment in the huddle this is ESP in upstate. At about three minutes to the top of the hour let's give billion next to in the huddle Billy welcome aboard. He's outlook have you gotten and I agree with a lot what just deeply that you need to be airport typically hires. Deeply that also touched on how long my stance just need to take a step back in the corner and just what the guy do his job and looked out across this works out because I need. The usage and not just submitted it up ought to look terrible fire on a charity homes and it's worked out support he's gone not an excellent job he's done a pretty good job and I would imagine that on politically part of the entire clue so there. You know let's just take a chill pill and and united decision had all worked up because it may end up being a great hire we don't but it's got to let. The process worked out CNET guy he's. Yeah I'm Tom until you have a favorite. Four up and subordinates. I'm one yet Tim and Tom went up today yesterday it would yachts in the laugh about it it would be that you don't run higher but. You know I wouldn't deep. Discussed and debated they did our body gently I mean he has that you know when he was building his program that. Burned then you know even to some extent that others must have degrees in college. You they. They're probably will never draw has suddenly you would agree with the echo and were always scored a lot of points I think you've got an animated minded. We're just more came from from the other. Young and upcoming or I guess they're not so young now but some of these other young you know will look certain own. Coaches that are become a date in the Sudan may be neatly at our school 101. It's a debt to them a debt to them in the college so I'll wouldn't be disgusted with the higher than a mile per short right. I think a lot of people are going to be discussed it and say look at nepotism in these that is that. If you want to get to the top of the hour operation occurred. I really appreciate the call let our Twitter page and got the jump between up above the guy driving around Atlanta dances I guess that's a Hummer. Big yellow. Vehicle and on the back he has a pretty big TV. And he is playing the SEC championship game on loop on the TV on the back of his vehicle. As he drives around Atlanta that's cool some people might want just don't know follow me around and watch it again. I like it. On our Twitter at ESP in upstate. Pick six previews when they tweeted it said is this the most SEC thing ever. Obama does that is that an insult zealous Muslim. Are right back on the other side here in the huddle fuel jumping and 8444773776. Text line. 71307. News skewered ESPN. We will get to some of the NFL hot seat situations. As were winding down the regular season. And we'll also hear from Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network coming up in the huddle on the SP in upstate.