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Part of Baghdad it is the second hour of the hobbled this is ESPN upstate Monday afternoon Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso and Alex. In studio would you till 4 o'clock Monday Night Football tonight 745 is airtime for the dolphins at the Carolina Panthers and talk more about that went. As we go along this afternoon back to the phones we go and it's baba next how Bob. Yes don't you goods. That didn't we hear are. College football. On I actually thought Auburn. Would beat Georgia are you going to be like that. Are home. And actually result Notre Dame won a close one what Miami. That didn't happen. So don't look at our shoppers may be shocked me most. And 00 you've got to tell me why this happened and give laggard are you aware opposition vote you can do there's been I didn't get the war's beginning. Are home based on output. Afford it two years are really soul recalls. How Carol Marin has made sure and we moved. Did better better better and they all. They would have embraced. For you do that eight point gain and that doesn't give this week I don't know what happened. Because Torres put it can until we what are. Called for trying to get home okay could you give nobody else. Three interceptions by Jake meddling. Inopportune times. If you look lackadaisical there this team crystal balls he should not thrown me out. That's really a because South Carolina had everything councilman and a running game going the rush for over 200 yards. And you know their defense was. Was good enough I mean I guess some big plays Florida Florida and ripped off some. A couple of big plays here and there but on on the passing game but Hamels it really coming turnovers turnovers kept Florida close and in South Carolina losing control of the game. Pretty much all the way Florida scored in on the fourth quarter to make its closest ones. The close because being. Honest at least in our opinion towards large. And or are you are told there might look most similar orchestrated not that you're no question but I get athletes. So believe me when I trillion. Our home this is columns and their employees so they don't worry everything they got Adam are you go to our mobile O. And of course you know Clinton got some cheap shot him and you know the only game and made it look worse and really what bush. I know mr. Clinton fumbled football a couple of the track of that make sure that in baton that was kind of disturbing. Boy now look at the guys so cute guy should go back should not be a problem especially arm and panel. All of and they care a lot. And our global audience and I can remember Google is being used in June. What they say okay so are about ready you'll McKay well I. Oh market say that I can see this being a competitive game mom. You know once it's offense is still is still not where it needs to be so law I don't think I don't think clothes and puts 56 on came Cox this year. Not that defense now on a lot better. Sauce competitive game couple score Damon and maybe even closer than. Discretion what you got on the first three corporate records and I really think Kurt Johnson just won't. It's this kid bite don't look very little time these four you will want all our home. But a post hole. There they've got a fire storm got communal war our media this year we have all right up if if that's the case. This kid ever told you he's got. Well it's a money is gonna transfer Trevor Lawrence is the guy come in and appease appease what. Everybody believes he is then there's going to be you know somebody's going to be the odd man out to Clemson Clemson is overloaded with quarterbacks Bob that's the problem I have. Yes somebody asked somebody has to hit the road there's now room brawl on. Our thanks ran the same thing you disagree with Josh. No I mean at certain of South Carolina question you mentioned it you know Jake looked awful. And that game Carolina dominated the line of scrimmage and the ball practically at will. On the only thing that kept Florida in that game was the fact that. They hit some child plays with police for X I think he had to scramble for thirty or forty yards on third and in fifteen Campbell dropped a lot of and then hit another pass for like 63 yards which kept the drama lie. Overall a pass happy red. How the defenders look that receiver get behind them the mean they can't tell you was gonna run right as a highlighted is that why you do that well that would just talked to do as a secondary is that when the quarterback breaks contain. You know immediately look up your nearest offensive threat in particular model. First. You don't worry about a guy running because. I mean it's. You'd rather he ran for ten yards as opposed to throw that over your head for 63 you can rally to that what you're supposed to look up. Your nearest offensive threat in the secondary didn't do that I think will even alluded to. In this press conference that they didn't do very good job. All on their. Quarterback break contained drooling and stuff like that. The other thing as Florida was abysmal third down I believe they were two of sixteen. No look at them something like that in South Carolina is the is basically being defensively. The game Carson only right up at Harvard and twelfth. In third down efficiency given up 44% to fifteen so your clubs yells. Close. So Florida couldn't you know lady gamecocks have a great job. Getting off the field on third down and that ball games so long but had I mean if you're. If you're game car and heading into this game Clemson game. It seems like you've got the rest of your office fixed. Except quarterback. You would think now I'm not blame NJ for. You know. Anything like that those interceptions he threw yeah he's gonna take responsibility. For those because those are just horrendous. Decisions that made on one of them. They got lucky because the Florida kid fumbled it indians' only picked up my agent turner rain out of authority. It was one of those three stooges moment. Was that would help definitely but. Yeah I'm expecting. I'll expect in the gamecocks to have very very spirited. Can this defense is gonna give Clinton's office it's only handle on the day of that now whether they can do anything with Clinton's front. You know Jay's gonna have to play the best game of his. Career and he doesn't definitely has that don't always put the dollar risk on the last couple games really worries footballer re asking him interceptions before them but he's out of lately that exactly. Who knows maybe the coaches asked television to take more chances and you know if you see something to him and go from here that we don't talent and talk. But you know I like the fact they're being more aggressive women play caller got them. Now but he does have to protect the football more here's what must champ commenting on the gamecocks performance and being floored 12820. Well we made it more wars it probably needed to be so coach Kennedy complained about concessions. So it's certainly keeps people around in the game. But really proud of football team that you know we've the last two weeks federal gaming Georgia game two very physical games how we had a bunch of guys it took various. Sternly we reps throughout the week. And and go out there and DJ Smith who enabled going pre game in Dante's dollars one don't want lag and I mean what more like everybody else in the country and a really beat up especially defense side of the ball. But I thought we moved the ball extremely well we stay balanced his uncle wanna do ran the ball extremely well. You know NJ will have a couple foes win. A miscommunication coming off to go on. On the ball there and then now goes got to take a sack or though the ball away on one wheel route are sidelined canceled it in that situation and in the ball in the end zone. I don't think you solve the safety can asking but the damage it will play Johnson came out the top and intercepted the ball that much better on third down defensively. I thought we stop the run rather than two runs in the power play office. Knobs on the backside I thought we played the runs pretty well. Well for the most part of that our guys continue to fight and play our in the game and in the made the plays we needed to make the plays huge interception there at the end and give Florida credit those kids have been through an awful lot being on two very. Difficult thing to go through what those young men are facing and I hate it for those guys. But they got a bunch of good kids now lock room is tough situation is they're going through right now. I told our football team all week that this team to come down fine play are on those guys and so they represented for action well today. As well must champ Bob big day for AJ turner re really a nice day 22 carries a 136. Yards six point two per carry a bomb on Benson looked good. 61 yards rushing like that kid death he looks good thing you know people said he was a straight line between the tackles runner he's shown some ability to go outside do any. You don't see them he reminds me and I don't want put this time proportion but he reminds me. I don't think he's as big. There's not many arm but I mean he's for all along the way he told. How do you feel if you're AJ you know and if you do not worth condensing gets the gets tossed out. I mean it's it's got a body a little bit doesn't it. A lot of us were always there there was a deduction is earning his money. Well I Jake got a couple of rushing touchdowns and throw a dove for anybody got a couple rushing what's the deal on talk some Williams. That is the mystery to me he got no carries Asif are mr. if he's on the injury report wasn't. I didn't see it. Are either NC I mean I don't know if he's. There's something he's doing during practice and in the meetings. That the coaching staff. Are shying away for him on game. And I could not begin to tell you what that is because from a talent stand point. I mean he's the most talented active guy. And he can't ever seem to get on the field. So there's something going on. Behind the line of scrimmage where coach muschamp would ultimately. Don't feel comfortable with him out there. And it could be pass protection which I don't. I haven't seen anything with that. I get that but he wanted to go to that earlier and it was getting caring yeah our leaders AJ term AG's opinion on the you know he's going to keep audio so. There's something going on behind the scenes. That is affecting him giving Carrey's during the during the week. Gang got defense did a good job against both quarterbacks both as we suggested last week play lied to Zaire started about francs. Came in after Zaire got banged up Zaire seven for fourteen. And franks was ten for 25 and threw a pick both had a quarterback rating of about seventeen on the day both those two guys so. They did nothing to help. The gators in the gators only had 78 yards rushing. In the ballgame just South Carolina defense some. You know all I know pretty good day except for a couple of see breakdowns including that long 163 yard pass that stuck to Florida guys are fighting over there is no game got a guy and in the vicinity the. Yeah I think so often I think that's a mark of an amateur team and I'm sure if you were asked coach muschamp that's the next two days. For his team is when you've got a team down. To put him out of their misery. And you know that Carolina had plenty of chances to do this to make it a blow out game and well. It was a five point spread so they more than covered if they always they also must fill all they did you know they they're at the end and oh yeah. So I mean Carolina dominated the game virtually the entire time and you know like he said it made little more interesting what should. South Carolina is now seven and three going into the final two games of the season they have wrapped up conference play they finished up SEC play at five and three. They've clinched at least a tie for second Kentucky is four and three in the conference Kentucky goes to Georgia this week. Yeah a little changed them with a self I mean look at Georgia didn't look good last week they're going to be Smart a little bit you think got to think they're gonna come out and play better this week. I think Kentucky would be able to hold their own officials some lonesome and are really like Kentucky's secondary. I just don't think that fronts. Can hold up against that run that they don't have the athletes at linebacker and offensive line like. Auburn does so and they're playing at Georgia they are then. Coming off that beaten down yet who. Now that's not setting up well Foreman don't you know we'll see what happens there (%expletive) if they lose that and South Carolina on August 2 place in the SEC. And any case. A good year here five to three conference share. Second year for Will Muschamp. Yeah he needs to be the coach of the year is a period all you the only baker and it shouldn't be not probably will be. But with what will have a handle. On not only last year but this year you know. With a much tougher schedule and with a different pieces that they haven't fit in with a young young football team to finish second in the east. This year with this team yeah he he's done. There's nobody in the SEC has done a better job potency and here's what I'm looking coaching you don't get credit. When you've got foreign pop star kids run around the field. Because. All four of us in this room could win non ball games with them. All right what's special is when you've got a team that's not supposed to be very good and you make them good that's all owned coach. Because the talent out there it's come along. There's some pieces but it's very young it's very Rawle we're seeing that maturity maturity. On with the offense a little bit. And for what they've done defensively. All. Coming in this year we heard about was this off it's going to be dynamic is gonna lead this team the defense the lag behind him. It's been an opposite rep it's been the offensive line behind in the defense has been us. O worth of this team and that's all owned coach muschamp. And in T rob so. For Carolina finished second in the division this year probably gonna finish a four maybe nine and three if they get some breaks Woolsey. But an eight before she and he's done on the best coaching jobs departure from Clemson fans drove off the room alone and he dropped. They go for a follow that they didn't think that's the other thing girl who pulling down there close. About the air TV and nobody expected them evil in the Asian this year. I mean they're plain old house for crying out loud audience has pulled in and boom boom there it is one of the. Wofford game is at 4 o'clock on Saturday and they set the time for the Clemson, South Carolina game today in Columbia November 25. It will be a 730 kickoff and it will be on. ESPN. In a couple of weeks 8444773776. Text line 71307. Albright got back was more in a moment to hobble on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN. Upstate Miami 41. Notre Dame eights. It was 27. To nothing and half time. There was never again. Molly grows year fifteen for 24 passing 137 yards stratus homer a 146. Yards rushing. For the canes in the blowout win over the Irish so scratch Notre Dame from the college football playoff tall. Mark Richt former Georgia coach now at Miami. Talked about turning around the program fast as he is obviously done. You gotta hire the staff you get the right people want you know I'd I took my time I did a lot of praying and we got. They get the right people there are very good at what they do but also of the kind of people that I think would have a chemistry have that. Would want to do it the way I like to do it and that would be all end our staff is very strong as far as the relationships between each other players see it I think it helps. Our players know that worked well together that it's easy for them to be together and we always put the trust of faith in our team and the other thing is. Or what I decide to continue to coach I really did want to enjoy it or to have fun. And what better place than mine and he can he have some fun and gosh it's just it's been it's been a blast. Mark Richt is having some fun right now good fit that is for him to come back to Miami and a you know stop that with a bomb doubting these guys the defense is good enough that this team. He's going to be a threat against anybody I mean are you talking to yourself when you say that's we've done well again I'm not talking to myself until I did. We all did. You did admit no I did you never doubted Miami oh Miami I thought our team Miami the last two weeks Miami is going to be Clemson in the ACC championship that. No. It. I can see that. I can see that being a a real tight game mark more tape moment him. None of them being in a lot of Lydia Clemson fans are saying hey man Miami's stinks we gotta have Virginia Tech Ian make it competitive game so much of that. So much for that this is so much better coached Clemson Miami and Virginia Tech Clemson whatever him and so much better. You witnessed it and you've learned so much more entertaining. So much more fun. The other thing is you know there there are going to be a lot of Miami fans in Charlotte. And Miami fans are gonna buy tickets for sure. Probably more than what you think they view as Bagram air travel. You'd be shocked. I was surprised how many were quick boom what was it last year. Now when they play that stay up. There was a lot of fear then they used it as a vacation somewhere ticket sales or dorm that's like. I think the last thought looking at one point seven books two weeks ago he get a for forty books now. Price gonna go on up on the show with a turnover change. But. That infamous turn over chain you know that's fine that's fine and the turnover joining. Look stupid but that's on. People and really you think that turnover changed I don't think that's so you don't it is awesome I don't I don't get it on only wildlife but that I don't get. Why are you. I don't at a time wide. Just what do you think about to turn over Jiang model you mentioned doctor download I do I'll love it. I love the lunch pail Virginia Tech mama some of the darkest and wow that's a notebook as they put a minute and booed but there's a millennial in the room what does millennial think of the turnover chain. I've ever been Arab audiences though they only the only shining young guy have some sense in the room only my friends who get no matter report or something done though there aren't hearing so please give me poems internship in. Its argument authorities buildings on the only Miami can get away with terminal which. Only Miami it. So Miami can pull this off nobody nobody else drove it just wouldn't feel I would argue that they can't either but that's OK now that's object. No loaf of Abdul look I want a slashing credit debt elimination. A live fashion. I like Miami I like what they're doing and couldn't live without this but I outlook I'll get a pass on Christmas second ago passed on the turnover. You ought all of the fact that coach Rick is doing that. And he's doing it like when he first got to Georgia not the end of it but the team is tough they play tough. They have fallen while they're doing it and they're not obnoxious about it. Damp the you know I mean look he's a class gathered on the radio Miami with dirty play and all that with Mark Richt there I don't like. Not not in the set when that everybody has some dirty hits here chairman doc but our thing is going to be that kind of a culture when Mark Richt does the head coach. I just dealt I guess I have any doubts his skin this offense do enough. Senator earlier in the show Ken this office do enough for them to get to and possibly win a national champ Jim game. Not convinced of that just. Not quite convinced of that defense is nasty now. It really. Yeah I love what Manny Diaz is doing there and what. You know coach Rickey calls all the plays. I think Thomas Brown as the offensive coordinator but coach Rick calls all the plays and I'll tell you they knew what he did my biggest worry going in the game Notre Dame. Is I thought. Rosier was gonna throw some picks. Because that's what he's been doing in Q3 last week before the Notre Dame game and I'm thinking man if they give the but the thing shock me about the game other than the score. Was the fact that notre are scares me that Miami's defensive line ripped. Notre Dame's offensive line he knew it. I mean I think they held Josh Adams to less than fifty yards rushing forty which was better than what Georgia did them. And you wanna talk about just a dominating performance that they can left the linebackers and secondary on the bus the blonde won that game. And others in the second or third time in my lifetime that correct call word people said Notre Dame is back in their retirements than fake. I wouldn't say that it's like you can take away what they've done and I see a lot of those people that. Life just like give Wisconsin better respect the fact that they're not in no. I mean we used I don't care what type of schedule this group Barry Switzer. You know my public was 1986. Somewhere around there Oklahoma finished with a one loss to Fresno state. Finish undefeated. And only had one law one bolt for the national champion it was Barry Switzer. And somebody asked him why do people feel to it goes to those guys were undefeated it's very very difficult to go undefeated college football. Very difficult. And Notre Dame opened at this point. Wisconsin. These teams with one loss I mean look toward what happened George. You tell me Auburn's much better than Georgia no you know you get in the game at home for field. Get a turnover or you give a big play I thought that game turned when stood up and hit it long past. I'm trotman received that call them about the two yard line. And got the whole crowd that just got the whole stadium on its a year and Auburn never looked back but. You know you get to this point your undefeated one loss should you weren't. Yep I'll Wes is on the line let's get him in your IOS welcome and hello. I guess you do it got big Mac agree totally with eat healthier or that Dick Cheney campaign. But you know it's how my university of Florida public epic out on the scene the ban on the chain gang before so I understand checked. I got to list look I don't I don't I don't fault them for Orion and little gimmick that's all right two different teams yeah this is Miami but it. We got chip. Thank you buddy we appreciate the call for turn overs for Notre Dame to a worked. Whatever and made it happen worked and Miami did not turn the ball. Maybe it was that lady in the stands in the road warrior outfit. Chelsea or not she was decked out in Orange and green and literally looked like. One of the old rolled warriors animal or Hulk I would say animal species will sure Erica. She goal shorten short couple though. She is available notice I would say. I will get to our picks for the week going to be an update on how we're doing talk about Somalia cut other college football game results over the weekend some other great games were played as well as a great day Saturday college football. We'll get to that Nextel unless this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Bottle on ESP announced a reacting to all the football over the weekend it's meant doing today you can join the conversation and a 444773776. Back to the phones and talk to Darrell next I'd barrel. Good. So yeah. Okay. Here he'd. Look good. And it ought to back. Over. Like. Me. I've know what Mark Richt can't live. Because the credibility has been a very very very good coach and all the expectations pretty level. As George you know all the wanna be competitive. By day. All. I've just commentary. You saw on the technical Iraq. Yeah I agree with their man I think the I think this may be the most excitement. Heading into an ACC championship. I mean what can we get excited for. Offense. Virginia Tech Georgia attacked an eagle mention North Carolina but. Yeah I mean that's just it's like yeah okay whatever this is a game the ACC can flat get excited about it and how excited I can't wait. I'll also excited because Bob and it's like about a little more wildwood down our running back and try to forward. That's step in and did a tremendous job I mean he was it was probably have a little bit of a well balanced. And I can't say enough about the defense what they do me. Backed up that sort of violent all the data and overrated Kauai yet although it but I haven't been there. They and their voters they're oil they're what we expect this from the university of iron vote for a fourth turnover. We don't got and get into the David did okay well well the other questions. They have before you go up there on in Charlotte North Pole. The thing the thing that got me watching that game. Was the difference in Miami's team speed. I mean they were on top of they don't toppled and bush and they even pulled him out look the other they've got it couldn't run and that port I feel bad for him I'm like. Brian Kelly why you put him in the game that's a bad plan. At least at least I'm able it get away. Boy that guy got popped won't. MI thing is in it noted that. But all of the last round of golf has a lot of continually get. I never thought that the network equivalent have been gone wild bulk up or I'll have a lot of these civil war all of that put people or. Yet they are but they pushed mud they push Notre Dame around a lot. And I was just. Man Witten when you watch. The way Notre Dame is a good football team it's not like they did that of spam you or coastal are or some like that I mean Notre Dame is a good football team. And they just wore them out in every phase of the game and Brian Kelly I mean. You'd even see him get mad over there and as a coach sometimes that happens you just run into a situation where your life. Let's just try to get out of here alive and that's that's way Notre Dame wants. Well played today I think what really about does subnet ablaze there are problems. There'll blog sentiment out. Dell model to show opened Charlotte with a turnover chain me in the area where that that'll be a good look for you. He's a hall Luther Campbell maybe Jason is next in the huddle adjacent. I don't go around the project they're about how this there. Barked about coach Erica Barbara the court. Coach demo of the division and they're. Did you do it in Larry correct. Yes and they see us. All right okay. They cheer. I don't you ever go crawl but a culture can't spark of course they were little star legend there. I sure did you just made my heart heavy you wanna talk about on. Wonderful human being and a beautiful man Kenny was. He was something else I was glad that they gave Redman that job a really wants and it was it was said coach Bork's past this past year. Actually many actually bickering and it says priority. Although my gut the plate for a little bit by date or are. Great they're great man. Not okay take all of possible legal pledged or are urged all potentially. Yeah there's. In a couple sure but what social intangible. But you can thank outlook or they're really dead or Maria. Come across and all of the old record record Betty yeah. Miss leading oh well I don't think we'll attack award at the greatest Welch record but it. Break reap the repair program. Portion thank judge can't show show that that should. But not all there can't pick a double break it culture. Well I think one of the first things I look for. Or if you judged. Coaches on is how hard is it team play. I mean that greatest compliment you can ever give a coaches in the if he comes up and says man your boys really played hard. Because you can get indexes close but we're good coaches separate themselves in the effort and the by. Of their players that's why. So much respect for. What Will Muschamp don't down in South Carolina because. You know those kids play so hard for him and even when they're down you can't knock them now and that's an intangible. That comes from the head coach in the direction that he sets and I think that's what tennis tennis scene needs to get back to what they war and the late ninety's. That they've gotten soft it's a lot like what happened at Georgia. Okay the the one thing that Georgia is always got talent that he's got talent but they've become a soft program Georgia. Was a software soft program Kurt he's done. Is admittedly tough cardinals football team now you wouldn't know what happened against Auburn but. You know I imagine that a game would have been two years ago and it really would go wrong. So I think that's where you gotta start arm I don't know how GMAC feels about it but. You know I think Dan Mullen would be a home moron and Margaret that to no end in Tennessee and he'd play it or he would be my number one choice because his team's. Even going back when he was assistant at Florida. It is offenses as an as a coordinator were tough difficult to stop well coached didn't hurt themselves. Same issue at Mississippi State after Alabama army was at Mississippi State team supposed to play Alabama to a draw no way. Mean that's the same Mississippi State team got blown out at home by all over. You're gonna play Alabama to a draw also. I would look at look at the fact that he recruits and orthodox. Meaning he could kit like Mick FitzGerald who was then running who is a winning team quarterback a high school. And adapted the offense for him. In his defense is our nasty I mean they get after you out there. So if I'm if I'm curry at Tennessee man my first call would be to Dan Mullen. After that I'm not sure a wouldn't give Matt Campbell call at Iowa State. Because you wanna talk about another coach that his players play above their. I mean if they should've beaten Oklahoma State. All this past weekend I don't know what they were thinking down on the three yard but. You know he's beaten three ranked opponents this year. In what was supposed to do it right on rebuilding process so I always liked coaches that win in places where you're not supposed to win. That tells you got a little something about them but my first called B day ammo. Jason got to let you go up against the break here thanks for the call 8444773776. Mac in a moment in the huddle on ESP announcing. Order back to the huddle on ESPN upstate so and our pick Tim last week. Over the weekend. Alonso had the best weekend. At eight into. Quietly gaining. Quietly very quietly yeah. Alex and I we're 73 Josh you know have a good week. At 5 o'clock. You don't want to comment just like when I couldn't care if it's UGH you'll what a set up a kid kid that. So was I mean when you bring your bring him. One weak man out on fire on catching rats left and right I'm taking on kangaroos. She's the next week can take out Mickey Mouse. Alex was the only one who missed the Ohio State Michigan State game and any consolation Alex Jon missed about 45 point. We'll have thought about it mark. Because that was a nice close game and Josh missed the Iowa State Oklahoma State game but that was close on nine feet. No rose seven point game 49 to 42 no defense was seen on the field on a day where all us South Carolina over Florida. Mr. guests the intern. Was the only one to pick Georgia's loss to Auburn. So he made up some ground there the rest of us were bold all believers and that was not close either. Now we had a 5050 split on the takes on Notre Dame and Miami and Alonso and Alex got that one right. Go canes. We had a 5050 split on Oklahoma TCU. Loans and I got that withdrawing UT CU believers. I don't know hours and I don't think about TC but they're done now we can scratch them from the college football playoff discussion. All of us missed the Friday night game Washington Stanford. Stanford beat Washington. With brush loom on the and yet they did. And yet they did thumb. So I O for four on that for all of us. How we all got the Alabama Mississippi State game I'm glad we him big points in Nam because that was embarrassingly close four Alabama but the outside. Got it done at the end. And held off Mississippi State to get the win we all got the LSU Arkansas. Outcome. Now wasn't too difficult. The Marines. They're not gonna fire him though aren't. I'm gonna Favre of the football aspect of it. With me. They're gonna divorce yourself from Arkansas didn't. They're four and six there one and five in the SEC wanted to unifier him. On everything I've heard it's because Jeff flown. In quote does exactly what he said we are not a football factory. As clearly as long as we are graduating or play this quote as long as far as long as we're graduating our players. And represented the University of Arkansas muffler first class manner. I'm perfectly happy. Well okay. I have more respect for Ole miss. Yeah even he was chain but you know at least it was Tryon. 33 to Tim was a score that day when nation again beat mark coastal. Objectionable and I was actually pulling for coastal that game would they have Farnham if we lost that and now. The images from far not going to dismal far he's gonna go he's yeah he's recycle the recycle those assistants. Probably get rid of a fuel defense a little more to offer it to be to get rid of his office while ago. And then they need to get out recruit but. Now but it's not known more. Item we all four guys UMass over remain correct so. Right now my lead is four games over Alex Alex did not gain any ground on me that's the good news. Now care about the rest do you. Yeah basement to a but. Oh to four and go back over my math because of the main thing. Something's wrong channel according according to my math Alex and I are tied in a five game lead but. Not as Alex cheating though he might he'd he's been right in the past they knew that went wrong that a federal island did you fix that yeah I'd welcome. Aren't teaching in well I'll go over again aren't. And five game lead over Alonso and then Josh is nine back Josh worked him and you better start region. You better start reaching for some picks. Await you sorted and unbelievable but. It's unbelievable. Check our website ESP on my balance is right I just checked my mouth. Stop challenging a moment. All right we're gonna come back on the other side and hear from hunter renfro of the Clemson receiver as we look through our ACC roundup. Of what happened over the we can also get into the high school football we haven't thought about it yet some big games on Friday nine some. Third round playoff games coming up this week that are going to be entertaining thanks. We'll talk about that more stimulus the huddle on ESP in upstate.