The Huddle 11 21 17 Hour 2

GMac, Coach Josh, and Alex take a long look at Clemson-Carolina week and NFL news and updates. 


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Rivalry week college football South Carolina Clemson kick off 730 on Saturday night Williams Brice stadium in Columbia tigers come in at ten and one. Game got sedate and three it's been awhile since. Both these teams have been that good right. Wells and a loss of your car doesn't make. That's that has been the problem lately. For at least a couple of years but them right now they're both slump. Looking pretty good. Playing pretty well so let's make this an entertaining game Davos Sweeney wrapped up his press conference earlier today over a Clemson some of what he said. About facing the gamecocks. You know we own and his staff they've done a great job. Of given these guys a chance to win each year each week. You know had a couple of games when they were also in position to win so they've been in many and it they've had a chance to pretty much win. In. You give those guys currently playing or playing great effort when it's more done a good job creating turnovers. And defensively. Very impressive. Group do good job with some of their or Tokyo's and they got big bodied receivers out there. Been able to get some plays down field if it's back shoulder balls. They think they've done a good job mixing up their protections. That they give him some of their Macs protections and and that creates more allowance. They're good job getting the ball back. A lot of processors. They were the best things they've done is they've spread the ball out offensively. Other quarterback is a very good player he's a great competitor. He has great understanding of what they're trying to do. Does an excellent job. A managing her affairs and in an excuse and their their run game in there and they're in their passes off the run game. He's he's got. Some crafty news to him you you there's time and time and time again on tape he's. You think he sacked in and you know somehow he breaks for its own night game down there. Picture of me great crowd and and we're just focus on trying to finish our season. Is strong and as we possibly can. Think he knows Bailey's name. I'm sure. His column the quarterback but times those call hey you know and at nineteen he's good. Is play well nineteenth. Thirteen look pretty good tip that receiver thirteen he looked pretty good. He needs is it isn't like oh you don't want it and admit you know their names are you just really. Not sure. Well it's easy to remember numbers I know they're watching film undersea in the number of life. In the Jerusalem report as a way you talk about Iraq when you're talking here guys about who you give you gotta watch you don't throw names around your numbers are. Throw numbers are all right you know as the players and that's all they're gonna see but I mean if you'll understand because. You know they spent some time and Bobby that was office while he was at Barnes. Before they get kicked out. Death. So. If the thing. The dominant role jima as of the human. And how closely coaches on low burned candles anymore. Am I you you you can take that one if you homily at Louisville alone have only been. Here is up you know blocked a meaningless stats going around here's why assaulted. South Carolina comes in more than eight and three record to this ball game this weekend. Clemson has not defeated a South Carolina team. That came into the game with a at least eight wins. Since the year 2000. So went South Carolina is good comes as one have been beaten up on South Carolina when their mediocre now. But you know of course the five game win streak when both these teams were pretty good. Lyndon Johnson's enjoying a three game win streak now. The South Carolina has been struggling this year. 8383. Vs ten and one. I saw this piece of news out of Davos press conference today. Everybody's talking about quarterbacks whose numbers soon. You know hunter Johnson last week against the so dome was seven for 844. Yards QBR 99 point two. And on the season hundred Johnson is eighteen for twenty. 225 yards two touchdowns. And they asked Davos today. About the backup quarterback. Johnson or Cooper. He said based on that game last week hotter graded better and played better. He's still full of equipment but. Now he's the second runner hunters coming out second. It will be first man off the mantis what data set that. Because he played better he would be the first one end as well as of right now ice as day to day process I can change based on practice. This week. But right now hunter Johnson has taken over number two. But people straws that hasn't happened earlier. Was one moment yeah I mean he has looked a little better not that Zurich has looked man. Book all right he's been terrible. Thing he's been terror he has been all full Zurich has been awful horrendous. We get that. Did you watch him against Syracuse. Though. So don't high school football lecture it was a Friday night game this. Does that whereas stems from horrendous. In any mop up duty horrendous. That's why I never understood. Why holder didn't come into the game. I was just. In Clemson fans don't yell at me about what there Cooper did against K state stopped. Stop. Or. On even altogether in the game against the jury did. But it. He has looked very good to me. When he's been in the chance to and I can remember back in the spring people talk about how he was going to be the starter. Everybody want to argue with me about how he was the best quarterback on their roster. You know man he's gonna beat out Kelly Brian and that's that and I'm like no stop stop stop. And he's just been ridiculously band now his talent. Is unbelievable his tally is off the charts and. And so that leads me to believe that he's got a he's. Mentally not prepared for the level. Meaning he's got stage fright. And once he kinda gets a acclimated to. Playing. But I never understood why he always got the benefit of the doubt and there's hotter Johnson who every income of 400 Johnson looked better. In the spring game on iPhone whenever he's got into the game GE's look better. But it seems like the kid just could hardly ever make any progress. And you tell me now he's number two in almost a month about the. Yeah. Apple's Elena last right now he's been the first guy off the bench by the way I LA text from a burn source who tells me that they burns Brian Thompson has lifted. Well yeah there's a new administration. There's an informal poll which. Got a running back raji Harris who has a fairly visiting Clemson already this year. Is good they did it by telephone. FF. So you can you can throw some dirt on that one. It's gone. Injury wise for Clemson. According to Davos swinging pretty healthy but there wait until the end the wait to see who's gonna like Dexter Lawrence good to go may China. Good to go Kendall Joes of good ago. Who might not be ready trade Lamar got shoulder injury and Chad Smith has a calf injury. And so they're doubtful. For this week will say. If those two ago everybody else good ago something amusing not going to be missing a lot. No there's some fascinating. The teams aside. There are some fascinating one matchups. That I just can't wait to see I can't wait to see. Zach Bailey go get sealant Ferrell. And analyst and Bryant now I can't wait to see. House got more matches up with the backs. I can't wait to see how. And Rashad Fenton. Matches up with the wide receiving core war. Of course you've got them. All everything killer in. Renfro also dig into account for him some power some way but there's so many fascinating. You know Vijay won't own goalie gives me tie it. I mean I cannot wait to watch that match up. That's. The that's two future NFL players right there getting after each show. So that's going to be fascinating and the other thing is I was hey how is Kelly. Going to be able to handle. This is going to be arguably the best defense best coached defense. In the best environment that he's face. I mean hazard at middle road game. Where Kelly has faced. This talk of overall team speed and hostile environment. Name me one that's better you can't argue for Virginia Tech. That's legitimate you can make that argument not loyal not believable you could possibly put Virginia Tech on that list. Absolutely. And that was a ball game for what to have quarters now. So yes absolutely. So it's going to be fascinated to watch. You know his Devoe might speculative play well. He has a whole game. And I expect gamecocks play well I think it's going to be a heck of a ball game and really do. Here's the South Carolina injury update we're gonna hear from Wal-Mart champ in the next hour but Antawn wilder starting Sam linebacker Al. Al for the punching. Kind of saw that coming dislocated elbow. And that happened in the offer game. He's played in eight games this year one start lending Cox are playing in their base defense he has seven tackles one sack. Now of course you get more playing time after Bryce now Williams entry. Earlier in the year so law that's a loss for the gamecocks and wilder two minus williams' defensive back true freshman. Is good to go big return there the up he would not play last week they arrested him. And he has backed. So while that's good news silly and the injury reports not extensive. Pretty Cheney. It's big to get Dexter Laurence back for Clemson. To harass Jake mentally. As he did last year visual echo. Seventy yards that's the target for the gamecocks. Seventy and we'll have got wrong they've got to rush the football for seven yards that's a seventy yet. Let's say. That's. And may need to get over hundreds of meaning when it's third and two room. They got to get three. So those situation all Rawlins in this game for them are going to be enormous. And to be you know the play calling I'm going to be very very interested. To see how does Kurt roper. And the offensive staff manipulate the pocket for Jake differently to get him away from rush him because he's facing heat. And Brett venables is common. They're going to blitz they're gonna blitz from different angles. He's gonna see a lot of things that they're gonna have to and I honestly think at some point they've got to speed the game up and let that kid go hurry up. Because every time I've seen them go no huddle he has been his best. Let me think you were in me bro. Yeah it's like you're facing the gallows. Over the not I don't know look I think it's competitive ball game. I do idea are you gonna fix after a lot of women won't. I picked Clemson played for national title against equal I mean I and I can't quite do that but I think is competitive ballgame I don't think it's what Bob's idea to play some ridiculous 4217. I don't think it's reasonable outcome. But. You know public places out clintons play well right now I know last week was solemn just the symbol. But I think they tuned up last week nicely. As would have listened really had their best game you know people say well you know we're playing decent but still you tell my your execution and they do things right last Friday. And they got tuned up and I think they'll play at a high level but. The night time environment South Carolina on. Play well as well I think this is this really one of the better games in the series. My fear for the gamecocks. It is that they're gonna be to keep. Am and they do stupid things can get that might hit guys out of bounds. Talk too much to it you know just do those stupid things. That because your emotions are just off the chart. And they're going to be the coaching staff yeah they're they're geek I mean we'll talk about it. In his press conference after Wofford. Believe reporter asked about it and he goes no you want to worry about. Myself for the rest this team be in this game so they've they've got circled this game after what happened. Last year. And that's my biggest fear is them doing stupid stuff like they did against Kentucky. You know coming out not shaking hands he you know hit guys late you. You know trying to prove they're not afraid instead of going out there playing last year I don't care what Jay Bentley said they were skater. That that team was to your own take on a full grown team and that environment in Death Valley. And they just did not handle it very well and the bullets in the new it exactly right. Exactly right. It did you better believe. If all I am I don't know who the defensive back coaches. But I would have to Marcus king Bobby shoulder pads this week in practice. And I would be in his ear challenging him telling him get ready they are coming after you. As far as any jobs bulletin board stuff we haven't seen a lot of like yep this week but some huge Bangkok players have been talking about how Clinton called to timeouts when they were up 56 to seven Lester yeah. That's going around a little bit and we got to stop. Alan not the senator is one of those who says dubbed. Betting consider that good sportsmanship and Alan Johnson will get our revenge this year if the OJ. Right. DJ Smith says he didn't forget those time bouncy. Too late timeouts it. Com we'll see if anybody says anything else it's just Tuesday. You know what happens on C that's the stuff that. That bothers me. You know. We worry about this year. You know how are you gonna play but forget about what all happened how are you gonna play. This year and I'm sure coach must chips tell them that. But I would want to focused on who did what all of that from last year and you know taken it to that level because it's gonna get Judd your game. So it's third and fifteen and they flush Kelly brought out the pocket and he's almost saw a line somebody's going to try to prove something. And hit him out of bound boosting your guys got a fifteen yard penalty first down they go on school see that's the stuff I don't want here. You know I wanna hear last year's over with were focused on this game where a different team and we're gonna play well that's what you want here. Bryant. Take in the Easter running back out of Spartanburg high school just called it a must win game in his interviews. Today. They can order them. It's fascinating to me that Clinton folks are trying to downplay this game and that that as if this doesn't have. That this isn't a big game win or lose it's everything. I mean exactly everything I mean exactly right because everything you hit it close and goes down there and pulls the sale or use. You just blown your chance to repeat as a national champion. And get at the college football playoffs so now I think there's a lot right moment. Buddy get your thoughts about Carolina Clemson this week today 444773776. Let's go to the phones and talk to Danny right now. I think any welcome in. Pretty darn. Josh yeah I hate people of Brooklyn are you thank Clinton got it this year. About one point but it's. The greatest you'd better. It hard for all of you knucklehead. I've picked South Carolina legally before and guess what there's 84. I hate you know what. I'm proud about that they say geez get a lot of adversity there you know I make plenty lulled to caliber quarterback. Where would Geron you know what did get on I have. But up like he's going to be a pretty good game this year I really didn't sleep on. I agree I think it's going to be a war I think he's going to be great game. I did study I don't know work I don't know worded gear on the dates as they're called for what they do it. I. Okay did explain to me what awful but good news. Our. And when you are glad you aren't oh my god. And get rid. It eats and the Carolina wanted game this year and I don't care how it. You ordered don't have bad book bulky fuel remained write it down here. That they got it. I don't care who they are there do it that strategy is good at totally. But I'm pretty. Yeah first down to Portland depleted Tennessee. And they get an extra play debate. Answer that one or acting it I don't know I have to. Well there's a different strategy when your coaching inside the twenty because the field constrict. So there's some throws that there's some throws in some plays. That you can basically eliminate when you're between the twenty you gotta be a little bit more sound and not take as many chances. Because blown coverages we'll get you beat faster. Then won only one match up for a kid just egg supply. Right. Exactly and that's something about this Carolina defense. That has been outstanding. Is that they may teams execute. Meaning you kick Clinton can't go into this game with the idea that. Oh well Carolina's gonna give us 45 plays were they just busted assignments that's Bogle have. That this defense dug bust assignments this year. I mean it they've really surprise me you know I mean. I had in the first year or about July on the mainland. They gain united. Read them you know right now. The way and a wrong united sure that they. And to make constant. As we are getting their big. What you can do it differs which is John what you don't know about them at gap and I would get out of my and he's also. And it would also mean a prime reason I hate you get hurt the united. Semi it was it was light and it they're. I think it got big. I'm so that it will add considerably kinda tiger they're damaged Carolina win about one point. And gotten him where. Thank you Danny. Nice simple. And it's JO ND and they will be if it does that and if so there's a McCain will be here's some news out of but college basketball this point four Missouri. Michael Porter junior of their star freshman back surgery big loss miss the rest of the season and that's tough. He's big player coming into the SEC this year. A 444773776. McEnroe moment in the huddle ESP in upstate. Have a good time talking football with you here in the huddle on the ESPN upstate Mac Connolly with the state newspaper will join us in about thirty minutes right after the top of the hour break still to come will must champ and top football coach from his. Meeting with the media in Columbia. Earlier today right now let's get to the tweet of the day in the huddle. To end of the day comes from urban Meyer's news conference today at an Ohio State. As he was asked a question about the match up would Michigan this weekend. Here's a question here's the answer the question. Michigan has at times come into this game with a struggling offense they seemed to especially I think it was thirteen played very well. Do you expect them even though they've struggled on offense and obviously they have a quarterback question do you expect their office to play their best game of the year. Answer. Absolutely. Awful stuff I love the job. The questions that are that long and rambling knowing you and urban just cutter idol absolutely. Expect him to play there. Best game of the year. They get beat by thirty do you think. Yeah I think so I'll say girls ya think on stage to rule that defensive front and rip Michigan when. We Iowa that I mean ban may Harbaugh fan that I am that they are going to. Just obliterate. That from. Looking for the line all night game where's the line on that game. Scrolling through. Lines on football Essen and kick off and that the something always to governors of it and know usually sometimes it's like 330 look at a lot of my game is twelfth. In twelve points in favor of art stacked twelve noon kickoff on the on Saturday. And I don't know I mean might be. Honest they can be explosive and they Camby. Less than that Michigan cannot be explosive so there will be a lot of points on their site. They are the most boring offense in all of college football camp Margaret. I mean for everybody talks about what wiz are a ball is his offense is. I mean give me a pillow. I don't need zinc will know when I'm feeling insomnia. I just turn on Michigan how lied to their office and I'm out. No Iberia and here's what's gonna happen now so let's save. Ohio State as expected. Beats Michigan right. Michigan will be. Five and four in conference. And they will finish fourth. What do they overall. During three right now also being for for the year. They lose this and I had people arguing with me about all I was just respected them because they believe. They would get through and win the same old playing an Emmy every year they're just do you know they're becoming a middle of the pack Big Ten team. And their body rants and raves about Michigan and arm. I mean Michigan State's past him again as bad as they were last year backing at a Michigan. We need to have an overrated but. You know that does the Chia. Great hits the button you click it on them on the hot button up and we get to change it every time we mentioned Michigan. Are you know that the patriots went to Mexico last week Mexico Syria and they beat the raiders and you know I played well. But it took a lot out album according to Bill Belichick. They drink toward. A piece that I would not be in any rush to do it again. G here and chin Brady's name. In Mexico or like you 150000 people that was pretty good. Not enough and a march that he said Doug there's a lot in terms of the logistics of doing this they're not used to having an NFL teams they have to go and they are handle a lot of logistics. It took a lot of manpower a lot of hours a lot of energy out of our organization. To do that Belichick so we are exhausted from the strip. Or 133 day. When they go to Australia. Us armistice did to me how far is it to Mexico City. Just another hour on the plane and let them go and cross country yeah I mean there's all cardinals players spend more time on the than they do in Phoenix. I'm merely adopt I guess it's not a plane ride it's the logistics the stuff they had to do it has to be. In other stuff they had to do that normally has taken care. That's what he said Tom Brady like did he said dumb. Really like when they were chanting his nineteenth I'm sure that's at the at and they said to be here played a different country ever going cheer for our team cheer for me and our teammates. Is incredible hopefully there's many more games here. Belichick said basically shut up top with the how long comeback. I wonder how Brady feels about his own we're getting called me. Derogatory word by Jerry Jones if you see that. You have seen a lot of oh and how he feels about it now. I gotta agree would jeer. He he kind of threw his own quarterback and the ball should give bill remember that. He was trying to find it Brady had to get his own independent counsel. When the allegations first came out Kraft says a strike oh well we'll just take them in FL gives us now looks. Books in. So loved. The patriots play the dolphins this week maybe the dolphins take advantage of by the patriots being exhausted from going to Mexico and they beat him what is going on knowledge. That's a couple things that we are their plans about a good maybe but. Probably not the dolphins all of maybe they don't flagging coming up this week. You don't win the MVP. Brady you know who does she give it to him. Well I mean some people would say Carson went. Yeah but he's brainy is leading in every offensive category you could possibly have for quarterback. I mean he's gonna throw for over 5000 yards. He's number one in the he's number one in the NFL in yards. I believe talk about Ronald touchdowns on. Jerryd golf may have touchdowns. From early on down from this past week and we scored soon. Plus it's probably liberating me forty years old he's still throwing 400 yard gains right. And right coming to Shawn Watson would have pushed him for I agree but so much for that who Yeltsin and pushing for a he's slightly ahead Alex Smith disclose in passer rating. But Brady's better. So yeah I think Brady went to. A 444773776. I get a moment in the huddle on EST you know stay we'll hear from Will Muschamp gamecocks coach stay with us. Charlie Rose is downstairs in the lobby is looking for a job. They fired him in. A mess around at CBS. If he's downstairs in the lobby is looking for somewhere. You know this. Eight women accused Charlie Rose of making unwanted. Sexual advances. And he's put out a statement and admitted some of this according to the Washington Post not all of of the summit. And the story about how he'd. Like to parade around naked in front of these women. Is an image among going to be able to get out tomorrow and saying. Mean guys like 92 years old. I. Don't just don't tell us what he did on on on understand what CBS has irons on the wall all around the hallways. I mean it's. Every day now isn't as a new one of these every day as a part of how can somebody be that stupid. You talk about a little bit off the hair. I would never even think of all I'm gonna get out of the shower. I'm gonna bypassing my clothes destiny's close and I'm just gonna walk then happens man you know case. I was told by someone in radio sales when Tom's story about the united yet to go. Pick up the check if somebody's home sometimes. For paying for advertising and this Dave came to the door naked but. Opened the door. In the altogether. But she did just all just out. The blows my mind. I mean I can understand if there was. A locker room. Or in. You know like golf course we've got a men's room. Okay in his community showers. Army but I mean there aren't and they are no other but that's my point. It's a hair dryer for your head. What do you agree with you. On holiday there. Anyway. But you know what I'm saying I would never think of all okay. I'm gonna leave mine. Locker room or Everett is. I mean over a decade nice to college athletics. Okay with showers and stuff because you know during the day most the coaches during the mid it would make all of this to work out or take an hour. Do something. And then come back for the rest of the date obviously you've got to take you shall we want to come back. We always my last year's central Arkansas we had a staff basketball game. Okay we need much then the staff would change we go to the court but it was all right there. Right okay well we have our head coach and his personal assistant. Who was there. We are recruiting office had several young ladies that were there that everything was attached to the ability you have anywhere from. Puerto 15100 people come through that building of all genders races or whatever right. With the locker room attached to none of us ever thought about leaving that and parading down through there. And nothing but a birthday suit. Now how mean it and a lot of these guys I think its power thing. A lot of these guys are big deals you know their stars. And I think they knew what they want. And they were wrong. Jim that's just seem to me that is a demented. I mean that takes something. Too I'm I can't wrap my head around I can't wrap my head around the fact that another human being would be that. Don't. I mean I understand he's makes millions of dollars he's on CB she's known the world over all of that I guess that. But just for my human being perspective. I cannot comprehend. Vienna and a workplace environment and utilizing. The bathroom. And then walking out naked right in the workplace I mean that is just like I can't even comprehend it. And it is more than that to he's accused of groping women like rock watching them and appropriately so. There's funniest stuff here and obviously CBS and heard enough and so they have cut ties with. With him mom we get west sands. Before we go to on the break you will get to a must champ coming up a promise on an unrelated matter football at the west's. You're not a high you know. I got the store for you ought kick till you. I can just take a look at it Lama route manager but packing tape and you do what works for channel well implications trip out here aren't but I got to trust I've got to. It. We're losing US can you get closer to a window or something your phone Spain Alex. Yes I don't know they get now. Okay so I've got a customer putts of about 400 people. I'd go to one of my houses. 1 morning and it's about 6007000. Square foot well. And I go itself the rose socket. On the well. And I get to the bottom. And payers a big picture when it in the front. And it doesn't have blind zone or curtains. And it's matched her back story. And payers but why isn't there when that's settled. Smacked it down the Durham playing. Connecticut delivery to our. And they she isn't she just turned red wings Bettman. We Somalia. Yeah yeah I'm sure pizza delivery drivers as well as yourself on one of those stories mapped. Oh yes yes you. Are right dazzle to give you a quick prediction type. Clemson. Thirty. South Carolina. 29. A lot of points in a. A lot of off and really entertaining game. I liked it I don't know for the team I don't know if you're not gonna be able to hit thirty though. You know like now. I would west got to hit the brakes are you up yes at thanks for the call and for the story. 844 GS the us GM back to tomorrow in the huddle on ESP in upstate. I promise we'll get will must champion Nero time right now. William on after a match Connolly would state newspaper coming up as we open up the next hour here in the huddle talk about South Carolina. And Clemson 8444773776. Our phone number back the bones Bobby your next what's up. That's Dorado oh at all. Told stories that you it would do it output if it would've been very little substituted warm water. Probably. Tomorrow it would McGregor stored. You know fight when he become bound to draw and there was a picture window and there was no walk out. Every go to substituted pretty much everybody but restored. Bob your you're not right. So important you know about 45. Man. Home I'll be ET tip off on that Charlie Rose by man. And are you really watch over every morning I bet that's kind of shocked me using my regular guy. And I eight total war is more importantly the world of who watched court the next evening everybody. All our setup ideal candy just diet all are afraid to even go out both. Brother I told you are until I put on mine. Stevie Wonder outfit every morning when I leave the house. This state in order dictated deployed always. Collaborate. Sunglasses and stick. The game. I don't mean this is like one more important says about fourteen others men are normal right wrong or different but it certainly Jacques. Motorsports. The hours. Our state my vision going to carry on authorities and they has goals in a way around. Well poet Bob you've got to do to him and it just does it. Oh here are due before and also. If it didn't take rocket scientist to figure this. Clips and defense. We will absolutely. Separate self care our office and blonde dialed their linebackers are too fat red Gerri give genocide. These don't spend a lot of problems agrarian. It's gonna throw a couple of breaks here and they're beautiful little ball term it will be like a big difference I just figured because the first request to walk away from. If you say well. Chairwoman of the trade via token fine. Paul can stop speaking alias in the core goal coming in it in and if Gardner good Caylee Barbara loan all the whatever news I mean. How we can work 42 point is not important to score if there's a lot of turnover and that's what I predicted trying to. I really do believe it will be a lot of turnover the children the pressure that Babylon a boring. That's more points he scored on anybody except. Kent State. Senator dole and global and initially yesterday Carolina hasn't given up thirty all year. There are few quotes. If console on Google Talk home today. And put the importance of anybody and what it but he. Didn't it that's all right so if it if it's here in this undertaking. Than I believed I would do good work. If distortion toward eight or. Sixteen called the and and the extra long clubs and quite our old play Davos Poland world body out thank you keep them again now because Manny got to go to Miami. Or any oil or talk. Now out on. Debt soared Bob used to much time thank you pay 444773776. They got meg Connolly with the state newspaper on the other side and huddle on ESPN of state and we will get to Will Muschamp. Stand by will be back.