The Huddle 11 21 17 Hour 1

GMac, Coach Josh, and Alex the Intern welcome Heather Dinich, College Football Playoff Senior Writer for ESPN, to the show to talk about the CFB Playoff rankings. Also discussed are Baker Mayfield Heisman doubts and Monday Night Football Review. 


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Well good afternoon and welcome into the huddle. On ESPN upstage on this Tuesday afternoon I'm Greg McKinney Kush just Phillips is here. Alonso off this week Alex are in turn is here as wells were just gets underway we're gonna. Redick taken off today by getting right to the guest line and talk to someone who's very busy these days because of college football that's Heather damage with ESPN Heather how are you. I'm great I'm great looking forward to nights rankings. Yes I know I know you war we appreciate you jumping on you got a lot of stuff lined up today so let me dive in now what's the rankings 7 o'clock tonight. That come out and really look for any changes anywhere near the top doing. I've been shaft I think this should be very easy for the committee as a matter of fact I'm I'm staring at last week's ranking and I mean cute you can go all the way down to probably twelve. Keep it out of quote Elijah. Price had no chance Wisconsin with that nice win last weekend could make a move because nobody ahead of them did anything bad right. Rye I would think the prize that means that the question is it that committee consistent with such justification is true to what it did. Last week and I I would be surprised if anything that happened change that is just a matter of them being consistent in their ration out their thought process each week. Course here wearing Clemson territory do you like Clemson and number two because some people do question that. I understand why they did it. Having followed. This whole system for the past three years is that the fourth gear clap now. I understand that teens can latest. And more quality wins can certainly help compensate. For a bad lot it's like people forget Clinton laughed at him last year I think it is team blues. Out one thing that I did. Tried a little bit difficult to understand on the collection committees. Reasoning last week was practically Jack Kirby has cut I asked him why Oklahoma outlook not hire. And he said that there are lost to Iowa State help them back to which carry. Some locked it here eight years. And sell it to mean that is look a little bit eyebrow raising if you will in terms of the debt justification for that. But when you look at content resonate people bombers and that is not just how many teams in the top 25 that you beat. The committee is Smart enough to know a quality win. And dean Virginia Tech in Blacksburg whether the Hokies their rank or not. A bowl eligibility him I think that when. And beating Auburn is it could wind and when you look at the resonate in the other contenders. Beat don't stack up. All right talking to Heather damage with the ESPN here the college football playoff ball comes off I out at 7 o'clock tonight live on ESPN's and we look forward to seeing. That Heather there's nothing though really that requires this committee to be consistent week to week isn't. Well there's not and they will tell you that they start with a clean slate every week. But where consistency comes men. If you're looking at the quote entire body of work not one week snapshot not getting caught up in long lost to. Syracuse or Ohio State won big win against Penn State at that time. Catch up or. I'll earned the win over Georgia. It's a big deal but it's part of the equation right. So consistency come and then in terms Auburn should still be ranked ahead of Georgia because of that had that right. There are things like that that you should continue to feed but this is different than the BCS is different than the eight people. And you just don't know picky people are going keep hill had a great week and no way to predict it. Heather this is Josh Phillips thank you so much for join in the show today. Two part question for you. It seems people are wanting to over by you the conference championship thing the committee. Has. Made it perfectly clear. That yes they will take a conference champion. A consideration but it's not the end all be all. And then finally with that. Conference championship discussion. There's a real good chance. That. Auburn and Alabama Alabama could finish with one loss not make the play our excuse me not make. The SEC championship Wisconsin. Could go all the way to the Big Ten championship. Lose to Ohio State so big you have. 01 loss Alabama team and they won lost Wisconsin team. How would they justify either one are neither of those teams not make him within. Based literally on a game in which they played outside it's basically post season game for both global. Well you're right at conference championship game is not the end all be out. And their job on paper it out and it's to pick pick for best teams. Carried off for the European. From the FCC then so be it Q a from the SEC and cure from DE PC. But the picture is going to be at the end of the day. When it comes kill LaMont Alabama and a lot mocked Wisconsin. It all depends I think a lot does Auburn win the FCC. Because I think it would look much better for Alabama sitting at a leather line without winning it. Division if it only losses for the SEC can't. As opposed to hang up our only losses to a three blocked hurt him. The did not win. The NC state so I think that played a little Roland and that was content strength of schedule. Night. I compare horrible rent today right now to just about any team in the Catholic because like dignity checker we have cut that it is the worst strength of schedule. And many of their teams that are currently ranks in Wisconsin is on the bubble at the top fourteen yet right though. The difference between Alabama has been one or 20 in the committee diet. For the past however many weeks and it remains the case until the very end. Then I think it certainly got a stronger case and the badgers. Heather you still see a scenario where this two loss Ohio State team could get down how that happened. Idea how they need to need some help and some prayers but it today. Beat Michigan and go on to win the big ten by beating Wisconsin finished with two luck says. To me at Alabama when the FCC that eliminates the second team from the SEC because Georgia's done. At Miami when the ATP I think that knocked Clinton out. If Oklahoma. Finishes and a lot Moscow conference champ I think there in question that number four right now I don't think that would change. We've got three power five conference champions. Once spot last. You can downhill a pure luck the Ohio State where the winner of the pac twelve. I think. The pac twelve eliminated itself a while ago and if you look at USC's Saturday to meet. They lost feeling in that mattered this season. All of a sudden I have to get back into conversations. Actually that mom is there a way both Clemson and Miami can make it and both of them. Most are lying. And it or they're sitting there right now so clear the committee think that they're there to the tab fourteen. If it stayed static well. And Alabama went the FCC Oklahoma when the big twelve. And the content when the ATP with the only loss being. What my any dialogue being in that championship game. Who win the Big Ten that's the kicker and it was content I think I think that it. The that is there and I obviously but at the Ohio State and it certainly opens the door from Miami. Miami's loss to Clemson would have to be a close were on the right. I think so I think. I mean going undefeated in getting to that point and having been in the top floor. True it would have been to a three week pretty impressive but I do think it has to be close. My last question now Heather and you got some other interviews lined up is this year going to be a year that some kind of triggers even more talk to expand the playoffs you see scenarios where you know. There's more controversy this year than ever. Could commit. Did you lot of the other it's either going to be super easy for the selection committee or are it's going to cut some controversy likely to head and I talked to a lot of coaches every jockey who lottery you wanna keep this thing expanded our a lot of the other two let the as well but I'll tell you and packing to the people. Who make the decisions depend FTS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack where they are not. Talking about it. And I highly doubt that anything anything that happened this season. We changed our minds because the classes in the fourth at a twelve year contract. And kept them back we make too many changes in the DC yet we're gonna let this thing right fellow that. The other day and it's ESPN Heather awesome stuff we appreciate you coming off. All right like that stuff and the damage not college football poll coming out 7 o'clock tonight. Despite. It I don't know do we have any less. Options than missing like we had a couple weeks ago sure we do but don't feel like it it feels like they're still a million ways this thing could go down and. A million ways but the pool of small AM you know meaning whereas last week we had possibly. Ten to twelve teams that can get in now it's been cut in half now it's about. Six to seven I would say I would be fascinated to see GMAC. Oh because I think if the scenario that probably gonna play out. It is win Ohio State beats Wisconsin. And Miami loses to Clinton what happens between Miami and Ohio State. Because then. I don't know how you pull it. Ohio State in over Miami. Just because they won the Big Ten championship and to me that is a fascinating. Scenario when you've got to Miami team. That's got one of the toughest schedules in all of college football. If they lose to Clinton presumably it will be closed most of the ball games outside of Notre Dame have been very close so you seem to think veterans gonna hold water. So how do you put a two loss Big Ten champ even though it is Ohio State over a one loss Miami team that that one losses in. Their conference championship game two the defending national champion when they ran the table through the regular season that's something I'm will be fascinated to watch them. You know we don't get. Vote totals we just get rankings from this poll we don't see how close it is like how close. Is Wisconsin going to get to ride getting into the top 49 will that be closer than it was last week as I don't think they get and does it I mean you know nobody stumbled in from. LE NN. But it could be a little closer because they were pretty impressive. Last week. I mean as nice win for four Wisconsin last week they had may be the best win right here bios display and teams they should be for the most part. So we won't know. But we will see the rankings and they will come out tonight. At 7 o'clock and we all I have tomorrow to talk about it before we all know Ali break. All of that I had lots coming up here in the huddle go and take a break a 444773776. Is our phone number. The text minus 71307. You security ESPN has presented by Carolina coaches RV superstore. And Twitter Eddy SP enough stay back with more in a moment the huddle just underway for Tuesday on ESP in upstate. Blogger magna into the huddle he has the upstate we Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. Again Alonso off flawed Alex is here and grace alone in four lines are producing things forest day if you wanna give us call it's 8444773776. And the text line is 71307. And let's get off to the phones doctor Harold first in the huddle today Errol was up. College complexities earlier today we're doing well how are you don't. Abdullah will sort of like we see you in Utah didn't go. The innocent holiday. It was a pleasure to hear you warned to leave comments I'm really quickly are we being the recent. He's no longer the captain of the chain you know we're starting to Oklahoma would you still consider him to be a candidate. Heisman Trophy. And second. I saw our trailer and the usual fox called 911. And it starts not win it 911 guy you know you've issues and yet I'm joking that have gone. Fortunately he had an old Warner who's tight on that remind you. There are we appreciate you do you still got a python safe and sound doctor lawyer like yeah she's fine I'm doing high rollers do doing well. I'm glad I'm glad herald and all of our listeners are. Or worried about a thing she's doing OK on baker may feel I think you and I disagree on this I think you think she's not gonna get right. It's not gonna get the Heisman. He should Clinton spoke he'll probably give him and always get the AM by you look hostility when. Yeah he's. I'll say this herald I think he's still a candidate as much as I don't like. And he might possibly win we'll see. It all depends on. It literally depends on where the committee is but you know when you got clowns like Paul farm bombs and that. You know well it takes one more time before we. Doing thing you know that I might have to second guess it's even then GMAC. You know fun Bobby even left the door open that even if he did something else. There's a possibility. That he would still vote point yeah. So. When you're dealing with that then not I guess that's what we're gonna half the fact. And he's not starting against West Virginia. Is not gonna matter he's gonna play virtually the entire game so his stats are not gonna take a hit in only be as big game he has the game. The fact that he's not a captain I guess that night and I heard him and I thought you know. I thought he was genuinely. Remorseful yesterday certainly was emotional it's kind of hard to fake emotion like I not think he got feels bad about what he did. I think it should be held against him and I think it. It may be more so when the the eyes of NFL scouts when you talk about leadership. He really show that last week you know candy. Be a leader at the NFL I think baker mayfield back up at best in the NFL anyone but I agree a 1000% with a net. But for the Heisman Trophy has nothing do the NFL and he's he still had arguably the best year sky West Virginia coming up he's got a big twelve championship game probably against TCU. He's got to do well well those two weeks and then one week later December 9 I guess that is we get the trophy. Well that that was going to be my next question is will the committee take in the fact that. His performance before the playoff. Or will they base it on the performance that he had in the playoff. The last couple years. And I don't know how they're gonna deal with that are they gonna keep it. Because via the award gets announced before the college full bought the first playoff game Aaliyah gets announced om one week after the converse champ ship called out yeah so. He's got a shot to sneak it in there and also going to be interested. That if he doesn't win it I think a lot of the committee. Has a lot of egg on their face with the Heisman Trophy. Because of the Shawn Watson snubbed last year. And then feeling why they gave the award too early to Lamar Jackson based on the first 78 ball games instead of what he did. The last four ball games and then of course what to ship on went on and did so. I think that's gonna play a little bit into it but I also think that if Oklahoma. These West Virginia. They win the big twelve then he's probably gonna win the award. People who wanna see. A guy with a lot of stats. On the team that potentially could pop it could win the national championship. And to my knowledge he's the only one sill Oklahoma say the four. Play the fourteenth in the playoff. Is Alabama courts and Oklahoma. And let's say for argument sake Wisconsin. And they went out. Tell me another player on any of those other three teams. That would challenge baker mayfield from a statistical standpoint. And from a perceptual standpoint. From. Be in the best player in the country there's not one but you have to be honest Abiola Jackson wasn't on a plane you don't not agree with that but it doesn't hurt. Right it doesn't hurt him that he's considered. The best player on his team although. The brown kid at left tackle is probably gonna go in the top five in baker. We'll probably go wouldn't round five. Ella baker a noisy 511 and I and I think that's being genuine. When you make me a decent back up in the NFL but you know and it don't don't get twisted between NFL and college right. And Heisman capabilities are a lot of highs from winters that never did anything in the NFL. There are that was the things you people wanna like Johnny men's job I'm in zones nine. And that was one of the things. That surprised I had some bodies rest the Senior Bowl. And they text me and they're like Josh this guy is. Literally and yet. Talking about man Zell and I'm like what you mean they're like he's 59. Maybe five day. And he's very very slightly built now Baker's column that he's put together a pretty good. But he's around that vodka and bobbled the size and I think he's got an average arm at best and he makes most of his place. Outside the pocket on the football. And I just don't think that's the that's gonna fly. At the next level and about the GMs are gonna have anything to do with it especially this. And you mentioned the fact that he was remorseful to think this guy sorry when he gets caught. He was sorry that the U I'd got out he was sorry that. It you know he waited until. After everything happened with the TV situation for him to apologize. So Lincoln Riley didn't even know it happened until after the game. So that with this guy seems like he's remorseful after the. I got that you know I am not forgiving him but I'd rather him be apologetic then. You know knob arrogant about it yeah sure I hear you an island that at least. And you know I I do think when your. Kind of probably got a is intentional bit and we are not starting your last home game. And you're not a captain. In your baker mayfield on Oklahoma and you're not captain. In your final year. That's that's something Michigan isn't it. It doesn't let me say this on his behalf. And people need to remember this. He was a walk alone. At Texas Tech. He didn't get recruited he got a overpass Baja because of his size. He was a walk on into the lead in Texas Tech got a blue I think he's got a scholarship and awful story. But he and a leave and go and Oklahoma. Oklahoma and putting on scholarship he finally earned it and got on there. Guys that come up that way are a little bit more edgy. In a little bit more with a chip on their shoulder. When somebody disrespect them because they feel like they have to constantly prove. They're worse. There's cart event and the reason I'm all that is I was kind of wore those players I wasn't big enough 1000 what strong of all those things once bulls play college ball. Any of that stuff in and kind of internalized that. Because nobody wants to hear 10 what was mean that this that the other so that what you do you have to internalize it and let that motivate you. To get out there to prove people wrong. But the downside to it is. When ever somebody challenges you with that. You feel like you have to protect it and that's wealthy getting in trouble with Kansas it's not the fact it. Kansas was gonna threaten them it's that he took it personal. Because in order for him to have achieved what he has achieved and let's be honest. Baker mayfield has over achieved his athletic abilities. And I give the kid a lot of credit for that he worked hard he built himself up. Everything that he's gotten this point he has learned. And he's earned our respect for that. And I think sometimes when you're dealing with that type of edginess and that type of what I've got to prove the world wrong it sometimes gets the best of you. And I think that's what we see a lot with via. All right let's go back to the phones and bring in delve in the next in the huddle item. I. To me I don't. Know about it. Kamal though they want to thank you Matt. Come on demand was upset him a break. Well no one else it may take me. He's not legitimate. That kind of part of. Eight so Ewing given to him doing denies. It. But what does it say about intent right. Supposedly haven't seen the the language in the high asthma but the supposedly there's a character around element. They can't read anybody they didn't come into camp. They've got I think it hit a you thought it seriously that's an important element. It's it wasn't so right. This same thing to do another. Bribe. Look so what does it had a you have to have a real bad dumb couple weeks. To not women in my mind for a running back 'cause there's no quarterbacks got a chance to catch a. There's equipment was special little marker and dust and shot what eight component that is I think agency of apple should. Maybe but definitely what it sees in Asia. And do. They've cut the corporate. Quote I don't but it was into on the market action and balloonist. But it doesn't always show what system known mission will be additional. Number one in close though don't know. Temple was not close dubbed Vista boulevard Jackson won by a blue allied Georgia. That a diplomatic break Charlotte. Charlotte. Showed up at school. Well there are other games. Pocket it don't they diplomatically. Social. Change. The sharp thrown five less interceptions maybe it'll. BP it's. Yeah or maybe. Yeah. Are those who haven't hit it would be well written in the air days. Is going to chaotic we gave them it was unable other communities all over the. Yeah next week's who made fun vote this week go to tonight's going to be you know pretty much tell. From last week. But every bank one can just absurdity of the focal. But it didn't immediately. Thank you delta and 8444773776. Will break I am a brand new two liter Coke sitting here all my counter. We'll talk about why. Coming up leave my bet they come down to a Georgia kicker. The huddle or drive back he has been in upstate. Brandy morning show debuts on Monday it'll be goalie. And Wayne goes starting this coming Monday morning six to 10 AM. Here on ESPN upstate and down Davos when he's already scheduled to appear not Monday but Wednesday of next week. Clemson coach will be on with our goalie can wing goes sodomy after the South Carolina named before the Miami game do a good time for them to have dabhol on. Next Wednesday morning not tomorrow that a week from tomorrow. Aung goalie can wing go here on ESP in upstate last night the Atlanta Falcons held off the Seattle Seahawks. In Seattle 3431. It's worth staying up late. To see that look of disappointment on the face of the care. To me. I would stay up past midnight to see that wouldn't call him stinky stinky Pete got beat last night. Because. A game tying field goal came up bought like a foot short lunch or buy much. Yeah if you lost that game. Multiple times throughout the courses shall never came down to that I mean then try and that fake field goal that gears real jerk yeah. Instead of kicking it right there was the most ridiculous. But a Carla. That I've ever seen anything that's what happens when you get away with one and I got to blame your Packers that. You know because they got what it meant that playoff game they got away they were down seventeen. And stinky Pete calls it crazy fake field goal in the offensive tackle catches I'm. And as they say the rest is history well. It seems to be with him. When he makes a call like anything they're always gonna work and every situation and I just thought that was you know that that was the wrong time to do when you're that close in need. Points yeah Atlanta I'm led most of the way last night but does Seattle have more offense in the game they certainly. You know had enough to win it Russell Wilson I thought was very good especially running the ball ran the ball for 86 yard. Yeah that's because an offensive lines look so bad yes. Regrets in life if you they've got to address that offensive line. I thought Matt Ryan was OK pretty good not great but done nineteen to 27 from 195. Yards and two touchdowns. The falcons did not have a running game last night 89 yards on nov 32 Ares. In the game so they had to rely on knob the pass game there. And down while here's what Dan Quayle and the falcons coach said about how his team finished to get the win last night against Seattle. I was happy to you wouldn't you know we. Gonna have taken the field goal there at the end wanna go up two scores how we're sure we were expecting to come down and then score right away but that opt to go on battle four to begin those are the moment said you gain from send us -- for the defense you don't battle and make some stops there at the end I thought was big and then also the fuel wac team we didn't get the block on the play but tell that group's been encouraging him cushioning going forward a bunch and or they might not got to block for sure they get some pressure. I'll admit to being pretty nervous about it because you and I had this two liter bottle Coke bet on this game which you know I now own and it sits proudly on the counter. In front of me and I do appreciate. Appreciate that but I you know the way Atlanta played defense in that next to the last Seattle possession which was not at all. I thought they were in trouble. I thought Seattle beginning you don't move it down for a chip shot field goal. To win a ball game but they made him trial was like a 51 yarder that up that. Blair Walsh just came up in the short. Yeah and his clock management with the timeouts. I thought we're just ridiculously awful. And so you know what the that's what you get. At the end of the game when you you're pinning your hopes. To make a 5050 K at best. Now on the NFL they say fifty yard field goals are like extra point. But look what's happened with the extra point percentages. Has gone down significantly since they moved it back just what to New York so now so the one good thing about it is. That win by Atlanta is solidifying the Carolina Panthers place. In the playoff picture as far as all the wild card and within the division. So. If Carolina can continue to win down the stretch than they should find themselves. Comfortably in the playoffs now what's the best gonna depend on how the divisional stuff shakes out. But it also brought the LA rams. Back into contention slow. That was a big game for both Seattle and Atlanta because Atlanta. I can still make it in either as a division winner or possibly Jason Orleans. Or as a Quad Core or getting Alley and in warding off. Seattle slow. Very very very interesting. Game to some beliefs. Yeah everybody in the NFC south is hot by now I got a New Orleans who has eight straight wins the Panthers have won three straight. And now falcons and Tampa bay of each won two straight so everybody playing well at the moment course Tampa Bay's four win team they're probably pretty much done but the falcons. Are six and for the Panthers are seven and three the century into the got a good race going on that will be fun to watch down the stretch here. Over the final six games in the NFC south the game last those are good duck. A good Monday Night Football game well worth staying up for just look at Pete Carroll. It is I mean think about this there's a legitimate chance that they NFC south Big Three teams in the playoffs. We never would have thought that at the beginning of the year. And now here it is because of the way of the division shaking out in the way the NFC south is performing very well against the other divisions. Outside of Tampa Bay which they're just trainer. But yet it's going to be an interesting Roland. All the way so we'll see our goals mean. Thought affiliate I don't think NFC east gets another team and outside of Minnesota I don't think the NFC north and Detroit could they could squeeze and the only other team that I think could hurt in the seas out possibly. All I could be the NFC west but man that they took a hit yesterday. Yet at Seattle so on yeah that's what made last night big exactly and it certainly want our rights of the falcons beat the Seahawks will take a break and come back and wrap up our number one. I'm not huddle in a moment if you wanna jump on board on the phony 444773776. Stock title. ESP announced they would be right back. And have a lot more on South Carolina Clemson coming up right after the top of the hour we'll hear from Davos Sweeney. From his press congress today over until later all clear from Will Muschamp game cock head football coach. And that does 304. This afternoon we'll talk live with Matt Connelly with the state newspaper about this rivalry match up coming up this week but if you want to lock. Get your prediction in you need to do it over the next couple days well above. Limited show on Friday surrounding Clemson basketball. That Josh will be. Here for. But today and tomorrow we've have four shows would love to have your thoughts on South Carolina and Clemson and 8444773776. You can text us at 71307. To solve this news out of Alabama. Just miles on says drawing back Cameron Pettway. Will not play. In the arm bowl. That's some significant and I'm an unknown that Auburn can run the ball that camera that way but that's that's big loss for them. Starting to sniff out maybe Alabama doesn't but a lot of people expect in this. I don't know I'll wait till tomorrow production what are you what are you thinking about this game coach. It's that Auburn yeah. Atmosphere is going to be crazy. Auburn's kind of found there Mo Joseph a little bit. Instead it has faced. A defense like he's gonna face. This week. I think they will be OK. But I think just the my thing is. How is all over and going to be able to score number one and how they're going to be able to keep their off from school. Because the thing about Alabama's their ballots. If you think you're gonna gang up on the Roland and take out Scarborough. Well the next thing you know Judy and Foster and and all of those guys are run by you. Down the middle of the field in the jail and Hertz is thrown about. So it's one of those you gotta gotta pick your poison. And Jalen stole the ball better this year than he has obviously from last year. And I think bar and a ball has done a nice job. Creating small diversity within the I mean you've got to prepare. For so many formations and give Kevin Steele lot of credit on this Auburn defense is very good. But see we're Georgia it was so one dimensional. They could never make a play down the field they didn't start the game. And that's why I was surprised they didn't try to come back to it it was almost like they opened up the playbook early that's an okay let's play. Close to the both of them actually you know Auburn's got a 217 league games old. Because they inject from him throw the football world. Well. That's what makes plan Alabama so difficult. If you want a gang up on the run fine Jalen hurt can beat you with the past now that's not normally what they do. Because they do love to be so balanced. But one thing Saban has said is that he wishes they would throw the football. More vertically down the field and to me Alabama as. Probably the most underrated wide receiver corps in college football. I mean they've got three guys that are probable play in the NFL. And nobody talks about. Because of that perception thing bolt scar borrow and Brandon Harrison those guys at running back and rightfully so. When you've got an offensive line and as good as Alabama's. With those type of backs while what you were on the ball but at the same time they're wide receivers I would put them up against any. School in the country. And so that some of them would be interesting to see how how does Auburn. Handle all of that now they get Alabama to turn the football over. Do they could possibly stay in the game. But this kind of reeks of a low scoring game in the first half now. Bill through it possibly all the way through. But that I think stood makes a mistake in throws it where you shouldn't and the next thing you know. Alabama's got a fourteen point lead to games old epic Emma yeah I'll go with Alabama. I think I will too it's a forehand point spread wealth four to four and a half west gate as of Ford half William Hill forehands win four and a half. Caesar says and at four minus four for element so that's about where it is in that range com. And kennel like India. The tide in this ball game especially now we know that Pettway is not going to be on the field for Oliver but that is. I guess the big game of the weekend number one number six although we have tons of big games. This weekend that would certainly as a is right up there. Penn State Maryland that's a 21. And a half point spread in favor of Penn State so nobody's expecting that one to be close. Just looking to some of the down. Other big games of the day and we're not. We a lot of not so big games Ohio State favored by about 1211 and a half to twelve over Michigan we'll have that one for you at twelve noon. You're on ESPN upstate. Georgia eleven point favorites. Over George tech. Seem borrowing. Eleven. Yeah that sounds about Ronald Lewis pro whom you're worsening that it thank you. Virginia Tech seven and a half seven to seven and a half over Virginia. And that rivalry game. Hmmm sounds about right to me as well Miami Pittsburgh's a fourteen point spread. For the kings is just what weather mess up some people thought last week might bees they did not there while we get to go on but they did getting going. As CI Ole miss. Underdogs to Mississippi. Uglier earlier ugly early. Nineties it'd bull. In the egg bowl a strike. And West Virginia Oklahoma 22. Points for Oklahoma while while. That's a lot you know west Virginia's boom that Google's score points or mobile home only now it's closer than I agree. I'm back on the other side we'll hear from Davos Sweeney a 444773776. Takes line 71307. The huddle on ESPN upstate stay with us.