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Welcome into the Thursday huddle on ESPN upstate on another beautiful fall afternoon it's Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips lawn so. And Alex the end turn in studio until 4 o'clock this afternoon. Plus high school football today we're gonna hear from reg U shock ocean the burns rebels ahead of their game with Gaffney tomorrow night huge region 35 a game. We talk live when mark Hodge of the Chapman Panthers at around 245. But they play tonight. I'll talk to judge about why they play. Tonight is really no. He says in my defense somebody was booked before he got players that have been him might have all had something to do with back when they did Thursday night TV games. And they both to death or hidden. It just stayed on Thursday night but they what is kind of cool because this huge game for Chapman they play Newberry they're both eight and no. Two of the top three. 38 teams in South Carolina and they get the spotlight to themselves tonight. Puppet Chapman. Chapman. And Newbury that's going to be ago went to great running backs and then gain lots of other players. Big high school football and applaud coach Roger to 45 this afternoon. We have some reaction from frank Martin's game got basketball coach about being picked. Eleventh in the SEC yesterday by the SEC media it is we'll dig into the media. That's always good. We will have our picks him segment we Big Ten football games every week do then at 2 o'clock hour today. And I see what Alonso has come up with a us for us to choose from in college football and run through those. Some comments from Kirk herb street but college football ahead. Gonna hear from the receiver for the Miami Hurricanes. Steve issue may Eliot good gaming as Clemson last weekend up. They have a big game again. Syracuse receiver British male label play Miami this weekend. They need to win that one Syracuse and great shape and they could keep whining but they got a pretty tough schedule ahead. And your chest 1000 dollars coming up. And one of 59. Right before 2 o'clock in the free cash dash on ESPN upstate a 444773776. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore. And on Twitter at ESP in upstate I we're gonna figure this out together because literally five minutes ago. The story broke. So we're killer reacting as what you do in Sports Radio guys you just react off the cuff I want what you guys think of this. The story elegant as from a EL dot com they've basically focus on Alabama sport trying veiled account. But I think it's must saw a couple other tweets about it it's just now home. Making the rounds. The headline of this story is this. Video surfaces of Clemson its version of fight club. In locker room. Quote from Clemson we are aware of that. There is a video. Obviously taken. On some monies phone and when you look at the video you can say a whole bunch people were taking. Video of this. Of a fight. In the Clemson locker room that appears to be organize amongst football player. Is that fair to say blondes are you watch this with me this looks like an organized. Kind of hard hitting real deal fight with some kind of gloves on. Yeah it looks and now it looks like there would there were an MMA gloves and normally doesn't look organized. There is I kind of he squared circle of people around to give them a little bit of marina the fight in them. Mr. short video was about fifteen seconds or so somewhere at 1015 seconds. A two guys just go on at and they're wailing and not mess or help their hidden right. And is fair to say they're. They're not play in their. Fighting in one guy and he's learned you don't turn your back on your opponent and a whole thing turns his back and just pop in the back back of ahead here. This video was posted on against a Graham appears to show players fighting MMA style with gloves in the locker room. Timber they had assistant athletic director of course a long time on spokesperson for Clemson told AIL dot com today. We are aware of it. And then directed the website to associate athletic director Joseph Galbraith who don't has not return a call or email. It's hard to tell who these advertisements are I guess it's hard to be sure that they are football player drawing but they are dressed and Clemson orange. It clearly looks like the console locker room and mayor and is it fair to say new guns. Just tell me figure this out how how big a deal is this going to be. I think it's kind of clever. A new faces are clearly shown. Because we see that there are people with cameras on the other side who could have shown faces I mean we're looking at trying to figure out who these guys are now. And so. Whoever did leaked this made sure that you can't tell who it is somebody out there has to know this. Yeah I mean able clearly coming ranked pretty quickly. The quote. The post only mr. Graham is from somebody called fifth year. Is that the name of the account this year. And it's being the video shows these two guys fighting with the anime style gloves on a circle of people around them many of them video with their cellphones. And then the caption on the mr. Graham post says Clemson football is about that life. They have a damn fight club in the locker room. And then they tagged at Clemson bar stool. And they tag ad bar stool gamecocks up. The question for Josh so any time during your coaching career as a couple guys that this didn't get along that you just kinda I mean you can either say yes or no that you just. Decide to let him go out it. Well there were coaches that when I respect the fact that. So you're doing in that could this be something the coaches are OK with an inning and anyway. Josh. When I mean opinion here do you think I am as if it's not that big a deal and it is too. The general public because. Of the aggressiveness because that's why because he's you know all of these things usually those things happen in the blue warm. And meaning a guy gets out there are somebody's got a pair boxing gloves in the next you know. If you get a bunch of high testosterone. Competitive guys together. And you put a Payer boxing gloves if you just a pair of boxing glove right here a fights don't break him. He's he's four iron to redeem a newsroom. Yeah that's because. Because the way I mean that's just the white guys asked to me. Watching the video I wasn't aware of token like you said it just happened just came off five minutes ago. And watch on Alex computer to me that's boys being boys. You know it's like when your kids growing up and you had a little brother. And you've got I mean me and my brother we got a pair boxing gloves one day for Christmas because my step mom I'm tired of hearing on Jolie chose. Tonight don't go outside and fight. Josh. In the middle of a football season on a national championship quality team you want your guys wailing on each other in the locker room with a little. Small MMA gloves I mean it's not something that's your. Actively. What's the word. Promoting promoting. I mean double the staff aren't going hey guys get into pits and they know Mallard we know they don't have yards and also the players and owners own their own and a coach is absolutely that we use today. So they tell me they just happen to have those MMA style is now did they can be those linemen gloves because I remember I had to when I played I guess they still have those. It can be that they look like him and make gloves which means this had to be planned. Well more than likely is because look part of Clinton's. Development for their secondary is. They used boxing gloves during practice. Between the wide receivers and the defensive backs to teach the defensive backs not a whole. So there in the building and if you do that with guys and guys. Start in don't want the test their medal mean sometimes it's wrestling sometimes it. It ill. Com this boxing I mean just depends on what the circumstances. And you know it necessarily the guys that are fighting are probably really good friends. Now others certain circumstances where you've got guys on the team that absolutely do not like each other. And look for any excuse to build each other in the mouth absolutely. Absolutely. Listen if you are so mom out there and you think that your kid is safe. That that dabble in that coaching staff is taking care of their of your son. And you see this pop up what do you think it. If they're saying it's boys being boys. I mean. Bob Bob Bob Bob would probably be like you better be one in the fight you know my mom would be the same but not every moms like I agree with the I hear you on that and again it's not a good PR low. And it's funny that they sent and look I've got all the respect in the world for GO. And for Tim bray but it's not their decision on what happens with this and I know it's a media for them it's a media relations nightmare. Because now they've got to figure out away from a PR standpoint. How we gonna stay in this. You know so eventually doubles. Doubles gonna get asked that at a press conference he may even give one particular site and he's gonna say this is not it probably he's got Tuesday. This is not something that we condone. As a program as a university and we will handle this internally. So there's not going to be improbable as it got after it no you're not gonna yeah and I know you can't do that publicly this is how we go out aggression in that time but no you know now you're gonna. That's going to be discussed behind the scenes. Because. Every stop Bob gone there's always been a boxing match. That's come out in the dorm rooms. And it always gets back to the coaches and usually the coaches on the practice field are going to be like all right so who won the boxing match. You know. Every stop that I was a 1008 different universities. Get further and further away from them though. I mean as an atlas and less likely to happen Tuesday it is yes. Because automatically we think wolf why we think of something dangerous and we think of slump and out of control and the video they're they're not out of control. Now. They're square off now you know while there horizontally. Who heads of their at the end is that is that they'll let a leg swipe at the end ones that they tried to be trying to take him down on his leg totally content wise and again and again I was off balance there aren't they just ball. I don't know I thought he fell over the bench there was some leg and it. Right what you don't want that happened. Is the venue where they're doing it in the football building right now I've never heard of that. Now. I've been involved and I'm seeing plenty of fights. On the practice field. But that's different when you were equipment. It's another thing when they're actually have a boxing match in side. The football operations building and now it's up in the dorm room or something like that that's one thing. But it looks like I'm willing to bet the guys were in the air for. Some conditioning. Will. With told bats and they got done with their work out and they decided to squirrel. It clearly is the locker room I mean there's best in the standard on the wall up there right. And everything is origin it's a very nice looking. Right. And I am sure I'm sure one of the defensive backs or maybe all love him. Had a couple pairs of gloves and their locker because that they use out of practice during the individual period and it looks like. And it's usually always the linemen. Usually the offensive line and the defense supply and are usually the ones that end up in these boxing matches. Because you do not a box a linebacker. And you do not want a box of defensive back. They won't box jury years look at they've got a very. I assume when you say these guys are are made and they look like offensive lineman for I don't I don't know anyway they're not going to be I mean the one that is looks like he's winning the fight. Looks like he's either a tide in the war I agencies see Alex mentioned possibly. Safety I think they're more like safety size linebacker size in the hour. Linemen while they looked awfully slow fail. I watched Eric he's good at it. You don't have to be fast as loans are precise. Well that's true but I mean there's guys stay in and around I mean it doesn't look malicious and that doesn't alike. It's just a Donnybrook out of control. In old club bar just the whole point it's organized and that's brought about or I mean we know fight break out on time this looks like it was planned to him. Mean if it's possible. To me and maybe it's the coach and me maybe it's the way I was raised I don't know but to me it's boys being boys and it's just something doubles gonna have to address. And kind of roll his eyes and he you know he's not gonna roll his eyes. During the press conference but. He's going to be like yeah they should have done it they should've done in here it's not something we can dome and now handle. No suspensions or anything like that and know you'll know. Now what they're probably gonna get is. Because more than likely what's today today's Friday Thursday a source Thursdays so more than likely the coaches are all out recruiting. So when they get back or obviously bond now when doubles heard about this I would not want to be. They're probably gonna be up at 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning with cold bath and running every step on every level of Death Valley to their own thing now so one. I know it's a big one if one is under. Films like the surface and you find out that this is a normal regular thing what do you think of the precinct Macau's it's an all week in the coaches may be out of town and it's part of one I think it's it's that's exactly right back and let's be honest are we really really surprised. I mean as one of our callers wants noted Clemson was given to finger roll checks during the game. That's a great point and I hate that I'm not surprised. I mean slow which goes tremendously here. Well I mean. Apparently they've got a lot of hernia tester and if children. Me. Line. 844 force for separately. Is this something you're saying about Clemson that would do them to make the set he was well I mean apparently in line there's a mentality well apparently among their team culture. Okay now they're a little bit out there. When it comes to what they'd be. You know horsing around or grab button and and all of that kind of stuff among. Young guys that are tested their metal each other. I mean he got bimbo aware which he's gone now but got Christian Wilkens and some of those other defensive lineman. You know now running around doing stuff was hands and fingers that they probably shouldn't be doing and I'm surprised. Another team there hasn't been an all out fight on the field over the. But you'll watch the video it's on our FaceBook page we have. Posted DAL dot com story and his if they're short story with a very short video you can now watch it and tell us what you think about. Let's talk to Jim before the break about this hi Jim welcome it. What's Bono. And we lose breakage Crocker general very difficult. To discern from the locker room that pop pointing Olympia. Yeah arrested. Well I mean you pretty well. Now you are just. Won't rule. Our job let's greatest baseball organization repeated it won't quite believe. That's the problem. Well actually hit the big dude named a new billboards. No you're right he got a human. You know boy they really take it to the Astros ancestors violent. And I see them prepared to be a political weapon to simply give up. That's what I know have a good. Jim doctors to cubs play denied by the way and that's. Game five Dodgers up 31 and that one. We will have NFL football tonight chiefs and the raiders we'll talk more about that with coming up raiders need to win man they won't get it this week well they don't they're done. They're not when they're not going to the playoffs and they lose tonight that's my prediction. 8 o'clock to nine on ESP announced a back in a moment so ready shock coach burns rebels and we'll continue to look kind of dissect the situation over Clemson with a locker room flight if you wanna comment on that. Stop Gilani has been in upstate. Ever since some reaction on the text line and on FaceBook to be. Clemson locker room fight club of video that just came along and here's texts off sex line 71307. Said. Coach is probably know this goes on and I would imagine that the league too in quotes video. Was also tacitly condoned. To divert the narrative to something other than the but hoping that took last week. Over the by so players wouldn't have to hear only that for two straight weeks. Item a by and I'm not buying season and you delete you know complete match and no no it all that kind of diversion. Awful loss to Syracuse home by. There's not a tax says fight club was a weekly occurrence in the football locker room when I played it was always offensive line burst defense of one. That makes us Josh oh Lamberth of the line in the fight club. It does well it's funny is when it's the old line coach in the Beilein coached at home field yeah with no gloves. Did you ever participated in that no. Never did did you want to plenty of time to look at. Here's another text Dexter says this video is two weeks old they have been aware of it this fight club was all over snap Chad two weeks ago Clemson student here. Well look I. I mean two weeks old doesn't make it exactly ancient history right. No well. In today's. Fit but that's a technology age shoot. Analysts yesterday is old news right. I had an up on the FaceBook page and got a comment they are nothing seriously says just guys salmon a little far away from all the pressure the media and the fans put on them on Saturday. What I can't play at that there's no question about that there's no question the devil in the coaches can't play it like it's no. Nothing wrong. How would just hear this kind of stuff goes on all the time but why are you allowing it to be filmed I mean. If the coaches are aware why you lend people in there with their fault because you know someone's gonna be tempted to do that I gotta think the coaches to. That's just my gut it it. May be wrong. But I just. I think the Rick Pitino defense and I worked in the I think they would stop but I really do in this day and age I don't see that staff let this go. I just don't. Well maybe they did can you don't condone it because they took a beating in the media from baptism. And they figured well. If we're gonna get in trouble for that let's go to the other hand let's just fight. You. Some people in there was some people in this world yes. I do believe that that's what they did know. I've never been in a facility like this before. So it isn't there a coach or a member of staff. There. Find some guys around recruiting understand what well now that this is just. Players that are going to have a a time in the locker room where there's just players right. Right yeah I mean the locker room. Coaches. Coaches try to let players have certain areas of the building. That they feel because whoever coach walks in the building. Or walks into a room with players that changes the dynamic. Of the room and so coaches try. To allow the locker room and the video rooms in the arcade rooms to cop on the beat there'll sanctuary. When those guys can count let their guard them be themselves without having and I home all the time. Does that mean that somebody isn't there yet but it GA is not stepping in. Or on a member of the analytics or something like that and no member of the administration are. And almost eleven years of coaching college ball I have never saw an administrator won't duel football locker ever. Now one made the athletic director may come to talk to the head coach in his office. But no met no member of aside the department or anything like that and if Alonso right. That when I first saw it looked like it was out in the four year. Of the new complex that leads with a big sly does. But then you pointed out it's actually in the room with tiger Paul blockers you know. It's it seems to me that you know the guy's got done little work out. They want in the locker room found some boxing gloves that they used settlement practice field and decided though they looked at these things that taste well probably just burned. Some kind of gloves or anyone rights matters at all gloves I you know look. There's no way. Anything other than may be one rogue coach. Will allow some like that to go on in my mind because. There are wailing on each other enough that somebody get hurt. That's my view outing by C a different when they're hit and each other some idea or hurt your in the middle of the football season. Your top five programmer were before last week. And you are alliger Gaza wail on each other like that is not. Can be done I completely agree with you and and here's the other thing I mean how do you Kamal and unblemished I I know you normally I mean you get cuts and bruises and things like that from playing football but there are some head shots in there and there's going to be some bruises there's going to be some. Abrasions things like that that you can only get from apartheid explain that away you just don't. Nexus no. Just know are right up against another break up promised you already Shaw burns coach about the Gaffney game coming up let's take a break first. And welcome back to that 8444773776. The huddle on ESP announced it. Welcome back to the huddle on ESP in our state 8444773776. Is our number. To the phones and Neil is up next tiny awhile command. I'm not I don't. And it has gotten a lot because that last text or comments that about the video went two weeks ago look at our partners think quote recover losses. There is. Now I thought that maybe that you know that started the couple by our current. A sign that myself I mean I'm going to be a serious. Things like that can happen when a realistic image about a poster. Yeah that would allow credit they've been better but there what is effective or what they mean. They can throw but on a garment in my opinion it's definitely party that may want to. Well often they don't want sort console so. I'm an aggregate partly because. Seemed like. But everything we know once or going to a year. Or even into the year. The one that we now like for example. Arbitrators are gonna guess that you know this year. That logically go I mean they could easily be one that I was doing or being honest way to do it now. And denounce. I'm going. They've won the game did you did you expect them to because sentiment that Bill Clinton dominating fashion and they got Turkey and mailers. Obviously don't state going in this year has the biggest labor and that history of professional sports in America. Two win the championship so and you got a guy like Gordon Hayward you know one point eight you know and he's one of the nicest yards in the NBA and and surprisingly athletic people don't know I mean he's really athletic one of the best up and coming players and I won't play and you know pretty much. And Wednesday's and I mean I understand you're competing what I am. It's just funny how we are going to be in the bank and we know what's gonna happen and then it all I just wanted to blow to what I'm not the truth you know he thanked. Yeah I'm reluctant to change and and army just ask any Green Bay Packers fans don't ask me and tinier amount of but. That's coming up on the right I mean if you don't see anybody get that Sam what makes us part of the tiger we don't know. And so that's the mystery and that's what west against the state whether that happened on that particular night you know. Less tried to close don't take it too seriously you can deal with the ups and downs it does make it fun. That's the way outlook and no I'm waiting. Like an hour limit on it coming about and embed that got a question Ewing and coach. Just wanted to know these guys is a good player than I was and five more games this year. Did you guys saying that Michael Wayne has gone and it's so do you think there's a replacement out there and who wouldn't be. Not this year. Begets another year I don't think there's anyway that that make change this year coach resigned my going to floor. Maybe if he lost out mile. Open. If you've lost out. Then. You know they'd probably be like look. We got to do something here but I'm with you they're probably gonna give him in the year I mean look the guy's won back to back east championship. In their recruiting and exceptionally high level the last rankings us all they were like eighth in the country. In recruiting so it seems like they're starting to address. The talent level that's been lacking on the roster. And they're getting that fixed and consequently. Anybody care to venture were Alabama's right right now on the recruiting rankings. Try 26. And think about that and usually at this time a year Alabama's Warner to. And so which that's a little bit I know they started off slow back in the summer but for it to be October. With literally lets see November December Jamie literally three and a half months to signing period. And that's what you have the deal with a that Tuscaloosa units to me that's of it's a big story that I don't think he was talking about because I think. It almost we were thinking well they're gonna close late Noland at the top five. The problem with the head is. You've got Texas that is recruiting getting exceptionally high level house date. I think overtook Miami. Number one. You've got to Oklahoma that's out there you've got actually I think Tennessee is ranked fifth. In their recruiting class. With nine days left to go so. It seems like there headed in the right direction and I don't expect him lose out. And look let's be honest if they beat Georgia then all the Florida fans are gonna forget about just get rid of my wing thing. I appreciate the call Neil because o'clock eliminate the reg. Because they are huge game coming up tomorrow night. On the road at the reservation against the Gaffney Indians on big region implications. And that ball game. Caught up earlier today with reg. Coach show on the road last week. And I went over nation forward and another great performance first of all by your defense. And that's been our stalwart old all year's defense. Really says it's only come to play. Pretty much every week we've driven. Mr. gray year does good has come around a lot of kids are playing sounds and it just fly around to the ball was you know starts have thrown a deal on just they kind of set the tone from the Kazaa they command double teams and then not only is it just hard to block consultant and a lot of pressure on quarterbacks in the non disrupt the running game. On the other side I thought brought Carol your quarterback and one of his better day running and passing the he did it was nice to see him on kind of come into his own Arafat salon settled in in in disagree Jumbotron to and then nine abroad which is blue group or is beggars are able to. To run the ball really well known and usually will fondest targets and then deliver on the good precedent game as well. I know you've had some injuries on your offensive line your senator Alex Faulkner he. For examples of the mango they had no one huge guy on their line I know that you guys did a pretty good job again. This still somewhat like a Snow White and the seven doors there's times on the execs a guess about 300 pounds or not. I was and we've we challenge goes all waiting and number you can be more physical. Attack coughed the ball beyond being a better athlete not. He goes river handled pretty well affront to own stuff and salons is stormed a jail and in the play is a unit and hasn't been nice to see him come together. All of a sudden coach were down the last two games of the regular season and these are two really big games for your time. No doubt and on and on things and then getting bigger than actually burns is a rivalry but on the implications for playoffs are huge group. Use three way tie for second place our region between us Gaffney and thus former and so. These two are huge in our guys understand that in for a good week to practice and preparation so flew brochure apple products. Deadliest form for this and be really good at home and you have to blame their. There are only given up 28 points total home another nuclear really well on their new casino and crowd will be hostile and non mobile home court management of the drug prepared us for learn various fashions this week and the you know anytime you deploy H at least two teams get excited. Starts on offense for Gaffney with Taj Unser rat seem like he's been there for a while he's on a great quarterback dual threat quarterback completing 62% of his passes already fifteen touchdown passes. On the year with just four interceptions so are you will be ample. It is he's very mature. Does a great job doesn't turn the ball over manages a game well he has dual threat guy he runs and when he has to an end up. He throws and embryo is a really quick release sending throws deep ball really well has doesn't go to get it. Good receivers I guess a Dennis Smith doesn't want the gets most of the attention he's really one of the better receivers around and. No doubt Kara amounts of Sidney Rice in a lot of ways big target to has a lot of ups and not. Can do something with the ball once he gets in his hands soon we'll have our hands full soon. And they have a couple of good running backs and rice and Kirby. Prices those big physical guy that presents from Italy June really stretches your defense and an income and so will. And and has a love explosion and so on live with truth. 412 punch of wouldn't really be a challenge for our guys to rally to a full blown pending gang tackle him he's not one does not remembering him down. Coach you've had a tremendous injury problems this year and especially among receivers and I got another when asked. Did TJ young went out last week and also is next man up or move couple softer more so for the JB and can those that are Goodyear normal level it's a different differ street don't Fridays and hopefully they'll compensate me just. Well your offense coach do you feel like you need more production here in the stretch run to be able to meet some of these good team you're going to be facing. We are averaging 36 points a game and so we just continue the and its influence incoming defense were play and I think will be all right but you know we got to build to be balanced enough. And take your shots when we want to know when we have to. Team pretty excited about the post season on though there so. Hole want to scenarios you can tell Momo are a bunch but you're pretty good shape right now. We are we're just we're trying to control we control assisted care one thing at a time and then and try to be prepared for gasping and put our best fourth effort there and uncharted. Just focus on one thing at a time. Partridge what's what's CEO Richard the game in your mind going as the acting chancellor of the moss thing always comes down to turnovers. You know restrict and those that he mimics the least amount mistakes when you can evenly matched teams you. He got to feel like has an advantage is nothing special teams will be fusion. Home health field position only in our favor in we can do some good returns. Ready shock coach of the burns rebels again near Gaffney emerge tomorrow night right here on ESP in upstate 7 o'clock your time 730 as the kickoff. Back in a moment to wrap up our number one of the huddle on ESP and upstaged there was this. Clemson now locker room boxing. Match is now made dad's been dot com. And they're not too kind about it they just posted a few minutes ago. There headline on the video or they're caption under the video says fresh off their upset loss to Syracuse. Clemson players appeared to take out the frustration of seeing there playoff dreams float over two NC state. By trying and failing to beat the blank out of each other. And then like criticized the if I'm looking for the lawsuit party were commentary on the criticize the gum. Skills and thanks. I was made I was Alex Jones saying that now I was defending their skills welcome them here there is movement it's down below the video. On debts and yeah the result is not so much of the and I must say they slip and slide slap fest the full works terrible not surprising considering your sporting talks to ducking is abysmal. And the punches or nothing but while hay makers and rabbit punches. Few of which went. So as much as landed. Roddick yeah I mean to do is when and he landed just about all those sponsors and what it kept going until we slip on those splits. Yelling and this lets off the floor reportedly didn't. So one of those were if those. Critics. Were expecting. Puget lipstick. On demand performance is something Mayweather. Good grief honor McGregor. Good style Amman. Also looking on the channel four story they published this. Our panel and auto channel for the the number Josh here and exactly. And they quote associate athletic director Joseph Galbraith as saying Clemson officials and coaches are aware of the video and will address that with the team. That's dumb. That's like clemson's way of saying we don't you know. But at any military to go to get in trouble for post and now for finding. She's keeping OB a I think that's when you idiots post this well I mean this. Fifth what is it fifth year posted it and that's just like an aggregating website for students to post thing awesome person as a don't think that's a person must orca. Collection of various student oriented. Post so I don't know who's getting in trouble because Manama and posted.