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Second hour of the huddle under way now on ESP in upstate here for Thursday afternoon we have Thursday night football tonight. The Broncos lose and the colts. 8 o'clock here. On ESP announced it gets some of that tonight Austrian in the NFL. I do lomb. We have some good games this weekend a lovely New England Pittsburgh game or about one for you here on ESP in upstate that's the 4 o'clock game were carrying on Sunday afternoon. Our butts in Charlotte Bank of America Stadium. It's the Carolina Panthers hosting the green bay Packers and the line on my game right now is just two and a half points. Well home standing painters even though there. Tied for the lead in the NFC south. Two and a half point line and big reason for that line tightening is the expected return to bear Rogers. At quarterback for. The Packers Mike McCarthy. Said this week. He does not want to Packers have a false sense of confidence going into this game just because. Aaron Rodgers is coming back and as far as he's concerned. A-Rod as we referred to earlier said. That he is not coming back to save the team. So hopefully. And give a lift to some of the guys. But I'm not coming back to say this team I'm coming back to play quarterback the way I know how to play. Hopefully we all raise the level of our play collectively. And find a way to win these. Three games because that have to win three they're seven and six that have to get to ten and six to have any chance to go to the playoffs for the ninth straight. Year. Not really terrible with Brett Conley three and four I mean nothing going in that once that injury happen now probably would've taken three and four. And he said yup he's going to be out seven games. What do you think is gonna happen and a kind of keeps you in the conversation at least Camilla hours. Yeah I mean taking going there and play well make some place. Take advantage of the opportunities. On the Carolina's gonna present and that's the thing that makes football slopes off. Is you never know how. Eleven different individuals are gonna perform together on any given. Afternoon. And we've seen that time and time again we think a particular team is out and the one thing about football is. A great quarterback. Can take an average team a long way. And we've seen that and make no mistake about it Aaron Rodgers is one of the all time best and a sure fire first ballot hall of Famer so. I think that's a reason why Vegas when they announced that he was healthy and was gonna play. Put made that line a lot closer than what a lot of people fall in and that's player. I mean when you look at the plays he makes outside the pocket. And down the field throws and the chemistry in the leadership. That he brings of that club. Everybody's got to elevate their game because he's going to demand everybody elevate their game that that's what separates. Seeing that there's a misconception. That you've got to have great. Physical tools. To be a great quarterback. And nothing could be farther from the truth now if you have those things. That what's that's. What gets you in the conversation of the Tom Brady's in the air and Rogers because they develop their leadership along with their physical attributes. Joseph Montana didn't have the strongest arm in the world Peyton Manning did not have the strongest army in the world. But they knew how to lead they knew how to get the attention of their team. And they never compromised and the elevated. The players. Around them to their maximum potential and that's what Aron Rodgers does. So you you can't count him out in this game Carolina's gonna have to play very very well to beat them. Because one consistent is true. When both the number twelve are healthy. And there on the field. You don't want them how the ball would less than a minute left. And within a touchdown striking distance. Did it twice before he got hurt this year exactly rosy mr. cowboy yes well he's done that a lot of gets up well it is. Outside of this year but dallas' Malone. I mean you give Aaron Rodgers. A minute a minute and a half. Either win or tie the football game he is going to make you play because there's and here's the other thing that people need to understand Ron Rivera. In Wilkes defensive coordinator who's done an outstanding job with this defensive unit he's a different animal. Then what Sean McDermott ones. And people talk about that hold McDermott was more of a zone. Keep the ball in front of you let the front four do their work and then we'll rally the football wilt is more of an attacker man coverage type of guys. Well if you do that against Aaron Rodgers and you've got your quarters running downfield in man coverage and he gets outside the pocket. He can make things happen with your legs so it's going to be back with his late excuse me. So it's going to be fascinating to see the chess match. That will has with him in this particular matchup do you think there Roger you're on the global. He runs the football but like against Dallas and against other teams when it's certainly a damp. In your line up in man coverage that the great everybody in the NFL are from a defensive philosophy when it's third and long. It's man coverage across abort its government and Erin knows that. And so when it's third and eighth and he runs for nine and he's gonna run the ball like Kim and that's not him. So unknown but it but it does do what he did before he was hurt for a little weary and you know he's a leopard doesn't change his spots he's gonna do whatever it takes to try to win this football game. And have the opportunity presents itself. Where he can get a first down he's gonna get it soon and that's what Carolina has to prepare for if you are Steve Wilkes. Become an after him orderly never yes even more than you or it would more. That was the one thing GMAC. That it was blasted him on Twitter I was blessed him home phone calls. I'll look at logged a lot of good friends of mine during polluted. That are Green Bay fans and when rob Mayer and Nellie. Had him beat twice. In the playoffs. They never blitz team they never brought pressure. And if you let him sit back there and kept the ball pass the ball up the ball eventually you're gonna make him play. A great quarterback you want him to get it out of his fans quit. And then take your chances you don't wanna sit back there. Have an all day to think about what he's doing that that is a that is a formula for disaster. I'll bet a lot of defensive coordinators have made but they've also said well if we blitz. And we don't get home he's only just play so it's kind of a catch wanted to meet personally I'd rather force the action. I'd rather him get the ball out of his hand quick and then we'll take our chances with somebody else. But I don't want the best player one of the best players all football with the ball in his hands immediately about it. So if you believe this comment from Ron Rivera. He sets the Panthers approach will not change. Just because the Packers are playing Aaron Rodgers instead of humbling and. On being a few weeks ago when all of you we first heard and he was brought the ball on the sidelines and it was before the Pittsburgh game maybe before that. You know the anticipation was that he was coming back we knew that their whole goal was trying keep themselves in playoff position they've done Matt. So it doesn't surprise me if we want some crisis and we thought we should just going game plan for what they do that they did they've done in the past with the with Aaron. And then react from there so our our whole attitude and our outlook on coming up against Green Bay what we expected to play against their Rogers. All right I got that not believe that there's a solid calendar they knew this is the first day can be back according to how many weeks he had to sit out. And down thought he would come back first week available hurt the recovery was only Catalan but but don't tell me if he does that. You prepare for Aaron Rodgers the same way you prepare for Brett Conley. No. Not at all but the big thing is for Carolina fans is that they don't have the week. Their defense all that much because like we talked about Wilson is a very aggressive coach. And believes that pressure and believes in bringing pressure. So morons say in this technically true although. I think you'll see a lot more middle pressure with the end getting up field to try to keep him in the pocket and then getting to step up into the blips. That is what you wanna try to do now execute it is a little bit different. When he's out there's been around and in doing the things that he does from an athleticism standpoint. But to me Aaron Rodgers is a lot more dangerous. On the run outside the pocket because of his athletic says. Are so. I think that's something that's going to be fascinating to watch but I mean. Did it goes to will be trusted your Green Bay do you trust the offensive line hold up and I think that's what they're gonna attack. I don't necessarily think they're gonna try to come after that look and are gonna confuse Aaron Rodgers. When you get to the point that he has in his career he has seen literally every defense. That is imaginable from a conceptual standpoint he's not gonna get confused. But what you have to do is take advantage of their weaknesses. In order to exploited so that he does it take advantage of you. And I think that's where they're gonna try to attack the offensive line in some different ways not necessarily Aaron Rodgers. Yeah I would think just from my point of view from Carolina on that with Hundley in the air on my wanna play coverage a little more in just invite Conley into making some bad throws he intends to the Olympics are not gonna get off there. Exactly right. Exactly right as you could confuse him in an article confuse a number twelve not happen. Rodgers has come back from a broken collarbone before he missed seven games in 2013. With a broken left clavicle but he did not have surgery. That year as he did this time the Thomas the right clavicle. When he came back for the regular season finale in 2013 against the Bayer's the only scramble one time. He was sacked three times but he did. And despite pressure on two out of those three Saxony went down to the ground war yet had a mind to some of that Sunday as well yeah I grew up. Just to. Avoid. Pressure on that injury that the difference. And I'm glad you mentioned that an injury that he had is what would be interested to see. How does zip on the ball list you know because aaron's throwing side man I tell you what is forest in the football. There's nobody better than. And I'm gonna be interesting to see that shoulder in those ligaments in those muscles. All that he hasn't been able to practice wolf if Bennett if that affects the velocity. Of his corals. If it doesn't it in Green Bay is going to be right there if it does. Then the pac money needed to discuss only how they need to handle him going forward with a he's healthy or not. I'd some of the other matchups this weekend told you about member Indianapolis tonight 825 kick off from my Indianapolis there's couple Saturday games this weekend. In Chicago at Detroit 430 on Saturday and the rams. I'm sorry the chargers Kansas City big game chargers Kansas cities the 825 game Saturday night we'll carry that went here on ESP in upstate. I feel about that one chiefs man. It's going to be a very nervous Saturday night and the chiefs beat the chargers earlier in the year but now they've got. Deal with the chargers team is playing really well when no lie it. But I'm glad she's won last week they look pretty good last week they were playing a raider so I don't know this is a tossup for me. I believe teacher don't win but it would shock me if they coming home which helps yeah that does. And the charters are due for. A Baghdad. And yeah they are they're playing very well enough a lot of people in the playoffs are scared to death of the chargers right now I how good their black. I have more faith in Jesus than Mosul a at its role reversal. And I'm expecting them win this you don't going there isn't just him on or I'm doing Lou Holtz forma I'd could be true could be doing that. Yes think the dolphins are due for a let down after their big win last week they at a buffalo. On Sunday. Units minded. Now the weather's not because it was a good look at it alive they're gonna have to rule didn't bring additional poem that's not where you wanna go no. This time a year now Baltimore and Cleveland. When the streak continue the steel for a after Baltimore comes yes. You had a chance last week it's a pack. I Cincinnati M Minnesota. Know like Cincinnati and acting new Minnesota being over that loss team the Panthers have to try to keep pace. The jets and New Orleans 1 o'clock game. California. Saints to lose appear painters paint gushing need even though they're both what nine and four New Orleans as the two to nothing lead head to head against the Panthers again have imposed again. And all of the jets had anything to make that. Eagles at the giants the 1 o'clock in the course and winds now Estrich. Give me polls Monday mom and folds up four touchdowns. In eight. Arizona Washington. At FedEx and land over. What about agreeing by Carolina it's 1 o'clock game in Charlotte Houston plays at Jacksonville. Jacksonville. Being in Hungary. The chargers. At Seattle. Thus the rams a key pieces doesn't have done that the rams at Seattle the LA Iran. At Seattle. Yes that is going to be an outstanding game been great if I'm wrong with that could potentially. The rams are in second place and they tied with. I believe they're tied with Seattle now that that's probably gonna decide the NFC west. I'm pretty sure you're right. Dude dude dude did you conclude she. So the rams are in the lead him to visit China for Seattle's wow yeah they they win that ball game. From. That's a good four blog and there's 2 good 4 o'clock games now in India doing in Pittsburgh you know what I would take the rams in that. Alike what shall McVeigh is doing we jeered golf. He's making eat crow with that kid I mean man wouldn't whilst. Quarterback coach Jeff Fisher was. On how the rams are playing all right now yes I do too. Yeah give me give the rams in that. Tennessee at San Francisco for 25 game Dallas and Oakland is the Sunday night. And I'm gonna take since Francisco. They found their quarterback of the future growth low given Shanahan and there are imminent. If you they're playing very well into San Cisco and Oakland politics San Francisco and Dallas. Women under your picking your team this. They take some time on Monday night Atlanta Tampa Bay so lots another. Cigna the game in the NFC south unit in Atlanta big of the rails or fallen off in Tampa dirt car owners not long for that job. Let's get bill in here next in the huddle before we go to break how bill welcome in. Hey I'm just warned that despite what a great run here's a while for a member of the year spoiler you pride members break deal straight up. About six delay game penalty to start the game. Coming because they do you play now. Could come on the year before yeah that was my first your new Wofford on the raid the other one until then. And I think they score like 87 points for the season yeah earlier offer and it. Some like that. So law I just talked to by the way to Mike shares via text and he's gonna come on the show with a split them he is out of town visiting and hill's friend. A coach a former coach so I'm not sure what day it will be able get him on here pretty slim. Yeah I just want asserted I don't like anybody else that got him sports in Vietnam in the disadvantage is their big smile on academic. Let them just how open that. Blade lying get that job but by that one big signs that perished. I've been that you gain that you can tell bottles for my actions that would scenario. For the play well Dolan. When they were ago I asked about this but he's just too predictable. I disturbed by victory kept and they would be hurt so much why a great job. If there are so glad they're going for law for Brian to get that job. Exactly Chris Miller get a change that steady humming that somebody knows mafia that's what could take days ganging at a real offensive specialist there. Now I think the odds on favorites going to be way lying bill that's what some might care said yesterday he would like see way get the job. Yeah I'm like in bill got three for buying some muscle. I did good the first year than it freak final look at his pro pot. Appreciate golf billed as always we'll let you know where MI gears on Nam as a guest hears probably going to be. Our policy today is the spot and I going to be this week's going to be next week. But Willie you know. When that's gonna happen 8444773776. We will be back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. We're back and huddle ESPN upstate GMAC coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Talking a little earlier. We had done. Dowling cuff on from ESPN college basketball analyst must South Carolina this year and expectations for the game Cox and I don't look daring to. So the record is not a problem right now about the tougher games are coming including. Tuesday night at Littlejohn against the Clemson Tigers us the next game for the gamecocks but then knock. And get limestone on New Year's Eve they play at Ole miss is again an SEC play they have Missouri. They have Vanderbilt Alabama Georgia Kentucky Tennessee Florida. Texas Tech all coming up before the end of January so I'd get a lot tougher for South Carolina what do you think. Routine Felder can do to help on run and they don't be big to get him back they get him back on the thing. Yes. Just from a leadership standpoint. Just from an organization because you need that guy. That is an extension of Frank Martin out on the court. And it's one thing for big for it to be over there on the sideline bellowing and coaching and getting those guys going that's another thing. To have a player. That is repeating what he's saying to his peers. And I think Felder could provide them so I think that would be a big get if they can get him back question is will they let it. Well here's the story today and frank mourn at a press conference and then after the press conference he was asked few questions. As they were leaving and he said that he is going to go to New York. Either December 21 or 22 and visit with working Felder. Felder is still on suspension. Suspended in August after an arrest in five points he has not been in school the semester. At South Carolina. Course coming off his freshman season when he really played very well in the stretch run he. He just averaged five point six points a game. On the season. Started one game but he played a lot of played 36 games. Last year or so. If he comes back he would be a sophomore this season. But he has now had to run ins with the law. At South Carolina he was arrested October 2016. Also had five points when you put a big wall what does trump to build a wall around five points. Maybe the coaching staff can say because. When I was a player and a coach there were times where the head man had to tell the team. That certain points if you caught there. You were gonna be in jeopardy of being kicked off the team. So maybe that's what frank visas thing. Is what business do you have down there after 12 o'clock anyway. I'm. So if he meets that's a 21 two recess a week from now. Right around a week from now either a week from today or week from tomorrow as well Morton said. When he meets with her team in New York. They'll be talking about his possible return so we should find out in our shortly thereafter. If Felder is going to come back. I mean that could be a spark all of its you know the scoring answer there looking for they're looking for offense and and shooters and I'm sure that's. And help it that much Bayer but from a leadership point as you sent. Maybe provide to spark or. Any can distribute the basketball. And I mean let's look let's not forget he hit some big shots. In the tournament last year. Off the bench I mean he provided. On some electricity provided some passion. On his defensive skills were just unbelievable. I thought he did as good a job on canard as anybody. Against duke in that match it would do so. You know I'll be interested to see what what comes of it and you know frank likes to give guys another chance. But if he gives folder a chance now he's taken responsibility form. And I'm sure he's gonna have a conversely a conversation with the aim of you know look you're on a zero tolerance policy if I'll let you come back on the team gets two strikes three exactly. Well because now people are going to be looking sideways for a look you know this guy has already been in trouble twice and you went rolling back. So our I'm sure he'll make that. Very very clear I'm sure it's I'm gonna make a difference the attitude that he gets from Felder. When he meets with him face to face and someone doing over the phone and colors back of the New York's. So he's got it rolled anywhere now so he does have been playing hasn't been well I mean. The mid the mid or it could be a good time to get him back in school. I'm not going to be here Monday and Tuesday so all get a chance to talk to you. Right before the Clemson game happens where you think what what percentage chance of the gamecocks have a winning at Clemson excuse. Not I would say 35%. If Clemson plays bad and they're able to knock down some shots. And they're able to defend and they're able to pre eight that's the other thing is South Carolina lot right now has to rely on their defense. Transition into their office. And if they can do that because looks over is going to be a handful. For the tigers down low. And anybody if they can keep him out of foul trouble. And they're able to extend their defense this could be a second half game. But I just they go on the road. In Shelton Mitchell in those guys that backcourt. For the tigers. In little John's going to be a little much to ask of them very very young inexperienced team so I would take point symbolic. I think they'll probably win by. Six or seven points. One of those things have Frank Martin said today at a press conference is that he doesn't really get why did the rivalry isn't more heated in basketball. He season football even season baseball and he's not singing and the rivalry is hot in basketball. He got a point there. But I think a lot of it has to do with the fact when South Carolina is good in basketball. Close and usually isn't very good. And when Clinton's pretty good in basketball South Carolina so they haven't been there hasn't been targeted in the history. Of those two programs they were both good to get everybody's passions. Going there have been times. I mean Clemson baseball as a national brand South Carolina. Is part. More than the national boring and I mean they're national title team on virtually every year so. All a matter of football that much snow doesn't well it does because there are times where they've competed against each other with a lot at stake. And plus with football you're talking about over a hundred years. I believe the South Carolina Clemson robbery and football. Is the second longest. Continuing. Rivalry in all of college football. So when you've got a natural and stay. Less than a hundred miles up the road. Then yeah that there's there's a history there there's a tradition. Of that. Nothing can be saying this said the same for basketball. Although the mascots I think what drives it. I mean obviously if you're South Carolina if anyone beat Clemson and everything in vice Versa them. So but when basketball it's been a little bit different because there hasn't been. And basketball to develop a really good rivalry. It's when one team it's when they're really playing at a high level and they're kind of offsetting each other when it matters. Yeah coming up leave generally been pretty even a basketball but not necessarily both pretty good right. Exactly Carol literally one when they played last year in December South Carolina lots of what the became. And this brought into the final four. Or well was suspended. And so an even in that game clemson's only won by two points I believe. So. You know it's it's got to be one of those things where they both are at an elite level or at least a high level in the game means something. Well be interest and see how on I'm sure that. Don't fill up a little Johnson a public employees. For that not so that many tickets to Canada South Carolina cleaner some excitement building on Clemson I mean they played they look good so far. So while most fans were turnout. And will say that's Tuesday night coursing here here because we able Clemson basketball games on ESPN upstate so next Tuesday and tune in for that 19 airtime to be 630 for that. Off tip off at seven for the game Cox and the tigers. Next week in basketball a 44 GS PE SPN and break time back and more coming up you're listening to the huddle. This is ESP in upstate. ESPN recapping some of the best college football quotes of the year for 27 team members some of these twenty Timmy won't which 1 July. Like when baker may feel was get ready to play Baylor Oklahoma gonna play Baylor it's pretty easy to call out Baylor this year. And take too much money might he said. You forgot who daddy isn't gonna have to spank you today. And they that. Something you don't wanna under in the workplace. Probably not. Remember what Doug Dexter Lawrence said about going to a new war one explained Sugar Bowl just Alabama. What he's looking forward to with a sugar Boley said them donuts. Is it what are they called. And they tell them it's been the case. Are you surprised baker hasn't been. Censured for. Groping. That would be a shock wouldn't. Colombia shot pretty get them in the days and is it tapping him on his Korean and went to New Orleans you know. Really powdery. Spent years so there's I've heard people talk about billions I've never sold here what would make some good. With the itself it's a fried dough. Just the dough with the pound dollar issue of don't talk so dislike it builds we'll have a no it's more like a soap appeal. You read one of those top alcohol funny I don't forgive handsome pay him for got you. Well it's very very soon I'm sorry I'm not well culture becomes the government I wonder what how many Ben yeah days do you think day decks capital. To hone in Ireland is that have been contest they let him do that now maybe after the game and he probably. He get to these are big news a little more expensive. Out in downtown New Orleans to Nabil I don't remember it being real pro pricing not too many years as a twenty years and it was a couple places in green we get any given point. Three for two dollars and can afford enough to. Perhaps finally felt a little more like 40500. Stock and I hope Dex gets some in New Hampshire well. Member what James Franklin said after Penn State beat Pittsburgh. He said. No wrong I'm no land no choice and I know last year there went against us was like the Super Bowl. But for us this was like being an Akron. At Akron people feel about. Now speak at Akron. There in a bowl. Yeah Jerry ball and yeah I'm paid coach in Akron. Epic epic Akron Republican politics but I doubt you did not pick Akron and the the big underdogs. They play Florida Atlantic that's one click like different. That's a little bit. Member all the Nick Saban quote we played a lot album here on our off the cultural mix segments and the rat poison. Johnny get our players listen to me instead you guys all that stuff you write about how do we are. All that stuff they hear on ESPN is like a rat poison. That's what one of the things Nixon that he went off on now ripped jeans rumor that we play that went to. On the exact quote while the other has. Just what by some jeans worn out jeans holes on the mall cut up our remember when I was a kid in West Virginia I was ashamed to go to school because my jeans were wore out. All because we didn't have any better now would buy them that way. I can't figure out how to we get here. Of course Mike Leach. Had several different quotes that thing on Merrill of marital advice is so long and we know we're historic moment but basically it was pretty good dish to watch that one but. But after they beat southern cal after around Washington State beat southern cal. Is it it was a great win and there are a lot of people out there on the field was like Woodstock except everybody had their clothes on. Not bad. Would you give it to Butch Jones. The former coach now than the Tennessee Volunteers. He once said this year you don't have to get a physical rep to get around you can get a leadership wrap. By having all the wideout stand around Ewing go every your progression in going over what your thinking. In a leadership reps was a quarter of the year he's getting a lot of things right now. He also talked about by weeks he said I thought that it was not the best buy week it was one of the best buy it weeks we've had around here a very long time. Moon. And then about scoring touchdowns he said after game is that I thought we did all the things that it takes to play winning football except one element. We spoke about it after the game that score touchdowns in the red zone. That's pretty key element you missed out there and butch. So those are few laden. Not to go with. I totally actually is always an author. Somebody needs to hire him in the south. Whether it's the ACC SEC doesn't matter. He needs to be in this part of the country we need more mark at least he's too forward. Yeah thanks to the Internet we get those quotes anyway and we play him but he would get more attention you look for sure imagine him. Like if he was it L issues the week of Alabama. That they don't that would be pretty yeah special yes. A Mark Richt and Miami. Demonstrated how to properly a sandwich or ambulance. That's like. I think there's a book on that. I guess the idea was so you're not holding. Part of the sandwich without crossed he always have to have some crust left or last month or so well there. It's being able to teach. You know what one person years. In being able to walk through a process. You get a particular individual to perform at their best. From a communications standpoint our OPEC whatever you sell it. It's a leadership. I am trying to think of the way to articulate it. But it's one of the things Wal-Mart does this we have to do it in training. Where. You have to. Ask somebody. A part of your team. How to make. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. According to a certain criteria. And then how do you cut it and divided up. Now you would think that everybody in the room would. It would be a universal. Thing. And then what what the what the deal was was to show that people hear things. Through their filters different than other individual right so you have to be able to communicate instructions differently. In order to reach. That particular individual. By skylight that exercise recent around long table and you whisper. A senate says exactly and embody and the group it's cold you have what exactly are not totally original it's it's totally against Milos. 844 GS BE SPM back in a moment this is the huddle for Thursday afternoon on ESP announced it. To back his final segment of the sour in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. Former Georgia coordinator now Colorado State head coach. Mike Bobo has agreed to an extension three year contract extension runs through 20/20 two. He's completing his third season with the rams employees this weekend in the New Mexico Bowl against Marshall. He had two years left on his original agreement so they added. Three years to love that new deal will increase his salary to one point eight million dollars in 2018. And and gets a 100000 dollar raise for each year after that. So up bad there at 21 and seventeen. Under Mike Bobo tech and enough for three year extension. Yangon last bowl game this year camp I was really know what they did this year maybe the best performance of the year was against Alabama. There that they went to Alabama back in September and who's 41 to 23 games so there were somewhat competitive. And that ball in. So maybe that helped and there are other losses were Colorado seventeen to three. Air force. Wyoming. The good quarterback they have. And Boise State. And Boise State came was a shoot up they lost a game 59 to 52 in overtime. Colorado State Boise State. And they get Marshall in the bowl game coming up this weekend I think in elm. They hear his name mentioned one openings come up and then like Canada. The pretty happy within an octave. Locking down a little better and so that's what they have done by extending if you can make one point eight million. At Colorado State you live pretty good life out there for that. So while I think he's probably pretty happy there and who complain. Yet they they he builds on that has a couple of ten win seasons. He'll be back in SEC country. He was offensive coordinator at Georgia from 2007 to 2014. Course that's a sell a moderate he's just 43 years also still a young coach so we still get mentioned for some jobs special thing get them. Get him go I mean he's seven and five this year that when the ball and it being five. That's a good year but not a great year I think this won't prevent bubble from being mentioned for some jobs. Down the road especially if he improves on that record you think I Colorado State beats Marshall. He just turned your picks and. Yeah though that was wanna look that there's. Several tough games. I'll that I kept going back and forth war on that was one of mine I wanted to pull that your Marshall. And because of chase Linton the quarterback. At Marshall is just fantastic. NFL stet Skelton all about him he's 64. Around in that range. And very very good player very very good quarterback. It's gonna fly under the radar he could potentially. Get on the national scene with a good game against Colorado State wouldn't be surprised. If that happened I just think Colorado State overalls a better team. So I ended up with the rams and then match at the other end Boise State Oregon and that may be the most fascinating match up. Man it's hard to pull against Boise State Kumble to. They have being good Marshall and also seven in five team this year but they've lost four of their last five so there finishing. Less than strolling in London win against Colorado State cannot. It'll go along the year in the New Mexico Bowl on Saturday. I don't the other side will bring in Mike been Diddy podcaster and blogger freest in upstate dot com talks in baseball and and some college football would ditty that's coming up here in the huddle to come back for the third and final hour after the top of the hour ESPN's sports and are update stay with us on ESP in upstate we'll be right back.