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A beautiful Friday afternoon and a great day to talk some sports a novel on ESP in upstate welcoming and twentieth day of October. Headed into a big sports weekend. Well. Maybe a medium sports weekend since neither close or Carolina play this week in May we can't call it a huge sports weekend. But everybody else. We kick off when. Soledad. How I was really nervous. GMAC about. Number one. Loans those welfare and around midnight last night. And then when time came into the building there was just this. Hold news in this and I'm like. Alone did too big man he he may have. Don't postal. And then when I got to appear hose line. Moon. I'm probably a lot more to golf than you think. You know I've I know you're not. A you. Because with that game frustrated me I'd get that was my first ball was especially after the catch. Always like. On tomorrow may not be that they can rail lines he might be lonely here tomorrow. What you love and time place unbelievable names on unbelievable to love them. In other raiders did win the raiders needed that win once a so give it to them they needed to stay alive in the playoff. Discussion. And the chiefs will be fine. 3130. Oakland wins last. So many things happened I have watched all game but I was watching when Marshawn Lynch ran down the field. But dude is he's nuts in the. Yeah he's the only enjoy his life he's an idiot that's what it is that you know so stupid he's enjoying life. And and people defending what he did is even more ridiculous when he's going out there to take care of his guy really wanted as a dozen on the other Jane yeah I don't. Don't put your hands on wrath Susie did I don't like man that guy's gone watching from the beginning of this game you know you if you're a fan of the team you can have a feeling. When the rest are Colin things a certain way like the first touchdown for the raiders it's like. The chiefs are not gonna win this game no matter how well they play the refs are gonna fire and I know on being fan boy right now. But I'm not the only one who thinks that it for some reason they wanted the raiders the way good for them do you accomplished it. And it was really obvious that that the rafts made sure that the raiders won five whatever. It's taken a well coached. Well here's here's the problem that I have watched that game and we actually discussed this literally the week after it happened. That injury to Eric Berry has wholly. Just him Bobby elated the chiefs defense. I did not think I knew it was a great player and I knew. That. His leadership and his ability and the way he comes back in the way he. Leads people in the way he plays. But there is a massive hole how was it to be honest when it it's not often that if this happens but it does. I was in shock. Watching that game. I literally was in shock watching the way Oakland. But because that defense systematically tore apart to doing patriots. And I'm thinking like you were yesterday GMAC is that okay there's no way Oakland is going to be able sustained drives. Against that front there's no way they're going to be able to score enough points. Because I'm thinking OK the teams you're gonna hit 2830 points. There's no way Oakland's going to be able to match that against the chiefs defense. And then oh yeah. That that one god be an out I don't know if it calls I don't know if it's. I have not seen the chiefs look this bad and back to back weeks and the only thing that I can come up with. Is man what a difference Eric Berry is back you know you take. The hard I mean you lose the heart of the defense is it a mean. Not just to skill I mean obviously he's got skill the fact that way and what he came back from the inspiration. But when your leader is gone no one stepped up like someone needs to step up and take that position or it's going to be a long year. Well all stolen dirt on the chiefs. They were so hot they were the best team in football college takes its not over yet I mean it when they play a home will be fine causal have their own routes and they want to worry about the refs that are there in LA or Vegas or wherever was a play. That depends on what the line is and at what point in the game it is to two point. Well Marshawn Lynch. Is going to be fine. Probably. I guess maybe we should say possibly suspended do you think you should be suspended. You can't grab an official yet he needs to be on mean that's who he has to be an example. They have to set an example my son and how many games as a one game and probably one game will be enough when you think. You have probably no more than one game there wasn't a you know it's not like slapstick are something discount grabbed it. But yet you can't do that the fine for that physical contact with the official carries a fine of 30387. Dollar. On now IPO suspended. Dane checked for him is 79000 dollars in the cost and that one game. He was seen sitting in the stands after pinch hit injected and then the reports were that he left. And then. Later was spotted on Bart bay area rapid transit with. Peasant leaders. Walls with a rough and ride the subway together. Balances which is fine. Ash just bizarre that he would run on the field like that off the bench and yes they'll they'll have to make an example. Marshawn Lynch right they'll have to. It's every appearances that basically he ran off the bench to join a brawl which in any other sport that's what it will look like right I know the explanation is he's. Going out there to help his cousin was still on his cousin what is he going to do against this team may well if you listen to Deion Sanders explanation was that he ran out there to. To give his cousin away from it and to calm him down even though his cousin is on the other team and a. Dion was out of line I think so too does not an issue Dion was dead wrong. And him supporting. Any of that stuff. I saw that last night. Or early this it was actually early this morning. And I. Mean I do not understand the mentality of supporting. Anarchy. If you are beyond did you seek power yeah just hours ticked off right next a look at them like what have you done wouldn't do it again yes. Understand it you're going to be in the corner of your friends and stuff like that but there comes a point we got to see the guy messed up. You can't go on the air and and condone it or I act like. You know that's something that I don't understand is is these players. Or just people in general. You know this they. Do something outlandish. And then it's like. Unbelievable that anybody's gonna critique a moment. And it's like oh how dare you over what I've done even though what's wrong. And announced that now beyond his back give it up. And I I could not believe. The tweet when I saw last night sports I don't know what's going on I think it's the eclipse. I think somewhere all of the planets or blinded there's some problem Mayan prophesy that's getting ready to go down. But this is the crazy sportier I can remember. I mean nobody can really put a beam home. Any of these teams any of these games. You know what people are saying and how they're responding. I mean it's crazy. Dan who's any good any NFL. Or is that there are good team know who isn't that the if there is one I tell you right now. Will not be surprised at the Jacksonville Jaguars won the Super Bowl and I didn't think I'd ever say that. Now do I think that's gonna happen no but at this point can. We rule anything out. Now. I may be the Eagles are the best team footballer and. I don't know. All for awhile it was the chiefs. We look at this awful defense of the patriots. Steelers all kinds of issues Packers lost the quarterback not going to be them. Who is it. Who is. The favorites to get the Super Bowl right now. Nor the two favors he has a broad nodded honey maybe they Eagles. In the NFC. Who NE ASA still the chiefs. Patriots. I don't up. We did save the album. Guys who have not been doing much for Oakland finally. Go offering gets some stats last month without. Yeah. With the officials don't. But Mark Cooper had a big day. Their car midnight last 400 yards. Unbelievable. I mean just between the two quarterbacks alone. I think assault and they had almost 800 yards throwing the football. Yet Carr had for seventeen. Smith had 342. So there were little short of 800. America for 210 yards receiving. Two touchdowns Jerry cook former game car a 107 yards receiving. On six catches yeah explain to me how Jerry Cooke. Keeps going from team detained is is he a problem. In the locker room or something because all he does is this produced yeah it's names I mean what a great you looked also Masai he does look good. I don't know not sorry thing about him being an issue. Was new agreement let's hear them yeah I was wondering then why would you leave greenback. Better deal. Maybe the Packers wouldn't pay him. Well on right now he's with a better quarterback. Thanks Holton. Thanks. It's Friday app after app at. Their only shot that was a cannonball you haven't seen Brett Conley play with a week of practice yet you don't know that. That's gonna come mountain light it up. On sat on Sunday you know right you know zooming repay or a solution of old guys old yanks really eyes it's fine. You're right he has the better quarterback. But not long term and he didn't know that was gonna happen. In I was gonna happen so anyway the raiders stay alive there's three import chiefs are five and two after the 3130. A raiders win last night on the last play of the game there were several last play of the game and finally finished. Last night and no I didn't steps in the NWR. Two. And a. I don't feel compelled to say this because of what transpired during that mainly. I think the NFL. Should institute a rule. That if you come off the bench. It's an automatic five game suspension five games. All automatic. Automatic they have no such rule right now no rules no like the NBA world they'll get your bill they'll pound. Yet but I do think that they'll Bob they'll suspend at least game. Just to make an example lot of marsh on and say hey you can't do it. And you can't do that. That's the Thursday night at least the game maybe not. Alonso but it was a good tie game that went down to the end. We had some decent Thursday night football this year. I just wanna point out the chiefs have lost the last two games but by how much. I mean last night was he or won't he but by now that's knowledge to get blown out earning him finalist along. Because I felt did that you're there. I think that Paul is not a moral victory it's morally the only thing she's on the moral victory. They're champions in life. Old. Coming up on Sunday the Panthers will play the Chicago Bears they go to Chicago that's 1 o'clock game you can hear it. On classic rock wanna one point one. And sobbing is beginning for the Panthers they need it. And they are favored by three points going in my green bay Packers and anomaly. Will host the saints at 1 o'clock on Sunday. I Tampa Bay is going to be at the bills. And league of Bakley update on Janus Winston. On that game. I just saw it saw one a passed on launch partner he will like. Janus Winston will start for the box even though he has a sprained AC joint in the shoulder on his throwing arm. He's been practicing. So there Scion now we're gonna try to mount there. Hopefully he will be okay. You know speaking of hype I mean everyone so highland tempo with throwing they're not there that's just isn't just this year mediocrity. James Kent he's throwing more to the opponent the muses on teammates map. Tennessee plays it Cleveland Jacksonville at Indy. Arizona at the rams. Jets and Miami Baltimore Minnesota dallas' San Francisco that you win this week coach. Maybe that lead on stadium for long and I'm nervous. Are you ruling two more. I won't trust them. I'll blame it. Seattle plays when they had the New York Giants. Cincinnati's Pittsburg Denver at the chargers. And the Atlanta Falcons and Ewing announced Sunday night game. I would say hey Ewing was not playing very well but guess what neither as a planet really right now. Maybe a falcons can go I'm gonna win there. Possibility. And then. On Monday Night Football the Redskins. At Philadelphia. On a bad game for Monday night Lincoln Financial Field. Detroit used her off this week they have the bye weeks in the NFL I dubbed the baseball is also getting hot. We have ball one World Series team ready and waiting. For the opponents will say about that coming up a 444773776. Is our phone number. You get us on the Carolina coaches RB superstore checks line 71307. And Twitter ready ESP announced they were just underway in the huddle for Friday on ESPN upstate and we'll be right back. Welcome back to the huddle it's ESPN upstate on the Friday edition with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso 8444773776. Takes on 71307. Twitter. At ESPN. Upstate. I remember the last time the LA Dodgers were in the World Series are a member of the Kirk Gibson home run. As they beat the L Oakland days. In 1988. And they're back again. For the first time since then. The Dodgers. Knocked out the cubs. Wendy's. Last night the National League Championship Series eleven to one at Wrigley Field. And job Al hero has to abandon. Taking Hernandez three home runs for the Dodgers. When he talked about that feeling after the game. Areas in my life. At that I've done the same question over and over and I generous I can answer that I am I passing camp put this into words it's. It's something that. That I never even dreamed of you know you dollars is located dream of being in the big leagues in the history of getting that big he is in game seven of the World Series. Peter Fisher hitting three hours and game and I mean. For me to be able to do this and and essays like this when people back home we're going through us through some times like they're going right now it's. It's really special and means the world to me to be able give the people Puerto Rico something in it to cheer about even even if it's very. For 34 hours or however long the steam last that in. You know it's. It's it's some Leo I I mean I honestly don't have words for it. Yeah he was unbelievable last night and so the Dodgers will go on to the roasters who elect like. Willoughby the Yankees will be the Astros we could find out tonight. As. Justin Verlander takes the mound for the Astros to try to save their season down three games to two. Severino goes for the New York Yankees. What I think coach the Yankees got to close this thing out we had the Yankees and Dodgers just like the networks would love to have. The big market serious. New York and LA. If New York he gets overly you know out of the first three innings. They'll win it. If they can if they can do that. You know Houston better jump on him quick. Got a jump on and quit now you got Verlander going settle. You know you got to feel good about that part of it but the thing that surprised me is how well. The Yankees are hitting. And the timely the timeliness of their hitting it's almost like if I can and over the Yankees. You know when they were making their Roland. In the early in the late. Nineties early 2000 you know they were hated. Now it's almost like they've become Americans darlings because of you don't almost like everybody is pulling form because they feel sorry for Joseph Girardi I think that's a lot that does this have to do with it. The other thing is they are fun to watch. I mean when you've got to carry a little caricature that in human form that is number 99 air and judge. I mean. How can you not watch those guys. And did you got beat in old Astros who the better team angle coming into this thing they played seven times and Astros won five. And they wrote to oh. And they've surrendered three straight. Games. It's they have both those games were tune of one games though that's true and now the Yankees are score runs they scored 86 and five. And these three wins Verlander got to keep the ball down. And calling telling map. Do you think the casual fans would rather see the Yankees because of the star power yes Aaron judge yesterday Saturday. We wanna see you know the one thing that baseball is missing. From an American standpoint. And it's a complaint. On both sides. Is that there's no superstars. That we can relate to. That's that's the biggest issue now the Yankees were to win this game. Think about seeing Kershaw. Vs Eric judge in the World Series now. That's a watchable series they're for sure yes and I think that's why. All. Obviously to meet the big media that's gonna carry it it wants that from ratings standpoint obviously. Sure GMAC right now the way baseball is that if baseball does need. Yeah I would agree with the baseball can use a big time series with some. You know some stars that kind of cut through the people recognize. I mean how lump. Out to a he is outstanding. But he's not Aron judge as far as drawing viewers to the community. Aaron judged 52 home runs this year. IE you know he'd be somebody people will tune in and watch. And just yankees just New York vs LA right people watch that I think and see that would put me in a pickle. Because because now I have to pick the better of two weevils. Today both Obama. Yes. I. As a Red Sox fan. I can't stand. Near the Yankees. But at the same time. As an American I can't stand out. As an American. It's a New York if Broadway I guess Hollywood your mind zones. He's got that slow and it's almost like what do you do with that. Ill. I mean I'm with you I can remember win Gibson hit that unbelievable Agnes slider against hackers went on sales of Friday night had just gone high school football game a similar amendment thought school thoughtful it's yeah I had gotten home in solved and time to see him at the home run right in only one leg and we'll sort of come to run out of his arms up in the air and you know the whole. The whole thing with the call that was made now I was a goose bump moment absolutely. Christ is king live and out of India clubhouse to get out there and ride up to the plate in oh right. Yeah it was awesome. We'll have a World Series for you here on nine ESP in upstate it will start Tuesday both ago who is going to be is going to be the Astros or the Yankees against the Dodgers. And again and we may get an idea about that tonight as we get game six the Yankees could close it out. This evening. Or talk about that it is certainly give us a call are you enjoying the baseball this year it's pretty good post season so far 8444773776. Is our phone number. If in text does Carolina coach is army superstore text line 713. 07. High school football tonight we'll give you a preview that tell you what I would Chapman a Newberry last night they did a good game. High scoring game over and then we'll tell you what happened to she missed that coming up and hobble on ESP announced it. Just what a thousand dollars twenty minutes away right before 2 o'clock with the free cash stash lessen the key word coming up. Just before 2 o'clock this afternoon in the huddle on ESPN upstate. While last night the Chapman Panthers didn't get the win over the Newbury high school team as the album. It was high scoring game but really kind of a defense of series made a big difference. In that game the Newbury bulldogs as the high school team. Almost symbols. That's the college thing. The final score was. 53. To 3419. Point win. For the Chapman Panthers but dumb but what I told what I was getting a stop in the second quarter. When the Newberry got down to the Chapman. Seven yard line. They stop them there and because it was just basically wanting scorn after another. That changed the momentum a little bit and chat rooms are able to hold on to that lead they lead at halftime 33 to 21 on to win by nineteen points 53 to 34. We're telling you guys about these running backs. Breach of these teams. Bobby Bailey game cock running back coach was at the game. I don't know if he's looking at one of these guys are both of these guys or 4 o'clock both of these guys a mere Abrams. Or Newberry. Coach 39 carries 306 U harsh it's. A actually I'm talking about are 39 for three of those six and hopefully show on the run and Mac stuff maybe give. Rotten and told they fed to be still in effect yeah man I'm all about it and DJ Twitty pretty good to the jab and running back. 26 carries for 242. So you let alone 550. Yards of rushing between those two guys like that is crazy that's outstanding. Hi there are both late no company in new Mary was third in the state 38 Chapman was first jamming it's the win. By nineteen points last so congratulations to mark conduit and on the show yesterday and maybe we're good luck he should come on the forward. They went for the Panthers last night falsely high school football tonight we will have burns Gaffney 4 to 7 o'clock their time 730 kick off here on ESPN upstate. This is some. I'm in my mind out of debt peace forum for. And burns a seven and one but dom says this is a pretty even game Gaffney has been winning at home and Daphne has given up a total. In four home games of 28 points. So seven points again they've been really good at all. And also good on the road possible say I think this can be a very close may be one possession ball game tonight I hope you'll tune in for it. Here on ESPN upstate otherwise in. Region 35 day. Tonight. The Spartanburg vikings will go to Boiling Springs as a big game for those two teams. Norman's playing four mil or play outside the region. So as Barbara Boiling Springs and burns Gaffney so those five teams. Wonderwall stay home right now the team with the backs against the wall as Boiling Springs they have to win tonight or their out. Remember this is they bowling sprays team that went to the state championship question. There are all kinds of possibilities. About seeding coming out of that region dormant story you know so they they're definitely in the playoffs. But not necessarily. Going to win the region. Burned certainly has a chance they still have to play dormant there's all kinds of possibility especially when you get down to a three way tie. It was a two way tie as they head to head that decides it. But if it's a three way tie forget the head to head it goes to points. Point differential. Through three quarters. In the head to hedge their hips but that's what they do so mom. Just money thing to happen. And we'll have a much better idea after tonight with a one more game next week in the regular season about where things are gonna. Stack up and does not just in region three at the same situation. With a lot on the line in the other regions as well. The other games tonight. To keep an eye on. And eagle will host Southside Christian it's BHP it rimmed Berea at powders bill. Christ church is hosting Blacksburg tonight east side goes to blue ridge. Broom there and the Goodyear. And they are hosting Clinton tonight Ware Shoals a Calhoun falls Carolina like enemy will host palmetto. Chesney as saint Joe's Seneca crescent Daniel A Greenville it's always a good match up. Told about four Millon Dorman. Outside of the region from they've got Charles cavaliers easily plays it would Mark Green would Riverside they played little last night Greenwood got the win and that. Union Johnny goes degree or Greer is hot British played very well right now. I Hillcrest wade Hampton at Hillcrest is in great shape when that region you know and then not a great start at a key injury early in the eleven played well lately. I lost a couple of the Spartanburg area and he lost to Gaffney and Dorman early. And they've been winning since then. And a great year for now they play jail man will be big favorites in no man's land and goes to Pendleton multiple host Lorenz. Woodruff and make airliner. Or rock kill northwestern host nation forward. And it will be out west dog playing at wal Hala. Tonight those are at least of some of the match ups during a broadcast night we'll keep you updated on all the games we'll have Leo. Burns Gaffney game for you from the reservation. 7 o'clock airtime and 730. Is the kick off my question is this. In our boring intern Alex when we their big Gaffney. Just all the games he told me how long it's been since he's missed a guessing and caramel was it's been years since he's mister Gaffney football. Will he be the only woman yeah just him. No but I you know in my question is is he gonna come up Tamar radio Booth if earns wins. Or only Willy come up together outta me if the Indians. Get the win tonight. Well it seems the dynamic in the room is. Wait until loss happens before. The builder comes out he you know he'd beat Texas real seriously he was so superstitious about it when that you want right. I even tried to shaming men out and did you yeah will it yes. Did not war. He'll come up there no matter what because it's an amazing thing to watch. Greg McKinney Monica do if that game deficit I mean I have stood behind him and watch the magic now. And that it's indescribable so hard so he's gonna come out they're just all of sarcasm. The name. Yeah. I think they'll come up I think he'll come up and say hello that depends on how bad the game is. I is bigger game I really do things in a close game if it's like you said yes he may come see us at its Altima has done and I tell him to discount. Keep popping his hand up in the when he hit the yeah but that's why I wondered try to do in the game and our call or alive for that I don't think and I think a jumper and and Allen quite president of the a holding his one of the places where you can walk up to our crowd Mike and ask me to make an announcement. Probably that happens many places but I don't forget we're we're really have you what do they put ping visiting radio reservation. We're not it's nice placement. It's nice guy good digs and women women our own little Booth enough. And great view it's it's beautiful isn't as good as the woman. It's right there whether it be a cause and I think Japanese one the ones I've never been to engineer out of oxygen. And Demi is newer than norm. And it's some very nice. And they had an elevator which Dorman does not have so Gaffney in. It's the edge there for guys who carry equipment upstairs but the fact that we're all in all elevators port the port freshman coaches and both schools. What Evan all stuff exactly all the the communications equipment and now and look this big game tune in for a tonight. At 7 o'clock and a we'll talk about all the stuff next week but that this is the next to the last week of regular season. High school football. Then we get along playoff stretch and real can be five weeks to go all the way to the state championship. For the teams that are able to do that so long go in early December but it's funny that you wrap up the regular season now and October. But you do next week will be the final games. Of the regular season here so the football season has slipped on my prize go football this big lineup tonight us Barbara Bourn springs a big one too. Devoid springs has won that thing three times in a row. That match up. But. The vikings. And had a better year this game's at bowling springs and topping the vikings will be the favorites going into that one Bullock's springs got the backs against the wall they're out if they don't win. They will be O important region that will be that they will be the odd man out. In region 35 bank. So alive that's another good one tonight we'll keep today up to date on all of those this evening on ESP in upstate. Let's take a right we'll come back and more just a mommy you're listening to the Friday huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. This check in out dumb demos new home. Tiger moving moved him into his new home Pickens Kennelly and they post depiction of an act you think they had to get permission from demo and hope that we get permission for the postal pictures of this. It was new digs here. Yes it's pretty nice has got that Kassel feel to it and and out and a great pool with a cool slide. And pull as tire on the bottom. I think you're under selling the pool that is that that's possible I mean the way that sent. In. I'm very bad. Yes it's bold type feel to it the other slot is not like to step up to a smaller stares up to a slide like the typical pools and this is like to climb up rocks. R&R block wall basically on the edge of the school and you have steps going up the top of the rock wall and then you get the the slide coming down into the tiger Paul pool. Pretty cool. The sort of assemblies of links. He's got a got a game room with a ping pong table with a big tiger Paula and there's a lot of Clemson stuffit. Got a basketball court. Indoor basketball court for demo well who doesn't have one of them are. Pretty nice. Cheaply constructed next couple. Actually gone for the job. By Colombia. And to not a gobbling you know I was collapsed Cologne insists that the Hinojosa has multiple sides you know fresh. Take a shot there gross coach Phillips at the best shot. He has the wrong decision figure out how many sides and not the god that is Clemson after Earl pool. While Jane zappa golf of the Charleston newspaper the post and courier tweeting while ago. I doubt Clemson will make any other fight club comment but I would like some results the tournament bracket and paper view information. Got to know who have been getting James and you know. Well the good thing is when Florida State. Or excuse me win clemson's NC state play. We know who the guest speaker being present Brad Pitt and. Yeah. And nothing else was said he's rise jeans right they're not gonna say any more about mound next week next Tuesday ass tabs press conference and who asked the question was tasteless take bets on that you ask they fight club question at the press conference next. David Hale ESPN's David Hale possibly. As I think yes the counseling question isn't it's not going to be anyone local that's for sure. None none of the website in fact the subtleties even on any of the item went and we dare someone local the dude come on come on someone's got a fifth. Yeah a local or what what do you do follow in his lol I'm not going to be specifically named names well there was there right now they don't deal well because my thing is. You know you had Anderson independent mail but they no longer I believe have a sports appeared on sports. It. Are somewhat apartment but Powell's public issue within the state about that I mean that's possible or TV station. And he does or there. When he goes asked that question somebody alas the fight club question my believe that well there's not any legitimate media out of cool at Clemson anymore. All. I'm gonna say it will be. Willie V. Oca will Levy would do his Steelers aren't doing to one town council. Well nothing was said yesterday we assume that you know they said he would be addressing it with the team yesterday never Sony. Host to address report but we assume he did that.