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Some beautiful Friday afternoon to be a perfect night for high school football temperatures dropping down through the fifties. An impossible downing and into the forties before some of the games are over we'll see about that but done no rain in the forecast so should be just perfect tonight for the east. High school playoff games we have tonight let's bring in Bob Costello with the agreement loose cover high school sports for. Bring on using ring maligned dot com talk about it hey Bob I event's. Good good. And really good you don't. A excited about tonight should be some good ones going on both. Yeah Ilia yeah we're getting down to the nitty gritty there should be some good. Let's start with four day and that Greenville Greer match up and you do have peace on that today in the agree more news and man I love this when both these teams that TNN one coming and they'll play a Dooley field. Tonight over angrier at 733. Round playoff game. And other player in the regular season Greer wanted to 27 to nineteen. Boy think about this match of kind of style differences are there between these two teams what to expect to see tonight. Well actually they're they're very similar. In dial. Both. You know both from the spread to both can both can be used about everything they're both very good com. That's the first match up. Career really. End be it should. Came out strong start both had enough. You know that they were they were in control of the game. But. I think that quick start to it really is what they want to gain. And took legal loud giggle and an you can't do that again against any really good team and they're proved that that. Eventually when we go back going. They were able to make you gain out of that and really in down to an onside kick where they made it once scored any. So I think you know if we don't get ducked debates start this one's a real close game. If it but you know you're talking two really good quarterbacks update this double green though. Trees and we're here a couple of junior quarterbacks by the way to vote will be back next year. But both can run the ball extremely well during Williams so I'm tipper runner so boundary Williams's. Smaller. Faster. Denies Williamsburg. Greeneville is a bit bigger boat in China probably a little bit. Com. What both loaded with receivers both release solid top line and com both defenses are very good. Enter their prestige and being built sequences bury your best defense they've got a long time. You know all the way across the board. Both of these teams there are just. Very good but it assuming it's. It about it even that yet so you know like if there I think the biggest difference black stand with the spears came out player can start. Ringo a little behind the eight ball. There really can't do that now I'm an interesting thing I'm David Crane mentioned this when I talked to the other day treason for trigger here. Quarterback. He says I don't think I've ever seen this in my life and all my years coaching. That 3030 touchdowns no interceptions while calling this season we're talking. Twelve games into the cease column that's that is phenomenal but you know. Got when when you're talking you know it's when it. You know big gains and everybody else he says he's a mistake. And costly. Yet it made me think. You know he doesn't get that fumble we didn't throw interceptions so. You know it's that's huge you know you can make mistakes at this point. The weather's been cold so you know sometimes to bulk up here in the air but. You know if you can play mistake free at that and all he's done that and the guys just to. But you know I can say is that both loaded with players sensibly that. They both played defense so. You know people aren't they right begun to be really fun. Down love that outing I've ever seen that either not that many touchdowns and an interception. Don't know that like he said they are I mean you know you might see one of those anti U. Clinton or something they drove three or four times a game which. He seemed averaging twenty attempt seeing content not thrown an interception. So I mean that he had his own breaking their yards and editor such an excellent. There really is other side of the aisle for a upper state bracket he sides had a great run Manning have a challenge tonight they have to go to south point. Yeah that that's that can be tough when that. You know at some point in Duluth you'd never know if it but Californians and really obviously won three straight state championships and ma. You know it's gonna be being Morgan he's like goes to keep you productive earlier this week is that. You know we're gonna throw it and we've always told me that I'm I'm just don't not to think that maybe we're the ones that can do it then. I attacked. My colleague Brooke McCormick Travers does great and perhaps a miraculous. He said well I'll point out differences were really good so that's kind of a bad mix there it's. Let. You know what I mean we gonna do you gotta go destroyed you know you know Jordan Morgan and really good it. I'm you know I I think what one of the key after having seen. Besides struggle to throw against Grier and assuming that south point. You know deepens would be it's at least as good it's a better. You know so some quick stuff. Because one of the one of the biggest challenges against courier was. You know he wasn't able to get off how they were really quick and they weren't given any time and so. I might think you know he got used to the two weeks leading up to the mere game. You know dropping back in the you know being different art in general over the place and you know I getting late in the Russian pick now the receiver and haven't time to do it needed and that I'm against career. Gonna get you don't have a lot of time against south point it. Should you know I'm gonna get ya gotta move pretty quickly so. I I would guess that the challenge. Defensively and of course you're able not to challenge sensibly so yeah they're up against that but you know. You know you you'd rather be here as it inward and you know like to be here in the third round so. I'd rather edit your attention. They haven't scored last couple weeks in the playoffs against Westwood and what ran they put 4548. Only those two against. Yeah area they've been they've been scoring. But like like it says it's the whole other animal he gets it when it is doubtful. You know yeah it's big big. Big challenge but. Exit you'd rather you'd rather be at this point have a crack at. That's right mostly give five day bill press is making little little noisier in the post season they beat Spartanburg last week now they get another region three team in. Gaffney tonight how they're doing as farmer last week. In Spartanburg. You know it was a complete effort to it is that are offensively. Com that they've really ran the ball really well com. And and I think. That that was that was future of because they've been they've been throwing the ball so well. You know a lot has had a great year quarterback Kurt Hillcrest. But they have been been pretty balanced. Because they got you know with two backs Donte' Anthony. And Colin. We feel has has been very good back there and they did a lot of thoughtful house backfield and just you know we're gonna take it right at chip and human remains they ran it right at the commerce shoot the start on back order Spartanburg wasn't there are so that that that didn't help Spartanburg at all. But until there technocrats credit you know I think they're really cute do the job just. Pushed him back com. And you know the running game. Greatly helped and I think they were just determined and you know in that defensively you know came up with a real big effort defensively can it. Because in Spartanburg job I had. So and of course I I think there's some mental hurdle or two because they had lost eleven straight get Spartanburg in nineteen straight against Hartford county eighteen. You know there's all that that went into it too and I think you know getting over that hurdle. Helped a lot and now they've got the similar warning that gap because they've lost. Eleven straight days that it will be yet either like him. Not to mention the fact that they already lost 42 to seven and asked me earlier this year so. That's a little bit different because it's. You know later years I think Joker has gotten a lot better and get back home so that adults as well. Another plane a lot better and I'm sure yet you better as well so. But I think they feel like they're a better place now so I'm. Yeah I think I I think at the very least is what should be closer and an eagle crest says a lot better chances stammer around. You know when they did earlier in the season I don't think they're played nearly as well. I'm earlier in the season and they ought to out of that first war. You know they really bad role in getting better and better and they didn't have a lot of confidence right now I think it had a lot of big thing. So. I think you know this would be a lot better quality. Doubt I would agree with that again Nino has been a little bit of a role in won a bunch of games in a row and they've gotten healthier they've gotten some guys back which has helped them so I know how explosive they commit. Aaliyah Aaliyah and not think he said I think at this point in the year. Everybody's good and so when one team says you know we've gotten a lot better low the other team compared to their drive to. You know I think it should you know it's going to be a tough one that. Not killing. He'll crescent state leased car a little bit better off than they were last time around. I'm not talking to Bob Costello with a great news the other side Bob of the five A upper state playoffs and I Greenwood at dormant. I mean Greenwood turn some heads last week beating Hannah and Hannah that's surprised a lot of people. Yes especially in. I think they thought they were. You know I mean that he would enter into such a special season. There in they had gotten you know. Clobbered the first time you know so many who they send stuff to be good people like surgery dimes or whatever it. Yeah so. You know if he would ask me two weeks ago this you know dormant no problem but. After what happened last week during the morning and I guess you got that they helmets are that the I I don't know I mean I would think dormant but yeah eight you know it's really hard day. Really aren't that strategic and Greenwood at this point because. I would never expected them to do what they did. Against you know actually so I don't know yet opened dorms pretty sorry yeah yeah. You know so. And and I think I'm one of the things that green would have been handed the familiarity sometimes. Helps a lot note down. So not that Greenwood Norman haven't played a lot over the years but. You know region penile are gonna stop. I didn't think it helped a little bit. So I don't know I saw the idiots dorm. Damn lower stay looks like it's coming down to the usual suspects look like fort Dorchester and Dutch fork may be headed for a a collision course to get to the title game. Yeah yeah I think everybody expected that so calm and let it play out over the years so. Yeah and I think that everybody expects that nobody wants. You know and not so sure that you'll see fort Dorchester the final of I think a lot of people around Stater so it opened for that to those who are. And make it out to. Williams Bryce. They didn't stick out. Mr. joiner playing there forty get actually. So for me it answer on. A real little preview that's always been. Will preview now Bob I heard some mud coaching changes have already been made nothing mostly out of the lower part of the state right and you heard anything about anybody make any changes so far in the upstate. Not yet and I didn't I didn't Burgundy and I'm sure we'll. That the black Monday. What will come. You know he's an end and I'm sure there will be some got to Leonard and yet so you know and I'm concerned there Arctic. Yep that always happens so low we will follow that as time goes on the which game you're covering tonight Greenville Greer. Yeah probably dreamed over your game and get terror. Yeah yeah it'll be yet going to be good atmosphere and a great crowd I'm sure you know one of those big crowd to delete field. Always is lot of fun under the water tower over there. Yeah yeah a little watered down aren't yet to be a lot of fun I mean that thought. Thought he and then a lot of people standing around it'll be really could grow to be fine. Does stuff Bob Costello will watch very coverage in the Greenville news angry angle on line dot com thanks rob. All right thank you. A reason I write a 444773776. Will open up the phone lines again if you wanna get in to talk about any thing going on in sports headed into this weekend we are here for you text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RV superstore back at what this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. So it's NASCAR championship weekend of the race at homestead. This weekend. You guys and give me an analysis of what you think's gonna happen in the big race here. A lot to answer it in depth they'll do you know gonna come from the back when his final race well. Big win the race but it yet when Leo championship as he's not one of the final four. But it is his final race. And Dale Junior by the like he says. He's not going to be. Nervous or rob dreading. Getting out on the track for his final race at homestead this weekend. And. Here yeah. These days. No business being in an awesome. We want you words. Into. And back in satellite sodomy. About his final race this weekend but we'll buy at dale says he's ready he's ready for life. After racing he's gonna get the broadcast Booth for NBC next year certainly will be. Well received there I think I don't expect India. Problem was bad but it's going to be tough for NASCAR without a guy out there who grow through so many fans to racing over the past. Number of years with final four for the championship. The cup title. Our Brad Kozlowski Martin Truex junior. Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick those are the guys who will have it all on the line coming up this weekend. As the NASCAR year comes to close we have a yum. Response from Janus Winston. About the groping allegations of a new driver march 2016 NFL's investigating that female member driver reported that she was. Groped by Janus. Now what a year and a half ago. Here's what the statement from. A news organization has published a story about me. Regarding alleged incident involving a female over driver from approximately two years ago. The story falsely accuses me of making inappropriate contact with a driver. I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her. The accusation is faults. In giving the nature of the allegation and increased awareness and consideration of these types of matters. I am addressing this false report immediately. At the time of the alleged incidents I denied the allegations to goober. Yet they still decided to suspend Mike hill. Famous can't take an over anymore. He said I am supportive of the national movement to raise awareness and develop better responses to the concerns of parties who find themselves in these types of situations. But this accusation is false. While I'm certain that I did not make any inappropriate contact. I don't want going gauge in a battle with the driver. And I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable and anyway. Would you say that if you did absolutely nothing. Sore MAU uncomfortable calling Internet. Of course lawyer wrote a statement anyway and is selling James domain that you. I think I think he had that drafted for release today. But just came out as a statement he didn't say it publicly. But a wise man once. Before you do any thing ask yourself if you have to apologize for afterwards. What would you about be apologizing for there was no inappropriate conduct. He regrets that he made her uncomfortable like. Look. And she doesn't even know who's in the front seat. But of course. You don't necessarily have to be front seat to groups of money rule him. He was sitting in the back seat we don't know that he says he was he says he wasn't in the front seat. That's what he seems to be saying he says I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car. And who was sitting next her why she can be about the number of passengers in the car. Something stinks on the news the other thing as. James tried them back. I don't know. Well you might want to give the guy with the money are you Biden in the back he's got a limo you right where you want if you go on I guess so I don't know where he wanted to. Wanted her side. That's just a little weird the state is a little weird to me. I again not saying I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable this woman accused US army didn't do I sure wouldn't. June. No missing get out of your best stuff out and touch you. Sorry if I made her uncomfortable. If my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable that's weird. This almost sounds like. Flirting that one lead to full. Okay then who touched her nobody or. Somebody else or Davis or maybe they touched each other. But we don't know what what got touched and what was untouched. We do not. This happened about 2 AM Ottawa you surprised. All for business. Everything happens on March 13 when he sixteen. Wednesday and here's the report the driver said shooting of her name but she talked about speed news. She said Winston asked her to stop at a drive through restaurant during the ride and while in line the driver said. Winston reached over and grabbed her crotch for three to five seconds. OK so there's your Portland got touched. Only grow let's get our hands that's more than a ground rule Lisa only removing his hand when she said something. How long go to this happened and she said Winston was the only passenger in the car. Well that would eliminate any confusion about who did it wouldn't it was from a year and a half ago as march 26. I'll automatically discount any of these stories that don't come out immediately. OK if you have been. Violated. Or inappropriately. Or whatever. Okay you're gonna wait almost two years. But Josh all these reports that have happened in the last two weeks have emboldened this woman to come forward that's what she's gonna say. Yeah because she found who don't want us. A gimme a break out here she should've reported then felt that bad you do it immediately. Immediately. Now the NFL is investigating Tampa Bay Buccaneers say. They are gathering information. About this they just found out about it the day they say. Winston has not been at practice but that's because of a shoulder injury. I know you've blue minus three to five seconds count the crime bureau armor sultan in count three to five seconds and she was so upset about it. When he for you not to hand away don't you don't let resign for that long. Three to five seconds is is quite a bit of time. She says she told on the moon and removed it. I wish I think it will listen when she groped me. She is a tad slower than three to five senate budget policy attached nobody was too long. I think you've got a case. A senior arm. And a you have a case. And I didn't wait a year and a half. Day you know I don't like that either I don't like that it was a statue limitations on a case. Longer than that I. Here's what happens in these deals. Somebody legitimate. Comes out it was something. And the next thing you know they're getting a war rewarded. Ten million books. And then people read those details and the next thing you know now their memory starts to come back. All the in 1971. And when. So and so and so and so was with me over it whoever's house. Something happened. Well and it works better with. You know. Accused of assaulting a student at Florida State in 2012 your member of that you know. Had to get off by the moon. That woman filed a civil suit against Winston he countersued those were settle out of court we don't know for a lot. Some money flew around and that and in Florida State paid her 950000. Dollars almost a million dollars and a title line losses. The woman from 4050. What in the world school and then of course. Tony fourteen James stood up on a table that the student union. And shouted out something that was sexually explicit thing I'm just syndrome closing at. Remember that was a slim suspended for the first half and the miss another da plane. September 20 fourteens from that wanted to sell its Jamison like you know. Chief. Is probably where mullah. My dude my Brothers. My peeps. You see your female walk deal away. Can't control. The might be a slight overreaction there I get lawyers mean now we've got. Lawsuits overlooks. Yeah I mean if you get to the point where people are suing each other over because of a look. Well she's alleging more than a rule of law but she can't tell you how many people were in the core believed Jesus one Jamison. And she can't tell what he set the front of the back now that's not what I'm saying he says she's confused about it. He says she's confused by how many people were in the car and who was sitting where. I can fears about water a bunch of people that's crazy here and a grounder up like he probably I don't know how many people get Marco. And knowledge is confused. She mob me untruthful but all of this is computers about it. That Michael cents. I'd so others Jamison statement. And she now he's messed up because. He's apologized. He's got to pay or something. Because the moment you apologize you you are accepting responsibility. I'm way do they are two models saying it must models say I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable but I knew anything on the dogs that. I mean you've got to believe somebody accuses me so that I didn't do and all. It's it yes absolutely. 844 GS PE SPN text line 71307. Will be right back this is bottle on ESP in upstate. Yes it is welcome back into the huddle on the ESPN. Upstate wanna remind you that that coming up next week biggest party night of the year the night before Thanksgiving. Is there might go the next day off Thanksgiving eve that revel of Bensonhurst don't avenue in Greenville it's going to be eleven touch in and stuff and don't go. So that. There are laughs none and there will be no touching. Trial by fire the premium journey tribute band will be there Wednesday night playing all the hits party like a pilgrim. With trial by fire like that. Pitcher on tickets now for this event the journey tribute band next Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and yet my perks dot com. Back to the fall we go and Randall is next in the hollow Byron. It's a good day Randall how are you. Yeah mine luckily snuck in that such a thing to talk about what you know enjoying this what doubling Josh on the that's what our strategy at brown and I and I know you know a lot of people have concerns about it on the porch and insulin or it. A center heard Jews in this statement that you read. There have been learned this at the time that it happened so this girl before your attacker to emerged this girl evidently did reported. Right at the time. Is that correct in your bad. Let me see here I think you're right that he says he he has denied the allegations why what has happened it's. I guess the NFL investigation is at the new thing why is is just now coming out if has already been reported and denied I don't I. Don't know but you know when you're in Orange. Thank you look you know any spin control many terms and lastly early or where you basically start our on the field. So now this. I think it's going to be in trouble from you know. I don't think actually. And into his troubled if you use it won't say. It has been pretty quiet though since he came to the NFL. Has been around much suffering. Especially the elderly terror or point in the center in Australia so let's start in this sorry. Just a bit then you're going to be a leader that Cheney doesn't need to do special I don't. I'm with either thank you Randall we appreciate it yes sir appreciate you. Is a question what's the new news here if this is already member all up at the time it happened. And denied him what we hear about it when it was brought up the first time. I don't. There's a story I guess the you know but news organization came up with a story busting news came over the story. And first reported. I guess that's the new news in the NFL now investigating because in Busby news. All I got on it I don't know. This topic came out yesterday was kind of running hot hair heavy and a son Oliver Twitter last night about Jon Gruden to Tennessee the rumors if you will. Stop it. Stanley not gonna happen right. Stop it. Like. Mike Brown. Background to I think he was on that one of those three planes that was headed into this thing. Yeah. Well was there a leading it wasn't their remaining did they go down to talk to them or did they not. We don't really know that. But. SEC country today. Is quoting a couple of sources they talked to a prominent boosters as I can't see it happening they talked a football staff member who said I don't think Jon Gruden. Is coming. Gruden recently said this never say never to nothing. So that's what got everybody fired up because he wouldn't say no absolutely not coming to Tennessee. But it does not look nothing has happened since yesterday and if there was an offer made yesterday don't we think we would be hearing something today. An hour that wants. What we believe in number Nick Saban wasn't gonna Alabama had us right. I tried but I mean it's a little different when you're leaving a school or pro team. And when you're live in the broadcast Booth you don't have to kind of protect yourself on that not only thing. You know the worry about it as much. And me but do we really won't even see him coach again I mean I enjoy. His analysis on football I enjoy his. Grooms quarterback cam tip that he does yet. Those things I enjoy seeing him do. I mean. Do we really want to see him the coach at Tennessee he's. He's a better broadcasters and it was exactly the company is rigor and a good. As a coach. So Wallace as he. Now the second coming of Bear Bryant them Chip Kelly I can understand. But immigrant men coached in over a decade trying. And I'm not saying that that means a guy that's won the Super Bowl to get back in the coaching. But. We're now all of a sudden go throw the kitchen say. A place like Tennessee. I mean it it's the craziest thing when when coaches start to get fired. And I think that's why Tennessee tried to wait as long as they did it. Because the minute they fired Butch Jones now you've got rampant speculation. As to who's gonna be the next quote. In the first the first time somebody gets. An inkling they could have met with him. Yeah but you sit and think Dick for mill how long was he out of I'm coaching for a very long time more and broadcast he would baca was successful for a washer and amid so I can't happen that's why I said it's it's not like it. Can happen but my thing is that the way here from Tennessee people it's as if Jon Gruden is this white elephant that they're trying to kill. And that's their guy. And that's to every year when Tennessee's vols or their head coach doesn't work now. It's always back to just that he is the first and they always mentioned there. And that's why don't give it. I mean there are so many coaches out there that if I'm just a I would much rather wanna be in the mix for. Dan Mullen Matt Campbell. Chip Kelly. I mean Scott frost if you wanna get a guy that young and you feel like he's got some the launch. Maybe gruden by just not saying no. Is playing it Smart to keep his name out there than to be stupid to him that maybe he's never gonna do it he's not but he doesn't wanna. Take his name out early because he can help them. In negotiations for broadcasting or whatever he wants exactly rise to be a hot name that comes couple I'm. You're not a politician tell me one time. You know that was rumored for a pause for a potential post. And he said Josh always remember neither confirm or die and let them run would you name. And that's what grooms do showdowns ever gruden from the zoo. He's getting creepy all over the place. It out reassess them before the break Seth welcome into the hollow hard. I'm good good good. What's up this is grouping he's not I would be shocked the and it I don't understand why. Couldn't he say and do this every single like I said every continent opening on the L. Is aimed at it was that are there every single apartment let voter out there are you OJ. He supposedly call former altered brain that is in the trucking industry. Own political start assembling mr. bond between. The car and overtake the job now. There are so many other coaches out there and the population that the curtain. Q with the GA exit as the back under Johnny majors and it widely cheerleader and the and her friendly liberty could see that there. I think. For him now his silent doesn't end University of Tennessee put it that that they like their he'd never quite there he never really make a eight coax there. It's itself walk just this fascination with the with the band within am. You know I know a lot of people Phillip they're black cover for her you know five or six years since. No one knows structure they're each coming. It it doesn't feel it is quite an outfit it's not happening out there. Contact has been made. But. It's it has happened so many different times. You'd cut activists say OK there we decode to everything now the coach until they had it not. Here's my thing why the head of the Tennessee officials still going after this guy. That's what I don't understand and I agree with you I'm not yelling you you made some awesome points. About the situation. But it's like you said he was there's a GA he only spent one year as the system. As a wide receiver. NFL job that opens up in his name comes up that makes sense to me. It doesn't make sense to me that Tennessee lifts their skirt every time they have a coaching opening. Settled yet. Got to let you go sorry up against the break here thanks for the call back in a moment if you wanna jump in and a 444773776. In the huddle on ESP in upstate. We are back in the huddle on ESPN upstate at least for the moment. Just governments before the top of the hour. And we will lomb have another hour to go in the South Carolina Gamecocks. Winning in college basketball this afternoon. Eighty to 56 over Texas El Paso snow gamecocks are three and one they will play the winner of Appalachian State western Michigan. At 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon that will be their next game. Clemson continues play in the gill then Charleston classic and they will play Hofstra tonight. 9 o'clock is our air time here on ESPN. Upstate so you can tune in for Clemson Tigers basketball player undefeated so far. On the season. College football we have for him coming up tomorrow. I like this when Michigan and Wisconsin that is the noon game we'll miss games of the weekend and Bobby the game of the week. Will be a good tight competitive game Michigan and Wisconsin hopes of look reported that meant to just to take some that one in not myself tomorrow and don't get the weird game of the day. On the air at 7 o'clock tomorrow night LSU Tennessee. They still have Butch Jones picture up on the scoreboard at Tennessee and they say they can't get it down by the weekend. So it's going to be up for the broadcast. On television of LSU and Tennessee Butch Jones picture up there after yeah fart it. Under would take that down we knew how does not practice this act and a is just too much take awhile we'll get it down but. Not this weekend. So this is something GMAC real quick. South Carolina either must gently used by choice or force you want Jon Gruden and. It's must Jim news though when we come back. No I don't want junger and we'll talk about I'll tell you must Jim news today from the state newspaper in Columbia when we come back might even Diddy the job. Blogger and podcaster from our website he has. On the morning show that's coming up as well. As the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back.