The Huddle 11 22 17 Hour 1

GMac, Josh Phillips, and Alex the Intern guide the show into Thansgiving with Skai Moore on Clemson vs Carolina, CFB Playoff rankings and the Committee, and Chip Kelly taking Florida or UCLA.


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While command the hall do you turkeys to the huddle on ESPN upstate. On Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. Lipitor and got to sing this is the least productive day of the year I'll. We're gonna make sure that doesn't happen here for the next three hours and the hollow because we have tons of stuff. Ted talk about today in the huddle lots of Carolina Clemson if you wanna make your prediction get an end today of the next three hours. An 8444773776. For gonna hear from sky more gamecocks linebacker Rainier and Kelly Bryant. Clemson quarterback gum we also may get a little more from dabble in will much champion if we have time today. Might have been Diddy will join us in studio at 304 we'll get his thoughts about that he follows the gamecocks in the tigers' pretty closely or blogger and podcaster. JC share over the big spurt dot com all over the South Carolina angles and though we'll have him come in. On law on the phone at 225. This afternoon and talk to him. And we will also hear from Jim's Oki share a lot of printers radio network about 330 Panthers do play this week and had a week off last week they play aunt. The jets this weekend Panthers are seven and three. And doing very well don't need to stumble this week. So we'll talk does okay about that coming up on the show are also are picked him. We'll do that at 2 o'clock but 204 this nationally when call Alonso off for vacation. To get his picks on Marty talked to him via text today and he will join us because he does not wanna miss the take him at 20 for the sentiment. So that's coming up as well and much more so come on into the huddle. And join the conversation today 444773776. Carolina coaches army superstore text line is 71307. And more on Twitter at ESP in upstate. Just put a Twitter poll up moments ago they went up that 1251. So it's one. Just fifteen minutes or so ago. What's gonna have a with Carolina collapsing gimme your outcome for the gamecocks in the tigers debut three choices closest favored by fourteen. So we went with. Clinton by fourteen or more. Clemson by thirteen or under. Or they James Cox did the upset. What do you think beyond confidence level is in South Carolina getting the upset will ultimately. Right now 23%. 23% of your pick and gamecocks to win. So the other 77%. Going for the tigers' most of you. Are saying Clinton wins big 45% say Clinton by fourteen plus. And 32%. Say the tigers when it by. Thirteen. Or under one of the key players for the game Cox. In this game we'll certainly be senior linebacker Scott Moore who leads the team in tackles he sixteenth in the SEC and tackles. 73 tackles this year. Seven tackles for loss. He leads the team in interceptions has three this year has fourteen in his career. Tied the school record set by boat Davies back in 1969. To 1971. So. Scott Moore deal lead to gamecocks in tackles for four years not consecutively because he missed last year but four years. Leading the team in tackles and that is a rare feat so law talking this week about this match up with a Clemson Tigers. Scott Moore says there's no doubt this is a huge game for feminist game. In the you know more I'm on floor gods say not a member of the group with a were really coming here first Obama camp is those those first thing I knew it. I don't feel like Clemson as a big rivalry and you know when wintertime it's just planned to us this is big and mid 2013 game. And maybe different from what we're supposed to look. They just came here in really doing OK you know. It was as Carly that like he knows him coming in amounts. And that's say they come and our house and you know he's got makes him and do we do you know. So you know that's that's a time Bob about that at about themselves as the time as the enemy in this and he definitely and it it was your first. Knew it was a it was a must second in my Sampras serves from offers Mississippi State. Competitively. Thirteen to what you've seen my history or else the elation in the giants' team Munro. Yeah accusing me. From that scene he knows those it was a good it was a good I mystery that we you know everybody was woods. Then why I guess at before they really care about who's coming in but. You know since since that time they've compensated for it you know Tommy advances that I think supplements out here. You took some folks. You know when I first groups like it's supposed to. You know. There are really you know so much that I've been into that long. Just kind of funny that I yeah. And that form I would have been in this last you know the younger guys in the past 100% know that they wanna send us out of banks whose overall just focus. Last year and brought with you guys that are really. I'm sorry I hurt myself from from that and again so we'll. I guess that it really does put that kind of seen as the new team new. Atmosphere with the team so he knows I'm glad that it and it's important to keep toll on the economy one dimensional and yeah it's. You know so you know we just got you know not get past. The quarterback rushing and passing notes keep keep the line of scrimmage in front of same make him vulnerable so you know that's a song gotta. Giving your journey and you when the schedule came out did you look at this game left anyway embrace this opportunity that's ahead Ingraham yeah I mean. I love that you don't really play close Alaska independence as a calmness. You know. Part of the season lost almost everything about you know me and with a bang and then come so. You know I'm I'm I'm excited I was exciting excellence. That's going to happen and it. A sky more South Carolina linebacker force on the other side of this Clemson has won 44 out of the last 44. 41 out of the last 44 games Womack to 2014. They have. Then fourteen M won it at night. Over the past two years so no one playing a night they've been very good at night on the road. One of the keys though our coaches that Clemson. Always wins when they rush for 200 York. Always 41 straight wins. When they rush for 200 York's doesn't accuse us seek. How to handle Kelly Bryant and his running ability particularly in and of course he TN and for Easter south John doesn't win this game of clinching its over 200 yards rushing. Your great. Yeah actually be able. To get 200 yards rushing in that means. That you and partner keep him the beef Carolina's defense on the field to keep their profits off the field. Their control in the line of scrimmage they're controlling the clock. They're dictating the pace of the game. And when that happens usually. Teams blow the other team out unless you get explosive please. I'm from your office and you're able to keep pace. That would be usually that's the aberration not the not the more so you you know definitely that the two goals for. Carolina's defense is particular Bryant pocket and control the running game. Now. The downside of that is. You're gonna have to figure out where your double coverage comes from and where you're single coverage comes from. So they're gonna have to figure out do we wanna leave hotter renfro. While one or do we wanna leave deal on K one on one. How do we want to manipulate our coverage. In that aspect. And that's where it gets very very difficult war. Will Muschamp and his staff are personally. Would double up on Dion came. Take your chances of how to renfro was crazy as that may sound of that kid. Is just phenomenal. Eye catching the football. But you can't get blown by you can't get run by in your secondary. And one of the lasting memories of a lot of people have. Is beyond came just post arising jamarcus came over and over and over again. What when he had single coverage so. You're gonna have to take your chances some ways you're gonna have to be Smart. In other ways in the you're gonna have to rely on the fraud. To hold down on the running lanes because that's the that's the only way you got a chance of this and I think they can't do it now whether they executed. Is another thing in mixup their coverages now we'll say this. On Carolina is going to present. Probably the most complicated. Schemes dramatically that Kelly Bryant has also floor. Now whether they can take advantage of that and force turnovers and that's what Carolina has to do all year and I think Matt from the state eluded to this early. Carolina defensively. Has been sort of a bend but don't break between the twenties don't. Give up the big play but they've also gotten outstanding turnovers. In the right situation remember against NC state. They turn in she stayed over three or four times. And then of course Carolina's red zone defense has just been rock solid so. That that's the formula for success when the kicking game be sound on defense don't give up stupid jock plays. Make Clemson and make Kelly Bryant beat you. And I think get into the game if Kelly Bryant is. 22 of 354350. Yards and throws with three touchdowns. Clemson wins. That I think will Muster a registered as patent dog kids say great ball game but that's the formula. For the gamecocks defensively. Down south Carolina's only lost three fumbles in all year they fumbled seven times only lost three of them and goes with nine interceptions a twelve turnovers and they have. Picked up 21 turnovers eleven fumbles in ten interceptions. On the other side to that's certainly been a key statistic for the gamecocks and only to do that to have a chance. On Saturday nothing happened last night with a college football playoff rankings came out as a South Carolina cracked the top 25 it at number 24. Probably good for Clemson gives them a chance for another. Right team. On the resume if they when the game that they can claim if if it should come down isn't going to be a a close vote to get him right now on her terminal. No not at all especially if you've got. Say an upset Auburn and Alabama. In Auburn somehow wins that angles on Wednesday SEC of course all the Auburn people are will be clamoring that they need to get hand. Wisconsin they were on the table when you're on the bubble between. On South Carolina or skew between Clemson and Auburn who gets. Yeah that's another bullet. Form clumps and have going into the college football playoff. A you know you mentioned the turnover thing before. You don't there's a concern offensively for Clemson in this game is the tigers have had a propensity to put the ball on the day. Kelly doesn't throw that many interceptions because he's technically. Doesn't throw the ball as much as possible as they have in the past. But the running backs they they're the they'll put it on the debt. In certain situations so. I think that bodes well offer Carolina home warning that if they can. Somehow agreed to turn over and get an extra possessions. I'm thinking in order for Carolina to win this ball game. They're gonna have to turn Clemson over at least three times they can get three turnovers. Than they should have a good chance when the ball game. Did Clemson has lost six fumbles. On the year bomblets sixteen times and only lost six albums so lump they've been able to guilt I'll come back and what's been a plus for them. The other thing to happen in the playoff polling came LSI's Clemson drops bought Miami jumped them. It would talk to Heather damage at this time yesterday shouldn't see any of that happening don't see any moves in the top form a lot as Miami jumped Clemson. What happened last week for Miami to jump clubs and that big win over Virginia. I'm not only idea it can't it just brings me back till we don't know what to pick this committee for them to do it. It seems like as the season gets later and later in the year teams that are undefeated. Our regular non over one loss teams. And it seems like that's what. It is kinda. You know these teams keep drop them off we have Notre Dame drop off we Georgia drop off. After losses. And as you get down the stretches seems. That the communities like OK well these other teams have had their opportunity. They do not take advantage of it. So teams undefeated like Wisconsin like Miami on world reward them for. Their overall. Overall record and I think that tool in the city. Moving forward 41 would like to see it state. Right there but of course those guys are gonna play each other dead matter so then what happens so I think you brought a great. Question Heather yesterday is. It you know if Auburn wins the ball game what happens if you've got a one loss to Miami teams sitting right there over a two loss. Auburn Tigers team. With an undefeated Wisconsin what happens in that scenario and do. I get it obviously Wisconsin would give in to a spot Oklahoma. Presumably would get in and Clemson but then what happens with that force bought. The committee's gonna have to basically decide between them you can't. I would be surprised. I'd be surprised if they jump Miami over Auburn if that happened. Because of of the way Auburn has closed. A big wins over Georgia they would have an upset over Alabama and then of course the media SEC champion. But man you hear a lot of who reporting crime from ACC folks have that happen with a one loss Miami team that made it the conference championship and Auburn sitting there were two losses. Dep you definitely would I have a feeling that on the committee loves Miami is an undefeated team I'm not sure how much their loved them on Campbell lost if and when they have lost the Woolsey. A 444773776. Holes like Greg come back get your calls and more. And hear from mark Mike Leach coming up to that's always fun the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Beautiful sunshine tonight breezy out there though that was the winds kicking up but not bad at all. Temperatures up around sixty degrees today day before Thanksgiving 2017 this is the Hubble. On ESPN up states phone lines open do you an 8444773776. It's good the phones and talk to Delmon first up today AW. And yes oh. The Daytona. Quoted as well for a classic official attention to note change that would to change. So totally did they know they initially was a child should note. I don't know man I you know I I mean now in its impressive that they come from behind to win both I wouldn't but wouldn't jump them for that. I mean did they if they should be ahead a closer now they should have been a Clemson last week that's in Toronto. But decided the nation's attention trilogy please had to get the best candidate no bail enemy that's being caused. And it sort of domino Bennett in as opposed that if I don't attention code. Not out to think that Notre Dame win for Miami over the Virginia when a mile long shot yeah. Now what did. Not not yet no official Bill Carter about sending additional channel should potential. Wouldn't wish to literally get hurt the Soviet. I got two men present taught you know it gets frustrating when now it's gonna get frustrating when the not committee stars trying to explain some of the moves they make. What the literal. Does not gonna make sense is just not they're gonna do what they wanna do. And it's not gonna make sense and we're gonna have to. Accept it as is the way this all the teams are going to be them. Well for the most part the only to be any controversy zero controversy on the top final four now. I'll I'll beg to differ with him. Clemson win now Alabama win out. Oklahoma win now I'm. And the new in. Wisconsin. A Wisconsin and give him a one loss at Wisconsin not to middle and low. This does is done little animals mentioned that this is gonna happen then you're gonna have to also auto state him. Then what happens from now two loss team comes into the picture wants him and muscles or else they would make. Maybe yeah they could that like this or America. And that will be controversial. Man. OK okay big can change. Because all these other teams they have their shot. Georgia spit the bit Auburn spit the bit. Mean they've had their shot they played that on the field and and that's why if you know it's hysterical to me when people talk about. Was a few years ago. When Alabama and LSU played for the BCS national championship. And there but I thought it was always this SEC conspiracy that they wanted to change an already played each other and play for the national title at such a crock it because in the last week of the season Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Who were both undefeated blue double digit leads. Kansas State was up seventeen to nothing. In the fourth quarter and lost Oklahoma State was up fourteen to nothing in the fourth quarter and lost. I got Jim but if Ohio State gets there with two losses is not the they've lost two games it's it's how they lost two games. Now my fifteen poised Oklahoma at home. And then they lost by 31. Points to Iowa you're putting that team in the final four. Well would you rather have them around Washington say for for. So now becomes. A pig beauty contest. He's the best looking page. Washington. And I think. Ohio State would probably be the better looking pretty. That's not a pretty big no I agree. I agree a 100% see that's where it but if on the committee. I would much rather have a one loss Miami team then 82 loss conference champion. Yeah I'm kind of windy on that and thought I'd much rather have if they lose close right if they lose close and they've got one loss I would much rather I would much. I would rather give the benefit of the doubt to a team that went undefeated during the regular season. Lost their conference championship game and that's the only blemish on their season that team got blown out twice. Right Ohio State got blown out twice at home and on the road. By combined score of 89 to like thirty something. I won by thirty. Oklahoma beat them by twenty tennis between fifteen and is 31 with. But not right 31 she's 31 miles who is responsible. Right so I would much rather have. Miami number four with one loss play in full play in Alabama. And Clemson played in Oklahoma. At two and three Matt you've got a playoff. Nine it's a that's where the country burst governing Osce a blog where the other brewing for one of those positions that's one and I've been saying this for weeks now I think. If as long as Miami doesn't or Clemson doesn't. Lay an egg this weekend. Great chance the ACC gets two teams in and they should capitalize on it they got a shot. Let's go to the phones and talk to my next and not Ohio Mike welcome and. You are not. Good like what's up. I'm not. I came around and not just a mental hurdle because they think group ruling out there that they paid critical would be and it. This community championship I hypocrite. PLC Clemson beating Miami in the ACC championship in Charlotte. The car. Well down I think they do Josh. Johnson beat Miami in the ACC championship. Yes great game. Good game. Ball that I am all think Miami is ready for the defense. I don't know enough about twelve months I don't think ultimately the defense. Well that's why it's going to be a good game and that's a great point you have to defense is just two of the best in the country. I don't have each other and that's gonna come down to which quarterback makes the big mistake and I would bet it more on rolled geoghan Kelly Bryant because what they were out rosier in this is something that he did not do against Notre Dame. And I get credit for. Is in the previous games or close he threw three or four interceptions. The kids got to propensity to. Give the ball to the other team and you do that against Clemson you don't lose. I don't think. They print. On the conflict and they're trying to I don't do as good. Bright clothes I'm into this president is corrosive enough credit problem. I don't brings it massive army defense not this month on Britain. Have been pregnant you know deliberately. I grew this can be the best ACC championship game within a lot in greens at all Scalia. I've got a bunch of buddies at a Miami fans they've already gotten tickets thank Mike Persian gulf. The guy that sits on a real quick also. A 444773776. Some speaking of a college football playoff committee I know Mike Leach went off on marriage from a play in Allen. But the what do you say now regular gallon up about what he says about marriage weddings and what it's like for a guy when he's. Gonna get married it's pretty good to have we will get to that later but this is Mike Leach. The a Washington State coach talking about the college football playoff committee. Were American we'd love communities. Let's get this community what who should be on the committee will idle this guy's lets him committee well. And there's people on the committee that don't even have. Remote associations. With football or they didn't level. Than BofA. Which you know let's mark you. Why not. I mean foreign. We regional war we talk we hit paying better. And it won't decide which fourteen shouldn't we have extended to a playoff system just like everybody else illnesses are reinventing wheels. This is instead of clamping down the road on our square will. Considering the notion of grounding some of the images of sorts spin. OK and then. Let's see we've picked up. We cut -- to. We copy one notable way or whatever and divisions although they changed all the initials does it wanna confuse everybody. And then they wanna just all so it means you're wrong it's filled me BC's or rather thin and and so when you go more remember just as we hear it committee and we don't have anything better to do and have a committee and change all the initials. Thank you Mike Leach always good to hear from 8444773776. Break dime back more coming up this is a hoddle. Just underway here on Wednesday before Thanksgiving on ESP in upstate. We're back updating our Twitter poll who's going to win on Saturday night and how close will it being. Clemson Carolina. How we gave the choices of club some by fourteen plus scares align his fourteen and again. Clubs in my thirteen around her or the gamecocks pull the upset right now Clemson by fourteen plus is leading our Twitter poll with 67 votes in already. 49% of you think Clemson wins by two touchdowns or more 49%. Of the 31% of you. Thank clumps of wins by thirteen. Or fewer points. And only 20% one in five. Picking the gamecocks for the upset. So far. This is 24 hour poll also plenty of time for you to vote just look up by ESP in upstate Addie SP in upstate on Twitter and you can vote in our Hubble poll. On the Carolina Clemson game. It looks like this Chip Kelly thing is. Possibly going to you want come toward a conclusion. Chip Kelly met with UCLA officials. On Tuesday. He's expected to decide between UCLA. And Florida. According to ESPN. Former UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman whose on the search committee. Is reported to be putting a full court press on Chip Kelly to take the UCLA job. Kelly not expected to consider any other college openings from us and talk about would you consider Texas a and M because the reports are that Kevin someone's about to be fired. At the end of the season. But. ESPN reporting a pretty much comes down to UCLA. Or Florida. For Chip Kelly which would you take if your Chip Kelly you want UCL AU. Wanna. Go to Gainesville. The coaching gators. What do you like coach I'd take usually. A take floor if you're bulletin for punishment. I know it's tougher fan base wise I got that no patience is then. I know I Rand Jim Mac going out and bought less than three years. I got that. But. You're in the SEC east you can women's. We've got a great recruiting base in Florida Condo this competition more more now from Miami. Then of course Florida State's always there. I just things can get lost on the West Coast. UCLA ever going to be a top five football team even with chip telling they get the right coach. Chip Kelly can take him there he could I'm not sure he's the right country the one on BO Sweeney I mean his success man and woman hater this success rate is. I admit it overrated he's overrated at Oregon in the national championship that was organ. What do good in the NFL. OK they won't either was or your holds any cheated challenged. You want a guy who's got a sketchy track record in college forget alliance bringing darkness that you think I've met with the that's exactly renewal NCA guys get fired as Tommy Bowden the. I don't want to see a guy keep the Christians out of here no go away at the go to seminary or put up a little of the Vatican go go on a mission trip. I don't want you. You're just gonna get a show calls penalty that's what you'll demeanor showgirls coming out. Yeah but you've got to win. And I'm all about some Hugh freeze. Can he do UCLA audited organ I think so. I think so and I think he's gonna take that job I don't think he's going to explore. I think use he's. You know that makes sense to him because of his recruiting Tommy and the men he takes to UCLA job. All of those guys he used to recruit an organ he can walk right in there and now he's got instant credibility. With the high schools that he recruited Mikhail form. And right now southern cal is light the world on fire. Man and an earlier war they are that's true but. See if you're UCLA. You really only help one team to worry about. And that's southern cal L word Stanford now. You get to recruit a different type athlete. See the pool for Stanford and those guys. Is that they've got to do a great job of talent analysis. You know you're UCLA you can you've got carte Blanche you go anywhere. Your public school you can go the president with a marginal our academic kid and say look. We need to get him in school okay it's done. Stanford can't do that. Now compared to Florida. Could Florida possibly. Get back to what they worry yes but do you wanna risk your health. Mean let's be honest it cost. The Florida job calls Jim Mac Wayne his mental health in Urban Meyer his heart health them. Just suck it up man. Debbie tough I'm just going to be tough I think GMAC is they ran Spurrier out of there now and he don't want the job now. Oh my goodness for that. It be stopped coaching four years ago if you did. Did you all I'm saying that there's something. If there's something about Florida it's like. The win in there and they won with Steve and he got everybody on there here and that was why. They took it as well we should always be this way. And if we're not winning the national title every year we'll go to far coach and you're right patients would be much better at UCLA and Florida see that's why I would take can see over Florida. Tennessee he's got pressure. But they're gonna fire you if every other year you in the SEC championship ones and Tennessee in this mix Martha in the mix particular model. I don't think they warning. Wanna you know wanna mid Tennessee. Grace any money might be soft money. Might be something to that because now there haven't bile the last two coaches UCLA has more money in Tennessee. Possibly. There's just look at it this way where can I go to have an immediate impact. That's gonna lessen the rebuild. And right now if you're Florida you're the third team in the state. You're not gonna go into any home and our crew jumble of these days if you're definitely not going to be. Mark Richt right now. Forget about it. Forget it. And then now Georgia really coming along well why do that yourself. Well and Lou Del Rio says he's not come back so that's the final nail in the coffin yeah. It's ally with. I mean what it would not wanna play in Los Angeles out of your did you see that your video that was posted of the traffic to another town and LA I don't know what we can tell you don't know how marketable to our communities where they can. It was like red lights go along way in white lights come on the other way and seeing the honey is on the campus as far as the eye could see you know their drive analyze. And the other thing is you've got all of those junior colleges out there that I'm glad to hear what must change try and appeal for Smart move. There's ball is all over K. Here's the problem of players in California they aren't quite Korea but there are G partners time. Our son once I don't seem to come to Kentucky. As a junior college poem. Out stages of all American force offensive line. So that you've got the and look USC can't take all of mean they're only allowed 25. And you've got the recruiting bases of San Francisco Los Angeles the entire West Coast. Plus in Arizona and Nevada. So you've literally guy. About twenty states. That you don't have any competition. Competition. On the West Coast yeah. USC and Washington. He needs and burden you ceiling beat Washington. UCLA. If UCLA at the right coach got in that job and worked at the way it was supposed to be war may be a power you may your imitate that on as some West Coast and Alex. I mean that's his home and its way less stressful floor agreement yeah man and not have to compete against. Forget the instate schools you're gonna be going head to head with a Nick Saban and then Kirby smile I mean it's crazy. And I will question about the gamecocks on the precipice is not coming to Florida as a scare will Muster not well but you know what I'm saying. The raw if you are Smart coach you wanna take your job. It's one curbing stayed and listened the next day. Carly was believe enough said the store before he was wanted to leave after his fourth year at Alabama and nick told me being patient. Don't leave just for an eagle mom and pop. Head coaching job go somewhere where you can win and win big. We listened. And he got the Georgia job now is when NBA. We'll Scioscia way. Should happen soon final break of the hour back immortal moment. The huddle on ESP upstate. And a couple of guys on Melissa forget Jim for the top of the hour Jim you are next in the huddle you don't. But don't good about so big blow up a fight to gear that toward putting. Detroit news show at Florida block breaker bar code staunch advocate duke actually ordered that she there. It closely got a joke where you sit full farm policies city. Visit recruit retain and recruit big. Now there's more competition there's more players to Jim. Well I'd go there but still. Eligible players legal given out piece earlier than they have always comes up. Online and those nobody else's wanna use ceiling Liza you know winners. Oh. Children will actually. It would be terribly closely aren't. Might the gym we appreciate it let's give and it. Ed you are the final columns sour you on it. Guess so they'll go well. Good to hear. What are you there are there. They're four and so and so emphasis. It's not true of religion in it it's just getting old now yeah Spurrier Gainesville either apple or actual. I'm telling me it goes both of those schools have eternal there's no doubt about it I would urge you to orbit the goal. If I were a big term. Tennessee or Florida Q when did you legitimacy report and realize the that you have a bit of like campus now it is since relational. There's like a love. The world go to school. And by the way you don't have a whole. Or. Somebody that albeit that was a prognosticator. Or a journalist put. Yesterday. And in if I didn't hear in vital role he said that it would seem would be superb has been a good bit. This score but Gibbs called soccer or look like it was well this year. Mao was probably a caller foresight not often not a risk going. It was a it was difficult. Anyway. If it's. If I'm Chip Kelly or bill is Sheila Berry though it's books about it. Then Tennessee. I got pop star told our team as does for the cops start all over that field. I wouldn't country. I mean but then again under the collar all the way yeah yeah yeah. Or or beer. Three or four years that's good yeah that's only 2 o'clock so he's got the rest of the day there and boom did our and that it amount idea we present happy Thanksgiving to you. I now think Matt Connelly knew we had on yesterday said it was going to be a blowout that. That'll be honest I think it probably heard in Bob's gym Bob did. Blond Bob is not a prognosticator. He fancies himself as one I'm Bob Hope we don't want the spigot prognostications. On the other side. We will get our pick ten we Alonso on the phone for that soon tell you about though our picks hunting games coming up for this weekend in college football. And JC sure with a big spurt dot com will join us about 225 so. Busy next hour here in the huddle on this Wednesday before Thanksgiving stay with a sunny SP in upstate.