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Well command of the huddle on this Friday and over by the tenth 2007. GB edition at ESPN upstate not a 77 FM. In Greenville Miami 71 after them. In Spartanburg I am Josh Phillips along blondes no we are holding down the fort today as. GMAC Greg McKinney feel a little under the weather there's something Taba bug going around I'm. Actually not felt all that great over the last couple weeks had to hit some of that emergency. In. Chicken Su pin. Carolina reaper Chile and all that stuff to a world. Of bugs so. Yeah among my wife just went home sick and she never goes home for more can yeah that's that's Doral over the place Carolina reaper Chile. I'm about it pearl do you make measures I have to okay. Because it's the only one I can eat how many bytes doesn't take before it's it's like instant liquid everywhere. Or make it through the whole bull you know what. The make it through a hole Bart got an affinity for. Spicy food and actually just bought. The Carolina reaper so loss last week to just start to get. Acclimated to it. And it's hot. I mean it's not for the own that's for sure. And I would not if you're not used to. Eating spicy foods or something like that. A ditch your body. It made me break out into a sweat and that's been a long time. So that's hot. That's that's really really hot but. Yeah we made it through it it's worn an awful lot of good stuff and sinus infections all the good stuff but anyway our. Our thoughts are with G Mac in and we hope he's feeling better. Gibson gets some rest over the weekend. And we'll have him back hopefully on Monday. To kick off the week after a enormous. Weekend of sports coming up. We're gonna talk about that. Seven of the top fifteen ranked teams in college football playing this weekend. And it's starting to become only November starting to become. Elimination in November the playoffs are starting this week. For a lot of teams of course locally Clemson and Florida State. That's an elimination game at Florida State pulls the upset. Clemson is out of the college football playoff in Seoul as the ACC. And so the tigers need to continue to win. To get them back here in the college football playoff and of course back into the ACC championship. As well so one thing I disagree with you about I think you're way off started last week and I think possibly I think the Big Ten pretty much was eliminated last week not yet. Wisconsin is still below them. Bastion of hope I'm not sure Wisconsin. It's passed this week. They might not they're playing Iowa. And I think that's why Alonso was a bit concerned about the badgers. And rightfully so Iowa. Who just woodshed in the Buckeyes last week. It can make stadium there in Iowa City definitely not a team. You wanna take lightly in these key early take any of these teams lightly Georgia on the road to the planes to take on the Auburn Tigers. In a enormous matchup with college football playoff. Implications of course the marquee game tomorrow. Is gonna be Miami and Notre Dame Notre Dame. Coming into the game with only one loss Miami. Undefeated there's been some discussion that Miami could afford a loss and still make it the college football playoff I'll honestly agree with that. Because of Miami Miami can lose to Notre Dame tomorrow run the table and still make it. Notre Dame cannot. If the day suffers a loss to Miami tomorrow they're out which would help. Wisconsin. We're loose now that's a thought not many people have thought about so if Miami Beach Notre Dame tomorrow. Wisconsin. Is playing with the house money. Because now. They can go all the way to the pacers give the Big Ten championship even with one loss when it in their end. Because they too lost Notre Dame team. Is not going to make it in the college football playoff a one loss Notre Dame team. Will most definitely make it in and tomorrow's clash. Is a clash of strikes. It's the Notre Dame offensive line which I consider the best in college football. I'm going against. That front seven of Miami which is very underrated. And if Miami wins tomorrow pulls off the upset. It will be because that front seven stymied. Notre Dame got after win bush forced him to past. In Needham and I think that's the formula for Notre Dame. Georgia had that philosophy against Notre Dame we're gonna eliminate your rhyme we're not gonna allow you to do we're gonna put. All the pressure on the whim bush and see if he can be this. That formula worked for Georgia I'm sure Manny Diaz and on the defensive staff from Miami they're gonna try to make that. On the same issue tomorrow. And we're gonna see if they can do it my Notre Dame has a bit of an arrogance when it comes. To run the football teams know they're gonna run the football. They line up in nine to ten man boxes and Notre Dame still runs it and nobody has stopped it. In cease they've actually had ten men in the box. And could not stop it. So Notre Dame feels like they really don't care what you put we can run the football on you. And quite honestly they've been right now can they do it against the games. A tomorrow night prime time as they say we sell us we sell sheet seeing. A lot to give in to Seattle and Arizona last night in a horrendous that that was a nasty. Football game Seattle won the game. But the whole area and everybody's talking about two things coming out of that game. Everybody's talking about two things coming out of that game. The miraculously passed that. Russell should Wilson made to bald one almost section 21 think about that. That is like a less than a 5% chance in the NFL that that gets converted second and 21. Russell Wilson invades about I don't know the entire. Arizona defense completes pastor Baldwin which was miraculous because he had a guy all over him. And then runs it down to about the five yard line in the sea hawks will win. On to score and then ultimately win the ball game. Also some questionable call things Bruce variance. A few of those moves especially in the first half goals for. Our early instead of kicking it deep and pinning the Seahawks back gave Russell Wilson way too many opportunities. Two win that game and not his own team of course Larry FitzGerald. Was cleared today he got dinged up during that game. And then. Richard Sherman. All was lost with the Achilles injury. And he had a very emotional. Post game press conference. Discussing that. Of course tonight college basketball gets kicked off over in Spartanburg. Which has the town buzzing. The final four. The defending final four run it gamecocks. Are in the sparkle city take it all Wofford. At the new Jerry Richardson endorsed stadium. That's an interesting name usually basketball. Venues are called arena as they decided to call it the Jerry Richardson stadium. Which is rather unique. But it Jerry gave the money Hampshire Jerry got picked the name would mind going over there and check him out but it's not so convenient yes it is from everything I've heard it seats about 3500. It is an outstanding. Outstanding basketball venue of course it's going to be filled to the rafters. Tonight with frank Martin's bringing his gamecocks. Up for a first look. That what we're gonna see out of South Carolina and Wofford and I expect. A very raucous crowd tonight in Spartanburg I expect. Very intense ballgame. Between Wofford in South Carolina. And we're gonna get a chance to look at the new look game Cox. Losing 75%. Of their offensive scoring. If you wanna talk about enjoyed the conversation on any of this. I hit us up on the ESPN text line sponsored by the Carolina coaches army superstore. The text line number is be sure to put this in there because it is very important XE SPN 271307. If you are join us in on the call and line 8444773776. Or you can give me a follow. On Twitter at Josh ESP and upstate. Along with Alonso Alonso your Twitter handle law and so on word Alonso all war. Us you can follow both of us which we are both very active. Own social media. As well. Did you get a chance to watch Arizona and Seattle last night a C I started watching some of it did not realize something else was on and I turned it to watch the NBA game which are normally talk about later so and so I watched that. And the bid then I watched the football game. It was boring and you know it's one of those things we don't really like either team too much and you find out there's another sporting event Owens on a lot CMBX. It's that was a man I mean the cavs in the rockets put on a show. And you mentioned that we're gonna talk some NBA a little bit later because there's some very it's very curious things going on. Around the National Basketball Association. And it seems no matter what happens. LeBron Paul always in the middle of it and we'll talk about what the heck score Mona know Casey. And why they seem to be having the struggles that they have. Along with the big weekend in college football. A big weekend period veterans day is tomorrow. And so be sure if you have a veteran. That is alive in your family. Give them a big hug and tell them thank you. For their service and all that all of our veterans. Have done to protect our freedoms here and that we are a big fan here on the show. Of all of our service. People. It in the army navy air force Marines. All of those guys we are huge supporters of them what they stand for what they do what they sacrifice not only them but also their families. And remember that when you go to sleep at night did you see what happened in Italy. Last night Alonso. Did not you don't. And we need we we need to keep this in mind. Our talk about this before. We go in or break. You know because it seems like as Americans we're very ungrateful. And a lot of the things that we are fighting about and arguing about right now quite honestly don't amount to a hill of beans. Because every American still has the choice or how they choose to live if you don't like the particular area that you live in. When you can pack up moving to a better area. You can change your circumstance. Over the nine over the night. Italian officials. Hold 26. Dead. Teenage ladies from the waters of the Mediterranean. That were fleeing Nigeria. There were between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. And things had gotten so bad. In their country that they said we can't take this anymore so. They were by themselves they were all young teenage girls. And there were 26 of them. None of the more older than the age of eighteen none of them were younger. Then the age of fourteen. An Italian officials because they were passed by yacht. In the Mediterranean that recognize no life they called in the Italian Coast Guard. They came out and there wasn't a rescue it was a recovery. And 26. Teenage young girls dead. Pulled from the waters of the Mediterranean. Remember that the next time you wanna decide whether we've got so bad in this country this is the huddle. At ES PM of state. The holy espionage state money 77 F chairman Graeme no money 71 after him in Spartanburg I am Josh Phillips who along with Alonso today. As we guide the ship on to 4 PM sit back relax enjoy the show. Or call us on the call in line at 8444773776. Or hit us up on the text line. Be sure to text ESPN 271307. We've got several taxes and Delmon Malcolm you and just a psychic. This is why you need to follow either lawns or on Twitter. I just got hit up on Twitter. By young man Kurt. Kurt follows me on Twitter and Kurt is nineteen or twenty years old. And with all of these sexual harassment allegations coming out left and right. While that you've been keeping track he's on Hollywood I don't read them the impossible to keep track of how I mean every day gets beat you know from 1934. Somebody touched. Somebody and fifty years ago and now talk common now well. Kirk Gibson and he says. He was over a friend of his house. And was offered sex by 25 year old woman and exchange. That he'd advertised some sort of kitchen cleaner for her. Of course. He said no because of his strong will power. Which he says is just as strong as astonished. The super strong kitchen cleaner now available in senate lemon or. 00. That's that's due for me to the full bloods govern the welcomed the Hubble. It is Booth it's it's it's. Quote. Alone won't cause well one and also for this conflict was a prisoner they wanted to pass indebtedness which is that it well scenario wouldn't involve. I think what eighties but I was crossing. And it and it ended up so we don't buy it don't you abolish college cup comes up a big problem and so but he does not mean as a portal and don't take on. I say that again. All I think being followed a bow while rushing OCR on all at the bit about those nine games. Shape because you don't want you to take on this as a co owned it and everybody does a night game. Police say they. I think so we see curt does not know Lewis had been a little bit even went off on duplicate and it. All right delve into you for the phone call only answer that. First of all I don't care either way if I'm a head coach in the NFL in somebody's gonna pay me twenty million dollars. I'll play on. Friday night I don't care. I don't care. I mean when you're making it seem this is the problem that I have. We have the NFL the coaches and the players they've all become such a barge a deep news. I mean they are living a lifestyle. That literally. None of us want to relive. See I understand it complaint two point but you know what have the last days before your next game but you've got a whole lot of I mean you almost ticks all the and play again I mean so there's an event right there you can get your rest and then and I don't think the injuries has anything to do with the BM Thursday night. You know and what a lot of people are complaining about is that it waters down. The weekend. Because now we've got literally fall ball. From Tuesday. Excuse me Monday with Monday Night Football. The wind got college football Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday night football in the NFL and college. Then we start Friday which is supposed to be for high school and went to college football on Fridays college football Saturdays and in the NFL on Sunday. And then it just keeps going forward for me I'm not gonna complain about it because we literally have eight months of no football. Literally about ninety days all of us are going to be complaining about it the end of football season wears our football. But while we're in the middle of wanna complain that there's too much. Now a regular season's almost over it's almost done. High school football is done we're on the second round of the playoffs. I'll get right to talk about some of those matchups that affect local teams and let me say I have several. On the class that I graduated with a but there's 25 of those guys myself included. That women to coaching. All of those guys. What in the high school coaching. Myself and John novatel ASCII who is the defensive line coach at north Greenville. Were the only ones going at that. Made it in the college ranks yet there's a few of them it's gonna get there buckle on I think that's unusual yes many guys wanted to coaching yes article yeah off. Off the team that I played with north Graeme 199825. Guys. All of that team went on to become. Teachers and high school coaches and I love every one of them because what they do they're good men and they're teaching the right things. Two of them specially I'm very proud of drew cheers on the head coach at Blacksburg. Was voted the two A coach of the year. Very proud of drew drew was a setter on our team. Was an outstanding player in his own right he's doing a great job a bit Blacksburg. Corey fountain who was a safety and cornerback. A teammate of mine is the head coach at Lamar he was the one A coach of the year. For Lamar and very proud of him he actually played more. So that that saved are no he's just loving that. As well but there's guys that I played with coached with. Coached for. That are all over the high school on coaching ranks right now and if you don't like the NFL don't support the high school kids. Does that's the purest form of football we have outside a Little League. And with some of the shenanigans that's going on high school football which aggravates me to nowhere and because even it is becoming too. Commercialized. At some point it has to be about teaching. And helping kids be better what they do. And I think high school is that spot where yes you have to win and lose but that shouldn't be the end all be all. And too many high schools are fallen into that trap let's give Darryl and Darryl want to join the show. There are welcome to the Hubble. Okay gallery warmer Maurice. Don't break it but I can't go to that we can't. I think they're gonna show themselves very well put the issue I have Darrell and I think this is going to be a very very close ball game. And it's a game that I am just I cannot wait to watch. Because they don't lie anymore. Ball games. Asset I'm worried about. In quote while and would it not at grade football. Well you shouldn't because that's when your offense has really come through and that's what worries me. I worry about rose Jere going against knows notre Dame's defense. A late night. They're going to not be that I'll actually low forward alone on the defensive absolutely yes we all really really kidnapped we get. But it got in on that it. And the thing is they're tough and they're not doing that this isn't the same everybody wants to make because Miami is back in the top ten. Everybody's wanna make the hurricanes what they were in the eighties Mark Richt isn't gonna tolerate that these guys. Yet they have fun you know to turn over chain and stuff like that. But there's no show boating and they are a tough tough group. Yeah I agree it's not so ultimately. Ending outlaw about what their plan that you haven't slant one another which followed. Would definitely love. All. You follow. About the you know about football. And I mean you really hear a barrel right. You know my real palpable. Here you know apparently it we talk about it. I think a lot never. This is what bothered. I'm not really truly love your problems are problems. Look out here and you know it would sound editor while I watch. You know I don't care if it's not who are out of it you know college world in our love watch it again. So let me ask you this there'll it if the Carolina Panthers are gonna hand you a game check for a million dollars. And tell you to stand on your head and play on Wednesday would you complain about it. You know I'll remind me of the leader and got my blood levels. I know the truth is always. There. And another thing that you have read about. The quality of folk pop pop up that we really need to get back to the basic political like everything your goal commercial I tackled a lot older cell block the well. The technical fault while really need that indicate that the way body's beat. Absolutely Darrell enjoy all the games gimme a scorer on the canes at Notre Dame. Spare Obama we don't operate our medical care about technical pull out. We ordered were. Our got you down there have a great weekend we'll all deal on Monday. All right now what Darrell save is that the caught them cost of winning is so high now. Even at the high school coaching level. The coaches. Are so worried about proven how Smart they ER. As opposed to teaching the kids. And I hear what there'll saying I've been to several. High school games myself. And I am astonished. At the inconsistency. When it comes to actually. Teaching the kids. Because everybody's trying to do the new thing the fast pace off mats media blitz is on defense. Am all of that and the fundamentals of the game is getting lost. It's not just high school it's at all levels because you have to prepare so much. And I think there's some didn't do that and also think that there's something to especially. At the high school level. Where. These young kids that are growing and learning to become men. A lot of home that's the first male role model they come into contact with. I mean that's just the truth the situation. When the national average. Divorce rate in the United States is over 60% now. The literally. You've got a 2131. Chance that a high school level. Almost 70% of your team is coming from a single parent home. Unfortunately it's usually the mothers that's the single parent. And so when. A young man starts to compete and learn what it means to fight. His high school coaches. Have the most power or are literally the most power. In order to shape and the mold de young man's mind and I think that is getting lost in these six figure contracts. That high school coaches are making and I'm not saying that's a bad thing because their teachers as well and we need to pay our teachers more than what we do. But at the same time what that money comes the women lost pressure but these guys faced and that needs to stop. This is the huddle at ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the whole Eddy SP and upstate this is Josh Fields along with Alonso. On money 77 FM agree Roma 71 after them and Spartanburg or. I'm sure some of our listeners are have gone to the ESP upstate. Web site download that mobile app. On your phone laptop tablet. IPhone Samsung. Any other type of device you can think of it you can take us anywhere in the world think about that. So there's no excuse. Download the mobile app. Kerry espionage state carry the huddle with you wherever you go on this Friday a over the chip 2017 edition of. The whole hour a look at a couple of of the South Carolina high school league playoff games tonight. That affect the upstate. And I let me see here that is from last week. Okay let me pulled the new one of they have not updated this let's go to the text line. I'd DC agreeable gets in with me and he says. Josh you think Wofford might beat South Carolina tonight I think there's a real chance DC in Greeneville. You are actually I do think there's a very good chance of that of South Carolina struggled a little bit of Virginia Tech. The other. Not in the exhibition game lost that ball game. Of you're on the road opening up a new arena that everybody is going to be excited about what I'm gonna be interested in. It's how many people are pulling for the game Carson how many pulling for Wofford who who has the edge fan wise. Think Wofford unless it's their home court you wouldn't you think game sold out game get a ticket. You wanna find it it's on ESPN three tonight a belief. I saw that. So you can tune in to ESP if you got DS PM package. And see televised tonight. But I absolutely believe that Wofford. Who is picked fifth in the so gun. This year from the media has an outstanding chance. The terriers are led by Fletcher mediate guard. The 64. Junior is averaging about almost nineteen points a ball game. Why offered an older team. And that's why it you can never especially college basketball. Experience. Plays. Remember the final four few years ago win the unstoppable Kentucky Wildcats. With their seven or 81 round draft picks ran into Wisconsin and frank Kaminsky. And Sam Decker. And that group. Kentucky was supposed to blow out but 21. That ball game. Wisconsin. Because they were older than they were. Young men going against grown men. And that matters and Wisconsin was able to pull that out and south Carolina's got some grown men and of themselves coming Chris Obama. I doubt on the block in that front court is just unbelievable. And I think he is. Main reason why South Carolina. I know PJ Dozier and some various Orwell got a lot of the publicity. And rightfully so. But the engine of the South Carolina run last year was Chris Silva had Chris Silva who was no knowing for going out in foul trouble. Had he gone out against duke he got to the foul trouble early in that ballgame people forget that. Any had to play an alternative down the stretch to get in the last five minutes. Because had Frank Martin Walsh Chris Silva knew what when that ball game. It's just that's just a fact. But Silva was able to keep himself on the court and is more for his defense although as offensive prowess. I came on as well as Mike coats are of the game cards you're gonna have that edge from a size wise I mean their front court is gonna go. 69610. With cold sore and Silva and so wofford's gonna have to contend. Oh with that along with the F let us schism. That still blame coats. Both Fletcher McGhee a Mason who remaining the one in the two position. For Wofford. They're gonna get after it they're going to be excited it's going to be exciting ballgame. I think Carolina wins but I think it's a close game. So be seeing Greeneville I absolutely agree. That Wofford could win this ballgame Mike Young has done an outstanding job. Hard to believe he's been there fifteen years. Already. I can remember Omar razorbacks played Wofford a few years ago in the NCAA tournament they should've won that game. They they outplayed the hawks. On quite honestly so. The terriers and opening the new Jerry Richardson stadium tonight. How was South Carolina common in the town that's going to be Muncie. And against will be televised on ESPN three. It's also going to be. Carried. Oblivion that the analysts are going to do. Assault Dave although owed on the former game cock. Coach yup. You can watch it on the ES PM at. The play by play is going to be Jason Paterson. And the color analyst is going to be Dave Odom who used to coach I have South Carolina South Carolina owns. A 43 in nineteen series lead. Of this series between them last on the gamecocks. And the terriers met. Was December 28 2011. South Carolina winning 5745. A south Carolina's won the last two ball games on vs the terrier so. If you can't make it to the game because it is the toughest ticket in the sparkle city this weekend. I'll be sure watching on television or on radio. As well on the terrier or the game car network. As well. So coming into this weekend Alonso we do our pilgrims yesterday and the tin. Any of those games that you're having second thoughts with a I know some of them were pretty cut and dry some album. I'm struggling with Ahmad struggle would Georgia and Auburn I think George is gonna win that. But I'm going back and forth on this Okie state Iowa State although it's on paper. And then Washington Stanford is Stanford wins forget it Washington's out. A source Actel Miami Notre Dame is is the biggest yes you know and I when Miami on that and and doubt has that was the hardest one for me to pick. So I'm. That's deathly when we keep mile island and of course because I'm rooting interest Ohio State Michigan State I know it doesn't matter anymore but it does. It's if they add if Ohio State. Wants to win the Big Ten and really fill everything to pieces by beating Wisconsin so. I don't we wanna see that tomorrow it's why make sure I'd take care of everything because it's an early gaming and prepare to watch that hopefully I won't be depressed the rest of that. While would you be depressed if Ohio State lose at all. Any carry over from that game last week. I think to carry over will be that there will be a fire lit under room and a sense of urgency is too late. To play for a national champ ship but still managed a shot to finish the season and win the Big Ten Samie didn't do last year so. He you know I hate to say it. But I'm looking forward to do TV or being dollar Kazaa wanna see what do I mean it seems like he's been there forever. He's so up and down on the afford to see what the what comes next. Don't be surprised it's not better and that's a solid hope we will be better and that's a shame because he's had an outstanding career the potential is there yes I mean it's. Has opened down I don't know it's emotional or what it's I don't think gas into a Pallet because he he hasn't. The ability to do some things this is not consistent when. Well that's a lot of college football's problem. Another Texan gets in Weathers who will be the guards for South Carolina with the loss of Dozier and born well I'll answer that shortly this is the huddle at a ESP and upstate. Welcome to a Friday addition of the holiday ESP of stated I am just Phillips along with Alonso. Not a 77 of them agree Obama he's 71 FM and Spartanburg if you are joining the discussion. That we have today MBA NFL college football high school football. Or anything to do with sports. You can join us in on the call and line 844477. 3776. Or hit us up on the text line and be sure to text ES PM to 713072. Am. Served. The techsters answer our question about. Whose South Carolina guards would be deterrent to replace. PJ Dozier and some various born well. Well the other night against Virginia Tech. Frank Martin trotted out so early grab it and frighten Booker. Frank say. Transfer he came and along with. Meyers who I expect to get more and more playing time. I'm going forward. But gravity had a thirteen points in the second half against. A Virginia Tech very streaky shooter. If he can hit the three times a war. He can go over. But he's got to be a lot more. Consistent and they and for Booker has got to learn the offense though. You know Carolina I'm not expecting Carolina and a look like he did. When I saw mountain Arizona facing Gonzaga. Because it took the whole season to get to that point these guys. Are learning how to play each other under the glaring guy. Frank Martin's so that they're going to make mistakes they're going. To not look very good early. And I expect this team to get better as the season goes along. Especially when SEC conference play. A begins because the talent there that this team is very athletic. It's very fast they can run up and on the court and I think if your game cards and that's what you've got to be excited about. With South Carolina basketball this year. Is the athletic schism of this team last year there was some athleticism. But there wasn't that pay if they were more about half court offense. This team has set that frank Martin's trotting out. Can play in the half court they can give him an up tempo full court game this is the huddle and ESPN upstate.