The Huddle 11 22 17 Hour 3

Mike Venditti with a CFB Rivalry breakdown, Kelly Bryant on the Clemson/Carolina Rivalry, and Jim Szoke Carolina Panther Radio Host on the rest of the Panthers Season.


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It's our number three final hour of the huddle for this Wednesday before Thanksgiving. On ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney the coach Josh Phillips loans those still on vacation. Alex's here reminds and nitty blogger and podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com. Is also here because he made it back. Bear from Woodruff wrote just barely me. This is Wednesday does not supposed to be the big shopping day and so what people do announcement. Probably trying to escape work early. That's a zoom yeah we had some of that around here and noticed a parking lots less then a little bit thin out there and lots of options for parking space at the end enough for us. Welcome mandating glad you survived the Woodruff euros though. A scare. And no go out there for audience what are no not being good data go up there. I'll still open to some of football South Carolina Clemson 730 is the kick Williams Brice stadium. On Saturday night we've all given our predictions here. And everybody here has Clemson winning but fairly close anywhere from. Josh is one point two. Alex's eleven points I have Clemson by tanned ones and that combined. Seven. Just your thoughts is this Carolina keep a close. I mean you have to hope as what we've seen throughout the season defensively I mean outside of said the Kentucky game which was the big egg that was laid and they just didn't show the play. They've held everybody really close semi Texas and am could've easily put that thing going numerous times that defense caps South Carolina in the game Georgia. Never ran away with it because the defense kept South Carolina in the game. So you kinda have to think that they can do that again especially because if you have a weakness on the Clemson team it's the off. They're not really moving the ball all year long they haven't been as powerful as they were last year the year before with the Shawn Watson. So you think that they can do it you know and it's gonna be really a hard task to do because you're gonna have to lie. On Jake Bentley and the running game keeping the ball. Against that very very good Clemson defense who's getting healthy which is that for the for the gamecocks as well so. It's going to be one heck of a feat for for Carolina to pull this thing off. Death to Lyndon but I don't know is one heck of a fee for the and to keep keep it a respectable game Jimenez kind of one likes I expect I'll be surprised if if Clinton boat races South Carolina this Saturday night I don't see it happening like last year I don't think it gets out of hand bat bat. Yup agree were that. Jake met Lee Hass to have this. One of his better games he doesn't have to be perfect. Which is good but he was near that last last week we're talking JC sherbet earlier he had several drops or he would have had a tremendous completion percentage. Threw the ball around course it was against Wofford defense on clemson's defense but. Yet Jake does seem to be an excitable guy early in games this is going to be a huge loud crowds national TV audience all that stuff so we talk about he you know close has got to go into that environment but. Also think the same thing about Jake he's got to settle down or. Yet because it does but you don't take into account the home field advantage you know you have to crowd on your side but you also have the added pressure of you or proud right there watching you live. So you're trying to perform maybe over the top and that sometimes I think happens when we see these games like the Kentucky game this year even go back to 2010. They beat Alabama in the lose to Kentucky the next week you try too hard in and you can't you know execute the job you're supposed to do and that's the problem I think he. Definitely needs to be able to settle down the big thing. Coming into this game I think offensively though is Roeper he needs to call may be the game of his career while he do that now he left. He not but he needs to just make magic happen I mean to put put Spurrier on hold them let him dialed up or something just do they need to have. The right offensive execution and we've yet to see it. With roper so that's going to be the biggest X-Factor is if he can call the game is like the Jake executes dances at level. I don't see why they don't have at least some sort of a chance. And by calling the game of his career doesn't necessarily mean opening things up wide open he tried that last year drawn a ball all over the place not first possession excellence and in letting go out this so yeah he's got a he's got a column better games South Carolina needs a little bit of a running game yes that's for sure you know while Bentley cents an effect effect of runs got to come from the running backs so we need to wash that. Offensive line can they protect Jay Bentley has described clemson's defense affront. That's the big big big issue is 'cause like I said Clinton's getting healthy. They've got the bit to the offensive line back together basically of what we expected them to have throughout the season and they're going to be in the backfield. In this office supplies struggled throughout the season including last week against Wofford at times. To keep people away from Jay Bentley and that is not going to be good because just like he's excitable he's also still a young kid to get beat up back there at my age you know shut him off. So you don't want him taking a lot of hits having to run for his life and that's gonna take the office of why not only protecting them the block for blocking for the run but they need to open up holes. In make that second guessed. You know from a linebacker somebody coming up the blitz who should be back off because they've been running the ball in and you finally give take some time that's not something I have been able to do most of the season. The combination of vol better South Carolina defense certainly much better than last year. And a less explosive clemson's offense compared to last year keeps this to me you know in the twenties to thirties. Yeah and I said it out last year I said it often this year this is probably the last chance with a decent chance. South Carolina might have for awhile with all of the great talent coming down to Clinton very soon starting next season. That this is kind of the time they're a little bit closer to each other Wisconsin's slight very slight step back and obviously South Carolina improving and getting their defense in order. So it's going to be very interesting to see I mean I. I did come on the show a year ago and tell you the book of promise South Carolina will win this year so yeah. I guess I should probably stick with Atlantic and I mean it's just a it's a pick it doesn't really matter or everybody on Twitter thing that matters and actually mean something but we're just making picks here. I just blinds I'm gonna go 2724. Carolina and a shocker. We have any other Caroline fiction. As a going to be the first visit the first depicting gamecocks I thought I could give Josh into another I was not able. The duties with the game and I'm so my opinion that pick I know for sure it's not gonna happen to put the that's a big island yeah York but hey if I'm right though I'm the only one that gets the celebrate there you go you are a. In Alabama Alder. Isn't about them. That's going to be incredibly interesting as well I mean this is that game what does this six and no Auburn is when they're have nine wins or more against Nick Saban and they have all those like. Break it down as far as we can to make a statistic that matters to make it interesting you've seen Auburn played incredibly well you've seen Alabama. Not really play anybody very good you know so it's kinda hard to gauge what Alabama is but no real giant games. He saw struggle a little bit against Mississippi State. And is Auburn better the Mississippi State I would assume so by a lot so it could be a very interesting game here I'm almost you know. Thinking it's a coin toss as far as this one because the rivalry is so big and it always comes closer because of the robbery of that magnitude and really these teams might be. That close in comparison as far as talent obviously just had the two losses to rough games for Auburn. Down on the field I agree it's very close I'm still on us to look at head coaches in the game like this. In Portland to sell the JC sure her little earlier via I you know. Saban vs miles on it and this kind of game via. I kind of got into a net net slant savings wailed at you lie you'll be the only one that cares about this a Florida State Florida. They're playing at noon actually you know I know I don't care about the adult there's a better game in the state of Florida if that's right well do you relish team's size one who wins Florida State Florida. Oh goodness it's gonna be really fun to watch I hope both teams end up having a highlight where they're blocking their own offensive lineman. So they can both make fun of each other for the same thing I've. As I guess you gotta go with what you just said with Alabama Auburn right its head coaches you don't have one in Florida right so I'm really give Jim both Fisher the edged. And they haven't played. As embarrassingly I mean they've played bad and they've had losses but some of their losses aren't as bad as force losses were like Florida's loss to Missouri. Is embarrassing I'm not sure there's really one like that to a team of that level for Florida State's I have to assume Florida State the better football team overall. Yeah UCF South Florida game is excellent Friday game gets a 330 startled Ronnie waiting McClellan that is going to be insane hopefully they finally fill up the bounce house there in Orlando and they filled it up for us a couple of years back when Carolina came down. And so would be really cool to see the full 45000 you figure at 60000 student body. Schools should be able to fill a stadium a 45 right now but they don't do that too well so please full it's gonna be in night Saturday afternoon into tonight it will get dark during the game which help. South Florida has had the one loss there in you know the running for the AC and all that stuff UCF. Has done an amazing job to ignore all of the talk in the rumors about Scott frost and continue to shell up. And compete at a level that I haven't even seen our school compete awhile liked his watching that team play the you don't look like you know your mid majors your Drupal fives. They look like. Just as legitimate as any of these other teams we watch week to week when you watch them play on the field obviously you have a different level of talent against them. But it's really hard to say that they belong so far back when they're still undefeated and if they can win this game against South Florida on Friday. You've got to put in at least in the top ten because that's their big ranked opponent and you know if you think that South Florida's good enough to be ranked. And that's their big one yet the beat them and they should be in the talk is they're going to be eleven and now and unfortunately hurricane ruins the season. Yeah because if they beat Georgia Tech early in the year. Maybe there's more conversation a regular more attention if that happens. Deal like Chip Kelly for Florida for the gators can as the nets it's either Florida or UCL AX from everything I hear it's it's basically doubtful there's just a lot of drama and bureaucratic nonsense going on down there. But I think it's a good fit just to get a splash hire to pleased that the fans. The new AD I had to make it splash because obviously things went bad with the hire of Jim Mac O Wayne they looked bad for the last couple of years even though they are winning football games. But this at least has that big name that big splash it makes Gator fan happy the ball gators will give their money again because there'll take off. And furious about how things are going down there so. That's really the move here doesn't really matter if he does good right away because just get excitement back in Gainesville hasn't been much even in those two years Napoli took him to SEC championship game. They still had been apprehensive feeling kinda like they did but must champ when they won eleven games that they were sure it was gonna work as their offense has been. Awful it's better to a pretty fast are you there you have a fire of a Chip Kelly I feel like has more clout and it might work and it'll work it with a swagger will bring uniforms and all that Nike nonsense and all those kids in Central Florida might start going back to Gainesville. Where they've been kind of split their time between Miami Florida State even UCF. Which they in this penalty against the Braves this international market stuff that came down to a couple of banned for life. From baseball on a mean in their losing one dozen players yet coming significant. Yes I mean out this must be significant appear on that list right. And I did that's a pretty harsh listed beyond what it comes to the world of baseball so. It was something that MLB figured was bad enough offense and you know. They're pretty hard line if they decided you cheated you cheated and you're done there's just no coming back from mean shoeless Joseph finally got on the deceased list but he was. Up until this year on the banned from baseball itself so it's they do not relent and let us name our team the Joes here. Now right we're supposed to be the Greeneville Joes like it for that that was a great game in the police got the brains are losing was like the best. Latin American player in ten years or something yeah things crazy so and that's doctor for a team trying to rebuild from the bottom up now. We needed those guys on our duty on our website doesn't do stuff bring new podcast up featuring clumps and Tom as my guest to talk Clemson Tigers at basically aid Clemson Carolina podcast with a little bit of ranting about bad families yes and Alison Thomas phone for clumps of I think he has a Clinton wants constant when this week and I think he has pretty hard stance of confidence that they are going to win this weekend. But I also go off a little bit about the reactions to college football playoff which is just such did you ever week. Who plays three guys to place three cache it cannot stay the same. Does right now that little move someplace. Thank you daddy Bridget drop and then they'll go back to Woodruff road if you can now. 844 GS PE SPN let's get one call on the for the break from Mike he's an inning and on while I'm Mike welcome and a lot of. We're good at Mike what's up. On the Clemson Carolina game. I think. Number I think I'm gonna beat him handle and apply. One chance. Carolina. And her up well. The screen and a lot of weight. That's the only way neutralize the line. I have a major issue they're not run the ball. And that's a Croat around. And it. The only problem. Syracuse out of many and why or what it was a major problem I don't I don't even match up problem. One of content DB a corner safeties they're deep they're good. I don't see that quick gain work and I think. It helped and. And so I don't get out worked and other saying. Don't underestimate. Davos. Killer instinct for Carolina GE got out of five. Times in a row got made on day five bombs and courier disrespect. All that kind of stuff. He's got them they're mature. And serious group of players and they're gonna go down there and they're gonna end too. Yeah. And now we call on Monday agreed that. Celebrate. I'm not do you deserve it and you're right I like child not a like your game plan called Kurt roper and tell him that. The short passing game and the the hurry up not think running the hurry up can be effective preventive unity as you gotta get a now what do you think you go to that level would watch enough tape to note right yeah you and Richard 0844 GS PE SPN let's say 444773776. Back in a moment bodily espionage that. Welcome back to our ESP in upstate final hour of the hoddle here before Thanksgiving game 444773776. In our Twitter poll. 75% of our Twitter voters are picking the at Clemson Tigers 44%. Say Clinton wins by fourteen or more. 31%. Say Clemson wins by thirteen or fewer points. And then an even 25%. One in four pick in the gamecocks to get the upset in the game and ESP in upstate. You can vote in our Twitter poll through law tomorrow afternoon. Just before. 1 o'clock jelly Bryant quarterback for the Clemson Tigers talking about the importance of this rivalry in this big game coming up in Columbia Saturday night. Especially. The fourth to participate in this robbery do employer know that the sailor and on a rope. You know played in a driver or storm or regular is Maria and you know it means a lot so a lot of people in the state. A lot of people know planned there for a whole lot of Zorro on close to suck Obama. So us especially you know route forward to it. And of the guys here we move towards having them take a trip down in Columbia on Saturday. All mail flow in there you go home. Hello all flights home you know on both sandstone. Both players called it is as big joke when implanted. And so you know lose the fans were into it you know to start this news. He knows this is a lot of prod down there in Columbia. Plus is there ever. You know. You won't really like each other so. You know it also isn't worthwhile for trophies so we won't know be on one side and Okeechobee here at all in clumps and or rather than you know they've been down there are so. This would fossils special. And really in this third and amend myself notes being. Star quarterback here and in this area edges who player or mess around his. The measure must have used by a full well in general no no matter oil wells I don't our think you know groove you know thinking you know be here. Movement and it is our right in his reverend. Thought OS's owned for school as with all for me. So on. Those those really sweet you know Bill Haas who did you feel as soon freshman here at home. A season and a note and on our offer you know if we're in state schools so I see those first the first school all forms of community. But my first in house who. Are you offended but you know and that's the process what went on through you know I really there really you know. I like divider really fit as. Before me but I tell you gotta go you get the text 84447737760. Wanna get him with us we'll take a break come back and be joined by Jim's Oki. Carolina Panthers radio network talk Panthers football as they face the jets this weekend that's next in the huddle. On ESP in upstate. Welcome back can huddle on ESP yen up upstate the skin on the line with Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network we talked to him mom typically this time on Wednesdays. And Jim we appreciate you coming on today I thought you might be going and being involved in some preliminary. Thanksgiving feast activities and I'm glad you're available. My activities in both stay out of the way at watching TV Greg so are they gonna pitch it by about. Very good well had been by weekend now Lally at the jets coming out for the Panthers all on Sunday Carolina in great shape right now gym at seven and 3COM. Talk about dumb first ball Seattle losing that helps Carolina's forest wild card right. Yeah I think I mean you're chasing him all of the other scenes that are as similar records anyway. It can be helpful but you get to Atlanta get to with a closer without it broke both those two to match or six or Atlanta. And Seattle city Olympic Games ago I think. Departed as they prepare there's just got to worry about their own business that is yep things shake out they keep winning them a lot of the local matter. Right how about this match up with the jets so one thing is Connie Lee is they are not understand he's been talking about this can be revenge game for him wailing them. What you read the patriots and the things that they could get frustrated in the New England England released them. Yeah yeah I think anytime between that you start with the draft the view that I just get some degree. Is an opportunity or players illiterate future I guess. Would motivates you is by news that listed as a starter on the deeper line you got one quarterbacks that so that you know they do have some good players who met. Because the front seven overall and their regular. Good platoon player I guess he's he's got a little better this year for the jets but I think near campus to look at it could be done to the hole and not just one player but it appears to see what. Cody Lee may have happened store enemy does. Nine batted passes which a fairly high number so I think it. I take it from -- what you're saying there you law agree with the Panthers decision when they parting company. Back when they did. Well the thing about O'Neil he is you remember that Super Bowl performance really huge gain in the abstract an interception. And yet expect that every game but he was just kind of and up and down consistent performer in his seat that hampered. More consistently overall observed him being a top player forgot it was a second round picks up. I think that was the biggest thing was just a year you'd expect that a bird in a more ultimately sought. This jets team is not as terrible as some people fault they would be going into the season is that fair to suck. Some thought we played for the first pick in the draft and get next quarterback now that the bottom plate pretty good book all the they started out three and chew it without level up ordered outboard six. But they've lost a lot of close games Greg a lot of blow a one possession games so I do I think there's a bigger better playing team the middle of the record in wreckage right now. Josh McCown a quarterback what kind of challenge does he present for the Leon panthers' defense. It just for saw a great guy and makes a summit Charlotte area like that their quick practical. And archer at global book urged area so. The guys who well respected in the Panthers organization. And the rabbit in the year has played for a lot of teams. So that that they're journeyman quarterback but when healthy is is Al which is now that addicts. Even though he's 38 or nine years old to develop a popular line he's pleading 69% of his passes. With a quarterback rating of 94 with you know really not like brand name receivers they sterling shoes so you just that they get a better and heady guy. If everything that he got great leadership guy obviously locked for a guy like it's stuff that speak to that that and that bridge quarterback a hero to fuel future with the younger quarterback. Greg Olsen back at practice the tide end do we think he's ready to go. Yeah barring a setback from what he's done Monday and Wednesday and start Torre feels like it up Thursday Friday. Should be good together so an expectation that they'll play yet. Based on what happened today and that is what the state able to go those setbacks report so Belichick also though be ready to go will be interesting to see. How much they use about you know I would think it would just go out there display and certainly by snaps but. The bridge is legitimacy get him on the field and it certainly expect to play as well. Any other injury updates that you've come across this week. Your right ankle Lil Barry yet be ready he said earlier this week that Monday that he feels. The best he stole all year. But I don't necessarily know that that need to play this week they brought him back once before this year. That dirt courses Eden and ended up bleeding in the first quarter as such they're going to be. Maybe area homicidal extra caution has just. Meet at a looking at a speculating that it could be that it's not a week ever right well I would say at best at is that he had him. Captain mutter limited illness wasn't able to practice today. Cavagnoud got to go to the bit of a thumb injury on his right throwing anti war blog without fingers on it cracked this today. Obviously not that could keep him out of the game but I'd like to but I have a discourse. Throwing an Alley might go for the game mom fertilizer appreciate it. When you have a bye week now more familiar with college in the NFL how much how much time off to they actually what was a schedule on. Date yet another game on Monday so it will be different article later in the week negate last week they came in and got some work in that took up Friday Saturday Sunday had a practice Monday that to be usual. Tuesday also the other able to get in a few extra days of practice they would normally out in addition to getting the extra rest and that they got was that along we get the bat. And is that coaches also took some time up to a they were straight through. The go to various sit in the staff just a couple days and got away did mentally recharge and develop them with a kick back up Monday. Everybody was energetic side and a big not expect the let down you'd go out right now. I think everyone's at a high level but I don't you know relax and taper off at this point so it should should see that met you fully energized to recharge and it was. Or are you matching Cam Newton and is a little bit of the thumb issue but he's he's. Has a lot of fun around Thanksgiving was an event he does that tell the Thanksgiving jam as Eric. Yes it is that at a Monday where he needle out of there almost scared. Could provide Thanksgiving dinner a lot of help on Monday and Adonis Davis did look at some families again later record Tuesday. So he has his youth the good guys on this team that are involved in the community and they're able to take more than just about themselves and your use of their blessing to count. Blessed others aware of that so I was medical CK haven't CD and this other units it out there it is so. All right well so far so good for the Panthers she'll take 73 right now legitimize that surprise you at all that they are are doing this well looked as one of the season. Now having your right and they what more they want all last year already but we we chat about to be about that you're that sick since then more than relieved to see they were in. Maybe fifteen and one was to law you do your report expect that again but. Yeah I expect in the mid to settle and it may be be a double figure win team this year you think about it they want Korea Korea sleeper. The map of the tenants six which you would. Get to the player also bank workers at the time so you know hopefully they get this one and and then more talking next week that would make that New Orleans gave all the bigger get back to this. Are good gyms Oki Carolina Panthers radio network happy Thanksgiving Jim we'll talk to you next week. Greg Cindy and all you stepped out there in Greenbelt Richard. All right thank you for coming on Jim was Oki. Great job covering the Carolina Panthers. As god take our final break and they'll give us time we come back to revisit college football the big weekend coming up stay with us you wanna jump in on the phone last chance to do Saturday for four. 4773776. Via text. 71307. From Carolina coaches are v.s superstore now huddled on ESP in upstate. Welcome back final twelve minutes of the show today the hobble on ESPN. Upstate with Craig McKinney coach Josh Phillips who left but. Ten minutes ago we will be back now. And also Alex and here Alonso on vacation. One thing grave for producing this week and filling in for Alonso appreciate that gripe. 8444773776. Let's go to the phones and I believe it just. Only on the line springer. GMAC what's up how your opponent has a cousin Jerry. He's my knowledge and wish you happy Thanksgiving brother thank you that's valuing coached us and it just feels weird to our November gaining you're not Colin won more games for the bird gravel that let that we did make progression so that's a good thing. It was it was it was progress that's right. Maybe next. We don't have a great Thanksgiving dinner I'm hopefully going to serve up some Auburn tiger back. Bank stress since the war Eagles just smoke. And I doubt I could Donna Kevin guys embodiment appreciate the column women in dollar by school full blown up bust up there are some good games on Friday night. Dormant in Gaffney that will be Ed Dorman and the five A playoffs. For the right to go to Columbia on the other end of that bracket it's Dutch fork hosting for Dorchester. Back Greer south point game let's see if it's close it is a Greer the way it worked on the playoffs of south Pointe has come into. Play the yellow jackets angrier on Friday night. Our hearts Boland Berkeley will play in the lower state four a playoffs. In three day Chapman Panthers and coach mark Hodge still alive and chicken they will host emerald on Friday night. Dylan in Brooklyn JC will play on the other side of the bracket. Two way at savvy villain salute and then amber your heart and Marmol. One a ridge spring Mineta Lamar and Baptist hill and CE Marie so we'll serve was his time talking about that because we get back in here. Next Monday for our next polls show the huddle we will have all the matchups for the state championship games which will be fun to look. Talk about now coaching you're going to be in here for a limited show all on Friday the day after Thanksgiving because we have Clemson basketball to thirty year time. So you'll be here for an hour and a half from one to 230. And I imagine you'll have few things to talk about me. Yeah I'm sure there are so that we can get shaken up about. Heading into the weekend on Black Friday and a lot of folks would be out. You know after the film Turkey and dressing it gently gravy and macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole and all that good stuff so. Tune in weather so I'll be here like he says from one to 2:30 AM. We'll talk about some more of these matchups in the weakened what happened over the place. Indonesia the 7777%. Of people prefer Turkey to ham. Surprise you. I mean all Thanksgiving I would certainly go of that. Well we do pigs so much during the year and I'm a very I mean how many times during the year do you actually have her I'm talking about the bird not. You know vote. Deli meat Turkey to educate launch that's not what I'm told and other real audio or Obama the real deal via via so not too often. During the season to actually. The big gobble so. Yeah how about mashed potatoes are stuffing Bush's choice on what goes from 61%. Prefer mashed potatoes. So you're in the minority there. It's a little homemade. Well doesn't site but we do have this the homemade on a cranberry sauce the you know some people it amazes me it is an evil like that commanders solves that comes out looking like a canned. With a little luck and the shape to it. How many what percentage thing prefer homemade cranberry sauce. I would Ottoman higher than of government thing parameters like culminated as long as you know. Long as is done well 68%. Prefer home made as far as the best extra side dish getting away from you know the stuffing or the mash potatoes. On number one in this big deal in the southeast to tie Alex were showing me tea. A survey earlier about the number one side dish in the southeast it's Mac and cheese we love our Mac and cheese around Europe to. Got beaten 45% go Mac and cheese 21% was green being casserole. 21 person it was sweet potatoes are like the a mashed sweet it is now are we did this on the sweet potato souffle yeah mashed potatoes are marching miles a scares me. What kinds of marshmallows marshmallows it on the top human marshmallow yes I'm partial to the outcome they're like you and me and I was number one tie at Thanksgiving. Gotta be pumped you would think but no. No. Number one is apple at 39%. The cup pumpkin second at 1237%. Just 2% on the con is third at 17% share is fourth at 27 protection. There yuck military I knew it was some good dumb Vanilla ice cream on it. A more vote Blackberry cobbler. I'd so the word is on coaching changes were generated and be hit with a now more of them the word is that seven someone has been told that he's out. After the LSU game jumble. Yeah and the word is that they are going hot and heavy after Jim both Fisher he should take out only you will he's real tight down he should fine why would you move to Florida seen day in and. He needs to do he needs to run at a Tallahassee so the last. Several things. His team is under achieving. Unbelievably. Bad. No way Florida State as rough as there season has been Florida State on a bad note. Should be enough and three football team that's at their worse. There are literally one place that'll last in the ACC eagle finish with a losing record. Should never happen they got beat by Boston College 31 to nothing. Shut off all those bought foreign fire starter a Boston College should never ever. Ever ever ever while shut out Florida and Jim those well. Yes it did at least in large part he's already won a national taught there's nothing more for him to do there. He's won the ACC a couple of times he went to the playoff you wanna BCS championship he's had a Heisman Trophy winner. He had a ridiculously. Awful. Embarrassing. Personal issue with him and his wife that he issued an intuitive divorce. There in Tallahassee. He needs a fresh start he needs to get the heck out of dodge go to College Station. Do like Mark Richt did. But don't wait as long as more grit did Mark Richt and he should lift by Beers before. There's sometimes you could just be at a place too long and his son has had health issues. He needs a fresh start and I think Texas and it would be a great he can retool his staff. Don't take any of them plan if it's got. A leave their butts in Tallahassee let him and for themselves they're gonna fire about those as a heck yeah especially defensively. If I was him I would take to him coach's office. Randy Sanders and that's. The rest double odds on a boat and let them do whatever they want to do but you're gonna go over and compete with Alabama and LSU and Auburn to a man re energizes though. Every year organ and bang your head up against those schools well it's only that is. If he can get they have him back winning ten games a year and that's the thing nobody's expecting him to win the SEC. But compete for every couple years in office and both Fisher that we expect it at Florida State. Don't want him to win the national title every year I got that. So I'd say Jumbo pack your bags Borough. Get the heck out of dodge get a fresh start. Fresh breath of new hair get to a place that's excited and a and M has. Horribly departments facilities small college football. I'll purely by says nobody's better net in the AM nobody. Got a 120000. Seat stadium. They wanna win. He can recruit. They run an offense that he you know they got players there that. He can run his office under. Mean most of his quarterbacks come from Texas anyway. I just think he needs a fresh start. By we'll see where that goes final thoughts on the South Carolina Clemson game here got a tech stuff the text line 71307. Says Greg I don't know what that gift back caller that thinks South Carolina doesn't have big receivers has watched them but they have several that double play in the game. Yeah I thought about that when he was Scion and how many South Carolina is not short is not undersized. Ever see every guy Hayden Hearst tidy and who is 651. Or tree Smith goes what's execs three moron Amber's sixth marine and needless to the 63215. Some dirt they're not lacking size. And receiver fishermen of the Jake to lump. To have the game of his life for south Carolina's James and his again. Yeah him in coral roper have to. That they have to make it happen this week otherwise it's not gonna happen. I'm embroiled in a Twitter war right now to wean. Clemson and South Carolina fans they're getting after pretty heavy with me in the middle of it I'm just trying to refereed. Now where we got a couple more days before the game so we'll get we'll see if there's any controversy dragged up doing things nets handed a controversy. That I heard this week is Clinton calling the timeouts at the end of the game last year and it's 56 to seven. I don't know that's catching hold. No because the reason dabbled did that is he wanted to get some of his players off to give a mode. I mean really. I mean really he called a time out one of the timeouts he called was to get the strong Watson out of the game. So that he can give him a standing ovation that was his last home game. And he gave him a hug come and over big wolf and. And you have what does the jig Bentley comments from earlier that clock not that much better than South Carolina was last year Reitman as a 567 game. I don't know if that's real bulletin board that material. I mean the motivation is there because what's on the line especially for clams and everything online and everything South Carolina and get a better bowl game and and just a lot of fun a few spore clumps and see. My goodness could you imagine the state of the gamecocks went good right now it is literally inconceivable. It is inconceivable to Clemson fans but the gamecocks could win this game. It's not even in the thought process did you imagine this date if the you know if the unbelievable. To be the biggest upset ever in the series. Yes there might have been some you know bigger upsets as far as where the teams were coming Yemen now with more application brightness as big as again. You've got a team that's the defending national champion they're ranked third in the playoff goal obviously go to the playoff if they win now. All the chips are on the line for me to be the biggest women's. Go history down here in depth and absolutely what I was stunned today good calls good Tex. Enjoy your Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving to you and your family for gray our producer this week for Alex the end turn four and Josh. Alonso who is off this week but made his appearance via phone earlier. I'm Greg McKinney. We will be back with a full show on Monday Josh will be back on Friday from one until 230. In the abbreviated addition before Clemson basketball. Straight to post surge coming up next enjoy the Turkey simulator no huddle. On ESP in upstate.