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At a weekend is over welcome back end it is the huddle on ESPN upstate for Monday afternoon beautiful day getting it loose sixty temperatures today after. Chilly day yesterday. And head and into a busy week what a great sports week and what great college football weekend. We have to talk about. And talk about a Wii will gonna hear from my demo Sweeney coming up on the Clemson win over Florida states that yeah gamecocks. The Florida will hear from Will Muschamp coming up also law under rim pro the tigers. On the Clemson. Performance over the weekend. And we will hear from Mark Richt. Coach of the Miami Hurricanes when wind they had over Notre Dame over the weekend. Also NFL news Panthers. Will be hosting the dolphins tonight we'll preview that one for you can hear it here erroneous paean upstate. Starting at 745 that's the year Campbell look back at the weekend in the NFL. Some interesting results they are high school football playoffs from Friday night. We'll tell you where everything stands going into this week the third week of the playoffs that's coming up. On the show as well. And Butch Jones finally got far. We will talk about that. Coming up on the show as well plenty of time for your calls and your checks. If you wanna get in with a us a 444773776. Text line 71307. In Carolina coaches RV superstore you can also get what this on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Here. On behalf of the measure is my pleasure. That's you add the Clemson Tigers. But the deal fell seventeen. ACC Atlantic Division. Yeah. Yeah okay. I. I don't know that it's an all the purple warmup this. But anyway the Clemson Tigers got it done 31 a fourteen inning as Florida State. On Saturday Albrecht Clemson so they do win the Atlantic it'd sets them up for the ACC championship match up. Miami. Against Clemson after Miami one. Big against a Notre Dame over the weekend. And back game is going to be December 2 Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium Miami will be making its first appearance in the ACC championship game. Clemson in the game for the fifth time overall and for the third straight season tigers won the championship. In 2011 than they want and of course the last two years 2015. And twenty sixteenths. Job performance by the tigers. On Saturday got a little close there toward the end when I got seventeen to fourteen of them they pulled away with two late touchdowns to win at 31 to fourteen. Kelly Bryant twenty of thirty. Pretty efficient passing day for him for a 151 yards. And Manny almost felt bad for James Blackmon. Coach thirteen to 32. And a quarterback rating against that tiger defense. A six point six. On Saturday afternoon kind of running for his mop up funny hung in there pretty well. Yeah Florida State shall talk lesson in perseverance. To not. Get blown out when they were getting blown I think it was what seventeen of them have them. And then they made a comeback in the third quarter and showed a lot of resolve. In order to get that done and closed that I believe within three native. And then of course Clemson went on the run but. A black man offensive line was just. Now bad isn't it to begin the war and as happy as. Clemson is to win the division and rightly so they've definitely earned it and what a matchup we're gonna have. In the ACC championship in Charlotte. Between Miami and and Clemson that that is going to be any war. That that is going to be a war. Are I cannot wait to watch. Both those defensive lines in the front sevens. They are going to be athletes all over the field and that is going to be. An absolute. War and I can't wait to see it it's going to be a lot of fun in the ACC needs that they need to match like this. I think it's something that all they've been waiting on for a long time they were hoping when Miami came into the league that it was going to be Miami and if issue. But this is the beginning that this game between Miami and fish Uga or excuse me Miami Clemson coming up. Is the beginning of a robbery because of the caves are recruiting exceptionally well they've got a relatively young team. Of course Clemson is is just on fire recruiting right now. They found a way to win an ugly game but they found a way. Now them in South Carolina both have an off week. Questions this as south Carolina's a tough road. Then Clemson with the citadel bullet. Both of whom you you know have teams of they should handle. Relatively easy until the power metal bull. And in but it wasn't it was good to see that they got pushed home. They were able to make some plays. Now what's scary is Clinton winning games and they're not playing very well. And that's something that has to. At some point it's gonna click it has before did against all over how good is that Auburn win looking now. You know so. They're they're positioning themselves nicely and it's going to be an exciting last three weeks of the season no question. Here is Davos when he after the tigers were able to put away Florida State. On Saturday over a Death Valley. Coach your offense had some ups and downs tonight. First half of the if yourselfers who just never. And many of some big plays listen. Bigger than normal red Smith and then we were able to go store that was we got some real position we. That drive that we needed it. Attorneys reacts to things there we just didn't execute you officials to play it. So we're just kind of forgot upwards fusion just a little bit but. I met a proud of our team is not it's not easy to win and these guys are not in on that day they've won you know the division three years in a row. We're going to Charlotte we posted ticket to Charlotte. I hit of the day yes let's about a about finding a way to win but just really proud of our team and then just their will write down the stretch sauce mom a label extra effort. Overall defense males out of a couple plays that got us. They played a heckler today but I want to ask you. Would all the women comes expectations and outside the building everyone. It's great bonus on the hook for you guys inside the building how important is it to to secure that spot gold plate he sees him. Well I mean yes that's what we try to do coming we've played all year we've played 36 quarters for the privilege avenues for. You know in all matters I mean if you don't win in September and October you're not in this position. So you wanna you wanna get there are no we want to win the opener we did that back first game the next goal to win the division. And now actors you know you gotta take steps you don't just get a pass and got to earn your way. And this team has done that and again it's sometimes we don't always played pretty or Smart whether or not and one they've earned this way they they won the division a flat out won it. You know they had a normal road are doing and had to be brought to stay at home we knew it was gonna come down of that when the schedule came out and it did and we won it tonight so. You know that's the next goal some doubts about you know getting ready for next week's senior day in state championship and then we'll go to Charlotte down the road so. Just proud of our team and but again we we've got a lot we had a bunch of guys sell out so we had some guys step up and their bills on boards tonight JB Davis being one album. And Chad Smith's of this willow didn't matter. Ramona the next. As devilishly ally you referred to Clemson winning the turnover margin but in fact it was up. A 22 tie in the turnover margin each team with two turnovers but Clemson did double up Florida State and first downs 24 to twelve. They dominated time of possession but 36 minutes to less than 24 minutes. And they almost doubled them up in a total offense 378 for the tigers just 229. For Florida State problem for our state has led they had no no running game I thought you know if they could've gotten him makers going at all that mind of kept them in the game even longer but acres with just 42 Ares. Off forty yards on twelve carries on the night 3.3 arch precarious of the running game did not. Did not materialize for far Stacy and depend on James Blackmon throwing the ball that wasn't a war. That was not gonna work when you had to hang on and I needed the running game to stay with continent and Justin had clemson's defense was. Very good on now. On Saturday. So the tigers go ju nine and one Florida State now three and six Florida State will not have a winning season. Winning regular season best thing to a six and six if they went out. From here on out with their three and six record right now three and five. In the conference. 8444773776. If you wanna comment and talk about this or any other. College football news or sports news of the day but let's go to the phones now lumbering in Easton of first height of. Hey how ya doing this afternoon. We are doing well leaf and what's up with the. I'm doing pretty good at a hesitation or you know check this it's morning here is just here oops this just now laughter Monday against your column. But you can couple quick questions observations comments come first of all their only two. Running backs in the Big Ten right now with over a thousand yards. Jonathan Taylor. From Wisconsin and then dobbins from. Ohio State an interesting thing is they're both freshmen. Aren't so soon or this or not quite what we expected at the beginning of the season I would assume. The other thing I did talk about. Voter consistent at 88 people and if we should even. Care about BA people anymore. There is whining. One voter. They got axed some actual something or other and he had the USF last week. Pat them. I think wearing a 122 or something like that USF had a a bye week. He's now put them at eleven. So associate we should we give any credibility to the eight people anymore or is it just does something that ties severed. Until the playoffs poll comes out. Once the playoff Paul is here everybody ignores the eight people and maybe they should ignore it earlier because it is. A little hanky but yeah I mean look why why did both Oklahoma and Miami issue past Clemson Clemson beat Florida State they beat them but got a touchdown. Well I think gum Miami it's really shown a lot of grip these past few weeks you know before before that Virginia Tech game we had a lot of questions but now they've they've. They've been dominant in it'd be interesting to see what winning can do to change sternum from averaged include. Might be getting lucky to an actual. Solid complete football team come in Oklahoma that also have a great resonate especially without went at Ohio State com. I had them before last week though Ethan and and they just don't put it past them. That is sure you're not wrong. My other question was how are your pre season predictions. Holding up. That we do pre season predictions can. Which ones are you talking about with a at. An album toss to what you what you always gonna happen again in a year whether it has control the rankings what interests are more. Our those voting now Josh did imprudent and a weird year. Oh well still got a two maybe three teams depend on how it falls. I picked Alabama and Clemson to play for the national title to begin the year. Still alive on the island is still alive my final four boy Kansas State that was bombed to such a are really really. Toward that one up the other one was Ohio State and that there's a chance I don't think they're gonna give him. But what Woolsey I mean crazier things have happened I mean look. Nobody would have thought at least certainly I didn't that. Auburn would just woodshed. Georgia I'm talking about not just beat them. But I mean just embarrassed. And especially after the way we saw him play against L issue and Clemson and some other teams. But obviously there in the mix I'm out of the opinion that even if they run the table when the SEC two losses are gonna get here. I just don't think with two losses two loss team to make it by. You know the crazier things have happened in and now the Iron Bowl just got a lot more interesting for sure. Yep either we appreciate it got to get a couple calls there before the break Daryl you are next in the huddle I don't. There's that are on the used but I last. The US backed. I can't argue that was fun family and you've got to respect him now how can you not. Polio or you know remote off all of the general Powell spoke last fifteen years. And I'll you know be bored down as well all of its final week of break lower could learn a sense of him. Pretty well we're so riveted by a leave it there is probably you know McCain by about debt so retired. They're water woes. Straight Amir had different admiring. This. It is there'll be you have the offense to make it to the national championship that be my question. That's just what O'Connell were. Among a mostly. Mostly meaningfully and so. Street which we will we look at like Gupta is gonna shake you at draft. Yeah we wanna cook you know a lot of close games this year provoked outrage. We're good defense we. I mean. I am 31 bell out of it yet you know we know it's dark bar by remote but. More liberal brother but on the guys. You know. The available below the book it will lose that the Ian yeah. So you know either forward bite on karma stone dead and also want them to mark our hoop city we took character here now for. Volume Greenland and pre tournament that will grant that was impressive there'll only be that that was impressive win on the road. Hold your we don't garbage burger truck fire. Yeah appreciated Darrell get into the match ups but he Greenwood. And Dorman will play this Friday night after a after Greenwood be steal him a 22 when he wants surprised a lot of people including your strewn. Dealt with we'll get you in here next I you don't. A in Britain region and opposes his own game. You know Lou although all observed page special coat. That they hit it right you don't do an on court didn't want to game play it and celebrate it. Important process and it's not closely followed if it goes out Canada's it would. Well I mean you just got way out and there's not I would suspend him. On quite honestly. If it was me but Jim bulls got bigger fish to fry I mean. Florida State in I've seen the updated standings but I believe Florida State is gonna end up dead last. In the Atlantic is that right Al leader Kwame honey get that for your lawyer. And and they had they were ahead a couple of teams before last week Nazi ACC Atlantic Florida State now is ahead of Syracuse. They're three and five Syracuse has to him for so what you know nutrients. Yeah yeah I mean they've got. I think that's it. But yeah I mean they're gonna finish up second from the last. In the Atlantic Division and you know jumbos got to. He's got to decide what type of program you want to have moving forward because he's gonna have to make some staff changes. It you know if you hate to see that stuff. Talking about Miami with the other caller. I expected Miami's defense to play well what surprised me was how well rosier played quarterback. I thought Mark Richt did an outstanding job. Of putting that kid in positions to where. He never felt like he had to force any thing in the quarterback draw holes in the sprint out and stuff like that we're just. I thought that was probably more group's best coached game. Maybe in his career quite honestly maybe going back to the 99. National championship game against Virginia Tech but. It you know Miami looks. Like they were totally focused totally. Into what they were doing this home field advantage is just. Unbelievable and you just never got to says that Notre Dame felt like they were in it it was almost like that game was over from the house but. Yeah Florida State they've got it you know you can have your players doing stuff like that and in respond in the way they do and intangibles gala he's got a but he's got to face. The bottom of the hill finalists. As evidence gained. Marlon Marlon is in this business process that I can't but that a win could be any bidders. We don't cozy it you know because but as you know what I did. I had been happy with a one point win absolutely for sure don't we appreciate it's kind of funny coach showed to me that you know Mark Richt has run out of Georgia for not winning the big game. And over the weekend Kirby him when the big game Marbury then. That's a little grade boy yes a 444773776. Text line 71307. We will be back in more in the huddle stay with us just been underway for the Monday edition will be right back. Back here and hollow log nobody's surprise that Tennessee has pulled the trigger on butch Jones and made the decision to fire him. This came after a fifteen to seventeen loss to Missouri. I guess the the only question is why not sooner that's what Ryan McGee with ESPN's senior writer for ESPN is ask. The question is why wait this long ago. When news was housed in. It because for all the talk about the use the honor and pride. And it all a little doubt that letting go during the seasons back with a with a Butch Jones. They get an opportunity to coach the remaining games and he turned that down so if that's how life well. Everybody agrees this is getting in the way of doing is I'm not sure why you don't just going to its. Year men maybe not lose the recruiting class whatever it was in the last couple weeks. So a couple questions here guys. Why handled this way. I mean are you so shocked at giving up fifty points to Missouri that you just can't wait any longer. AV you're gonna do it before the end of the year senior media audio was just to get through the year and then make the change. Why change based on this did you losing recruits. As that wind because they are losing recruits that they not see that coming. Why pull the trigger. Now either do it earlier or go and finish out the last couple games. Other aspiring amount save recruits on me because you don't know who the coach is going to be I don't know the nose right right they've had forty commitments. Since the firing so it actually ramp up. Losing recruits. Out those recruits that they have a brain in their heads should know that he won going to be back. You know unless you know that the recruits are going to be dropping anyway so you go when fires so looks like that's the reason. Bought the recruits dropping. Yeah you know did you know they're dropping Seagal in fire that coach so it looks like that's the reason it has nothing do to school has to do with the coach. I don't know. The crazy thing is. It was more resignation than a filing well I heard Ryan Wright he's they gave him option to scourge to Morgan can finish it out and he said no. Well because they told him I guess why you're not going to be back I guess but finally told him that instead you can finish the year if you want me said no thanks. I guess butch was under the illusion the grand illusion. But somehow he could save the season and they told him after the fifteen to seventeen loss to Missouri here Don you wanna coached two more games that's fine. When he set out on to sleep and I guess that's the only thing that makes a sesame from what I'm hearing about all the. I mean he's walking away. We've still got to pay eight point two million. It was a crazy that's gotta hurt I just had a record because they gave him an extension and when he fourteen. So you you know follows bush I would quit. Do. On a roll it out I'd have been happy just told you he is missing her Edwards out of me. The last two games of the year M yeah boys have been cut plan because it's not often. There's only two circumstances were coach can really enjoy it coach. And that's a thin but it's at the end of the game when it's a blowout. You can just cut loose and let it go or at the end of your tenure. Eighty million are going to be back. And you can just let it rip. That everybody I've ever seen it coached Utah though what's that what you're saying they know they're gone suitors out there how cold and I'm happy I now never apart. But are heard stories we're guys that were coming back and the like those you wouldn't believe what. And did this week. But at the same time. He hit an eight point two million walked away you don't have to dual media anymore you build things go home and take it easy he's not had any fondness the thing. And that's the thing is it's almost like it's a relief. Because I have I mean there's been more than one circumstance where the staff calls on the acts. And there's work it's the worst feeling in the world waiting for now once that happens. It's like you can take a deep breath and you're like okay now and we'll deal with and what I got to do going forward. So there is a little bit of relief there as well. Of the guys. I don't really feel bad form look at them all this is probably battle my part. I didn't feel bad for example mourning leveled at hand. I don't because they get their money. Now at CS level division to division during those guys are making 4050000. Dollars it hurts me. They don't walk away with a point two million. So. While systems logo and either know the walk away with probably couple 100000. See what I don't get is why give them the option to coach the rest of the games. I know from from radio standpoint I've seen people who knew they were done at the end of the week. And it was risky because you did not know what they were gonna say on the air not had a poll people before. Because what they sell on the air auction so I mean it would not in it kinda risky. Millen and coach Don get up there and say any thing or not do their best to coach again brought me. Until you can get a feeling of the integrity of the guy. And you can't get this everything and I don't know enough government. All I've done is heard things through the rumor mill that Butch Jones as they stand out great guy. And you know the on field stuff you know. That can be debatable how to coach use blood. As far as a human being a person I've not heard anything but positive things about the intricacies Corey probably knew that as well. And he got to recruit those kids every kid that's on that campus right now. Is a Butch Jones Q. And I think out of respect for him and the relationship. Between him and those kids it's heartbreaking like back away I'm I'm so disappointed that coward. I mean I defended him. What a bad form and what does he do he gets Fiat takes is six million don't even talk to the players label malign form and I think. You know Tennessee handled it. The right way of saying hey butch you know what these are your boys. If you run out with a more fond of that behave this would make changes in the year. And I don't blame just our butch for step away but at least they gave them the opportunity. To finish with his kids and I respect that. We will have Bob play a speculation about who's next at Tennessee. Look at medalist right now that throws out David cut cliff from duke. He 63 years old would he make a move today which is a better job Tennessee or Florida. Can see. So if you're offered this if you are off the job right now you go Tennessee over floor was a better in the halls and recruiting base in Florida. Is better and weather in Florida and there's a there's a ton of things better and. Where you don't. There is what you else there gonna put up with them off field Joan. And update via six it was hitting winners are more pressure there's more pressure intensity as well it's different. Well I'll moguls say it's. Pressure pressure I'm trying to when you take those jobs. You've got to win they win big. I think for me I would much rather deal will. The expectation. That Tennessee. Had if Butch Jones hit one button back east championships. Tennessee there would have been in the shenanigans that back in had to deal with off the field. They would have been a little bit more proud of the fact that they won but back east division championships. And it would go ahead and got rid of him. But there wouldn't be all of them negativity. And it's almost like Florida plans. Have this unrealistic expectations. A mean let's be honest they ran off Steve Spurrier or urban by. They called it quits. Unexpectedly. Now Steve at least was afflicted years. Urban was there six and he Bolton. So there's something about that job it's just not. You know to job that you wanna take if they come calling but if it if I've got the druthers between. All between Tennessee and Florida to concede. Scott frost a central Florida's gonna dimension for every job he's gonna have this choice. Pretty much of where he wants to go Florida may want him to the Tennessee could look at him Dan Mullen. And I think that would be an outstanding. He's only 45 years old he's been in Mississippi State nine years probably time to move that he's ever gonna move me to stop with the Jon Gruden stay off that's not happening now. Now Jon Gruden makes almost a million dollars in the blue eyes and I know Jeff Brohm. Purdue may just got there. This got there that's the only thing Mike Gundy. Being mentioned as well be handled when Brady hopes the interim coach he's not gonna get the job. No none of those clowns that are on staff now and I think that's the other thing is what they've had to deal with. With their assistance. Although those guys are gonna scanner in the and they are quite honestly need to do because they they haven't he'll blitz you know a lot. 8444773776. The F some thoughts on the Tennessee change finally on made the move. Yesterday on Butch Jones you can give us a call text line 71307. Back in a moment the huddle on ESP in upstate. So after a great day of college football on Saturday Saturday night the yum NFL day yesterday was news. Nothing too exciting that I saw. Seahawks beat the cardinals 22 to sixteen. On Packers when Packers win. Packers beat the bears after John Fox. Shot himself in the foot by challenging a call don't close thinking that is running back. Perhaps made it to the end zone instead on the challenged the officials ruled yet fumbled the ball and it was a touchback but it. Which holes on the did you see did you the ball was coming out before the pot line earn your degree it should have been Chicago's ball game. Half yard line not disagree. I did see it but I disagree that you do strongly. Strongly disagree. There for us also did the ball hit the pylon which makes it touchback Sinatra no it was already coming out of his hands once it. Was going out of bounds. And in the Mosul hit upon. Me he was already well let's touch MacBook not the ball was coming now. Before them. Oca and piano and makes it took but I know. It only goes as pudge back if it goes into the end zone and out the back. Oh no ordinance recovered yes. No since it went out of bounds before you apply. Well the did that that's different cities and my guess how can hard line and totally wrong one now yeah because it was already coming out well then in Europe. If you're right now trust soured over the ruling on the field Packers win 23 to sixteenth. Doesn't matter these two teams are going nowhere no flash up. Saints rolled the bills 47 to ten and a bill stands set himself on fire for. No one wants inspire parents might have been intraday Pedersen from New Orleans is doing at Roland football him. The lions beat the browns 38 to 24 browns now oh in nine titans over the Bengals 24 to twining. The Steelers that was close game now hard fought game Steelers managed to eke one out over the colts. Twenty to seventeen. Inning of that game wasn't Alice while via wild in the Buccaneers finally get away and they beat the jets. Fifteen to cancel the Bucs are three and six now. Vikings keep pointing their seven and two they beat the Redskins 38 to thirty. It was overtime game with the jags beating the chargers twenty to seventeen doling out of Jacksonville is six and for six and three. On the year boob like morals through 51 passes judgment and their leading rusher was Cory grant one carry 56 York. For Jackson. Texans here is life. After Du'Shon Watson you lose to the rams 33 to seven. Yesterday so the Texans are now three and six. And also going nowhere falcons' roster cowboys who I'm sure you watched that game 27 to seven cowboys look awful without Zeke. Well it wasn't just the in. It was a moment in tire fail because channel's green. And borrow and left tackle they gave up six act to aging Playboy. Sixth from that is the most by a single player. In the history of the Dallas Cowboys and oh yeah Dallas played football during the march Taylor Reggie why. You know all those guys pretty good mean Joseph green. All those guys pretty good nobody's ever had. That many sacks and the thing that astonish me is not the fact that he was getting beat it was a Jason Garrett was souls. Did they never got to help. Right put them too tight end and kept the guy. But they single block in the entire. Game they single handedly. I've of one point two million. Because he got an incentive that a few inches. He makes an extra one point two mil to her and guess what he's only two more ago. Have sex for the gay. Meanwhile give them because it doesn't matter that was run for a while it. Through not implying that they backed off a little let him get concerned should. Back off. And I'll do what I'm getting close to give my money just back off a little I mean holding political means something. I mean he and bottom. There was three sex really didn't get others before you bar. Forty niners get away and over just two of the New York Giants you know talk a bottle moon while Mac news did. 312 when he won that game and then they Sunday night game patriots just rolled the Broncos 41 to. Sixteen almost 27 and nine at halftime and it was over. So the papers are now seven and two got to get our final break Carol if you'll hold hold on we will get to you but right after the final break of the hour here. In the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. Welcome back to huddle on ESPN upstate GMAC coach Josh Phillips Alonso and Alex and the phones and Harold thank spring and on Errol your next in the huddle. God thank you good afternoon domino we enjoy in this beautiful afternoon is how. I'm gonna segued into your entry in this blog just about less like gay men and woman shall John Madden moment in the fourth quarter when Chris Carlin mostly giving I'll do Walt. The quarterback all this praise amid tight spiral is great glory to division series any ordinary session so I am he would. And he only deputies indelible American moments arms gonna head coach coming in terms of being seen something similar to where they sure. This feel OK euros. Eighteen for eighteen it thirty yards and you you should Google that yeah. I Darrell mussina before coach and I have yet especially in basketball right. He's maybe I have a role playing. Well of that your team to you go to shops not so stop it. Exactly. Are also far as determined team meal walk outside and come back. And turn back all that work. Sometimes it sometimes it did mullah superstitious against heavily you can change your shirt. Oh there was so under the current chair that there was one year Romo should shoes but I'm going to. There is one year when I was playing I didn't wash my practice. Outfit for the whole year. That I was pretty right well I mean. When I came after about week four stand by itself should know what was going on but it was. You know before knew about Emerson. When when when you're supposed to wash your practice uniform. Well you know you're supposed to put I didn't go to AA is supposed to put in the Shimmy and throw in at least once a week. Now Alex is moving away from you now always out of those twenty years ago it better habits now. Oh much better now Washington and one. That's the flip you're wearing your lucky underwear and you know your team wins we've never watched them in this way in America know they can wash but I everywhere. Because these different. Do you stand nude by the washing machine Mueller own all the fifth and I don't know not a mental picture of him and meeting a lot of it. I am Carlos Beltran has retired from baseball this guy's been around forever it seems likely the twenty years that's awesome and he's going out on top because me. Houston Astros won a world championship. So bomb that's a good time for him like that he announced it on the players Tribune website. Forty years old nine time all star 435. Career home runs. Played for seven different teams milk template for the royals the Astros the New York Mets the New York Yankees the cardinals the Rangers. And the San Francisco Giants. But you could does certainly should production tailing away this year he batted 231. Fourteen homers 51 RBIs. In 129. Games TL one the Roberto Clemente award he said that was the greatest honour he could have ever received. As a ball player so while I sending their I think for Carlos Beltran and I like him as a player. Twenty years punctuated by World Series championship. With the Houston Astros are we gonna get in the South Carolina win over Florida who wasn't easy but it was a win for the gamecocks. Against the gators. In Columbia on Saturday and we'll hear from mark Rex. From the Miami Hurricanes after their big whenever Notre Dame over the weekend we'll also take a look at our weekend picks results. From our pick ten contest. When we come back to all of the next hour in the huddle on ESP in upstate if you wanna jump in 8444773776. We'll be right back.