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Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate for Monday afternoon and it is November 13 already nice warm day today after a Chia Billy Sunday. It was cold out of Clemson. Saturday morning Jergen ready for Clemson Florida State. It was chilly and calm butted him warm up to about fifty degrees on Saturday and the fans enjoyed a Clemson victory. And that brings us to our ACC roundup it's brought to you by the law offices of par on Smith and arch and whole. Clemson Tigers some able to hold off. FSU 31 to fourteen was the final score. On Saturday over Clemson hotter renfro. Talked about how great it was to win the Atlantic Division again for the Clemson Tigers. Yeah that's something we sell it to begin a year we have our team goals when the openers at first when the business sector and so. We got that check up list now we know one saint James you the first episode on and play well next week let. We're really excited and we're just ready to to just connect until next plane that was it means that your. Guess we need your own hands you guys went out and yeah yeah yeah yeah that's something we just try to do on and by hitting those goals we thought we can do that we can average estimate aren't. Palm we're customers anyone else and we're excited to go out there. It would have been up and eaten there. And yeah I think we just was he would be more consistent on. We finished well we start well we spending more consistent in the second and third quarters and we do that home. We'll comment defense and helps a lot not so. Is that. And carriers bearing ores but yeah I mean there yeah a former boss are they didn't just give battled a certain ages. All we knew they were very good defensively as well on my new. Can't Nancy states the lowest point total from any yardage wise knowing yourself when you're gonna get a good defense and we play loves them. And when it goes back and forth and you guys find a way to person here what you learned about this team. How much does it help you guys wrote he's already down the stretch. Yeah just just the toughness of it on the intelligently really tough tonight Travis. When everyone I'm often really just can't handle adversity well we don't start out fast and and we finish strong sense that something that you wanna have a pond on a team is you're finished. He has experiences you've had. So much success and be game playoff implications. Obviously I hope you win but people are starting. Yeah guys cousins you're the worst oil we we've got three straight into the camera and so on we play these big games and and we just have that belief that we're and one. And as credit counseling guidance. And it was in practice and that we need to go away and the belief is always there. 31 of forging a final Clemson over Florida State on Saturday. Other ACC games we talked a lot about Miami's huge win over Notre Dame 41 to eight was the final now Miami is nine and nope. And Notre Dame. Thanks Lola complication out of the job playoff situation here because as an independent in football. They can muck it up a little bit from the conferences but now they have two losses. So and and a bad loss there 41 day a loss certainly takes them out of the picture we'll see where they stand in the poll comes out tomorrow night. A Virginia Tech lost again. Again. This diamond Georgia Tech 28 to 22 the final they're so techno has. Georgia Tech now has a four losses five of four record of Virginia Tech nice three losses they're seven and three and only three and three. In the Atlantic Coast Conference. NC state was able to get a close win over Boston College. Thought that would be a close game and was seventeen to fourteen was the final and that one is tough day for Ryan Finley the quarterback only thirteen of 32 passing. But AJ Dylan for Boston college and a 196. Yards rushing in a losing cause against. NC state NC state goes to seven and three. On the season army beat duke member which Ahmad duke being good nozzle on governor. Duke is now four and 621. To sixteen army win over duke are reasonably good year no question about that. But I does basketball score. Wake Forest 64. Syracuse 43. Good great. Syracuse a quarterback Zach Mahoney threw sixty passes in nagging. Matt Colbern remember the kid out of Von Dutch for we talked about so much hidden on the commitment to Louisville in the name reneged on it. He had for weight he had 31 carries for 237 yards. In 1964. To 43 Wake Forest scored 24 points in the fourth quarter. Of that game to come back and win. My 21 points ashe's while. Employable gets away and we'll need to win. They beat Virginia 38 to 21 so level goes to six and four. On the year and Virginia also six and four so they're just middle of the pack teams there. In the ACC and then of course on Thursday last week on North Carolina got their second win of the year they beat Pitt. 34 to 31 Mosul final and that two and a record run now for the Tar Heels no chance they farther from trying. But or 11 bad year we'll keep wrong you'll stay around agreement that. Up Pittsburgh goes to four and six on the year so that's the ACC roundup 844477377. Sexual game one us. Let's get villain here next time bill welcome into the huddle. It McConnell sure. And Becky quick in out of the other effect. And the expectation. And credit here of six say it can be very taxing. Very. Yeah us. It's tougher than they are they get there. Epic is what makes this point are only interesting thing is that thing that can handle pressure. And the cat thinks that second handle pressure in these moments ago probably armed but he earned a Clinton player. And they lacked for years has been a stressful. Thirty years I'm 41 years old. I've been following along the Ackerman and that there is every week so much pressure there. Gonna let the calico and the CEOs and the players. And I also thank those sort of been since you've got to agree totally brat and that the Miller said the nearly year nobody expected him to be nothing. You can malware. Played this barking out of play. He figured if they didn't quite political map that money. If such a place where we are winning. And it's very circumstantial. That was remarkably little chilly out like since they're on their leaders realized. What he's playing for were great in the pressure be a would you agree with. Ma I don't necessarily agree with that they don't I think. You know you're almost into the year and teams you are who you are by now. And there's an hour more that there's no more playbook. For just gotten Tony Elliott so now but defense is literally an entire year. Our own what he's gonna do and every circumstance of position on the field. In their tailing tailoring their defensive game plans. To take away from that now it's up to the coaching staff. Two if you would call it checkers or checks yes. To figure out a way to ride that through their own selves down valuation. And because when you get to this point. A coach's job literally is to insulate their team. From the outside noise Nick Saban calls rat poison. You know but. Right now I mean Kelly's don't want he's supposed to do. Because he understands. The thing I give him a lot of credit for. If he's not trying to do too much. He he's he's getting the ball to the playmakers. And he's staying within the framework. Of what they're asking to do now is he perfect no there's no quarterback. That's perfect he's gonna make mistakes and you know he's gonna throw interceptions in that kind of stuff that's just part of the position. But he's not doing it in moments. That are detrimental to his team and I mean the truth of matter is they're undefeated as long as he finishes the game. Brack he can be the guy at current. Do you think this person but it won't be picked it the only person in particular source and so the process because you're their color. Latin beat bogeys Greinke. Not willing to turn the river not want him straight across this sort of obviously there are helping their. They are carrying it becomes our own hands. In couldn't get kicked butt cheeks apart hand. Let it. And when there are. People who are well yeah one look and. Those. Here's the thing people have to understand about long passes. Whether it's to the middle of the field which is the easiest. Ones to the sidelines are difficult because you Rhode Island real estate. But those are less than 40% completion rates to begin win. Meaning those are low percentage pass plays. There's a reason they call them 5050 balls OK and you're lucky if you get 50% novel. Because it's a very I mean you're torn football 5060 yards down the field. Oh with coverage so. I think what's happened is you've got a knack for drop in the bucket. Da'Sean had that Mac but you know let's be honest shown to a lot of interceptions. You know ultimately there's. Plaster but it. Got in your mind. Elastic at the bottom partly in Tikrit Iraq. Jordan right here was unbelievable. At it as we're not there are currently. That war to make it hard to believe in what we have to be stated that the. The other thing kind of bill that Clinton is the beneficiary of the that the one thing that dabble changed. Is you you were a power running football team now. Whereas in years past under the regime you weren't that. We're now you've got a stable of running backs it was wind on them last year over 15100 yards. Without the running game you don't win the national title is good dish on guerrillas. I'll without playing golf and baca told that little and it's the same thing this year. Let's and have to keep running the ball to take. The pressure off of Kelly and stay balanced they do that they'll be fine. An aspect of eighteen year and get right to believe there. I don't believe our Great Britain the complete with rhetorical level it. I Camille as always we appreciate your call. How different is the college football plow poll comes out tomorrow night going to be from the eight people that came out. Yesterday because down. There's some interesting things in this in the safe people we talked about doesn't mean all of the Wisconsin was pretty impressive. You silly world Saturday and they only went up one slot and they're ten and out. Miami was more impressive all agree whatever they jumped five spots to number two in the eight people. Oklahoma. Jump two spots to number three both went past Clemson. And right now you've got Alabama Miami. Oklahoma Clemson and Wisconsin. As the top five in this eight people I. I doubt if the top five in their college football play helpful will be identical to we've. But what will be different. League it was constant little more credit. Well I think is number one. Miami an excuse me Clemson and if it's different than you gotta look at who has the most logical. Spot to lose so you've got Alabama has Auburn coming out. Which is definitely. No gimme especially after we saw all the way almost always although I don't think. I don't think the that offense. Has the ability to sustain. Drops against Alabama like it did Georgia but we'll see. Clemson has. A bit easier route if you will because they've got the sizzle and then South Carolina they're going to be favored in that game and amp then Miami who you would think would be the determining factor. In and that of course you've got to Oklahoma Oklahoma has a clear path. To the college football playoff because I don't think they play anybody the rest of the year ago Kansas and West Virginia all while you took. My goodness they've got two off weeks. But basically. A West Virginia can score but they can't stop anybody. And you'd think the Oklahoma seems to have found their defense. Especially last week against TCU in the Kansas Sunday night game would be a good enough. Slid have accomplished championship game this year that's true they do what which who's number two in the big twelve right now. Omar. That's different or TCU they ought to turn around plea to see you again. We might have to so. When you look at that of course Wisconsin more than likely to have to play Ohio State for the national title. And that's not going to be an easy game so reluctant or the Big Ten god excuse me yeah. The pac twelve eliminated so that's the that's what you got left and. Now costing you more in terms of just tomorrow in the polo. What might happen and that's different from this eight people on this Miami and be two in a college football while Baltimore. It's possible I'm intrigued to see what they do with all burn. Because now all of a sudden everybody wants to put a two loss Auburn team. In the playoff and I just I can't agree with that I don't care of Auburn wins are wins the SEC championship right. Given their sixth in the eight people this week and coached ball right. So there in the conversation if they put them over the top form. Might have a little rant ready for the committee on Wednesday. Tom oddly fascinating and just to see how they they view it I just suspect as always is different. And sometimes dramatically different from the media poll. What these guys on this committee think in be fast and it's dismissed from tomorrow's going to be more interest in the medium so far to me everything closer. He still has one loss in the top fifteen human. Oklahoma. Clemson. Georgia. That was your one loss teams. Com in the top fifteen at least in the eight people but those are the only three. Yeah and guess and to get a bunch to Austria while all 31 loss teams well Dan only three undefeated teams while. Wisconsin element in Miami the only undefeated teams in the in on the top ten under Florida's undefeated they're not and a club right. So now. It's I mean it's it's fascinating because. This could be the year that lets you lost and it's and it could be. It could be depending on happens here there's there's certainly several. Ways that the play out to have to worker. Yeah you can't weekend especially bomber meets Alabama. And wins the SEC you don't leader in him. He really holding an am and they went out. How a man who just beat Georgia they would have beaten Alabama. You know that would be hot at the end of the year which is what counts bones so will seek. 8444773776. Wanna go through what happened Friday nine high school football playoff action wielded that only come back. So stay away this year in the Monday hoddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back in the huddle on ESPN upstate phone lines of an 8444773776. The text line from Carolina coaches are V superstore opened to you as well at 71307. Please use the keyword. ESPN and beginning of your text message. Friday night seems a long ago because of as much football since Friday but the high school football playoffs second round action some interesting games and a ought to bring Alex the intern and for the segment because he. Follows high school football pretty closely here and first ask you about because you attended the gas me northwestern game the Indians 121 to ten. Tell me off the year that dumb was not a dominating performance I guess right. Sega have yes. You know first half offense came out and went. Eighty yards and seven and a half minutes and scored so they took up most of the first quarter clock and then. Northwestern able to score twice. Touched on the field goal in the second quarter and had that three point lead at halftime bit in second half the defense really dominated for Gaffney forced three turnovers and it doesn't pick up win on the road. Down surprisingly low scoring zone where you sprung without you get more points and you know I was. It was twenty once and then. The regular season game over northwestern with 173 cancer I was low scoring but it. You know both of last year's games against northwestern where life. Forty plus points. Both games so yeah this year a little bit lower scoring but hey a wins a win regardless of how many points are short. Hillcrest beat Spartanburg over and Simpson bill Friday night 33. To fourteen so the vikings season comes to an end. So now Gaffney at Hillcrest got to go there com. This week everything about them mention. Yet utterly uninteresting match up. Be rematch of like a week five game. They Gaffney wine in Gaffney 42 to seven so. You know couple injuries for Hillcrest and that regular season match that they will have backed this Fridays ago. I expect a little bit closer per game and hopefully Gaffney can come out on top again. Down according to U. Probably a lot of our listeners over here in the remote area would would disagree with that yeah. They'll kill presses is coming on toward the end of the year they certainly look pretty good against a Spartanburg may look good. Down the stretch after a slow start of the season and as you said they had some injuries and got some of those guys Mac and it's made a difference. I was so surprised that green would be teal panel. 2821. Does just based don't want us all and I do against burns couple weeks back in and you hand was undefeated angering we came in there to Hannah. And beat them by seven points obviously Greenwood has. Blow something going on they'll play Dorman who beat Malden 36 to nine so pretty easy win for Dave gunshots cavaliers Greenwood Dorman at dormant. Back to get close enough. Yet going to be interesting especially Greenwood coming off of that upset win over Hannah and you know I mean we discussed all fair that. That was the second time they've played this year and green would probably. Made some weeks and figured out some things that would be able to be cannon they did what they needed to do so I'd be interesting to CLA game as storming does this week. The that's a good point that if you sing the bow wing T already once this year from that team to be a little little better prepare for the second time obviously Greenwood was holding it to 21 points. In that ballgame in the lower state no real surprises Dutch forecast advance they're gonna play Somerville. Fort Dorchester has a man's they're going to. Place Spring Valley so all we looked like we might be headed toward a semifinal match up between Dutch fork in fort Dorchester in that surprised. Anyone's game five a football. In for a football grain will be York 4227. Grier beat south Aiken 4221. So Greer will host green build this week. The east side Eagles continue to win they'd be Wes would handle a 48 to fifteen. And so they're all home games have come to an end they had a couple home playoff games now they get to go to south point. And crushed bill honey path. 4523. So south point. Hosting the east side that will be certainly a tone challenged a lot of people think south point even at the foray level can be the best football team. In the state of South Carolina and they've been winning a pretty big they've been Midland valley 67 of fourteen. In the first round of the playoffs lower Richland hearts mill North Myrtle Beach and Berkeley survived in the lower stay in for a play. I Chapman had no trouble in three game playoff action against Chester 55. To 25 was the final there. And palmetto. Advances they beat Seneca 4220s. And now domino has to go to Chapman. Defaced mark Hodges Panthers coming up this Friday night. I'll Fairfield sentry at central and beat Newberry I don't know how much of bay beyond. Surprise that is members of very good team member of that classic game they have with Chapman if it's a great running back. But they go down so new Barry's done Fairfield central advances. And emerald beach brewing 49 to twenty ones of the century in season comes to an end and roll plays at Fairfield central. This Friday night's in the lower state it's Gilbert against Dylan Brooklyn Casey. Will go to Timberland on Friday night. Two ain't no we really don't have. A local team surviving and advancing Bayer. I'm sure all the blast Blacksburg easily added bill. Rolled over chesterfield. It was salute over 96 and Lee central eliminated our local law Greenville south son Christian to interrupt their coach last week's at least central advances. So only central let's salute them. Sure raw at abbey mill into a playoff action. And beef four remaining teams in the lower state into a or B amber your heart carvers bay Bates bird at least bill. And Barnwell and and one name. It's Louis Louis mill ridge spring and Adam Lamar will host an Alco Baptist till lake view and see Maria Hemingway. That have advanced. In the second round of the playoffs so full slate of games coming up we're down to the final eight. In every division and wobble full slate of games coming up. This Friday night she become an over here to go to Hillcrest Alex. Yeah. You know real live over Greer now master. It's a nicer drive and having to go to Rock Hill another week so be easier him. I wonder how the crowd is going to be you know we talked to Greg Porter last week and he said people were all that pumped up last week in I know is a deal and they're called amount. On that nothing that pretty good does turn out for the game and out imagine that that will be even better. And the further Hillcrest goes he remember was it 2014. And Hillcrest one all and then nobody expected him and they. And they did you know could this be another special year and you're getting fans are hoping not but. You Hillcrest does. Found something here and I would imagine they would dump. Have a pretty good dumb crowd out on Friday night for that game with Gaffney so we're just couple weeks away from state championship weekend. Which by the way is the same weekend as the ACC championship and the SEC championship funny how that works. So lie anyway December 2 thing is on championship weekend champion Saturday for high school football in South Carolina animal. Be watching that dogs and coaches as we go on throughout the week. If you have some thoughts on that we'd love to talk high school football with him have you attended some of these games that happened though home Friday night. That your perspective on that 8444773776. You can text this is 71307. Let's break we'll come back with a more in a moment we'll talk about tonight's Monday Night Football game Panthers hosting the dolphins. At a Bank of America Stadium. In Charlotte since coming up stay with a style huddle on ESP in upstate. Not all back in here on Monday afternoon's edition. GMAC coach Phillips Alonso and Alex 8444773776. 71307. As the text line use a curious PM back to the phones Brandon you're next time you don't. Yeah you're pulling it up. So from the public address and I'll certainly glad we got talk about that game coming up slightly on Ryan. And in particular. They needed to challenge our fans that are listened to. There meanwhile you know our friends support from our application speak. These boys to patent amendment and we look at the federal court here. Lot of people that they're going to also be eligible for now it is it fat and out the coming out of important point slightly sit. Personally you can point to point out that it's a different outcome would probably not that we had we want to get. You love beauty and have a good crowning a Spartanburg Elena. Decent. I'm just so I can't look at they're coming out and owners thought. This got ill cresting what's happened Brandon to kind of turn things around and you get some guys that was a Jefferson got hurt he's back crying. Couldn't Jefferson back any definitely get it back or at all armed. That only we. Couldn't find it got there are a lot of Jewish. We had an a player of the collapse solid. We go to Greenwood game you know remember collapsed on the right at Wimbledon. At the TV so getting back and stuff like that I think it kinda. What would seem a little closer together and get them something else to put all the panel. But this is a triple in the Italy now about saying in previous weeks. It's got a brilliant reminder that you go porting it to replace. Now that's what we're talking about could this be another magical year for rob Hillcrest. Do you think so I'm. I definitely think you'd ever end. We talked about I got to look at the game ball and we went up. We don't want to one point trying to go. That far behind. Let we have some players back now that we didn't have then I'm so committed to good ball and try to not have come. Good stuff random we appreciate it as always thanks for checking in was meant. That's Brandon who does the public address announcing over at palm Hillcrest high school and I can vouch for that as I can hear from my house. Gotta go booming grand does fine job is he does yeah I used call slot on the front nine chip. So it is Hillcrest hosting Gaffney. Friday night at 730 in its dormant hosting Greenwood in the interstate. Five A playoffs. Iso Josh has gone on to Twitter. Josh is a dumb Arkansas fan or maybe we should say was. An Arkansas fan. I'm hanging on a basketball can do that news in the front and Lila. I mean when you leave I would give you that beer man be whatever fear in your when your bailing on football here bailing on. Hogg football right you're done yeah I can't I can't be with mediocrity. The mediocrity might be kind. Oh if that's why now after rice is why you with us now right to know because he can't be your mediocre. Now they show on like Jeff Long actually cares about winning that's right winning is everything. So here's what Josh tweeted I'm currently being recruited from us random once the fan divorce papers are signed in a couple of weeks my choices are as follows vote on who I should choose. Now a lot of why you came over these four is interesting idea Clemson and South Carolina those of the local teams so you're gonna put those in your other two teams in your fourteen choice. Miami OK they're the hot. Team of Leo moment now. With their. Turnover chain and all that nonsense I might have to take them off the Bordeaux. Felt that never after the research department revealed some things that are only going to Miami in the southern cal tech southern cal come from in this Bob always like that. Because they do always I'm always count white southern count. Get chosen for two reasons why and and people need to take into account the KOD no offense love Josh but there's a KOV factor here series there's security factor here and also because. Mr. McCain cannot stand USO because stinky feet so I mean it's a good reason for you to go if you a city. Well right now it was Miami and South Carolina in the lead now the tigers have come more and done it's totally 7%. Yet we reach waited on the Caspian Twitter. Down and so I got a bunch of fresh vote here I was gonna try to fit issue in Texas and there but the only lobby for personal LSU because Angela courtroom. Well no I love that yellow one part of that and Scott and I like that little jingle they do the Chinese bandits that. Who put that in there. Mean former game car coach. Anybody know Neitzel Paul beats him do it sure did beggars McIlroy yes it does. So Clemson is leading the appealed to you Josh for his phantom here 47%. 26% South Carolina 17% for Miami and rightfully so nobody cares about some. Oh. More people both southern cal unless you want to team lose to Tom heads I mean you know ounce is about to die over here because he doesn't want Josh to to go Clinton. For all that is good and righteous well in this war Teddy Kennedy by the way is kiss of death for the uninitiated. Already picked them to go to the national championship or count of how did that back in June I know you're a bit but in the win loss to Syracuse doll I did that much before the months before picked Alabama liquid on them. Last year the mention Ohio State. Satisfaction of the the Kansas David Ezra okay Cody can move here. I had to go to add ESPN on stage you'll see the re tweet from Joshua G Philips there and you can vote on who is phantom should up. There's a witness stand there because he's given up on Arkansas. Done toast. Finished. Over. 37 years that's a long time and an affair shape on the game of chicken joke but you're an old college try that's. Yeah until the athletic director sold we're weren't we don't care when Lindsay runs the break that glass is already cares about them anyway where's like other Broncos would graduate players wouldn't be you know nobody gets in trouble. Someone's got to local Kelly but that's okay. Yes I'd call Kelly your backup quarterback RD UI arrest of the weekend in talks public and talks something like death he's a suspended. But that's all right you got your morial. Welcome welcome to solvent in the west returns longs Jeff long's you final break of the show we'll come back and wrap it up here in the huddle fuel jumping in for the last segment 8444773776. Back in a moment he has been in upstate. Welcome back to huddle on ESPN upstate final segment of the show for this money's gone by very quickly. As get a call Linear from Mike next on high school football in my. Hey guys Connecticut showed a day thank you achieve that you guys do. Just one of the common to vote Chapman high school. At an if you ever went any this year last year Chapman. Have not gone this or last year of them before and we got a mark on our own show many times but haven't seen him this year of not special team obviously. I'm gonna comment about their friend last year my son would depression and in going went. All eat. Home and away. Support thirteen. Lecture to go to the state championship. Beware of bears. And we have more and they're like many more transparent. And bear it. I support the travel and of course there at home this week and then. Puncher going to be loud and full. And you think you know injure looks important. But support their coaches and their teams over there Chapman wanted to give China could then also. Are you mention that I have no I just kind of point they're putting up. This year you ask. The first game many years they've scored 35 against Ian and and that would lower. Our. Their lowest total. And mom. And there. At every single game. And the last quarter I have. Clocks always running they've got a lot of thirteen and there and not. Just amazing how much elements. What kind of offense there. They're curtain up my mind I'm actually in the backup quarterbacks that. It. Actually they'll support. Us going. Toward the mind. Don't. You look at our. And this just an unbelievable at everybody every Friday night and do your computer now so. Great story or without question I want it shut up and thank you and your great job percent of gulf of 55 points he has jester this past week 57 points in the first round. Against a crescent. And they play palmetto. Coming up on Friday night in the third round of the three a playoffs the Chapman Panthers I tonight. Up at Bank of America Stadium. The Carolina Panthers get to lob play on Monday Night Football. As they will take on the Miami Dolphins Cam Newton is for a morning Monday night games do you Roloson. The lowest player on Monday night and got to make sense cams him. So he likes the attention you're everybody's watching on Monday night. What do you expect tonight. One thing this probably likely to happen is that Saddam's going to be the leading rusher for the Panthers coach and is that a good thing but Ike's baffling because Jon Jonathan Stewart's been struggling a bit. Little bit banged up and all that comment I guess McCaffrey can get some carries but. But I would imagine Sam's gonna run the ball at night and now probably lead them in rushing again in this ball game. Yet they're gonna have to figure out a way to get him out getting going. It seems the office were balls were on the fact that. When he's active in the run game they win and win big. I'm going to be interested to see what that front. Can you imagine when sued tackles him. If we get a people's global war on three stooges I'd blow oh arsenal because in most used to do something crazy. And then how camera spartans and all of that but. Be a fun night bit by America's day ma am expecting the Panthers to win and and went pretty comfortably. Well the dolphins so of course traded Jay Johnson don't have him to run the football so I think collars going to be slowing in and around and as that in the make good hands good luck and get that defensive front with you know he's going to be pursued heavily Allen imagine that Jay Cutler's Olympics and that's a lot of hits and I expect to turn over to from one side stood up final call in here from kneel before we get out in the huddle today how do you welcome him. Song yeah I don't know. Analysts and not just wanted to calling quickly and you got about a guy out there just wanted to get a shot from 49ers finally got to hand didn't. It had to be against the lowly giants you're pretty much given up on her surgeons so. It's obvious what a way to attack ornaments and what is but. I don't think we have the right guys GM down lines and I think only has the right guys coach. Obviously a synthetic fears of all we know that's for sure but I'll like that matters they've made so far. I think we're heading in the right direction finally. And I give us a little bit of hope I mean it was only like hostages in that we have the best roster felon you know we quickly salt and I want to the bottom for your torso. Excited about that I wanna get your shot out. Or can you comment Genentech it out there we're here. One of the things I don't understand it lap it was every I don't have to review every single play now Obama and give me a break and that was that what is yours mr. functioning at all. I didn't know that cornerback like Obama and I fell while it is common outside parliament the receiver gonna get close to you that you can make a play on the ball. I mean. An op center and never called every maybe one out of every casting doubt that a receiver pushes off but the difference that as a defense and cornerback like such as the receiver. In English fashion wanted to watch football is because it hasn't sent every time yeah and no I think it. What they don't call Arafat Cardona Democrat of colonial privileged yards down. And then I can explain called sense about different and it'd be secured heavily I'll pick up here appreciate about. I can deal where Persian so much stuff there I'm done though is not just dumb is not just college are high school are. Professional football coach watching a college game any time I see. I defensive play made on an attempted pass. I don't get exciting because under the flag probably about two seconds away and sometimes there's so dang late. Man well the thing is it's like every wide receiver no matter how good the coverages. Automatically turned relished it usually does those poses and they are like where's my flag slope and asked Tommy gets it. Exactly like five seconds later than what I like before that's why mode on the the opinion with all the offense of rules take the hand it just. Just say you can keep your hands arms and on wall don't have. Now right didn't get to this but let me just throw in a congratulations to Furman beating the citadel seven straight wins for the palace 56 to two money. Was the final and that one. And Wofford. Winning the Southern Conference championship with a 45 to seven win at BMI on Saturday afternoon up in Lexington. Virginia congratulations to. Those two local schools for great weekend performances as well. Tuesday will be back here in the huddle at 1 o'clock so we hope you'll join us then straight a poster just coming up next. Enjoy your afternoon. And we'll see you tomorrow in the huddle.