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Clock Ken the Dodgers sweep the cubbies. -- on. Our cub fans. Get him out of there into brooms out some animal away. Only more cubs. Talk this year dumb with a cubs. Did you will be in the studio with a set the Rio for the sentinel talks baseball with him. Javy thinks the Dodgers will allow finish off the cubs tonight 8 o'clock on ESP in upstate to listen in. Right here with a Major League Baseball post season. Coverage for you the other series is that there was a Tutu known yankees and Astros at some that's ago when. But not so much this one at least so far. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coach is Arby's superstore to try to make a controversy out of this and Oklahoma City. You know lomb Kevin Durant wore number 35. And he went on to all the state controversial. Well now the thunder have brought in PGA does your former South Carolina game cock undrafted rookie. BJ Dozier one number fifteen at South Carolina. But he went to the mavs. And in the pre season he wore number 35. The mask cut him he signed a deal with a thunder. The thunder deceive and number 35 Kevin Durant its old number here's what those jurors said about his reasons for wanting that number. Coach Reggie Lewis is. Most of this news. In London and now. Did anybody say anything to them and incidentally there. And you think twice about it. And received. Dallas business disposals. And. You think I think Oklahoma City took some pleasure in giving a number way to an undrafted. Rookie you know there had to be a little bit of a smile and really north number here you know that's available. Jerk I'm on a young 35. BJ out PJ makes the makes the team an invitation to come out. A year early. And the draft and approved that opinion right but he still has no chance to make it to the man's. And he can he stick with the OKC thunder just think he has a shot. No. I'm pulling for him make him a kind of feel like you do a warning to make it. But I blasted the decision. Yeah as deny they get some bad advice yet. I mean think about. You know what another year would have done for him. With a team like Carolina has come in here man well I mean and I suppose they wanna get an of that. Today is SEC basketball media day. And so we are out with the projected finish. By the media. In the SEC college basketball this year. Imagine had you heard where they picked Carolina. No I have not probable I am waiting with bated breath. To me and yes there fourteen teams in the SEC South Carolina went to the final four last year you saw them like I saw them play. They beat duke hearing Greeneville. Went on to the final four. Want to also home for far as low as you saw them play a song for more than 45 million song for five minutes. And had a sciatica. Where where did the SEC media picks after a lot of pre season they porting games eight. On that on the we go to twelve. Eleventh. They're not. Eleventh and the SEC the only teams are worse than South Carolina in the SEC. Pre season. Tennessee. And LSU. I don't why you know they lost. Closure we just heard from severe storm while player of the year. Going notice. Just a MacKey. The team Felder got in trouble he should've been back. Got suspended. So I got that I got that they lost a lot. But they do have some pretty good guys come and an undergraduate transfer these are guys that have been around for a while. Frank Walker heard about him. Wesley Myers. Heard about him. They have book for a Holden the Delaware kid sat out last year because of the transfer rules he's ready down. They have. Chris Silva. They have coats are. They have masonic group met. Granite. Elevenths. In the SEC. And you know you I don't like to do stone cold locks. But I did that one on Twitter today there is no way South Carolina finished eleventh or less or lower in the SEC this year. Now I'm gonna make GMAC man. And we'll pick off has bullies in the media. I'll either tomorrow but it's. Just because we're amongst them and doesn't make its brethren. They want to what they see. If Frank Martin were coming back I'd say OK I agree with you on that. And the fact that. If you know. What people don't understand and look for a while and those your world are enormous. Assets no question. Carolina does not make that Ronald Crystal. Cristobal was the difference. He he opened up. So much after seeing him in person that first game. And GMAC I think you and I talked about it at the well. Is they've got I think we even discussed they've got to keep them out of foul trouble to get duke. Because of what he does defensively what he does offensively. Both the offense literally runs around crystal. Because what he does and what I mean what I mean by that well. And very few teams in the SEC. Could guard him defensively won't want. The only team that I know that could was Kentucky. That that's it which means now. Your perimeter guys have to collapse of the interior which opens up. For well for those three PJ Dozier from those jump shots. And it gets your entire offense going. And again I'm not saying that. You know they can just replace former world and Bolger I mean those guys are urges. Phenomenal but to me the unsung hero that makes Carolina's program Roland right now is crystal. That guy is indispensable. Yeah the differences they're going to be they're gonna go on inside out this year right they're going to be relying on the big man this year last year it was. Inside let's kick it out dam open through Orlando vision of those those guys in it'll be a different look for South Carolina animals say I mean look. I know we haven't seen these guys and that we haven't seen Corey older and understand he's. Pretty darn good. And Booker and Myers and those guys that are common in these are not true freshman coming and it has been around want a level they picked twelfth do there Mississippi State. So ahead of South Carolina in basketball. Well they have Ole miss. They have all Burton. Number Auburn is in the midst of this FBI missed it safe and even gold feel parole. In Georgia. Vanderbilt a seven. Arkansas' six Missouri's fifth knighted and has some pretty good teams Alabama fourth. Texas say NM third Florida second Kentucky for. All those team picks things pick ten teens that had a South Carolina in the SEC. After the gamecocks outperformed everybody in the SEC last year. Handles the same clowns that picked duke to win against a minister. Everybody picked them. Everybody. I can't blame improvement in math but the body GMAC is perfectly. While. But again you got a thing Frank Martin just listing. Being good enough shape to finish better than eleventh it's happening it's just. I don't yet. If you agree or disagree. You can give us a call an 8444773776. I don't understand. I look. Nobody in the media. Voted. NC state to win the ACC Atlantic is the law just who's in first place in the eighties at our answer is they want. That's kind of thing that. You were just one little. Yeah to a little motive that's that's that's that's so disrespectful. Little bit of them and again you know the easy thing to do is look at who left. Cannot pay attention to who's coming. You know include some people sick and they had them ranked fifth coming into this year because of losing. Rachal. That's war in the country yeah that's worse but still picked you know first by many some picked Florida State in the ACC it's true. And on you understand. Wow four in a left. And. I won't be frank I want to hear him into the year come April. If they finish eleventh or worsen the SEC then you guys Columbia remind me when assess that I mean you both. On October reaching one and we have to call you up are we going to be here are you guys. Listeners talking hard. An Aries be sane answer question if if if if remains music whether I'm going to be but it let's go to the phones are 444773776. Jim what command of the huddle what's up. Pulte filed almost take the buys in bulk of he's a little bit about Obama pretty cute partly I ripped a bit below them up by Tebow now. I don't radio. Play Morgan have a heart dec problems on the side support but they played it. Damn I mean I know you don't care about the media picks. And many venues that will disrespect card to his advantage. DO optic camera America. Took pretty good players to get replaced but are considered old government and his church first place base freshman so. It's kind of like the Clemson football thing it's not respecting him and I know South Carolina hasn't done in basketball what Clemson has done a football mausoleum that at all but. Gotta respect a frank Martin's coming back and he knows little something about limiting together. I think she didn't drink yeah. It is going to be some golf update to almost boring girl on the South Carolina upstate. And Angeles hospital. I go and collect student topic displaced intent to put reportedly. Kept regarding an. All other local teams go there's a debate are about as. Big biggest part of more than two and a directed at that region rejected an old sparring Rowland now regions are so. Chipped it into Asia but they don't do it thank you Jim urged you have actually a good bet. I committed a 44 GS PE SPN text line 71307. We'll try to bring them back into onto a JC sharper the expert our combat South Carolina football off point for the gamecocks but them. Coming off a big win over Tennessee and looking ahead to this stretch run of the season some. Pretty good things on the table for South Carolina football get to that when JC come and stay on this in the huddle obviously in upstate. It's not alone ESPN of staging Mac coach Josh. Alonso and Alex. 8444773776. You're gonna get in after this next segment but right now going to bring in JC sugar. With the big spurred dot com total gamecocks. Amy and I you don't. Try to horrible war good not just over the basketball question. Zenawi and what a talent that's broker bought South Carolina picked eleventh by the media in the SEC is that is that. Dumb to you resign all right. A lot of college. That then I'll followed. All three. I think you look currently. A lot of scenes in the FCC's totaled one out signs and big sound. Two players back in. In baseball here all alone. Have never related concluded the puck support struck out all bolted. Home. And they transposed in some gas in the well they have big stat line on the then like our Booker that. You know you look at it it is kind of hard. She you can look and see you all come on back and put a little mortar accordingly that it got to be tough to do that. We need you have you know Alabama recruit like our. Missouri brought analyst stops or what part of more. That type thing of course conducting war. In SI understand it don't think it'll going to be an actor you don't have to protect and and I think you are great you know basketball. In pro basketball. We geared towards superstar individual. But if you look at college basketball the last few national champion in North Carolina. And so on one and daughter in seven years and you know great program patents on Villanova. How good relay. As for the recruiting your stuff like that get. But I think we still got to look at this important cabinet. Tally this super super superstar potential superstars. And go forward in South Carolina lost. You know not only their superstar. In Orwell and lost that Hoosier. And they lost the weight noticeable before your source we look at that yellow where weren't scoring an account program and all but. I at least they're picked eight last year that the bottles or should he could have I think they were seventh there are nine. The year before Canada cut for the conference sought out should. I don't know that that really matters a whole lot and an outbreak could change that get the benefit of the bell. Utica this South Carolina cannot never be better we're going to be torture RP. Can Kansas eighteen Kentucky team like that. We're going to be a team like Wisconsin or Michigan State may be in Florida. Where you know you have seniors and your program he or consistently successful. They're gonna have to string together year year year success to get that respectively. I've and they understand that not outright frankly don't playmaker. Now agree that they don't care but. I think it's kind of silly I think you know eighth or ninth again. Eleventh as a as a little bit disrespectful by with frank and use that let's go to football JC the fifteen to nine win over Tennessee. Up in Knoxville on a Saturday. Lot of people I saw after this you know not South Carolina media but just median national media in general saying. At Tennessee should've won this ball game to South Carolina was lucky to get it when you think. Well and look at that last pass because in the end them a kick the extra or. Tennessee where. But attempting to three point favorite. Obviously South Carolina was very fortunate and that they play half of football one of the worst caps and played. Now peninsula a dumpster fire. Or some regularly on the leadership and tackle now to give visit the defense adjusted start tackling. Reported outstanding football there and so the blown coverage on the last drop. You know it's it's a situation where. You know this kind of a tale of two halves but certainly I mean when you're sitting first and goal of the two. Was second remaining. That game's hanging in the balance and and they could've lost and that that would have been disappointing considering should happen plates but considering a botched snap on the extra point or cult and again. Out but in the kicking game they got field goals from Parker why he had all of them and some a good split good little part of that came from South Carolina ranked. Yeah I said this for awhile I don't think Parker wide as a bad kicker I've seen my sheer fact checkers over the years cover football. OK you know there are some bad bad to Greg you'd see at the terrible kickers. College Park or to back here are you to trigger that set them back to especially from wall burst its armed. But I felt destroy advocating status felt that. Yeah he's capable he's got a big leg if you look at I kicked off this year is an outstanding. There's just a matter against and competence and I think those huge huge top that deuce or. Up to Knoxville you know going three for three and hitting a long one. Arm that was critical you know that they extra port what his fall it was a bad snaps so. I think that. Moving forward you basically get government say they gonna get vulnerable but you'll probably feel more consistent oracle life. The united ethnic America that this gives assault or you can even play football last year he would just went in the universe to accept or are you walk all and so in out of a lot of pressure. What you're talking about total body and out there permanently outlooks so that's. That was good for him to get that and I think there will be better days ahead in the kicking game still go watch percent of. Talk about injuries losing Rico Dowell hell how big dailies that. Well it be big if this were last year and he was governor earlier on impact I think it's big bridges. You know your little depth at that position and you know after our obviously. Until the last two games struggled to run the ball but around. You know what I think it does Greg you'd eat you know what what they're doing now look like poker ripper continues they've I don't know well. That you noticed in the second half they diversify the right. And it was very successful AJ turner if you're a member of the Auburn teams that problem. Under malveaux on the getter on the ball that was sent that guy like Onterrio McCalebb or Cory grant they put in motion. And I had a camera like Michael wore our tree and make sure they do to doubt with the than a quarter corporate little Jake ran a little bit in the second half intimacy. Arms I think they're gonna maybe go to more things were they have both turner and ties probably on the field the same time. And what that does is it may be tires. Ties on Williams Al a little bit quicker considered it any mind density. To play has played pretty well with limited time this year. To come as a surprise. To come and complacent maps and how to spell ties. I think if they continue do that otherwise. You know waves may have dead leg late. It. Bomb about Peyton Hearst they seem to be struggling to get him involved in is there anything wrong there is just the way the games of at turned out. What can I think it was bracket in hand and that they seem determined to try to take him out of date. Communist sometimes teams that do things well. They they look for that. What other teams and it hit a pretty decent wolf they abused and Krewell passing game for years she and so. You know happen error cannot Alter it. Edited it into Kennedy and I am pretty sure page where they use maybe a desire to different things will be an adult let them take yeah much com. But I'm sure he'll have some situations where he. He gets hit on the overall offense there's been told how to help or hurt your rookie this year requirements asking him. Execution and stuff like that. Arm it's been a top tier that he probably hasn't gotten there. It is that he could impact and ball so bad that important but there's not get along well apparently. JCN's Josh man thanks to join in the show with us today. And older in the off week the Carolina coaching staff is our recruiting pretty heavily they are out. Are going to be out three days this week. How's that being going and how in the heck does. Then the number one kicker in the number one partner. Honor Pearson a Seneca and scholar belong in the nation forward. Looks like they're gonna be leaving the state any inroads in those two young men. Well playing off me. There are several get a they kickers this year. The kit airport could be gathered and not get a look South Carolina. In a different schools have different philosophies and kicker Josh it's it's not a you know it's not a thing where. It's rare to see a kicker from you know a state like North Carolina or South Carolina go to like a Boston College. I can't get a ball in the camps and at school but offer scholarship kickers do at some schools don't offer culture is a guy or old. Go from there calm but it would not surprising to see them circle back a little bit. Well go out like that. Because there is a deep class kickers in this state and you hate to all of you take a look at it. There on the road and if you shrug it in the kicking game you'll. Well like just from right here he wanted to come here in it was and have a spot forums so it wouldn't surprise me Agassi. You know something like that take place you know as far as overall recruiting goes. I later in good shape for Channing can a lot of Spring Valley were expanded the defense tackle from concorde. There's a gap that's thrown around the gamecocks. DJ wants brother Dylan is a big outputs tackle Lara. There at all and then. I think you know they can maximize this season and get to eight win or Sarah thank I think that could end up trying to slip some gas in Le Cirque. It's say it to be aware as low. Momentum of local all the ball in the food for the I walk over it. JC yes all you want tweeting about a story you Rhode Island NC the awful story about who's the mid season MVP for the gamecocks some who's your pick for that. Tall mobile Jay Bentley you know or practice so important. And for you know of the towns cities struggle to people that emphasized that that's unfortunate two quarterbacks under such remarks Sheryl. And he's missed some passes this year there's no question about it. Hasn't been automatic yet have been at accurately what last week it. It would keep in my arm he also have a whole lot more due out there. Now I mean I they ran to our C as last year they didn't they or are clear that this year. They had agreed to be present last year bet there have agreed on a lot more. But I think there's been an adjustment period on that you can question whether or not Smart. But you know of the better you can do that that the more. You're going to be predictable allegedly all the process. It's covered there's been an adjustment. I certainly think that the second half of the season ticket in about. Clicking a little more and that completion percentage which is around 60% last year sixty right now sixty Warren. They can and taken baca. He had problems getting off to a good start in gangsters. Armed I think he's a complete 42% of his passes and in the first quarter. And an ever at a course like sixty are higher. So bomb you know that's Nikita can get him off to a good start and I think that's a combination of saying. Including some predictability issues early in games all objects. Arms that will be my in the MVP because look at it without Jake Bentley hit a Carol is you know. Not even going to a bowl are not even maybe two in Kabul but embarrassing lost only via backtracked that you would be very very bad. If you were the quarterback this year. Now agree that. Would be site called South Carolina the second best imminent strike them would you do that William well. You know I think still here that the Kentucky Greg became the Colombian or an end their sit that one loss of and look. Kentucky is not always that great play ugly ugly football. Comment if you want to South Carolina game we know that you know for for every game they've had they've looked pretty good. You know that they go back to date they beat eastern Michigan about 4 eastern Kentucky but I'll let the southern miss about seven. That but that's what they do that sort grounded out now all opt. And they play really sound fundamentally could be yeah. And so you know I'd have to give them a while Castro now I got a big game at Mississippi State this weekend. If you look down the road you know protect you start point Georgia and the play at Mississippi State and they got a whole list does Surrey Tennessee. Arm our oldest Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Armed and be sent may have been beat Tennessee don't want to thank in thirty years but that they can do that. You know they can finish second if not you know the game catch you have to assume they're going to be major major underdog and ask certain. Underdog against Clinton that's not a cop Gary. But can they beat Vanderbilt at home next weekend yeah thanks so. Can it be floored at how would probably yes development of the gators can figure out how to opt out between now and then. And so so they have an opportunity to finish second in the in the east and I think that have that Kentucky game golf that wage or even Mahan and and you could make a strong argument that right now. I JC will talk about the Vanderbilt match up more next week's us their all this week we appreciate demand thanks. JC assured the big spur. Dot com here in the huddle. Pack your phone calls and a 444773776. Will be back in a moment on ESP in upstate. Where maggots bottle on ESPN up states. Sketch up on some calls and 8444773776. We'll go to Jimmy next major meanwhile command. They got gonna go. So our game can't book well I think that he said deserves a lot of credit or worse. They are right now and to record. I mean where it only that she injuries they had. The C Bogle and down. Right now Williams and the bad history option of odd man just a miracle this year into an olive injury problems. Now agree that Josh. Defense some will better than expected perhaps this year. Yeah it is and I hate when people sell well there were lucky to beat Tennessee. It as if Tennessee dropped a pass. Or you know what's so disrespectful to the plays that they made. And the goal line to Tennessee to three points and the stop they got in the game I was a noble play. And I think the key players on defense. Our he gave uncertain AJ along. And Rashard didn't. Banding they keep drilling ban the investigator of that defense being really well no go someplace to get fired up. And I get the old beat at the same way the whole unit. Then has been outstanding net dumb that do for Tennessee called amount had zero catches last. Yes it is broke loose people that or are saying that their currency the world over when Tebow went down. We're still here. Good stuff Jimmie we appreciate it thanks for the call seven you are next in the huddle I don't. Again I do it and I'll I'll I'll go under comical you have to if you about Bambi tree and then the last hour or six I don't know what to lock. Why don't want to retain and I'll bet that I'll put appeal quite big Kook and it can be pretty good my girl. Yeah Hamid news just in play very much before he got her you sort of Columbia at this time. Yeah it's that it's obvious that he can't Val is is. They're most able player. He was he was having a great year it was a shame to see him injured thank you general we appreciate that I want them on the defense. Mean how he's an unbelievable and unbelievable amounts. And the thing is he's not only get after the passer. He's doing a great job against the run look Carolina's. You know they've more than held their own from a run defense standpoint they've given up some chunk yardage but you know what everybody has but overall. To me it's been this defense. You know. Yeah I understand that Jakes made some throws here and there but overall. To hold these teams that they have played. And none of them have gotten above 28 points. With the defense that many expected coming in here unbelievable job. Denoting that 28 points losing game more and guess what they've done what mommy Arkansas got 22 there was a lot of garbage in an evolution garbage that your dream and but. But yeah I mean even holding people in Missouri they held to. Thirteen points. Held intimacy out of the end zone no touchdowns for Tennessee. As says something about Tennessee to cause him scored a couple games right how many points in Missouri score on Georgia's fault the defense. Missouri on that Georgia's vaulted defense. 21 now if and functional and thirteen a in their building up pretty good beacons of 8444773776. Let's get our last break and welcome back to back to the phones in a moment this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle ESPN. Upstate 8444773776. Mike in ditty arias pianist a dot com blogger and podcaster joins us at Rio four. Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network we'll have him on about 330 this afternoon back to the phones and Allen is next in the huddle hi Alan. I aspect for agriculture. And take actions and what case he said. About that being you know without it we can beat you would. You know. Think it's it's almost like they would have been we will have a quarterback at all there or would it be you know to a we would have somebody else. Maybe somebody more stable in the pocket maybe somebody more movable. Maybe somebody lit then threw passes art beaten twenty yards or Maria. And and things like that. You know and I'm not taken on which he had he's got to wait to get nobody has also come. A way. And and and I think he's he get the potential to be a real good quarterback. But I just I just don't look at him as the savior. Of this staying. As much as I would some pilot Scott or or a couple others all obese kids for distance and out just wondered what your spots all about that. I gallon. I Woody Allen I would not Big Dig Bentley as my mid season. MVP for the gamecocks. Maybe because. And knowing do so much more than when he's done. Because of singing and com and don't mean you guys know my background burns guy color games know those guys knew Jay Bentley when he was a ninth grader in high school. So I want him to do well but. In any event he's very. Good at times but he Camby. 20% 30% better than what he is right now coach that's in my opinion. Yeah statement. And I would be an arrest today ask him or his dad. It may be his last name. Is comic calls and some of us. Meaning. The young man is Bert and look I've got all the respect in the world for Jake. You can tell he presses a lot. And I wonder if the pressure. Be at the University of South Carolina. Who Bobby was in this state who he was coming out of high school as one of the top quarterbacks. In the country. If sometimes. He just doesn't need to take a deep breath and go hey you know what I'd have to take on the world. And it's almost like since the bowl winner now that's what we've seen. The quarterback that I saw NC state. Is not the quarterback and obscene and now he he was very relaxed. He was very and it's almost like. He. Feels something that's really not there it's almost like. You know he's wanting to step up to fill that void. That the bowl left you know what I'm saying yeah I for a little bit. Fully expecting given the six games he has seven games he came in mid season and had a bowl games have seven games GM last year with no work with the first same guardian that just me thrown into the fire as good as he was there. I thought this year on why what is. Completion percentage be lowered now brought with the with the full offseason and the receivers they have. All that stuff that they got now. So I'm you know and I and listen he will be better I fully expect he will be better. But he certainly Camby he certainly Camby he he hasn't been bad don't get me and Hussein is Linda Roth. And the other thing is. He's still very young. Bright people forget that that means something. I mean he literally started in the SEC. As a seventeen year old. That's the that's not normal. And yes he's a year older and he's a soft war. But he's still developing and of himself and I think. You know I'm I'm with you Greg I think his talent is there. And I think he's going to be an outstanding quarterback. But I think he's taken home he's trying to take on the world you know just doesn't need. They talked about the state you know going to run have been happy seasonal and they're trying to quiet there's down on and off they'll work on all that any will get better. If you never lives up to the potential and in what everyone season them. He still a lot better than what was there before well. Clinton on the caller when the caller said that we have some money Yeltsin who would have thought. Would that be Brenda meg going tropical what Debbie Michael Scarnecchia who wouldn't be so I that would be my question. Be careful what you wish for that it's not like they had. Great options waiting in the wings at South Carolina they need to go find some quarterbacks that got. The kid out of on again Joyner come in and you know we'll see what he does. On down the road but I don't know that they would have anybody better I'm happy to have jig Bentley on the today. See her religious meant to me he's he's benched. But there are releasing it that these are they're they're saying the other trying to. I'll protect his public image along with his day his dad. Is an administrator university has been there for like thirty years. So they're trying to politically. Do right so undergo the big in the Russell yeah he's playing against all restart against Auburn this week. The company to finish the year. 8444773776. Via text line is 71307. If you wanna give us call it one more hour to go here in the huddle. When we come back and Mike been dating blogger and podcaster will join us in studio our baseball would Diddy because. Well there's baseball including an elimination game for the cubs tonight and the Yankees in the Astros and a good series. I am much more than coming up Jim's argument the Panthers coming up in the next hour as well. Plus time for your phone calls stay Willis tower three a bottle just around the corner on ESPN upstate.