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Last hour of the huddle here for Wednesday afternoon on ESP. And upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. Alex the intern. We need one more person in the studios that we bring in Paula boo boo honey boo boo here. And not not not ditty by what Alex Alex and that is about boo boo. On man we're going there. Alex you should just never admit it when you do things like that fusion is. An amber and now you're offline he got a metal locker room talk about it. Alex Alex has a mandate with a some news spore and under because he has dry skin and who backs. All and it's. It's costing him hitting point two of these. Guys I just wanna point out that he's the one who's an honor yeah who's in who's your face up. Who's his favorite team in college football college football and he's a Clemson time oh. High school football easing Gaffney and it. And that's if you put the that none and reminded the equal time sometime Alex. But not right now. Did he might been Diddy are blogger and up podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com joining us says he does. A usually on Wednesdays at this time I did Howard I've made it two weeks in a row on Wednesday that trying to make some doesn't move you around and visiting with that other job. You have for us downstairs all those commercials baseball. Two games. First of all 508 game this afternoon is Houston and the Yankees and as turned out to be a pretty good series series prize yankees came back. Yes and no. Part of you has to expect that to happen when they go home to the Bronx obviously it's not the same Yankee Stadium doesn't have the ghosts of past years of success because they've moved it across the street. I into the new monstrosity but it's still but the brock's in in October and these baby boomers know how to hit the ball and once you start swinging the bat well. Things go your way and getting just masterful performances. From a guy in CC sabathia than I expected nothing out of this season and I completely back to being who he's been in the past and and throughout his career again in this post season has been pretty amazing to see in. Even as a Red Sox fan it's it's very entertaining. To watch them kind of bounced back after the two games in Houston the walk off loss in game two beauty could easily crumble after something like that. Coming back winning two in a row in in grand fashion back in the Bronx bringing back at Yankee feel. To October baseball it's been pretty amazing to watch housed pitting pitching set up their possibly who has the I mean I think regardless if you look at Houston has the edge no matter how it sets up but. What we've seen recently maybe not could you see guys like to knock a pitching way better than we've seen. Who sees the good side of him you know you get your weeks in and week out. He was great and and he was bad and he was great we're getting great to knock or getting great to see see it in will that continue who knows it's been such a huge question mark for the Yankees all season long. We knew they could score runs we knew they can hit home runs but can these pitchers give them over the hump. Right now they are and their two wins away from World Series. Male deaths unbelievable odds tonight 9 o'clock we'll have a four year on ESPN upstate it's the fourth game of the National League series. And the cubs are on the brink of elimination. Are they going down tonight or a little later. They might statement that it greatly but it's over at that series is completely over there. Out matched beyond matched deeds you wouldn't a thought of seeing the roster they kept most of their guys. After the when the World Series last year but you're not seeing the same performances the same October heroics. That she saw last season and even the season before it got into the NLCS maybe a year at a time. With Joseph Mendes new team. You've got to give some kind of hope that they're gonna win a baseball game and at least maybe make this thing interesting because they have Joseph Maddon and you have that trust in Joseph Maddon and how he can. Manage a team through situations like this buy it. The Dodgers just just ridiculous just absolutely ridiculous pars are good they are and I don't see any chance that the cubs making this even interesting. I even think it could end tonight indirectly but I wouldn't be surprised that they when one column was wrong in the middle of the cubs' lineup partly. Good question. And dressed in that Joseph Maddon doesn't even have an answer or they'd be winning baseball games it's. Just one of those things sometimes your team goes cold and when you go cold at the wrong time your season ends and that's what it seems to be happening up there at Wrigley Field. All right let's go to. Most of basketball you watched the the Gordon Hayward injury last night's pretty. Unfortunately with twitters auto play. I was I caught it did catch it as I was watching baseball seeing between barrage of of craziness and saying things got on the baseball. And I'm not watching night one of the NBA and and bam there's the video and aside so deficit while I was horrible that was horrible. Still not as bad as the capable. Now I can Wear bright yet that that was bone through skin that was horrible and this is bad it looks. I mean obviously we'll hear more going forward with with ligaments and all the other stuff but. With that being a fractured tibia and he dislocated ankle it almost sounds like it looked worse that it really wants obviously the broken leg is bad right. But it didn't look like you know with his foot dangling it just look like that was the dislocation. If there's no structural damage around that dislocation. You probably won't be as bad as staple Georgia's comeback or sickened where when he had to break his leg because it's such a different part of the lag. But it's not going to be easy whatsoever for come back and it's huge huge hit for the Celtics how much is change the east in the and they'd be competitive without ball unlike my friend that left here I didn't have that much confidence. In the Celtics with him in in winning the east this is this is the bronze conference. And this is the caps conference especially the moves they made this offseason and this just makes it more solidified that this is going to be. The cabs here to win this the jump and content so I'm I'm wrong baiting breath to hear him yell out that this is. Brown kid that he thinks is that LeBron James junior maybe and a not gonna happen and then there's nobody that even with Gordon Hayward I didn't think had a chance to really make the finals but they beat a team to play the cabs. But I didn't think they'd beat the died. Clemson football Friday night. Shocking really shockingly bad performance not that they could lose a game they lost bag game appears last year but they but they played fairly well and then it came at least they. Play well offensively in the pick and competed but there were so many things wrong with the way constantly confronting Knight tell what struck you the most. The wide open receivers downfield for Syracuse is the fact that they clemson's defense that we were touting as being better than last season. Looks completely abysmal and the defense the secondary that whole first half and even into the sec it just didn't look right they could move the football obviously you had Kelly Bryant coming in with the ankle already. Then he gets hit my head will we get smashed down to his head and gets knocked out leaves the game so then your offense falls apart it's just everything that could go wrong. Did go wrong for Davos last Friday night and it just seems to be that. Friday night thing and something bad will happen on Friday night in college football that's played a Friday games Friday the thirteenth analysts and I didn't make it any better now bad luck. But clubs is not out of the style and will not and all but done it's kind of out of their hands or at least not completely in their hands they need Syracuse to lose enough. Then they odds obviously has to win out back clemson's NC state game on November 4 is looking like a a pretty good one and. Yeah absolutely in that that you know could be the deciding factor right now Clinton just needs to focus on winning. I as long as they can women get through the rest of the season I think they end up in the ACC championship they win the aces chip chip I think they still have a great chance to be in the playoff and have a chance to fight. And defend their championship but. Now your backs are against the wall will they bounce back the way they did after that Pitt loss you know that colossal a closer game and was more. In handedly just kind of lost that late James Connor took over. This one being more kind of an abysmal performance. They need to be able to bounce back the same way they did after Pitt last year in almost hit that reset button and go forward as this week one. In your starting your title defense right now. After despite. Both comes in and South Carolina have this week off on South Carolina did beat Tennessee fifteen to nine it was not a pretty game to me now is very ugly but I'll take it W all day as I told all of the Gator fans. They kept telling me this is what you get yeah I'll take. I will take fifteen to nine victories every single week. As long as we're winning football games and while there are three import this time last year five enters pretty good for the game Cox. Sure mid season MVP we've been talking about that today anybody in the gamecocks jump palace you pick and choose one right now. That's tough dad is the fifth they like they they. Trip themselves and into victories that seems like some good defense as badly it was wanna just. Really the whole defense and guys as a whole as a unit especially the defense affront to be able to make you know things happen affront not give up all the running yards we saw them give up last year. I think they have to get the most nod of of performance wise. Being MVPs because. Even the game loss to Texas and then they could've won because of bad defense and then defense on law and it wasn't because of the offense that they Wednesday's eight this year now. I think they can't I'm I'm one of the people who actually worried about offered I mean they're super good and I don't like having our cupcake game and be you know one of the best teams and that's the football by it. That is what it is you got to play one of the state teams we get offered this year and you know you think they can beat the gators you'd think obviously don't beat dandy. And then now what was the and Wofford so if you get those three. That's the eight I don't see there being a chance against George or Clinton meg not all zero chance he has clumps of IQ so surges to yet no chance because it. Deal ever first of all I love Will Muschamp and I've always supported him since he came I wanna deal ever. I thought I thought he would be the better guy I really wanted him to be the coach at Carolina and I think he showed why he might have been the better option by being able to beat Clemson at Syracuse. But I don't know if that was anything more than relief aid. Not fluke but one of those almost like heavyweight title fights or emanate fight where the best fighter doesn't necessarily going to sometimes you just get caught Clinton just got caught and that's just what happens and I highly doubt. Somebody can run that same game plan and do it and I really don't think Carolina has the offense to run the same game plan and do it. Can you make a case for South Carolina being the second best team in the east even though they lost to Kentucky reject the Kentucky. Well right now graduate Kentucky because of the head to head but I think if the way this thing shakes out you know Kentucky might drop another couple games and I think Carolina's right that conversation of being the second best team in the east behind Georgia because. Florida is not good and he is not good. Tennessee obviously is not good in Carolina beat them so it's really down to that if they can end up with that second ranked you know obviously the best team second best team in the conference and division if they can pull that miracle against Georgia. Wouldn't after Alabama crushes Tennessee this weekend they go and book butch out of his misery. Comps I'm shocked he's not already fired and shot I finally got the end of that game you want an interim going into the game. I mean does what you got to do a good luck you're the coach re going to just what you have more of an excuse with your alumni base though when you get blown out. Still it can't all see you guys wanted to Gama fired him and that's what you get in term drag on in. I thought for sure that South Carolina had finally we've taken another coach down took must champ down in the bottom now organ meats I thought they took. But it didn't happen now did not happen was shocked what's on the website we can look for for me. Have some stuff coming I'm gonna try to get a QB corner with Perry or done this week and a fourth via podcast give us some bye week blues coverage of some gamecocks football talk a little bit of that try to get. Tell us on still trying to get touch on to do Clinton as well so I can cover both teams and trying to help you both dance and then obviously some blogs hopefully coming soon as well a South Carolina picked eleventh in the SEC in basketball. There's a fair in the SEC yes I thought it elements like over a hole. Nothing I saw almost all coaches say I didn't see anything beyond coaches I -- Brazil and is there with a final four their eleventh by the media in the SEC to excellent. And an alien in NCAA basketball one dude can make a huge difference in some areas are well as one Dudek in making huge difference. It's like UConn winning it with Kemba Walker and then being out of the tournament next season are you a ticket that would mean now that they finished. Better than eleventh in the SEC basketball known I don't know how to make an anger better than eleven but I. And can see if it's all projection of its own garbage anyway as it did. They normally you don't mean Boston makes the playoffs with out Gordon Hayward the playoffs does anything everybody makes the play book of the magical prohibit the playoffs and he's this year and should they got to attack Pedroia if you actually they should tell you now aren't like them Q I'll like it is a degree in aid for poor. 4773776. At tech's line is 71307. Back in a moment this is the huddle on ESP announced it. We're back as the huddle on ESPN upstate the Wednesday afternoon addition glad you're along phone lines open 8444773776. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches are the superstore to the phones and Tom you are next welcome aboard Tom. But yet. Alec. They'll all get bullied by the united. But yeah Bryant and the effect over 31 million people a year and you're gonna get bullet bike guy who doesn't want me you know got. I'm gone and immediately and I'm like don't accident near the site that comment you are now well mark or a. I just bring me some yeah not not not done not done not done a day. Jalen brown most improved player of the year I don't get it in don't know when it happened that performance by my. It was a mess. Affordable educational thing you've said so far. That's your opinion man. Aren't. What that he was saying about how Gordon Hayward Landry might not be that bad. Home. Called ordinary work. Are currently on break. Now that really bad but I dislocated ankle affect a whole lot more. Then just you're done brake yeah he Europeans that yes he's probably gonna have an oval and cracker. But he's also I guarantee you he has several ligament damage he's gotten in there stretched. The Columbia on rehab form and I feel for the guy I mean I love watching Gordon or. But. I mean this is a great severe injury it's gonna take a while you don't ever. But I. You know with her on the scene the ultimate gotta be her unborn eat they look so good let might even without him on the court. So when it when he comes back if he comes back the seat and eat you now. It can be a real struggle to look at the get that number one spot I mean it didn't get it last year but. Now. Yeah they do it. Yet lest you think about creation and that's one of the best opening night and NBA history at least and I've been alive. But in her maiden name boat all working well made and Jalen brown. Easily massacred in the year but yet on site and the united little disappointed that they were obviously good. Other than that paper up. I Don 8444773776. Illiterate but Tom forgo the right. Well I'd go like in turn glove I mean you know. Colin in the in the intern I don't think you should do that in intern by definition is someone who generally has not allowed ownership yeah yeah if you're supposed to look at not only an intern it's it's in the bylaws them. Well you know they always say you're judged by the company that you keep. And Alex character just took a major hit with that endorsement. If it. That's what it Dunbar bar. And then it all I'm glad he's going out soon. On golden deer hunting. Obviously there's too many of those things from around the state rural highway. But it is craziest Tom is he's probably gonna end up in the hallway himself mean. But you know. You gotta understand from from which the Ayers coming from but that's okay. Ivory I get a break as we got Jim's Tokyo on standby Carolina Panthers radio network we'll talk about the yup panthers' upcoming game with dub errors. Where is Oki next in the huddle on ESP in upstate there was. Final half hour of the show here in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. Greg mechanic coach Josh Phillips and Alonso here and on the line is Jim's Nokia with the Carolina Panthers radio network and WBT radio. In Charlotte Jim how are you. Connective good hour you know that. Thanks for coming on sir we appreciate it some well last Thursday night's game was Philadelphia I guess some tape we had not already we figured it out that Philadelphia's pretty darn good. They are good. And yet at those hard to predict it's it's just week to week it's hard to figure out. That was good news not good and there it seems to vary week to week RE LE who. But you are going undefeated in the mid October already so. You're not couples. That's already happened Kansas City so it's it's a very close parity league in. Tell you what Philadelphia did your car so wincing and a person was very good the down deep bounce a lot of weapons out there are so we may see them again maybe outlook. Cam Newton of course had been so red hot and got called off a little bit at three interceptions not all those on him though right. I would say actually two of the three or even on the home you're the one that was obvious that what that acute good Steward event. The first blood where his arm got them you know again that they didn't they beat the line did not have their best clay. In the game it would be run or pass blocking so I thought they opened the point struggled against Philadelphia. And it Campbell the warrior you some run for 71 yards that it pileup that Turkey via throwing the Adobe made life hard on him and I think just the lack of pass protection in general disparate typical for. Yeah a camera and it well but nobody else did what was up we'll bat that 89 man box Philadelphia did what was going on throwing him. You have ended they're Derek had a stroke so that their take in the run away from you know at the peppers are one of those team. Like to run as much as it passed it would book most seem to have savvy. So put it in the box revenue in the box there yet well a lot of these that are happening candlelight as privy to mean Jonathan Stewart. Ever get the chance with three running backs carry the ball. Thirteen attempts to get one yard Stewart was that they ate here at minus four yards so I mean it has nothing to be out there and they could say a break tackles in this meddling again it assume that you're taken and got. There's not much you can do that it up to the campers and I would take Greg essentially the running game was the tent holding key. Passes by the yard the Coptic Christian DiCaprio. Mark. That's something overrun in the essential. Did Jim averted said that though what the Panthers are lacking is somebody to be a deep threat they don't have to again anymore Curtis Sanyo can be that guy. It because stay healthy right. He is yet demeanor bird bird obviously he's done so it would injury put up. It's Siena can be checked diet or how to work it and yet good tips we cure at this site to try to work Minnesota based. Cattle tunnel a bubble screens and things of that sort but you're right in terms of the vertical threat. We're not really seeing him being used that way it is by far the fastest healthy receivers still out there that actually. They're participating so you may be able see that it received a non pulled but I agree with the epic its lead inspector are skewed last year and he wasn't. In all is catching those of those bowl but it would take the top up that the president adapter account for each state. We saw some much Kevin Seymour in the secondary is a somebody were to see more of human. I think it'll make it big still swirling job obviously opposite opposite Brad that record played well on site video remote or earlier to again get guys package Europe. I think he's gotten better he's not as good as spread very but it is getting better all the time in a real good tackler. Pass coverage at times it struggles it's picked on piloting that brought him a lot more percentage wise do you read bury. So it into play well and make better plays get you more doesn't have China you know starting experience so. I think it's a little bit of a job sure but did you continue to mostly or their war. Understand Kurt Coleman was in some reps or practice today that's good to sink. Yet got had done a good practice today out there so that's good at that Dell that we ready this week but he can progress right now so. Yeah that's by far your best be put to back. Out of anybody's out there are so I appreciate Coleman back here to the X. Staying on the injury front here are jail Kelvin Benjamin with a knee problem lend was he out today. Yet you luck early in another practice. Or earlier could be cautionary with their two cars. Game days Sunday at Chicago not really are sure to status will be listed as but I would say that you know he's. Got a lucky that I have a brother Richard doesn't do much to rest of the week. Aren't what can you tell us about Lucci plays in the concussion protocol situation what do you know about it. The other stages little bit in this stage today was that it was quite a bicycle at practice stationary bicycle. So he's got a couple more state is he got to go I think it's a real jeopardy it's a question protocol. Intact nuclear this week's that would you know they don't use doubtful or about doubtful. To this game because he still has to go through a full workout padded practice all that kind of stopped to be able to cleared by a a third party doctor out of the concussion protocol Tyler I just don't think there's enough crap that happened so I would say it's unlikely we'll see what the deciding this week they'll. The the linebacker had to get car. Signified they're expecting that that David Mayo would go dilute seek re spot and I get our would be able to do the special teams job that mail normal adults. The country. To Chicago on the road this week with the Bayer's. How does this match up well look to you as far as the Panthers are concerned. Well it's got box right so they gonna run the ball deeply rooted deep you got it took Robiskie bank it is. What third start now so that you threw the ball sixteen times a credit that he Gortat last week so I think unit probably more that are conservative has been approaches every. Run the ball so we're gonna to stop the run. Howard in particular was impressive Wesley typically 67 yards so it didn't got the bet there's got to stop the run their. And try to force an error but you are wildly they're gonna put Robiskie a lot of places where he's gonna be exposed to the interception circle tried not to lose to game. They try to get a court order to play good. Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network great stuff as always Jim thank you will dodging and actually. Greg thank you thank Izzo appreciate that you can follow him on Twitter as well. You probably don't know how to spell his name. I don't look at it that's a gym Sochi at Jim's OT SZ. Okay. SZOK. Engines that took me a couple of times and memorize an animal that. A guy in does great job covering the Carolina Panthers. What have the Panthers and the bears for young classic rock won a one point one Sunday afternoon seek Elliott. You play is not gonna play do we have to do this every week. Do we have to do this every week cowboy man probably song for the rest of the season. Yeah and he's making mistakes and look. You know I understand him finding it in warning to find it but he's not gonna win it. I mean Tom Brady went out and hired the attorney general that got bush the presidency. Back in what was it 2001. Or 2000. When we had a hanging chads. Well that attorney general that had to preside over that. Election. That in that favoring bush could not get Tom Brady off. After he went to the courts so ill disease not gonna win this the NFL is going to win this and he's better off. Even from a career standpoint of just biting the bullet sitting out the second half this season get ready for next year and come back. Yeah which is a mean if you don't know they're gonna play this week does not affect the whole team just worried about is he on his he often we can we just deal with a and get behind. Exactly right that's an outstanding point and that's what Dallas needs to do that they need to make peace with. This is going to be the ruling there's not going to be a reduction of the ruling. It's gonna go to. I don't think it's gonna go to the Supreme Court but he's gonna push it as far as you can. And then ultimately. The NFL's gonna win. You know what I can understand it in Dallas was undefeated right now that look like they were about absolutely. Yes it that he knew if they were gonna win a super ball I can understand them but that's not how this bill. No and obviously he has been. That big of a factor in the first half of the season anyway I mean he's been he's had nice games. But the games when Dallas won they were gonna win anyway. If you would think that if he was gonna make a difference it was going to be. Against Green Bay and what do Scott Linehan do you decide to throw it instead give us the and they lose. So. Almost Alonso on that dallas' go to win the east and are gonna win the NFC championship the Super Bowl. This year they've just got too many issues and he's you know he's sitting now. Get better may be called Tiger Woods and find out what. Rehab he went through to get his mind straight. I can that's what Z Intel. You know somebody yesterday. What do you think Dallas needs to assign him a baby sitter. And well I think that if you're at that level at that age in you need a keeper. Then that's an issue it was an issue does Bryant. Jerry Jones had a higher at 24 hour. He called Emma that he gave life coach. That's a polite way of saying the babysit them to keep him out of trouble. And that's what that's what. He needs. Fortune it's really sad that you and I. On October 18 of argument up on the house. For different reasons. Whether our team's yes. I'd Asi know scenario that the Green Bay Packers make any noise that you. All right I will continue to carry the torch over here you know my team to a lost one game you know coaches then or any of that come playoff time GMAC market today. October 18 am because when the chiefs get knocked out the first round about the oh my goodness you forget your head coaches not gonna happen is all they don't play Pittsburgh again. Now Pittsburgh has a totally different story. Facility Camby Patinkin pledge are summaries and they cannot believe would be awesome in the Jacksonville and it will be. It would be. Mostly through Jacksonville lethal achieved on the schedule up. I Adrian Peterson is the NFC offensive player of the week did you think obviously and then yes. Alka I didn't want Alonso took to the woodshed I don't that. 134 yards two touchdowns. With the Arizona Cardinals it's his first weekly honor since week 142012. Now as anger is gone he's done. I want another union I was just really mad then you know he let it all out now and go back to Tomlinson has an order to them. He's 32. The ailment came to bet. Spent first tens of years of his career with the vikings and rushed for almost 121000 yards he was the league MVP in 2012 yet over 2000 yards rushing then. And kind of floundered in New Orleans for a little while but now. 26 carries. 26 K he had almost as many carries. With a cardinals last week as he had in four games with the saints. Never have more than nine carries a game with a stunning. In any rush for 200 and wanted to say no 130 port so you guys really think he can keep. Yes. Maybe. Now he's going to keep it up and he's not and it is not gonna have a 134 yards a week. But he can make me successful I'll agree with Josh on that he's found a place where you can be successful only nobody is. He's got one maybe two years away. Guys are physical freak them. They showed it to still do that yes he can. God I don't expect him to lump. VO one game wonder of the cardinals they'll keep Brandon to have. Is he going to against the rams who's a sedan next and yes I don't think so. Maybe now won 34 but the rams go one defender on the defensive all right on the road we'll get to schedule will he do that against the Texans. Know. We do everything from jet liners for ten hours plays and Dana it probably not. I agree. All right look in all right so he's got the giants got the Seahawks a couple of times Seahawks are coming down I don't know and I don't think he did. He might do one or two more times. A 134 over a hundred still have several 100 yard games of the cardinal. I think he may have a 200 yard being good. Why don't I guess the 49ers possible Packers the pilot banker. They do now put on the back of active effort to keep Dom Capers guy. Yeah he's kind in the Metheny boxes. It's awful. A 444773776. Text line 71307. News the key word ESPN. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore will wrap up bottle at a moment on ESP in upstate. Dodgers in the cubs' 8 o'clock tonight ESP announced they will have a for your first pitch after 9 o'clock the Dodgers win that's it no wait around for the winner of the Yankees in the Astros for the World Series. Cubs can extend the series by winning the game tonight they're down three games to none. Back to the phones and it is Chad on hold Chad welcome into the huddle our. I. Well we're doing good jab what's to. Colorado coach Joshua Bell so they'll say so where. Is quite well written back today I'll. You gotta get our. Got a good stories on Josh anonymous on I'm only here I'm afraid not. I already was. Operation on Assad ordered or mixed it up they are still that you're gonna shoot our mouths. He's a jab what what happens on the field stays on the field much for him. And the youth. Now and it now. Yeah. It is now Utah from site. What are. After that she. Mary. And I. Am Muster so. He gave man OP aide has better. I. It. So. Eight. Go out our players. Outlaw yeah yeah yeah junior and. I sure will brother you do well thank you Chad I checked in and we appreciate that. I could again restore order to bottom just he's you can thank me later for not doing. I have been awesome you know but I have a suggestion for Chad to download DE SP yeah stayed out. An annual homicide your fingertips absolutely easy draw draw over so anywhere ego got us to search ESPN upstate. Your App Store it's free and it's great weightless and you know the guys at 538 dot com they do statistical analysis of sports before you do that question for you. Story and cowboys and she. Now she's Pakistan because of me. Moon. And why it's called being equally you know Saddam area is is that wilderness and I was I was hoping now. Mean I'm finalized root for my team that still has a lot to do that if there's a lot of those around you know. What should she doesn't care social glue that if she cared do you know video game opening over of the assignments that got you got to the Georgia fans so we've been in Jordan. While house divided anyway. Now why she likes gamecocks mysteries is kind of the kind of UGA fan what you watch when you're not there. My. You might so they can talk about it about you know. It's it's not there's not a priority it was but it Dallack. Now what would dub a Clemson Tigers have to do to get into the playoffs here according to 538. Dot com statistically after their loss to Syracuse. A couple of numbers to throw out a chip 530 A says that if Clinton runs the table. And they give them a 20% chance that's an interesting thing to me. 538 dot com only gives Clinton a 20% chance of running the table. Does that surprise you how would I would put that closed at 50%. For Clemson are on the table when you ghost I would think you'll be higher than what's coming soon. 20% chance or on the table and they've got. When we think they got Georgia Tech game NC state Florida State to no good Florida State citadel in South Carolina. And I guess Ayers and McVeigh go to the ACC championship game and maybe play Miami. Maybe. And I would Jim a veteran 20% chance to run at it I would team I would say at least sixty. But if they run the table they all have a 97%. Probability of making the college football playoffs. They say the tigers' trip to NC state. November 4. Is. Easily their business bell biggest obstacle. But they say they win that game. In 95% of their simulations. If bit simulations to have them going to the playoff and see what they're doing here but they only went and I'm 49% of the time and simulations where they don't might deploy oil well let's. Obvious. Should be noted that those numbers assume that star quarterback Kelly Bryant is healthy we don't know that yet. We don't know what Kelly Bryant's going to be like going forward. Com. Four Washington who also lost over the weekend the Huskies. Their odds. There odds of winning their remaining games are higher than Clinton's at 21%. But only 87%. Of college football playoff odds if they do went out Washington still has to face Stanford that's their most important game this November 10. And the Huskies win that 96%. Of the time in their playoff bound simulations 40% of the time. And they simulations in which they don't make the playoffs so home. Toughest game for Clemson. Still to come. Is North Carolina State. But only 20% but Clemson runs the table. I guess that's the thing that stands out about 538 to me all want to say that. Yet in those simulations just that they get under my skin because their computers yet that that and you know the simulations said that South Carolina was gonna lose to NC state the simulations and South Carolina was gonna lose to Tennessee. Assimilation said South Carolina to lose to Arkansas. I mean. Honestly I've never seen these simulations where they've actually been right. Well they're right some of the time sure. But that's just like all of us are right. It was a these numbers overall the Clemson Tigers right now. Going into the weekend before the Syracuse game they had a 55%. Chance of making the college football playoff now. 29%. Down from 55 to 29. Because of that loss and I don't argue that that one loss certainly. Thanks a big chunk out of that a percentage chance. So that makes sense to me departed doesn't make sense to me is 20% chance or Romans time. If they get past NC state. Purdue haven't known for. Are you near a new thing to George tech games but the threat. Yeah yeah that one but I think would that particular game Clinton's defensive front. Can mash up art can mess up one. Georgia Tech wants to do from a timing standpoint. That we might not mean I thought I didn't think Syracuse is offensive line will be able to hold up. Well there's always that surprise you know you can never account for a shock like last ride on demand that laws. To this day hikes I can't believe that happened the way it did. Not Syracuse pulled the upset but it's the way they did. So. You've got to figure that Clinton's own play that bad the rest away now. You certainly would thing not know. All right we will be back tomorrow afternoon. At 1 o'clock in the huddle we're gonna talk tomorrow too while mark Hodge the coach of the Chapman Panthers they have a huge high school match up against New Iberia that's number one vs number three. In three day high school football in South Carolina coming up we'll talk coach talked about that. And much much more when you join us we'll have our picks tomorrow as well so we're looking forward to that. Credible Sturges next time Greg meet Jenny for Josh Phillips Alonso and Alex. Was going to puts more cream on his wrist. We'll see you tomorrow enough.