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We are back for the second hour of the huddle on ESPN upstate. Where is. Correct McKinney coach Josh Phillips. Alonso and Alex. Look in the sub scoreboard update from. They enough analysis Panthers zero mayors zero. While I was not the final. It was almost that match but not the phones crashes that I was seventeen to three right. That the bears beat cancer just noted that just second. Seoul last week this fight club video came out of Clemson and Adam choice Clemson running back was asked about it today as players were doing some interviews over clubs. The video tissue minister appeared to show to Clemson football players boxing. I guess boxing. Almost like MMI. A small gloves on. And several people video in. The exchange. Adam choice today said this he said down this wasn't anything personal. They were in their goofing off and somehow it got leaked. It wasn't a certainly a big deal until he got out. Those guys have already apologized they shook hands right after. They were laughing about it. And we heard last week that demos and talk with team about it can handle it internally. So bomb at a choice common and all mapped. Today. He said demo didn't necessarily throw us under the bus. He used it as a learning opportunity for the team. And let us know how social media is so important. Now it's im thankful how things can spread quickly. We live in a world where everybody's on social media. So everybody season and everybody has different opinions about it some people see in response some people see it as bad. We just have to be Smart. And not let things like that get out. Choice and acing guys do fall in the locker room funny at times happens everywhere he said we're guy's stuff like that happened. But we just got to be Smart about recording it and sending it out to our friends. At the end of the day if something like that does get out then it's a negative image on the university in on this team. And that's not who we are as people not bad people trying to do that intentionally were disguised salmon a good time we just got to be smarter about. Yup. That's what I'm trying to set the here's my question is that what demo site tomorrow. Yes they will say. The problem is that he got out. Not that it happened. Yeah he's gonna say. You know like we talked about it last week. You know he's going talk about how it you know our players have to learn you know we're gonna handle it internally. He you know gloss over it let's move on let's talk about George Tenet. He says was that Adam choice he said settlement didn't I'm sure that everyone was told this is what you said. When they ask you this question. So we're pretty much gonna get exactly that when Donald comes out who's that was dabhol talking to out of choice right there for sure. What's interesting. I guess. That that would. The that would warn of the year you want that to be your approach I would probably. Saying. Maybe just say hey look. Wasn't a big deal. We understand it wasn't a good load. But we're moving on. But. I'm just I'm not question. Setting it up as the video getting out is the problem verses. That we have a fight club in the locker. And get a new rules for fight club all phones go in the room. In the lockers before starts joining the usual how this problem emotional fight club is nobody talks about like. Right. I don't know I will say and I'll be surprised if Davida Moore on plays that just like what does people what do people wanted to do and I'm curious Greg. Do you want him to condemn the far I want him to. I would think then that look this is for public consumption I don't care what. What he really thinks and what he puts out publicly. They can lead to different things as it happens all the time I know there's all kinds of stuff that goes on. Behind the scenes in football programs and you don't want it all. Come out but I just I don't want my football coach to say. Not a problem that they're in their pounding of wailing on each other in Somalia hurt. The problem is that it got out. Everything stays and house. I don't think that will satisfy people who are concerned about it you. People are concerned that that that's. Going on in there my assumption is that the coaches don't know about this. So it if it was if doubles not concerned in the players are concerned. Why should anybody ought to be concerned. Well we talked about last week because that's somebody's kid in there and they're the parents have a call us to be considered. Yeah if it was me my dad be Metafiles one getting drove understand that. But not all parents I know especially moms. If it were my son I'd be upset if views of one can be too but you know not everyone's like that and and my wife would have a totally different take. A totally different and you tell me yes she would be. Ticked off beat down their demanding yeah. You source and yes if you would be ticked off should be more ticked off don't know what I was saying is I'll be ticked off that muscles get beat the ones you yeah yeah I mean again I billion locker rooms like bin. Like Josh and I know what goes on in there you know that's. For the most part. I'm OK with the everything. They can go too far which is why I believe that there was probably somebody in there who was in the student. Well I'll say this. I think a lot of it depends on. The particular situation. I'm willow. Use a circumstance that involved yours truly. After practice only Tuesday. Which those are pretty intense. Tuesdays for most collagen proteins not rules so much anymore. Are heavy duty hit days. Well one of our defensive backs decided after I'd taken a shower and owls up my locker preparing to get dressed. That he would think it was funny to puppet now this is just a player just to coach you know this is Josh the player of cactus one clarify. Know this before store coach. And one of our defensive backs decided that it would be funny. The snapped a towel to see if they can bring blood. On saved Kuester. Yes blood good role both on the Easter egg on the face. 8. Am. That's what you don't want a man. In your locker room but you know launch players finding no but you know what it's like. You know these are guys that you room with a few years you eat with their literally like your second family. And just like. What's your Brothers in post and in trying to test each other's metal and yes you know you got gloves and they are I mean it's not I promise you ought to put a pair of boxing gloves and here for both shows. Somebody's going to test and now it's just away were played. Now. All excellent makes me that that's I know he's gonna he's going to be skills are still alive I would have to be tempted to go yeah. I would beat him they how about for Alex because we've got to try and owns a bond. Well I would probably knowing the group okay. It would probably end up as a three man enrolled between Alonso diesel and me. Because we're gonna have to trial. Than anybody else that wants to jump in there are more than welcome high but that would be the ring. And it cost downstairs hears about that. And he you expect him to say well the problem is that they got out on social idea is you know. We don't yet you wanna know who Warren and as long as they get out I think you'd be okay with that probably would be up here you know taken bets on anybody get hurt but here's what you can do. Let's get back to the football and and get away from your guys in your much atmosphere disperse. If we can I don't think it's possible. If. In Davos where you come out and say. The problem is that again now and that's the only problem. I don't think he can I don't think he does that tomorrow. I think yes I know we don't want that are humble independently put a stop to it and it's not gonna happening well let's put it whenever it happens anymore not a lot happens more but he can't take that position. Mom with you and he might not put a bullet about whatever position he takes its gonna take you 25 missed two of our planet. Anybody wanna take me up on that out of three to one that's at least twenty men and answer. He's working on that right now yeah he's going around his speech exactly it's going to be boys being boys type thing it's I mean what other angle Kenny Tate now other I am we've found out who did it and we kicked them off the team now he's not doing then I don't wanna do that but he can't. He can't. Excuse it. You just can't publicly excuse and our that you can give the if anyone was offended. Type an apology quite well that's not him he never does that. He'd never apologizes. But that's not him apologize in the stat that apology where you say if anyone's offended but you're not really saying that you offended anyone. I just this this will be interstate. And here's the other thing too. As much as we don't want these are not kids. Right I mean they're they're grown man yeah man. Astra one Dexter Lawrence pound and an accurate well no but I would get fired a big advocate a more well you know what I'd probably rather fight him than say. Campbell. Advancement of the war won the linebackers. But the points made it I mean if you know you can't decide. Who you wanna test to meddle with and it'll leave the other ones alone that you don't bullet. You know I think that's another one of those things where it'll doubles while it looked. You know it is what it is. I mean I hear what you're saying from day. It is that they PR nightmare for grown ups to try to then spin. What the 1920 year old kids do when not cute young man is doing. In the locker room all the coaches now. But again. I mean he didn't even answer. I mean is this. Is this will hurt. Him. The shenanigans that they play army and trust it if I was an opponent. As an offensive lineman. I would tell the referee. The first time one of them stick a finger words multiples to stay out bull fight. The go on back and mentality you know when it comes down to a very different could be liability issues so he's got to be serious about that's. Because of one of them got hurt the university we had so resolutely. Absolutely any administration's goals not allowed them bodes assay. The only problem here is that they got. Well then maybe the approaches I got violated. Well that that's back to the in game. Stuff here to Guerrero on what I mean everybody wants to pay these players all of their employees he can't be going around. Mean she's been born to be in jail for sexual harassment. Christa we'll consider that close Christian world you know Hizbul are broken did via the padlock. And things yeah and you know people's available. Anyway I will will soon discuss tomorrow it's tough situation meant to be put in understand that it's in house not. Within the football program is not a big deal I agree with him. They don't see it as a big issue but you still to be careful how you handle publicly and that will be the fascinating thing. Tomorrow. They will we watch a 4447737766147. Note text line 71307. Back in a moment and huddle we're gonna hear from my Camden and Ron Rivera about this mess of a football game the Panthers played. Against the mayor's yesterday that's next in the huddle on ESP announced that. We have another eclipse yelled and only. A lot Lockett did that day were out at the outpouring Pickens speedway and now it's lined up. Pretty dark don't the Rangers hello. Cloud cover cloud command we have bomb. Severe thunderstorm warning for Abby Bill Lawrence Anderson agreeable counties until 3 PM we have a tornado watch out as well so. This band storms moving through in its. Pretty good one going on right now so I'll be careful out there 8444773776. Here in the huddle let's go to the phones bring in Cory up next I Corey welcome him. The one that lived in what's up. I didn't play the pregnant got to come out of that in the Michael's situation you know it's. I can't go out and he had to split the coach's opinion but I understand it a moderate side in the topic go to find it. Pretty well in mobile demolished and that then you know that the young man. You know these local pop art and Tony being given that little they would be going you know not a dorm room and Atlantic flight that you don't. It society cannot find an internal. Tonight is gonna kinda look at that there were garbage about Jay Cutler and it pretty well you know what that copper than what about you know I don't know I didn't think there have been a lot with the. According we appreciate it thanks for the call off the tanks lined up a different opinion. Dexter says GMAC here I don't apologize for getting caught apologize for being wrong. I. The ticket donut that's at net you look let me know coach is new about this before lastly but they know about it now. So at least publicly they have to take the stance that we're not gonna allow that that's my. Can disagree. It's all good but I just also dabbled components you know what was all good till they put it on. Ants to Grammer went. I wouldn't be shocked if he did. Out. There might be a mile an all time well you know. I'm sure he was that a few of them and Alabama. It's just kind of the way it is I mean. I know from a from a public setting yes it looks that way I don't look at it I don't know who the text or was it in the of their name. I don't look at is as a writer Rawle. I mean if the two guys that we're doing it if they agreed to it they wanted to see what was going on well I mean. Understand why did you can't let you can't you can't condone and as coach not coach. I'm sure what that was gonna say is don't do the build up. You know if you wanna do that there's a field. I don't know there's about 101000 acres of pasture land that they can go out the other end. Plus the thing but isn't bothered me most about it was when one guy was you know trying to turn away any media didn't act and act as hit and check out sleigh and right there they deal and that is ahead on you know on the Iran and all that. Sound like a mom now in his blood. You could lose Miami and or maybe dabble brings him. Local women May-Treanor and teach them how to fight correctly so we I mean you know if you're rating and you got gloves on your less likely to get messed up. And I mean I was surprised I mean we got coaches get in the final sideline during the game I'm not sound surprised I'm just in cancer is not coming convertibles take a swipe at this system stream coach. Nevada. Again I get back he just this one and two I mean now it'll. He just he just a minimal on its no big deal for a little bit a big deal be connected. With him a bad deal for venables and yeah. Yeah you don't that the suddenly came up to about his midriff. I was hoping he was gonna decade. Well him as an example is when Bonnie back there. Pulling back and take a swipe at me. I'm just doing my job. So the Carolina Panthers. Follow for injury and not a good yesterday and there are seventeen to three loss Tuesday. Chicago Bears there's something weird things about this game. Jammed and threw two interceptions. That was not good. The Panthers gave up 51 downs to the Chicago mayor's. And lost by fourteen points have you seen that before I don't know that I've ever seen. 51 downs in the game for the mayors. Mayors at a 153 total yards. And again the Carolina turned over three times. And SL they lost the game. To Chicago. Ron Rivera had to say after yesterday's loss streak. Lights became got a three places and this came from other that the team that made those three plus and it was a bust a bottom line you go back you look at it. They scoop on the phone return for a touchdown intercept the ball return for a touchdown throw fifty yard pass into the red zone tickets Google. That's the difference that is some good things on the defensive side. They do what they needed to on the offensive side and we didn't capitalize and we got the ball on their side that's a true. Kind us and I'm looking at right now Nestle will be watch and looking for is that once what happens when we get. Inside somebody's opponents of the opponents. Four yard line when we return a ball over twice and unfortunate costs. No faster Ron Rivera but com. Carolina ran 69 plays in that ball game yesterday's that he came down to replace what about the other 66 plays were careless or six point three points. Three points in the ball game. Because I think it's play calling because on don't start to think his play calling because they do it doesn't seem like they know what to do with the weapons they have not I know a lot of it is this camp but is not entirely him. Well I don't think it's so much that it's a lot of young new pieces. Like you know one of the fumbles campaign it's totally Reid's own courtesy mentally dropped it. One level more of this fall one of one's. And that has to do with chemistry and run on that play and then you're doing it against. The Chicago Bears defense which is outstanding. I mean as bad as they are as a team Chicago's defense is pretty good from a player's standpoint. I mean they've got some new pieces to but they've got guys that are big and strong and raw. And I think what you know it's it's the same problem that the patriots had early on in the season. It's where it took them time with all the new pieces. To kinda get everybody on the same page in people forget. How complex the NFL game is. And when you've got guys like McCaffrey and Samuel and some of these other guys I mean Khalili left tackle he's a new addition. So there's still haven't learned not only what Mike Schulze asking them all of them but there also have to learn it. Literally on the fly. Now that's not to make excuses for the turnover aspect of it could you would think. That literally with all day to prepare they should be better prepared. But it's doing that. Outside of practice speed and tackle amending it to game speed. All of which is vastly different in Chicago. Is one of the faster more physical. Defense is that your gonna say. And you can tell that Mike Shula and his staff they're they're wanting to diversify this office. The problem is they're just that they've got so many new pieces. That are young and still trying to learn to play I'm glad Obama Panthers fan. I like the fact that they're trying to get these young players involved. If you're gonna have some growing pains with and you can tell I think Ron Rivera is a little bit. It'll aggravated an amateur but not on the same page and that goes to the core what coaching is. And there's something to that. But at the same token I mean some of these guys. It'll they've got to learn what it means to be a pro. I want to know what happened to functions. Where was the target I mean that guy was come and all into his own this year. And it took him two years to get to that. Import catches yesterday at 41 yards. Another big day that right he said. Sometimes in the past. Those two takes by cam or rom we're deadly and a one problem was not a terrible pass the one a bomb bounced one to Benjamin administrative on the air was picked off returned. Kind of a bad break on wasn't great pass but it wasn't. One that deserved a pick six but it did just bounced straight up and off a win here's cam after yesterday's loss for the Panthers. Disappointed at this point is this. No so this is no she's not succumb and we found a way to win this football game. We squandered that opportunity for us. I'm not Phyllis are from myself or my expensive artist. But life goes on and we just I differ earnest on. Must good Sunny Kim is not assaulting at least he's talking. Les is answering questions in a pretty direct way so glad to see that. Phillip wants to talk about Carolina and Phillip welcome him. Sager yet bill. And I outlet outlet a bad man in the along you know. Had a great Satan. But it Ali then the Guatemala. And when he accuracy that you and I guess that and yet declaration. Only deepen the bag being thing cause you know that the mayor like yesterday. That it was being an intercept god and those declarations. But when you get out are down and he balloons. His cameo experience like playing yeah I'll be in jail then yes no continuity there and. Yeah I agree wooded hollow I like the settlement ever receive that just given up 51 downs and lose by two touchdowns but that's what happened yesterday. It is like there's no I mean or is rejected it union a lot. But I don't know how to doc you know about it but it that. Even watch him at serious candidate Doug Logan possibly be ready to borrow. What to note is hopeful are you in jail he's got a word game and Jon Stewart Ginn left in the column topic aren't. You're not locked at all. Well they are and you know look the other issue too is. To visit you look better than cam in that game. Want to ask you only through seven passes when it was more for seven. Right at the other issue that to happen is the rotating morally and trying to remember the the quarterback's name. Kelly eleven. His first name's Kevin. Opposite of bread dairy. Seymour Seymour thank you. So it's almost like. They can't find what they're really looking for. Still struggling defensively I mean they give up some of the yard pass. It's Robiskie. I mean you would think they would be able to have and I think that would is no can collect no keep fully them matters I mean look what happened with the chiefs want to marry one now. And now you're seeing the same thing with the Panthers with deeply and I agree it was a it was a name Eddie. They called in. Who's gonna just go out of the left me a question and answer about Calvin bench meaning six. 245 pounds. But he was always a big guy. And he's always going to be a big guy but they've got an awful enough weapons elsewhere. That they should be able to take the heat golf. Oh what they're doing and he is the truth of matter. Camp has never really did a great pass. Let's just say that. He's never been a pocket I think stand back there throw it 5060 times a game that's not his game. He's got a crazy look in delivery. I mean it almost looks like he's doing the double windup kinda like a softball pitcher. But he's doing that at the shoulder level which I don't know how he doesn't but he does. And then when he actually delivers the ball he's looking at the bottom of this face mask. So. To me they're asking him to try to do things. You know what when they're sick when that when the Panthers are successful. It's one cam is active all over the field not sitting in the pocket and I think it is a huge mistake. And I understand they're trying to protect Amy's you know former MVP. And all of that is the face your franchise or you're trying to make him that. But he's not going to be what they want him to be. In if they are expected him to sit back there in the pocket. And throw the ball forty to 45 times a game and lead this team the Super Bowl they are kidding themselves. Because that's not what he does best. Plus he's not going to be able to let the offensive line could know as you got a couple more injuries yesterday they can't keep senator and vocal hills wind I don't know I mean it's. It's tough when they're. You know this who forget the name of bill Lyman who went into the come back out somebody else got hurt he had to go back scanning thing go to different position. It's hard continuity wise for the line to click. When they're constantly moving in and out of that. So in the NFC south remember before the season were Tom by yamana can be the Panthers beat the falcons can be Tampa by now it's New Orleans. A look at our place. Yet Carolina fans or or we've been in their towels imagine being Buccaneers fan right now. That that is the shock of the NFL season. They're tuned for. Is how awful the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Saints want foreign around the camp like Green Bay next week ever since that trade with the AP. They've taken off now guys notice that. Soon as they shipped him out there result they went to another level. And look what the running game with all eight were. So what like. I think there's something with paid you know people talk about that sideline thing there was something to them. Sean Payton and yeah I think. Absolutely. They're planning on level four straight wins for the saints their four to their first place in the south and in the falcons. Wow not that we'll hear from mom Matty ice before we get a hit an 8444773776. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Severe thunderstorm warning still in effect out there are some heavy showers. Continuing blowing on through the sentence of be careful here on the roads. Not bring good driving conditions for the next little bit. 8444773776. Here in the huddle on ESP in upstate it is not Tim Tebow was thought that Tennessee sucked again on Saturday. In their lost element. Tim Tebow went on TV and James the balls a great pep talk here it is. Relax for years Tennessee you sign 584. Or five stars okay. Over the last four years you've had titles like team won 21 brick by brick a leadership grants and my favorite is champions of life. Okay hold on for a second. But on the board five stars put down on the titles put down the slogans that they don't work all right you know what works is caught heart is caught courage. By the late today don't let that pass the fine you don't let slogans the minute you step up and let one bing DeVine new. That's your effort that's how much you care because in this game. Alabama's better than you by the way from top to bottom their better than you. They have more execution and you they have better coaching debut but let me tell you one thing that you better and that they better not be better at you then. And that's caught heart. Is caught Kurds got how much you care. Everybody wants to talk about discipline and hard work all these things I don't believe and I'm. Good when you care about some of them that's what makes you get up the work that's what makes you got discipline so in this game. Don't planes don't be scared of Alabama don't be scared of tea down them instead of their titles you walk into that stadium and you play with your Brothers you fight and guess what that's going to be enough because right now. I believe that being humble and understand where your blessings come from. But in this game it's about time you have some pride you take some pride in the teeth because peerless price it come back. A patent any idea Aikman back team garbage on the back you need to have someone step up and have leadership to get the job done. It's about time you've had pride in Tennessee let's go. Man I'm ready around for a law for a guy. It was 45%. Why is Tim Tebow to care about Tennessee he's the well thank you is auditioning for the cheerleading role in the next longest you'll have a plus for idiots they'll like it. I was pretty good. Like the amount the biggest Tebow fan in the room is on solo artist for sure you're not looking at. I love the guy. As for what he doesn't work at the competitor that he was. Home but bring back blue holds only. A locker room talk. Kamal. Tebow he's getting them out the penguins of Madagascar from me. The tough the Tennessee. DB Rashaun golden golden. He was fired up fired up enough that when they had that return for the touchdown their only score for the game that he gave the fans in Alabama. A double fisted bird. I just wanted to two for the price of one. Let them off wood science. He that's a good look for team is getting clobbered in the he was just trying to reiterate that they were going to be number one whom. Now we another number one all right. Alabama umi. This just was not some. Not good and here's a thing. Butch today anabolic John Kelly twelve times he's all you had and you let him carry it twelve times. If ever there were five yards a carry but to get into a twelve times. What somewhere that I think you have less against South Carolina. Give them and the football is all you got. On offense Darren time low 44. Yards passing Ellis let him throw. We need to let him go to. What was just auditioning for one of those. 200 off field analyst that Nick Saban hires that are former coach's name. Cut to a pretty good came in some liberals nine for twelve. Kids can and can't. If the pretty good in the so they're getting him back up that at mammoth but no it was not close and yes mammoth. Is they know and Tennessee is now three and four. And butch watch continues. Butch watch 27 team. Continues into the year Boyce your hair looks like little holding within the other one more. Damp. They'll ride him out. Policy Tennessee right now is three and four here's what they have left Kentucky. That's second jockey of Kentucky was posing we saw that over the weekend Mississippi State club and they got what does that southern miss US AM southern miss the up. At Missouri LSU at home Vanderbilt at home. So. Look at five or six wins for Tennessee maybe Pannemon. Total for you who they have left. Touched but just went through. I'm I'm making sure I'm right ahead I'm counting Kentucky southern miss Missouri LSU and Vanderbilt. Meg when. You couple of those yeah. Three outside. What did bush do to the young man that. Told Alabama fans were number one in the end zone. I don't know what he did to them I know he apologized. I don't know that he has. Then suspended or anything like that. Haven't seen anything on that. Who's with spot was more dysfunctional. Tennessee and the Seattle Seahawks. Tennessee. Joshua Bolten wounded yesterday. I heard it does somebody get shoved his coach. On the sideline. Which coach was that we can table no rush of people and I like knows how great it was great wasn't anticipating. Yeah but the you know as career is now going to be my new era. No Tom Cable the offensive line coach. So he'll face and discipline onshore flow and breaking news that she's so brutally CJ Spiller didn't touch him they've released the way it three times four times avoid got a quarterback released the brawn and muscles must go. I've final break of the hour we'll be back to wrap up the second hour of the huddled stay with us here gonna hear Jim both Fisher coming up Matt Ryan coming up as well. As we roll through this Monday edition of the hot also stay with a sunny ESP in upstate and Josh has Iran coming up to you don't wanna miss that isn't even ran India. Iran and the rain coming up in a bid from Josh back in a moment and how. Be careful driving out their visibility is for we just witnessed that and are part and on. Somebody driving over the landscaping after Jesse very well. Yeah and if you're listening we saw we saw you at that we don't have video Kosier it. 8444773776. Here in the huddle the job. Region 35 a situation. Is this right now. Because Gaffney. Beat burns. And Boiling Springs beat Spartanburg. Dorman has won the region that is for sure. They're one reading game left with burns but Gaffney can only be 3M one to tie them and Dorman has the head to head there. So. Dornin gas nearing great shape burns looks to me in great shape but some. Apparently odd man out coming down to Spartanburg mauling francs. And Busch race is wrapped up their region play they're one in four to others wait on everybody else to finish up. So law what Boiling Springs has to hope for is that. Gaffney be Spartanburg and burns beats doormen and Spartanburg would be the odd man out. Otherwise. The bulldogs who been trending to be the odd man out in that region would indeed be so so. Lots still to come here enough. The last week of the regular season to figure out. Who goes where also regent sue five A Hillcrest is 40 in the region. It helped us look didn't and be off to a little bit of a slow start and they have been very good. Lately they will play in Malden this week they've already played one time this season progress can win now lot. Take care of business there'll who wins the region but if they lose then you get into the tiebreaker scenario and I can always be a lot of fun. TL Hanna and west side both three you know in. Region one. And easily jailed man are getting ready to play to figure out who does not get into the playoffs out of that. Region so. I again asked just a little snippet of what's coming up this week and we will have the burned storming game that's a Nixon field. Friday night here on ESP in upstate air time 7 o'clock. And the kickoff is at 730 in the we'll figure out who goes where in the playoffs as playoff time is just about here for high school football. Josh is ready to ramp we have that coming up Jim both Fisher got into over the fan over the weekend a Florida State. We'll only hear more about back coming up as well and Matty ice Matt Ryan the falcons suddenly struggling a bit. That's ahead to stay Willis our three of the huddle around the corner on ESP in upstate.