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Let our two of the huddle on ESPN upstate for Thursday afternoon with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. And it and turn it Alex. You guys have two hours to future earnings Gaffney Ben finalized Josh you in Gaffney boy over here. I've already gotten the paper drawn up. No arrives I'm already signed the top part. It's just wave on Alex's signature and I don't like him do just. Gotta go man oh man I think I think you gotta do it I think you gotta go manhood that's the only way you're gonna go and amended Dylan. Challenger Josh challenge him. Well normally I think that would work. But after yesterday. When holly boom boom here it quits the band they'd come out of the pageant dry skin. What we were over cut I thought I was done a new day I'll finally got it as well call it momentum over an hour. I Alex's school policies superstitious he doesn't want to ban on his. Staying because he thinks he'll bring them bad luck to always have never understood the B superstition is bad luck can look people there's no such thing there isn't all that blast he does not know believe in. That there is good luck or bad luck is blasphemous believing that there's superstition is blasphemous there is none of that stuff. The world. We've got a whole fan base believing. That the gamecocks win or lose on what the right pick them enough. A hologram makes a whole fan column. Working initiatives all the Texans guy after I changed my pick Tennessee and South Carolina long Mancuso way they did thank you were making that happen. Yes. So yeah I've made sure enough I can do this in the future that I just do not put South Carolina on our list of games to picks that we have to worry about the community. Although I'm sure the games will be brought up in the air but stale chips. They could still on you can still give motives. 8444773776. To excellent for seven. Now it's not 71307. That's the text so how about now only been there for like Bjorn Hanson. From time to revert back. He's not gonna do it Josh I'm gonna quit goading him. Here's you know what if any analysis friends are listening right now Alex aspirants. I'm sure he does you know what would give them so. Make sure reach out to Josh and tell him how to approach this blob Oregon admonished from one of his lesser ones yesterday's rule in. Kyle might be other listening to on the lower. Help don't help Josh at all. You know. High school football talk to mark Hodge coach of Chapman coming up that down to 45 so about thirty minutes away because they have a huge game 29 against new Berry love this match up tonight. Purely Ottawa Thursday night high school football game this is the one SP one of best match ups in the state it looked in my disappoint. You never know it's gonna live up to the billing but too late no teams each with a great running back good stuff tonight up amendment. For Chapman and nuclear we'll talk to coach Hodge. About that here in a few minutes. Kirk herb street of the ESPN and commenting on the aisle. Losses of Clemson and Washington last weekend some teams that were expected to be in the hunt for the college football playoff. And Herbie says both those teams can get back into the hot. My point is I don't think all is lost for Washington despite their loss. And I don't think all is lost obviously for Clemson despite their loss they've got to fix some things they got to get you know heading in the right direction. And for Clemson. What's the status of Kelly Bryant. That is a fair question Ryan do we really know. But the deal's going to be. With Kelly Bryant going forward after. They hit that he took in the ankle that he had they got the week off. Is there any doubt. Any buys mind in this room that Kelly Bryant will be ready for George tech from twentieth. Week from Saturday and what if he doesn't. I don't think he is GMAC. I do not think years. I just don't understand how I do not think somebody that has been fit that physically got knocked out. Can come back in fourteen days drilling. I'm not worried about his ankle his ankle be okay. This is ankle got in Q perhaps but well yeah and the staff for him allowed to stay out there and do. On knowing that he had one leg. I just. It you know. Excessive concussions ended my career. Wrote yeah I got nine and one season a home that were documented. Yeah I'd come on excessive that is excess of I'm going to any jokes about it either no no it's not this man. What I mean I would think after about six maybe you were I mean at what point did you go benefit or did they do they want to let you keep playing today. Well I don't know it would be done it yet and that's actually what precipitated my. Coaching career. Because I was able start a year earlier in my junior year. Because of the way that I play. The you know I was old school. And how I believe that you're supposed to play the game I'd put on they'd switch me when I first grown our graduated high school await about. 220 pounds. And they wanted me we ran odd front at the time and they wanted me to be a middle gore or nose tackle they call now. Because you get a lot of slant mangling. So they wanted me to bought two. Ballclub. On my freshman year and I got up to about two months of nutrients and filed by now. But then we got a coaching change. And my last year and a half they decided to make me you know middle linebacker we didn't have with a schedule. We played a lot of information teams that ran downhill that you. And all they wanted me to do was control the interior from B yet to be yeah. 2% of up around Lima yes. Now I got it I got down to about Kim sixty ish. Somewhere in there. Two to have quick hips no no no. Ma my hips wrists to fizzled to Buffy. And I was out of position but. They've I wasn't asked to call overall wasn't asked to do any of that stuff all the just as. To take away the downhill running and they covered meal for the safety. Program lot of single and to the people. And that's that's what I did. Home. And so when somebody came in that somebody came in that area below. And then because we are at a small school also had to be the way to break her on the kickoff team that's what created more. I think collisions than anything was Abdul. The dual part of it but that was I mean that was almost twenty years ago now and you know there were times during practice where it in order an inside Roland. A home where you know we called get your eggs scrambled or something like that because it's very physical or practice a lot of schools don't even have that in there. Practice period anymore and probably shouldn't. But there were times during practice all told I would say a conservative estimate is my last year and a half probably exceeded. Twenties. And what they in what a determined and is. Quote CTE or concussions nowadays have been in the protocol. Oh yeah but I wouldn't stop plant and we're we're any as bad as this Kelly Bryant's. No I never got knocked out now there were times I saw a black dot. In all there was one time. We were actually playing Gordon win this big old tailback. Now he must wait about 240 pounds and it was him and I get up in the hole. And I mean it sounds like a shotgun glance a blast. And I started walking to the Hubble the only problem was it was Gardner-Webb principal. So in all they had to give me out McConnell let me show it. But seeing those seed that would have gotten me out of the game then. Whereas I came over. I took two plays off again hot cold cold towel and Mars water. Portal my face defensive coordinator came over today are you good to go back in the game vehicle jumped five. Right back out when I finished the game. See nowadays I have been done. But that's that's just the way the game was play. So. You doubt that Kelly can come back for George yeah I mean. I'm in I'm though none of us have anyway and no one to know you don't know and that's fair and the equipment and I will say this the equipment and the technology to prevent injuries. Is so much advance and it's it's. Come such a long way in the last five to ten years it's not even funny. All. But just. I mean I know how I felt. When I got the last one. That took me out of the game where the doctor literally told me. One more hit like that in your reload your live only going to risk and your wrist. You've received so much damage but he hasn't had a much now he has but it was the way. See the worst ones like that the worst one I've ever god. We are playing Campbell's bill which was. I formation veered team. And the guard down blocked and I scraped over the top like you're supposed to do and I took on the what straight for the quarterback. The only problem was I got tripped up in the wash as I'm fallen down the tackle him. His right name came up and hit me in the temple. That is the most heat it literally felt like I was in the middle of the ocean during hurricane on a raft seasick. That is the worst possible place on a football player. You can hit them a football player directly on you gotta chats even behind the head somewhat. But you take a direct hit to the side of the head that is that violet. I don't know it because of the inner ear I don't know what all goes on with the but it makes you physically. Ill. And the way Kelly was slammed the terror he landed on the side of his head and I just. What I saw and he was lit up. I mean my goodness. The first thing I thought is man that kids out at least a month. To get just to get his awareness. You know back into so. You know but again the equipment's better doctors are better in. I'm sure you'll pass the protocol for Georgia Tech and he'll trot out there in Oakland. Because if he doesn't that's not a good thing OP does it got no chance. I mean I know these are pretty highly touted quarterbacks but we went from what we've seen so far. Looking Thompson do without Bryant the arrest the. They've possibly. Possibly could be Georgia Tech I don't think they can beat Florida State. NC state NC state is that is. Good luck with that. On what with one of these guys that you don't trot out there and I mean how much confidence do they really in Hummer Johnson because it seems no matter. How well how bad singer Cooper's look our jobs a gig on the field in every Tommy does he looks good. So. Kelly Brian is what hinges on our Achilles hell does what Clinton's schedule hinges on the rest of the way now. Now. Now they curve streets. Count on to something here and asking you know until we know until we see that Kelly's is okay. Then on like questions going to be asked. About his availability like on board. A 44 GS TE ST and sex line 71307. Driven by Carolina coach is RB superstore Twitter ideas in upstate. Astaire right welcome back and run through our Big Ten will. They are picks for ten college football games. This weekend you can play a long Winter Olympics that's next this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. But right in the huddle on the ESPN. Upstate get to our own college picks here. In a second let's get a Trevor next on the phone line hi Trevor welcome into the huddle. They got out of their seats thanks into the woods. I'm one picture dug out what you're talking about with Kelly. The concussion. Protocol Beagle and -- com. Don't intern ship right now don't. Force trying to come and athletic trainer. And work and for Hollywood high school students but no. Geeky here protocol that they get hurt. But complicating your head injury. The public about. Complete contact for about a week. On the Atlantic area aren't seeking scans done it needed on that note to a week like. Contact practiced what they can come back. You walkers and the like. On. What they're final evaluation from their doctor. All wake up generally quiet though I know that it every character kids out into doctored. I suspected concussion the first question now is ask is did you lose collagen. Actually it was chilly quietly and caught on the field. The Clinton. You know better medical step in high school so like it had to be done pretty much it's been paying your. In our city a player that the two week albeit not now. All. Our credit CNET Barry altered and now Pete that's protocol. Are gonna be coaching staff and know how to. Address that but as for like an eyesore thanks to the like they'll call it the queue up more. I appreciate. I give them but then again. I mean has got a good long what you suspected their Josh that it couldn't be a little while. For Kelly Bryant. Yeah heavy had a big fraud yet. You know that just kind of dazed and that be one thing but. Man I'm telling you those those side glances both sly hits knees to the temple we don't get slammed like he did on an Astroturf field. Well excuse me field turf. They'll have a passion turf and mortgage field turf. I mean. It scared me when I saw how Olympia was man that spooky. And you've got you know we're joined by Georgia Tech which is a week from Saturday but then you've got NC state Florida State lined up right after the U so. Those are three big ones for the young tigers so. It's got to be careful with the gala that depicts him like that so we'll see what Clemson says about it as they. Get a little closer knowledge and I think the only thing you said earlier this week that he was Balkan around me that's good but that entangling knows. We will see what they say. Yeah and they said he was OK before the spare. And try to. Well I was in Korea yeah I mean. Woes are girl's name that just called in to them Trevor Trevor don't be so sure they've got better at our school my goodness. I let's get to our picks in every week we take ten college football games and make our selections in house here. And and see what happens and launch of comes up with these picks. And here's what he has come up with us for us for this week guys. All the picture Enright everybody in loans of yeah Josh finally got him to be right before we went on the air good job Josh urea and we appreciate. X and get a pat on the back from Alex. Being number one is Boston College Virginia this one of the toughest ones for me. Nearly as because I don't know that I trust either one of the school he and other Boston College just meet low level on a little is not. Great. But they beat Amanda global. But I'm going with Virginia no Virginia has been on hot this year they've. They've had some surprisingly good performances. The losses for Virginia and usually only one and it's Indiana. That is if nano played a ton of people they beat North Carolina they beat duke and those are one score names. The beat Connecticut they be William and Mary. Or whether or not true West Virginia but I will go the cavaliers and trust that their five and one record is somewhat real. And that they win over Boston College. Coach what you got Boston College Virginia. I don't understand this is another one of these schools that has dual mascots. Give me the wahoos. That's Virginia. Anybody ever found out what the heck a Y who is. His arrest warrant I know it yeah I know Wahoo McDaniel and noting Yahoo! is with a special yeah Alonso I am also going Virginia. And Alex. Virginia on this one. A sweep for Virginia that seems odd just the words coming out of our mouth against anybody. But that's the case Syracuse Miami Syracuse flying high after the win over Clemson they get down. Face an undefeated Miami team a lot of people don't trust Miami and Lotta people don't believe in Miami a lot of people believe Miami is. Oppose her. Tom if your clothes and and you definitely want Syracuse to lose this game. You need them to lose since they've on the head to head against you. I think they do lose I'll give it to Miami opened it may be a close game. Bonds or go next. By this was this was difficult for me to foam. But I think Syracuse for them I think they just won the Super Bowl last week and I think they're due to be led down a little bit they're up becoming the third not. They're not there yet in and I trust Miami more local Miami Josh. Of. The canes have been walking a fine line over the last several weeks. Syracuse like loans also had a big win. I'm more Orangemen. You know I'll use Turkey's announced that Jews who believe in Dino. And you know we trust. Alex you know with ones on this sort of things here accuses. On higher right now and they're gonna get let down a little bit or Miami or three Miami's an excuse and that one Indiana Michigan State Indiana is that one team that beat Virginia. 34 to 172. Game of the year that. May impress you or may not I thought Michigan State so kind of found themselves lol but I go in Michigan State. Josh. Give me the spartans. Like Antonio Michigan State bonds. All right Indiana has played everybody pretty tough I mean Dave if you had a record doesn't reflect how well they've played against everybody. And Michigan State beat Michigan it's the same sort of situation I think they're going to be really high I think they're gonna. Take Indiana lightly and Indiana wins and a close wheel well Indian. Pick Alex not so fast not so France give these party. It's party won that state aren't so we have one breakaway there and it's loans of North Carolina Virginia Tech. The Tar Heels bring their one in six record into this game. Virginia Tech. And and a pretty good year we saw Clinton handled by the laws. But have been pretty good. I don't I don't nobody's gonna pick North Carolina in this game right Virginia Tech. Right everybody leverage and sorry but does gay men are but there's not a lot to choose from this week's you know. Coach Virginia Tech yeah Hokies Hokies Hokies she North Carolina and the guy who he's. And Alex the effort and you take in this so I have stayed at home against coastal Carolina and the balloon. Mountaineers remain coach. Now what we're happy state a struggle with just a really like coastal close close game time. The same here go without stabilizing is going to be a pretty good game and Alex. Oh and Gardner-Webb for a couple of years straight out of high school and just cannot pay coastal and anything bitter rivals of Gordon will also give me an upstate. Oklahoma city state and Josh you love. You doing their struggling right now they're struggling with their offense and their struggle was stopped and people of the now they're pretty good football team. Give me Oklahoma. And I hate to see a culture Olympic based. Well that one yeah I thought about it but give me the sooners. Did Alex to K state Alex did they it that. Alex goes for K state close while. Islands of I an Oklahoma Oklahoma for me as well Alex takes the law. The little run on an upset there against southern cal Notre Dame. And I went back and forth on this one too. A religion I'm going Lance London Japan. I do not believe in Notre Dame. Along with the trojans. Coach. You don't walk in the South Bend, Indiana and walk out with a W bay before horsemen not grassland affluent. You've got to four horsemen. The ghost of Christmas past and any other type of animal we wanna ride it doesn't matter Notre Dame big. Big big. Alex by the way a while who is a fish but I am taken Notre Dame in this. Okay. There's a non sequitur or something I don't know. I am also going with the Irish in this on their only loss was a real close one point loss to the Georgia Bulldogs remember that back in the second game of the year twenty to nineteen. Otherwise Notre Dame. Has been very good including a win over Michigan State and they blew out North Carolina on the road. Noting. Gets the win. Here's meg well we'll have it for you here on ESPN upstate Saturday night Michigan. And Penn State. I'll go first Michigan is a poser Penn State wins easily. Who wants it. Crypto. Go to Q in the shadow of mount Nittany gimme Penn State. There's bound manner yes and it's named. Okay. On wounds to. They Penn State's Perot in the real showdowns in the U Penn State plays house state which I think is next week. Alex as we discussed yesterday I think Penn State is that those are going Michigan. While all. Know of somebody a real excited about how well they did last week that can be take a small boat was just fun with. Harbaugh home Michigan score no points to beat Penn State how does that happen. All right we'll see. I and then Kansas TCU. If that's the way to Kansas we have a TCU easy Alex. Went back and forth on this one. Not really taken to each his. Coach I mean you can't ever count out animal that shoots blown out of it's eyes give me and for all guidelines of our here's the thing you know people. They've they've shot down senator accuses chance against the mighty Clinton and Syracuse was able to come up and I'm so I don't get that kind of upsets last week good that's not doing business knows that. And in the the MS pick of the way. Western Kentucky Old Dominion did you desperate search on that envoys. I'm imam and shortly does imply for Old Dominion anymore. Hey I know Old Dominion and I have been to western Kentucky before. So it's a you know something unhappy a bit on campus a western Kentucky Nigeria which picked. Western Kentucky Alex and epic game of the toppers western Kentucky coach huge epic. Yet in this game here this is one of the two mushroom universities. That I like to call on all Old Dominion is a mushroom. College. And so is. James Madison that we want an element does he really needed to had psychedelic because they're mascots don't match match. Who they are on the sobbed on like you James Madison's Wright is a drug ruling that they're called the dukes well it is and that is their call the games but their mascot is a bold all worn ground. Well James Madison they're called the monarch and it's a lion went around Old Dominion right. And it's a lion where underground so somebody's got to get crowned somewhere. I'm with you give western Kentucky at least they understand. Julio Seattle I think a lion is a king of the jungle that makes a lion a monarch doesn't. Whatever. Catalyst Campbell like just and that's why it's a mushroom in school they don't know what they wannabe. I had the hill toppers as well they're only losses were at Illinois and they lost to Louisiana Tech by one point the team's South Carolina beat by one point. Pretty western guitar he'll Toppert team Argo with the toppers and we agree on these don't know now. We have some differences we do. How we got we have some big time to alien enough. Nice enough to create some separation all right good deal and we'll talk about it on Monday once these games are in the books say 444773776. Is our number here. And huddle on ESP announced they would be right back. We're back it's not a Lonnie ESP in upstate I'm Greg McKinney coach Phillips is here Alonso was here Alex. And the upstate in Inman as the Chapman Panthers host Newbury battle of Bob undefeated teams. In a three day high school football in South Carolina and the coach of the defending state champion Chapman Panthers is on the line when this that is mark Hodge coach odd how aria. Brake coach dom but it allows us at this up would you there were guinier on game day sought to appreciate you're going all night but this thing on a Thursday on you know how you feel about that. Ha I'm pounded out of the council actually should play Kamal first. It just. They're eight late Friday. Replay one day earlier is different. I made that works well this is on this one biggest games you've had at a home in at least regular season wise a long time and. Here to regain force in her coach Kurt when does a phenomenal job what is key is in our great he would in a the on the play so and so on Morillo port Bolivar State anti Google doesn't know looked. While some place else it really gives us a great nation state of where our programs and at this part of the football they. Other so much to talk about in this matchup but I guess you have to start with the he's running backs in your DJ Twitty and new varies Amir Abrams. About 5000. Yards. Career rushing for both of those guys come and end up. That's that's kind of unique in high school football and those so people would come out of this game tonight we'll see two of the best backs in the state won't. Yes strict about all we ask around and you had smuggled org strap on that. Normal limits. Where that actually happened important inaudible can not call. That can topped out now but I don't feel one consulate to pretty unique situation and they're both great running backs and and about great cute to be attending got a little relationship to get a list when he and where they. Follow each other social media and they give you get it can't thank so respond like that to those key. No doubt how do they differ coach what are their styles how they contrast. I'm a pretty similar big gap that's a little bit bigger. But maybe not as quick from the actual bit smaller and you wouldn't want a student is it may be a little bit quicker than the table vote Cuomo want to. Yeah they're they're very patient with a ball in an electronic release it but let the ground in an apart quickly so that pretty similar just a little bit different side. Night and your of course not a one man team by any stretch on offense are you in the gun to the state championship last year you've got a break quarterbacking Colton Bailey won't coming years he had for his so far. Yeah it had a great year and they distance does such a good job of Reading these sensors indeed you can have a plate and that's one point eight it's a fictional. Rarely are mean and how will also change one part 18. And the united box and apparently right so when he gets a sort of a play that many terms of chances to warn him that well you know he's learning Iran and it is they could be anybody's quarterback. For detainee to be an option to eat it on Wednesday drummer this verdict came anywhere so just a cute. Each like that in essence wouldn't just such an advantage most retirement Cordoba spot. Got a great wide receiver in Richard Tucker to know you tell him a lot. Yep we you know Richard Burnham great. Which city reports on the staple your progress that simply start or send an impact on that. Which is more than that to our speed our corporate guys and does a great job well. In a techno pop all from the movie. Skew the police lieutenant pat Moore. Fast twitch in a quick guy and in the slot so. That's great thank bottom they're all different so it's not just like this one he would give me one. Potential Walsh option that they give you multiple different athletic option tomorrow. Yeah and acquire a question about that talking to mark Hodge coach of the Chapman Panthers Newberry coming up tonight 730 start. At Chapman high school coach you're used to Newbury UCM a lot is Solomon the Al playoffs last year what kind of games and have a Newberry lately. You know play twice last year and we're. Won't one point game won't vote sampling naymick came down to bring the ball eat. Most of the Schuylkill at tobacco must change. There's respond to place a pot and cook Strickland earlier today it's you know with Leo you can catch the calls one to be very well coached they're very physical they're very athletic. But it's fine you know he he does a great care and build character in the audience. That. It's playing ball game you're you're playing tougher it'll play more more current school more fashionable. Explicitly to things to respect each other and and again calling so that really explore and didn't. Down no doubt about it some how about the atmosphere only a school campus of mayors are pretty I know that Doug demand for tickets is probably pretty Aaron Aaron. Yet it's you know we we only have a really get crowned in India about her community. Not Camelot could that it. That follow us with a trowel in the structure and one home so. We look for big crowd in the plan announced Thursday night in finance source mother. Curry's window so it's just only apply in mind Youngblood it relax a school football mature look about as do it again. Our coach course she won it all last year in the three A state championship game mock how does this year's team compared to last year's any differences you can point of. Current skill cute girl back so that you know so hopefully would your order we're that you're better. On both sides of the ball that's where your order so. Very Koppel is not our. So people would. Until while all the it would play where woodland and I kind of sell like that against anybody we would play solutions. Such a very dictating that when they play together. They play what do we can beat anybody on lips. We don't quite loyal term follows double big bloody won't untimely penalties and we can lose any. You know somewhat bearish numbers on a good night out there are cute kids in Barnes. I'm in at any classification anyway. Well would love to season some of those are good some of those five A school but I guess that's kind of hard to schedule and that's. I would like something that was played on would be so far this year and we play in the hundreds and would. Play from the police say they've incorporated so to that. The most that we know that we're going to. Warm. Up so consistent so Nixon didn't schedule. And they are you can't we talk about playing in the and that's what kind of built for and there are no doubt some constraints in the next two years to eat sweets. What Lamar playing. I schedule isn't a big exciting night for yup they're in Inman tonight then at 730 star right. I hope you have a great crowd good luck coach and go get him we appreciate how. Resilience they got what she called. Up tomorrow. All right thank you mark Hodge coach of the Chapman Panthers. Chapman a new bearing DJ Twitty and Amir Al Abrams couple of the best backs shall see anywhere head to head the night. You while a few minutes can be a nice night good weather football kind of cool night when they're. And it's Thursday tsunami other games to worry about missing out on it on up to up Chapman and see this game tonight I think you'll. I think you'll be pleased with this match up it's a great 18444773776. Is our number here in the huddle let's take a final break of the hour and welcome back. And wrapping up for the hour on ESP in upstate stay with us. We about dub video from a L dot com on our FaceBook page that we started off show with the night the video of the Clemson version of fight club in the locker room a couple of guys with gloves on. Slugging it out so now with some other. Apparently players may be others are surrounding them and us are Poland that's kind of making the social media rounds even made dead dead spend dot com today. And people commenting on the story on our FaceBook page. Chris as the way those punches are being thrown it seems like it was a lot more serious. Almost blaming the other guy for the loss. Now we have one Texas said the Al video actually is a couple of weeks old. So it's not. After the Syracuse lost. But Lee says they were pretty stout hay makers of that's the case they should have been swinging at the staff. And Olivia said. Maybe it was the kicker in there the ticket and as the field. An electric kicker to me but. I don't really know they can't really identify who's in the who's in the video most kickers don't try to go through some downs or contenders usually armed fighters but on that subject comes and has brought another kicker and you know bomb Al expense has had some confidence issues and missed some field goals since the injury to Greg you rule spends became the starter kicker. They have brought in that drew cost up from bishop England high school. He has tried out for the Clemson football team each of his first two years on campus never made and they never had room on the roster for another kicker. Davos when he said we liked him in the fall we just enough a spot. We're gonna bring him out in the spring but now they're bringing him out. Now. With the injury did you go and spent struggling a little bit. Dabhol invited Costa to join the team he attended practice Tuesday. He will compete with spanned saying Christian grooms for the starting role of kicker. Emphasis he told. Hostilities on a date today kick kick contract. But I got asked this. Then Josh my deal ransoms to kickers have to giving game shape. No okay I'm just not coming are expected to run down the field I know they're not expected to make tackles but it. No that's that's one position that. You know you can either kicker you can't. There's not a lot of what's the war. I want secret because you got to work and you've got to have a Mac or you've gotta have salad. So much habits between New Year's essence I mean my goodness and Amadou was going on with spans may be a little little confidence. Issue going right now but you know what whatever is doing here makes sense let's have another guy in case. This really turns ugly when it's our kicking situation that we can trot out there and. Yeah it's fascinating to me GMAC and that's why I asked JC sharper yesterday JC. Does such a good job keep him is also home. All of the recruiting in this and specifically the state of South Carolina and you know you got the number one kicker in the country in the number one partner in the country. Here in this day and none of the in state schools. Think they've gone after. But they've decided to go elsewhere melt one of eight minutes out of the shadow the number one kicker. In the country. Is Seneca high school and he's going to Virginia. And. Now by the way Matt Connelly and the states is tweeted that that was addressed the team this afternoon. You figured that was coming. Really say anything to the media after this man address them. I know articles and our confidence Condoleezza. For this war. Internal. We're handling as a internally look at this war in doubles press conference today in turn on another is a press conference east as a team meeting that's for sure. There is a team meeting and then them may be will come bouncing a few words. About how he's dealing with a holding there's going to be a lot to you and only has been a lot. For the media on this fight club story that's what you come out and read the statement. Now evident reached. But but but what would definitely that in fact that the funny that means somebody's head and his own death those rings settlement. I'm I had announcement that the but he might come out and just quickly. Say we've dealt with a internally. And on wins his next scheduled public appearance I don't know about that he's got to think Monday Tuesday press conference. Every Tuesday citrus that India and that maybe at least by then. If not before he'll say something about it you'll see the video it's on our FaceBook page. Or dad's been dot com you reject you know there at that they jumped on it as well. Flight in the Clemson locker room a little fight club style planned. Battle. Video out their from the consulate. I back on the other side and hear from Frank Martin what's important thing about being picked eleventh in the Southeastern Conference after going to the final four. Always entertaining and it's coming up next in the huddle on ESP announced it.