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Hello breaking weather news here we have tornado warnings issued till 345. This afternoon. For Lorenz union Spartanburg. And Cherokee counties. Who aren't for Kelly's under tornado warning Lawrence union Spartanburg Cherokee. Until four 345 this afternoon that band is moving from remote county and do the Spartanburg area and union. And then Cherokee county be next. After that and then also Lawrence down on the southern and has been hit somebody that so really severe band of storms moving through. And you need to take precautions if you're more of those counties Lawrence unions barber chair he'd be very alert for. Potential for tornadoes this afternoon and that warning continues until 345. 8444773776. That's our phone number here in the hot hole let's get to the ranch of the day on ESP in upstate. Coach. You're up. Man I've had a G Mac I can't stand it anymore. Me all I've heard the last I don't know 23 days. Was one go bald this long go ball that all the Alonso ball revisionist historians. All right he sucked out of the gate. When Patrick Beverley held in the three point oh that's right the number two overall pick in the NBA draft three points against. Lou even as bad said Patrick Beverley well exit plan that stole yours so that's number one number true. Here it comes and I knew what was coming almost settled on the air. They're getting ready to play literally the worst team in the history of professional sports. And the Phoenix Suns and yet he's probably gonna have a decent game you know why. Because everybody would have a basic game against the Phoenix. Excellent this look so bad lie though balls toward an odd points up our head coach fired. Literally the next day Earl Watson and go to the fund owners said you guys let that I'm off for 29 points. I don't need you. Exit stage Atlanta. So then what then I'll come Tyler Butler. Odds old salt. Revisionist historians every one of them all look what you're against the thugs. They stole Bob and Beverly. The three point all that's Alonso ball that ever all here we go lie on those now the greatest thing. Worthy of the number 20. Yeah they play the pelicans the other night. And they are great and wonderful hero of the number two overall. Was far of fifth game at all for five from behind the three point line and he's heart shaped weights. Why didn't all of pelicans. Eat or not he would have had eight rebounds California. But for him we got eight rebounds and had some assist good for him. He scored eight points. He was five behind the three point oh god let me tell you something I can't take a war that guy. There is no defending indefensible. He has not very good people need to wrap their head around that you know he got drafted. Things but he did. Let's just compare to give it to. Okay one problem in 1980 for a little old guard out of North Carolina. Some some of you may know him believe his that was Michael Jordan in his first three ball games. And points Michael Jordan. 2716. And 33. Even throughout his entire illustrious career Michael Jordan never scored less. Then fourteen points never. Oh there's this other guy. Also that went somewhere around the same draft. In the same draft pick Alonso ball we believe his name is Clyde Drexler. You know this little guy and a Houston. Played for the Houston cougars kind of RAMP from I think they call them by a slim Jim. He never went for three or eight points in this Korea. Good car here. And already Alonso ball escorted illustrious story let me be clear. Three against other clippers. Wanting nod against the suns. And oh yeah I would argue Kentucky can't beat that team. And my 88 points against the pelicans and you know what I hear Zippo nothing all of a lot of all apologize. Disappeared. After you need the funds are hurt all of today is all look what it did parliament all these people wrong angle and own name. Hey let's wait a minute. Let him play a legitimate team that actually have ballplayers. Not an eight Eugene out of the desert. Those funds. That's the funds. Boy you can. Shape the culture. Here are Africa is awful aren't gotten a head coach fired in the NBA. And then the funny thing is backed up what that's dollar performance. He had and yes they knew it was open didn't know I was coming after him. Because lit after all all votes while all the lob the ball is gonna come out of the way it works. There will come out what works we've been here a hole and. Listen I'm always knew that you lose. Alonso later and I don't know why you hate Alonso Alonso is the greatest of all time because Alonso is an awesome awesome. Player. I don't understand what would you expect him to do as far as who he's playing. I'm and by the way a more defend them because of his name I could care less fees and again or not are not on. You can only play who schedule right it's not his fault deployment clippers suns in the pelicans as it does this fault. I don't think that's his fault last I checked he's played on the lakers and lakers a horrible. He shows good doing what he's doing is not about I mean he's. He's averaging thirteen point three points I understand that skewed because of the 29 he's averaging. Nine point three rebounds and eight point seven assists that's not too bad for a rookie. Especially one with. That you think is gonna be so horrible. Not he builds on that on a bad team he's going to be good eventually or maybe Hugh burns Alba I'll understand why you're so upset about it. Lot so he walked out of the press conference because he couldn't take pity. He's been in the NBA April 3 games and he's already crowded and took the ball go well we'll see what step curry do. Don't get me started on your doctor should not get me started and there's. Here's my point you know the role models. That is just out there in the NBA are not exactly class role models we'll to a staff curry looking green you to some of these guys what they're doing. And in your complain about this dialogue and out of. Now goes on and don't don't even get me started on Stephanie per. OK Stephanie. Had a wardrobe my final function the other day when he threw a little mouthpiece. And he ran away from the game and why didn't cry because ol' ball low and behold the mighty warriors are now wanting true. Yes stay for our city should be suspended indefinitely 'cause he injured thousands of people with that amount. This is not a first incident remember he did on the playlist so demands. And if there's any group of guys. Understand why they don't wanna go to the White House because the moment they got home ground. Trump would be the toughest guy in that locker room. I mean are you serious. That's the problem that I have put this whole situation. And I don't understand people saying. People then have to look at it when Andrew Wiggins is doing for crying out loud. You wanna talk about a guy worthy of where he whipped. I mean it doesn't take him playing the suns to be good you're either good or you're okay. He was never going to be anything special he was not worth the number two overall pick. And what Magic Johnson gave him. They are going to have to surround. Literally. With NBA hall of famers. For the lakers to be any good because their point guard sucks so bad. He is going to be an average NBA player at best. The chances of him putting on weight very very slim why he's too entitled to go out during the war. And somebody have to explain to me why this doesn't make sense. Now I've got to give Stephanie curry didn't do. Because he has done some good things that he's been in the NBA any of the two dom MVP I've got to give him his respect. Our respect him on the court. They literally had to go and get Kevin Durant otherwise Cleveland would have mopped the floor. Of Golden State without Kevin Durant. Two players true players. Kevin Durant and pottery urban would have mopped the court with the warriors this past year and they knew they couldn't beat them up three. Why because Stephanie too worried about his mouthpiece and only jogged up the court. I just can't take no more these guys. I'm glad you know I appreciate it Anthony Davis. You talk about player and a bogey cousins couldn't wait till they played the lakers. Because I knew I was waiting on bone cousins they hit him with a chop. That's way bogey place. Anthony Davis set up and coming players that we hear about every single year and the team he's on never does anything Anthony do. He's better than until ball. The pelicans are better than the lakers. I was anti aids gonna break make the move boring to Boston be done would put an end to Stephanie curry and his. Wonder boys out there in Oakland. There's only two players three players on the warriors are really like. Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Andre among growing. The rest double yeah you can have. Curry is not the best player on his own team these are hurt. Played top batter Kevin Durant better than Stephanie curry. I'm Don. Probably not there. I tell almost DL yeah. You ready okay hi Tom. Hey judge. Look at you come and again about herbal only. Let. Should I guess I gotta say are you gonna yell at me again so for me trying to collier well. A moderate opinions I'm kind of been a good food so you'll be well do you not and I did until the time at the pick it depends. But go ahead are. All of. Along the ball a bit purple ball you said it again and I hated it truly discredits you and every talk basketball. Between Fatah and thought he could not be done. This stop saying that stupid it's up man it's not true true it's true I get. How many NBA ready players around the Kentucky wildcat right now. Well over the last several years they've had about six or seven. Lastly you're right now run at you right now probably important players are in the air ready now. Human shortly ever about the sudden years. Well I mean I've got to go about what they've done over the past because I haven't seen on the court yet but I'm sure he's got. 451 and don't easily does. You're seeing them play anything that they can be that team of twelve to fourteen NBA ready players. I can stunt. They got cold salad to the point they are out there and hope flyer they are so bad. You know this time in the sun. There NBA players Josh. OK and players. Well. Small market in the united means he can you play I don't need to because they love it requires local players. This name to name one player in your outlook you know I look here's the deal. You and your team won the dream team on iron to one place. Dream team excuse me the dream team in 92 got beat by a college all star team. So I'm pro. But your argument is the talk he cannot play note Tom the whole argument is. That you'll make it is that there's no approach aimed at could lose in all I don't agree with you on that. Basketball is not football. Basketball is a lot more even. And here comes to a you know a lot about football and became evident that it I don't call it and try to argue well all because. I I didn't know you guys know a lot more to me about it but then you spend stupid thing well that the. Doesn't Super. Bowls are not stupid stereo at the pump don't want it stupid if you. That's only want it stupid did you keep calling me an artist thing. I'm an idiot I'm an idiot but I know about basketball. OK so far you haven't made any sense even concerning basketball dummy achievements. Okay. NBA you can do it Kentucky Alabama it. That doesn't make any sense we've seen him look. There's employ our all Star Jones threw out. The history of basketball that is taking on an NBA team and beat them. It's not to have more bets and it does and I can bet they can talk it could be the ones. Just take yelled just. How come out there hasn't hotel I'll talk. Hi guys thanks doesn't always talking about and it's eager for now I can tell you yeah. I don't blame you. I don't blame you pick and choose I mean there's there's no defense. And Communist government there is no defense they indefensible. It's like trying to hear what Tom's life public cure a lot of fans. But wanted to fit in there university. That they got off Scot free even though they were guilty of sand. They just don't want to admit they did anything brawl. It's the same thing what lobbed the ball it's the same thing with the funds. I gave illustration after illustration how many examples that you give to prove me wrong zero. 8444773776. Some save. Back in a moment. And -- a lot of ESP announced earlier on about kimbo Fisher he got mad over the weekend to Florida State coach that's ahead stay with us in the huddle. Some rough weather this afternoon if you're around about please be careful reports of a tornado on the ground in Spartanburg counting. And Bernie details on that moving toward Cherokee county. And that tornado warning for Spartanburg. Cherokee and a law orange counting. Is continuing. Until 345 this afternoon. And we have our reports of some flooding. Twin lake road in Cleveland Park and angry ball close because of rising water in fact I'm seeing reports of a dam ruptured there. According to scanner reports. Twin lake road Cleveland Park here so you wanna avoid. That area some one else we heard some Woodruff road area flooding Mitchell's report to bat. Com very heavy rainfall with these storms that removing troops. Don't drive in the standing water. Be very careful out there this afternoon a 444773776. That's our phone number of the text line. Is 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches are being superstore. And down on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Jim Fisher saying he has no regrets about getting into it with a fan. After Florida State lost to lower oval Saturday at duke Campbell stadium. 31 to 28. According to the reports and maybe some Twitter video or still hard to make out but this is the report the sandy yelled as the Florida State players and coaches were coming off the field. A fan yelled get new coaches. And Fisher reportedly. Replied. Walk your blank down here and say that. Does not necessarily. The best book for all they said was kidney code to get new coaches. I here's what jumbos said earlier. Now before his press conference today about the altercation. And a Communist and not enough frustration just I don't miss this and support. Him saying there's no reason monastic. Tradition says a by the same time defending players and people your with a majority of my level but a fun places on your family take a form. Yeah Fisher said dumb he was asked to be any regrets he said not one bit. He said I don't expect that from our fans and our stadium. Where walking off the field. I'm looking at her watch our kids cry I'm looking at the coaches how hard they work. Kids standing right there by the tunnel I expect that in another stadium. Understand her. In print media can say what you want you dies guys do your job that goes with coaching 100% but they hear one of our fans are reaching over and saying that. About our coaches. In front of our kids you sentinel regret. Going off. One bit. It's a kind of been a rough weekend for us. Florida major college coaches did you hear the deal about. Jim Maclin. Florida Gators get ready to take on the number three Georgia Bulldogs Saturday in Jacksonville gators coming in at three in three they have back to back losses to LSU and Texas a and M. And in his press conference today Jim Michael Wayne said he his family some of his players. Ever received death threats. He declined to offer details. He said I think it's pretty good lesson for the way things are there's a lot of hate in this world lot of anger. And yet there's a freedom to show what he said the hard part is obviously when it's threats against your player's death threats to your families. They ill will it's brought upon a south there. I think it's one of those deals that's a pretty good testament to what's going on out there nationally there are a lot of angry people. In this business where once you take shots at. That's the way it is. Data and thought. No excuse for. Any of that nonsense right we can agree on that. I don't know what he's not human details whether it was some kind of social media thread or. Phone calls or. The emails or what but I don't that's crazy I'm. Stand how people. I doubt passionate about the game that they want to threaten someone's life but it doesn't make any sense at all. Agree no sense at all no excuse for. And I hope that they won't find the people make any death threats and prosecute him. On another candle how these again meg going to give details on opening track and or not but if they can go get a man. Go get him to lock them up. Coaches come and accept that. That is the you don't like it both. There's no place for put that the same time it happens. What did she was when it's directed that the players. Member what was the few years ago points and had a kicker. That missed a couple field goals. He got death threats via tweets mail. What's funny is you see it more towards the players. In recruiting. When one particular recruit Texas school it's run and speak right but. Alone. I mean look look what happened this past year with me people can be nasty people can be crew especially on social media and you know stuff like that. Kevin someone him and his thing and we were subjected to. Horrendous. Hate mail. Just horrendous and it's sad. It's very very sad. Let's go to the fallen bring bill Linear next bill. I you don't. We're prepared we're doing good also. Yeah it appeared that it is there it appears that the U. How serious people pay ethically or Hitler. And college or been safely and how. I'm basically exceed city but to hear people get desperate. And what they are saying about. They're trying to stroke the way at least fan base stroke further young recruits motivated happy kind of to another college I think our outlook. I mean not that the order had to put your. And a sixteen year old daughter and I'm a very packed in his college football fan and I figured out there. The cut but I don't. Go to the extreme that have been typical route the from a double our our children. Oh yea you know in particular that I'm a Clinton apparently laughter there you became an iron into the law as different from coming up tomorrow since. You know I think you speak your repertory of regular guys that are out here. No word I don't like that it big deal and I pretty people with Barry is here before we get our opinion that the but our identity and cooler program and it regularly except when. Let into the Betty I think they're young can. Help me better you know more about it after that I am. Greg or in order to go to they're arguing that. Other kind of player in particular where. What about what got think they're in a and a defender decided to order in order to let them that there is that what you're. Hang on it reluctantly and and retroactively and inadequate that it is an out of work and repeatedly that you want to miss him. I mean again in the it was aren't that typically below because their calm. And remittances because if you're a gang. The Olympic years. Ackerley there is McCain there and more when they're important. People. We got to beat her as a triumph of the current I'm going home. Well so bill we appreciate that call. Culminate now. No question. 8444773776. Got to get another right welcome back with more we have the young north south high school all stars out today with save us from local players are made that's. All star game in Myrtle Beach when we come back the huddle on the SP in upstate. We are back it's the huddle on ESP announced they Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso Alex. All year till 4 o'clock this afternoon we have Redskins Eagles Monday Night Football tonight 745. Tomorrow night game won the World Series Astros at the Dodgers. Obvious 7 o'clock your time they're out with the on north south all star lineup today. This game played in on December emerald beach. And the sailing at some of the north squad players from our area defensive backs you have Jake a pair us from Greer. Tile laid Morrison from TL Hanna high school AJ Rogers from the burned rebels as a DB. See burned so mark Foster defense of lime and makes the north south team. Dorman is Jalen Belton defense sublime and also on the squad Christ church kicker cliff Candace. Our Reggie Anderson linebacker from Spartanburg high school. Graham Derek. Linebacker from Boiling Springs. Isaiah McCullough linebacker from what month. And Garrett. Syed. I don't not as pronounced this guy's name is SA YE GH I have heard of them and I don't know how to pronounce I apologize here. Like Garrett made it linebacker from Hillcrest Jackson Nash offensive lineman from Malden. Dylan Brock but Lyman from Boiling Springs makes it Gaffney the Shaun Tait on the O line Graeme we'll highs. Cameron Thomason. Also made an offensive lineman TO Hannah squish on green league. And brooms and Dylan thread gill who has not been sublime and Colton Bailey the outstanding quarterback for the champion Panthers makes the north south team. Besides Jordan Morgan quarterback also made a gradual oceans to him. I Chapman's DJ twenty man I'm surprised you make the tribal. But he did and also along the guy he was in that shootout with last week a mere Abrams from Newbury. Running back made the on north south team. And rans trade gray wide receiver Spartanburg demolish a Foster and wide receiver. And I think rider on the immediate area that's it from the north south teams so. Congratulations to the local guys who made its. To the north south all star team that game will be played that's the touchstone energy cooperatives bowl officially. And and we played in December and Myrtle Beach jet turner former clover coach and now it would moderate. He will be on coach for the head coach for the young north teams have. Lot of guys in the area congratulations to them go back to the phones bring in Jim next in the huddle Jim welcome man. What's going oh I don't. Doing good should do what just thought boy and any news on the ones that. Yeah just real web part and it worked out defense of when you did it's it's expected to our web is a line okay. I don't know it's some it's. Kelly Jones linebacker and don't look like a hamstring I don't have an update on him but you did not play after one of the game front and now. I'm so stale or else and to just did the poll Balkan bit try to. And there have burned about how social objective people went in upstate. Yet you look there that I you know they put a ton of points on the board there was some surprising. That it was on back kind of high scoring game to me at least. It was completely. Different sources traditionally have what they apply a paper someone else. Base sitting mr. repetitively. Mr. first purple all England. Was changing its image reduce its. He is is outstanding nothing is going to duke is Erin. What that's what they wish to keep going dude. Is that what you would declare some yeah. Anyway but what. It's like got great fighters okay you know you're always this year. Not all what do. They did score on the saints they can't score on anybody engine. They're done. That's that's that's true of course site of instant. Google Greg. Yeah I mean saints are decent offensively did you get a real score on them and numb and nightmare. Much that it. Cops. Tell Buddy Bell reported record and do we had world trouble. Well I mean not I hated you know ordering banks but it's amazing that they're that they're so senator around Rogers that they really. Our dissection on without him. That's that's that's really has charted registered. Well let me have my relative but some way to quickly politically more into it. As we could hope for that that the bubble yeah got it right jet operation at the current running a 444773776. Back in a moment wrapping up a model on ESP announced. Couple of those would pass along earlier but it may have missed insulin they did to them Kelly Brian says. He's good to go. Against Georgia Tech on Saturday he's out of concussion protocol he says his ankle is it about 85%. That's the word will soon Devin says about that tomorrow. Also like kick off set for South Carolina and Georgia on November 4 two weeks what. At 3:30 PM 330 kick off clemson's NC state we don't know yet to put that on the sixth day hold so it'll be Sunday before the word comes out on that game. It will either be at 330 game or somewhere between 7:15. And 8 o'clock on November 4 it will not be noon kickoff so. Late afternoon or evening game for Clemson and NC state no surprise. They are NFL over the weekend. The Atlanta Falcons just did not limitless. What's wrong with the stink about the another three and three. And a good early and lost to the patriots. 23 to seven late in at least they didn't jump out to a huge 28 to three lead to blow at this time. I guess there's that. Here's what Matt Ryan said about where the falcons stand right now. I think through you know three games it's you know a tale of a little bit inconsistent Patel an inconsistency I think. We've done some good things at times. And at other times we certainly haven't played good football so. Mean you know we're not a team I think we're going to be yet we got a long way to go but we've got the right mindset the right guys that I think are willing to work towards that. And that's what we've got to do at this point we get back to Atlanta we've got to get back to work and trying to be a better football team and we've been up until this point. Julio Jones had done nine. Catches for 99 yards and a touchdown in the game last night but never was close the falcons' touchdown came in the fourth quarter they were never really in a 23 to seven loss. To the up patriots. Last night how about the Broncos being shot Al by the charter does losing not scoring. Not scoring against the a charger 41 to nothing is final now. Other Steelers beat the Bengals. 29 to fourteen your stuff coming out about Mark Davis Bryant melting off again. Book I'll let that bubble under NC where it goes but he apparently is not happy. But the Steelers are now five and two. The Seahawks beat the giants 24. To seven giants are now one and six. On the season. That's ugly. Your cowboys beat the 49ers coach. Snapping the play well did you watch was no TV. Really knowing what. Is the sole means of globe NFL. The Phoenix Suns of the NFL the forty did Chan was a fun while you were acting like they might struggle with Sampras whose gonna room dining room. No I think the way I don't vikings beat the ravens 24 to sixteen by his volley gonna win the NFC north. And I'm probably gonna go and hiding. Dolphins over the jets 31 to 28 rams beat the cardinals 33 to nothing the colts were shut out. By the jags. 27. I was the guns to on the job the titans over the browns. In the field goal bull twelve to nine that maybe the worst exhibition global interest in overtime and and no touchdowns and seven field goals. The bills over the bucks thirty to 27. Saints over the Packers 26 to seventeen and of course the mayors beat the Panthers seventeen to three Monday Night Football tonight on ESPN upstate Redskins and Eagles. 745. Is the airtime here from the get doubting it's not a magnet to big big indices gained. Your brain and am before get out of here hi Brenda welcome into the huddle. And I don't know what would do well what's up. So hard. Compliment you got it wrong coach doc talk a little bit about yourself saucer and you're trying to put out to get names milk well yeah I'm lay mystery so big. Sound he has one of three Brothers they've been in the program. This is larger forsaken the rest program that. They've been there about the last eight years older brother land that is sad dark colored Charleston southern. Our order a scholarship last year then I'm sorry that this could the Democrats this year what about surgery just sour he could play anywhere in the country while. He is an amending linebacker watch like oh well I appreciate you. Asp then on Brandon now wanted his name to be right now I had no idea so saying. Got it. Oh all right got a good day. I do random we appreciate it yeah he made the on north south team we gave it a whole list of we'll let our earlier and now whole bunch guys from our area honored to play in emerald beach game top news for the North Carolina Tar Heels and basketball. Issue missed that jolt buried. Broken bone. In his right hand. Will miss about four weeks. They're not saying how I heard a scene. I don't know but should be suspicious about that but you know like I like to know how they heard a thing. I averaged fourteen point seven points three point six assists last season he was the most outstanding player in the final four last year. 22 points in the win over Gonzaga in the title game and he is a pre season first team all American. Named by ESPN. So while seventh woods probably get more playing time get out of south Caroline. And Julie Felton. Will probably should share of the point duties with seventh woods. Of course. North Carolina lost Justin Jackson and Tony Bradley who left for the NBA. And of course seniors Kennedy Meeks Isaiah hicks and Nate Brit itself. With burial for four weeks that's not a must not ideal. For Roy Williams. But I guess they'll be okay. Thanks for listening into the huddle today on ESP announced they appreciate it had a bunch of good calls and texts. Joshua go arrest his voice after ranting and arguing with listeners and callers can be back for more tomorrow and. Absolutely two things. Shaun Alexander. Kevin Knox. There's two for Tom. He found them Olympia. Thanks for listening charitable Sturges coming up next for Alonso and Josh and Alexandra McKinney. We'll see no margin no 1 o'clock live here in the huddle on ESP announced it.