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What are the huddle ESPN upstate Monday afternoon addition whisk. Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips lawn so and a Alex hang it out here looks like hurricane weather outside of wind is blowing the rain has fallen as only a last one day though after today. Rest of the week looks pretty good at least till we get to the weekend enough. Possibility of morning command. Saturday or Sunday but the rest of the weekend today should be fine busy day in the huddle today lots to do lots of football. From the NFL where the Panthers were bad. We'll hear from Jim Newton and Ron Rivera on that. Two while high school football as we go into the last week of the regular season this coming Friday. And will recap what happened last Friday night at some interesting playoff scenarios and we'll talk some about that today and to college just a lot of time on college we're scheduled to talk to play Hendrix firming coach at about 130 Furman wins again tough battle but they won. Over the weekend and a they are red hot. The Wofford terriers lost their first game. Over the weekend first loss of the year. And we'll also all be talking about. Of course the major college stuff that happened over the weekend no Carolina or Clemson but got lots of other. Teams playing in. Lots to talk about about that. Josh has a rant ready to get it today we'll do that later on. Here in the show. I almost a mini rant from Tim Tebow early a pep talk from Tim Tebow for Tennessee did you hear that. We'll play for engagement to it in more. Bowl player for him. That's coming up on the show. And World Series starts tomorrow Astros and the Dodgers will have game one for you tomorrow night 7 o'clock. Right here on ESP in upstate tonight we have Monday Night Football Redskins and Eagles. Maybe a good game mostly duels the best record in the NFL right now. The only one loss team 745 is the air time for that one tonight here. On ESP in upstate jump ball boarding 444773776. Text line Carolina coach is RB superstore is 71307. And Twitter and ESP in upstate. Now man were to restart from college football over the weekend. Coach. Alabama beat Tennessee 45 to seven. This president. Now we're just been fired yet. As a now pro watch and Twitter nothing except probably into the year. Smart move there really gonna keep dispute yeah probably at the end of the I guess third or do they do the day right yeah or yesterday or yesterday and they didn't. Penn State Michigan blow out and blow out and stay solid and we stopped on the Michigan now right can we agree on the. Yeah I didn't talk about him in the summer everybody from Athlon sports magazine is sporting news tell me they're gonna win ten ball games some. Threaten college football playoff it'll only get them back alone next week. The Athlon people yeah Ellen yeah I can make them grow a year you're in charge on Monday and Tuesday will be. So you can do what you wish. Bring money yellen. TCU Kansas and a 43 to nothing TCU TCU remains undefeated they're still in the Al hunt. For the final form. I was Johnson blew out Maryland and Miami Syracuse game was pretty good. But Miami was able Lana win by eight points. 27 to nineteen so Miami still undefeated. Oklahoma OK state was a good game. Sooners went about 742. To 35. Oklahoma State Texas was a good game. Thirteen to ten but Don now Tom Herman's Texas Longhorns are three and four. The big twelve Bentley decent. As is defense of oriented game for sure even the Mason Rudolph and almost 300 yards passing and only thirteen points. The other thought is supposed to be the two good games Penn State Michigan and Notre Dame and southern cal that he's okay. 49 to fourteen southern cal goes down to stop talking about them now to. I would like to undone masonic restore talking about the game. Aim is for real and that does not. Necessarily good for. Clemson. Because it puts another team in the mix. Outside of the five conference just. For the final four right Notre Dame wins out they got to be in the mix their only loss was one port to Georgia. So they've got to be in the mix ranked if no. Dame was actually in the ACC and football which side would they be on. Which division yeah I mean I can do whatever they want but they would. I don't. I mean where would replace them they were actually you. In basketball or they would switch. They'll do it that way mess they don't I got them. They would probably put him in the coastal. As the Atlantic is just brutal way. They don't enforce our state lol yeah they need to balance as part balance just obscene to think of what it could. Have been or actually had a CC the showdown that would happen yes I would be would be also. But I guess they may not need. No well. They might figure out this year that they do need it because if they. It's like eleven and one and don't get him they'll be pushing around conference right. And I can happen. Back at them they're only lost to a good Georgia team. They've got to be in the yeah in the picture was Notre Dame have left. Let's look they've got NC state. This week and Miami. And Stanford. Janet and yeah I think go undefeated there's no way that you can pick clumps and above them so you're gonna take me. Eleven and war and Notre Dame team over to conference champions potential. Potentially. Because I mean if you just look at that quality of loss coming at one point and lost to Georges not a bad launch. So then what do you do what George of George around the table and only has one goals. They get into an. That's what the nuggets left everybody else that's that was my point. And Alabama Georgia Notre Dame and better as the committees. And GMAC I'm so glad that you don't want what brought that up because if I can tell you how many fights I got into. All over that situation. Okay. For some reason people want to the committee looks that strength of schedule. When they are putting through the fourteen playoff together. The committee's worst nightmare. Worst nightmare is Georgia in Notre Dame. Absolutely does what you want if you want an eight team playoff as opposed to for you want something this kind of scenario well right now. There are sixteen teams and oh yeah well consequent well actually there's eighteen teams that have one loss or undefeated right now. Now of course that stuff is going to even itself out because. A lot of these teams play each of the night Penn State Ohio State come and open you know Oklahoma in Oklahoma State all those guys Michigan State. And there's almost party sneaking around the chicken coop six and one. And then you've got to to Africa a vote. What they call now even the minor 5. Central Florida's undefeated undefeated. South Florida's undefeated. But the problem for the committee is. Penn State and Georgia. The pac twelve dawn they're gonna get a team and will they win the league or not. A Washington's loss. To ban was awful I mean hurrah. This now the question comes back to. And this is what people in this area have to wrap their heads around and this is why I was shocked. At the way clips and lost. To Syracuse. See there is no room for error for the ACC. Because the SEC took him to the woodshed start the year. So they don't have the they don't have the flexibility. Just say oh well you know we were of this that the other this year over the SEC. With the SEC took to the woodshed to begin the year. And ended up Florida State Paula moment race the only real legitimately and was Clinton over. On Auburn in week two other that the SEC's only the ACC this year. And that hurts. That's why that loss to Syracuse is back. I know that Plavsic and kind of rectify a little bit like going to. Durham excuse me Riley. And beating NC state even if it's by one point. But the problem is. Right now the ACC as the third best team in the college football bird discount for their best conference. I would say the Big Ten or number one I would say yes he's eaten in in the ACC. And there's no debating the ACC SEC because they settled on the field. There's nobody worth their salt can actually. Look everybody in the face and say the ACC is better than the SEC this year you can make that argument last year. But this year the SEC what I've been one to open the year. And then some like that but don't forget about Miami now absolutely. Absolutely Miami's undefeated. If they went out there and I don't know that they will and I don't believe Miami is one of the top four teams in the country don't get me wrong but if they went out. They have you don't put. If they're undefeated and they are the ACC champs absolutely. Now what are you gonna do now right now. Matt you guys undefeated Alabama. 01 loss because I don't think Penn State's gonna beat Ohio State Columbus this year. You don't know. I'm not sure I want to. Say in how about Woolsey. That's as we can get business week and and it will be a perfect I'm sure will be. Yeah I guess our thing about Allen pence a good did you watch yes they did. Yes they did play hardly beat Penn State at home and a wideout why now does amazing things this great atmosphere. And look let's be honest Michigan is not very good. No offense. Right and they had no please just they need to stop it during the Heisman right now. Handle the sake and the sake one Barkley and let's removal. Well I it's fascinating. When the polls came out the AP poll the there's no movement won through a nobody lost this league we'd like last week but notre Dame's up four spots coach to number 94. Spots up for Notre Dame so they're now in the conversation for sure. After that impressive win. And if they win if they win out. There's no way. A one loss Notre Dame teams being left out of the playoff. Not when two years ago Ohio State made it in his one loss team and did not even when the divisional or conference championship. No Notre Dame is Saddam has got the brand to get him in with a one loss if they went out but the debates and people. They've already beaten some people out to be Miami that'll take care Miami. At the beat NC state. If they do that. This weekend. That would certainly be impressive and an NC state to be melts and off of that coming into the clubs again. I'm in Stanford at the end of the year so if three ranked teams left on the matter and skipped. But they think their business so far other island Georgia and it was a one point game way back second game of the season. Fascinating stuff would love your calls on your comments what do you think how do you see it we get the first. Poll. Play Al poll next week and we get after after these games this coming week. So we'll see where that is. Close is not going to be in the top four yet. They're just not. They had to work their way back up there. Now with. You know what five undefeated teams annum. We have talked about Wisconsin yet don't rule I was counts of seven and oh number five in a country. That might be the best team. In the Big Ten. The physical. Big. Forty Brooke looks great decorum. Now the problem does they won't get a chance to prove until the champ chipped. In on the other side they play Michigan but that's it. The rest of the way from which to. A 444773776. Text line 71307. What must champ talks about deep bow. And is speculation that he might come back in the regular season for the gamecocks that's coming up stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Your chance to 1000 dollars in the free cash stash just. 2035 minutes or so went right before 2 o'clock. Well over keyword and you have a chance to extend in to win the 1000. Dollars year. On ESP in upstate 8444773776. And that's our number let's get in Delmon up first today they don't. I. Now what do only a week implement it be yes statement game this week you know Notre Dame in a statement and now. Now I know or Christiane minister and I don't putt also but it didn't totally get it. This article out there are issues taken don't know who became our belief. No but it is that's right. You like and again. Well. Strategy and Obama quote don't. Yes tough couple weeks or Notre Dame army for NC state and editing and clumps. But they're good. They're reliably there for real so much for all it's all but a coaching change and under and. No need to let couldn't train will get. Politically right you know we'd open have been crippling apartment well our social content are oh. They'll tell us to do it. I Delmon. Thank you brother Mozilla mullah must champ had to say about Davis Samuel on the conference call. Last night Gundy Bozeman now with that leg injury and a lot of talk about a being for the year but. Pretty immediately he and his mother said hey thanks seeking come back. And now south Carolina's talking like yeah maybe he can come back but Will Muschamp is urging caution on that front here's what he had to say on that. You know there's a possibility. Now that it good. He can play in the regular season but I don't wanna speculate I don't want you know on and now they want to be that he's coming back. That I don't wanna speculated to Florida on the road they think it really haven't gone extremely well. It is today its troops are doctors call whether or not he plays with a nice delta announced an eighty to agree with the so. We're still up in the air totally that the mere moments there's there's a possibility but I don't wanna get into definite turning point. My deck certainly there's a lot of these two. Happened before that happens. Did what they do and Alia spacewalk here if you want to encourage you were doing wrong. They speak at least put Floyd news. And Eagles Q and walk around and flexible and everything so no he's he's moving around which he's got to be. You know running and hiring and things like that in and they've got to make sure that the bones totally healed I mean there's a lot of things we need to do here. As well must champ while we will see how on Devo progresses but I'm certainly would be a big addition of the gamecocks to get him back. Even now. Well for a bowl game more certainly for the Clemson game that love them available. Ford that went on that front now we got so some news on. The November 4 kick off times today in South Carolina Georgia will be a 330. Kick on November 4. So odd some games and Georgia I think that's a plus for South Carolina and a but I think they're gonna win the game but better an afternoon game tonight game for the gamecocks. In Athens. And then not clemson's NC state which is on the same day never force they have put that almost six today hold so. It will either be a 330 kick or a nighttime kick like between 7:15 and 8 o'clock. And they'll decide that next Sunday. That's when they announced the time for clemson's. NC state they're holed that one. 46 days which is a sign that done you know they. They get probably will be a primetime game one of be on just what happens with nine NC state Notre Dame made make that decision for this week coach may be. Yes that past prime tumble overnight loans they can both win. Then yeah I'm probably going to see India at Notre Dame NC state. I doubt. 8444773776. Don't you agree that does South Carolina is better off for the daytime. Playing in the daylight in Athens than they would be and I mean. Yeah I mean it's it's going to be tough and animal life there I mean. Actually. It might even be better if they kicked off at noon for some reason teams at home at noon. It's seems to kind of be a little sluggish. But B you know look at that level they all stay in the hotel. Because even home teams get them off campus and that's that's been known for many years you know it's interesting you bring up about being able. A Samuel it you know I don't know what the rules are now I've changed many times if he came back for bolt for the bowl game with the count against his eligibility. How they determine that because the best case scenario. Is for an earlier for him would be it would be. To not play in the in the regular season. Go through bowl preparation play in the bowl game they get a medical hardship this past season. In heaven of the your play in doubt that you can play in the bowl game and that could see I don't know how I'm gonna have to do some research them. To figure that out but he's already qualified. All four medical hardship. For this for this particular year I he's already satisfied those agreements just it would depend on whether. The gamecocks want to. Allow that to happen when they won't go ahead and get him on the field. Gasoline if you get it for Clemson you bring him back. That's my opinion Clemson fans. Think impact those lucky got personnel home is logging in these different. There's not going to be easier down the road you want all your weapons this year and try to do which can against the tigers there was firing over the weekend in college football. Georgia southern fired their coach are being and there are bad man they are really bad ties some Summers was fired yesterday. Midway through the season they are O and six. They were beaten by UMass they give up 55 points to UMass and the Georgia southern peoples okay that's enough about. Sorry mature out here 55 to twenty UMass was winless. And beat Georgia southern fifty by don't want. So he's five and thirteen at Georgia southern. And he's gone. They have made the decision to. Move on a lot and see what they confine their. And to Georgia southern to replace Summers and we'll see where they go it is yeah and really really rough in Statesboro. So they've decided to make that meant. 8444773776. Let's go and take a break we'll come back with more much more to come here lots more football to talk about. In the huddle on ESP in upstate Monday edition stay with us we'll be right back. Welcome back to the huddle this is ESPN up states. I'm Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips is here Alonso is here. Alex is here. Don't talk about takes over the weekend. Raise your hand if you wanna talk about the college fix so look everybody's hands up. Everybody good. For as tough as they. Selection as it was everybody had a pretty good week. I'd. Was in my house but I mean it wasn't too that Emilia mine you were tied. No that's overall a mean as far as last week's picks I went seven and three. So did Alex he says magic on him I only did not Alex did you miss count your Ers Alex gave me a sheet. Yeah I'm British and email here pretty sure 17 victory. There is a dispute over whose last. Word that it is not one item one. I'm only seeing two losses on U. Because I picked Michigan. He picked Michigan to be an instant hit the lost no I don't actually think care at a cut and apparently holding can add the things you for being honest about that the Tom Fuller reunions. Say. So you think you should thank him lungs a because that we would accuse you of all. Well it'll bid and is this case you know I gave him an advantage on. In the end he's not even in the on the bed so win really helping anybody else and sure but given that he has in second place to me I do not want him being given any extra points. But I mean if I like it. So I have mile motivation noted and fixed and thank you for double checking everything please continue to do that you're gonna give me a moral victory. OK with moral victory for you so that we hit in this case I think we did yes western deduct it was a it was closed and one. To pick a better way for the payments and I got this clear channel my inner MS all right if that's possible can throw one out there for sure. Central Florida saw Florida this week. Those are med teams know they're an. That's not a best not necessarily a bad game depict. So they can do that one and still do another trick at the end so people or saying Scott frost you Tennessee death. And some people under some Tennessee fans who like that idea. See I'm more concerned with the overall because I was scared to death doesn't come in Josh would be ahead of me now without really it was a concern for me but Richard I I I'm not quite that low yet I had to pick up some grown after that horrid. Putrid. We can have last week. They wind up an intern in here and have a five game lead. Well and indeed better. You do have a five game went up so so right and we can discard. Intern Alex from the I mean Ralston he's he's he's in there just because you felt sorry former something and decided to another you know when they're in office that's right because I knew it wouldn't be here when we were done and Desmond. I can always come back. As Matt. Listen. I want a man I'm given him the benefit of the doubt it is on Friday night when Gaffney beat burns he did not come up to the press box at the end of the game and go to me. And harass me all he was too busy doing that to me don't what. That's that's a pin and all his lackeys want to lead in the vein FF FF. Yeah I had I saw no one's Lackey but when it comes to come and I did Obama do in every single time I saw Alex before the game and you know I was really kind of look at out of the corner my eye after the game foreign to come bounding up to the Booth bring in DeKalb ill and race and all content I did you do that. I had enough I've seen my fair share of Gaffney blowout losses that I'm no help. Much Kurds feel thing and when this is a chance to be a fan especially you can rub it in his face on income more. Somebody's gonna have to explain to me what happened. B and I stuck my neck out for the burned rebels in this morning. I hear that the scoreboard operator to reservations got carpal tunnel. I think Gaffney just scored again a good season and so it begins. Lug there were some there was some stuff. There were some calls in the game or the whole bunch are refereed. Complaining on the burn side but you know when it's 4827. You can't really argue that that. Made the difference Torre in dispute at a aspiring raiders referees there yet there are some there are some stuff there were some interesting. Interesting officiating in the. So it sounds to me like that officiating crew made the rounds on the hat trick. But I'm telling you this I would have never in a million years guessed that Gaffney would score 48 rebels. That defense as well as that play editors of given again after that some big time athletes. I can tell you when it comes to these college football picks this week is going to be fun. Just because of all the games that you just mentioned. The hour segments I mean is it going to be this will be hard to pick him and maybe Greg Black Sea missile. Have don't wanna peek at that policy if if I was cooking the books you definitely want to do as well as you did. Why don't we all bind at this Virginia nonsense we all miss that. Wow that to me was the shock of the weekend. That BC Virginia game VC Blackstone. And was 42 that in. On it was not it was not close. And what lord will be in Florida State land and shocked to see Jumbo got into it with a plan. Yeah Howard hear from Jim Nolan around I still can't believe I picked you see over Notre Dame. Yeah I gotta stop doing that on just trying to trying to get catch up then and we've just begun and need to stop trying to do this. Catching up pick and all these were swinging for the fences yes I do usually doesn't I almost got away you Indiana Michigan State came home. Bob there was 41 to ten Boston College over Virginia coach in. Yeah. A 444773776. Jimmy you are next in the huddle our you know on my friend. Again had a job. But I college football playoffs. Let's say that Georgia and Alabama. Are understated in the SEC championship game in Georgia on the way to win. East they both of them will be there but a college football player. I think you have to if not it does on some other things the bezel is going on around them but. If you're only lost your Alabama and you've been as good as you've been in your only loss estimate close game now. I'll go say when points come and play there yeah you know they'll now are always Georgia. But then you know that there have been properly got to get a true debt to equity date being. Everybody into the college football playoff salute all of our big problem that that happens which. I'm Obama and Clark beat Georgia in a miracle. But they let that happen you know Alabama's perennial national championship about an hour there or not. Playoffs every year are you not have been in there. Ian that they will you know locking door to that one game. A close game to the number three team in the country if they're still that they can be in Ireland remote you know assuming Georgia has run the table. Then yeah I think there's a great case for video depends on. TCU and I mean everybody else's after Wisconsin TCU and Penn State. Com or miles gonna have a loss I assume assuming my mile. And so one and all close loss to Georgia for Alabama would be how much better loss than any of those other one loss teams up with. And it felt like controversy and cheer. Thank you Jimmy appreciate it 8444773776. Tiger final break of the hour we'll come back with more here in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. By about 10 minutes before 2 o'clock in the huddle on ESPN upstate. So awesome players from Clemson meeting with the media today demo Sweeney will meet with the media tomorrow. Couple notes coming out of the play here discussions today over clumps of Kelly Bryant. Says he's good to go for Saturday. Against Georgia Tech. He says he is out of concussion protocol. He says his ankle is it about 85%. Thereby okay what do. Are you need to see him before you before you know how good to go he has as Josh. Well last week they said he was good to go learn. The last game when he got rocked and he didn't look like news radio is ankle then. Yeah coach. This is the wrong week to be an 85%. George tech yes. Because. He's gonna have to make plays with his legs. We saw last week when they tried to keep him in the pocket he even when he he made some day these throws. Even in the middle of that game. But he's in order for this office to be effective. They still don't know what they wanna be in the running back position yet. They've got to have him be a factor in the run game. And in order for him to do that leading into the NC state game in two weeks I mean Georgia Tech has no slouch. That they've had some bad losses in the last literally five seconds. Of the games where they feel like they should want those ball games then you'll look at probably should've but they didn't. And you struggled on the road get Syracuse in in my opinion. Georgia Tech's a better opponent. So they're gonna have to make sure. Of when he runs how he runs and that's very very difficult to do. Well they need yelling kill Bryant's in there and he's real Iran if he Geron don't play. That's my thought. If Kelly Bryant is going to be a pocket passer. That's not good for clips. You'd be better off going with one or the other guys. The only thing that you hope. Is that your defensive front can overwhelm tack get a couple of turnovers. Maybe some scores what just happened tech has laid the ball on the ground several times they've given us some scoop of course. And you can get him out of there and get ready for NC state you do not want him going in the NC state and 85%. Yeah that's what I'm thing in I don't look I like Clemson against George tech you know this week I did alike and I think that defense of front. Is good enough that dumb techs not them score much points eclipsing him when the acting. You know without. A 100% healthy Kelly bran I just wonder fish play him or not you know or do you wanna eat you're gonna need him more in my mind against NC state. And if he continues to play on a bomb ankle will he be a 100% for NC state. Well if he's given around like you mean that literally took one play for the entire world. To realize he could not play and Syracuse game right. So I think you've got to watch that again this week. Is that if you thought that guilty. You've got to get him out of there. Because you've got and I hate to say this I mean obviously you're gonna go to try and win the game. And you've got to do everything that you came to win the game. But at the same time you can't. You can't sacrifice. You kill one injure injury cost you the NC state in Florida State game. Is as bad as Florida State looked against global they still got good players especially. Defensively. And for some reason the Clemson offensive line has picked the wrong time to stop or block. I would. Like to see Clinton did some reps to. Is Eric or hundred Johnson this week and practice just to make sure they're ready to go they may need one of those guys. In this George Tenet and if Kelly is not. Really good on an ankle you know maybe they trot him out there and try but they don't look good like you said it was like he did against Syracuse early get him out. Get him out of their parents and let him heal. Greg is it me or does it seem like the coaches the Clemson coaching staff. Or managing this. Quarterback situation skater. And what I mean by that is it's almost like they're trying to pacify. Zurich and homeowner. So that they don't lose. That is the only conclusion I can come up with a Waqar Johnson has gotten more reps he got a lot of reps. Two games ago not so much against Syracuse and certain look awful he looked overwhelmed he looked confused now is our talent. You can't debate that. But there's a lot of guys can throw the ball 67 yards in the year. Are not many of whom he'd be thrown at the other team. Yeah I just I just don't know that I can conclude that this Clemson coaching staff won't. Play somebody just to keep them from being unhappy that doesn't sound like. Their ammo to me. Now why do they think Cooper. Deserve the revs verses hundred Johnson what do they know that we don't know because what we saw on the games I would view on her look better. And how this prize honor wasn't in there and our thought Underwood taken over number two based on in game play will see practice right. You know maybe is there's veteran practice. Endemic to lift. Well the problem though is. Games you don't have quick whistles. And it's not a controlled environment. And that's and quarterbacks there's no way to tell how quarterback's going to do until you get him in the game. If that was the case Ryan leaf would have been a hall of Famer Peyton Manning would be a war board now. It'll be it'll be interesting to see if they do the same thing off the bench next time they need a backup quarterback do they go to Cooper. Order they make a change there. But again I think Clemson wins this game this week. So I don't you just post a look ahead I'm thinking about NC state run think that your season. The NC state. And you know what do you do to get yourself in the best position. To win that game on the road. In two weeks. What do you do this week to get in the best position to win back that came into action I think they went against George tech I am not. Cooper when George tech I know it's tough to deal with their. Option and all lamp but stuff. In a may be Wake Forest by two touchdowns. On Saturday 38 to 24. And their losses of both men one point games. Miami and Tennessee one point games. So on other capable. But I do like. Clemson this weekend. It's going to be. Interesting to see how the tigers play that going for will see what Davos as tomorrow. Com. About that situation with with Kelly Bryant you know how much does he practiced a Kelly Bryant. Limping around. And you know when he is not. Close to a 100%. That's not good in not like you know some guys who can. To stand back there and pick out receivers and sling at you don't want Shelly Cohen that you do no warning and a mobile Kelly Brian out there. It's good British clearly concussion protocol I'm glad to see that that was a heck of him or just last week Jamie metromail several weeks we his. And he's clear protocol that's what he said today. So alarm that's a plus. For Kelly M for the Clemson Tigers. Was happy to see that. There's a lot more coming out of the Clemson players meeting with the media today. Over Clemson and has there was some of them set about. Fight club. But I have time to dive into an hour of against the top of the hour so must say that too we come back and let you know what some. SE Adam choice talked about it today. And bully you know he he he passed along a little bit about the coach's reaction to fight club. So before Davos talks about a tomorrow worsen mean some money we'll ask him about it tomorrow. We have some comments from on at least from Adam choice about it today saw pass that along to you Roma come back on the other side were.