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Hey it's Friday and it's not like last fraud notional in the forecast today although. Coach Josh Phillips just came in rubbing his hands together more to build a far. Because it's like 48 degrees up there I think has more to do things here than does not there not easy as the reason he was. He was shivering from the outside conditions out there but you're a football guy I mean it was 48 degrees. Blunt guy thing. If they may hot chocolate for a cure is a are cheering. Good question I think there are some hot chocolate -- little more smoothly things and I don't know problems that they know large smelly thing if a couple things like him you know under the missed I bet if you ran by Steve's office and asking for any marshmallow things but he didn't you know these are planning trees are campaign. And there. Entercom tree planting day in the ware appreciate the folks who went out there. Wish we could have been there but you know. Radio show. Hate today amigo don't belittle follows a bunch on hundredth couple hundred trees up somewhere near Marietta nice. In. Helping the environment when those injuries they hugged each one before the plan and one who's lost. Coming up on the show today we're gonna hear from Frank Martin Frank Gore kind of went off on non social media we need be similar to -- some of that. Coming up in the 2 o'clock hour we do our bowl picks for this week we have six bowl games this weekend voice. Six I just doesn't I just want point out that I still have nothing but the red acts from the former intern so I mean you can't open it. The ads and all yeah I can openness to relax you're supposed to send me must not just as the opening. Yes or no value or not open it. The file just has a big X I hear you but that's not really opening up that he made his picks and things he sent conceded it to element would know he's aware he's supposed to send them back bunker because they would bar have been posted on our website but. Now I write to save a piece. Happens to be losing oh in six. In an area the forfeiture voted six for Louis can not be Owen 39 million well you got to yell at them before the games are played. But he can't take them on Monday not those six anyway Alex enemy and we'll talk about these double games for this weekend. There are some decent matchups now will do that coming up later in the show interesting comments from the president of Florida State University about. Jim Lowe Fischer aka. We'll pass those on its funny when. Somebody leaves. You're not as glowing about them. Especially when it's involved the situation down there. You know it's like oh. It's like the jilted girlfriend syndrome they're all coming out of the woodwork snubbed him. Also some interesting comments are the most that he has said so far about being pursued for head coaching jobs from Brent venables. The duties defensive coordinator at Clemson in its comments yesterday it will pass those along to you what. He said kinda uninteresting bear. NFL had a game last night's rock gosh Weiler came in in relief and look good. For Trevor Ximian. So we'll look at that Billy Napier remember him as the new head coaching job. Mostly about that coming up on the show. And we'll take your calls your text in your tweets a 444773776. Text line 71307. When you send your text to us. Beijing's security SPN at the beginning so that we concede the text that's how it works. And we're on Twitter Addie SP in upstate. I Alonso I know you didn't watch the basketball game last night as the sole your social media post about. Star Wars actually I got home was able to let's say yeah okay good yeah. Star Wars. You liked. Pretty good movie I was very pleased with that I will not go into great detail because you don't want me to what happens at the end none ever mocked him I was just getting. But but but some people die but some people to live some people were happy some people sat alone uses along with the it is you all Star Wars movie ever used two and a half hours kindness not terrible and we paid the extra money. Are you did they went yeah VIPs thing we did. While a different. If well you get. Behind the scenes thing that starts out before the movie so and you get so much trading cards welcome. So that was promised money. 36 dollars and now you know let's think about this on the way in particular Josh wolf paid. Certain amounts of money to go golfing because he loves it drive you know and if you have the money to go do something that you love why not do it. Daily Pamela Taylor 41 dollars gulf feel a little zip video and it it was an enjoyable two and a half hours of how with my son and a great movie I think. Probably my favorite movie of the year which says a lot cause events on the good movies but I did get to see the second half of via basketball game. I thought about that. Josh you watched the basketball and I did. You rated apologized to launch a ball. That's funny. That assists whose dreams and the reason mainly due to back more okay. You had a thirteen points. He had this year eleven assists. Two steals. External. My goodness he had fifteen rebounds is that right now eight rebounds a scam I was adding his total to his defense of yet one offensive and seven defense or rebounds and eight rebounds. Passed a bad day for any shot five for eleven almost 50% from the field three for eight from three points. Thirteen point Kamal. Listen even LeBron. Raced. Blondes a ball here's what LeBron said after. It's always team that's ball crystal ball for some to move forward. This is a team game. And why you're so caught up in this whole individual things. So you know between games so overlooked. Within. You know my own corner is into the super. These are really good player so says LeBron just he's so full Rosie going go on Iowa cleaning barriers something. Pieces of the team player and and and not. I have nothing to do when Alonso ball and everything to do with his little T enough. With Karim because he's getting heckled every game now look. Well let me qualify this OK LeBron is going to win the MVP in a landslide this year. He's gotten which in order for Cleveland it's funny how he mentioned. This is a team game. But if Cleveland to have him they'd probably what they'd be over. Right now. Quite honestly. He means that much. Aside Alonso is LeBron. Know what it here's what he's doing he's tried to protect the kids. Am I giving someone he's trying to game the granddad Lee figure. That's trying to be your her what he said when he said. In all of that noise and it's a team game in this and the other. Because LeBron knows he's getting ready to be his teammate did get that line before and to play with ya gotta be fun to play exactly right well you get that chance and he's gonna get a stop and other chants LeBron is out of there. Okay and he's going to be additional brought the rock. This time next year. And they're getting a jump on their level. Man crush with the joke OK while those said he patterned his game after LeBron. I'm still waiting on that game to show up. Because there's nothing a lot of those game that even resembles. LeBron James listen. You and I can pattern our career after the great Greg McKinney we're never gonna get there but we comparator arm pattern career and I like that now he'll look at greatness in you go that's who I wanna be look that's one thing it's one thing to say you want to reach a certain level but you can never. Pattern yourself. It came the closest. Okay Kobe said he and his game after Jordan he came the closest. Art but there's only one LeBron James Hahn's low ball will never ever being that good now. Eye your right he won't what are the chances who's going to be that good. Nobody maybe not. Or maybe you want urging guys somewhere in Colorado but Alonso is not going to be that guy but now. But he's he's he's doing all right he looked all right last night and they talked. After the game on the court and LeBron tried to shield. His mouth so that lip readers and cameras can pick up the others Jersey over his mouth. And gave some comments to blogs a ball as I asked him after the game what did he say he said many old business. And you'll businessman. Not gonna tell you and same thing from Alonzo they ask gamble was sent wouldn't say. The next years to. See you next year. Coming your way. I think it. He said dobbs balsa James didn't tell me any thing. LeBron had 45 points twelve assists twelve rebounds his 59 triple double of his career. Bob by the way lawns a ball almost had a triple double. Number barely must've been my accident because of DOS and see some of the things. Pig like at the rebounds to doing that had the assist them point. And it's pretty good game to pretty competitive. Game 121 to 112 was the final of the cavaliers. They get the went. Kevin Love by the way there's really good. 28 points particular. He always does he does great human right she's. A new there are there other big crack coming in and then he becomes Casper the Friendly Ghost come playoff time could you never hear from again. I've been telling you guys about Brandon Ingram to did you watch him. Yeah I was going back and forth actually he looked good I mean entire lakers team they're so young men and they have a lot of promise compared to what they've been the last few years they look like they're going to be pretty piece in the future. When they have LeBron next year it will be really get there. Excuse me in six months. Beth. Ingram ten for 1526. Points. On the night for the LA lakers. So mom is all preview there of those guys being on the same court that all I know is I'm just go out the lakers took. Long it'll ball. Am left Jason Jason take them along. That's almost well yeah I'm I'm sure you war. I'm sure you are also day yesterday I agree with you on that he came out pretty good in that deal. Still. Apple. Alonso looked pretty good let's watch the whole game when I launched on he looked pretty good. So LeBron costs one of us want to look pretty good. Last night. A minute percent to now putting and hopefully some good suit does a better future. Oss Weiler responsible for either one of they're both going to be in the Cadillac on the when he saw Neil. What state is that look at. Wow. Well graduates and crow today Josh thanks for that yeah you welcome million. Delmon was talk about the caps last night kind of a movement of. Take us but it didn't and traditional regular pocket well not out. Well it's all about it don't we don't don't ongoing mission critical policy debate yet still how I sent a message that. You know you don't we Barbara pressed too as people become great on my normal partial letter weekly. Addicted to what we don't seem attention. A little lower price are right on both were posted just that it ER eight. He's not sure who perpetrated it now that you just countries slash it. You know heat policy was out of already eaten in order a neutral open it I assumed that it was 100 auto sales are on. Yep I grew that. But you know he did lay an egg he wasn't terrible and gained of people were watching because LeBron was there. Don't let it Goodell Sony is alias and old essentially as a caught trust proxies gust and it. Stop order debate I'll bet this would certainly be able to order like this. Maybe as I can get a lot will be. I. All right thank you Delmon preparation announcing they trust the process. They like. Your thoughts on the MBA you can give those to us a 444773776. After LeBron and Alonso squared off last night LeBron gets the win. As the cavaliers. Take that game. By nine points Billy Napier remember him former quarterback at Furman. Former coach at Clemson. Got us head coaching job we'll tell you about a coming up it's the huddle on ESPN upstate just under way for Friday will be right back. Welcome back into the huddle this is ESPN upstate it's Friday afternoon already halfway through the month of with Greg McKinney. Coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. You join the conversation at any time call 8444773776. Text line 71307. News keyword ESP I already am irritated about the bowl season. And we haven't had first game. We're gonna talk about our picks next hour for the six bowl games this weekend the one of those bowl games. Is the Las Vegas Bowl. Boise State and Oregon. You guys. By you guys I mean Josh Alonso and Alex. The former intern. Always with more state Boise State now with the organ. And now comes word. That Royce Freeman. Who rushed for 1475. Yards sixteen touchdowns. Number seven all time in FBS with 5600 yards career rushing. Has chosen to set up again. Big loss. Mario crystal ball the new coach at Oregon announcing that. Yesterday after my picks were. He has no country junior's number seven ranked. Draft eligible running back the upcoming NFL draft. Royce. Is not going to point. Funny list now who's not going to plot. Can we get that we released require these teams to submit that list ahead of Bob. Yeah big time you put that equipment and find out who the train Marines he's slow on the crowd this games this games tomorrow and you know somebody else that Thursday for a Saturday game that he's not gonna. And I'm surprising announcement at all. Do you arm. Accept this decision. That some of these players are right. There we James is already said he's not blame for Florida State John Elliott Texas has three guys are not a couple of yeah they won't three guys at Texas. Don't pick Texas than some money picked X I took him to accept a go to guy and area by damage refill butter. And as we feel just a little better. I just wanna know whose plan is not play in more than a day in advance can we do that. Is that too much to ask. They knew this. And Oregon before yesterday. That Royce Freeman was not gonna play. Tournament. Billy Napier do you feel vulnerable yet again. Shouldn't play during at a opener for the two Billy Napier remember him former quarterback at them firm and office coordinator for a while Clemson. And now. He's been an Arizona State as their office to coordinate. There are about to announce him as the new coach yet you can decide what to call it used to be you LL Louisiana Lafayette now supposedly just Louisiana. I asked okay east of that Louisiana. At Louisiana. They're going to announce Billy Napier as their head coach raging regions. Out so good for him. Right. Com. What Clemson fans think Billy Napier wow. But well well he's won on the ball robs and it's a matter. Right I mean today I think he's credited with doing pretty good job for the sun doubles Arizona State. And he has recruited. Extensively in the state of Louisiana. I was numb at Alabama too so he recruited a lot of Louisiana they're. And he'll be the replacement for mark cut its best fired after seven seasons at Louisiana so Billy Napier gets a job there. Feel bad for markings and planes told to Mississippi State now is our right yeah. Is that a better job and head coach at Louisiana it's going vastly. More money. Probably about saying the moon. In other Sun Devils under Billy Napier improved from last in the pac twelve in yards per play to number eight. Sodium and middle of the pack so they get better offensively under Napier so he gets I think coaching gear again. We will see how. Billy does that has not been announced just yet. But multiple sources are reporting that. That's what's going to happen. I had the Louisiana formally known as Louisiana Lafayette for Billy Napier. Going to be out there are new head coach also in the college football front. District attorney's office in Cleveland county Oklahoma has determined that criminal charges are not Warrenton against Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson. There was a police investigation into whether he sexually assaulted a woman who filed an emergency protective order against him the district attorney said. The evidence including interviews with a woman's friends and text messages. Exchanged between her and Anderson suggests that the encounter was consensual. So bomb. That is good for Oklahoma nothing no comment yet from the university. But he is Oklahoma's leading rusher 960 yards eleven touchdowns and of course they play Georgia and college football playoff. So. Well but the good news on that front for the Oklahoma Sooners. And we got word out of West Virginia. That will Greer is coming back for his senior year will not go to the end NFL draft big news out. They got Smart of him. Started out of Florida of course. Had a big year 34 touchdown passes threw for almost 3500 yards this year was the big twelve newcomer of the year. Ben Alderson the coach said. His decision to return makes it a great day for West Virginia football. And they finish seven and five this year. They play in the heart of Dallas bowl against Utah off the day after Christmas. You turn up pretty good for West Virginia right. Not so much for former. But for West Virginia and he's coming back. You remember when he was at Florida they were undefeated. Then got a now I think there were eight know at the time and then he got. Popped for an over the counter PED and had to sit out Florida tanked and now Jim Mac ones back on his cattle ranch in Montana. Now. Up passcode West Virginia so maybe they'll have law. A chance to improve off 75 season on next year with will Greer coming back. Yeah he'll be in the discussion Losman to thank you threw 34 touchdown this year had a great year. Kid can play. Meant. He was seventh and the FBS in touchdowns. For regular season this bastard. I as back to the phone to talk to herald next hire a welcoming the auto. Always a pleasure to OGG American coach I guess the question that's been plaguing me twelve years and need. Good. Can respond in good response from you. Didn't consider the greatest Christmas to you all Dodd thank you sir. There. It is Christmas movie right. In my argue that it's a Christmas movie Harold never mentions me and always hurt by the way at all. It's definitely Christmas music movie and the best part is Josh as though they're trying to design it and I mean there's no question there's no argument. Yeah they both wrong. I didn't know what was once the debate. A lot of people were saying die hard is not a Christmas movie well that's it. Now it happens on Christmas Eve right. Definitely he's out of the they take over at a Christmas party I mean all that's a scholar at Christmas out. There this has been debated for a while. Because it's a shoot tomorrow. I mean it won't what do you have to be the where somebody gets reconciled was somebody else who else. But it is only argument is that it needs to be about Christmas and it's not really bow Christmas is just happening at Christmas. Would you say that campus as a Christmas movie or silent night deadly night. Both the Wentworth that are Santa are simple like creatures killing people I mean it's still technically Christmas movie. You gov. Dot com did a poll on die hard and only 31%. Said that down. Any movie not specifically about Christmas like diehard. Not Christmas. 31% said they were so. Almost 70% said no all right there's there's also an argument out there that gremlins is not a Christmas. Most Kremlin did this only Christians who are these clowns come and bestow their snooty mean he notes new people. Like feel good Christmas. Stories me all about some you probably don't watch lifetime and they look mostly on his homework too now. You know there's not a Christmas go Bob I don't I don't put on a Christmas one Lindsay and watch Rudolph then. You know. There's just this once we have flattened about frosty the snowman no it's not long ago it's a true once it would food. I like to request that you save any statements like that to late in the show so I don't have to think about them for the entire. Hey look at Gene Simmons can get away with it annually. I'll go with yes there'll. On nine are. Is that is that a quote please does anybody disagree that no on the throw on the okay girl born with. Okay that's the best Christmas movie of all time that's that's legitimate. It's the best Christmas I mean but nobody's gonna compete with real. Burl arrives. Alone. Mean the ball ball. I mean that is you can have Christmas. Without Rudolph to Reynolds rained. Island of misfit toys columnist IQ. That's the year that I mean it is I dwell on the island in this until this happens I love it. You have to. I'm me. That is. There is no well I guess some people would say. Miracle on 34 street I would put it number two it's wonderful life it's a wonderful. City. Call me the grip I'm a big it's a wonderful listen. It's almost kind of wanna trip homeowners run out around a gallon to about a complete I'm glad I'm not the only one deals. And started yelling at built buildings you tell me exactly. Good movie. I'm looking at dumb rotten tomatoes dot com that are pretty good job of of all scoring. Movie's rating movies and they have the top 25 Christmas movies of all time I had rotten tomatoes by the way but I don't. They are right it's a wonderful life number one. They're a miracle on 34 street number two how they yen Bing Crosby number three. Don't know that I ever saw I believe that's where white Christmas when he sang at the first time it was in 1942. The shop around the corner did you see that. And enemies know me you know number four. And how the grinch stole Christmas rounds out the top from Rodman which won the animated version owns Jim Carrey I was gonna assume. It's got to be animated India animated you know what organized and led the team care burden alone bought thousand so bullish call on like that. And they die hard number seven of all time new hill for us was that the right there so they they got champ number six nightmare before Christmas songs like that. Haven't saw. When it's their son heard things slow him your little weird. Maybe you have some thoughts on that we'll we'll take your calls on the best Christmas movies if you like what the heck is it is that is. Weird as those Johnny chocolate factory ends well. And it's it's animated so and so we can do more of that now. I gotta get a break 8444773776. Text line 71307. New security recipient. Iraq back here on the Friday how old this is ESPN upstate. Welcome back it's Friday it's the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. With Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso and jump ball more today 444773776. As Bob has done hi Bob welcome in. Gentlemen what they're the ones who will. Yes we are about. Our outlook and as usual. Our home and you gotta gotta interview. It was navy guy. Figured out charming because I'm an old dude I'm 54. Would you rather have never seen. Miracle on thirty I have never seen that album also never sang the wonderful art. And haven't broken the hearts and not mock jeopardy. Love. Yeah it's just like a lot aren't you won't shall turn on the Hallmark Channel and watching those live you remember once I got to get out of here because the costs are fortunate. Quote do not all the people so I don't watch. And I'll tell you all home. The mop slavery is the war and their children chased you know not a very casual look took personal what you know judge what is it. Christmas vacation. BA light like where. Our current and her or whatever gets the ball and drag men kick in but amount of these regional ball. It's cut spending by the way Andy Brown. Had just about just watch out it's not because he's got to Mississippi league hounding him. You would think that part when you know being a web part you would think you know. The bigger money outing at best there ever Goodwin and all doubt part of always going to be a Q what the judge you're mentioned though the animation. You know Rudolph and all. And you can't have you call Cornelius come home. Course in our military. Our travel Rudolph and false. The ghost like oh yeah it's okay no more back that was so good. So many years ago I watched it come into the issued a Christian smoke darkened recite every. You know what can still watch arrest video really think is good. It's Christmas strongly borrow a Charlie and give us. Charlie Brown was ahead of everybody needs you know following me throw rocks in the you mean yeah probably shape Israeli it was cool. Our home in this. It did Charlie Brown Chris social all of all the money that they're going to be stable you appeared to what they saw great Christmas we used to hear the media. Oral round. Yeah hockey is big. Big bad blood Mossad is well under the present solid wage really give it to the New Year's there. Didn't sound of tiger rag when they win a national championship. And then all comes around I do Bob we appreciate about the way they had Charlie Brown Christmas. Did make the list as number ten also to. The children. You have to see here's the problem. With Charlie Brown see these movies get pigeonholed. As to what season. That they represent. And to meet Charlie Brown represents the great pumpkin this Halloween. Now I understand they come off with a an offshoot. For Christmas but make no mistake about it when how when he comes around. It's Charlie Brown to say I completely disagree when I think of Christmas cartoons. Charlie Brown Christmas is definitely up there for sure at all. Can't get into that and it wouldn't shock me America look this up I would guess that the Christmas. Film came out before they now we went paying off. The Christmas one came out in 1965. And take that on about when. 1965 for Charlie Brown Christmas and error this one number sixteen on the best Christmas movie list from rotten tomatoes dot com. Tokyo godfathers. The world isn't an anime. Here to assess beautiful and substantive. Tokyo godfathers adds a moving in somewhat unconventional entry. The animated Christmas cannons so yes and as an animated. Movie Tokyo got published number sixteen on the all time Christmas with trading places. I can't believe they did not have jingle all the way. Mean Arnold Sinbad and Phil Hartman. All of the same movie fighting over. It's definitely there and then you kick in the mountains lower than in the midget sandals Kamal. I don't know that miracle Morgan's creek either do you know them. Now number twelve. Noon. Now neither. William Dem rusty was on my three sons he was in the which one wasn't used you and the suns know he's like the grandpa all okay yeah that's our uncle uncle Charlie's uncle Charlie does uncle Charlie. Now he was anomaly from nineteen. Where's that by a deer on it doesn't. On the way camera looks old though let Josh has never seen in my recent before I don't know who can. You're a lot more cultured and I give you credit for apologized for a Ronnie has texted in and says the great pumpkin came out in 1966. So that would be one year after Charlie Brown Christmas Christmas was first before following so blues Alonso was right about how we emotions boom. That's her pain. Aids for forgy SP ESPN text line 71307. We'll be right back this is the huddle on ESP announced that. Welcome back but five minutes away from 2 o'clock here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. 8444773776. B wanna get them with us today let's go back to the phone's talk to Jim next hi Jim. I don't know what the rest. Christmas movie news but I don't what the worst Christmas show news. Beloved we are being ultra Christmas why. Do you what I do albeit well about a week before. Christmas. And no it changing. I hadn't bricks if this really is based as such a big speakers should they played bet they'd struggle broke through for a week. Chico vulnerable public interest should tell the bug at all with dual core ultra open. Dole's somebody doses. So mother Maria and though little Diego hearing over and over Christmas so you can distribute. Cyril and if Korea. Those song GM has hundreds of. We list that took two weeks or buyout by about a week but I really. Cannot respect. When we come dole radio there are just turn belt. I mean. Given that we have the Christmas shoes and the singing all Anderson I mean there's a lot of our songs and mobile reports that I you know I got that you got your reason and understand. Cambodia had. Achieved what great back Groupe bull collaborate with. That Murray. Political. A tough question. Are you without illusion. It's funny what does shave your opinion and it. As his noggin that are out there does not hear that song in my head and occupants can't. And comprehend not like him not a great some of the class mill facility guess someone's smooth singing my own. Techsters says talking about the movies not the songs. The Christmas story with a kid who shoots zeile Malia and actually do that. Becomes close and she's right below is he says that's the worst Christmas movie ever. The Christmas story pop culture of hate or how did you pay round pick them Alfie when we come more. I don't know about all that but I know this that scene where those pounds. Bust into the kitchen. And into Turkey. The baucus. Don't believe. It may be to this day is armed and it makes me cry laughing so bored. While that. The Florida doctor makes me laugh when there at the Chinese restaurant guests who does Cory he's talking about how the goose is smiling and any cuts at all and probable. It's too. On Twitter someone set a say on old Christmas slide here that says it's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off the knock a toll plaza building. That's not our. Development and yes that is. Or you could say Joseph Pesci bones as head. From home alone at a guy and somebody else on Twitter at home alone two was the best Christmas. I don't remember too vs one but I think probably like one better Q2 is okay do I don't trumpet. Literally there cause he's staying in the trump hotel. Evidence look at what do you want. And home alone was on the list. Personal. Where's my Christmas list home alone comes in on the on. Rotten tomatoes scores of Christmas movies. As analysts on on here. Not to fund this is just the top 45. That I did I just imagine seeing home alone. So do you guys know anybody that just hates this time here. Then. I mean I understand that you know some people get depressed and I cannot think so but I can name a friend UH Christmas yeah I can think of anybody now. Obama did I make this classified Arthurs one I was like about Arthur Christmas is number eight. Aurilia. Niemi to him and without a Arthur going to be on PBS or third or you can an animated yeah Canada's north DBS into. You know not Dudley Moore can actually cause there's a difference if holy Moses but with the are we off Christmas for a few minutes next. Frank Martan about social media a kennel and off yesterday want to hear his comments got to get to our bowl picks for the six bowl games this weekend we will do that. And also coming up in the next hour with president of Florida State is saying about Jimoh Fisher now that he's gone. All ahead Friday huddle ESP announced they will be right back.