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Welcome enjoyed Tuesday edition of the Hubble all of this December the fifth 2007. Team. I am Josh Phillips along with a Alonso sitting in for. Greg McKinney Gregg had to take care of some personal things. Today so we should give him back. Tomorrow here in the next couple of days so. Sit back relax enjoy the show we're gonna have a jam packed show for you today. Not a 77 after him in Greenville 971 of them. And Spartanburg whole lot of things to get to if you wanna give and you wanna talk about the things were gonna talk about. Do not wait till the last segment do not wait to the last five minutes to call and get in your point call in early we'd get three hours. Of the best sports talk show in the state of South Carolina so giddy and tell us your point let's get on with a let's have a great day. Today because we have a ton. To cover starting with the coaching carousel which is just. On full throttle right now it and we need. Putting disclaimer on the show because you are so hyped up and angry right now. Peel the edgier C don't relax because Josh might explode before the show's own and that might happen and I'm haven't had kind of temper. Yeah that's always enjoyed Alonso. Who is the best producer in the world. And that's why I enjoy it when he's here with me because he kind of calms me down if you wanna join the discussion 844477. 3776. Is the call in line. Or text ESP and 271307. We've got the coaching carousel to get to we've got NFL football. From a lot last night the Ryan JJ it is -- easier. Situation. That happened Rob Gronkowski got suspended. College basketball NBA the college football playoffs. The fallout from the college football committee. That we talked about. Clemson opens up as though. Three point underdog Alabama I think I read that right that may have closed some. In the next couple of days. I know people in Arkansas and Tennessee and South Carolina. Are awaited him bated breath right now some people in clips and although I don't think they have a whole lot to worry about. We're gonna talk about all of that because these coaching moves that are in full speed. We're also gonna talk about. If they're the right hires or not. And I know a lot of people I got hit up on Twitter my Twitter account is blowing up if you wanna join the discussion with me and Alonso. On Twitter you can hit me up at Josh ESPN upstate and Alonso at Alonso all the word. I get their right you did manage to week's general have gotten it right. Because we're gonna discuss about these things and debate. I've got it and people need to understand this. I don't go about what I hear on social media. OK I go by. The extensive relationships that I have. Throughout sports mainly college football and NFL. Because most of our listeners know. I spent the better part of a decade. Coaching college football. So yeah I'm gonna have deeper contacts and relationships in that realm. And when something comes up. Sometimes it's hearsay sometimes it's pretty substantial most of don's it's pretty substantial. We told you about Scott frost jumble Fisher. All of that stuff all of that mess weeks before whatever happened because usually those contracts. Get involved in appears. That for Clemson fans Brett venables is going anywhere apparently Chad Morris. Is going to be the next head coach at University of Arkansas. We'll discuss that. It appears that Kurt roper. Is not going to be the head coach at rice. Where does that leave the game Cox. Because he's gone he's not coming back to Colombia I will be astonished. If after the bowl game Kurt roper is a part of the staff at South Carolina. Astonished. But we know that she's not going to rice rice hired. My bloomer in the offensive coordinator. From Stanford today Josh high ball got hired at Central Florida. Today. And he probably promptly hired. Randy Shannon. Great move keeping Randy Shannon in the state of Florida. Very surprising Central Florida went that route would Josh I apple. You people thought that staff was going out the window. After the wave very Odom and Missouri started the year again if you only get him only the discussion. 8444773776. Is the call and line. Texas at ESPN 71 threes are seven let's go to the phone lines to get Steve and then Stephen welcome to the holiest do you upstate. A basic take my call you know I got to say with this would this playoffs. I think Alabama absolutely should be and and the reason that in evidence of that in the fact that like you said the wide open up a newspaper. Think it would actually Alabama minus one but my point here is is that. They're favored over Clinton and it would him favored over anybody else in the encode thought they are one or best in the country. I think the way you'd think this is not with eight teens or. You know eighty defect little quarter finals of the conference championship party. It's the problem is the playoffs comedian there's no reason that our player committee should be eight. You know it's fair in the AD from Texas Tech and eighty quite been a head coach from. Virginia Tech and what have you. The committee should be the CEO of either that the yellow MGM Yelp of botnet. They get localities straight all they care about making money shot at Everett wants wild dog go another way and I get that read out wait. It could they know what they're doing let them pick them or that even no be no problem every. Thank you Stephen appreciate all call yeah people that I understand why. You know Clemson fans are upset of the defending national champions. You just beat Alabama he had a great game in which you felt like you let once you slip away. A couple of years ago in the national championship so you feel like you're the better program and right now I believe you are. But it really doesn't matter what Vegas if anything you ought to give you hope because I believe Clemson in the playoffs or the post season. Has been a tune to seven point dog. And all of those games in his seven and oh and. They've won every one of my I think they were five point underdog Oklahoma. Blew Oklahoma out of the water. I think they were like 03 or 41 underdog. To how stay in the Orange Bowl. They won that game. I mean these game that is the one good thing about the playoff is it's a playoff or we're gonna figure it out on the field. Now there's a lot of discussion on whether Alabama should be a part of that field. And I'm one of the ones that believes they absolutely deserve to be apart. I mean you can't blame Alabama because Wisconsin. Failed to win. And by not putting Alabama in the playoffs you're rewarding luge. Yours. I imagine anybody not. I'm not taken shots. At Auburn Ohio State in any of these other teams it's just a fat. When you've got four teams what it or. The are undefeated or with one loss the committee is not going to put it. Eight to three loss team in the air. Not gonna happen. No matter what they do dabhol Sweeney even came out it was and they would put Auburn. Well Auburn maybe because of the way they ended the season. With a head head Al. Revolver would be Georgia there was an hour too long right but other question have you as aside from this all right. Underdog yes would they be to any other team in the four team playoff right now yes. It went to Oklahoma they would be yes. Okay Georges about it Georgia's an underdog to Oklahoma. Right now. I was just curious about that yes they would be. Because the national media is still not buying Kelly Bryant. He right now all everybody's talking about when Vegas came out left. The lie and against Alabama and Clemson the reason Clemson as the underdog is because Vegas doesn't trust that Kelly Bryant can do. What Shawn Watson did against that defense. That's the issue. It's really not a knock against Clemson. It's a knock on Kelly Bryant. And there's all this discussion about Alabama coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder. Believe me there will be no bigger chip on the shoulder than the one that's gonna be old Clemson because they've been proving everybody wrong except yours truly. The entire year. Because nobody expect him to be north and down. Uneven girl fan base. Coming into the year I was cheering they can afford not in three that's okay. Let's wait till Trevor Lawrence gets here. Since some people are still saying that. And they would be wrong. People are walk for some reason I do not know why people haven't grass. That Kelly Bryant is the best chance that Clinton had in the pre season. The regular season and the post season for them the win the national title I've been warning the entire world about this kid. I had people call me any and all of this stuff. But now. All all Kelly Brian has done is broke the school record for the most wins by first your starter quarterback to glimpse at. Think about that. The knock and was well he's an athlete he can't throw the ball really he started. Fifteen of fifteen. And finished 2229. Vs Miami's defense. Carve them apart. And if people think that he can't do the same thing Alabama they got another think coming. Alabama historically does not handle. Kelly Bryant of the world very well. I mean heck they couldn't stop Alex Smith you taught. So they Vegas can make them whatever underdog they want. And this isn't about the SEC vs the world and any of that it's about the four best teams. What after each other and the best teams are gonna merge everybody has the same amount atop Walt. Everybody has the same ability to get people healthy. We're just gonna have all of their guys healthy Alabama's don't have all their guys they'll be there is not going to be any more advantage. And closer to go in the game because they're better team. Do I think it's going to be a hell of a football game oh yeah. When these teams look up. They flag get after each other. And it doesn't matter about the noise of Brett venables going to here or there or wherever Tony Elliott. It just got potentially going here or there which will talk about that it doesn't matter. This is about what do you do now between now and January the first. How are you gonna prepare and everybody knows Alabama Nick Saban they're gonna prepare. Don't bring it. But guess what. Sold double swinging Clemson. I'll pick clubs and play for the national title begin the year I'm sticking whether it I've picked them actually play Alabama. For the national title the committee put him in their fourth I was actually hoping. Georgia is dominating performance against Auburn they were slide Georgia the number one. Because I knew. Would Georgia and Alabama on opposite ends there that people are gonna give them all this SEC conspiracy Danny kanell. Needs prozac. With the way he's handled it. We'll talk about these coaching changes. We're gonna talk about these playoffs. From a matchup standpoint. We're talking about last night's. NFL action which was unbelievable. I believe a UPS. Plane. Harding towels crashed. At the money night game last night because there were Hank he's all over the place. This is the huddle at ESPN upstate. Welcome to late Tuesday December the fifth 2017. Edition. Of the huddle I'm Josh Phillips along with Alonso. I'm now joined in studio with. Tolerable or. Former intern still doing the jump ball for absolute and drew forgive him cool breeze wolves. We'll get his opinion on some stuff going around. In sports most notably in the NBA and college basketball. Of course a lot of news today on the coaching carousel. That affects all three if you wanna get along discussion. 8444773776. Is the call in line or text ESPN. 271307. Let's go the full line to get Delmon in Delmon welcome to the little. Into you know first policy of target a quick but closer to. Mean it was part but as we cut out some of them that includes usually they can borrow will be orbit in Austria on how to as a coping right now. He no settlement date that you don't political. And you've already crippled you don't want as it did not exhibit can borrow won't look who's all. Well positioned fascinated by people what to do position apparently didn't Bruntlett. A delta and don't come Mormon pat them on the black keys and need to. I'm actually grant medical we got to do with our that we. We got our asset to a Bible babble about what about when they incorporate an hour right so. Butler forced courtship note. It is that we picked up. Is debated admit that am America in this model that by The Who didn't go our our weekly today albeit not probably take it took us to probably pay. You'll probably isn't a little bit ma. You know what that's a great question Delmon. I think it's going to be moved talker. And I hope our moral. But I've got I don't let it there's no basis for that I mean everything I've heard it has been. You know it's less miles less miles less miles. My thing is just is this is if it was less miles was Mel Tucker coming back for a second interview now he's not the only one. There's a lot of guys that are going back to Tennessee Phillip homers in New York for the national football foundation. Meetings in New York City right now. And Mel talkers up there and for people that don't know no talker is the defensive coordinator at Georgia. I. Debts that much that is pure speculation on my part dobbins just the feeling. Now what it I wouldn't be surprised to mean less miles makes more cigarettes. Because his philosophical. Ideas. Match. Philip performers. What's wrong with less miles he's been out of football for awhile now why is he now football you would use a pretty good coach for a long time and. Data and I Mississippi you won't open up result visibility you'll be no discipline not to do that I UCL split Altman's. Not from the articulate candidate. Egypt and attend so it'll only get that they can. But it did pretty tame Manitoba and but what's important test or exhibit good shape not completely take and we just Trimarche. We did what will conduct an early particularly good so. These are the I think in local. Bill. Yeah double someone answer that off the air because they're serious side bars that have come in there. Jerry Jones has gotten involved he cost dirt Craig the job from Tulsa. A lot of people know that but Jerry Jones makes that Arkansas is gonna hire their Craig and then Jerry got involved. And mix of that deal and got. Houston. I kiss somebody wanna begin to pronounce his last name dollar check. He was a coastal Carolina for a few years left there. When they went another stop me Whitney Houston. Did a nice job when Houston and now he's the head coach Arkansas. There's usually the athletic director. At Arkansas if you wanna join the discussion 844477. 3776. As the call in line. Hit us up on the text line takes ESPN. 271307. Yeah. To me it's gonna be Chad Morse. That's your Jerry Jones wants Jerry Jones got to Houston they need the job. And Jerry is promoting behind the scenes. Chad Morse. And that's why I think it's gonna end up with the job so Clemson fans can breathe breathe easily. Brett venables isn't going anywhere now. Here's the thing that you have to although it was funny watching him called a halt to the brings you war. Joseph C that did not yet Tony Elliott the offensive coordinator one of the offensive coordinators. For Clemson is up for. The royals award which is presented. In Little Rock. For the top assistant coaching college football. And of course Brent venables is a former recipient of that award. So he was there and he got up to speak. And they started calling the hogs when he got to speak in the join them. Now when you say call in the home you mean like. So like calling the whole cast yeah like you're trying to bring dogs into the bar her in the world like the fans do not know to Tapia America. Those are gone Qaeda may doing five clip and bringing him rejoin music and so I would like to hear you Obama. Don't tell us how it goes yeah. Are you can't do with one person that doesn't sound right. You got to have at least to a theory. Sounds good result like copper and they are and I don't think tolerable or Alonso are cultured enough to call holds a bet there's a color out there who probably would join in and called home to a 20 I'm sure there is this caller out there are listening audience that knows how to call all skull and and we'll get you when you join me we'll do it. About them. Yet appears Chad Morse is going to be the next head coach at Arkansas and then it's a fist fight for. Lester miles and melt talker you know at least ten more scare ruin Arkansas notes already ruled exactly. That's a good point it's already ruined. As they say and certain boroughs of New York City it's in the what's that say why aren't these very artists are from worst rates in dealers and oh yeah Arkansas as a football program is a lot worse shape than Tennessee. A lot worse. Tennessee is a two week. Meaning. It's like jumbled when jumbled took over Florida State. I think they've gone seven and six. The last year Baum was there and they wrote him off on his shoulders and all that stuff. And then actually eligible comes and I think they went 8493 somewhere along that and got fixed really fast once he got Jamison Winston. But Tennessee is a quick fix meaning whoever gets that job. Is going to win and win fast. Because Tennessee's got athletes. I mean the balls. Have got athletes all over the field they just don't know which way they're running or which field go to do. Because Butch Jones is an incompetent and dropping left my house beat her for cryptography. Possibly can see it see people forget about less smiles as he ran a spread attack when he was at Oklahoma State. He didn't get to tie the hands I formation of the Gabelli issue because that's what the personnel dictated. Because who was good coach and LSU before it Nick Saban well what type of personnel as Nick Saban go to recruit. That being offensive line fullbacks tight end or on the I formation. That they get on Tennessee given Google are better quarterback talent there we have Al issue. Possibly yeah he could. He could because you're definitely gonna be able to get wide receivers you're definitely gonna be able to get. Running backs. Defensively. Beat you should be able to recruit delete defenders. The scene to mean Tennessee needs a attitude adjustment. Or he saw football pro. Agree I mean soft. I think they finished last in the SEC in rushing and rushing defense wasn't a couple of years and stay ran for 200 yards. Any game they should've warned. App state. Look in the Knoxville. And kicked the crap out of Genesee. Like every year and about was wheeled cart barn that's gonna do this and Obama has got to do that stay right over the top but there Barnett. I guess what. A couple of weeks later. Alabama just didn't run over the top of home. I think you heard just running down ball boulevard. So Jimmy Tennessee has got to get a tough minded. Rudy no nonsense football coach in there that's gonna challenge the players manhood. There's your record. I think less miles could definitely do that because he's a gritty tough time of coach that I wasn't Edgar about it I think Brett venables would be phenomenal year. He briefed managing I think Brett venables could do great Tennessee or Arkansas. The problem that I see with him. Is he potentially could become the next bud Foster. Meaning you keep turning that if people want you especially power five our comfort schools. All right let's let's just say for. Argument sake. That he's one of the final three Tennessee and Arkansas. And right now I'm here in Arkansas is gonna pay the next head coach fifty million bucks over seven years. That's seven million dollars a year. And people around here are going whoa whoa would remove bulls' lead globes and go to lowly or console. Is Clemson played in them. Seven and a half million dollars. Lot of financial report today and always make him one point five but my math. It's one point 57 point five. And plus when and if the money's right in the chance to be the man I mean right in any profession you want to be the man at some point and that's the point of getting into yet and ended. A lot of doors open for him right now. They are but here's what happens. Will these jobs start. Come on guys and they kind of crackled. And say yes I was offered this but I declined it just what happens. They stopped calling. That's what happened bud Foster. Bud Foster thought hey I got a good deal here but to hit any does. You know let. A lot of these big schools are gonna Arabic culture is wrapped up in America per year yes for an opportunity may not an opportunity shrinks. Because these guy these goals are starting guys. For six to seven years. And what Clinton is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. And I'm sure he's going to be one of those guys that his name keeps coming up. And he may be perfectly happy. Stay in their make it one point five million. That type of cash goes a long way the top 1%. In money in the states South Carolina makes 250000. Dollars. So he's making almost ten times that. The state do you think maybe he's put in youth. Happiness with winning over maybe being miserable and rich and move them. Great question I'll answer that this is the Hubble Eddy SP in upstate. Welcome to late Tuesday edition of the fifth 2017. Addition. Of the hole I am Josh Phillips along with Alonso. Joined in studio today it was tolerable or. Former intern and rob blog writers that were there blogger blog. Blogger. The jump off. And then here shortly he and I are gonna. Fight over his. Little man. Stephanie curry and his busted ankle and is broken arm and peek a boo boo is. Torn mouthpiece that you'll shed more tears about that and coaching Lester good question. Coming out of the glory. Us more tell you what around. Bra underwear no. Do you think he's taken happiness with winning. Over maybe being miserable. And rich but little. Let me say it as plainly as I can't. Every coach at some pork in his career. Wants to be the head man. At some point I could be early in the career could be in the middle the career it could be later in the career. It all depends on and the coach himself what he's looking for how he's wanted to establish himself. Hello Brent venables. Has nothing else to prove. As an assistant coach or defensive coordinator. K he's had a number one defense in the country the defense this year is ranked third he won a national championship. At Oklahoma. He's won a national championship. Are at Clemson is gonna play for another one played one last year. Put guys in the NFL. So he's out of place. Personally. That's a good spot. Meaning your winning. You make can really good money. There's no issue of job security. He can stay at Clemson arrest of his career. As long as doubles there. You let me tell you something. If Alabama comes calling dabble is gone. If they drew dawn. These people keep telling me that always happen. If he's gone. He's the fact that he still talks about what you never can say never that's doubles favorite line. Every time somebody asked him about. Potentially well you know the athletic director may not like meet the president at the Tom may not like me so you can never say never. I completely disagree here is build something that Clemson did that it. Why would he go. It's Alabama that's already been built their now he's building and Clemson and leaving his legacy if you can win another national championship or two or three more. Why wouldn't go somewhere else when. In the future. Fifty years in the future you look back who was the best coach in Clemson history. It's not going to be Danny Ford is not going to be so when it's going to be Davos when he why would go somewhere else doesn't make you sick and. Just before you start it were available. Clips of them is set out for the lone run. Is going to be I'm Dana going to be them distributed third straight national title. All of the thing is not going to be for fear of dog may be six on a chain and that's within our power house. As the culture in defense of our vehicles while we do want to leave this situation in strong role in November is not the same. But nevertheless right now they are power house. Because it's home. Because it's home. Yes clips and it is. Like a step parent. Okay. Mean Alabama was higher and aim at the time. Now coach stallings. Gave him a job. It gave him his opportunity getting his foot in the door. And that parlayed that in to. Give it a wide receivers job at Clemson under Tommy Bowden. And then handled his business and then eventually descended to the man's job. But don't get it twisted. Mean people have to understand. That this is home. That is where. He was a walk or nobody. Grew up a lifelong Alabama fan you know these homes at castle he just had built well. For the foreseeable future this. But when you compare the two there is no comparison. And when you have a guy. Like him that has the relationships. What we're not talking about. Business relationships although that's a part of it we're talking about roots that go. Literally to the death of his soul. Through Tuscaloosa sorrow Mark Bryant situation yes. Racism. Okay that is his loaf. All right. Here's the sidebar. Steve Spurrier. Given that more closely each other. From a professional standpoint I'm not talking about relationship wise. But if you watch their careers. From a coaching aspect. They almost mirror each other coach Spurrier. Had to figure out a job got a job. Went into the US a fell fold it got out not that doubles did that but they climbed up at different ways. But the way back home. Was almost a mirror image it took coach Spurrier going to duke. And winning a conference championship duke has never been higher. Then where they were under Steve Spurrier probably will never be that high again. And I like. Sure he's an expert he's not Spurrier. Okay he built that thing as far as it can go and then what happened. As the late great Bear Bryant said. Mama called. And he had he could stay at duke the rest of his career. He is a god in Durham, North Carolina. I've got buddies that are up there and they say Josh wherever you go if you get hired. I've got a guy suffering a mother told the staff with cold cut now. He said to this day you cannot get under the shadow of Steve Spurrier at duke. To his day. But he built it until mama called. And then when Florida called he was gone now people say well Florida's. A lot better job than I do get it is. And he warned he was only there ten years and that he had had enough. We're rural weekday. A lot of people are now thinking you know Clinton has climbed that ring to be considered. Alabama like what they are is Alabama Baylor job didn't clinch and in the next couple years. Another great question I'll answer that this is the huddle and ESPN upstate. Welcome to a December the fifth 2017. Edition of the huddle I am Josh Fields along with Alonso. Tyler Butler sitting in studio with us today. And this just came out juju Smith Shuster and George I Oca I pronounce his name right. Think of a local a local. Suspended one game for safety related. Penalties. Did you guys watch a game last night ideas that may have been the worst performance of football I've ever seen on the pro level. I thought who was at Tennessee and Indianapolis I think. Played early in the year and it was like twelve to nine. I thought that was bad C I looked at met pat I knew who I just thought Pittsburgh would destroy Cincinnati Saudi modeling yeah ended June. I'll watch to that was it it was. Trying to put in the context. But I have to think about it. Don't Wear a confederate I don't know what it made me feel like. You guys may be able to relate to this you know younger in your lives. You or do something crazy. You go home with a particular individual. Then you wake up the next morning with all the lights Sonia like. Wolf what I just do. That sounds like it's alcohol related so I would know about that good news and just so we'll take your word for it doesn't have to be. I mean that's what they jail cells and how do impairs your judgment to make you think some of them was fine until the next morning and you always say what I was playing that we used to have a nickname. For those type of the so called big risk. It sure would be agree at. I'm Verifone. Which we you're married mayor yeah not revealed too much about what happened when you're single yeah I'll be married for 25 theaters tomorrow sobbed and has. It's also important for the lives of Jimmy and before getting trouble generally welcomed at all. They get there don't also. That is going to add to what you are saying Josh. I think it. Clinton beat Alabama. And have been up file I think that how they're gonna come. That blue door this year. All this talk I heard that be tough with coach Saban still on the contract but you know I've stranger things have happened. What are they pick you picked 67 and oh I believe he 66. And it never. Homeboy from Alabama to have their last three years. Yeah we definitely quarter it would definitely put a damper on it but they're not gonna get there are gonna get written it. Appreciate the phone call Gerri appreciate you coming out of local cute. Yesterday we had a great time Jimmy showed up Tyler showed up Tyler Butler showed up. On to talk to us touch or gets in with us and says you don't wanna follow Saban you wanna be the second coach after Saban Donnie. Yeah but sometimes. You just got to strike when irons hot. Angela. In this case a big it would be five to fall Saban if you doubt in my colleague Natali don't know where you're you're getting a team that is national championship ready. You don't go anywhere. Personally I believe they ended team that's national championship no question here not wanna take you leave. The reason I think he will at some point. It's because you've done it. Meeting. You can build it up all you want them to eventually it's gonna play at all. Just like it is with Saban right now this is the huddle at the espionage state.