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Welcome into a Friday and over the eleventh 2017. Addition of. The huddle skews me November the tip. Let us not to forgotten the name of the show there for a second well I'm getting hit with all of these veterans day and it's throw me off because. Tomorrow of course Saturday but everybody's celebrate veterans day. Today I thought maybe year and a flashback compunction on the other show lord have mercy I know that the B should now. Oh that 10. No. Not at all you don't give me from the Allen probably solidly storm and Harris you don't get the double number one. I don't blame away it's Friday Eller goes on Friday as Friday's are fun for one thing that I love. Is you know worst Mondays to me the funny show because it's so lively with what just came out of the week. Tuesday Wednesdays. You know it's more factual Friday's is just. I call fabulous Friday is a loan fraud is around here because we got the weekend everybody is practically a good mood. Until they hit Woodruff road or the junior spaghetti junction seemed to take a hundred years. To get done with but as long as it's safe. I wonder what engineers were they graduated in class. The next time I'm in the traffic jam over there will stop and ask. Rolled on the window I know what school did you pitcher engineering degree from oh Georgia Tech. Where did you graduate with your class if I'm gonna drive with my kids on this bridge. Write. Or think about that. I gotta say I've never thought about what you should because that's contract about the lowest bidder. I loved that saves Armageddon from Steve machine me. Remember that side. If you're strapped into a no killer bomb did it out to the lowest bidder. When they were on the show Gordon space if you are driving down the road let's say on I 85 right now don't listen Josh has the runs perfectly safe you're going to be fun I didn't say the road was unsafe I think I think because you kind of implied that. I didn't even implied that I just said if I'm going to be driving. Fifty feet off the ground onto a structure. That is made out of mud and water. When my kids wanna make sure the guy knows if somebody is performing brain surgery on me I'm gonna ask the doctor where he graduated in his class. I don't want to got to just what squeaked through also and then Alonso could love those happy what a guy our big guy that graduated valedictorian. I'm just guessing a five pound now brain surgery I'll probably not thinking too clearly some probably not gonna ask you. I'm glad that before going them. I wanna know that the guy is good at what he's doing if he's gonna operate all of my heart. My brain or whether I'm driving and not. Oh. Let me welcome to the show Michael Foster vice president. Of the South Carolina football hall of fame and a good friend of mine Michael a lot of the night announcements coming out of the hall of fame this week. Yeah man we're. We're we're hit that full blast right now we've just announced our Blanchard Rogers trophy finalists this week which listeners what is the Blanchard Rogers trophy. Well. The first three years of this award with the collegiate player of the year and then we decided that we. Would like to. Up our game a little bit and in. Create something that that we can be proud of it and that the kids can be proud of be excited about and so. The South Carolina we have to. Two players have won the Heisman Trophy that has South Carolina ties one is doc Blanchard. When it with army 1945. People a lot of people don't know he's a native south Q yes he he he's a native from here was born here. Born in little look Paul South Carolina. And then of course we all know George Rogers who went to South Carolina but you're from Georgia to us from Georgia so you just have to of a South Carolina either you play this cultural and ask me where you grew up in the state to be eligible absolutely absolutely so you got. For example you have Art Shell who is born in Charleston. Went Maryland Eastern Shore somehow. Became one of the greatest NFL players to ever. Suited up and then so he he he was in our 2000. Sixteen are two down fifteen class excuse me and then. Or you have like a Brian Dawkins who was born in Jacksonville came in played constant. He was in our 2015 classes well. So. You got a wide ranges and and you have a guy like a Kelly Bryant who was born here in the U. Whole thing right now but he's born here in and went to Clemson. Went to Clinton as well so you have three different types of ways that you can be involved with. With our awards but. Another example would be a Mason Rudolph who's from Rock Hill right is having a successful college career outstanding DI to be in New York for the Heisman Trophy if he keeps. Thrown away yes he he struggle at the end the last week I think he would admit that but. I think he still leads the NCAA in passing right now passing yards so he's doing a great job representing Rock Hill over the representing South Carolina. Even in Stillwater. Oklahoma and so he's one of our finalists obviously and we have to tell us eleven more. Not sure also they're gonna you got your list over there. Who are the finalists for the Blanchard Rogers trophy which is the South Carolina football hall of flames player of the year award. Well of course we got Jay Bentley. From South Carolina quarterback room and in the no particular order other than well I may be through. In alphabetical order let's say it's that we know we get man with the with. How I think that. We got PJ. But as Zhao ski it. I don't know really how you go to Furman at our core realm and a great year yacht fuhrman's have a fantastic year coach Hendricks is has done an amazing job over there. Got Austin Bryant. Did yen from Clemson. Kelly Bryant the quarterback from clients and Anthony Ellis he's having a great year Charleston the other. Had five and have to tackles for loss. This past week. In is in. Has a chance to be the all time. Conference leader in thaksin tackles for loss. By the time he said and done on got could afford from Hilton head that plays at Texas. He's considered one of the top five defense the defense of tackles in this year's draft is a fifteen year. On in the end Darius Leonard. All American linebacker that he stay at these data struggled this year but. One thing that has remained the same various Leonard is now. Amazing numbers and in his doing in his working hard there in Orangeburg. When you got sky more which is a great. Great. Story do you now last year has been the leading tackler for South Carolina blue every year that he's played in once again he's in that. Area again this year. And then Dorian Daniels he had that who's had a great year from clients and it's kind of been. That stopper at the linebacker position pretty much done everything means. You'd get a linebacker to do. You we mentioned Mason Rudolph and then you got. Andre started. Stoddard from Wofford. Greenville native not a thing Joes are running back well. Full back in the Wofford. If you look at the Wofford roster because of the way that they run their offense but. And then Antonio Wilcox. Run back from Furman both of those guys Andrei and Antonio. Both. Have had great years for their teens Andre has twelve rushing touchdowns on the year Toniu Wilcox has about ten rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. Are firm and so they've they've done a great job and went in and the leaders in the soak on the touchdown score. As far as running backs. Awesome and so winners of this award and we'll see. The voting is going on now correct yup the voting is open now will go on until December 11. We're working non non may be some some changes in the way that we. Announced this award but normally we give it out during our ceremony in April. Last couple years of course we've had additional want to come out and and then have a great time with dish on the are you guys that map to talk with himself before the ceremony in the great opportunity for. For us to have that kind of level of play here at our ceremonies each year. Oh absolutely as we're talking with Michael Foster. Vice president of the South Carolina football hall of fame are announcing their candidates for the Blanchard Rogers. A trophy which is on the South Carolina football hall of fame award. Afford their player of the year that they recognized from the state. Of South Carolina so that list I mean that's a who's who's list of the best players in the state. Of South Carolina. And the the thing about that award is his garnered national attention there are right now to Sean won it. The inaugural home one was two years ago I believe is that right and as well as. Here that our first our first. Yeah first year of giving out the actual trophy was this past year did so on are we hatter dot. It was just the collegiate player of the year percent by hails Jewelers while I think emotionally over their tails users for. Help us out to last three years is as the primary sponsor for that award. But does that collegiate player of the year the first. Four times that we gave up the award in this past year was the first year we had the Blanchard routers trophy. And that's an outstanding warden George Rogers gives the way your. The ease at the ceremony and we have got doc Blanchard signed Tony also at the awards ceremony in April as well that. The rappers that doc. For that award and that's outstanding that the highest. Honored award for the South Carolina football hall of fame. Has the two Heisman Trophy winners from this statement. Their names only that is that is just awesome and of course George not only the Heisman Trophy winner but also the number one overall pick. From this for the South Carolina Gamecocks what are the things in the South Carolina football hall of fame have. Coming down the pipe as we go towards Christmas holidays. And where I can our listeners find it on the Internet absolutely. We got a lot of other things going on as well our class of 20181. Round ballot is going on right now as well on line. So. Votes are being tallied for that. And we have a speaker series a legend speaker series our first one coming up December 12. Featuring Dan Reeves is going to be out here to speak and do a little Q inane during dinnertime. On December 12 at the embassy suites ever day. And this is the first time we're gonna do some like that. Really excited about that opportunity and we're gonna try numbering in. While this type of event quarterly throughout the year to start. I bring in a a legendary football figure from the state of South Carolina to come in and talk with our community in and be able to interact. With football fans across the state sponsor we're really excited about that and of course we're always working and and all these things are to help on us establish our business connect program. That that is our primary program debt to help student athletes make that transition from. From their sport Q. Back into their communities their bid on business that they're interested in maybe not that that maybe give them an opportunity get a job. To get a job opportunity and in would never feel that they like or possibly set them up. With a mentor ship program or with their. Back with their alumni base at their school depending on whatever it is that their needs are. While we're here to help those those athletes take that next step we think that's important. Not only for our communities and for businesses in this community but for them as well. Right as we're talking with Michael Foster vice president. Of the South Carolina football hall of fame of course hall of South Carolina football and payment Dudley Sam Weiss has been. Selected to participate in the tournament of roses parade often for the Rose Bowl which is outstanding not only for. Coach wise but also in the South Carolina football hall of fame. And the state of South Carolina. And you're gonna hang out one more segment we get JC Cherbourg and enjoy the show. To give us his thoughts on South Carolina Florida and then of course basketball. Which opens tonight. In Spartanburg against the Wofford terriers this is the huddle at ESPN upstate. Welcome to a Friday addition of the hollow this is Josh Phillips along with Alonso 977 FM in Greenville money 71 FM. And Spartanburg as we discuss. All of the sports issues surrounding. Our great country on this pre veterans day and let's welcome into the show the man the myth the legend and all things gamecocks JC shareware now we don't want. I'd greatly written them. Also brother thanks for joining us with us on this Friday I know you're feel a little bit on the weather to begin in the week and you're with us now so let's get right to it. Of Florida and South Carolina this week Donna Williams Brice. I've seen a lot of prognostications. That Las Vegas open the line at nine and a half in favor of the gamecocks. What do you see in this ball game. Well I mean and a lot of that Dick spread and that was. If it and held it it's six now. That was the biggest favorite character on has been this year like a lot of domestic order and how they've been performing the last few weeks outscored. 87 to 23 combined against Georgia and abandoned military team. Like forty blue route 4516. In Columbia Missouri. Southern lot of credit report and I think early development jump on all the money. Orders and it was down prediction. That's down and the gators are certainly capable of coming out play at a gig gang that's a lot like that Vanderbilt game where you look at it certainly got our bad at the plate. And South Carolina you know with exceptional corps consult literally blown anybody out in the next game at three these are two touchdowns and that doesn't really happen true. You know I think you're six is probably about right it's accused gave cell Carol are you know they can. Beat Florida and then turn around and beat Wofford. The following weekend Romney candidate wins NBA. Greg Norman also gave an update. Just about everybody associated with the program with a Turkey. Are at the beginning of the year so. A big opportunity yesterday just to deny the world and this year there's always been. We're looking at the orchestra will not. One of the courtly SEC championship game in general bullet hole it is 2000 war. That's sort of popped him either at all term at least we wouldn't. They can get them. Or call and Bob they're all by the time also bout. As we are talking with JC share over of the big scope of the big story. I hear own Christiane stay. Jason Keller recap and it would Georgia. Some people had said that they didn't leave at Georgia. Gave South Carolina their best shot and that's why the score was as close as it was I disagree with that Kirby K came out. In his press conference and said he was worried about that but was very pleased with the effort and the intensity of which is players. Played and that ball game your thoughts on Carolina's performance. With the Georgia Bulldogs last week. I people who say that they're just compare scores and never looked him in Jordan that scores against Vanderbilt Tennessee then navigate guard did beat him that bad they're for global blocks. The transit of property never works when you're trying to predict how shall all out where I had some I. I think George assured any track spoke of not playing horrible they played it. Our nervous spirited ball game at a state gamecocks. Did the site. And you know there're couple of execution breakdowns all also that they don't little better. Interceptor to it right there is that I didn't get that can't. Or I didn't get the sense that you must flat. Com I'm not saying necessarily torture played it there. On it you know you fumble and tablet early and things like that I mean it's it's probably not your best outcome. She's got thought it was a heck of a game typical George South Carolina game orders lot of power hitting a lot of defense that type things aren't. Necessarily about it Georgia didn't get the gamecocks their best shot as it related to that week. You know I thought it was one of those games it was couple custom game and that's what all. We're talking we JC share were. Of the big splurge a seat when you breakdown that game and try to see how South Carolina. Has come along a lot of people forget the fact that the gamecocks are still missing several key pieces. Of their team they did get I believe Corey Helms back a long was that Bailey but still missing. I'm Bryce and Allen Williams and Bebo Samuel but we're still able. To put that performance together which I thought was outstanding TJ Bronson actually came out in the media. And said that he thought they played an outstanding game. But they meant he mentioned the miscues that you do as well. Down the stretch run how will that play. With remote will must chapel at home against Wofford then of course. At the end of the year with Clemson. And that could that possibly that type of effort possibly swing. Several Florida recruits that I heard we'll be in attendance this weekend. Well then whatever your recruit the state of Florida in Kosovo status and they're pretty doggone good at being state you know it's good would be. The instate schools a big angry or whatever you know let that kind of resonate with those kids down there to the majority. They stay in great. Com and if you could offer kind of a better situation than a lot of times you can get. And so you know I don't knows there's going to be your gamecocks. You know beat the gators forget this what now there's going to be a floodgate. Players haven't South Carolina like that they are in the mail extra some doubt that all or committed war. There are wavering and and with the coaching transition. Here yet to me just that means more and recruiting. Then at that result of the small particles of Gainesville early like one way or the other. Urging changes lack of transitioning to a transition that type thing that affects the cult level relationships with those prospects had out. With the school they're committed to. And and that's what upset apple corps recruiting I think it's more situation afford restored to a coaching change. The game Gaza gonna try to take advantage of some prospects. As we're talking we JC share over of the big spurt. JC does speak about that Florida job it seems the three big names. That are currently out there is Charlie Strong. Frost and Chip Kelly what are your thoughts on that and what have you heard concerning the Florida job. Want to hear that you know for all of a gatherer likes these Berger actually came out that'd mayor and a lot of that's. Good for their grade the year partly due to a surge from the get the speaking Gator game and somebody there or. I'll panic you know and and I looked at frost and you know Nebraska is not. But it's probably going to. And you know how much better as the decision is going to be more interesting than the people sank just because. You know it is its Chip Kelly and his Nebraska report. If that Charlie Strong at Nebraska or or those guys are skeptical that follow today former quarterback of the cultures he knows what that program lol well. On what they're when they're very very successful won a national chippy chippy from the state of Nebraska. And that's not a bad job you know that that that's the job yet though it's not a top 1015 job toward the but at the top portage. And they have tradition and they have facilities and there in a division just like Ford or whether Oprah broke bill you've yet to beat Wisconsin and do well and that the great. I'll and so I think the lore of restoring his alma mater the core. You know could play a factor now maybe not. And I have been debating with some people. Here in the air about how good the order job actually if you look at it shouldn't. You know that there that can catch is that that successfully and that it. Steve Spurrier won album soon with the school player who built into the monster that is can leave slipped. Twelve and Arab leaders were quick searching left and assist to direct instead of her character or. And our lead after six years and quit the job. That job eat the skin off your face. And I think that a lot of coaches after watching kind of what happened. Down there are are the I don't necessarily think they're going to call it I think that you know you look at recruiting station look at. Facilities they're building. You look at home field advantage you have an onslaught of the tradition and it's you know it's a very very attractive job but when it comes to or your alma Mata. You know I I don't think it is easy if they had payment or take or now maybe. Maybe need to. But god I think that's going to be really interesting if Nebraska opened. And then the other names on the list I don't think it's leader Scott frost. They're gonna give get a DNA they're gonna go get Bob Stoops to come out of retirement terms gators. They're gonna go that may be hired Charlie Strong you know I don't believe Charlie Croker really get that job but I do now. And I do believe he's in the mix of being able to many lives you know Chip Kelly is another guy. It and I property covered reported job so that we well normally they get past the due to stop you know. I don't think they're gonna take a chance soul. The head coach in waiting detectors or the Colorado State character or some of these other guys are great great chance soul. I think they're gonna kind of go hey we needed. We know can get a bill. And down to benefit too much transition to taker they gamble. Alex got frost is a big gamble and accept these other guys that you see more and more bailed chip on. The other names and they're very good coaches. But they're Campbell it has never done that level SEC so we'll see what happens but come. That's you know that get up opening first off a little surprised that the couple record next year. There may partly ways to Mac ports are to surprise opening. But it's one of the most intriguing or simply because of the history with the coaches and so Woolsey what happened. As were talking we JC share sure worked of the big spurt spur dot com JC one last question about the Florida job. It was very interesting to me kind of piggybacking on what you're saying about how tough it is. In games volt. I'm Dan Mullins wife actually was interviewed by serious exam. And she made it specifically clear that she would not be moved back in Gainesville that she said that was the worst experience. That the Marlins have had in their coaching career. I thought that that blew me away. To hear her say that. About Florida and about gave awards goes to the point that you make. And that talks about fit and a lot of people talk about how Mac one never really embraced. Vienna at Florida and he was kind of who can deal with people off the radar. Do you feel the same thing is going on at Tennessee isn't just a matter of fit. That Tennessee is just run and do these coaches because they just don't understand what it means to be at that university. You are not there are certainly think butch you know so as pop homage you can trying to infer they need to understand standards and that program. I mean the champions applied leadership perhaps doesn't mean all that stuff you'll be back when he first got the job outlet gentry get this commercial. We're told about brick Bob break it is the most awkward thing ever. You know they're usually personality lives with a better fitted Tennessee good butch yeah. They're really just couldn't coach because it asks the thirties. Had to get a paper into the spectrum they're letdown. Dan Mullen to get the Tennessee job now you know arm problem won't get me wrong you know I don't know that Mullen the wiper installed bill. And I even make you be a good bit at a place like Nebraska. But as far specifically the border job goes that's something that I think's going to play striker who would this surge in Omaha bank like kicked out like Chip Kelly. Eroded care. If there aren't enough or about worsening in about him and the media army work in Philadelphia for years stroke he forgot clinic. You know somebody like some Mike Leach is sort of limit at all. Those types again after being better at it for a bit but Robert Young Kara she's got to get. You're cued up and spit out or gal like Dan Mullen has already Citic. Kind of the experience that you had Bayern are think are some of the big sister that we just look at that program in the history of it. The two most successful coaches are just walked. And an N had plenty of coaching your blood not like that which are so. You know and you know it's it's an interesting point is everybody Ford opened an erratic or not. And the elderly catalyst fat. You know forms a great job August quicker than four. You know there's been two guys that that a one mayor pitted. And their old timers. They left. Telling her get the job but it compared to what you know what what happens once. Exactly yeah exactly integrated might deter terrorist leader. And that's a great point thoughts real quickly Matt Campbell whether he can come with the SEC. Oh I think he'd be a great fit in the SEC you know he's the yeah that and they kind of a protege of Urban Meyer. Are you surprised he took Iowa State but man he's doing an excellent job. Really good offensive coach. And their defense and I hate me that that's a very a cook big oil be it's. Certainly could fit yes cease to you know I don't know. Which job he would end up getting I don't know if he would leave Iowa State like an old or maybe Arkansas. But you know the bigger ones Ford in Tennessee they gave him a shot. Are certain thank you can. Or complain they're being very successful he's an actual turgeon. I think it's only a matter of time before he gets they really big job. But authorities Dunn and I'll state. JC one more question for you as we wrap up would JC share were of the big spur. Your thoughts on South Carolina Wofford tonight opening the basketball season. To trick here attribute a cup opener for both teams you know offered a trial program for NCAA tournament recognized years. Exit from the so called and they are two really good players. And that of other gather some question marks South Carolina got a question marks outside of their post. All of intraday gain more of anything except play defense walker still outside board that that do arena. Opening is going to be rocking tonight with a lot of gain factor last year should be effective that are spear. You know I don't I don't know what to predict I don't know what to expect with all these new players South Carolina has that made it to game of the game at the plate and be it. You know do what your typical frank more routine does to go win. And you know have they letters and letters that if they want it they're gonna win and that's. JC as always thank you are against that I can talk sports with the all day ma'am god bless you and enjoy the games this week JC sure you thank you. JC share were of the big sperm this is the huddle and ESP in upstate. This is the huddle at ESPN upstate money 77 FM in Greenville 971 FM and Spartanburg. On this Friday November the tenth 2007. Team. Addition of the hollow. I'm Josh Phillips along with Alonso. I want to give a huge thank you to Michael Foster. Of the South Carolina football hall of fame I'd get involved with them because they are a nonprofit organization. I'll be sure to go to www. SE football HO stuff dot orgy debts. SC football HOF. Dot ORG. You can actually. Give as little less than 25 dollar donation all the way up to. Whatever you feel comfortable with. But it is an outstanding organization it is run by outstanding. Men David Wyatt. Along with Michael Foster and Harry de do an outstanding job. Running the South Carolina football hall of fame hard to believe only five years in existence and how big it has become it is a national event. When the April. Awards show happens. It is a national event. Sturgeon I literally had to fight the paparazzi I thought storage was gonna slow one of the cameramen. It would wait a minute he is such an even tempered. No answer that's hard to believe that he would get so upset when they brought the show on hand to sit down interview with us we were the first ones he came to. And all of the camera there was like fifty camera people there and affiliates. All of whom they've got us over in the corner which was a great spot but this one cameraman literally. Crawled over Sturgis shoulder I thought he was gonna drill it. The look over his face was priceless. But the glare of the lights and all of that I mean it was an outstanding and they had no wish I could've seen it yet to Charlotte great to me and he had on this. Black suit with but I mostly got a question you would pick would they have been require more review. Well they could have tried and I would not know there are falling as they got a leg up I would have reached. And took a hole. Like what Clemson likes to do their opponents. And got one bothered and because duplex over into the floor eureka. Which would have been funny to see but Sturges face was just priceless. And I look at it and you are right he's like no disguise aggravate me and they literally jumped in behind us there like two level. That jumped behind us and they're throwing microphones. All of the table and it was it was wild but. South joyful ball. Fame and they do a great job. There's a speaking event coming up the fourth annual speaking of bill on December the twelfth. From 5:38. PM at embassy suites. At burn day. I'm Dan Reeves. Is going to be seat is going to be speaking. So you can buy a table single seat VIP or a corporate table. Go to SC football HOF dot org. And go by and see Dan Reeves hall of Famer but jobs yes when you take another break could you please go to Jimmy address that Jimmy has been so brace. Jennings welcome to hoddle. Thank god. I don't want to talk about gamecocks football. It'll. Build. It'll boil order out. And the reason applies because Florida's slot approach they've had and it may suspension of all year I don't know I mean they still have they have and key players that are injured after they then and it's obvious by loses to Missouri. Which we beat badly. That that order Connecticut pain right now I don't understand why they're saying we're only gonna beat them by six points. Then the other thing about being cut football Jake Bentley I'm a big fan it is but I. I don't know if he's playing injured or why it but he is just not played up to one out they thought he was gonna play. The way you gonna play this year well it doesn't help it beat those out. And everything but I he's still got a lot of talent at receiver is the bird is you know badly ever thrown. And he didn't have been almost tiger won the last year or so I don't know I don't know what day what do you think. Well Jimmy thank you for the phone call. Because we are up against a break. My thoughts are two fold when it comes Jake this is his first year as a full time starter number wine and all the pressure that goes with that. Number two. Like you mentioned he is missing some pieces of it but the schedule. Is twice as hard as what it was last year this is the huddle and ESP in upstate. Logs are you just gave me very disturbing words. It's not good man. It is not good and Iran saying. Do you wanna go into it now you know I'd. We don't talk didn't say I did not want to get my blood pressure today you did and this is my fault for even mention them to you I shouldn't. I mean emotionally disturbed. I'm definitely concerned for sure. This is the holiday ESP upstate 977 FM in Greenville got a 71 FM and Spartanburg. You know what's going into the ring but I can't help it. I don't have that we don't have it Renault. Become more well don't worry about it. It's if you hear the end showed us is gonna get you revved up it will. What's got me on my ears are right little Debbie cakes we all love little dead bees if you say you know little Debbie you're a liar and they have put up a list of four of their snacks and one of them have to go. And here's a list the Christmas tree cake. The nutty buddy. The old milk cream pie. Or. Honey bunch. Arnold got to look up this CEO. A little bit me he needs to be fired. You know I almost think this is some sort of marketing play are they really gonna get rid of one of these. I mean I'm sure they are something Nelson to what life has got the Christmas tree because there's no way you get rid of the real cream pie. And you get rid of the body. If it were me the honeymoon or more ago I I mean because. You know I can go down a Krispy Kreme and get something in similar to that but the other ones I mean Christmas tree keg is one of my fair and if seasonal you know it. Don't have that all your rally comes out around Christmas while chalk one. I don't know that's a great question and the nutty buddy man they got rid of that there might be arrived that is my favorite of all this is outstanding. It's a perfect combination of all things yes it was the races. Talk before the Reese's cup and it's got crunch I mean you know Lou but it can't go on and you don't alumni you've. These clowns that little Debbie. Product headquarters in Tennessee. Bode game Ki was the founder along with his wife Ruth. The McKee family. Okay I'm issuing a hostile takeover. To boot the McKee family for. Putting us through such emotional distress this is the huddle and ESP upstate get rid of the nutty buddy.