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Good afternoon welcome into the huddle on ESPN. Upstate with Greg McKinney coach just Phillips and Alonso Thursday. Beautiful sunshine a little warmer I think. Today pretty nice out there but you can join us this afternoon where review until. 4 o'clock this afternoon lots to do today on the shelf. Up pretty early in the show about fifteen minutes from now about 120 will be joined live by gallon cuff. I'd Allen is a college basketball analyst for ESPN and we'll talk to him about the early college basketball season summer games this weekend. I think it is thoughts on the ACC in the SEC has conference play approaches for college basketball. So looking forward to all. Talking today Alan I am assuming he's a Smart guy he went to Columbia. Not Columbia College down in the midlands of South Carolina but Columbia university and play basketball. So I he's probably pretty bright guy and know look forward to having him on today. We will be joined by Mike been Diddy blogger and podcaster at 304 this afternoon there some baseball stuff and talk about with him. And down couple other topics so we look forward to having Diddy and studio. How we're gonna talk about the Panthers and the Packers this weekend Ron Rivera's thoughts on Aaron Rodgers. Coming back for Green Bay against his team this weekend. Rivera says he's been ready for that been expecting that so no big deal when that was made somewhat official. Earlier this week. And I am an update on night JJ Henry. The young man who is still trying to decide amongst four to five schools. How where he will be attending college he's not from North Carolina is at the shrine bowl. In Spartanburg this week practicing over and dormant and just an update on some of those things that he is saying. And we will also take a look ahead tonight for the NFL game between the Broncos in the colts. That's the kind of Thursday night game that puts Thursday night football on the map right there but it. Not only that it's the final Thursday night game of the year I believe so. Way to finish and finish with a bang may be. I think it may be as bad as that okay see pacers game. I wasn't I should either the I'm still trying to figure out I was right OK if you want they did and I'm still trying to figure out how Indiana lost that I mean Oklahoma. City is atrocious. And in many when it because of Paul George scored twelve points man it was missed and everything he looked up kind of nervous or something. I mean the and then you're gonna finish at all tonight with. Indian Denver you guys realized something. Indianapolis is now miss playoff the last three years that's the first time since 828388. Another good 34. Years. Since Indianapolis is mr. Plante if Andrew Luck played the entire season would they have made the playoffs now not that division. You know what mattered. Moment Kandahar let's not are you prone right Apollo would not have made it. ID 444773776. You wanna get in text line 71307. News keyword ESPN. And we're on Twitter at ESPN upstate. While some good news for your Georgia Bulldog fans this broke about. Newton twenty minutes ago. The district attorney's office in Barrow county Georgia has now dismissed criminal charges against Georgia. Linebacker. They tryst Patrick. Patrick one of two bulldogs arrested on misdemeanor marijuana charges on December 3. The end reserve receiver Jason Stanley were arrested hours after the win over Auburn 28 to seven. In the SEC championship game at Mercedes men's stadiums they were returning to Atlanta. From a winder Georgia. When a Barrow county sheriff's deputies stopped the car for speeding on highway 316 Stanley was driving. According to people familiar with the arrest the officer said he smelled marijuana emanating from the car. The district attorney's office also dropped DUI charges against daily during the hearing at Barrow county probate court Stanley agreed to. Lead. Guilty to misdemeanor possession of marijuana and speeding. According to his attorney. Did you save the the photo. Of the marijuana yeah us that they found yes mark's Labonte from ESPN. A disarray tweeted. Few minutes ago if you check Addie SP in upstate. A photo of the pot discovered in interest Patrick seat which led to his arrest and four. Comparison purposes they laid a penny on the job. Desk for the picture. And that amount of marijuana is. Barely visible. Yeah they find more on that this building. I'll leave that little. I mean it's tiny now like to yeah. You can you can make that argument I don't wanna ma Arnold a book and go out when they find that much Maryland. It's illegal. You're still a Trace is still. Illegal right by the dropped the charge. They can't convict him on that much marijuana. Because someone booster made a phone call them don't took care of the problem I just don't want them. Taken this to court. And that's what they found exam I just don't wanna tie and reports for the among Iowa obviously there's little bit of marijuana. There's probably been more. Still a lot more evidence than that Iran early stolen dollar. Yeah do we do we take it still still in dollar a dollar shoplifting case this time the court to them and we get rid of that. We get rid of it. Yeah has so willing to listen now there and you think you know little petty crimes obviously mr. McCain thinks those are okay so go for. It's not that it's okay. But. Most retail stores do not prosecute anything under 25 books. All I know about that a store gonna -- store and understand how that works. Used to see guys going in and showed. Packs stakes down their pants and stuff yeah and the cops would say make them. Not one to come back. And so some some the guys in the back would make them not want to come back. Exact. Do something else besides stake in this to court that's wants it and they're doing the right thing now they're they're dropping it. So that helps lead Georgia Bulldogs for the match up coming up with a Oklahoma. By the way you'll be surprised in my picnic and I went back and forth than games so many times that was the one that was holding me up for getting my picks in minor and by the way you are or not. Of the items that don't yet he dispute this would could go home you know months ago he was moving through. Are already brought so I knew which one you wanted. Just other have you prep all your long. Made known okay because I was say you and I penny and I'm pretty proud of the man known. He shattered your approach now now give us all a little adorable. But they will get I mean Patrick matters he's their sixth leading tackler 35 tackles and three tackles in the SEC championship game. Stanley not so much he had had three tackles on special teams know catches and eleven games the receiver. As far as. You know whether he's in the game. Or not we don't have comment yet from Kirby Smart but I would think you put amending and his attorney says Yahoo! located in and do anything wrong aiding commit a crime. At least according to law and so I would imagine that they let him play. In this ball game. And so Georgia will not be without interest Patrick. That just happening a little love before you went on the air today so a good news they're fourth. And the grand scheme of things remained. Not a big deal I mean we're trying to elect had a false news. He lost on you know thank goodness. What's the vote on net neutrality is that avenue I have as I write I think it's presently going norm yes SEC's gun owners aren't you. If you lose on the string a little. It's exactly explain what isn't that. I don't know we have time. I'm not the one to whistling it was the layman's term. Layman's terms is that correct me if I'm wrong on so you worked the news station it's basically the creating a fast lane for bigger. Companies to use the way they want and in other words then you generally means that we all have day equal access to everything on the Internet. Basically. It would become more like chaebol where you could buy tiered packages of Internet speed. If this is reversed net neutrality is reversed. This just FCC though Bryant is at the final voters would have to go somewhere else that I really think it might be the funds assailant just yet he's so. And it's expected to pass it's an Obama. Creation. That. Is trying to be on Don here and pretty much a lock that they're going to undo enough and we understand. Isn't a good thing I mean I get to see you so I don't know I mean there's a ton of complaining about it. There's a ton of complaining about. I don't know that consumers again a lot of the big come into some big companies that. Our highest B providers will make more money this. Action. Finally this no number I don't know every element Jimmy I explained poorly it. Yeah well I mean I don't even know what the heck it was to be honest that's why past but it seems to be. The second biggest story in the news and there's a huge the riots going on in South Florida over what Derek Jeter's deal with the Marlins. I mean they're ready don't talk in northern quarter him and a. Are we gotta get a break because we have Dowling cup coming up talk college basketball will do that next. And then we'll get your phone calls after that 844 GS PE SP and back in a moment this is the hoddle. On ESPN upstate. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN I'll stay with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And the Alonso home we are here until 4 o'clock this afternoon. And we're graduate possibly we have our guests telling cuffy SP in college basketball analysts on maligned Alan I you don't. Thanks for coming on today we haven't talked to talk college basketball lie yet this is gonna warming up but we are happy to have the opportunity to do that. With you while wash your schedule this week in your column again. I'm not calling again I'm actually off the but the problem the one we got to the beep and not I'm not in Bristol are not on the road so I will be watching what every else milk. But the South Carolina will be a game coming up this week and up to what you're college games on the weekend as well. North Carolina and he's a great game people's check out. Wichita State Oklahoma gonna be really good game Oklahoma quarterback club as part of the rest of the country really straight up League of Nations gorgeous haven't been damage you're just two and in the college hoops. He's not what Steve. Very good act clubs just like Florida before they place South Carolina they play Florida down in South Florida on not. On Saturday so that's an SEC ACC match up while we know about Florida and then what do you think about that match up. Couple I've been really impressed with with Quentin. Yet these that is what they've been bounced back after last year losing so many tight games that I have found a way to win a lot of those are in really. Spread out games have been in control and struck courses being so they patent Goodwin. Icon between the overall. It's shelved missile been great like comic been really good marquee free people. All the got grown up in that program and matured Chile right now is good. The Florida they're really care activity in it it can't do a little bit about awful here that there the last four. I'm but it syndicate flat out score it can get on game that's for when they're in transition Chris yelled that. Twelve point guard in the country. We have got all that and he would he would lightning quick getting in the lane. It also great advantage after they have really good shooters out there eagle you aura which copied transferred. From right can really shoot at these companies little bit of slump he can really shoot it and the great about getting it about getting it to those guys early in transition which opt Jalen content. Cable and I'll let those guys Gobi players who play makers. Where Florida as we go the interior right now John I don't know there that your senior. Senators bill coming back regular dirt last year he'd come back in January so that we did he had been would definitely get beat up inside interior. A lot of problems that got quite a typical inside dominate from not just. It all the post offensive rebounding. And it's control in the game to the interior reported really a struggle but when they're not in down shop. Otherwise about the present in the country so it got to be upon game and he got a dramatic transition and they can take it that the two is easier said. I knew you would would you favor Clemson and that South Carolina game next Tuesday it's a Clemson. I yeah I would opt out at South Carolina is look like mart and that they'll be DNA that in the Pentagon gore is still top one in the nation and the spent efficiently. It can't score I mean you lose so much and good soldier and noted that or well it. And that they're not replacing snap back quickly and and you know there's they're struggling to put the ball in the basket so in the end. It's a rivalry game but all the top you know you if you did you stay with out outright competent they've got to go there's like. But Kwan bowed to get the ball more and more complete better about the multi. If they can get out in transition and scored in any debate or South Carolina in court the Clinton should win that game but again he said that. About the rest of the conference and Tim both Jason Starr with the ACC we've had one game already in Boston College beat duke up our Blue Devils okay probably going to be there at the end this year. The idea that the other okay their bye but narco state and afterward to know about the the watching it spent all year Alec it's the surprise Dick Dick Clark. And that happens when you have. You know or press on the court all the time with one senior a lot of times I freshmen on the court. I'm not gonna play that well early on these and Bill Clinton got him out of don't but it was really effective and at the tremendous to light. Thinking or expecting now you are preparing for it apart a pair that line. But teams know what's coming in and an error in their may have been really struggle to keep the ball out of lanes so. You can't Bowman looked comfortable bubble they get thirty haven't and he went out of the mind in that heat heat game. And that partly because you really can't couldn't just couldn't contain and they didn't have any answer but the lit. That they'll be pop. Because it will build god willing through the race he'd be quite and it yup great belt and afterwards too. They're the level that you met the player in league play that different than probably what. An old guy got a wake up call did not realize the need to go on the road I don't care what your point. It's not eat the NDP has capitalized with a great orbit and agree with the company and will be there the leak these days you get the best league in the country. To even numbered in the complaint Arnold or whether it's duke North Carolina Miami who's not getting much love that played many teens yet they have a great win on the road in Minnesota. I love the hurricane dean of the despite another troubled orbit bigger game we still don't know much about that Florida when it really impressive. That you see how that he's developed a like errant mental outlook. How much length perhaps what may have the bat he does to a question mark in my in my body heat beat the best conference in my mind talked about. What about the SEC under Alan nice guy Kentucky got Texas a and M Tennessee Florida looking pretty good you like in the SEC right now. You don't have it yet at the bit that they have made an investment conference to improve. They're basketball. And they were laughing stock a clear getting a couple of cute in them. And then a challenge made that matters administration level we're going to vet the Phillies and party out we're gonna do you Tibetan culture which is the biggest change when you think about. The last few years you know I've got like Rick Barnes command. Every job they come in Ben Howland come in order that was named the new great young hired what we'll wait here but then Bryce drew from Vanderbilt. Mike wiper Florida the big bat in their coaches they had been sort retort the facility already. And now they're starting in May Intel is scheduled hot now with their data from the league. The schedule are not culprit they get working then what they got their brains beat in two years ago that preteens and they were embarrassed. But they've been starting yield of the product started coming out now that I've in black here that you get seventeen then. Good big ones so many of those nonconference power matchup a David Barry Pressman a non conference and they had he'd like. Tech band and the Florida. Article that league right now that both those teams can be final fourteen Kentucky. It just so are still many young players and how would this article you doubt in my mind he's got. Seven top hundred players. But no returning got a point to that played it on a minute when he gave role they played about Altman at the game last year. What you want porn that you got to do it like it at least coach K duke as you great but now it won't be decent head on straight that you did and he replied I don't care. You an example when you're that a bit what is really pour everything at coming from the coach so. Kentucky have met a transcendent talent this year they have a Anthony Davis or call and he counts. It will wondered who really good. Athletic player who learned in college basketball players and that the struggle right now so that is that the outpour Kentucky can go a much improved over the next two months. I'm very good at all past but overall the league is so much more improved but the and it he would really top physical in the got a great game at Carolina love Arkansas guard. Alabama big article and in terms of their defense they bought it built that program that we don't they're not be on. Your column that John patty can you mix in some of that offensive continue to be a leak on the team. A big enough on that beat the overall that the conferences. It got open I don't know people like to set are still locked in that mode out all the and a well when you get that Edward Markey are reluctant consciences CBS he's he seems. Performing a level would be made out you'd been. So while with the the conference improving you think South Carolina can finish in the top half at least and get the tournament this year. I don't think up and it got to be really top and I'd like. And I love the way to go art but I don't think they can score enough for having players make and played against somebody being in that beleaguered continued to improve. And you hit it that you can't replace all they've lost so much that we're lucky that made that run. And they're gonna make it copper is they'll give you welcome to stoke gore they're gonna rebound they're gonna they're all forty minutes every night it's not going to be easy. But for them to get into the I'm not sure they're gonna get and when we played I think that like a rational PC you can get your ten you can double digit. I think you're gonna get enough to get them yet get a quality wins and nick assuming that. I don't think South Carolina and get there I think they're spending their fifteen still at that young in here like coat dark. I like Silva but they eat another year to develop there up at the game right now everything covered the the presence they really struggled sport basketball. But don't they're gonna be determined team this year. What more quicker Marla to go down on mark price fired at Charlotte today it's a familiar name to basketball fans does that surprise you after just a little more than two years that they would cut ties with more prussian. Yeah that what you know any time you've you've seen it in a mid major level when you're bringing an end. You know and then coaches that the that's important to back it helped recruit you you got it and some time now I don't know the in and out of the situation I know that volleyball world order or something I remember being they've gone to struggle. So it's not a lot. There's analytical around the locker room and if you don't we with a lot of Arnold on the administration price but the he let the doctor like two years into the ultimate prize about it I think college called. Beauty for years to get real with Putnam what apple programs need to get. You're pretty flat and look pretty active in there builder program builder culture and then you start getting result here 34 or. A repeat it really is is coming out of the doldrums if you will. You know I'm a little surprised that the that they did they cut I assume that a guy I'd not a will be the impact situation there. And if there's an issue with the administration and the apple in the locker in the coached. About a drop that far away and try and are beginning yeah but I bought the right. Good stuff Stanley Cup down and we appreciate demand thanks for coming off. Stanley Cup ESP in college basketball analyst about that no tournament for the game can yell and I'm Josh wanting to jump on and yell at him. Powered. Up. Well because I don't have any ammunition and you know how I would love to be able to go to bat for the gamecocks but of the points that. He made and I'm glad you brought it up the depth. The depth of the Southeastern Conference right now and when you look at South Carolina and what they're doing. Often it's just. It's kind of like pulling teeth and I know frank Martin's a little bit frustrated. They're winning ball games but they're kind of win them ugly and you just keep waiting on. That chemistry to develop. And when you look around the league like you mentioned. Teams have gotten older you know Texas a and M Florida he mentioned arm. And I agree with him all the class. Of the league they've got older players have got returning players have got proven players. I didn't buy the media's. Pick of Kentucky arming that you could pick Kentucky every year just based on what he mentioned with all the top 100 players. That they have but I did not like the fact that I don't think any of those guys can. So. That they're gonna run into them talented and if cal Perry can keep them around for one more year then they're definitely gonna make some awards. That season but. You know watch South Carolina several times and on the offensive end. I mean they're just struggling that they don't have one guy. Off from leadership standpoint it's that put this team. That they can count on the make buckets at duke coaching job on the Internet and India's veto of the things about college basketball is where it really shows coaching. Is on the defensive side of the ball. You know that's where you'd hustle that's where you get. Our guys being in the right spot and then if a guy makes a twenty footer with a need you know you read Ian bought inbound ball and going with it so. I would be surprised. I don't think it'll finish at the bottom but if they can get to the middle then that would really good season. And get a couple quick calls on the been hanging on for a while Belden welcome into the huddle high you don't that I. I already got don't talk to them. I don't get it take so heresy and I use the practice tonight it is a credibility branding. I don't know even know he's astronomy can not all about him and I appreciate that. But if he can't say I'm so that they. They can be saved if they were like jazz label sell off I like that he said that hominem you don't let us say hey I'm back its new team now. Even though it. Sierra has been interesting because this deal or salt port city not fully healed and these are man came here and he too won't rest Sharon it. Battle love him are matching up with the Panthers in Charlotte for his first game back and so here and then. Irritated now relying heavily capitol dome isn't the start and all those arms are a bit too and we can longer shot. Couldn't brown Charlie Sheen. Death can be on the timing and thank you Delmon stand by trying and on gear up next in the huddle high you don't. German I don't know that they'll get. Question about. College football championship. Bomb we've heard all about the constraint. And their star players is there any good as any team had been declaring week as coach you guys are saying how the other teams apart take advantage that aunt. Are doing it between title player that maybe hasn't gotten the spotlight much that you got exceed making a big impact and I'm running listen you know appreciate it you got a good. Thank you stand how wondering how mention numb that I've been thinking about is the Georgia pass rush against McNamee for. I'm not sure the Georgia's going to. Harass maker mayfield. A lot their pass rush this year not that great Daimler Georgia's much better team and and baker mayfield what time is the reason that I changed market. Oklahoma. Josh over here is smirking because he says Georgia's going to blow out the center. I'm goal of Oklahoma. And a navy stand W a weakness of a team that you things in the huge and morally student. Well I think you have to start with the Oklahoma and the fact that they struggled defensively. You know you wonder about Georgia. I think has underrated receivers. I'm on the perimeter of course they're tied eons. Our outstanding you don't see them because the Balkans there offense runs through Sony Michelle. In mixed in the job and rightly so. When you look at those sides and let the system. Of that offensive line but when I broke down. You know these four teams and I started ranking them from a defensive standpoint. Oklahoma was number four out of the four when it comes to. Defense and that's something that. This time a year or one thing about Clemson Alabama and Georgia. Is they're going to test your physical toughness. That they are going to come at you they're gonna run the full ball at you you know when dabbled Sweeney changed the culture of Clemson. It's when he changed the softness that Tommy Bowden had outlook affordable got their questions assault football team. That that's why they go away for nine and three could never get over that on because of the softness of the offensive line their defense would give up. A lot of big plays. Double changed all that he said no we're going to modeled this. That we're gonna have a power running game and they've done that now last year with wind Allman who was 15100 yard rusher this year it's been more by committee. Although it seems travesty T and is the cream of the crop when it comes to those backs but that offensive line for Clemson. Is just outstanding. And that's that's the issue that I have. When I'm looking at Oklahoma and they have not seen there's not a team on. Oklahoma's schedule that has the overall team speed that Georgia house. And you can't mimic that. You can practice against it what you can't fabricated. And that's the thing of why are real like George is. I'm really think they're going to be able to run the ball literally at will object from is gonna give him play action pass mode. And I just don't think that offense for Oklahoma is gonna have enough that bat. Against that Georgia defense and offense is good man what office as it is I think your rendering it is and it's not that I'm. Under rating Oklahoma's offense it's that. If Georgia's. And control the line of scrimmage and run the football and control the clock. And keep Georgia's defense fresh that in the gates Oklahoma's office. Because they're over on the sideline and keep Georgia's defense for us now Georgia comes out they go three and out three three and out. Then yeah they'll get in trouble. The album was talk about players to watch that people might not be talking about and I don't know people really talk a lot about not a the tide and not enough. But when they line up in that guy and everybody thinks that the Sony Michelle learning child is ready to run down your throat they've got to play with not a over the middle can burn you in a heartbeat so watch that in this ball game to figure to a. Yeah I love Isaac non I think he's a very underrated player I don't think Georgia has utilized him enough from. And if they make a run he's gonna have to make some plays when they changed it. In the SEC championship game he called it first touched down. On the turnover and that's the other thing that I'm gonna be interesting to see because in these playoffs it always comes down to a break and special teams and who's gonna turn the football over. And that's something I'm going to be interested to see. Transpired through the. Playoffs are were on a behind listen to break we'll be back with more in a moment just underway though here on the Thursday huddle on ESPN upstate stay with us. Welcome back the Hubble ESPN. Upstate 8444773776. Text line 71307. And the repeal of on net neutrality did pass along party launched three to two. A few minutes ago so that has happened we will find out what that means as we go down the road. From the dysfunctional Cleveland Browns. In the NFL the story. They're new general manager John Dorsey. Took a shot at sigh she brown today. He said the former head of football operations failed to provide coach hue Jackson with players he can win with. The new manager Dorsey said. You got to let a guy. Jets. Players. And you know what I'll come out with a straight out whether it be guys who were here before and that system letting get real players. And the real player he's right. I mean they're open for. One of the players that they did bring him wide receiver Kenny Britt was released by Dorsey as soon as he took over as GM last week. Sources that that was easy is that I had no problem making that decision from a cultural standpoint he has of fit the prototypical character point of what I'm looking for in terms of later. He didn't live up to expectations as a player. He may have a higher opinion of himself as I have been I have of him as a player I thought that was an easy one. Browns owner Jimmy Haslem said last week in a statement announcing Brown's firing that Jackson the coach would return and 28 team. Dorsey was asked about that today and it was not commit a because you Jackson is 128 in two seasons. As they had kept in. Dorsey said I'll live in the present build for the future. Right now the sun's out the tarps are coming off the field were practicing get ready play the ravens. That's my focus. And it's also getting familiar with the layout in the organizational structure in terms of creating a daily routine. He did say he was impressed with the value Jackson and his coaching staff interactive with the players in the practices that he has. Observed. By not committing to. You Jackson. Many make that change now going to imply he Jackson. I don't think so I mean I think with him. Talking about the issues at hand. And oh yeah by the way guess who picked Canterbury knowing compatriots. Not to be can he bring whether he's going to be able to survive. And the patriots culture or not really Woolsey very very quickly. But. I think they'll hang on to a here's a very good coach. He's a very good offensive mind he's a very good quarterback coach and I don't think you can necessarily blame him. When he obviously was not making the decisions he was the one that wanted to draft the Shawn Watson. Sasha overruled it. I don't know how a guy named Sasha got to be a general manager in the NFL anyway that's another time. But. He was overruled and subsequently Cleveland has played for so it makes you wonder. Yeah you know what other behind the scenes. Player personnel moves hue Jackson. Has gotten overruled their own in that organization. So I think we're gonna give him a pass and they're gonna try to rebuild the roster. Understand why they got really Kenny Britt Kenny Britt is a very talented. Wide receiver. Buddies a prima Donna. And you're gonna have to know how to manage. And corral that type of personality. To maximize it and bella chuckle find out whether he'll be don't. Don't you think if you're gonna fire Jackson you should do it now because. What's gonna happen I mean the teams not gonna quit playing cause third not really play in anyway. You're not gonna lose anything by get if you if you know you're gonna move all you should go and get rid of them now. That way you can go ahead and start searching at this moment for your next coach. Why doesn't know that does sound like you doesn't that isn't made that call yet and can you just going to do that. Against the statement of your own. Well I mean you can if Intel's long gives him the authority to do depends on how much control he's been again. But again they. I don't know roster issue. You know the moves that they've made the draft picks that they've made. I have never soul or seen. An organization so poorly managed from a talent analysis them. I mean they've taken players and sign players that. The you're like it's one. Yeah about the same time none of us have been around on this earth long enough to remember when Cleveland was actually doing I mean they have like one or two seasons with toes are there may be. There were good early ninety's still Modell moved him. Final break we'll come back and wrap up our number one above huddle in just a moment stay with a sunny SP in upstate. The Charlotte Observer is caught up when mark price. And ask him about his termination earlier today as the coach of the Charlotte forty niners in college basketball. And he said I'm still stunned. To be honest so that was called in this morning. Just told they were going to make a change they said they did not like the direction the program and that I might have lost some of my players which I don't agree with. But we didn't get quite as many wins as people want and that's the reality of the business you're expected to be better this year than some pretty good dump. Returning players John Davis a junior and Andrea why. Come back and by delaying their second leading scorer. In Charlotte is name is Hudson. Price. Is more prices what does he do now that they fired at a you anonymous say what you do is he shot her down for plays a lot are bad you go there. It seems to be good thing to do nowadays president husband's especially those in the short athletic department now. I what one dollar mark price at about that was that Hudson will make his own choice I'll talk to him it'll be tough for him to be at a place that just fired his dad I would think so. And by the way his daughter Caroline coaches women's tennis assistant coach in women's tennis at Chara so the real awkward for. Them. Yeah that sounds like. With those embed with the price family as surely it is. That that sounds like a personality conflict that dot. Ugly behind the scenes. May be I mean they weren't there three and six and they were supposed to be pretty good this year so it could just be that but that is a quick look. For sure this is year three for mark price there. Great player George checked your memory mayor now and then Nam he had been now working for the Charlotte policy was the shooting coach. For the Charlotte hornets for awhile. Then came in two years ago and took over the 49ers program so they have an interim coach and they will start looking for their new. Full time head coach they're there have been saying and holding up. Banners. And basketball games. Recently. Mum. About the situation they were but those banners were. Regarding I believe the I'm athletic director Judy rose out banners calling her to be far. Stead they fired more front. Thought I would imagine you're gonna have interesting atmosphere at the next home game for the Charlotte forty niners in the worst checked and it. Might be worth them taken a look at that. While ID 444773776. Is our phone number here if you wanna get in in the huddle. When we come back on the other side and hear from Carolina Panthers football coach Ron Rivera. As the Panthers take on the Green Bay Packers coming up Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock at Bank of America Stadium the Packers expected to start Aaron Rodgers for the first time and a couple months after his injury. We will hear from Rivera all that talk about some of the other NFL matchups this weekend. Also a lot of still to come Brad Edwards habeas paean talks about though what the group of five college football teams may do on early signing day. Next week December 20. That's ahead as well stay Willis it's the huddle headed for our number two and a moment on ESP announced it.