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Hello welcome and it's the huddle on ESPN upstate Wednesday afternoon. Glad you are with a us in studio this afternoon Greg McKinney. Coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso thank you guessed forum. Holding on the Ford yesterday while on bill little dental. Emergency. Back in house with a full set of teeth today and ready to rock and roll. We have a lot to do today tons of college football to talk about the NFL we'll get to lump. Who's on the hot seat in the NFL right now as the season is winding down. Interesting conversation edition news from the NBA on the Al hornets coach. Steve Clifford having to take a leave of absence. Anymore about that coming up JC share over the expert dot com joins us at 225. And I Jim's Okie with Carolina Panthers radio network joins us sent about 330 so a couple of guests lined up as well today. Your phone calls your text your tweets as always. Are welcome 8444773776. That's our phone number. The text line is 71307. Please use the keyword ESPN at the beginning of your text message and we are on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Josh I can't say it today men say in an every day. And now I can't say it's Wednesday December 6 anchor roper is still the offensive coordinator itself. Hero of the key in the office and saw. An ad saying anymore. They pulled the trigger this morning on Kurt roper even though he did not get the rice job apparently the Reich job will be going to Stanford offensive coordinator Mike Blum grounds that announcement expected. Later today so even though Kurt roper did not. Make it easy and just now move on. They have decided to make the move the announcement coming. This morning from the University of South Carolina. That Kurt roper is out. As offensive coordinator here's the up statement. Will Muschamp. Said. After much deliberation I have decided to go in a different direction with the offensive coordinator position on our football team. We appreciate Kirch contributions to our program meant to the university and wish him all the best. Com. The word is that Bryan McClendon. Co offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach will. Coordinate the offense and call plays. For the Outback Bowl new years day against Michigan. And then a replacement will be named sometime. After that point so no change. No permanent replacement until some time. After the bull ring so. Glad to hear right needed to do it right. Yeah it was something that any that they had to do and that supplement will needed to do now. If you listen to our show you know. We've been talking about this in. Get all over the situation down there and now the discussion be problems. What happens. Moving forward. And you will kinda has painted himself into a corner a little bit. What Bryan McClendon because. He was at Georgia as a player at Georgia played one year. In the NFL then went back to Georgia. It was a recruiting coordinator there and will got the job in order for him. To make the move and not be a lateral move from Georgia to South Carolina. He had to be he had to get the offensive coordinators title. Even though it was technical capacity. In order to justify. That move. So it's going to be interesting. To see how he handles that. In currently because right now every offensive guy. On that staff thinks they can do a better job and they need to job. And will's gonna have to. Handle it's a very delicate situation now. Because politically I mean you've got arguably. 01 of the best high school coaches. From this state as the quarterback's dad told the staff Bobbie Bentley. You've got a quarterback position open. Now. Be fascinated to see it for reporters savvy enough to ask him. In a press conference well who's gonna coach quarterbacks now. Well because Kurt roper was also the quarterback coach and so they're gonna have to. Solved in they give. I think it's on for people watches is he lets if he moved body bit over from running backs two quarterbacks. That he's probably gonna name him physical offensive coordinator after the bowl game. That would be. That would be kind of logical. Our progression. Of that deals go well for he can go completely outside. To me it would be the Smart thing especially if they've got a big twelve hive offensive guy with South Carolina needs in my opinion. If you stick with the Bryan McClendon you may have kept her robe. Because he's a pro guy he was at Georgia with more great and they had a portal system you're not changing anything but the name. So. It's good Eddie made the move but it's like we've been talking about. It makes no sense to make the movie could replace him with a guy that's gonna run the exact same office. Agree I don't think he does that I think it's most likely that they you know they bring somebody in from outside and if they do that. If McClendon and Bobby Bentley leave. A will stay under somebody else. Bobby bill we probably won't leave Downey McClendon coaches coordinators zone yet he thinks he's on tour probably I don't I've spoken Dylan but I would think if I'm co offensive coordinator and you Farley I'm thinking well. That's me right. And you name him the coordinator for the bowl down and you did that. That's the that's where it's gonna be there from going forward so count it's going to be fascinating to watch the vote. Again I'm. I've heard some things about the situation and we'll just try to let it. Let it play out I've made my statements and so for those things have been able to hold troops oh. It needed to happen. They made it happen give will credit for pulling the trigger but now yes do the right thing by a quarter Americans offensive staff. And bring in somebody that can develop Jake and I think that was. I don't necessarily think that he'd fire team for the production per say. But there's no question that Jay Bentley as a player in his development regressed. He was a better quarterback last year than it was this year that's right and that shouldn't happen. No it shouldn't you don't these play calling more than Jake. Like collings a big part of it made it is but there were so many things when they when he came and in the house. That he was that Jake is still having some fundamental. Footwork for what were issues and stuff like that was an enormous red flag for me because that's right at the heart of the coach. And you don't make that statement. Midway of the season that the kids still working on this fundamentals that is that is not good. So and a lot of times. G Mac this is happening in college football. Is that guys are losing because everybody wants to be the fastest. You know every time you turn on the game with these terrible offenses. They're talking about although they get the play off the fastest in the country at sixteen point there was a war. Fifteen point whatever sentence well when your coach. That has that situation you can develop your quarterback. Because all you're doing is worried about. The amount of plays that you can get everybody's trying to hit that night he played mark in college football nowadays. Okay in the world's worst I'm sure we'll talk about it is Chad Morse. And I've said this on this show and said this and other places. John Morse is a good offensive coordinator. He is a horrendous quarterback coach. Horrendous. And he was eclipse. His quarterbacks Clemson had enormous technical. Issues that never got fixed. Because all they worried about was one how fast we wanna get it. We wanted to play in every fifteen seconds we averaged noneconomic Bob snaps. An author on a game. And there he took a lot of heat for that an issue. But getting back to South Carolina and that's exactly what they ended up doing and. Kurt roper down there it's everybody can see that Jay you can't bring a quarter quarterback again. The status of a Jay Bentley who literally everybody in the country wanted. He chose South Carolina and all of a sudden the kid can barely throw the football. But that's that that can't happen. So. And the more you coached in the worsening that worsened the look let's not against no but but but so are much better yet last year in those six games are just kind of thrown in the far exactly. So I'm going to be interested to see number one who he names as a quote because we tell you something. If he aims his dad as the quarterback coach. And then he gives Bryan McClendon full coordinator responsibilities. And that is they train now that it that is. And will just signed his death warrant Columbia that. That isn't absolute. Train. So I think the searches on. And the question is who can Meghann and if you have any thoughts about that you can call some of us know what you think who should be the next offensive coordinator. At South Carolina would love to hear your opinions on that what JC sure her moment of expert dot com I'm sure JC has some thoughts on that attitude 25 this afternoon so we'll see what he has to say. About that South Carolina finished up. The regular season 108. In total offense when it comes to yards per game. Under the slogan of the teams they beat Josh in total offense. I'm looking for anybody impressive that they beat obviously they're not impressive but any named team they beat and basically it comes down to Florida and Tennessee. That they beat in total offense everybody else is the likes of Old Dominion in south Alabama and rice and Ball State and those kind of schools. Yes teams not necessarily you wanna be associated with Richard van. Right I mean finish behind the likes of Cincinnati. And Vanderbilt. Oh my goodness and policy Euro zone here Virginia UAB. North Carolina had a bad year Arkansas always talked a lot about them. All ahead of the gamecocks in total offense when had they were worse than our world worsen Arkansas. That's pretty bad. Worse than Arkansas who is nine the third worst then Georgia State. And Boston College student now much of an office. So. You had to make this move and us just don't want us part one of the Lou now the big question is do you get part to write with a higher. And unfortunately we're gonna have to wait over a month because here's the other thing too is the coaching convention. Which I'll probably be is in Charlotte this year. So that's gonna give will a chance. Literally to have every coach. From every school plus the NFL. Come literally. What's Colombia from Charlotte fifty miles a little more than a little amount I'm miles an hour. Appear to stay so he's literally don't have every coach in his backyard. That he Kuhn. Interview and talk to decide although he probably already has a list of guys that want to. I'm gonna ask would you think you would already have some people in mind he knows how sad the offense and yes I mean you you have to start putting together a list probably mid season seeing how badly war well absolutely got to fly around though because of these vacancies so well people are. Start to put together staffs and some of those guys that were available a week ago are available anymore. That's right and see the other thing is why it's Smart he's saying McClendon is gonna call the plays for the bowl game. Because number one gets Carolina to the December 20. Recruiting deadline pages and in the early signing period and that's all there concentrated on. Because south Carolina's gonna bring in about fifteen players. In December the twentieth. And that joy there's going to be one of home. So and they need to get hit in early and then they've got to get a system in place. Because I've said this to carry on Joyner is Lamar Jackson. And whatever South Carolina does what that kid is going to be on them. But if he isn't dynamic and he doesn't play then that's that's gonna fall back on coaching staff so. I think their focus right now is get through the signing period let's write a book recruiting. Get through the bowl game. Let's get the convention taught these guys can and there's a dead period for about three weeks. Through the Christmas break. The American convention is in after around the playoffs. Are should as the playoffs are over in January 1 week in January. And then after that we'll probably hear an announcement. Let's take a long call on this before get a break from Jimmy Jimmy welcome into the huddle. I guess that it ought. To do. Yes. I agree college. I don't hear you delicate situation that say. Dole so let from the Clinton and keep the court Ayers is there's probably gonna leave. And he's on the craters in the country at most of in the east they have been on the top recruiter on recruiting them. So. They have what. Not just let. Probably a good idea. Keep to recruit happy but if they do her any offensive coordinator. I would say they need to get the high profile and to coordinator like that jobs were talking I think Kendall probably just think he's the son of our health. Which was it's a genius that Taylor. Then you yet. What happened at Baylor inept. But then. He coached little goat under Lane Kiffin is another offensive genius. An adversary gain back to site. Inca petrol detonating in problems what. Perspective that's up and. Coordinators. So yeah. Clinton such special. They are. Booted dimensions to anybody jump out into. Oh gosh did you mention that. Try to remember the money that caught your attention obviously that's that's that's just that's yeah. But. What I got less than a grander stuff and I think just nit nit here. Cat we'll talk to a JC about it he'll give us cobbled lanes I'm sure coming up in about an hour. Appreciate decode Jimmy 8444773776. Bright time back with more coming up just under way for the Wednesday hoddle. This is ESP in upstate. Just underway for the Wednesday huddle on ESPN. Upstate. Not cloudy day here. Am not too cold gonna turn colder as the week goes on but the clouds are out there and Intel and a possibility of the four letter word this weekend maybe just a flurry or two around your current on nothing serious you well know your make and that out I heard it. I heard it now one North Carolina this weekend in a better chance to open the western North Carolina mountains so maybe I'm thinking more for a don't snowboard that the if there's a couple of flakes of snow on the and it's an important. Wanna pay 444773776. Is gonna Delmon next in the huddle I don't. It. Don't look horrible world where just really potent alone but hasn't even though golf is one. Soul needs partly yeah actually run. Yeah. You mean some money like roper. And I found a release enough and those malveaux thank. You know deep in his article with it and I'll make a decent part of all the equipment when it although it does. I got to damp now maybe maybe. Will say thank you don't appreciate here's a few names have been thrown out. These are from the state newspaper from off the last couple days Imus may article may have come out before. They fired her over but knowing it was probably coming couple names that are mentioned by the state any granted Kentucky. Known for building office is to fit his talent. Strong recruiting background. His Cincinnati offences were dynamic and he bill Kentucky into a power running spread on the fly. Last offense though was so so work we will must champ and Auburn in the past. On almost Sony we mentioned his name before coach. Was with Texas say NM. Been around for a while. Was a UCLA work for Tommy turmoil. In Auburn down. Normal zoning. And I rent Lashley we've talked about him before. He was kind of a hot name in Auburn for a while and then left town quickly and now is a Yukon. And Yukon. That's not exactly where you go when you're on name is the truth of the well there's two reasons it now you say it it took so long and as of all I don't pass off field issues I don't like I don't like. Talking about his personal life via. Phil Longo. Ole miss you know him. The long ago. Came out of Sam Houston State. Produced the number eleven team in the country in yards per play despite using losing shape Paterson. Mid season and quarterback. Brian right Toledo. A fan favorite. Mum. Am sick a Strahan so the game for me I don't know how I know him and probably you know Bryan Wright. Damp. I don't know but Toledo's offense averaged seven point one yard to play his two season. Into a damn right he can take them. Dan Werner and Alabama who AM Warner he's an analyst at Alabama. Just a job a body Miller head of government. Yeah he was he was actually the offensive coordinator at Ole miss new factories and cut up played a role in developing Chad Kelly and Bo Wallace. A little connection through Nick Saban as well. And this guy was a hot name for a while Jake's bad at all West Virginia running. Young guy 32 years old five seasons under his belt running an offense three at Texas a and M in the SEC. Good offices in the past couple of seasons but not as balanced as well must champ has said he might want any of those names trigger your own fancy there. Only spent at all and the rest album. Through withdrawal mountain wilderness. Because you're you're not getting you're getting coral. Again again and wants that here's another one Wake Forest Warren and root Geary L Ruggiero. Ruggiero. The numbers are dragged down because he's a Wake Forest. The demon deacons are up to 33 points a game under his leadership. And not considering whether or three years ago us pretty good. The office is he had at the end of Bowling Green Kansas State. And at the FCS level have been pretty interest and says this article. See this is where I'm gonna see. And I made this statement yesterday from a system standpoint this is probably. The biggest decision that the gamecocks have faced especially Weld's decision. Because he's gonna tie his career to this guy. And I'm gonna be interesting to see if Kendall Charles Gibson interview because one of the things that people forget about. As when he was the offensive coordinator at Baylor Baylor was in the top five rushing offenses. In college football see a lot of people like. Attached the fact that you know they were up temple they got a lot of plays the average money so that the game and all of that stuff and they threw the all over the field to coach and Robert Griffin the third one Heisman Trophy. And all of that but what people forget is that Baylor ran the football. That they were a tough. Football running they averaged over 385 yards a game run in the ball in his or any ties between him and the massive and well. With the art with Kindle brawls now know that was all there dad. Now that's see that's going to be. Where. Will's gonna have to try to think outside the box. And see that's where. Double swing any. Outside of his coaching search meaning. You know everybody has guys that you know or no way tied to. And it really takes a coach that's very secure in himself to say hey you know what I need to think outside the box here and I need to bring in a guy. That is deliberate very dynamic offense to what that I may not know or may not know anybody that knows. But let me do my research. And go at. Pebble Sweeney did that brought the guy by the name of Chad Morse. And as they say the rest is history. I'm gonna be fascinated to see if will has that fourth ball. To say hey you know what I've got to do a complete overhaul of this thing. Because he kind of seems one of those guys. That if he doesn't know you or doesn't know somebody that knows you he's not gonna hire you. And that's. Good away because. You know the guy you can kind of vouch for who he is about the same time well this affairs is not a time to be played safe way to. His job is on the line with this hire. Because if he brings a guy and that has the hotter neighboring. Office this time next year people are going to be crying about the offensive coordinator they'd be crying about the head coach. Because he's one that pulled the trigger. Let me read you something from Wikipedia. All the more bastion of well I actually was. For me it's almost reminds me of Bo and ask you about heroes but. I just found that is a promise that does is Wikipedia. And so take that for woods were. According to a lawsuit filed in January 2017 of Baylor graduate alleges she was gang raped by two football players in 2013. In addition allegedly more than fifty instances of rape committed by 31 football players. Occur between 2011 and 2014. This lawsuit alleges. Kendall rials. Former Baylor assistant coach to encourage these actions and once asked a Dallas potential recruit. Do you like white women because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players. There you go and somebody. They in Cincinnati because I asked him Jones now again on the I don't know but but. I mean it's gonna come mob if they talk a candelabra miles it's gonna come up. If you're hold ahead demise if you're holding gun in my head GMAC. I think it's going to be in the house and I think he's going. Give Bobby Cole offensive coordinator. Move your mobile quarterbacks coach a story. Movement in oh movement quarterbacks and offensive corner. Bobby he'll give him the coal code name I mean he's not gonna demo and that's the other thing with McClendon is he might wanna leave. But he's not gonna wanna leave unless he's offensive coordinator title that he party hats unless he jumps to the NFL. As a position coach. You may be ride I think it depends on wanna can find outside as you look around outside shooting for a bright is being funded coordinator job he'll be gone if he doesn't. The you'll stay put and try to make it work go law to the phone talk to bill next and now I'm bill. Are you there bill. Look at that they are built and how are you. Bill great. Outbreak Kindle browser it. With BP. I feel great about it though I. What stopped him I don't I gave it it down. On the way source as saying he'd do it. And idiot and I eat somebody at ever level you know not been outlet right affinity with the parallels are there aren't as socialist order permanent. It would be a great yeah. Source South Carolina but it won't buy an album act you you're not on here is what are out. Have we say and out of that well in the last bullet either look like you've partly burned and they're there by. Mean even herb street city semester and oh. I don't I don't get back I don't pay them in the back of our backyard bird. I agree you are only scared of mammal but I think hero play a us thing. It. But it did not claim eventually probably anyway so and that's right he knows he's got to be mammoth in unless he just lucky. Either way now it does yes to beat them either way sell a home now I don't think there's any fear. And I. We respect the heck out of only then they get. Honestly they tested eight of the debate they and you probably put cones up this little more. Spread out right elbow hurting today. You know he's not really scared of any comers on the council would be changed. That yeah it's a heck I'd seen it kick at the people come and play your bigot or not they're trying to figure out what the first gripe. Really I mean we knew that the player anyway that's right I was says it has satellite. Google thank you got a debt of onlookers. Outside so. If that's at you know we're pumped but the problem we're just waiting for. A good second step to this process a 444773776. Mac in a moment in the huddle ESP in upstate. We're back as the huddle on ESPN upstate text line 71307. Texture says how about seven someone for South Carolina office of coroner. When he take them. Be a bad move. Pretty take it if you can't find a decent head coaching job. Mean possibly depends how bad he wants to coach. He got a buyout from handing them and so he made just wanna take a year off and kind of reboot. Middle come. Thousands at its center on me to sit at home. Bride to be hard for me but he got to look at how it's structured. Because if you take some of the job he may lose that money. Yeah I don't know what the deal only a lot but he doesn't actually. Interesting name anyway and he's not the I he's still in his ninth still pops up now on them but nothing yet for Kevin summons that she was terminated from. Texas a and MP was mentioned for the Florida State job which would have makes clear coaching swap but Willie Taggart has that job. I he has been introduced in Tallahassee. I had an hour long introduction. He apologized Oregon for leaving. But said this was his dream job. Signed a six year contract worth thirty million dollar so we got him on the cheap he's only five million a year. While the well correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe he needs to get a different sleep medicine. Because when organ hired him he said that was his dream June. Well levels last year during. A time for your career dreams change Oscar Moore he got a bad batch of melatonin. I guess so. He was emotional. He relayed a story about a sixteen year old son Willie junior. When they were talking about leaving he said must sign came in out of nowhere and said dad I know you're struggling with his decision it's your dream job. You always tell me to chase my dreams and don't let anyone get in the way out and I don't think is right for me. Or anyone else to stop you from Jason your dreams. I don't want all these dad but if you're going to chase your dream I'm gonna arrive with the that's critical and so. So yeah young junior what's going floor yeah. There are now orally yeah. Well okay Jenny. Okay it was. Pretty nice dude who organs Purdue nice not man up there. But anyway he's taken the job and so he's the new guy so Adam written berg from ESPN. With some thoughts about Billy best what's gonna turn out to be the best and the worst. Hires of this. Coaching change season. Hire right if it isn't it in both ears I think you I guess the one thing I would say about Jambo. Is you know what is done since the national championship season. In that program guides. Even though they're recruiting at a high level taken some steps back since winning at all. And they paid a lot of money and for a very very long time so I think those are all really good hires the higher in the tank just like I guess is whenever that if he does because it's not gonna be. A splashy hire that that satisfies that and it's whoever it is really limits you know really good coach it's not going to be. What what excites them. Us not fare. The worst tires Tennessee who has and so Leo it is yes. At that but what are they wait on them. And I mean they're bringing in five different people for a second third interview well aiming to discount Phil fullmer there he's just he started from scratch I guess. Who started against rubio. Resonates. So don't get it done pretty quick I think one of the best tires a turnaround we Dan Mullen at Florida. Yeah brilliant. I'll be interested to see I would love to see Willie tiger's face. When he actually walked into the complex after leaving organ. Who are would say organ is on par from a facility standpoint. With Alabama Texas A and him. They're up in that Echelon and just from a facility standpoint from an him walking of that dump it Tallahassee. It's a dot com wolf Florida Florida in Florida State or our dogs. Compared to. The rest of their league and when Miami has better facilities. Then Florida State there's a problem. Well here's tweet from tomahawk nation on a Florida State today says tiger was talking about how much he likes depth issues current facilities. But he also likes the plan for more. And the patience to see the process through. Lay up patients are well but he's he's he's going to be run for governor with an answer it but at. But I AZ guys being politically correct. But he's not complaining then come man saying hey man I need this this this in this right. The number will be next week when he starts at. Here's what I need. Or when he wins a national title that's what that's what happens coaches. Coaches are all nice and cuddly. When they first get a job and then they when the national title and all of a sudden I think there. They are entitled to tell the president and the chancellor right how they need to run university. You meanwhile long. And it's the chicken and the egg thing they get the title first once you get the title your year your darn sure they're going to be asking for everything. Everything facilities one. But you know Clinton did it the other way around. They started building the stuff and they kept building and stuff and and got the title. So will say a 444773776. Got to the final break of the hour we'll come back. In a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. So also off the text line at 71307. We have this text. Greg Josh. Please wish Alonso happy 25 anniversary yes. Awesome husband Lisa. Law school knowing who's who doubted us all some harsh movie. Cook a do you know anybody who actually uses that word that's a scary word that's so we thank you Lisa for that happy anniversary London she's daily 25 years 25 years before that I don't know some he has a high tolerance level. Obviously clearly she does that's great. 45 years. Of Alonso and Lisa and you'll sing to enjoy. Now I've got so much more informed him the cut. But all right. Although he was wanting me to. Called the hogs yesterday in studio. I was a yes you wouldn't do it you can't do one person it doesn't sound right you need more series you've got to have at least two theory. I'm well happy anniversary. That's obviously I'm an accomplishment and hats off to you guys yep looking forward to 125 more where you take an. To an undisclosed country. Conservatism fans don't like deal with paparazzi and it's against. Best wishes to Steve Clifford the coach of the Charlotte hornets he says he'll leave a Babson steer about the that's some health issues team put out a statement today said there is no timetable for the return of boss Steve Clifford. He missed Monday's game against Orlando and the team at that time said just that it was an illness. So Stephen Silas will be on taking over as he did in Monday's win over Orlando. Four Steve Clifford. You know obvious question is you know what's going on weathermen they're not saying. The hornets are nine and thirteen third in the Southeast Division three games behind. Washington I am Golden State coming in tonight but steps now playing right steps out for couple weeks. Yeah and he got a boo boo and so lava probably disappoint all the Camilo has two weeks he's going to be reevaluated. To Munich and so anyway Steve Clifford good dude in we wish him the best and hope it's nothing too serious but you don't legacy coach is taking a leave of absence right. Have no idea what that's all amount but that news just released. This morning. And also last night we have talked a lot of NBA image to a Bradley build it last night. Bradley bail at 51 points did it. In the Washington win over Portland one of six to 92. And afterward he said I've been thinking too much tonight I was just playing freely and having fun we'll do that some more ram and that seems to. Have more committed 21 field goals a career high. And the wizards led by as much as 23 points in the game you have 53 pointers 51 points he scored the most ever scored in Portland by an opposing player yeah he was on the road when he did it. 51 points so long nobody saw Bradley Biehl was gonna get fifty I don't think. But he didn't so they go like mono stop thinking so much of the south so far it's. It works for him. It absolutely did and the wizards are now thirteen eleven and he Portland trailblazers. Are the same just taken a quick look at the NBA standings while where. On the topic now Boston has won three more in a row they're 21 and four. 21 and four but Cleveland's second place. With twelve straight wins. Seventeen and seven the shame they're done right just bring this looks like it can be pretty interesting pretty entertaining. So Cleveland has now lost three and a half games behind the Boston Celtics in the east in the west it's Houston by a half game over Golden State three games over. The San Antonio's first. Back on the other side get back to college football and JC sure with a expert dot com coming up in about 225 will get the latest on the Kurt roper firing. From JC as well stimulus in the huddle on ESP announced it.