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It's the final hour of the huddle on ESP announced ledger along. Get on the phone call us at 8444773776. You can text us at 71307. I Twitter at ESPN. Upstate you know we can argue in here all day but I'm knocking a foregone. But that's not what happened between an Alabama and an Auburn fan. Monday of graduate got in the same way alaskans own home. An argument between Alabama and Auburn fan on Monday over which team is better. Escalated to the point of gunfire. According to police the Alabama fan shot the Auburn fan zones of Iran. Outside of the extended suites motel about 7 o'clock on Monday evening. Police reports in the mail subject got man pulled firearm struck the victim in the spy. And fled struck the victim and Mathias and were worse and so shocked the big again at the film to hit him with a guy early. Victim's condition and the shooters whereabouts unknown as of today. Number one Alabama number six Auburn will be playing in the Iron Bowl on November 25. As not an endgame wage had their share and each other. Dolan is always surprised when a result play any SEC championship game the following weekend. Have you guys ever been so mad at the opposing team that you fell violent or you don't know. Well. I'm glad we Evan and no firearms laws and the automobile air. Ever think of like Q you're man enough that you snuck a snake into their house or something like that yeah no. That's just dumb just crazy good fist fighting her mobile. The context and says the Mayo may agree to disagree on now huge hit some people have been nerve and good for the spiked. But anyway. Hopefully disguise okay. I mean those people they get divorced down there they get killed. Women fighting each other Palestinians. Now they kill trees. I mean I think it's it's kind of cool that dumb. That Alabama and Auburn are playing a meaningful game this year late right. And it already has a real chance of winning an open. Podium a real chance to win games and Auburn. And we have a meaningful SEC championship game what though we didn't save that either run the numbers now from that up Paul fun bomb. Graphic they had up earlier but they ticket prices for the SEC championship game or through the roof. Yeah I get a memorized it's what 425. For the SEC. 150 for the ACC. 49 for the Big Ten big twelve was 31. Should reduce the SEC champ. 425. Dollars as a moral cause sudden nose bleed ticket but that's somebody in the end the ACC is a big game. I'll have my name is and again if that's not. Peanuts Holland thirteen 150 I. I think the Big Ten James is going to be pretty good too so I mean. Pretty cheap pac 1231 box who's going to be in the pac twelve came into computers could. There are all out of it now who cares 8444773776. Bill is up next and not libel. That sort of thing we're a man it's up to. Yeah man I thank him militant now about local property that great city and state court. Could be one of the bear it in yeah. Saturday with an orbit and the interesting. This year and yet they say they say Iraq on the said that they vehemently. There are periods that port happily sick or not. But a lot of excitement that the Alabama Auburn and out of it heated until. She somebody ever gang. I know they are human delay didn't fully the week before getting hit and clearly the curtain back there are adequate or great it would be right. And the in the apple it in the curry and right and the they had their. They have much more stuff going on between Auburn and Alabama and Clemson, South Carolina never had rifle. And there are some B. Quite mentally that the stakes. Are a medical records. Put some of that game except that it hasn't been the duke big mall and a third who obviously fights on the team. Oh yeah they're they're they're a year earlier. The crazy duplicate that by and the coaches are players like the war. When acting. Out like. Tonight if I thank you so much more art and the players coaches. Dagger I agree with that just don't you think coming island and the coaches that it they're into it no we be wrong but. They still have a job to come back to. Yeah Biden and Obama and ordered that that is very accustomed I was you have to be at a said that as I doubt about it. People say exports I was serious suspects in the but I guess that's what it is so great thank you are prepared which you know. Richard about a thanks for the call. Pac twelve championship president shapes up right now it'll be southern cal out of the south that looks pretty certain pretty certain. They can be either Washington State or Stanford. And Washington still has no sunshine. In the north they care about any of them more watch southern cal and Stanford. No well what southern cal Washington State. No now. To be some the last bit of football you can watch for awhile until the bulls start to see that that's the problem is. The bulls. It depends on what the matchup is and who's excited to be there and all of those things alone. The bulls can be pretty good they can be dunes. A reason I would watch of the Big Ten championship game is to see if Wisconsin survived so even. There's no details plane and its thing and that's where we got to Gruner and I hope they are undefeated and in that game because gonna make it more interesting to watch. But I can only to commend spinal block the view when Ohio State beat Wisconsin they should unpredictable Allstate to beat to win that game now. If that matchup happens. So. We'll see how it goes but if the pac twelve. They're jockeying for the Holiday Bowl. Death Cisco meaningless. But ACC SEC. This goes without a while I think. This may be the biggest ACC matchup we've had if the teams finish to win issue. Now if Clemson or. Miami lays and they between now and then and take some luster off of it. We'll see but. All. You'd like to see it have college football implications. Dousing of some people suggesting that Miami is is going to disappoint us in the next couple weeks they've Virginia at home and at Pittsburgh. The capable losing one of millions. So that again there at Virginia not Virginia home at Pittsburgh. On the road to pit Vito. Really. This late Coldwell other South Florida kids. Think they can just told her Jersey out there pitch codify them Miami's a better team. But Miami's gonna have to play. Pitt has been disappointing this year. Well they lost a lot of players are four and six men you lost a lot of players James on him in August. South Carolina I get ready for their game this weekend with the Wofford terriers and one of their key players has been Hayden Hersh we've seen some reports this week that he's headed for the NFL but he does not confirm that the swing says he'll wait to the end of the year to talk about that. But hey nurse talking with a media this week downing Colombia the South Carolina tied and says he wants to be known for blocking. As well as for catching the football. I hope so you know that's something that I struggled with last year I hope better myself in that field this year. You know wanna be known as a hard worker physical tight end conscious and one of the things that's kind of I'm proud of myself. Thought that a little bit something me my dad my mom my family has talked about it with Christmas campaign. The decision the season's over interpret. Do you think. In your mind. Army put an honest not really enough people tennis and since himself about stats but you know. Just show you out there and you know players are very intense every pastor throws and is doing can do and he's a play we changed. Us. You know solid so the ball go over Bryant said he can people opponent. Miscommunication. Sorry to catch it. And I kind of sat back a little bit because nobody's gonna cut towards me you're trying to hit him but in Zach can turn back inside. I Sonko let the ball loose if you want to reach across nice on static. It's just. I think that's kind of monster it coach preaches and hustle. No matter what and how what's happening let's just hustling you effort. Practice this week coming off a big win your nose and FCS opponent of good when did you notice any sort of looked emotional let down. Absolutely not just isn't an. That has another punt and I'm one. When their conference they're they're very good team they're very physical team we treat this like we treat everybody else. I play where he punches the ball out after the South Carolina turnover. Stop Leo Florida score was key and acting. He and a game early and being close of game hasn't blossomed give her credit seven a great year. Reports from las Saturday down south far that he is going to come out. Go to the NFL he's not the confirmed idea but I would say that's most likely because he has seen as the number one tide in coming out this year. Services and ranked as the number one Tynan aren't hard to turn that down. When your ranked like that and I would expect that though. This will be the final year for a nurse but we'll see his decision to make any hasn't announced it at least even if he has made it. Today Thursday night football if you don't want to check out the NFL game which is a decent decent one titans in the Steelers tonight. Which will have for your funniest in upstate. The Thursday night college football on ESPN Tulsa in South Florida. At Raymond James Stadium. In Tampa. A Ball State also plays buffalo tonight a Friday night games one of these on our pick list middle Tennessee at western Kentucky. That's 8 o'clock on Friday on and UNLV New Mexico will be only history into tomorrow night. In early you know and that moment the fighting Bob Davies. And then on Saturday. It's all these though warm up games for rivalry weekend including Alabama Mercer. Oh all burned Louisiana Monroe. Central Florida plays temple. In a Mississippi State steps down to player really poor Arkansas team. Poor you're being kind. Northwestern Minnesota. Yet. Clemson symbol of course South Carolina and Wofford. Of course North Carolina gets western Carolina this weekend we just have a ton of games like this Oklahoma Kansas that's awful. At Kansas in Lawrence. Kentucky Georgia and we just say don't Georgia response. Here's South Carolina friend probable for Georgia so you finished second in the SEC east. Where Kentucky loss. Ohio State gets Illinois this week at home 330 on ABC in Oklahoma State say state. That's an Russians now man am. In a 330 on ESP into. Be interested to see if this is coastline there's last year. As Herman talk about them yeah easement so much to college football and I mean he was fighting throat cancer and all of that this time last year I mean 78 years old jobless there. Yep comedian line mostly Penn State Nebraska. That's a beaver stadium for clock game Michigan State Maryland 4 o'clock game at East Lansing. Florida UA VS EC network mommy was just flip it over there to see. Just to see if you baby's gonna polio upset over the gators. On Saturday afternoon tenant Tennessee LSU to a deal Mo golf match come along so has admitted doing now. If we can do it text say NM Ole miss. NC state Wake Forest. And southern cal UCLA 8 PM on ABC. Stamberg California's 8 PM on fox. Washington Utah yes peeing game at 1030. On Saturday night. And down. Kind of what you have. In the lineup of course Michigan Wisconsin. One of the better games that's a noon fox game from camp Randall. This Saturday. A 444773776. Wanna get in with us you can do so now takes on 71307. Here not a lot of ESPN upstate we will be right back. Well this afternoon in Conway South Carolina basketball loss to Illinois State 69 to 65. The red birds. Beat the gamecocks. Illinois State led by as many as twelve points in the game before halftime South Carolina rallied to tie it twice. And then Illinois State managed to pull out at the end. A sonogram and had Tim points for the gamecocks nine rebounds and five. Assists this is the jump came moved from Puerto Rico because of the hurricane hurting Maria said the mood of the coastal Carolina. In cowboy in South Carolina falls today 6965. Coach any reason for concern. About the lost note to the Illinois State. No none. The biggest thing that this is a very very talented team and the thing that they have to replace not only if everybody talks about. The offense that they lost with a and various storm well and DJ Dozier. But it was also the leadership. You innocent Darius was a senior. That guided this team and I I think right now from watching the game. You can tell that the gamecocks especially on the offensive and are kind of tentative and they're kind of searching. For that leader till march. That's gonna develop that chemistry and get everybody on the same page and it's kind of like it you know let's try to work through the game. As a committee as opposed to having. Your court general out there and that's gonna take time. It you know and they lost by four. So it's not like. It you know they got blown out they were down eleven they made a push late. I'm not necessarily sold on the fact that grab it is going to be long term store order. He sold streaky. I just think with Booker Mears and some of those other guys BD. That they're gonna come along as the field where they fit. Within the chemistry of the team and there's no what you can't develop that practice. It's simply has to be done. When they get out there and play and frank a figure that out so. Some people on Twitter were hit me up about. You know how they're jumping off bridges and it over the gamecocks themselves and all of that I might look just pump the brakes. It's the third game of the year. You develop your chemistry is only as long as the season goes along. There's some good talent there you just got to let it. Developed yet you know and unfortunately. You know people don't wanna wait we don't want we plant a seed people don't wanna wait until they grow before you get the fruit they want to pop up right away. And unfortunately sports is on the GO plan. So the gamecocks would be far and talk to me in March and let's see whether. Okay I'll agree we view except to say this. I think this is going to be a bubble tournament team and so what they do between now and SEC start. Coming up at the end of all New Hampshire actually played. New Year's Eve against Ole miss. To start conference. Is gonna matter I mean because you know but at least to many of these games no one does not make a huge difference. They got Florida international coming up they got temple in Massachusetts a yellow Wyoming at a coastal Carolina before the play Clemson. At Clemson on December 19. And M limestone. That's the nonconference schedule. That's left that they need him. Come out of that in good shape. If they're going to make the tournament so yeah one lost not a big deal. You know three or four losses in that group. Back to become a problem. For making the turn. So yeah it's early. And they are trying to find themselves. They lost a ton its brand new team basically exactly I mean you look at them now how watched a game with a Wofford which they won by 21 points. The other night Friday night last week and and it's just not say dame. But they looked. Decent they look pretty going to be western Michigan by eighteen points. But today it was not a good day form losing to Illinois State downing Conway 69 to 65 they're okay. So far I just remember how many years we've come back and said man it was that December schedule a bit of man hour than November schedule and amend those losses came back to haunt them. From a November. Well I mean remember last year they lost what six out of ten in in the season up heading into the NCAA tournament. Got in his seventh season. As they say the rest is history. Franks just got to find his combination. That he feels good about the front court's mind. You know with coats. In his one through three and you know what that's that's gonna take time I think eventually. It's probably gonna be Mears and Booker. And baby but you know Woolsey are developed they've got to perform. I know one we had him on the show he talked about how he loved the F weld a schism in this. Be. Of this particular team may be this a year where he he needs to low moral and are a lot more and maybe their moral vote. Full court press team you don't know booked. He'll figure it out in them and we'll see come January conference to. On the subject of South Carolina did you see the red at college football tweet from awhile back about fan arrest that football stadiums. Yes yes all that some of these re tweeted today are reminded that we never talked about a while housing here on the PS talk about it when I was out. But South Carolina leads the country. It Fagan injections. 496. Injections. Was an overall attendance of 538441. That's a fan injections per 1000 fans of point 92 which is up. Far away believing rate in the country Wisconsin's second at a point 72 or again. At seven West Coast after that. Well orient and organ state third and fourth Nebraska Frist. In Utah Wyoming Florida Georgia Florida State. South Carolina. Tops. The list 2016. Sand injections now here's my question. Does that mean fans are behaving badly in South Carolina. Does that mean they don't put up with a league golf. From fans at south here. Passion man who owns passion well I don't whole body inside the stadium but I'll say this. The antics outside the stadium are ridiculous it's after all yet there. I think I saw one video of a guy. It you know. Jump and download a table full of beer and fold in the floor fallen in the ground come on and then Alamo or remember if it was at the beginning of this year last year. Where the gamecocks fans got into a fist fight with the each other. In the back of a truck now and somebody with a camera was somehow got caught them alone. And then they had do escape out of it. I think that's. That's what's kind of given at a black I mean I've been several games. This year and haven't seen one. Own instance of circumstance. And war. You know so I don't know if it's happening at into the game up in the top. Section or or what but. And all the stuff that goes on outside the stadium has been. All. Kind of childish bill passed. Well I've been you know out the couple's story before on here about watching more than one person it kicked out of the stadium Williams Brice. They're pretty strict. There. I don't know if they're more strict than other places. Now certainly been to clinching games and had witnessed the same thing. And you know typically alcohol related. Now they get kicked out for. You know personally or don't know enough without the one time remember most clearly was the guy with the flask. Who dropped in on the aluminum seat during the moment of silence. Yeah it's been too bad. At the think it'll and the secure your plastic chemical security we'll continue to follow this opinion not just leave it in your jacket if it's too bad Donnelly messing with a flat yeah I mean you're Charles simply drink while everybody's and there are at least 300 people Tora look at him when he dropped that thing during the moment of silent and it. Anyone just that they got in my kicked out he was he was. Clearly intoxicated in a guaranteed Jonathan you're not supposed to have a fly Hoskins thing I've noticed I guarantee he's the guy that. Takes three can't take communion. There's always get. A wanna make sure you are right against a rookie. Now. So. You know why I am I mean they're pretty strict I think it at bush is Bryson badly be part of it. But I've seen some of the same videos you see from outside the stadium. It is not dumb always will behave behave group of people. I can understand although I don't approve of it obviously. I mean I can understand two opposing. Fans getting into a far right. I can't understand. All the same fans getting into a fight with the joke. I mean to me that that just. That blows my mind. Well the more alcohol that is consumed the judgment on who you're fighting with probably takes a backseat. Okay it just becomes. I'm drunk in a month and into people on them. Show my rear end and maximizing your man. You know. I'm William how many I haven't seen a whole lot of bomb. Fan base is clashing at South Carolina I don't think it's been a lot of that right ravens among them. There is bad behavior because drinking I mean and you know. That happens it's it is interesting to South Carolina is a is the leader in the clubhouse for 2016 on fan injections. We'll tube I mean people sell a lot of money go to those games just yeah I'm just thinking about this a point 92 per 1000 science so one out of a thousand fans getting kicked out. Was sounds like one out of a thousand. So that would be for 80000 people eighty fans are weaker hitting takedown. In Bahrain Iran probably another mass HE eighty fans are we getting kicked out of it. The jacksons for one thousand's almost a one on 10 point 92. We were leaving the Kentucky game I care repeal all the these. But the guy made the comment of a pay 101000 dollars a year for these people actually. Of that performance. You know take it down for that but this another guy goes and what you've played in 2000 those things that didn't win the men and all I'm sure he was an upper level and holding. You know those big gift urged. 844 GS DES PN'S_X. line 71307. Will be right back here is the final half hour of the hollow if you wanna jump on board ESP in upstate. 844 GS BE SPN let's say 444773776. In the huddle. Back to the phones and Stephen you are next how orient. There and get a budget we do little Steve. Look into the show every day at just on and say it today and then today. Very well around it sure you got that covered politics you have covered. Just about everything but there's one thing that your message during the day what does Steve. We had talked about immediately but it it. Always miss the Malia musically thought dom. Today it. I wanted to Callahan in only if you let us know in the there. We're not eventually come out and them from the chart book ultra sexually assault doubt about it. Is the ruling will almost to the point and put her on the shelf I'll think I'll phone records. I love the general Alberto that the third of that bit. Ago. Yeah ours just got to replacement for you you know everybody has. Everybody has an expiration date. MMK is it her expiration dates about to expire. So I feel like Lisa and is well positioned to replace our. And it's don't. No word ago that. So many ways like ago of that. And I'm going to choose to go none of the above. With that but thank you. But but but but what ladies can't enjoy sports at all about it. Never did find out what the song was I'm I'm not correlate canal now. The moment and that will be my homework now. The origin let Alex you'll have does not connect content except that he's on the he's on the lot by and be careful corporate now that's that is. We've been courtroom logged on just don't go through the firewall now with CBS merger and I got a listen the down folks at southern pigskin have a comfortable with a day. I kind of thought about what's gonna happen with the college football playoff and and what teams are still at a and you know because just three weeks left really in two weeks of the regular season moves and covers championship games. And here's some what they say it's would you agree with may be what you don't agree with here. Alabama. Certainly if they are on the table they beat Auburn and maybe Georgia in the championship game. They are going to finish number one for the third time in four years in the college football play up front they went out there number one. Despite some people's. Idiotic. Distaste for Alabama. If they went out their number one. That's just a way to. At Clemson right now and number two that surprise some people including yours truly this week. But if they beat South Carolina and they beat Miami in the championship. They're not gonna finish in lower than number two right. Correct. I reluctantly agree. Right. They have to ardea had a vocal on this team that you know I would put ahead of right now as Oklahoma but the committees are shown. They're not gonna do that. So if closest 1201 Oklahoma 121 Clinton's going to be ahead. That was your hand that's what their site. How about Miami. Miami. If they went out. That would mean meeting Clemson and then a couple of uninspiring wins over Virginia and Pittsburgh which we talked about. So that would put them. With an undefeated season. And day will be homer to right the baby clubs and they got to be number two don't think. Miami Beach clubs in the early number two. Undefeated. Undefeated coming in and you know some suggest they should pass Alabama they become what they beat Clemson convincingly and they beat him convincingly in Alabama wins close. You know Miami would have they unblemished record could they jumped to number one eyes the little people trust Miami yet I'm one problem. I'm keeping my helmet Pittsburgh game. Miami has proven numb. Well that's everything so far they've answered every question. Yeah that's that's the last thing is can they win a big game away from. Coral Gables right that's what. That's the last big relief for Miami. So. Which I think they can't because you know I think a run game and defense travels. And they're very good and special teams see people. Forget about how good. Miami is especially in the return game. And Marius gonna give Eros has been just phenomenal. And they've stumbled upon home run and that that was something that they didn't anticipate was gonna happen. So. And I think the profits of one has really come along and that's one of the things that has impressed me the most. And I think mark Rick has found something in his play calling. That caters to what role shear can do. He's keeping now of making bad place. And from here going forward that's all you need your quarterback could be you don't need to be Tom Brady. BA game manager these teams at the top that's what worries me about Oklahoma. Is baker mayfield has a tendency to force things. I don't think there's anybody left on the schedule even if he doesn't they can't beat just from a standpoint. But. But that's the best quarterback. Brian. May feel you gonna project it hurts them. Between. Who Kelly brought to me horny Brooks the best quarterback. Alex Horne Brooke he's quarterback for Wisconsin out there and yet. Public debate they could be the economy. But. That's all they have to do these court bicycle but they don't have to do if you look at what all of them have left. And what their strength is its their defense Miami outstanding defense Clemson outstanding defense Oklahoma Oklahoma. Hold my beard there. And eventually that's probably gonna catch up with them. Well not during the regular season I just don't think humans beat him. During the regular season and plus those guys Wisconsin and Oklahoma. They've had help. With the Georgia getting beat Wisconsin was the biggest Miami and Auburn fans universe all and and it worked out form. Yeah they got to take Amanda I don't think it's going to be enough because I think while states can beat him anyway. Well Oklahoma wins out they're going to be fine they came in number four in the poll you can't drop them if they went down I don't like. So they've got to win out I'll say this though of Auburn wins out and gets him with two losses army stopped watching college full ball. Well they would have a chance for two more top ten wins including a win over number one Alabama. So would Auburn job Wisconsin. Where those two kind of wins. With two losses with a jump Wisconsin. I don't think that you. As well they had now six. Yeah in the last college football player over thinking their six. To Auburn yeah. I'm Eric. You think Wisconsin in total hour hello yeah Oklahoma's four. You know six armored six. I mean just don't rule out a systems and watch for because those are going to be impressive wins for all. Marty got an impressive win over Georgia. Did you imagine the outcry if Auburn wins now. In Alabama gets taken and they get staying home like what happened against Penn State all state. I'd love it. What does Alabama ends up twelve and one. Georgia ends up twelve and one. And Wisconsin ends up thirteen and now. By Georgia. I mean you still got. Clemson. Or Miami one of those two up there and you've still got to Oklahoma there. Yes Georgia has no more case they're known. You can't get beat the way they did on that. Everybody in the country watched that game George is done now and they don't even if they win the SEC. Well. Yeah they're not going to. OK by. I mean if they win out they're twelve and one yet though Mickelson the banking. But if they hold serve and they've only got one loss I don't think there's room. Yeah. Thirteen and go badgers could they get left out. Could they get left out not now. They've had to admit they've had too much though. They would have needed in order for that will happen you have needed. Either Georgia or Notre Dame. To finish wranglers in the Notre Dame to finish with one loss because they don't play it offers to imagine game. And you have needed Georgia to win now. And neither one of those things are gonna happen now. So I think an undefeated Wisconsin team is issue and now. Are you still question. There's Miami and what they're gonna do is they're gonna say okay. Well Miami closer gonna play closer marks our Miami was content to go jump in of that. In that spot. And then you have Alabama Clemson Wisconsin and Oklahoma. And that's probably the way it's going through the finish. If I was a betting man I'd I'd probably say that's. A more likely scenario when m.s of Georgia beat element we all bets are off. That's right he got some stuff that can happen all bets are off a 44 GS PE SP inning guy in our final break we'll come back and wrapping up here. This is not a lot of ESPN upstate. Lots play by play sports for you for the rest of the day how sturgeon being here for a big thirty minute show. And then at 430. It will be the guild in Charleston classic Clinton's opening game against Ohio. 430 pre game tip off at 5 o'clock Ohio comes at a wanna know they beat Alabama a and M 61 to 53. To start the season and Clemson Tigers are two and oh. As they beat western Carolina and North Carolina a and T to start the year or so put up like coming up that Duff for thirty with a pre game 5 o'clock with the tip. In the guild and Charleston classic then tonight 8 o'clock NFL Thursday night football the titans in the Steelers. You like an Alan Steelers running. Pittsburgh just a question I gotta go Steelers and sponsoring a basketball term golden fields and what is deal anyway. GI LD. To my underwear don't kill that idea guild and vows in front man and so what are they get a gift basket full onto. So Hendrick over the that's what this bio what's wrong with the gift basket full of wonder what that everybody needs underwear right. I was here about underwear on the song that the internals listening to during the break. There was another way to get an out and I think killed and does all closing that I hear are strictly underwear anymore. It. Anyway we gotta for you coming up and watches and Nintendo was small we'll look forward underwear spot to force. The much don't want the gift basket. Disagree high completely consider it. Chips but underwear and you know what you are talking mixed recently dusty rules promo hard and maybe if mid August and their underwear never too much underwear that's like Christmas is always a good time and get underwear for crews believe me there are several things idols people on the wears one mobile. Repair and radiant. Probably 2000. Promo man seriously you're not you're not I'll Wear my underwear once. And the wrong play zone where I'm twice you know once you Washington who wants. You know obvious here on them but. Don't because. I don't I'm not sure when and it's. It's on the way yeah. Kidney dialysis where your underwear twice in the room know. That you Wear on filling holes and Oakland and a vehicle at. Oh no no no no no we're going to schools and keep where there's not a hero on this planet for me from what the heck is your underwear budget meant. He'd just he'd make it happen. Priorities again but they're also. The started with the ball story. The snake story. Inaudible and his wife buys on. And we ended up was underwear habits spent a full day today in the huddle cleaned it weekly. Back tomorrow at 1 o'clock for the Friday show on ESP announced a final thoughts about the weekend football talk but the high school playoff games coming up tomorrow night. And more join mark Sturgis next for thirty minutes Clemson basketball at 430. Have a great day he has paean of state will see you tomorrow one in the huddle.