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Welcome back as we head and our two of the huddle here Friday afternoon addition glad you are Willis Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And on so basketball's. Tomorrow. It'll be Clemson and Florida. In Sunrise, Florida on a South Florida the Orange Bowl classic they will play Florida the gators. Gators are six and three on the year number 22 in the country and Clemson comes in at eight and one. Clemson beats Florida like a brick into the top 25 though it's not a moment when reform they are able win over Ohio State so they can do that. The tip off fee is 430 tomorrow afternoon you can hear 4 o'clock your time here on ESPN upstaged the twentieth time. In program history that these two schools have met. But it's the first time in fifty years did you realize that while groups notably Florida masked ball and fifty. Years. Clemson has ten and nine all time record against the gators. Clemson won the first eight games of the series but the last eleven the just to a nine to Florida has. Down unaided. More recently except it's not really recent cuts employing fifty years. But anyway Florida's won the last three in the series the last time they met 195758. Season. This is Clinton's best start to the regular season since 20082009. About bat. About that. I logic Thomas one of thirteen players in the country averaging twelve points eight and a half rebounds and one point 75 blocks per game. So he's off to a good start. Yen down eleven points eleven rebounds in the win over Sam for his fifth career double double. Well also Shelton Mitchell and Dante Grantham playing pretty well. Of those two guys. Have posted the tigers' sixth and seventh twenty point outings this year and next game. Also grant them a mark cease Reid are closing in all 1000 career points. At the missed 975 and Reid has 982. And also Brad Brownell is one win shy of 300 in his career so he can get that. So on that's a good match up scheduled to get tougher they have Florida tomorrow south Carolina at home on Tuesday so. Into both those games here. On ESPN upstate Clemson tiger basketball South Carolina will not play until Tuesday when they. Meet the Clemson Tigers at Littlejohn Coliseum I don't have a game this weekend. But Frank Martin meeting with the media yesterday. And he took the opportunity to law go off on social media. A little bit this is come up beaches. You know we told you about Marten. Questioning attendance for south Carolina at home games this year given their runs in the final four last year. And then when he did that. Some people criticized him on social media. And he's pretty avid user of social media. And he engaged some of those plans. And again a couple little it would or Twitter battles if you will. And he was asked about that any talked about that. Yesterday his attitude about social media and whether or not he is the head coach of the game cock should be engaging. Fans. You wanna say or on the computer. I'm cool with unlawful war you have a right to express whatever you want us. Ray tanner told me frank you don't know where you're going on election. My wife tells me frank. Wire you do wonders like this a moonless. You know to show people I don't know they are they criticized really want them. To relevant to me I don't want to have social media following a calculus tomorrow but. I had a France say that our players are mediocre please. Please you think Gomorrah except somebody say in our players are mediocre. I need tell me in my face someone react you don't know social media Maria. And I think I responded in a professional manner and initial opening. I don't know the guy call me a 100%. Rear end. I don't have you you read my tweets. A vibrant sold and anybody important I buy ever attacked anyone else shall shall we don't know to me. Why because I've Mike if I may twenty grand would you care what I replied to people's social media probably not. Divide make what I make now why is that different. Salaries don't make people we are we or human beings plan is simple I'm not gonna allow some person. Just attacked me partially. It is what it is and if you read what I explained. I think it was a pretty good responsibly on us. I think it was quite that. Members of third when a remembers. I think it was a Gator Fran. That's that we play boring brand of basketball. I shall that person I just said I think you've got a short memory. You know what if batch going at people. I don't goals social media or you I'd argue real life. Arguing doesn't get any people or do you when neither one listens to the best from New York. You know people wanna say I don't know what I'm the one. I don't know you on the pay attention I think journalists I've been in this business 35 years now. Don't people don't know that think I don't know what I'm doing and I'm glad they're want to one's a hard. Shift at allied Frank Martin are really gonna you do judge and you're a big fan and you know the guy. We did get us I do different things there. If I don't know you I don't care what you say but if you attack me if I'm coming matchup with the oh you did sort of do that in the bigger now ray tanner or his wife or anybody you attacks and he's not coming after what do you think about about franking gauging fans who criticized the program. It here's telling pushed I have about it if you if you don't want your players to do it. Is attributed to. I think what Moore got his goat. Than anything it was the tweet. Whoever the fan was that said the team was mediocre. And I think it was an actual game car fan and I think that's why it really got his built. Because he sees that effort. That the guys have out there right now and and what we've talked about the troubles. That. South Carolina's what they're going through growing pains but they do have talent and I think that's why it. As frustrated frank is that you know look these kids are poured their heart into this program into this university. Number one you're not sure what to support a man number two your call mr. mediocre. And ate into. And I think ultimately. That's what ended up getting his goat. Are all that whole social media. They in that it took off and I think that's it's something that you you'd literally have to learn it's something I've had a one. Especially during football season. We do you say things that are twelve provocative. Or when you potentially call somebody out. They're gonna respond. Now I think a lot of it too is that forecaster realized. Don't Twitter especially. People are going to come after you did try to elicit a response. Not that they're wanting to engage not that there won't have an honest discussion and dialog. But some people just to try to trap you into an ongoing argument. And I believe they called control. Yes they did see nother thing you know don't start reacting. And acting like it doesn't bother you because once you start I mean we've seen this just messing around in here. Well I'll things escalate and how did. That people or all a Twitter just to go have people brought and it's that's patrolled there I think they're more trolls and people just. You know tweeting hey I saw. Cool burger or something I don't know us for some of my its support for some people patrol. Yeah I didn't like our I had an honorable mention his name because I would drive traffic. To him. But I had some clown. Hit me up about any call me ignorant and whatever I didn't respond I didn't re tweet I didn't. Attach anything to it. I just ignored. Because I've learned. You kind of know. Who's trying to elicit a response from you and who's not. Yet if you receive a tweet from me controlling. Well yeah but you and I have a funny guy I'll tell you know I don't you know say in general on all of you can yeah as an example right right that's what I'm doing on there. Because I think it's fun and there are some people out there think it's fun neutral and there are some people take it really really serious. At two I think there's a segment of the game cart fan base that was a little put off by offerings comments. And they attacked him and his team well if you had a better product from port we shall. And they kind of they kind of came back at him but you know what when you go in and you are discussed it. The other colonial center seemed to almost 20000 people. And if eight to ten don't show what you're going it's going to notice. And that's what frank. The point that frank was trying to make is look these kids are flatly that on the line. And we need to support. And there were some people that took offense today. He's disappointed they made a final four run and he has 4000 people shall wanna. Rockaholic blaming monetize some gain confidence you keep ponies don't leave. You keep ball he will leave. You South Carolina basketball. And let me be very clear about this. South Carolina basketball on the street Maarten a lot more than Frank Martin needs soccer basketball. He can go out there and get at any job he warts. After what. He's done at Kansas State and now what he's done with the gate people have such short memories. And they forget what it was like at a down hole you wanna go back. Why is he on social media but I mean if you're a coach of big time organization no matter what level. On the basketball football whatever why go on social mom what do you especially during the season a Judeo what's the point of you what is the benefit of do I mean there's no upside if you wanna see what your fans are saying all the most vocal people are usually the most negative people so why go there. Well I think a lot of coaches use a lot of it for recruiting. And they're trying to keep touch like a lot of his former players. If you following which in Ohio do. He has a lot of dialogue on Twitter we're if a lot of the got Udonis Haslem who was real close to one whom he coached. Are a lot of his former players. Interact with him on his Twitter page and and twitters kind of become a no other form of texting him. But in the public viewed as opposed to a text via private. Right but he can beat me on Twitter without responding to. Every fan comment. Yeah I agree and again I think what ultimately got him it was a mediocre cool. I don't blame for that that's that's not even all that unfair coming. Mediocre this harsh word but they're not really good. Right not real good right now noble I think he's trying to get people to appreciate it it's the effort. But that's not the principle that the world works no it doesn't. If not I I don't know why that would drawn out so much. What causes Cold War. When somebody when you feel as a coach that somebody. He took that as a personal attack on his players. And I think he even mentioned this in his press conference it's one thing if you say something about him yeah he may not like it. Which can't win that battle on Twitter and always say he also wants to know. That this will become the story now we'll escalate the whole thing him right out our it was very similar to what Colin Cowherd did dabble. When he called Clemson fraud. And then after Clemson shellac. Oklahoma. Or whoever one's. He came back in front of the whole press conference and I mean just gave it Collin cower both barrels. And because of that stuff as coaches you'd do to the thing about coaches is. The work is so public. I can even understand that though because Colin Cowherd is a public figure with. You know your millions of people know him right Joseph blow on Twitter you got to respond to. Now. But it could he gonna had a bad day to. And he's like you know I'm not taken as you know if you had a bad day don't gold winner could today's Mac or get better and public about it probably not I've gotten to the point now. Where when something happens like that you just ignore it. Because really what they're wanting you to do is they are wanting you to do exactly what he did helmet because guess what they're gonna go do all their plants. All I got coach Martin to them. Do that look look look look look plus going to be a story like this action because the story. Right and now they're bringing it's bringing them into the life. Where as. Again if he had even said nothing or just OK we'll appreciate it. And go home. Gil and I think he thought it was funny to interact with Florida fields because. They kill him briefly and really laid up and Madison's. We're going to have yeah I got that and it's cool. But I mean you got to admit when you say. I don't care what you think if you're not my wife for ray tanner in the new act like the its fifth and play it's somebody you don't even those cells oplink. I think you're cynical but it commitments that. Well it is what you got to understand something to that forum. If he is a very much what you see. Is what you get there's not he's very passionate man and literally. What you see in him and that's the man. And it is Emmys he does kind of where sort honestly Lucy and that's why we're. Not gonna follow and see if I can get reaction DS 83000. Followers by the way it's only Demi tweets a plane is gonna get out and get around pretty quick quick. A 444773776. Steve. You are up next in the huddle I don't. They are doing great man they birthday amok all. We've got tripped. Worked here thirty years ago but we don't doubt that Columbia. Georgia clubs and we just looked at people from Kentucky. And I hate to say like that are brought up at the plate go to the game beat. When your own but they got part three of global blood. I think to be able or players when they pretty cute and it's lucky and the other schools and state. You know I got 1890 thousands agreement people who stand up you know you get out there are not big game certainly 500 people. And that's not good on he's right Frank Martin is right about attendance don't get me wrong I don't disagree with the mall that they should be drawn better. They definitely should be drawn up. I look good outlet to. And that he quoted by about fifteen years ago normal baseball game at the same time the debate all day out through. All the airplane weight or one recourse great. I'm like what is wrong here. I don't know what they. Picked up it always be the third or I'd be all baseball and bet you all into kids know that they. A what you and they. Russia. Yes I am part of that would baseball as the baseball so darn good year College Baseball so good in this giving us so this is not your typical state when it comes to college makes right. Well and that's the other thing that's going to Forex frustration that he's trying to recruit on the national level. And I think he's trying to say hey look what we've got the number one player in the state. Within a hundred miles. And we need to try to put on the best. To make him. Feel like. Does that that goes and we've talked about this before fans in the stands. Impress recruits. It in Dulles. When you go into Carolina and there's nobody there. And energy is low. How would work or the company. No I got it. Exile wasn't there for the coastal Carolina well I mean there's good play games where he was that they chanted his name now problems big and all of that but you understand what I'm saying. I mean it's like caller said when your competing again. Kentucky. And Alabama and most people I mean they're Philips stadium. The arena excuse me. Yeah absolutely and having a bigger arena like they do in Columbia. Makes that look even worse than Clemson doesn't have as much of a problem they're not. I don't know if they're drawn any better right now at Clemson and a big home games either so I want Tuesday night Oakland also look out South Carolina Tuesday night but dot. But that's a much much smaller place doesn't look as empty when 5000 people show. And how you say this Greg albeit rusty do you model's opinion on this because frank mentioned the fact that. He wants the atmosphere. That was here in Greenville. To be in Colombia. And I can remember it made me think about something. People in this town. Low basketball. And I can remember when they were re modeling. Littlejohn. Clemson drove better hearing agreeable. They did at their home town home on their own campus building. Does not multi people and have to drive over to Clemson the population basis here you know there so several reasons but yeah convenience as a lot to do with it sure I mean the crowds when it when terminals and held off Somalia. Oh yeah. Mean it gave me chills and I'm just not just India were in the arena and at the well but when when I was leaving watching the next. Schools crowd come in and are all walking together I can't remember who was. Some reason I think it was duke but it may not have been North Carolina maybe maybe Osaka idea he had I mean it was like. I thought wrong of people they're all wearing the same color jerseys and everything's like man that is also. Well I need to the home games a South Carolina has had so far this year and there's not. A whole lot to draw your attention so he got to come there for your team your team first I mean of people got to come out to see UMass. They gonna come out to see the Illinois State. Are you tip. Of coastal Carolina and Wyoming. Now let's see what they do. When the when a copper schedule starts appeared couple weeks. And it gets a lot better. Got Kentucky coming in January 16. I ought to be all right Eric Barnes and now Tennessee coming in January 20 it's the only draw for those games. A 4447737761. Comments text line. 71307. Using keyword ESPN at the beginning of your text message will break come back more a moment. The huddle this is ESP in upstate. It's time for bowl season college football bowl season opening up this weekend. There are six. Bowl games on Arctic schedule for the weekend thing actually more games the network against six of these. So structural guidance and down to a kind of differences we have we are picking 39. Bowl games. This year so there's plenty of room for movement NR. Pick him contest. This year that's almost four. Weeks of picked hands right there. First one to talk about is the tomorrow at the superdome Mercedes-Benz superdome features Troy vs north Texas. Troy Neal brown 37 year old coach. 24 to thirteen record in three seasons. And north Texas coach by Seth Latrell who is considered an up and comer he's just fourteen and twelve and two seasons. In the main grain. The only FBS program offering a scholarship quarterback Mason fine. And he was named all conference USA threw for a school record 28 touchdowns. And almost 3800. Yards but choice. You'll remember. Beat LSU this year. And that is why. I am going with the trojans. In the New Orleans Bowl. Alonso would you do. Well as a told you before I decided to just pick the games is now looking in and look at their records and they've really got to figure they've. Your at least 500 maybe if you're in a bowl. And then as far as this game goes. I thought Greg will pick Troy. So I'm picking north Texas and now is my thinking on this so I will north Texas. And what did our friend Alex do you have his picks over there he also well in north Texas purely guessing that Josh talk some sense of these people who. That bush has a mind of its own. Jimmy Troy did. Take. Beg for Troy team went on the road BL issue in the in the body you. Yeah that's just enough for me that they beat LSU was told still trying to find themselves smack them so you know. Troy got among the perfect spot. And their last ten meetings with Troy north texas' two innate. Texas. That they're gonna take Troy Johnson. It second one is the AutoNation incurable. The beautiful AutoNation curable it's going to be Camping World stadium in Orlando 230 is the kick off time. Tomorrow features western Kentucky vs Georgia State. And you don't you know if your gamecocks fans Georgia State she gets your attention Sean Elliott is the coach there Josh was on and if you bring George stood. No I'll go on out of maxed out class. In any other out you can think of there's no cure for Georgia State in this bowl he'll toppers build bonds of. Well as I said before on this program I'd actually stumbled upon the campus for the held toppers and and we've actually have western Kentucky on our picks a couple times this year and he can't go wrong western Kentucky. What did Alex do on this. He also went to toppers all right so it's a sweep because I did as well they hill toppers have dropped for the last five games so keep that in mind. But they have a quarterback Michael Y eight. Who has passed for 3800 yards 24 touchdowns against just seven interceptions. And if he gets a 174 passing yards in this game to become the second quarterback in school history passed for 4000 yards in two seasons. So bomb we will all go with western Kentucky. In that once he might have bought my First Amendment he could first quarter at least. Here's that dumb Las Vegas Bowl. It's taken me off. Boise State and Oregon. In the Las Vegas Bowl Boise State rated number 25 in the country this will be played at Sam Boyd Stadium at 330 tomorrow afternoon. On AB CTV in Las Vegas. And the news came out just today that organs top running back is going to sit out this game. To await. The NFL draft. Did know that when maker picks and I picked Oregon. And we've already talked about this the three of you guys. If I'm correct. The ball go home with Boise State is that correct you have. Over recent history when Oregon used to be national championship contender in every year. Yeah not so much and not so much. Also much though there were they were better this year you know gets a new coach Jim Mario Cristobal. I would like to start out the Mario crystal ball error with a win. Course they promoted him when now Willie Taggart left to replace Jim though. At Florida State Willie Taggart they're only one year when it for op. For Mario right. Now he'll listen to not attract. I. I don't know without their running back I don't know I think it'll editor knob and I'm Leon I'm the Lone Ranger and picking organ. In this ball game not to watch that one just. Because. Just get irritated the Gilman New Mexico Bowl will be Marshall. And Colorado State this will be and Albuquerque,. New Mexico dream style stadium. Josh Allen. From Wyoming was supposed to be the best quarterback in the conference. This year but nick Stephens of Colorado State actually outperformed him at least this tit statistically. I Stephens was named all conference threw for 3479. Yards 27 touchdowns. And ten interceptions and I will go with Colorado State in this game. What did you do their low go would you Josh. Are also world Colorado State. Although all white Marshall in their offense. Chased live in their quarterback is a very very good athlete and quarterback. I think is going to be an offensive show probably 35 points. Each in this game but ultimately I want Colorado State. Until it is a clean sweep Alex and I both went with Colorado call Colorado stunning about them. By the way you might wanna watch this game because the NFL game on the same time involves a Chicago mayor. This Monday that disliked. The Camellia bowl. Were some money on our air called the commit global. Ray com media Camellia bowl middle Tennessee vs Arkansas State. This is played in Montgomery. 8 PM on Saturday. Dismayed last bowl game of the weekend. You know middle Tennessee. Did something this year that Clemson going to. You know what that is. These are shifts but if that's. Yes they did they beat Syracuse. But I don't care I'm going Arkansas State in the small Arkansas State. They are. Pretty good offensive team. I kind of like a cattle like their chances. To win this game middle Tennessee in Rick stocks don't. People know who he is. And in fact Rick stocks sold bought 101000 dollars worth of tickets. To entice fans to travel to Montgomery he bought 101000 dollars worth of tickets from them to deceive about that impressive you've got to admire and I am there now. Sosa and a few guest ones of which go for. It was enough for me and I don't even know that if I guess I'm going middle Tennessee's. When Alex do. You in Arkansas state bank and now Arkansas men over here bill of Arkansas State. Yeah give me the rebels are wanted to pull for Rick my little boy. The rebels just will be at and T so I'm alone yep it's Alonzo island on network. And finally we have the Chara Monday tart cherry Boca Raton ball very well done Chara Bundy tart cherry what is that anyway. That I drink IMAX high I've heard we don't talk about it visit it's it's a drink to drink yes sure Bundy tort chair. I don't broker Tom bowl obviously in Boca Raton Florida. And it features. Florida Atlantic against. Akron. This is a blow up and as a blow out for Florida Atlantic. You can't pull against. Appalled against them but come on. Don't you think this is and you pick Florida Atlantic and yes. London did you pick Akron. You know as Ohio man as a native of Ohio. I've lived here for almost 21 years while it almost have lived here longer than to feel a little while and being close to living here longer arm. And Akron is where LeBron was from me that's good reason he had some really good reason to pick Akron but it wasn't enough I didn't pick. Oh you didn't know I did not and I both kind of almost a home game their for a for Florida Atlantic. Did Alex go with Florida Atlantic as well yes he did I'm sure he did their sophomore. DeVon singletary is fourth in the FBS and rushing 17196. Yards 29 rushing touchdowns that's the most in the FBS. So you'll watch that game ESP able haven't a 7 o'clock. And this game is not until I went and picked us from because until Tuesday but I'm not here Monday and Tuesday so this or pick and heads up you watch it Tuesday night 7 o'clock. On ESPN. You concede the leading. Touchdown maker in all of FBS in DeVon singletary I'm also going Florida and so that's it that's a six games this week we have enough differences to know we have. Few one. But still we are some differences. Then I want him to Alonso as the seed and we don't get how we have a split on Troy north Texas. A sweep for Wes Kentucky. Greg will alone on the Oregon and Boise State. And another sweep our middle Tennessee Sissy others there's some differences and we could be a little movement there. Nine wagon back in here on Wednesday we'll have a game that night the first Scoble SMU in Louisiana Tech to talk about so we'll do these as they come up. Throughout bowl season picking 39 bowl games in all and you put these up on our website. They should be up later on today during schools and just goes to ESPN upstate dot com continent blogs. And yeah what's the blog section look for the huddle picks right good stuff 8444773776. At any thoughts about any Rose Bowl games do you care which one most interest you this weekend. But love to hear from text line 71307. To huddle on ESP in upstate be right back. Welcome back it's the huddle on ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney Josh Phillips. Alonso 8444773776. Tom concerning news on the Panthers camp today. That does DeVon bunches is questionable for the game against greenback that would be good. He rested today according to Ron Rivera. And they hope that will help him get into the line up on Sunday against the Packers had to. Bank of America Stadium but officially questionable. For Devin font just also trade Chara right guard ruled out for the game concussion protocol number we talked to all. Jim's okay about that you mentioned that on our Wednesday interview. So he's out and Shaq Thompson linebacker Al for the second straight game with a foot injury. Feeling for the Packers and chart feel a little bit I was gonna say if you're confidence levels should be rising should be I mean but this is big and I mean you know I'm Joseph I'm Benjamin anymore you don't have gorgeous. And tar Goran and me start affecting protecting the franchise. Well I got to run the ball. Good Greg Olson's could they had a great running game last week and I am McCaffrey is getting better and better all the time so which you can't. Will nowhere. Olson is that I mean he's fine ball onions but they're they're going against green Bay's defense. What he's sorry but what's what or why they everybody's why. Did you see that defense against Cleveland allow. How many boys could that be good spot Cleveland. Those 21 to selling going into the fourth quarter. But they came roaring back. Maybe. I. I did look I mean I'd Wear it yet still pick the Panthers but. Hello batter Aaron Rodgers is planned. At a fund just is not planned. I'm in a 11 thing the Panthers do is they bringing good backup linebackers you view was Shaq out. Now I'm not there defensively. Yeah will be fun or about their defense they're offense. Camilo shaking could being highly Packers stay in the game it's almost like they're gonna stay in the game. All right. Until the fourth court to have somewhat been. I think something is like a one score and it may be ten points or less that's what happens when you bring back. What do you what happens. The world doesn't come due and what are you may want to happen GMAC would. Come strolling into the studio on Wednesday and a blue bowl a life. Ric Flair. We'll be talking playoffs maybe playoffs. Started and serious about it. Yeah guy is still got to play Minnesota again. While still green Bay's got Carolina and Minnesota back to back. Let me check that the check that Chez Jules. Yes that's correct. Minnesota is December 23 and the Detroit to finish a season on the road Minnesota's home. The Carroll rode Minnesota home Detroit on the road the finish up for the pack in. But in outlook beat Carolina told me the stat wasn't went from your chance to make the playoffs shoots up from like 9%. He was 23 year when he wonders of what that if they beat Caroline. Saying there's a chance at south. That's it might well. They've got a before you saying they've done it before a sort Packers want to do. Just everybody when they're not expected. As when they're expected to the only thing. I final break of the hour welcome back to wrap up our number two and a little moment ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Welcome back to the Hubble this is ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso a 444773776. Got a down. Text or actually a tweet asking me if design am Williams some more play Andy arbor day school game and burns tonight. Don't know is the short answer. Doubt it is the as the real response are you hearing that down that injury that at that time Williamson has lower Moreland has been. Revealed and so I would kind of be surprised him play Tuesday night. The play at gassed and and Estonian North Carolina in play then and it would surprise me but not saying he's not don't know for sure. And I know that's big deal to fans who probably scarf up tickets for that don't know because and by no plumbing. But scenes. Somewhat unlikely to me they're being careful with him. As you can certainly understand right you certainly would not want to law. Take any chances there. As far as the shrine bowl that's tomorrow in Spartanburg. I give stadium Wofford College that is a 2 o'clock kick off. And what should be good on all fingers any chance of rain and cool high about 55 but that's perfect football weather on. Josh I think the fans will enjoy the tribal rule emergency the North Carolina players against the South Carolina players tomorrow you'll see some of the best talent around in a ball in. Ya think South Carolina has gotten. Five or six players that are committed to their class. On the Internet ball game I think Clemson has a couple. In the game as well both both sides of the line North Carolina and South Carolina so. Yeah you can get up for a close and personal watch him play and I enjoy them all ball supporting high school athletics we need more of. Yeah you see the likes of to carry enjoy under south Carolina's mr. football who is a South Carolina game can't commit not JJ Henry. Maybe the meat is death death in a couple of dads I'm sure that'll be there I might give your resume. Contract and terrorism is evident. That out beyond those guys I mean just everybody that out that's out there is a big time. Play you gotta be going to make trumbull issued an usher top high school football players in the two states so. That's always fun and they put on immigration alone amended a great job and am offered the perfect venue for that tip. It's a rivalry. Our in case she didn't know until robbery between. The Carolina states between North Carolina and South Carolina. In the teams like the like to use that kind of take shots. During the year about who has. There's a robbery going on that I don't even think that gets talked about a whole lot but. Who has the best high school football right between North Carolina and South Carolina so it's always interesting and it's fun the other kids. Ben with the each other concerning them. The 81 shrine bowl it's always tricky for the coaches because they wanna play everybody if possible and yet they won only and only. So is a former coach you know that feeling right absolutely house that it was do your best to get guys out there but the the best guys are probably took her longer you don't wanna let me obviously. Now let's write to us tomorrow at 2 o'clock overdid stadium Wofford College those shrine bowl of the best events of the year for sure. A 444773776. Via text line 71307. We will take a break come back on the other side what they want Brent venables said yesterday regarding. Being a candidate for other jobs is kind of interesting and but the Florida State presidents are about Jumbo Fisher also coming up in the next hour stay Willis in the huddle he has.