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Second hour of the huddle under way on ESPN upstate if you wanna get with us on this Friday afternoon phone lines are open and 8444773776. They care a lot of coaches Arby's superstore text line is open to you at 71307. New security is paean. And you can get us on Twitter and ESP in upstate don't forget to download are apt to. Just do a search on your App Store for ESP in upstate. And download that ESP in upstate app it is free hand you can listen lives in oak has been operational leaders well more more people doing that we invite you to do so. Great way to listen to our high school football on Friday night have a lot of people doing that. Big go streaming. Numbers for burns broadcasts on Friday night. I ESP in upstate just searching your App Store and you can find it. That way we talk some yesterday. About South Carolina basketball and how they were picked. Eleventh in the SEC by. The media Brad Brownell Clemson coach met with the media. This week to they had their golf tournament basketball golf tournament. And down. This kind of a little bit of heat. On bread this year to get to the post season. Safe to say Josh. Pleased to get to the tournament. This year. Or could get little uncomfortable. I would say that. But what does judge keep forgetting to turn on his life. I'm trying to stay out of chipping has bought it it's my fault and I apologize or do better and I'm trying himself and a on this our credit chasm is dripping like on the domino. No I think it's I think this as a make or break year for him. He's got to be able to I think last year. There was a lot of hullabaloo going into the season. Although it turned into a terrain right. There was a lot of discussion about whether he was going to be let go and leave. Last year but then people wanted to give a slide. This year there's no more excuses. He's got some guys in place he feels like the team is where should be and I believe we're in year eight. And rightly guess right and this golden brown yeah he's already been there eight years. And so I think if you're gonna see in the title. Of movement it's gonna come this year and if you know him in deeper and people forget this. They had their meeting right into the season. And the last time to your ad did that was what Jack Leggett and then at into the baseball season what happened. They had a new car and money leafs so I think. The golf has been laid down by. And that there's not if Clinton repeats the way they have a season ago. Then they're going to be looking for a new head coach Dunn and in points and. Don't need to get it done need to get to the up post season this year now of course they lost around blossom game. But I feel pretty good about some of the guys they. Have coming in particularly some of the new faces and there's one in particular that Brownell talked about this week that he's expecting big things from. We've got you know we really have almost. You really look at our team we almost have seven guys that that really didn't play much at all or any obviously you can until the fourth freshman. David scarves set out Morgan held at the transfer from Michigan and in Scott's been through really had back surgery and was out most of last year so much you almost like five guys that are experienced players and good players and we got seven guys were all trying to figure out and we like the new guys that we have when you think about that seven and we we think that a mere senses you know he's one of the most talented. Big big players that we've recruited here. There's no question the new facility was a major impact in his recruitment and helped us these awful lot of ACC schools beginning. He's he's. Because he's physically so strong I think he's able to absorb. There are a little bit more mentally because he's not as worried about surviving physically in a difficult position. Some day in and day out he doesn't come in beat up and like just trying to lick is wounds and survive he's a guy that. Can handle that with his account in the position but it also. Still play with enough poise and maturity to be able to do other things and to learn we're trying to teach him apply the drills to game. So really excited about a mayor. It. Guess you forgot to turn my back. Yeah they it's a virus or something it's casting or we need to give engineers story on Sims though when you noticed that I noticed that Brad Brownell talk about how the new facilities. Helped attract Amir Sam's. And that was a big storyline last year that pay if Brad Brownell deserves another year is because they can get a Little John. Till last year and he needs chance to have had that same place for years to. You know to help recruiting and he started saying that is our helped recruiting so that. I think is significant last year lay out where seventeen and sixteen they went to the NIT. And they were dumped in the first round seven he was last year seventeen year before that sixteen year report. They've got to get about twenty wins coach they just have to. What was their record in conference. It's six and twelve exactly. Now that's the problem. Al there were down four games four wins over the previous hearing conference play. You can. With the with the expectations. That was coming into it was a city did you just today. Blossom game. Avery Holmes who I think is a very very good player. That doesn't give enough credit but would that nucleus of guys. And some of the transfers that they had coming in that was supposed to be eligible. And then of course you mentioned woman had a back injury that wasn't able to participate full go. There was so much promise and so much enthusiasm regarding it. And then to lift home and then net loss to Oakland when you're up twenty points. At home in ninety and you lose. That's the last. Memory that many fans have. What. Oakland some basketball was so. If there's not significant improvement what I mean by that is they have to at least win. I think they're gonna have to at least go to an eleven games. In the ACC. And then like you they're gonna have to if they don't hit one he'd better be like at ninety. And I think if they get to nineteen or twenty wins with eleven or ten or eleven. And conference. That's gonna put him in the top half of the league. And then things will be okay moving forward if not. Then it's again they're going to be hunt for a new coach. In other skier. No questions a two year we will be carrying Clemson basketball here on ESP in upstate look forward to it should be an interesting year and it's gonna pretty selling the first game is November 10. And is just around the corner and only three weeks away. So lomb state do for more information on bat. Brad Stevens the Celtics coach says Gordon Hayward is in good spirits. After he underwent surgery yesterday. For that fracture and dislocation in his left ankle. Stephen said he is having some of the post surgery challenges that you always have pain. I kind of thing but to said the surgery went great his spirits were spirits were pretty positive. I said they talk about how to approach the next five months. Different ways to stay engaged when he can't be practicing. Or playing. Different ways to approach and attack it says he's ready to get started on rehab. Ride away. Celtics fans may say when they hear five months does that hint that he can be back. In late march. On the Celtics say there is no immediate timetable. Or they would return to action his agent has said it's not likely that he will play at all this year. But Stephen seems to be looking for ways to help him maximized his time on the sideline. In fact Stephens reached out to frighten bowl gold this week. For advice on how to keep rewarding grange remember Vogel was putting gauged. Bogle as the head coach of the pacers when Paul George got hurt. That man's leg injury. And so he's been through this before and Stephens and Bogle our friends from their days back at top Butler. So. Pelican to you know try to make the best out of this but I don't think gum and look I'm not a doctor don't even play one on TV. I don't think you'd be wise try to get here we're back this year according just just based on what we saw that injury. The other nah there's no reason rush that. I'm in Boston they are who they are right now so it'll be you know let it run out. Bringing back get healthy role with a male I mean they've you they've locked him into a four year deal. So that there's no reason rushing. Did you watch lawns a ball last night yes. And I'll look at every single minute of it because now maybe. All of the ball apologist. I try to warn everybody that that was a bad pick for LA. He cannot play at that level. All else one game secure what you want Alonso to fail now I don't want him to fail he was put in a position to fail. He's out of his league while their their pick in Al and they have made coming Patrick Beverley said bright in the post game interview. That the opponents are making a concerted effort to just harassed this dude primarily because daddy right. Well primary that is primarily because the lakers took him number two overall. So you've got. Went to Minnesota normal thing you've got picked number two someone pick on you I mean. Do you know number one and two picks get picked on because an epic kind well it depends on how they come into the leak. You know and you've got a guy that's come into the league what he was so small. And when they got beat in the NCAA tournament any sit down at the at the locker. And report harassing him. So you are coming back he was Smart enough I ain't coming back. Alone okay. Couldn't handle Kentucky. And so now he's got to take his medicine he was not I thought he would say. Better than average player in college that would struggle once he got the MBA. Because of his lack of athleticism he is a good ball distributor but he doesn't have to foot quickness. In order breakdown defense is in order to dish the ball he's gonna bishop from the perimeter. Well when you're dealing with the guys that are 6566. Sometimes 67. They don't cut it. Patrick Beverley is 62. And he flat out locking down. So three months from now how's it going. About the claim it is still playing. And he's still gonna play I mean they've they've Magic Johnson sold. So all of this kid. So they've got to live when it and it was a bad pit. Will they keep Bob is this. This vendetta against him though like Beverly obviously they had last night I mean it was picking up a half court oh yeah did his dad comes out the day he says he's pageant Beverly. Does he have his own shoe companies and you know all this crap see his dad. Is throwing his own salon under the bus is that's not the one out there. On a nightly basis that's got to go against these guys. And what he's going to his son. They can't go after his academy is an old man sitting in the stands. To this sounds like Patrick Beverley being an opportunist because until he was mentioned on this show I forgot all about him. And he sees unease sees an opportunity to get his name back out there how many other teams are gonna do that. Where someone of the teams go inside let's go pick on the rookie. It's got to Beverly style soup I mean is that gonna happen night after night after night it's one Israeli and and just do their best to harass. Alonso ball yes that's gonna happen every night every night. Every time. Especially when he plays against established veterans that have that has been in the league 567 years. I mean he came out himself and said within two years they were really and maybe even this year they were on the lead LA to a world championship. Because how area how dare you have confidence in yourself and see how did you do that you can't say can you do in the come out and say we're going to be mediocre they'll ask any worse than that that has nothing to do with. Absolutely nothing to do with. Which it doesn't matter because he's just holds or LeBron gets there and eight months anyway. I mean it's a done deal it's not a done this they've done it anyway if I don't want to see done deal will be collusion in their old. What it looked in the NBA that you do that because they bought the the lakers have already been hit with 500000 dollar fine for tampering. That they had to pay which means is not a done deal because it would be huge room. Here. But he's gonna get to play in the NBA. And magic. Made a huge mistake. Enormous. And he's got to pay for for the next. Two to three years. Three points four assists he did a nine rebounds since. I'm owner hearken back to us first what was it pre season game where you had a similar game in every Biden slammed in the peace in the Kamal the the next game and just poured out I mean. I think the sample sizes are way too small to begin all happy about the failure of somewhat. Our pre season games like the all star game. All right guys are out there tonight get hurt to get their wind. Shoot some jumpers got to get into the mold of the season and then let's go with the intensity. Is through the roof now because now. This is how these guys make these lively their livelihood. Listen I do know one roof forum I do just because of his name a little bit but because you dislike him so much it's making me wanna cheer for its. I've just like he he sucks. But she won't have the thing on the policy on there. It's not don't want him to fail. He's been put in a position to fail it would be the equivalent of the Panthers asking me to come play and play equally. And me get up and get mobbed by kit. That's the equivalent. Yes. So you're saying you would say no they offered an army I don't take my tickets for the event but it sounds like animal clinic. Disparaging the kid for fun in the contract that argument exactly right it's going to be dumb enough of Magic Johnson is going to be dumb enough. To give him that type deal to draft number eight team. OK I don't fault the kid for take in the morning. Okay it will fall is the process that is Q2. As draft. They overreached again he would have been there in the second or third round. Okay nobody in the end it was gonna touch this kid and probably the first did it because they wanna deal. The lakers were the only one. Because a bit of magic relationship with the is bad. And him play and he UCLA and them actually coming out saying we're we're not gonna play for anybody but the lakers don't even worry about that's the other thing. He made that decision to. So it's not. I just don't is that what player coming out of college early. Tells the entire NBA don't draft me because that you're not LA lakers I'm not signed and we you. So in my opinion he gets every amount. A lot of criticism he deserve. She's you have the same kind of anger for Eli Manning's contract and those come. The difference between idealism precision what his dad said Eli is not gonna play for this other team you will only play for the San Diego this is the same thing it was good there was this we'll get. With him and John Elway. Okay. Because of what was going on in the NFL at that time and the instability now Eli yeah. I had a problem with what he did I'd have a problem John elderly don't. Eli didn't rule out the rest of the NFL exactly is that ruled out want to use it like a front office isn't exactly right so there was political issues. That Archie had because of his that's done with yeah. But what it's like GMAC just that which would also point wasn't the whole league it was one knee. He got I promise you Dallas quality life Jerry Jones would've took. Atlanta any other team but he wasn't gonna go there. With the chargers and you know I don't blame him as a dad. Seems like the same situation knowledge fun I don't some different it's totally different this kid is small. He has an elitist attitude because of he grew up in LA and he was this type of recruit. He's he's he's gonna have some good games coach. When they play and that's the bush Phoenix denied he might go yeah I was gonna say when it when he plays that that's the suns. He might have a decent game because there are ones that Kentucky could beat the Mets in the salons. A 444773776. Tom. Welcome man you're up next and not on you don't. I've geared. I'm so ops department taker then how about. Well seriously when you just say apple leader Dick you know things like a college in could be protein. It doesn't matter that protein during the college in every time. But. You just said that there are a bit our ground in the NBA draft. There there's pockets. Early on no can. You can't. Are you not you talk first gone for personal don't want it for personal. Oh yes how do business are you oh you're gonna call in and dictate. To what can win and how we Shia. You be quiet and I taught that that's the way this works and yes the war on destitute or there's something that's called Urban League. Okay and that's just the way our. All right. So just worry about going kill on the dear you'll have enough problems with that. Does go well I step mamet a coughing fit if to break them. 8444773776. A must be a Friday back in a moment bottle on ESP in upstate stay with us. Now one tweed pass along on not not tweet but does taxed off 71307. On. One's a ball Dexter says Lamar ball as the Donald Trump a basketball. Say ridiculous things. Study in the media. Get results. 71307. Use keyword ESPN if you want to walk. Some a subtext here in the huddling Collison a 444773776. Right now let's get to the tweet of the day in the huddle. Yeah. I'd some fudging a little bit this is not exactly a tweet it's a Twitter account. This is awesome and in my mind if you guys are as impressed design. At KFC. Can tell you project at one point two million followers on at KFC. They follow. Eleven. Twitter accounts. When you view the eleven Twitter accounts that KFC follows and see if you pick up on how cleverly. KFC follows. Jerry Hollowell. Ciara. Melanie Brown. Emma Bunton. Melanie C. And Victoria Beckham. The you know there. Victoria Beckham's got to give it you know. And Mel brown. Scary spice Spice Girls as a spice or they also follow us five. They also follow. Herb scribner. Herb Wesson junior. Herb waters herb dean. Herbs Sendak. The coach. And Herb Alpert from the point. Six so. Anything that's flavorful and a name none and spice and harm there CFC charity note because I heard this earlier. Via that I just get seeing again now now now it's perfect no it's also got it but. Six herbs. And five Spice Girls that's eleven herbs and spices. It's really good. As in game. C'mon that's good right absolutely I mean he had to work to do that yes she did that it creativity like I liked it there. Now the question is how did you get out. Someone does this gear down this or did a leakage so people would know that if you look at it look they only follow eleven you might thing aren't used KFC and I'm not sit around going you know why somebody would no wonder new Kia KFC phone silence is the home I don't know I think money well I think the only. I think claims it to cool story it's very Smart. I love that is outstanding market and it's put me in the mood for some K state secret if that's awesome though those. Chicken sliders. Especially despite. Its good awhile as original Krispy extra players. Go man go for. I'll join him up X amount for the ball in and I'm not really you're gonna go get some chicken and all I can wish for because the president and I was sound like a definite their. And I might fall off the wagon if I had accompanied Alex or. GMAC to the game tonight because Gaffney is the only town. I believe with them. Fifty miles it has pop lies is that I have a weakness for pipelines. A low off on the ground compromise what it is they're red beans and rice is outs. Then there's a pop eyes around the corner where I grew up and I just never met him when they do today follow on Twitter that's one column in the course olive oil. You know we told you that at last night's Chapman Newberry high school game that Bobby Bentley was there South Carolina running backs coach well bomb. Kirby Smart has been out on the recruiting trail as well. And his bulldogs are seven and no. And that they are trying to get some of the top recruits in the country. And he. Made a rather splashy appearance to see another blue chipper this week. He went to see. Justin Anderson I believe as the kids nine. Now Adam Anderson. Adam Anderson. And he's an hour 57. Overall recruit in the country any picked him up and got him. In. But now. There's a five star quarterback Justin fields US committed to Georgia. And Kirby Smart went to see him he's at Harrison high school in Kennesaw Georgia we talked about him for just a field. So Kirby Smart went to see him he arrived. In a helicopter during the game. During the game Kirby Smart landed a helicopter. To see is to play. Took pictures with fans. Kind of just took over the whole atmosphere there. I don't think I don't think Bobby had a helicopter up at Chapman an. Unfortunate. Justin feels one of seven ES PM 300 commits currently in the bulldogs' classy commit an October 6. He entered his finger in the game though last night in the fourth quarter and did not return so that's a little bit concerned. But with a commitment. Yesterday. Mom. And undefeated football team. It's been a pretty good month for Kirby Smart. And the Georgia Bulldogs there's going to be Georgia if you're high school player. And and a coach shows open helicopter to see you look sweet yeah you like Nokia pretty sweet and you hit something now that somewhere messiah. Pretty sweet no one no one's going to be charges that Alabama only armor Jeff. I don't know how things on. Him I have my doubts that they will either but that's the only other team that has shot. South Carolina woman unfortunately. They want not. But dumb. Alabama is waiting man that's what you get away for either Kirby. So enjoy it. Yeah did you see that poster and Georgia fans have. It was kind of funny. It's. We want memo. But in between the Wii in the war it has in parentheses kind. Half a half a he's pretty used as pretty Smart yeah that's pretty Smart. I think Tennessee wants elemental as where you know. And I'm going to be over. I had and I going to be bed. Man how far his third Saturday in October fall. You know it is what it is. Yeah that should be a better game and is. There mostly speaking to Kurt roper. You guys here and I heard the other day. Apparently too and Morse is warning all of this in view. Well it's been rumored for awhile. What what worries here for roper. All the issues do not too that you don't think he comes. I hope I don't let you know I feel not to do that only god more and more. Whole idea that as a job right. Somewhere then go ruin another school doesn't need it come back here. A little. We're pretty big numbers Clemson got a whole lot better after you left. Asked JC the other day you guys have heard of a kid named act Holyfield lombok. North Carolina come on wanted to ask JC where the gamecocks stood with him new. The coach muschamp. I'm in him and devote pretty good relationship kids good. Now they seized on the bottom foreground liberalism is accused ruby and make yourself noting ask him next week. After a 44 GS PE SPN back in a moment this is the huddle on ESP announced it. It does turn out to be a tough year for Jim tackle Wayne at Florida. I after two straight appearances in the SEC championship game. This year has not been so good and they're not gonna get there this year Georgia's gonna win the east. And now off Florida after losing that early game to Michigan they've suffered back to back losses against. Two other teams that were thought to be struggling and LSU win Texas I NM combined three points in those two loss of while bill was dotted CBS sports. Is saying what if Jim Mac going. Just says I have enough of the subsequent. I don't need the aggravation. Nobody appreciates what I've done. Any takes the job Matt. Oregon State. Oregon State because he's. A left goes Canada. Maybe he would go back out west. And take that job would you do that when you leave Florida for. Oregon State. Under any circumstances. Would you get that frustrated appear Jim Mac going. To get a team what are they now I'd won in five. Foreign state. May have lost five in a row. Let me see here they are one and six. Beyond they've lost five in a row. And they are. In dead last in the pac twelve north right now. We think and act concept they're coach Mac going says no Florida EJ you guys just don't appreciate me and went Oregon State. Well I think it depends on how he feels is programs go it is. He feels like they're making some strides even though they might be small. If he feels like recruiting is where it needs to be I think the only way you make that move is. You you were literally. On a plane without wings. And you're just nose diving and it's out of control and you just feel like hey that's gonna like Butch Jones. That's that's the spot we're Tennessee's Dan. Is that it spiraling out of control. He no matter what he does it's not going to be good enough. He he's literally gonna have to win now. On to save his job. And what is right but he has. And so that's that's basically what you're looking at and I think that's the only way we're Mac wind says it into the year if the opportunity presented itself. You know I'm need to go ahead and get ahead this thing and get out that would be Smart. On his part because you don't wait around. Off for them to fire you now some coaches stubborn enough to do that. I don't think Florida is to that point yet they close. Sure next year they could be they couldn't be sure. Absolutely I don't agree with the auto going to do it this year. Just years career and right job but next year they don't get it done. Because you know part of the problem that Mack point as is it George's on the upswing yet. And so he may not sniff Leo SEC east title for awhile. The only thing that's going to quell that. Is if they somehow beat Georgia this year more it's a close game. If it's a three pointer within seven point ball game. And they lose. That's pretty tolerable not really but. You you know he can't have. Georgia going there and beat him 41 and nothing like it did Tennessee. The games a week from mark tomorrow they're off this week so they have two weeks to get ready for Georgia. That's on the 28 330 game we'll have that on for about a lawyer on ESP in up state. Next Saturday. But the thing is about map going he's supposed to be an offensive guru he's not guru going. There's not been there. Well I think what's come by come back. To biting him is that kids. That he's having to deal with. Disciplines don't exactly scoreless Callaway. I mean when you got did you imagine. Lonesome without. Kelly Brian and beyond Cain. Gone. What we're with the tigers beat could you imagine. Well oh Alabama out the window book as they always break your nutrients and stuff like that. But look at it could you imagine from without. Children's only Michelle. And where would Georgia be I mean that's I mean just last night look at the chief about it very. I mean in football it means a lot especially when you've got players of that caliber and they're not on the field helping. But it does have fully pay francs. That the problem and it's a must I got the problem I think is with him and Doug Newsom Meyer. Is what the heck happened in the league Zaire. Now these Nazi in the field I mean you bring that guy in because you know your quarterback situation we'll Lou Del Rio in fleet franks is not where it needs to be. And he hasn't sniffed the field I think as if you didn't know if you're gonna plane why go through the whole hassle of bringing emea. How may be disappointed once again there I don't know. I don't know. They seem to still be sold on Foley they francs. And now less miles by the way has been quoted as saying thankfully they franks is the real deal. Just hasn't done. Proven way to taste on the field just yet. He reminds me too much JaMarcus Russell. And now big got a big arm. But not very good. Unfortunately with coaches in you you feel like you can't give up. Only god it's got the arm strength that he has at the collegiate level prime. Because they don't wanna give up on franks is no but so far he's not very good. He made one throw against Tennessee. Now the big road trip with yes it was. A stable as talk about Florida let's bring him in here hasty. Josh friend of mine gave me a status or yesterday's sit. All games of course yeah opposition scored more important or Smart wind so. The last very years. And mostly as a person standing you remember he had that great recruiting and very last year signing date the cheers save getting credit he has that are given. Or anger problems line land that they'll post Castro. Public order and of course and trouble well Ali get rid of this. Yes Steve it almost feels like the trap that Steve that I Steve. It almost feels like the trapped Phillip Fulmer fell into. Alternate and of his tenure where he took chances. Our own a lot of really good players. But they were the worst character guys you could ever think to bring in your program specifically Demetrius warmly. And most people probably only remember who used to majors Morley was one of the if not the top safety out of South Florida. In the entire country and Philip was able landing the only problem is other teams backed awful team book as you wanna talk about a brutal. But Philip took a chance on him because they started to dip and the pressures of winning camp. Said you know what we can we've got to take a chance on this kid and that's when they really started to get in trouble that was the end of the Philip former air intimacy. Project I'll stay you've got to get our final break of the hour back in a moment in the huddle this is ESPN. Upstate. Off the techs fly a 71307. May listener being helpful to you Josh delay you know that there is a pop lies in bowling springs. In Spartanburg county you do not have to go all the way gaffe. Outstanding thank you think that. Laws are you looked it up there's mourning like Columbia growing deficit LS Columbia Gaffney and bullet brings up to it that's the state of South Carolina for populous. A surprising I think feed the ones posting here fairly new Arctic. We can the last year or so and so I think they're just now moving into this area are sharpton's there's not one angry evil. I'm shocked. They're working on a 40 hopefully thing and maybe it'll be one Simpson Miller do a lot of construction or possible. Only on Alonso ball story yet three points last iMac Connolly with the state newspaper tweeted this. And Doris and various storm well game cock. Player. Also had three points last. Sosa in there just Orwell Alonso ball each had three points in their MBA debuts. I took Alonso ball 29 minutes to get used and there's like three myths. Friend and a three points force and there is the well so. There were taken on the guy. But it's fun. It's fun well and Alison what he does tonight against them Phoenix and going into next week. And now we fascinating to watch this whole law. Defensive strategy against him this harassment. Strategy exe who all is going to be in on Matt who's all in all harassing blondes are ball. Much happened last night and has. Debut a 444773776. Is our number. The attacks minus 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstaged a Chris got the hang on mortgage after the break because we're out of time for this hour also coming up. In the huddle we're going to hear from Trevor managed UBS PM. The talk about one on the big college games this weekend that's Penn State and Michigan out like that day. That 1 coming up tomorrow evening and out. We will have that on for you here on ESP in upstate. Looking forward to it so stem ops conversation about that and some of the other big games coming up this weekend with Carolina and Clemson. Sit it out by a weeks from a gamecocks and the tigers this week back for our number three in the huddle coming up on ESP in upstate stay with us we will be here right back.