The Huddle 11 21 17 Hour 3

Matt Connolly​ from The State newspaper joins to give updates on practices from Clemson and South Carolina, Will Muschamp's thoughts on Clemson 


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No Alonso he's on vacation. As Greg McKinney George Josh Phillips Alex the end churning in the huddle today on ESPN. Upstate. Graduate this assassin and final hour of the show on this Tuesday afternoon we bring in now Matt Connelly with the state newspaper he is on Twitter. At mass at the state I'm mad I you don't. A very good dog Q is always surrogate issue over Clemson for the news conference today Iraq. A little still here now against a word article kicked out about thirty minutes less. The out of it. And I dumb any news made there was most interesting thing you heard from Davos today anything else. Call a few days of probably the first was just. He stated that Auburn Alabama. Robbery compared stepped out of that Stallworth Alabama that the Florida Tuesday you know that kind of stuff that you know it's the difference did that do it. Stated in you know people may think that straight people I have lifted up our coast and played that game thirteen to not good here it's eight years now. It is very similar and stayed as far as. Databases and at dislike Kollek. A ball that was that was cut interest saint that he can't solve about. Back with doctor lot of fans used about Volvo that. With or total of five years to take the pictures and he can do you that it motivations first seen quoted a last year so we'll players are calendars. They eat out about it summit this. That got a part of the property in that debate. Got to go with the flow in and you that you are pretty quickly that there's a portion of the state that. The deputy legal recruiting trips and stuff of course that it it's doesn't have a kind of summit. You know they have that chemical relationship with Spurrier led those back and forth intense at times but also friendly at times some more what does he say about his relationship with Will Muschamp and what are you what are you say about that these guys generally get along pretty well. Yet it that that terrorism as well is he regrets about his relationship when what you have been. Carol into his pastor now. All these little girl confident. Would. Unit out there who would much input at all burned and they would veto their own. Recruiting trail what he started off that they record and as an assistant they would out of Texas when he watched. Coveted and other their program that kind of stuff. But he did talk really much about. Other relationship it now and how much they talk now. You know I I didn't say it's if they be. But that's part in March interest of itself. But but I get it it's it's gonna help. That vote barrier word early on that they be in Hayward that out that it was Spurrier you know called focal photo that kind of stuff on the leak it. That must've been bad or doing that much. Yeah and Abbott Spurrier didn't do that early either especially when that's five by your winning streak was going in Spurrier favor in the. Yeah I mean that I put out how to play it is. There are really all that do work where did you Ortiz stated because there either that. Bush just kind of the best set in balance barriers adept at all but he's pebble Dubow you know the pot advocates and it's a problem upon them in that kind of stuff about they've they've biblical pretty close sprint is about a kind of funny how that's worked out. Doctor do a Matt Connelly but the state newspaperman I guess we have a little bit of news on backup quarterback at Clemson sounds like right now only if the game were played today hundred Johnson will be the first man off the bench. Yeah did this really just he played so well at the citadel the stats were better use that motivate has. There for more yards than they did did it fewer details. Haven't had a test not a legal system the DA into the so yes those are pretty thorough was well so it felt like. Hundreds not to belittle there Cooper right now. You know with that says that I would beast though it is. So that did ethnic alias. They're got it's it. You know it says that potter ready stroke orbit are the early voters not under percent. But you can go all the playbook is that if it was the thought of down years. They spit it offers a little further it'd as far as that he. Got a little hoarse it's out of the running game she's just been here longer. Been eclipsed all or been in the system alters. Not decoder. Maybe would get the first shot but it's that particular period after soap and I don't think there's still a huge gap to where they would pressure really castle particularly early all. Now injury wise Clemson pretty healthy right now maybe the healthiest they've been in a while Dexter Lawrence is a day amid China it's okay. Yet it the second page been banged up ball all year really. Particularly since the Syracuse game what would mark fields. Went out and edit it at eight it's Alford only to order. The steps Saturday insists it'll citadel the overall there LT besides you know Joseph discharge. They also we get the citadel an all those ghost respect the two. They're lesser about it and probably at least a little doubtful straight pars. The start Mike backers believe knuckle in the place ability dealt all right now the travesty here against Florida State. And it jets bit back a linebackers. That have been a key contributor on special teams at. Also got a lot of us don't speak it's simply he's scorched or right now. But but rather that they're really really LT. The coaches at Clemson seemed to be really pleased of what happened last week in the citadel game understanding that it was a mismatch but dumb that they wanted to come out and be fluid employ well not make a bunch of mistakes and gets sloppy and numb. The overall grades are pretty good right. Brilliant yeah. And and it's hard and learned a lot from that game just the calls. The federal was a so overmatched. It that was the sonic opportunity to cable TD six delete the sport. It's our minute and it kind of strolled into the strip at a bid to the years specially. Defensively they've been allowed a lot of points wait a year couple subtle and they. Market talk about it but I think that as far as the confidence to appoint him even if promoting its bigger part of it over the plate they did as far as I want to be kissed the page out of the upper. If you made it in those I think more than anything it was just try to build some confidence. With a deep passing game it's really struggled especially the second at the year and they credit stroke belt bill passing. Big advocate for the kind of built some confidence there in it's got so good about also got there as we can. And you keep a pretty good eye on the South Carolina football team as well mom. A much different is this year's South Carolina team and a compared to last year's team that got clobbered 56 to sevens are huge difference in your mind. Yapping as a there's a pretty big if first. Especially if it's clear that light. Sucked a lot of a lot more physical there's maybe. Better that are able to kind of head of a bad joke outcry at that they're create more turnovers I think elite edgy these turnovers. The army unit Alabama and they've got some guys that project is too leaky to waddle. Two stalwarts. Pollute that are really played well trying to. Slowed down to address and the ball that'd which about lives dominated play nickel to go along with. Monitor markets keen. Or shot and I think detonate playing well students got more back as debate for so. Yeah credit I think beat deleted scene is much improved from last year hurt and all the other side of it. Could sit offense isn't as explosive a dozen that many current and it did last year when. You look at was that a guy like Mike Williams are takers our initial arts and winning goal with it it's really two very different scenes. The last years don't be surprised to see other schoolwork. There of course the PP six to seven in general that. Yeah gimme a couple of keys to watch for early in this game that will tell us how it's going what dumb what are you be looking for. In the first quarter so this can't. Really the church's dispute is tapped out Trotter. Polls open pass protection and there have able. Any kind of success throwing the ball on the extra without turning. Wesley genius offered all the so it did it's going to be hard for them to try to establish a running game that they really can't afford to be would additional. Now it's Clinton and let those that stretcher. Career back in Iraq for the quarterback. Some reluctance today this week. But all with a lot it's harm that it record to defeat there would connect a needy each Utley. Our early in the game. I imagine suck on it there's not a load up the truck stop early at. Jamaica proud beatle fan thinks. Creators to deceive ER Khader for Gregory Iranian and got it loose. I don't know how stopped on a trapped in the. I know odd dabble in the coaches are gonna allow Clemson to look past South Carolina but I can ask you to do it the South Miami game in the ACC title game coming up next Saturday. In Charlotte dumb. What do you think about that match up and and Miami as an opponent compared to what may be Virginia Tech. Would have been. Yet at a screen. Miami Heat it's. Cute kid probably calls. A social problems it's in the senate bill. You know they have returner averaging. Credit called auditor every this year. Our home. The dot dictated that defensively Miami can give probably cost cause a problem. Ultimately editor at various their receivers it really is I got a young. The other quarterback. Who's been okay this year copy. I think it populace scoring game where Clinton. Go to Egypt really slow them down to Miami Heat probably it would explode. Go to down a little bit too site I expect that the therapy unit close close court game. If fob they have both Miami and close and take care business this week in and say Miami won a close one in the title game BC anyway that two teams from the ACC can get into the fourteen playoff. Yeah out I don't know who likely but I think it's possible Paula certainly would be shocked. It's up to Earl started quote we get to the playoffs even says that goes off to Miami at all. Argue about thirty people saluted it seem to think that state. Would have to be shut that it lost being complicated and I think court does or they would still be better overall. So. I think it it can't I don't know it's egregious that it is that it can't certificate deputy with a with a quote well especially political AD. You know I don't necessarily agree with that eighty they have been good that it hadn't scored well in date he does what they've got. Story number two so. This week they kind of factor that you know would be shocked if this. Cook but still speaks it. All right good stuff Matt Connelly met at the state on Twitter Matt we appreciate it we'll talk to you against them. Doubt it accurate Matt Connelly with the state newspaper ink 444773776. Is our phone number if you wanna get them and us. Text line it is 71307. Using keyword ESPN back in a moment in the huddle this is ESP in upstate. Part of back to the huddle ESPN upstate with GMAC coach Phillips. And Alex the intern here till 4 o'clock 8444773776. Let's go back to the phones and talk to bill next in the huddle I don't. What that we're doing the bill how are you today. Yeah and they're tired or not let it been a bit slower is it that I. We'll be insulting a little bit sultry yeah yeah I didn't like. It is disrespectful in a number pick in the country with school forty million. On south Carolina. At that disrespecting them coming up saying that if they're capable. Yeah years disrespect just say that. Did I say that I'm innocent and does disrespect but definitely you know they haven't given thirty all year. It could that corporate partner you're saying really that big problem sort of it sort of build it this. Year that he sustained. A lot politically that they yeah and they. And then there's the water except that. And I don't want to yeah. But the way you wonder if there's been in the city. Strapping her opinion and definitely nobody scored thirty or dark arts here. And on the market it. Fortunately for it and I just I don't think it. Disrespectful. Decided at an undertaking in the country. They've got a beta on the right thing and sole authority that that Assad atom. I get to a point they're male I'm out of our agreement that they could certainly do that Clemson powerful enough offensively is that I get a couple turnovers they could do that. Instead it turned violent person race disparate I'm on a shabbily about an answer. And eighteen utilities into the ugly public record and I mean this thing it. The league will be to have the most of this barrier when he circled it. I don't effectively too emotional. Announcement there. It up like the floodgates opened up in effect has factory. Or score forty once all year. And that removal oil only broken defend aren't telling me on well my state and city in the sentinel right I mean that's that's. And he's got her. But wait but I believe got to beat it didn't intend to bring about a little I don't consider sack arm of the. South Carolina's lobbed at Carolina interceptor armor. Rolled self cure has lobbed it removal lobbying. Defensively out agreement that they're better. It's the director of it the respect them. And didn't walk in the last desperate years. I think he sang. This orchestrated. All of this is more at least until they end. So you don't buy south Carolina's leading three record bill that's what you're saying. Our friend and are up by payers to the that it. A plane ticket and let it better the secret this year the hammer. Into the hole. Quite understand how to combat the period in this week that. There is well not related but it could be. A bit of the upper. Beckett they're proprietary either way this test every birdie that you don't see very. I don't say layer. Think that giggle and it is all in this country music group ticket buyer and it didn't create your brakes are currently being in the island. Level and that in and ultimately. I think if they wanted to do so maybe. If I love hate robbery he is anybody if wouldn't be so scared brilliance frustrate him greatly. Not a capital because it's an advance and the effect it would. More than half a little bit Clemson fans does that which isn't. Not almost half I I'll that it doesn't demand that an hour period right you know it tickets that. I really feel you know. It stated that I am. The crew of the bowl and I mean it could blitzers they're all affect our blood thicker than a bit. Policy where if I recently in. It's going to be septic gangs in a balloon at different say out of respect it closer conduct eight. If so everything I disrespect. I got there are different there. Thank you bill appreciate it let me get Jim and your next Belle Jim Euronext and now I don't. I'm still pretty good. I take trips go pretty well thankful we've built Ford took a certainty ordered off certain book due out soon. Yeah. Electrical report close game. By a guitarist down and maybe selected to. Helping people more troops surge troops will you open. Some athletes to spread Isabel ride of fourteen points I'd get by the spread as they are not don't disagree with that includes some plays the way they should play in there's not a you know a couple of turnovers they vanished for South Carolina that I think it might be a fourteen point percent premium. Video body at all should clear some. The clip so you got to realize just apprised no additional. Plus other points are going to be there. In the road the road back taxes and no award period. They applauded road bikes are Clijsters in the wide receivers or at least ought. You know what do we have a BJP leaders are but there's not been very consistent all year lull. IBO. Tate Tate George troll most of them. What is that. It was eerie and Pete you made it could be to get well obviously it. This little outpost or slot this. Particular I've put to the studio. Period it a lot of more so a lot of lot of pars that just. Don't quote distorted Williams missed that would let it let the place. Now look to have more potential for turnovers with Du'Shon yet a lot more potential for scoring SY I think it's United's it's a lower scoring game this year. This outbreak porch braves brought people people a physical push clips in the cupboard becomes ours when you read it. It was you know no clips from within and always believe fiscal cushion they didn't. Should interpret OK then. It will detonate it and covered porch bridge that they export albeit noted low. I'd Jim appreciate the column to get well must champs comments to you is a promise that last hour dig into it. Some of what the coach gamecocks had to say about this match up earlier today. The board in the greater regional college football. Certainly playing much better coach in much better than we did a year ago so club's got a really good football team you look at. Offensively the year Kelly Bryant's head and has been outstanding rallies. Answer for them going in the year uncertainty about he would perform and he's played really good for all of them 154 Carrey's. Not all designed quarterback runs creates a lot of issues for you and offer them plays. He's at 3300 attempts and he's completing 66% of his passes so. I really played good football and you go back and look at Virginia Tech and several of the games where he's making some plays when these bones that are on. And not really really playing good football. Ought to be a great environment here we is Bryson we're looking forward to gain an omen playing these. Obviously Rudy for football team we have more depth we have no word older football team on the 70% of our roster two freshmen and sophomores. But you know we this this football team competes. That's one thing when you turn the tape on you see great effort you'll see again from all you see guys offensively finishing plays and I'm really good effort on special teams we a couple of examples from last week's game this morning America shows the team so. Again I think that the one thing I've been most consistent with this football team is the effort in the can competitive edge. Almost tempted at all things you talk about was. One of the keys to Jake mentally damning a good day. On Saturday. And he said dom blocking certainly is a key to that give him some time that's where it starts in the run and the pass game. To negate the front of clumps ask them hard to do there's no question about that. Amongst champs as he's been making good decisions. For the gamecocks and taking care of the football well sometimes he lets. And sometimes. Not as much so as a key Josh jig Bailey's. Settling down early not taking a whole half to settle down but but you know keeping the game in front of him. Not getting overly excited. And not turning the ball over will be lucky I mean that's the way they clumps Ingraham could win in the blowout does that. Jake's rattle and starts rolling in around and turning the ball over. Yes he has a three interception game. Like he did a couple of weeks ago yet it's gonna get ugly. And it's going to get ugly in a hurry. Same thing if there's a breakdown in the special teams and and those were large but. If this team plays well. And they don't turn the ball ball over and they don't have breakdowns in special teams. Than like will said they played very very hard you're gonna have to go out and make plays to beat. And that that's something that. I'm we'll look forward to is eat you know the next step in the program and look. At the beginning of the year before the clubs met fans get mad at me. Pick Clinton go the national championship on picking them to win this ball game I just don't believe. It's going to be just this blowout it is very very difficult. Can go in to somebody's home in college football and blow them out of their home building. I'm not saying it can't be done. We've seen it time and time again you know where it does happen. But. You know in South Carolina please a clean game Jake doesn't make mistakes. And there's no breakdowns in the special teams. That that's basically how this team has gotten 83 right now is they played claim they've stayed away from stupid penalties. They haven't had bad turnovers that resulted in pick sixes. And they've been very very efficient special teams wise if they just do what they've done they're going to be fine. In this ball game the concern I have. For Carolina it's not. Whether they can play with clubs and I believe that they can it's whether they can handle this game mentally and emotionally. On because it's got to be in front of the home crowd. Are they are they mature enough not to do something stupid it's a young team and it's a very very young team I mean they're trot out. 75% of Carolina's team is freshmen and sophomores. I believe they've got six juniors. That's. And they go eleven seniors that are getting it gradually so. You know the. Something that the coaching staff. Is gonna have to figure out and how to control and what they do early on in this ball game. Look at the players are going to be jacked up. That there is no question about it that they're going to be. On the ear and it's gonna be will most Japanese. On how do you manage those emotions in champ want to focus on the game and not do something stupid. Then you know are a lot of people to a magic mentally this year and why does he look a little more. Uncertain I guess would be one word to use for him then he did last year. When he came in mid season and had no reps coming into that part of the season. Because he wasn't the starter until midway through the season right well I differences what they're putting on. This year compared to last year. You know what they put on him to do with the line of scrimmage last years is coming out slowing and and you know led in putting gimme thing to do but you know try to take care of the football. And do a chance. And how much of a playbook project manly last year. He's got a lot more of that lot more audible slot more stuff that he just call at the line of scrimmage and adjusting and they they had just more must champ said it today they do a lot more adjusting at halftime this year than they didn't do last year nine day he said. From what they did a year ago to that's part of the but I am I certainly agree with those who have been somewhat critical of off. Miss at least play at times. In that hey you're come an end to gain twelve of the season he should pretty well be comfortable now right. Yeah and that's what scares me is in which Kurt roper is gonna show law. And which jig that he's gonna show. Because again literally at every game happened in this little game. I don't know what it is but a quarter and had it takes Q&A quarter and half. The far in his element and get into the flow of the game and he can't eat you can't do that in this one. If he's kick in the camp around there for a quarter and yeah this game will be over in the first half. That's just the truth of the matter also they've got to figure out a way. To get him calmed down enough. In a good thing come on down with a does get a running game but. That's going to be very difficult to do. That's why I think they don't have to necessarily. It you know one thing about run the football is you don't have to run for a hundred more yards to be successful. What you can do it if you're efficient. And what I mean by that is if those hidden yards you know I. What was the South Carolina gets NC state they didn't necessarily. Run the ball that well but they were efficient. Running the ball meaning 33 they go for third and two they got three. They did just enough to keep the chains moving and then of course Jake made a lot of plays outside the pocket and out of the need to do this week. I would get to more calls and texts on South Carolina and Clemson so stand by let's take a break right here. 8444773776. Is our phone number if you wanna gamble less text line 71307. Use keyword ESPN. Back in a moment and huddle on ESP in upstate. Final eighteen minutes of the huddle for Tuesday afternoon a 44477. 3776. Text line 71307. Charles you are next. In the huddle you'd under. Pop billiard GAAP about it couple boys yeah actually go out there. My clubs and all year. If and I'll play and this got a question for you guys if you were coaching issues all of I mean castle would give each in the ball. And not about walk about like he's got into Obey the best running back on ever yeah I know that freshman. Yeah yeah yeah. Well you know a lot Jerry. It's he would you know you brought against Butler record. You know but I don't I can't go back and remember Josh many times litigate. They get involved and the freshman Nate. Yes I can't yeah they're nice today. But he and shared the ball and as the injured incher well atoms were ordered for running back should all remind you. Moved you around. Yeah I'm tired but you know I understand you got our playbook passed ball well. Our second question is. You have to approach. And occasionally. Actually harder job and got the better off course involved. And I like. The game has only close my best friend again and got plan we just follow football we know our year herbal when he appointed the united. Question is do you approach is that true. Total operating. Like I just hear these Gaza but it was brought study the playbook figure to the read option. And that swap hard jobs and not get a lot of time in the post there is geared. Toward the read option Kelly just a little bit rather than. On our jobs and well it's obvious that hard jobs and the letter. You know I understand he's afraid. You know you understand. Art flying bird but I gotta say animal I'm much doubt I'll about it and you've got to bring it about your show so I. How would they give a little bit more credit to people thought ma Carolina. And the clutch because of big guys about not cold. And you never but that's football. Which you never hear them talk about. I'm not actually ideas. But it's important for those that applaud. Turn her in eighteen and almost out with big gash in equal to include genealogy normally. Thanks Charles coach where you think about some of that stuff all. Yes Charles likes for the kind words about the show appreciate that when we see them please list them ET make sure I got the ball to him at least 25 times a game when you're really minimum as a true Freddie minimum. He's everything about the city's got 88 carries is only played ten games is one meeting didn't himself he's averaging just under nine carries again. Yeah is that kid is he special. And you've got to figure a way. To give him the ball now they've got a great problem fact that navy and the Easter is a good back as well in I would design. Some packages where you actually have both of them on the field the same time. That would never BA a bad situation but I wouldn't picture ET and with his breakaway speed in his ability. To flip field he's got a possible at least 20/20 five pounds when Jim. Would you have Kelly Jerry Atlantis yes I would because he carried out when he's far away as the leading ball carriers or his numbers yeah I would spray the ball I would much rather. Fabian for Easter and EG in. It's bring out the carries among them that have Kelly do although. I'll situationally their okay. By doing that but definitely don't have him period lessen them more. As far as Howard Johnson. Is concerned it you know it is a different playbook because of the running aspect. That he has but let's be honest. You know the Shawn Watson was a better passer than he was a war. And most of their plays. What he was good on was extending drugs when it was third and seven yes he can scrambling yesterday. But he wasn't gonna necessarily run for a hundred yards or eighty yards or something of that nature. Now there are few games where he did but he does a better passer so Clemson has the flexibility to do that I think they're just. A little bit nervous about putting too much on refreshments play at that level and I understand it. As far as the offensive line is concerned yeah it'll look Clemson and south Carolina's offensive line Carolina. At some point they're gonna understand this there is Hutchison. And Denis Daly they're getting more reps. But I would start Hutchison over. I don't Corey Helms in he did that kid there it drives me nuts. Alan ma is a feisty little soccer book. He's just he he's not strong enough in my opinion in the oh probably recruit mine. But overall business daily departures and those are the guys for Carolina. That you can build your offensive line around because they're going to be ultra talented and then of course everybody I think understands. My opinion zag Bailey he's going to be a first round draft pick along with Mitch high on the China potentially. If he comes back we're every decides to leave early. If he's a four year starter clemson's probably go in the first indicts. In two years so I definitely think that also think. Thousand Ali center and Tyrell Crowder guard don't get enough credit. For what they do. As well because it Charles right in without those guys up front. Definitely. They've been able to take over ball games and win games so it will be fascinating to watch that. Eric is next in the huddle higher. Say yes like. So it's forty saints. How much he played it they covered up for backs shortcoming last year and it back there at the whereabouts are more likely. And finally what do you like the oh record for cowboys say. Thank there aren't things that are did he cover up for a no. The reason I say that he made his job easier yes. But don't get it twisted the Dallas Cowboys were down almost twenty points to Green Bay and it was on the arm of debt for us cut that lead them back. So you've got to give that credit withhold in the cowboys back right now to twofold issue Jerry Jones number one in what he's doing off the field. What does business with Roger give them what she just needs to get over. Except the suspension removal and then the other thing is Jason gear in this staff. Dallas is one of the most portly coached teams. That is in the National Football League and it's not. Difficult to call are wrong does the left and -- right Linehan has done a decent job with dad. But I've been out of this for a bit on this train for a long time Dez Bryant has to go. They need they've got too much money tied up in the him and he does not produce enough all of the field. So that money that they would save by giving him nine million dollar contract. They can put in the other players and other wide receivers that they can get more value out of potentially even drafted. That's the other issues so. I think what dallas' Bob and Bob right now dip that they're gonna struggle to get a mate. Yeah I'll be obvious punished if they get the 500. An academic oil and well because there aren't too many teams Detroit's got six Wang rock Panthers a seven way and Seattle gets six wins. Falcons have six were too many teams for the to pass yes. And the other issue is what are they gonna do what Jason here. I mean he just he's out of his element he's never gonna god this team to a Super Bowl and they're gonna have to make a decision with him at some point. Final break come back and ramped up here in the huddle in a moment on ESP in upstate. Our way for the war to come out on punishment for the Atlanta Braves. On their. Circumventing rules. On the signing of international amateurish. Other war from Yahoo! Sports is. Is that Major League Baseball is going to declare twelve minor league players including a vaunted prospect Kevin and make him. Free agents as part of this they're gonna let it drop the camera the Braves on this thing. This cost. John Paul Vallely his job as the general manager. Gordon Blakely a scalp. Lost his job. It kind of led indirectly at least to the resignation John Hart as president of baseball operations Yahoo! says a Major League Baseball has determined that the Braves broken rules the most severe of which was the packaging of signing bonuses. In 201617. And 201718. Signing periods nine players from the Braves 20162017. Signing class. The majority of whom receive bonuses and excess of one million dollars. Will be declared three agents. Three players from the most recent class will be declared. Free agents braves gonna lose a draft pick next June for trying to induce a player this year with all the books perks according to. Yahoo! Sports. The seventeen year old kid Kevin maiden. Switch hitting shortstop from. Venezuela is the biggest name in this he signed for four and a quarter million dollars. One of the most highly touted prospects from Latin America in the past two decades so as a man announced by baseball in all that being reported by Yahoo! Sports. But just keep your eye out on that that's kind of a big deal for. The Atlanta Braves. Basel my so often what. They were broad compliance via. I domino of the senate like god Russa but I don't. After including Yahoo!'s ma is a great braves are were misbehaving but not obviously initially baseball's tipped at the Atlanta Braves. Mean I understand the pros up. Yep but candidate can do a couple of the quickness Oregon here Broncos. According to sources ESPN quoting Broncos sources assaying Paxton lynch will start. Back quarterback. This week then Joseph she's been listening to show that ever Broncos are you glad about that obviously. Well he should distorted long tunnel we'll see what has gotten you know obviously is a reason the hasn't been starting a policy of this which was starting this week Packers they've given up hope again entitlement. Numb also. Pad forty at Yahoo! is reporting that Florida and Chip Kelly are still in contact but. The gators are about to widen the search doesn't sound like that's happening he's more into much more gas sales like Florida's gonna have to go. Elsewhere but they were serious about trying to get him I mean their pay and well there's still paying off three coaches. As cheap. Is paying much jail. And I'm going to pay must champ to beat him. Well. If the shot a look at the I tomorrow BR last full show of the week so we hope you'll tune in then your chance to get some playing yen on the Clemson Carolina front tomorrow afternoon here. In the huddle we expect to be joined by. JC sharper and also gyms Oki of the Carolina Panthers radio network talk Panthers strip stars coming up next thanks for listening to the huddle on ESP in upstate.