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This final hour of the huddle on ESPN of stay with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso a 4447737761. Again and when thus. The tax line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore. One of the games on tomorrow will be Penn State and Michigan Big Ten match up. And an important one here particularly for Penn State does they have the unblemished record and are trying to get into the final four after getting passed over last year. Penn State will be the favorite against Michigan certainly tomorrow Trevor managed. With the ESPN with some thoughts on that match up. If you're Jim Harbaugh and the wolverines what is your game plan for trying to neutralize this instinct it's all about stopping sake bombardment person running back in the thing is is invincible as he's seen David. Teams have been able to slow him down the last couple weeks Indiana. And northwestern had done a good job in Michigan can learn from what they did in Michigan's defense can actually do a better and it starts. That defensive line slanted. And spun the. And funnel up the field so the net and so that he can't use his lateral persons or worse. Then you stunts and you've got a defense alignment and true linebackers on the stuff. So why then we'll go inside the linebackers will twist to the outside and you know there's enough players to block them but be confused with the winds up where in the the guy's a block of the other thing is to disguise that it is here they expect these linebackers. This guy is too far out to count in the run Joaquin. County and so the fact that he is able to go out look like. Using coverage and actually when they run the ball stepped in threw them. Make that tackle it's because they are account for him that's why he's unblocked so those are things that Michigan already does and they do with players that are even better. The Indiana and northwestern this time a lot to look forward to in state college on Saturday night. Let's go to our great rivalry game USC Notre Dame in the biggest game in their average since the bush push both game both teams ranked both teams with. Playoff aspirations. What what does this come Manhattan at a Saturday when this you know they've got to run the ball notre Dame's offense is being carried. By their running attack. And the thing is they had a bye last week. It like USC was and of physical slugfest with you talk so you would expect that the fresh legs to be on the notre Dame's side. Josh Adams a massive running back because you've played ties and so will be. Thank quarterback Brandon when bush is one of the best running quarterbacks in the country the question is will he be healthy three weeks ago he injured his foot in the game. Three weeks later we'll. Contribute to the running game like he. If he's able to that I think this will be a close game early but I think that Notre Dame run game will take over in the second half. That is Trevor managed with ESPN come out a couple of games that we have on our huddle picks by the way and you can check those out under the blog section of ESPN upstate dot com. And those two games guys that he talked about Penn State Michigan. And Notre Dame and southern cal. We have lost three out of four vote on each of those not Alex went with a Michigan. And the rest of us with Penn State and Alonso. Goes with southern cal. And the rest of us go with. The fighting Irish in that match up more on those two of the highlight games they're both prime time games to. So you have to pick which one you wanna watch show tomorrow night if you're going to be hanging around the old television set. You know my thought is sick while Barkley has not been great the last couple weeks after starting off gangbusters. And he's trying to make that push for the Heisman Trophy. He knows this is a primetime game on ABC tomorrow night at 730. A feeling that. Mr. Barkley has a good game. Tomorrow night on a Michigan some pretty stout defensively. Amal soul little skeptical about Michigan's ability to put points on the board. Against Penn State tomorrow. Yeah they're probably gonna do a different way though because the points that Trevor managed made were legitimate. Michigan's front is very very talented very very good. We're Sean Gary the former number one player in the country come in high school is starting to come in his own Maurice Hurst the other defensive tackle who I think. Quite possibly could be. The most underrated defensive lineman in the country that not enough people are talking about Maurice Hurst is an outstanding. Player. So what I'm expecting a James Franklin as offensive staff is. They're probably gonna come out throwing to set up the wrong one and one of the aspects about 61 Barkley. That gets overlooked is he is an outstanding receiver. Out of the backfield I think it was a couple of games ago. Were I can't remember the teams specifically. Did a nice job of shutting him down. From a Russian standpoint but he had like 99 yard receiving out of the backfield. And a couple receiving touchdowns so. And when you look at say quantity is a complete back. When it comes to where he. It's in the role of Penn State. And a kid that I really like his Trace McSorley the quarterback. Who I think is very very good so. I'm going to be interested to see number one. What Coach Brown the defensive coordinator for Michigan does. He does a great job. With Michigan and with the defense so I'm going to be interesting how I defends them. On whether he tries to load the box a little bit more man coverage or whether he brings. Some different pressures from some different angles. To try to slow down cinquanta. And put it all McSorley so that's going to be one of the fascinating things but seemed to me Michigan. Is lacking so much. In the secondary and apple linebacker level specifically outside. That I think Penn State will be able to make some hay and that's where I agree would you. I just think if this thing turns into a shoot out Penn State's got more bullets in their guns. See my only concern for Penn State is them looking ahead to next week and more and they know what's coming up next week the showdown with Ohio State especially how things ended last year. On and you know those guys are looking forward to that he can't overlook Michigan there's still Michigan and they they may not have as much talent as Penn State right now but. It is if you don't have focus on this game you might get out coached in you might lose a game. Depth danger of that certainly a Michigan capable of winning that ballgame last night we did get a pretty good college game they'll probably launch in the NFL game but. I'm Memphis face Jim Memphis beat Houston by four points 42 to 38. Was the final and that one also last night Arkansas State all over Louisiana. 47 to three was a file and now when there's some games tonight nothing that you probably would get too excited about although one alms and our picks. Western Kentucky Old Dominion is tonight boys. The liner up the mess pick of the week treasury check that out that's a 6 o'clock game Marshall middle Tennessee air force in Nevada and Colorado State. Had New Mexico and the late game on ESPN two tonight. But if you're planning your viewing. Tomorrow for college football. You're noon game choices include Wisconsin Maryland. Oklahoma State Texas. Could be good that's the ABC game. At twelve noon ESPN you'll have Tulsa Connecticut no thank you. Let's say Iowa and northwestern will be on the deuce and noon tomorrow I was had some impressive performances. And lawyer both Florida State is the ESP inning game ACC match up between a couple of disappointing teams. Either one of those teams and a good. Political and Florida State these so far you mega selling in good data go out and do something now early in my barely. You know. Because the SEC network will have Missouri Idaho at noon. I know you'll be waiting for Obama is going to slow that is bad. Now there's nothing and now I would watch Oklahoma State Texas. I would watch that. If on the front of the TV does well. I'll check out than the later games and civil we have that 330. CBS game as Alabama Tennessee that just might be entertaining as like watching a train wreck. Watching an action watching Butch Jones demeanor on the sidelines. Not only is that he's playing Alabama is playing at a Matt Bryant Denny stadium in Tuscaloosa. Coming off like a couple of games Horry hasn't scored a touchdown. He's playing element. I you know are we gonna coming here Monday and say while Tennessee really showed up and played. This weekend. I'm releasing two South Carolina. Five or six I'll pursue it and how many or brushing that the gamecocks have couple hundred. Now. Carolina. Probably not long days for the big orange but if your brother TV at 330 you go beyond just. Just got to pick gentlemen I don't. Got through because I was you know you can't local way. From the wreckage and carnage. You just can't now. Miami Syracuse Clemson fans might wanna check that one out because it can affect them with Syracuse and and beat the tigers last week. Asked the 330 game on ESPN a hard rock stadium on cream but there's model now. For Syracuse for the cues. Praying I don't think they win at Miami I know Miami is not great I know they're probably not the number eight team in the country. Even though the poll says they are. But they're better at home and then Syracuse I think. I know I'm Syracuse looked good last week and they do a two weeks are they worth checking in on the island just sink. North Carolina Virginia Tech that's lane stadium in Blacksburg at 330 on ESPN two all right. The good news. There's good news and bad news for Butch Jones. You look good news is for this particular day or just bad humor there's Larry Fedora a a trip Larry Fedora still has not figured out how to stop Georgia. They may run for 700 yards on North Carolina this week. Vito and yes they might. Yet as nothing that has the chance to get ugly. At lane stadium 330 and we Josh Jackson now. Mean I am a Michigan State Indiana could be and can be a close game. Indiana has shown up and a couple of games this year that's the ABC game. From East Lansing at 330 tomorrow afternoon. Let's see then a little later in the day when you check out the SEC network just think this is the weekend Kentucky's luck runs out. They go to Mississippi State. 4 o'clock game from start bill. On the SEC network tomorrow likeness of the statement that may actually turn into a good game could be near the Kentucky wins that Indiana by Kentucky don't. You know look. After seeing him in person in the way they backed it up with your performance against Florida. You know bad defense for Kentucky's real. I mean they've got some legitimate guys back there that shuts down offenses. I'm going to be very fascinating to see how Dan Mullen. And FitzGerald attacked them. Now maybe one of those circumstances where they're able to just small amount fraught because. Kentucky's defensive line. I mean they'll stop you but they're not gonna blow you'll. You know they'll just kind of neutralized what the offensive line does but they don't reestablish the line of scrimmage. So that's gonna allow the zone concept zone gap concept that. Dan Mullen likes to Ryan. To kind of get a foot hold little bit at least I'm interested to see that game. SMU was on TV tomorrow if you wanna check out Chad Morris we're Tom item possibly making a move after this year. They play future game park you know that's not the movies. ESP and you will have their game with Cincinnati at 4 o'clock tomorrow SMU is for into the never a pretty good here. And they were spiked the ball against Houston they lost by thirteen point. And a loss TC use of their losses or TCU in Houston that's not bad they've been everybody else they're foreign to I agree that Chad Morris is probably going to be on the motive. About that time and at. If you want somewhere yeah he gets it she didn't yeah he's like a stay around too much younger. That's 4 o'clock on the U let's see there we go to primetime tomorrow night LSU Ole miss at 715. On ESPN. In Oxford. Coach go. Against the Ole miss rebels. All voice thing. While that might. Could be a big win for Alicia you. Or it could look like. I'm on fire so mind going downhill with no breaks. I mean that game has potential from now issued a blown out two Libyan an ugly ugly game room. 'cause Ole miss is good enough shape Paterson. And the optimistic. Kinda challenging a little bit and tell issue missile schizophrenic. That if they turn the ball over lenient exactly only having his best game. But the future land sharks and on the road right in one thing we've learned in this crazy college football season is that anything can happen. All the road. I mean that game could turn into either a blowout or just ugly as exhibition but more your personal. LSU coming up a couple of close wins good wins over Florida and Auburn one point over Florida four points over Auburn last week some. But beyond nice little three game win streak if they win. And Ole miss. Tomorrow night against 715 on ESPN. The two games we mentioned ABC will have Michigan Penn State at 730. And NBC will have southern cal Notre Dame at 730 as well. SEC network at 730 is what coach will be watching Arkansas Auburn hall. From Fayetteville. All I'm gonna do is just just check in from time to time. To see what the blowouts. At what point. It down the new ACC fans can check out Georgia Tech Wake Forest at 730 on the use tomorrow night. And fox what have TCU Kansas. At 8 o'clock. Tomorrow and so is game day and soft being. Capuano or is it important state. You would thing. Penn State but I don't know that ma'am I don't know. Well look it up. 8444773776. Text line 71307. A break and come back with more here final hour of the huddle under way for Friday afternoon on ESP announced. You know honestly is trending with Lou cheaply the Panthers linebacker is them does not encouraging president he's been ruled out for Sunday. With a concussion. They play the bears on Sunday. Missed three games last year knobs are in 20156. Games last year. With a concussion so this will be the tenth game Lou cheaply has missed since Tony shifting. For concussion protocol. Ten yanks. On the final three games he missed last year came after he was clear from protocol but you know the Panthers were not go anywhere so they don't amount which I thought was Smart. And Ron Rivera said he's gonna use the same got a caution. Was chiefly this time even though the Panthers are four and two when they're very much in the playoff spot. They're going to be down. Try to be cautious with Saluki point. Ron Rivera sounding optimistic that he will not miss is much time this time he says he's progressing. Nicely. Through the protocol. Actually it was gonna see a doctor Monday morning. And he could play next week. Against Tampa Bay on the road. Archer all nervous for load tickling I know library yes Mary. I mean. I'm anymore is it gonna take before he just says akin to listening. Now another guy wants to play football. A man he probably won't be one of those guys where he won't decide. Doctor Rotella yup. I agree. I may tell on that I don't know how closely art of that but dumb anyway he'll miss this week. For the Panthers also they may be without Kelvin Benjamin this week. He's questionable. He's missed the path past two days of practice swelling in his left knee that's the knee that was surgically repaired in 2015. He did practice today. Though so he may play some this weekend. He's not questionable but I'm leaning toward him getting in the game. On sun. Did they ever find out why cam boycotted the media yesterday didn't show up now I don't know again. When he yesterday her was Wednesday you both. Why yeah I mean it's even shortly after I don't think he showed up after the game or. Over the week now. What's going on with Canada says softly yeah. It's getting a fine for that write your will. May be thinks it's worth it. Not have to talk to you media people. Yeah you know alexion that it I don't know I don't know what's going on there. The rest of the injury report now Ryan Khalil the senator. Is going to start that's good off very good to have him back full practice this week and that neck injury scheduled to start. Kurt Coleman. The safety. May be returning he's questionable. He said. A knee injury has kept him out for two games. And then officially out Fazio Whitaker. And Demetrius Cox the safety. Who has an ankle injuries are still pretty. Lengthy injury report for the Carolina Panthers going into this weekend. Their head meetings today in Green Bay deciding what to do with a Aaron Rodgers. But think and yet we know we just had surgery may try to melt you. Know that's no others. They may put him on injured reserve. Good thing either employed or my poems. For. Big game man you gotta have got to have them and a break that streak. Right army can't with a beautiful. Throw left handed we think it. Where you're there you packer fan what do you think they should do. It doesn't really matter if they put him on injured reserve because they could still bring him back after eight weeks. So. I guess that's what golden and that's fine. If he goes on injured reserve and if they can come back after eight weeks guess which game he will be back for. Carolina Panthers we drifting. Here you go Panthers here live and raw like fried either Rodgers back and not necessarily. The training staff and renaming milk injuring one more week. You mean now before they put him on injured reserve one. Earnings airline for the Carolina you know it may be like and he needs one week because of the defense as a defense in the end. It now. You know the last time that Aaron Rodgers had done. That collarbone injury. It was as non throwing left clavicle and 23 team he was back in seven weeks but there's no surgery. Or surgery this time trying to tell field goal in trading for getting hurt. Should listen to Josh trade Aaron Rodgers should listen to the man. Should listen of that brilliant idea I don't know what Green Bay was thinking now you get nothing now I got nothing. I got nothing when he Debra unlike. There's always keep whaling is the only way for Ali. Only Connelly plays a little better this week I don't know they can be New Orleans can that be known. Possibly depends what's New Orleans team shows and yeah out. And they are getting those two I told you guys earlier this week everybody was down now these offensive lineman. Bryan Bulaga cleared concussion protocol today he can play. And David mark tarring the left tackle he has been practicing. And a hamstring. And might play Sunday. I'm so forget your offensive line back and profoundly say in politically it's come back ladies give back out here. So that I don't get killed. He went water both those guys may play this week and that would be good for. The Green Bay Packers. First NFL start for Brett Hundley. I don't know. What happens if you sense a world. Really good year for working core managed GMAC. We just restaurant risen. Now. That's what they did to Motorola. That's going to be and I don't think Jim Nance is just a and then you'll have Roger's role model that's a good pitching for a they've been go to the blues man to have like a law firm Rogers and Romo. On the look I'm just looking for I'm just looking for decent out of breath Huntley. Give me that the game and don't prefix doing the game manager. Yeah I mean I know and I mean not really Hindi more than I was a Green Bay offense without Rogers and what do you have got a running game. They started to establish a little bit of a running game with them there and Jones. So no you have no conflict. We hope it's a big strapping athletic kid. How do you feel confidence and why the tiger wins Sunday maybe he can doing yeoman job that they can get to an advance in the playoffs now. The no trust for the home and books and see that happen. Yeah. A 44 GS PE SPN. Let's take a break come back with more in a moment here in the huddle on the ESPN of states more info about tonight's game we're broadcasting on ESP upstate burns in Gaffney. To pass along. When we come back here in the huddle stay Willis. We're just a little over a three hours away from air time for burned dribbles the ball tonight on ESP announced they wildly burns Gaffney game from the reservation. Right there are fought exit ninety in Gaffney. One of the game just go to the Alamo on tiger right. And you'll find if I'll always a lot of fun when emerging Gaffney get together they've had some classic games over the years burns comes in at seven and 111 in the conference region. And Gaffney is for him for what all their home games lost the road games but they are also won him one in the region. One of the things about burns defensively they get these a speedy defense of man's and they have. More than twenty sacks on the year sixteen of those Marquez Roland. He said that he was going to break the sack record all time a burns and he may be on his way. To doing that but Daphne has been playing. Pretty well the last couple weeks and certainly want something say about that if you look back at this series in the last few games. Against anyone at last year 21 to seventeen that Nixon field. As a burns won only three games last year the previous four games went to the rebels. Three out of those four at home. And the back in 2012 it was Gaffney knocking burns out of the playoffs with a regular season four point win and then a two point win. In the playoffs in the policies. Burns comes in averaging 36 points a game and giving up just two and a and a half points in game again. Expected to be a close one. But we'll find out together tonight when we bring it to you at 7 o'clock 730 is the kick off. Now the big game is Spartanburg Boiling Springs at bowling springs. Bulldogs have won the last three. And that's series. Including knocking out the vikings from the playoffs last year going on to the state championship games themselves. But right now mauling springs is ON three in the region so they have to win the night they have a lot to play for. After one night to stay alive or post season play enough so that's what's on the line. In that one watch the scores of all the games while we're on the air tonight Randi cable says stokes and I for the burns Gaffney game. Coming up that. 7 o'clock with the 730. Kick off tonight. We were talking about ACC basketball we're a little bit from Brad Brownell earlier. And Sports Illustrated has has some projections on the ACC. For this year and then a pick the Clemson Tigers. Ate some middle of the pack. Unless South Carolina goes in the final four picked eleventh in the SEC. At least Sports Illustrated picking Clemson. Who did not make the NCAA tournament. Or one and done in the ninety. Project in them and eighth. In the ACC they project Clemson will improve their conference record coach they were six and twelve last year. They project on so we'll go way intent I don't know if that will lobby enough. I won't cut it yeah. Probably nearly 500 nothing yet that will narcotic. My middle of the pack. In a glimpse of according to. Sports Illustrated. While no Florida State lost some folks. On north Carolina's got a pretty good core coming back deuce got a pretty good corps and the team to be. Virginia I'm always interested in Tony Bennett. And what he's doing in all his offense a lot of people like it. Because it's more about half court. It's kind of half Princeton type mean they don't get that deep. Into what they do on the offensive end but he's done a great job. In Charlottesville. That the team that amazes me that they don't do batters Florida State. I mean when you look out there and you see the length and the athleticism and the speed of those guys. It's just unbelievable how talented they are and yet. You know what was it last year internment without the second round. I think they got through the first round. And got bounced in the second. So did it and never understood how come it's just been sold off. On down in Tallahassee to they usually have the athletes to do. As far as though what Clemson has according to Sports Illustrated. They say the tigers could potentially earn their first NCAA bid since 2011. If things break right they'll need to take advantage of a favorable conference scheduled. And then get their backcourt duo more peace read in Shelton Mitchell. Up speeding to think Marshall Mitchell sees not a 100% healthy yes July can't stay healthy yeah he's great player you know and he stay healthy. That's going to be the question on Mitchell for me this year. Drama classic game is gone. They add a transfer from Michigan mark Donald. Will that help them and we were talking are hearing from Brad Brownell a little earlier about the expectations he has from a mere Sam's new guy coming and a decade to bow back. They've got to Eliza Thomas. They've got Dante Grantham I need Dante grant them to step up this is senior year. And he just hasn't been what they wanted to be. No one thing is he came into Clemson was such fanfare he's a former four star game. When he got there. I'm gonna be interested to see why this going to be the first. Brad Brownell team. That doesn't have a legitimate. Low block player him you know sitting just today started to kind of get comfortable and what he was doing I mean here's a seven footer that at least had a presence. Now. I mean is he gonna Google four guard lineup is is that legacy. Because I just don't see any time how're they going to be able I was Clemson going to be able to handle. The leak of the dukes north Carolinas and Florida State's yep good guards but questionable inside and out lie period did. Yeah right I'll like to read to him and Mitchell next to each other man and that backcourt is going to be fun to watch like you said and making sure that. Mitchell is healthy. But my concern for them as what are they gonna do when they reach the big guys right they got to be able to compete. The other thing GMAC is that should mean last year. If for some reason Clinton forgot how to play defense. There was surprising because that's what they had done so yells for yes very much so. So there's a lot of questions I'm surprised that they are that high. Middle of the pack but mind beyond. Two made to Madras losses yet to major losses just like Carolina they're eight and Carolina's. In the toilet and didn't make. That's why assets or something. There's just something wrong with the. Well a lot of things are saying is that there's a much a new talent coming into the SEC any SEC's going to be better the ACC's always good and will be good again but I don't know if there. Really expected as a conference to be better than that war. Last year and the SEC is they projected player of the year in the ACC according to Sports Illustrated notre Dame's Bonzi Colson. You got other guys that will make their push for like grace and Allen and Joseph bearing. The newcomer of the year the kid at duke Marvin back Clinton and Bagley is. Expectations really high 611 power forward. Coming in and that's one of the reasons duke is picked to win the conference the expectations for him. As fact the dump all conference team. Pre season from Sports Illustrated Jules bears from North Carolina grace and Allen from duke. Josh a Koji from George tech. Bonds a Colson Notre Dame Marvin Magli from Duke's a couple of new guys there and then a six man Brian Crawford from wake. From Wake Forest. And again do big first. They say Lloyd noble second coach with the thing is going on that program would be wrong I mean it just the players vote darling I have the want to after all this mess. The other thing is. I can't wait to see when Louisville travels to Durham. And the reception they get when they come home court L. As a Cameron crazies they get they get pretty creative wins there. Displays when it comes though the teams. No doubt I mean brutal to. They still have some good players though like sophomore Vijay keen. Other freshman senator Malik Williams. Big time player to become an end though expect a lot out of him. But I just don't know you know they're losing recruits because of pitino's firing in the whole scandal. And they suspended one guy in Brian Boland. Because of all Latin but Sports Illustrated says not to worry they'll be run up top of the ACC. Will sink. A 444773776. Just like her final break we'll come back and wrapping up here on the Friday huddle in a moment on ESP announced. Welcome back final five minutes of the huddle here for this week on ESPN upstate with GMAC coach Phillips and Alonso. While both are Clemson and South Carolina are off. Tomorrow off this weekend of games for the tigers and gamecocks. Both Furman and offer our homes or take advantage and go out and see. What are those two schools of flight tomorrow afternoon at 130 again stadium in Spartanburg and Wofford will host Sanford. Out of Alabama. So 130 start of course the Wofford terriers are six and oh so you obesity and I'm the only undefeated football team from the state of South Carolina. If you're over in check that one out. And then like this one soon the Furman Paladins will host Mercer tomorrow that's also at 130. Homecoming weekend. At Furman and you know we talked about it earlier in the week coach. When we had coach Hendrix on Monday just. This. Pits a couple of old buddies against each other and the coaching ranks from commerce Georgia. Clay Hendricks of Furman and Bobby lamb. A Mercer and their coaching against each other for the very first time as long as they've known each other coach together on the same teams coach to different places. Never been head coaches against each other until two more. All of that. Yeah there too depending on where each program is out. That can be really really find it more convenient and it can be excruciating. Like if one of you is struggling to keep her job. And you've got to play the other one it's excruciating. But that's not the point here now obviously 'cause goaltenders. Is in his first year coach slams doing a great job with Mercer right sadistic game or both of them are gonna enjoy just the competitiveness. And try to kick each other's Miami. These are when it's fun to be friends in the B have a relationship. Outside the lines and then you go on there and compete. No doubt and Furman is hot. Out the door and they are red hot to 14 in a row they try to make it five. In a row against Mercer. That's tomorrow afternoon. Speaking about soak on football how far he's Chattanooga fall on a one man bottom well and and the thing is there was a lot of controversy. In the athletic director. Who used to be at Tennessee. As the assistant athletic director. After a prosecution and left to go back to Richmond. On where he was the defensive coordinator before his head coach now. That job came open he jumped ship they hire a division three guy. That played for the Indianapolis Colts and yet he was the back up again sue Payton Manning. Will Peyton Manning knew the athletic director from Chattanooga. Because he was there one play Payton's play there. Gave the guy Paul. So hey this guy is gonna be a good guy good coach whatever plate given thumbs up. He hires this division three coach. If and only had NFL experience. And it's been a complete train. Or one in six. Why. It's the real it's gotten so bad been chipped in Chatham Google was a top ten program absolutely just 12 years ago you know what they win the Southern Conference. All left and right now there's whispers that. I'm not only are they not happy with the coach obviously but the athletic director may cost him his job to. Them the other only ahead of the EMI whose winless in. In the Southern Conference run him so I itself that is quite a turnaround there anyway go check out firm and oral Wofford this weekend. Furman. Playing on Mercer and Wofford playing Sam for both home games at 130 tomorrow afternoon should be good to go otherwise and a chance for you to take a break from South Carolina Clemson football with them off this week in a check out those two schools. Yankees or Houston where you think. Who wins this weekend might well we have all series the whole series yeah. Well I started the year I picked LA and Houston play for a I got to stick within. Somehow Houston just got to get this thing to games and somehow I am Ali is the yankees' yeah I agree. A your pick him but he still playing well you all right you know you got it definitely drove it brought you but after the first dance it's every man for himself. Now Dodgers are and they eliminated the cubs that made me happy I did not want to launch the comes in the roasters are. Charge of finance and I'm happy we got a feel good for commercial all that molecule is bad news herald series. Ali grocers big and no matter who wins in the American. I should able Sturgis coming up next RCA and 3 hours at 7 o'clock for burns and Gaffney football. With Seth stokes and Randy table we live over the reservation in debt and bring you that one tonight 730 kick off. Alonso and the coach Josh Phillips will be back in the hole on Monday at 1 o'clock. I'm Greg McKinney thanks for listening to the huddle and have yourself a great weekend.