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Welcome back into the huddle ESP and I'll State's Greg mechanic coach Josh Phillips and Alonso and hopefully Diddy joining us in a few minutes here. To talk about a couple things particularly baseball wise you can get on board and a 444773776. Text line. 71307. News security as paean to beginning your text message. And Twitter Eddy SP in upstate. It's got this email forwarded to me. Does no alarm on the lawns are you there radio guy from way back and Josh you've done radio before here so you're probably somewhat aware of how. AM signals can travel along distance he wants. Even you know not clear channel. AMs which you know there's no interference on certain frequencies but when you're saying distance you mean across the world's desktops yeah we'll have an example of that. And the balls costs me. We got an email. From a guy in Finland. Listening to thirteen 38. Outstanding. Any said I said this first to prove that it was indeed WY a RD that was received. I am enclosing an MP3 file with a portion of your program. This was at 3 o'clock in the morning on December 1. And it says here's your station identification ESPN upstate. If you Y a RD ringel W already Spartanburg WA BCF and HD three gringo. That is earlier and I believe that it's gotten he says he made two separate recordings. And says I hope you find inaudible made the licensee and I think there's an attachment you're gonna candor now even though the reception was possible for short time only. He says it was fantastic to hear your programs so far away. You see from the figure out where. Via a spent a week in November December 27 teams in north Finland in Lapland. Lapland Finland welcomed into the hall of some 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. While listening to North American AM stations. And goes into what is receiver as. And his antenna system. And he says if you own some long wires on the branches of trees. Designed for DX which is basically long distance reception on the AM broadcast band. And because of the long antennas in the favorable atmospheric conditions he was able to pick up our signal. And he goes on some stuff about himself. Tells about his wife Corina. And her one son Patrick. And basically is asking for confirmation that though you know. That was us that he picked up. Hey can summon. Helsinki Finland was calling home listening to ESP announced it. Now man what's your excuse me like that we have we fans and then lower that number one in Finland maybe. Home home welcome home baby and appreciate what actually is at 3 o'clock in the morning when he listened and that's okay. East Lincoln man. A sprinkle alike that we get doesn't sound done that's awesome slow things money Emory that if I can't match is that long distance reception. Answer conditions. Cool. I like it. I did he is in the house welcome and I mean I'm glad you're here but you don't get it right at some. Commercial emergency will it happens sometimes I'll figure figured it was Jeter didn't in the floor. Yeah I mean trade me to the Yankees are. FactSet dictatorships. Shall we just how it should just forget baseball for the knicks. Ten years and I don't you know when I mean if the next couple rumors or hear are actually real and any way. I quit. It is now what are rumors slaughters the Machado thing which is probably not gonna happen because the division rival that other stuff but the biggest one is such a Steinbrenner esque move and it shows that the kids have grown theirs to Mariner's. They're gonna try to get Greinke. Take the money. So that the data back and have enough money for JD Martinez so they're they get a starter and the Red Sox lose. Such as Steinbrenner move if I've ever seen him while. Well play them. Yeah so it's frustrating for Red Sox fan so yeah really right now would you see Carla Jon Karl ago and now we hear all these rumors of big games I think there's 29 teams whose fan base that should be really upset. Because it's not going to be fun for awhile is there any chance the chemistry will be off in New York with a police. Stars and I mean that's always an up up pop a possibility we've seen that in other markets that just never seems to happen this year. They've they've done this year in and year out over the years obviously they've had a stretch of the ones World Series in 09 budget. They haven't had really necessarily an issue with the cohesiveness of all the superstars as we've seen. Across you know the highway there in New York when they put together some teams of 200 million dollar payrolls that couldn't get it done for the Mets. You've seen teams and other places that by pipeline and blues and the Yankees never seem to have to deal with that. Well is that more of a testament. So the skills of Joseph Torre and how he was able to handle that it always sold that Aaron Boone has what I here's an envelope. Did. It is and know you're coming jumping off the bridge I'm not quite there yet. But I'm gonna save of the moment when Cora just now manages boom it's still wins the division and they firing midway through the season. Non of the fire and very quickly I don't see them having to quickly each. Because an initiative fire Girardi if they're gonna fire like six years ago agreed and then waited and fired and at a time that it made no sense bite it must've been something in the clubhouse that must been something we don't know we don't hear about it outside much yankees are good at keeping things tight lipped. Not let things leak out of the clubhouse. Maybe there just wasn't a camaraderie with Girardi and the guys were as Boone. As the TV personality who's been Yankee Stadium covering GameStop guys kind of buddy got maybe. And they might actually work with him a little better. And then you'd expect but I do expect Cora to be a better manager. But it really right now in New York if they keep going the way they're going this offseason it's gonna be like being Phil Jackson baseball. Is it about Washington beautiful show from all of its logo are gonna score like 7000 runs this year it's going to be insane so people who hate the Yankees and I hate him anymore while the average and start to hate the Yankees Loman. Think maybe. But I think unfortunately I hate to admit it and it's the same in any sport when you have those major market teams as major names in franchise is that the brand power. Them dominating brings the common fan in the little more has now you can go back to bandwagon the Yankees the Yankees are back with that empire of evil empire so all the rappers will start or in the Yankee hats. In you'll see him everywhere again because they're good again. So I think it actually helps baseball with the with the fringe Stan because you're coming back to a franchisers used to year accustomed to watching win. And you're not having to learn new players new teams new cities. My. Mark cardinals are making some moves in the National League central got those and I think that's a good gift for items not enough. Now not every. I like turnaround when the World Series now than ever but they're they're gonna build towards that that's a young bat. Very solid two time all star I think he had like 285 with thirty points bonds last year it's a really solid kid he's been coming up. Through the miles and you see these kids they have talent they've they've been I guess what I would call them the pawnshop. Officially baseball the other day but that's basically what they've kind of been over just a key winning rookie of the years I mean you know these guys end up. Elsewhere they aren't going somewhere else to become a star somewhere else. And so was the last two ones both series with the cubs reassembling it in Kabul. Yeah he was a rookie year for the Marlins you know they just they bring these guys up they end up somewhere else in this is just another guy on that list with the Ozuna who's going to be huge piece to build around. But the cardinals haven't had but they've had over the years the last couple seasons and it's the starting pitcher. Right so they still need god do something at the shore up that rotation get the bullpen a little better and I mean they've had their ability to score some runs but that's not their style of baseball they grind it out they win with pitching and that's what's missing NC. Willis damp they traded does Stephen has got a today to the athletics that was. Kind of a cool thing because he's got a mom with a bail us out in the Oakland area so it gets him closer to her so you can't argue that and a lot of he grew up in Pleasanton California and played at Stamford mayor and so while Torre six years old and he was sixth in the rookie of the year voting 92015. Bad at 305 there but scholar but downhill from there. But we got to Zune are coming in and so on that trade agreed to on Wednesday so. At least they're trying like to see him trying not to sit and pat because that's not gonna work. Absolutely and it seems to be like almost I'd trade deadline errant. Type of feel right now in the offseason where there's the buyers and the sellers there's a lot of teams still looking to get rid of salary still looking to get rid of players and teams like the cardinals Red Sox yankees all them. We're gonna start picking these guys up. We talked last week where. We're just waiting for the first few shoes to drop we're waiting for John Carlo final it to be traded away for a Tony to finally sign boom boom that both happen the same day. And it's been chaos since the winter meeting started ever since those two signings happened there was they know Tony's gonna work out how I mean and has yet to see injury situation that the evidence Evian we don't necessarily don't thing about it as far as what the angels knew and didn't know already. This could evolve as far as last I saw maybe it came at him but saw that it was something that was forty in the report to the teams that he had this issue it's not. I heard not as bad as what's to knock bad nights and has been able to free app through written pitch so I don't think it'll be that much of an issue. As I did interest in with a guy who's you know obviously he's related to the Babe Ruth because he hits home runs and pitches well but. For him to go to the American League in not wanting it when he get when he has such a good bat kind of shocked me. Yeah yeah. But that's not it's about for him it's on now and what's it and who knows it was the Teamsters say even become financially club and keeps it there for that I let's go to our football Aaron Rodgers supposed to start for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Can make a difference and you know do you what do you think about. Coming back against a defense like Carolina straight off an injury and being thrown into the fire and we would basically say when your when your ultimately play. Yeah I mean that's footballer in its up to the guys to go out there and Aaron says he's ready go he's got medically cleared so you'd assume that he's going to be Aaron Rodgers. And gone on that field of play at much higher level than it had the quarterback position this year so. I don't see it being much of an issue of who they're playing I think both sides are downplaying a little bit where you know I heard Joseph talking Troutman earlier that. It remains active like on nothing changes same thing just bought an airline and Ron Rivera talked about you know but we're just. You know scheming to to defend what they do not not the players themselves now you're Steven different when. Aaron Rodgers it's difference of what they do what they can do offensively with Aaron Rodgers is totally different. So they're they're all downplaying it tried to the coach speak thing but it's gonna make a difference and it's gonna give Green Bay a better shot to women of one of the best quarterbacks in the league on the field so there's no question about that the question is if is he rushing back is he still hurt at all. Will it hinder how he plays. I don't see him being the kind of guy who would rush back in and risk further injury for a longer term. The group that the mean he's clear he's healthy he's gonna apply what you don't want if you're the Panthers guises. A Green Bay with a ball in the minutes and seconds left and down by four. You don't want that you'll like that one seconds left to get your helmet air. So you know and I think I think cancers do when this game but them Aaron Rodgers does make it them. More interest and and and we'll see how that works out Panthers up looking pretty good though yeah got to be happy when 94 at this point it's. In its class accent like this divisions in kind of interesting to watch because you see the saints Panthers and Andy and falcons right behind him at the top Tampa's been horrible but the Panthers kind of trick you into thinking they're not very good and then they've won a lot of football games when they want to play great and and now they're playing great and an and they look like a much better team a much different football team and they're right there in the mix so wasn't even like. They had to lose their way through the growing pains that they had. They stayed in the winning team to beat the patriots when they're supposedly playing badly when camp was happening now with with reporters in Charlotte. And now they're playing good and you know it's all happy in what we said it if you keep Cam Newton smiling. Hopefully well. Bull bowl games you know we've talked to death the Clemson Alabama game and will continue to do that these Georgia Oklahoma game but top. That's another intriguing games I'm gonna guess you're interested in the peach bowl suggests little bit with Central Florida playing Auburn and your guy staying to coach the game yet and that it's. It's a weird. Situation that's gone on down there obviously fans have their knee jerk reactions get upset about them recruiting him those guys he had committed to UCF ultimate that's just how football works. When your view in the guys selling the kid I'd come at your school you try to recruit him somewhere else when you move it just the sap and it stinks but that's the system. But having him come back and coach this game I think shows. You know I huge. Error responsibility hugely respectful mess for what they offered him as a coach to get to where he is at Nebraska now. And giving that respect back he CF the players he got dared to come back and actually coach this team that wants Ali is that occurring at. Well there's the dead period anyway. Right so he would've been a practicing with the team the last couple of weeks so he came back right where it could started they've been practicing already getting ready for this game for Auburn. I really don't think anything's changed I think Auburn's in big trouble in this game they overlooked them especially their offense. Because Auburn I don't know I'd there's been a couple team to have an offense like what you see up can do but I'm not sure if they've had the explosiveness and that did underwhelming. Or and so are under appreciated. Offense that you CF brings to the question is for you CF their defense. Has been not great as far as giving up a lot of yards and a lot of points we saw that it was 6066. To sixty. Conference championship game we saw the 4943. ECB USF game so their offense is great they're defense gives up a ton of points and I don't know if you wanna get into a sprint but Auburn because their offense is pretty good too. If their defense can stand up because they're better defense been used yet seen all year long gap that's my English trouble I would take CF two against the Auburn defense that's my question that I just think it's the whole scheme of it and I think they're good at finding holes in finding open space they've been doing that for a few years to do that to Carolina few years ago at George O'Leary is the coach to when it came back and almost won that football game and it's just date they have the kind of athlete that you. Don't expect to get here in the they burned and it will be etched in their best returner in league did you have some all they're an all American defense. She team. Like last name kit with one and doing a great job so they have talent all of the field it'll be really inching to watch it because obviously coming out of the American athletic conference. You're expecting them to not be on the same level as an SEC team. But I think they can hang with them it'll just be what they can do against that deep. With your coach leaving you know it's his last game yeah I mean what's the attitude of the players are they pumped because hey it's kind of bug going away forum. Frost or are the days you know little down because he's league you have to hope. In pride that they're pumped because there about the plane a big New Year's six bowl against an SEC team they can make a huge statement finished thirteen you know and beat an SEC team at the end of the year after they were told they you know didn't belong. I in this whole thing is an undefeated team so it would I think the pride should overweight and the fact that they're all coming back to have a huge recruiting class coming in. And I think high Apple's gonna be a wonderful coach there especially creation on the defense side which is their weakness to get their defense bolster up to the futures huge. For you see out so I don't know if this'll really weigh on them especially since he came back. He did the right thing they're wearing the colors they're not you know pushing anything else except for let's get this done we have one more game to play let's get the job finished. And move through this because technically he's not the Nebraska coach to January 2 anyway right so he's still UCF coach until this game is played. And I really think they can get over there are some drama there are some negativity coming out of the players there are some that big negativity coming out the fan base. I think liberals kind of moved past that now in their ready for this game and I think they trust that Scott frost deliberate thing. They were twelve from the college football playoff rankings. And came out and then now but there RD tends to need people I mean if they win this game big huge win over Auburn upset win over Auburn and he obviously and have some. Top ten teams lose because of the match ups are coming up. But it's early move up off a few spots and and yet on a historic finished in the center. Fusion beauty and probably their highest ranking and the highest ranking American athletic for the final rankings. That be a big big win for them in and obviously like I said it sets up the future with with Michael coming in an offensive mind at quarterback. Like I think Danny white the eighty down there as just obsessed with guys who won orange balls for national championships I have taken Scott frost who won Nebraska and then high apple one with Oklahoma both in the eligible. He's got a little trends of the next one as a side joke on Twitter was. If he leaves you got that Leinart will be the next thing. Head coach of your UCF nights. A significant way. Signal and I think they can pull it off and and I do think that they'll come together for this one at that it's going to be really good game and it's one of those things where I hate. To say it does this I don't think it should be true at a time when you put on the uniform should go out there and give it everything you have but Auburn choked an SEC championship game. They have I think more of an issue or more approved and not be embarrassed here as far as bad and I think they might have more of that. Mental game that you're alluding to make us laugh because now there upset that they lost in all this other stuff so it could be one where you see if becoming a problem like it'd Baylor few years. You guys Olympic UCF debate over. I'll always carry Johnson back. Yeah a bit in the national news this piano music brings absolutely not Howard's three you know against I'm sorry keep sleep and I'm MacKenzie Milton and that's kind of a nub so it's 31 vote on the island if are getting web site podcast all that stuff still love pounding away which again on new stuff should be up soon gonna get a new podcast done obviously try to preview some polls we got the big ones I urge you as talking to playoff Oklahoma is going to be Georgia. Josh M that's when this just put that up there Obama wants a national championship is going for it in England Oklahoma Alabama Oklahoma Clemson missiles basically amounts third chance to finally be you know consonant in an important game. And Persia demand that thanks for stopping him capsule. Admitting 33 on Twitter on the website ESP in upstate dot com all kinds of content there and he will keep you posted on lots of cool stuff check it out 844 GS PE SPN's our numbers you wanna get in now's a good time. That's a 444773776. Joshua wanted to update folks on the as a Jewish with JJ Henry a little bit a little bit more on that coming out of tribal practices over its armor. So what is that all we come back stay with us the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate so locked JJ Henry is from Clemens north Carolina's big. Defenseman past rushing specialist. And he is supposed to announce. On early signing day next Wednesday where he will be. Going to college. And playing football his final five Clemson, South Carolina Virginia Tech and Georgia and Alabama. Mason news earlier this week is shrine bowl practice over at a dormant high school. In Spartanburg when he. Basically said. That. His dad who is a running backs coach at Charlotte. If he were to be hired as an assistant one of those schools that would make a difference Emery gets and I created a brouhaha. Basically the way I understand it though is I mean he didn't just come out and say that without being ask somebody asking that question I'm wondering why the question was asked in the first place where this. Kind of this idea of dad's. Being hired by one of the schools originated at times just kind of an awful question I got a surprising answer on the but he did say that. Interviewed again yesterday. At practice. And he pretty much said. The same thing the possibility that one of his final five schools would hire him could make a big difference but he said. That as far as he knows dad hasn't talked to any of the schools at this point. They're coming indicated they didn't know yet that he be going home after the shrine bowl this Saturday and Spartanburg. And they'll be talking about it then. You buy that do you believe there's been no conversation about. What schools are talking to dad and want schools are not. Yes because that group that you just mentioned that they're not going to get involved in that Jim none are more good now. No so one of the schools hired at boarding a site. Well then who over the head coach that made that decision will incur my wrath at an earlier asked there wouldn't be wrath. Look there was some talk in Alabama mom. Might be out of the running because he canceled a visit there apparently. And he says this week in Asia scorn after the strong bullish is gonna go home. He's not going to make a quick weekend visit after the game on Saturday but the report was that at Alabama may be focused more on DBs and you know he may not feel like that's his top choice the question I any set is still wide open he said between all five schools he says mental still and it. You'll dad tells me Saban took the scholarship Mac. That's what it tells me. Mean it is not saying that he's saying they're still in the mix he's not gonna say that as well surmise think element as to exactly. But I'm sure when that stuff broke. Statements not gonna deal with that stuff he's not gonna deal with prima Donna high school kids. That are gonna try and it's not his fault. And let me be clear about that I'm not blaming. KJ for this. Okay his that is the one that needs to squash this thing that this is a high school kid that is trying to make his world and way way. Through the brutal process. Of college recruiting. And I understand. That you know everybody's trying to get a job and a better job and better paying job and understand all that. But at the same time. KJ need to be focused on where can he go that he's gonna get a good education. We'll have an opportunity to play in if he's lucky enough to the NFL who's gonna develop him most that's it. So in places like you know Missouri hired Michael porter's dad right as an assistant basketball coach and he went there and got him yet. I mean when they do that is that the sign it's school it's a little more desperate yes. Exactly right GMAC. Exactly right the Missouri basketball's not exactly bin. On the top of the keep. Right and let's be clear I mean. People have done this schools have done this since the dawn of time in college football. This is nothing new. What is new is the fact that he's brazen about it. Because usually it's done on the slide them because you don't want to get that label. That you'll. Because there's a gray area and I think Alonso brought this up in the can correct me if I'm home. On you know it is a form of buying the player. This you can't get around that. Because the question is asked is without this online without this particular player. With the dead I've gotten the job at that place and the answer is no. So. And these assistants don't make peanuts they make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Okay and at one of those you probably the running back coach would probably make an excess of two to 250000 dollars that's not peanuts. Right RG gonna get more on this because you're adding yet another assistant played assistance helps position. You can get along when nine coaches so far so you know you can do it so this tenth position you could look at. It's an anybody is sure to look at as something to leverage. Absolutely. And that's that that absolutely brings in the play but then there's a way around that in Alabama has been the master of it. In these all feel analyst rules. Yeah and I think that's what the NCAA. If they're gonna have a restriction. On the home field coaching at the end the and they also need to take in the contact one how many of them. Are off the field. After the two yen after the theater on feel a bit because that's on limited its bigger budget. And so if you got a team and well. I do not blame Nick Saban for doing this it's within the rules they've got the budget to do it. But I believe Alabama's got an excess of eight at twelve off field and was there will be over colleges. Now you can't be on the field the players that you can be in the box you can be at the gains. So. There's still a communication. That's what Steve Sharkey Egypt Alabama's remember that he got fired USC because of his addiction problems. Nick Saban picks him up as an off field offensive analysts. Then Lane Kiffin leaves and he hires earn my hires him. He just moves him in the role of offensive coordinator Perry ran to announce that he's exactly right. So to me there's there's still. An imbalance because not every. So to me and the tan is good to a certain of certain point. That the NCAA really wants to make it clear from coaching standpoint they need to put a number of how many off field analyst can be involved. While JJ Henry says he will not notify the school that he has chosen in advance of his announcement next Wednesday. Afternoon after 4 o'clock so they're going to be as surprised as anybody he says he likes a surprise back. And that's the other thing is the you know if all five of these schools. Are not going along with the fact of car and his dad. Then he's got a decision and he's going to Florida Atlantic at. Army and he's got a decision might cut because like you said is somebody gonna come out of the blue like a failure when they always bring your dad come down here from. You know which should be fascinating. But I don't think it's gonna happen. They'll pick one of the five and apple bit did you exactly right because those five. I just do not see any of those head coaches mentioned. Getting involved in that and if he's eliminating Alabama now. Then that means there was a conversation. That took place between them home where they think this kids that it's and he's kind of back him off Alabama's backed off well they're not gonna get involved in that drone. And for the record he says there's still an a but he did cancel a visit there. Bright so you take that for once were exactly. A 44 GS PE SPN text line 71307. We arrive back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN of state signing day early signing day coming up next Wednesday the twentieth what are the intriguing things will be. Watching how the out group of five schools do with early signing. If your kid that thinking about. Going into a group of five school do you wanna sign earlier you wanna hold out Brad Edwards he is being college football analysts. On that angle Talbots. I really am not sure what to expect from this early signing day when it comes to the group of five I think that you're gonna see a whole lot of our five commitments go ahead and sign on that line. In late December when they have the opportunity. I don't know if you get the same from the group of five. I don't know what the expectation is from the people who were in the industry in and followed more closely. But he it would seem to me that. That the way that you occasionally will have schools that will just start to. If fill out their classes they realize that we got a hole here we need another person at this position and they start going in starting picking guys from from other schools and some may be kid. Who's only been recruited by a group of five all the sudden starts getting power five offers because. Someone got sort of Yang and you you could have that is well and I I just wonder are you know are these kids who are. Tara looking group of five schools going to be quick to sign immediately. Or are they gonna hold out thinking OK and maybe a bigger school will give me an offer. Yeah I think it it's going to depend on where you war on that pecking order on the group of five coach if you're one of the top level. Guys who just doesn't have power five offered jeopardy one of the best that's in the bunch of offers from the group of five. You wanna hold off you mandala signings week. My wanna hold off just in case about a comes up with India. And opening for you for February and and see which you can get but if you've Europe clearly. Not a power five guy now you coincide and then right we'll get some but maybe not a long list of group of five guys next week. Yeah and you also don't know who's gonna make it academically. Because every. Every school. Has a list of guys. That they already know by this point on whether they're gonna make it academically and that's one good reason why it. I'm one of the coaches that actually likes the early signing period. Is because it gives. These other players that are possibly on the bubble. A chance to see whether hat and so you're not stringing them along stringing them along and then. I'm offer gets pulled on them from an Ohio or Miami Ohio because they get a guy that they wanted to who commits. So it lets everybody know where they stand from their board and also lets the high school players know okay well. Clinton's been talking to me in their telling me right now they've got three guys ahead of me. If they get to welcome them all for me if they get all three then I know ormat well this early signing period. You're gonna be able to know literally before the semesters now. I'm in or I'm out. Maybe Amish as Desmond assign some of us know oil and I don't clarified well and that's one good thing. That I appreciate about a lot of the high school kids now. They're recruiting their excuse me they are committing earlier. Because they don't want the headache of coaches continuing to call call call call. Bother them they want enjoy their senior year and there are some that do that. I mean if you know where you fit. And where you wanna go. The just come out and say it be done would it save the coaches the time that are try to recruit you. Save yourself the aggravation and the deal with all the phone calls and then everybody can move on so one of the things about me you know the kids. Have an opportunity to sign early is that they can put all that stuff to bed. And either get to school in January which is a big tree and that a lot of players are doing right. Of the mid year transfer I think South Carolina out of there. I'm 22 commitments I think thirteen of them are going to be midyear guys that are coming to school early. And in. Carry on Jordan's one level. And that is an outstanding move to get ahead of the curve. But it also allows other guys to enjoy the rest their senior year if they wanna go that row. So. I'm all for this this early signing period I think it's going to be a good thing across the board. And one of the statements when I first heard about it is. I made the statement that it's gonna help. The smaller schools. A lot more than the bigger schools because then you're not playing the waiting game and keeping kids on strings. On outlook as you know you're gonna get and they can go on and make a decision. Death your big school you want as many options as you can have leading up to February and you know this will help but at least clarify some of that thing get those kids a little more information on four I think information is. His power and this will give them more information. Yeah I mean you cannot have a situation. Like what happen to believe a couple of years ago when I can't remember the young man's name that played a belief that Spartan high. Maybe not as part it was a school here in the upstate. Where Bobby Petrino look more often well yeah Mac Colbert didn't play the Dutch or they go Dutch excuse me it wasn't Nazis and ambivalence. But all they ended up getting the guys ahead of them that they wanted them to put the scholarship on the kid lately people in the bag into the regular ended up at Wake Forest well this is gonna eliminate all that mess. And what help. They pour pour GS PE SPN you wanna get in the final segment the huddle on ESP in upstate we are back. Michigan Diddy back in here for the final four minutes 1 of the Central Florida guys is mouthing off. Eleven when guys do this. Adrian Killen is running back leading rusher for the Central Florida nights. Told the Orlando sentinel today. That is team's biggest advantage in the ball game with a Auburn will be its collective speed here's a quote. SEC football they don't have a lot of speed. Auburn hasn't seen any speed like we have here. OK but bay when this game look I would beat completely shot but the moment I mean Auburn. Auto and played Georgia twice. Alabama. Clemson. MC speed. Like they have at Central Florida. That just eliminated any possible chance. Of Florida and in this game going yeah. It wasn't one dollar talks on how inaugural when anyway so have some fun of them on the new home. Not that this could make Auburn play any harder and you're welcome you're actually yeah Alonso in a bowl game where. Where who wants to be their means something it's not the college football playoff. And a lot of times these bowl games I mean look what happened a couple of years ago when. Houston played Florida State. At the chick filet bowl and Florida State got left out they felt like you know they belong somewhere else they didn't really give them. And I got blown out. And so it doesn't matter. And if you're Central Florida you don't wanna give Auburn because what you agree with a grandma. I mean that's an awful this is a defense that held Clemson to fourteen points. In their own backyard. I understand what to Sam but so Auburn is like well we were gonna lose this game because we do wanna be your now this guy says he's faster than its. Not that it it's a motivational thing it's like this. Mean in my brother got a little fight once out front yard was some more friends once. Well it was more than once. Okay and I was joking around in it you know we were having fun in this that the other when he got in a chokehold. The I literally started to tap out. Okay. Because I will start to see stars one of his buddies. Came up behind me will. I don't know it was a two ball four but whatever it was. And I mean just what they laid me across the back here. Whenever you open. It was pretty old the when you say back in border where we would location or we come Iberia here okay all right okay police went above and ahead know what army mob he had a chokehold. Okay good for me he he had me he had me in a chokehold. Like thirty seconds okay what happened I exploded. And then dinner it was a massacre. My motivation just went through the roof. OK so that's what this kids don't exactly is an honor him he's here and with a two life. So yeah you know what whatever chat Central Florida think forget it Auburn's gonna market. Field. We're back tomorrow for the Friday how we adorable pics tomorrow not all of them but the ones for this weekend and and there may be a game like early next week only to do because I'm out Monday and Tuesday sort of like we will not do that tomorrow here in the huddle and talk about the latest. The world of college football the NFL the MBA and more so. Join us here 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. In the huddle on ESPN upstage credible Sturgis next Alonso and Josh Phyllis I'm Greg McKinney and have a great day.