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While command of the huddle at ESPN upstate on the December the fifth. 2017. Got a 77 of them. Angry Romani 71 FM and Spartanburg. If you wanna join the conversation 8444773776. Or little supplement excellent text ESPN 271307. You'll just got a tax. People lost their mind. Now apparently. They're warning to suspend. Kevin Durant. For the injection yes. TV see if that's true. Somebody asked me about that fight. Then he got into. We're there was no physical altercation that was just loved. Verbiage trophy what the suspension before what they were as they were saying that there was a parcel. Either all the core or heading into the total. We gotta check that the have to do from referred to get that would not cared about be out of character for Kevin Durant to do that. Let's go the phone lines getting Kevin Kevin welcome to the huddle. You. Also hope you war. And and date and also scored at a saying. Operate is there has coached him all the way up through. Probably not on the par so not only avoid the sort quarterback you don't ever. I think sometimes you might get a broken do go do we need did it mean to. And now I think now open court is a problem that like doubled and how well. A brain dead we can give him an aggregate market let more of our quarterback though. Where Mark Martin that more of their public are. Up against that we're aware of the situation. Thank you Kevin appreciate the phone call. Well I've said this a couple of weeks ago that there is some words. The Bobby Bentley is going to be the next offensive coordinator. I don't know how people feel about that I am told to some people. Our own Twitter it's kind of a mixed bag some people love it some people hate it. I'm necessarily don't have a feeling towards it one way or the other it would make sense. From the communications standpoint because Kevin's point is right. That Jake. Have a relationship B does this bad let's be honest he's a product of his dad. I mean that's just that's just the truth. Just like. The ball kids. Now Bobby obviously is as flamboyant as Lamar ball is who is. Buddies can't be. Not within the own staff I mean he's making a lot of money as a and apparently there's a good shot he's going to be the next offensive coordinator. At South Carolina. Assuming. Then everybody is right in the courtroom doors out. Now. Won't be fascinating isn't what most champ kept him. Now what are you gonna do. I think it's going to coach the bowl game. And as I mentioned forges Lincoln had colts. Must share the stranded patties Alfred according to business. Pretty much all I know about it so who knows what's gonna happen going forward. Yeah and generally it's if you've got to work out contract DOC you just can't. Unless there's some type of ethics violation. You know these things are delicate matters because the assistance have. Guaranteed three year contracts. So you have to make sure from a legality standpoint. Bet you're covering all your bases. But moving past. The here and now. I mean look Oklahoma's been doing look at Clemson looked down the road. Look at your neighbors. You know if you're eleven and one bedroom shack. Your drive and a mule. And the neighborhood that's your hand. Everybody's building. Three and four bedroom homes and driving cadillacs Lexus is. I would believe and have a conversation as they. What are they don't. What's going all. Why isn't that all around me I'm middle one bedroom and shot with a dirt floor. Robin you to work and meanwhile everybody around me. Are you cadillacs Lexus and then brick homes. What do I miss and our own. You don't have to do what exactly the way they do it but even Nick Saban at Alabama realized. You can't live up and run the football anymore today's college football. And Mick has even said publicly he's admonished. All of the offensive coaches they need to throw the football more. They need to be more dynamic he admitted after the national championship game. They've got to develop Jalen Hertz and the downfield passing game. And that's coming from a program. That literally can hand pick. Their entire roster let's go to the phone lines get Ed welcome to the huddle. I get out of school alone. Also you know the I'm not here you know it. Over the last couple weeks I'll always folder should could cover potential market salt or all the local ball. Culture or X or courage being fireball. And said. Do you signing it there at least it is. The war in material all Centre court attorney said. Screw. And you know might agree with you but in an effort last week during that scripture itself. His dad called sought it only cheap scourge are urged but just what the search. But if you gave it I mean as an important broached at all. Well bubble vocal all all. Sort of. Well currently are over well Kurt roper is and the box. Italy and he calls down and so probably. Coach Bentley is involved in some way he was signaling in. The place to the office now usually they have three assistance. So that. The opposing coaches can't steal the signals. But our that's one of the criticisms. That a lot of people have had with Kurt roper. Is that in order to be offensive coordinator especially with a kid as competitive. And it's high strong. There's Jake Bentley says that he needs to be on the sideline with that kid. I agree with that. I think you're right now on notice to open it it in the wall for game I'm sure all inning. When he had patent virtual wide open in the injured and he stares down his receivers way too much. Even if he has time to throw the football. And I mean it was a perfect well I mean I mean he blew it. I'm her he had social wide open in that. I think it was law or I can't remember. In and not offer defender came ever intercepted it Indians. And it was an automatic school. I mean it was automatic scored just I'm wondering which certainly a few months ago which you wonder if there's just too much pressure. We got a good athlete there's no doubt about it I'll never crush. Every nation to do it in their shot just hold him back. I appreciate that phone call or against a break. This is the huddle at ESP upstate. While command of the huddle on this to some of the fifth 2007 team. Addition. And ESPN upstate not a 77 FM in Greenville 971. F and and Spartanburg appreciate all of our listeners callers Texas. Gary and enjoying the show whether it's today I'm joined in studio. With tolerable or. On the line of course army men Alonso. When you shaking your head a bottle there. The Merrimack. Third. Q forgive me what you might. Level of skill over rural here we go. It does seem like. Along the gain confidence or melancholy. Does that have to do to close and Clinton clinching game. They just won 84 play in Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Yeah this is not a lot of trash can talk right now especially the way Clinton. Well but there's a lot of look they're poised to have a top twenty recruiting class. You are you're gonna sign. The number one in the number two player in the state you may get the number three. I don't understand what one fan base has to do with the other why do you care what Clinton's doing. Why does Clinton care what Carolina is doing I'll never get that that makes no sense worry about your own team I realize that it's it's a rivalry and everything but I mean. That some people. Especially on social media. The majority of whom are crimes of fans that I see. Only care about dogging Carolinas they don't care about how well their team's doing and and you're right. Gamecocks fans have nothing to say can't say do you know yet of much better season the won a lot of people thought they would have. You're on the right track should be looking up yet you lost to Clinton but Clinton and potentially. Winning a national championship began you're not on that caliber yet but you're working towards it. But I'm Obama melancholy. Did you notice what your neighbors do right. It's not it's not like you're peaking in the window that Regis weird. But I mean you at least notice. What's going on in your neighborhood right edgy that's up make that that's what makes this state so unique. Is that it's a relatively small state. There has two major. Universities. Literally less than a hard miles from the joke. And then throw Georgia in the mix having George's not that far. So you've got three. Exceptionally large state universities all of them a 200 mile radius of each other. So I mean I'd give it. That that make sure that see when I first moved here I didn't get it because. Where I grew up there's only one Dominic university throughout the entire state. And there are always will be certain ethnic. Yeah I mean you're from Ohio. Ohio is never gonna threaten the bobcats and there won't threaten the Buckeyes know you never. Neither Akron and Toledo or. Any of those other rubber company's. Ohio State is the dominant university in the state of Ohio. Florida's a little bit unique but to me Florida is. Three different states. Because once you get below. Say out I would draw the line and about thirty miles north of bowl game. And that's like. A different world and they you've got the Catalan. Witches from. I would say maybe twenty minutes south of Gainesville. Down the center line. The middle area that's a cattle region. And then you've got the panhandle. And just remember. Going to be used in world how me well how much Florida Gator gear was able. Those unless you're in south aren't exactly. When you get there is completely they're. It's completely Miami. Or Florida State. When they were good ego of the panhandle Tampa area area. That's all. That's all Florida State people Gainesville and Jacksonville is all gators. So it's a fascinating. It's a fascinating dynamic. No question about it the SEC. All SEC teams were released. Today haven Hurst. A first team or I believe let me make sure that that is correct. I believe us all they haven Hurst for the gamecocks. It was a first team. Player there is a notable exception. DJ warms nowhere to be found and that is a travesty. I mean that guy was arguably one of the most disruptive. Defensive players in the entire Southeastern Conference. And he's not on any of the first second or third teams somebody. Means to answer for that. Dollar you look at that up beyond crime and you know now. You looked set up terror targets urine right after this break this is the hub back to the final segment of. The Hubble ESP upstate I'm Josh Fields long Alonso. And tolerable wanna thank both of them. For joining the show today. And yes it is official Willie Taggart. Is the new head football coach at Florida State did we confirm that. When you kind of sources are saying threat to bonanza Ozzie being that says he is right here they have done a press conference and all of that kind of thing. Yellow all SEC teams that were announced. Paid Hurst was the only first team member. From the gamecocks second team members. Worst god more and Dante Sawyer and Vijay won almost nowhere to be filed and that is a travesty that is a complete. And utter. Travesty that kids should have been a first pick all SEC player let's go to the phone lines get Eric in. I think all of and I wanna do let don't let you talk about a lot and the plan Villanova is your right now. A month that there aren't a lot of their fans who have through the what will lose. But look a lot of our. Take the vehicle completely or complete game you know that it's more complete. If you went back and applaud the game. You know they like. And they were brought in and pick. And he can't. And can read in the end though it clean it up about. I'm looking at what they'd like to. See in the moment at one of the just accounting and secret it did it. At least compete ever get a little. Should I call my agent can barely understand enhanced satellite. Something's going on in the back yeah he has radio on and yeah we would delay EC needed turn your radio you may recall exactly right. Yes he has been in his confirming the tigers and efficacy got Jennifer yes we talked about that earlier caller called him. One in my opinion and I agreed with them will retire. Is the next Florida State head football coach. Yeah the all SEC they put in over DJ wanna mono we've only got maybe a minute and a half. Version of defensively and offensively and first thing. Our new key that's ridiculous. That that is a travesty. He might be a better he might reject then in the NFL but he did not have nearly impact. War games. That Vijay wanna Vijay won almost a one man wrecking crew. That is ridiculous that he is not alone. The first team all SEC but he's a young player and I'm sure he will be on it. I'm sure he's going to be on the pre season list heading in the next year and this time next year merger will be all over and fighting for all American honors. Let me think tolerable for joining the show today let me think the best producer going and Alonso. GMAC should be back tomorrow. Of course I'm Josh Fields only thank all of our listeners and callers textures to readers. And all of the above for making the show today awesome and for making the whole. The number one sports talk show in the state of South Carolina. Have a great day and remember when you're not listening to the huddle you're behind. This is the huddle we Josh Phillips and Alonso.