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It's the huddle on ESPN of state on another beautiful sunny cool day here in October 18 from Wednesday addition. It's Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso and our intern Alex all in studio we'll do you again on another busy day today. Doubling guests on the show today Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network joins us with 330. We'll talk about the up panthers' performance against the Eagles and the upcoming game on Sunday against the Chicago mayor's. With soap and ask him about low key weekly status and some other things so. Join us for that the final hour JC Shura the big spurt dot com joins us at 225. Today did in the gamecocks football team a little bit. They're off this week Rodney got a higher after the win over Tennessee wasn't pretty but it wasn't when their five and two and in pretty darn good shape. Four vote. Last five games of the season regular season. So we'll get the thoughts of Jaycee on that got some comments from DJ Dozier speak into the game Cox he's on board of the Oklahoma City. And he is wearing the number of Kevin Durant. He'll explain why he picked that number. It wasn't because of Kevin Durant. Hear him coming up on the show in the 2 o'clock hour comments from hotter renfro Clemson receiver and tigers also on a bye week. Before the George tech and and no we will hear from the hero of the national championship game last year without a catch that won it for the tigers and what comes is trying to do coming off the lost Syracuse last Friday night. I your chance to win 1000 dollars drive before 2 o'clock as well your phone calls to an 8444773776. Texas on the Carolina coaches army superstore text line 71307. On Twitter at ESP in upstate. Well last night in the NBA the Yahoo! early injury to Celtics forward. Gordon Hayward. Comes to call for another game and they might feel like watching basketball after that. Five minutes into the game that horrific left leg injury. That Hayward. Just terrific just horrible. A ended up with the Celtics losing to the cas close game I was kind of surprised that I mean it wasn't a close. Most of the way but the Celtics got back into a but 102993. Point win for the Cleveland Cavaliers. You guys you basketball guys over there enjoy watching nine named after the injury happened. Does take all the air out of the room. Unfortunately I mean injuries are part of sports but it took awhile to get back into a but it is especially in the second half because I was really. Upset with towel. The cast played in the second half lead letting though Boston get back into a Boston. Came out with a fire in in Cleveland thought that it wanna let him come all the way back Cleveland did that a bunch last year too and hopefully they'll stop doing that plus. I think you got to really look at these game. From a game standpoint I mean and in seeing. Where there's going to be chemistry issues seeing how Boston is going to be able to hit if they can recover from injury. I mean Dallas horrendous doesn't want the worst things I've ever seen it makes you think thighs and also makes me think of there's a wrestler named Sid Vicious. Jumped off the top rope in his leg snapped. Yeah pain and they've played that. If put it up. Or don't. I mean but I'll I'll nobody Josh I mean I guy got back into the game in the second half especially as the score got close. In a look like it was going to come down to whoever got the final shot. Would you put the injury aside a little bit by that point. I think for me seeing that I agree would you Greg in the fact that it put a dark cloud over that game a bit the same time we saw the very very worst in sports. From an injury standpoint and we also saw all. The exceptionally ism of sports. And I've got to say this publicly because I have quite honestly butchered him. Publicly for some different things. I was so proud of LeBron James. You know that both phones skip Bayless. Who have never even watched his new show owned fox sports will not watch. He should know. Especially after. What happened and transpired. And Twitter verse but. With him taking a shot at a boron bought after. Basically for people to miss that Bayliss tweeted that this will make it easier for LeBron to lose another finals. They get to another funnels to lose that base when at the Justin. Right littered literally two seconds I mean gore Edwards lags still look like a she sheet rock ruler. And he he comes and does and the thing is that angers me about it so much and you know forgive him I don't wanna focus on. But LeBron came right over. Our players handle Gordon's head. You could tell he had some words of encouragement for him checked owning. And then when he was at halftime. Obviously there was a collection I mean being taught when it happened. The entire Cleveland bitch which it happened on the basketball on the Cleveland. Those guys ran in the at all. And didn't gradually drifted right back now. After it happened. And then once he was carted into the halftime locker LeBron actually went in there and checked on him in the medical facility. There at the half. And think whatever you want to. About LeBron from a political standpoint but as a human being. I respect the hell out of him as a man. And his class and the way that he conducts himself. Period not only with the kids that he gets two million dollars to also with the way he showed. His concern. For Hayward in that particular situation and quite honestly if it was a punch in the gut literally. That. There was no broadcast for the rest the first. And I am thinking. Wow because before that happened. I'm watching the way the Celtics are running their offense and they looked in mid season pool. Congaree was splitting defense he was kicking and outside. He would've gotten awful a couple of buckets car re was hot and I'm thinking that they're getting ready to blow Cleveland on their home building. That's organ privacy that they are going to blow Cleveland out of their home building. And in that happened. And then it was kind of like what we do now. And I got to give a lot of credit to Brad Stevens. He got the team refocus they were down eighteen. To a team that's dominated Eastern Conference. And for them to show the guts and the grit. And toughness. To kind of I don't he'd never put it out of your mind but to refocus. Being on the road just watching your team go through that. And did have a chance when I want to see how they're gonna respond. Are really didn't even watch the second half because I'm like you know what Cleveland's. Probably just gonna go ahead of the army hockey you play. The core of the same guy that you just saw that happen to do. Which is very difficult. And so I watched the snow ball I didn't expect him to win until it got close. And then I'm like wow. You know paid it was so tentative and then in the third quarter he just call. And became a man in the news all course and brown had a fantastic game. Tyree was tiring and it started seeing in the guys starting to pick up their game. Going forward. In a lot of those too easily and an. Honestly quite so because of my excitement that CNN team is why I was so excited about him coming into this season. And then to see that happen that Hayward which I hope there's not ligament or tendon damage. If there is that his recovery to be faster and you're not looking at a potential career ending situation which nobody wants. But to see them fight and claw their way back. And did in the last two and a half minutes. I think there's actually a minute 45 Jalen brown. But the Celtics were four. Jalen brown has a chance to really. Go ahead and put the dagger and he misses a pocket three. Are off the front and then of course LeBron becomes LeBron hits the fast breaks but to double team hits Kevin Love in the pocket for three in the game was over. The building erupted in in Cleveland was not relinquish. That momentum. But to see them fight through that. Boston went from probably the best team in the Eastern Conference. Two now they'll probably make the playoffs but I mean. The describing this in the gritty minister and the toughness that they showed in order to go in that environment against that team and that's a good basketball team. Derrick Rose I thought please go to the novelty would. How many layups did. Boston had album turnovers and LeBron or. Come out of nowhere and make a nice block and that's the other thing is Jeff Green and Jae Crowder. They they played with a little that game had the potential to get ugly from the sportsmanship standpoint because those two guys along with a Isiah Thomas you can tell. We're taking this game personal. And had that injury not happened. There was potential that that game was gonna get real intense. Moving forward because you couldn't really quite neither one of them can quite get away from the other and that was gonna get real competitive. But I really. It really reminded me of a playoff game more than it did in the opening night game both games did. I was so jacked after the first game I stayed up and watch the Houston and then. The dogs which went down the line which went down the wire was a fantastic game in and of itself Harden was split. Yeah Allen on the last shot was called don't pay them and he grew law. Manny looked good it was good Od. Dwyane Wade talked about the injury first of all Hayward in the trying to get back into the flow of the game after that. First vote noses first ultimately Haywood has found that. This is a competitive game we all compete mishandled it in the paint. And almost see. Also offers routes. You know before agree recovery for him. But he notices us again for us when we just you know he's trying to find a way to win you know we this is. Third day planning and as a whole group. So we we did some good things remain anonymous things we learn from. So you don't think there's enough to compete in the east now for the Celtics without Gordon were no they're too young and I think that's what we saw in the second half. From a talent stand point Boston is as talented. As anybody in the Eastern Conference but they're young. I forgot to step and they showed it last night on television. Four of their five starters are 25 or younger. Palin's nineteen Jalen brown Melanie Marcus march 24. I think moving forward their best lineup. Is having banging at the five to move in Horford out to the office for. Letting paid more on the story and and haven't Jalen brown at the two it with Connery of the one. To me that is their best. Five post. Gordon Hayward until they decide. What they're gonna do that one Cleveland's goggle go anywhere I mean Cleveland's gonna be Cleveland and I think it's going to be a dog fight. For the Eastern Conference. All the way to the end of the season between those two. And I. It goes from now Boston potentially. Be enabled with their only and I think people finally got a view Boston is a big team. You know people talk about how they went from Greeley to pretty. With all the offensive acquisition but they average 68 across before. And in the announcer mentioned that at the link the Annapolis is Jason paid him 6960. I mean he is a big young man. But they've got to get that they've got to move Horford out of that middle he is not a rim protector. At all like what they did come off the bench. On an apple Marcus Smart he's such a good on the ball defender. He made up for some turnovers I mean he. It is defense of the weight given up a lot of signs. Aren't on because he's like a 6465. Guy and he's going to succeed sixty. One's a lot about. What about Cleveland with love and LeBron and first in hot political legacy of earlier though I mean chemistry and in Dwyane Wade distance pointed out if we've been on the floor together what do you say 34 days and let me just go take awhile we saw that the how long it took Miami to get their chemistry when LeBron went there so. I mean the chemistry is already there wasn't with wade and LeBron but now with weighed in with other players. And Derrick Rose a little concerned about. Him gone and it on the incas are coming got the ball he went he went. The basket the dust falling I'm painting job teach him. He did and he made quite a few of those in and he looked a lot better than I've seen him look in the past I think it's going to be really good for him. Being surrounded by a really good team. I think he's going to show a lot of improvement he may get back to form. That he when he was in VP com. I thought everybody played pretty well spent and again you know they're. They look to default to gas and they can't do that yeah I mean they got to stay full on the whole time. Every game or they're gonna let someone slip away but again as game one. The gold assay warriors are winless. They're done man. See I could watch a game tugs I can now watch Golden State I hate Golden State I know I wish I would have to see them lose all those ugly rainy night. It was a great game I can't stand him especially since Katie went there are such a front runner right one appalled move and saw I mean. There are stories out there that they're gonna turn into the villain of of the NBA and they should be. They should've been last year I shot fifty almost 54% of lost. Last night while one point and just by the smallest infractions adding that the game winner off the meek and image close from the narrowing. But they fell for the rockets won 22 to 121. And coaches you said it was a pretty big night for Harden 27 points for him. About Tucker off the bench with taunting and Gordon off the bench with 24 for Houston and SO Golden State. Goes down that's kind of cool to see them was their first game in my mind if I am at a. It is and I am excited about the Western Conference. I think there's a lot more competition in the Western Conference. In the Eastern Conference in my estimation. It's Cleveland now with that injury it's Cleveland Boston. And then possibly. Billy maybe. If they're healthy I'm gonna be interesting to see 76ers. In the Western Conference I think you've got four legit teams. In that you've got of course the dogs you've got the Houston Rockets and the team that items at the San Antonio Spurs. But the team that I'm telling you that I am Ike I'm sort of a fan it's the Minnesota Timberwolves. Those guys are going to be nasty. With what kids brought in in the offseason would Jimmy Butler. As well as he their guard play. Is just going to be phenomenal and then you've got. Anthony towns big guy. Coming back as well so. To me the Western Conference. It all goes through Oakland I think everybody understands that but I think last night showed. That they're not going to be this unstoppable force. Going into this thing and that being said they're probably going to real off about sixty Bob and roll. And they'll be 65 and one. You know come march. But we'll get a full sledding games tonight just the two last night but everybody else gets out there tonight so I'm a good look at the rest of the field. Coming up bond tonight. With the games in the NBA I ES PM will be showing me Philadelphia Washington game followed by the men and some Minnesota San Antonio games have you watched him. MBA action it's couple of options for you. Tonight I hit the brakes here a 444773776. Back immortal moment just underway here in the Wednesday hollow on ESPN upstate. I try and Al model on ESPN upstate a 444773776. These text line is 71307. Use the keyword ESP yen. Clemson Tigers off this week and comes at a good time that can heal up a few bumps and bruises and kind of regroup. After the shocking really lost to Syracuse on Friday night. Up at the Carrier Dome veteran pro the Clemson wide receiver says they're glad to have this week off to get things back together and on the right track. It's it's finally got that's what we look forward to. Oh loss to Portland from it on sometimes you learn more from plus. Dozens of homework we're gonna a lot of internal. Look at how are seen on some form the first seven games and make it next five feet. You say the first few games. Bears have the season has gone for you and we do in the way you want to go in his livelihood how would you assess the deserts of I think we. Learned a lot from this team and I think a lot of people learn a lot about this team. Played really well together I think we have a lot of fun. Home or out there and obviously. Actually I guess but. We have a lot of fun we we enjoyed meeting we enjoy my friends every day in and hanging out lock her. So I think that's very honest. Love each other it's. Going to he went to us your news Pittsburgh who knowingly. To go along and help us help in this situation you lose a series beyond the stone table yeah I think we have. Com kind of way to get there but for this team we got. We got a good so we got a response currently this it's not gonna last year's team responded and responded right away we got to finish well. That's what this team that's. Rests on last year questionable. I think take for granted at home phone and make your. Yeah Tom club. And desolate it's a great herds. We don't lose many games around you so yeah it's good that it does suck you don't wanna go in there and everything we are it's you want guys in the earnings. I think it was just an accident that a lot of guys that they wish sickening display here pushing him at that place. Lot of learning a lot of some. And you mentioned the success you guys have. Prayer plus is yeah palm. I think as we said it best locker room. Just don't forget who we are on we were a team we're program that has won like 37 Dallas 46 and I've been here so. We we know we are let's not let's not make I'll pornography when it's close anymore there's. Close game is there really aren't and then knowing that well we have proven. Wait what happens and really. As veterans prologue a bush when he saying earlier this week that Kelly Bryant is not practicing right now with a concussion protocol and the up. Ankle injury but he said he was out running around and he was moving very well. Travis ET and the freshman running back has hamstring. He also was moving well earlier this week you practice according to. Damn bowl and numb from Babylon said that everybody just easy to eons big plays in the wanna get him the ball. But they've got to get him coming along more in the big picture thing we talked about that what may be. Blocking for example. He says that sometimes take your lumps along the way Ang growth through experience but he is a special player so all of the Clemson Tigers will have this week to kind of talk. Recover from some. Injuries that were suffered last week India Syracuse game and then. They can start preparing for Georgia Tech and coach job. I guess is probably not a mistake they took their open week ahead of Georgia Tech that's that's pretty Smart isn't. That's what you wanted to. Yeah you want as much time as possible prepare for the triple option. And so that they got him off weekend. You know obviously when they performed against Syracuse they may have spent three weeks on and by. Wolf find out because that's going to be a big game and. You know Georgia Tech still looking to get a win that they feel like they've with a couple slip away. So that's not going to be an easy task of that game in clubs and or. George today it's only if it's a home game prime time 8 o'clock. Coming up a week from ma Saturday. So they have that going forward and you write about Georgia Tech come they have lost some who fifth place disappointing. Close games I mean now I lost 42 to 41 to Tennessee in two overtimes. And then they lost 25 to 24 to Miami. Hard rock stadium. Last week they do play this week they don't have an off week going into clubs and George tackle play Wake Forest. And that one is in Atlanta. Before they come to clubs and for the 8 o'clock kick on the 28. So that's where the attention of the tigers will turn now gotta have that one can't afford another loss. No room for error now out of one of mauled the rest of the way to get to the young fourteen. College football playoff. This year. A 44 GS PE SPN we'll take a break come back on board here it's the hobbled on ESPN upstate even right here we'll be right back. Welcome back it is the huddle ESP in upstate and we have basketball last 9 AM BA but. Chicago Bulls practice was probably their toughest. Basketball of the day yesterday. Bobby Portis did you hear about this. He was he was mad as I once about the win his mind goodness. He punched teammate Nicole on the road rich and broke his jaw I've practiced yesterday. Bulls' practice. John Paxson the executive vice president says the road which is out for six weeks fractures to his upper jaw and concussion. Those concussion symptoms will have to subside before they can address the facial injuries. And don't work on the guy while he's got concussion symptoms. Portis suspended for eight games. He will begin serving at rot away Thursday night when they opened the season in Toronto he'll be able to practice with the team during demand. John Paxson called his actions inexcusable. He said porous is not a bad person it just made about missed. They have been talking trash to one another in practice going back and forth. Those exchanges escalated into a physical encounter. Her outage charged add Bobby portage twice. Before Portis threw a punch. And in charge. I'm just a little shocked to hear I mean outside of Blake Griffin I don't think anybody in the NBA knew how to throw a punch this was apparently a pretty good fall as must've below the fact that he was charging at the same time Abby maybe that has little something to do that well. The word on the street is he sucker punched. There's charged denim is kind of hard to call up. While he waited like he did it three times like me like he was coming after him and then what some people are saying. Is that reporters waited. Until the practice started back up and then when he was Columbine. Lady now. Well is probably know video of this and sells a practice. What does a would you Arkansas got. That's what brought me a woman to choose your head coach with a the general manager gar Foreman was at the practice he witnessed all of us. Murillo rich pretty good player Tony six years old averaged ten and a half points five and a half rebounds last year was. Expect to be a starter for the bulls. Signed a two year deal twelve and a half million dollars to stay with the bulls. This year guaranteed. And Portis is in a pretty employer to. Thank you need is John playing basketball when our thing together and get on the court what is it with the bulls. Michael Jordan choked out Steve Corel minimal. Yeah. In a practice. Now. So it about Chicago. It's not good eight game suspension that's not the way to start the year for the yeah. For the Chicago Bulls. Also not a good start for Chris Paul with the rockets. He has a sore knee. And so he was on the bench. For that game last night the win over the Golden State Warriors. Nine time all star who pushed for that offseason trade from the clippers to the rockets. Went to the end of the bench after subbing out. Showed no sign of displeasure with the decision to pull him. That was in the crunch time bears like the last five minutes again. They pulled the mountain which of course was the most important five minutes of the game. Chris Paul said he was an element cheerleader. Not sure whether he plays in the road game tonight against the Sacramento. Kings. But they got the women out of last night. It's not good to see Chris Paul hurt this early this early men have injuries and now I guess. Kind of goes with the territory here but not a good situation for the rockets they don't get. Chris Paul backed close to a 100%. Pretty quickly they need him if they're going to be what it is expected of them this year. 844 GS PE SPN as our numbering 444773776. They text line is 71307%. Of your final break we'll come back richest 1000 dollars is about fifteen minutes away with the keyword that. You can text and a seven to 81 and and you wonder what to say about that much more coming up still to come JC sure hurts the expert are common to 25. James O'Keefe Carolina Panthers radio network at 330. And much more still ahead in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back it's the huddle on ESPN upstate. We're gonna do our picks tomorrow guys we do that on Thursday's our ten games. Well I asked about one today. Which he'd had only one game. Penn State Michigan. The red everybody got a picks in all right Josh Josh has not know. Want your picks and John. Most slot. Penn State or Michigan Penn State beat. Me to bonds a same hair. And Alex. The Michigan. But even learned he's purely anecdotal and hit a east Carolina at temple and Penn State Michigan why you picked Michigan to be Wednesday. What does Michigan done what they scored any points what does Penn State done for me this is now. They are undefeated and then number two team in the country right now SOS Clemson last week. And the many things are open locally. I guess rules are Clemson fan. Each of Austria and actual. He is right about that they order. There's a lot of talk about distractions at Penn State right now because their coach James Franklin's dimension for jobs. He has been mentioned for the Texas a and M job. And out today. Clay Travis ironically works for anymore he's moved around he was a fox but the case worker for website or some. He is mentioning. The coach. James Franklin for the Tennessee job which of course is not opened just doors the AM job and kept someone motto is the storm better growing thanks in him to a better. Texas' Kevin someone may survive he may be back next. I'm not real premature but he could be. How much Jones is not going to survive. I took him out of must pay it and you know people have hot list in LC. Well I've got the Phillips basic columns please spades. But I'm glad your explained that comes. Wasn't quite sure where you're going right so meeting is not a Nazi. Rob Williams was that I took him out because what you've got in spades. When you've got a good partner is you've got to accumulate so many books. So you have to tell your partner I've got so many hands that you feel like you can win. With the court so you've got. In and take your hands a five and a possible. Which means you could potentially win six blocks. My core players on their call and help anyway. News and I don't play this game is sounds too I have played him before it's been a long time right on fallen. Right so in the spade coaching carousel like all our removed them. From. From not even. A definite. Do not even possible. Right now I've got four books I've got three and a possible. Meaning. I've got three on normal get fired it's just a matter of win and nets would miss Arkansas and Tennessee there. And then the possible I have elevated to Jim. Not I don't think they will but it's possible. I think Mack going next year will be key for him I'm going to do anything this year problem which you Florida has been disappointing and and it's because Michael Wayne is because of of talent. You know it's not. Necessarily. Play calling in the like they don't have enough talent and losers players explain what. You've been there long enough. And the good players that he has. All our all own the Ocala police say the fifth at the UN FL trouble stay in the out of law enforcement. Arena lately. But with aliens win over Florida speaking of Florida. Last week nineteen to seventeen and not a bad loss to Alabama Alabama's and crush and everybody they BA and M by eight. And an MB the gamecocks beat Arkansas and you know they're only their only losses are UCLA to open the season by one point. An Alabama. That is not a terrible year for Kevin some media along what ago when he still has a Mississippi State he still has Auburn. Still as LSU. So they can still get in trouble for the years now so they're 161. Spot and to file into mail that lost to UCLA and Alan. And one's about loss. I think what's gonna determine if they get rid of him. This year is how's Texas finish. If Texas cut the lips to the finish line with a seven and 584. He might survive. If they went out. What's text. File they file into as well. I'll have to check that I have to Alex Korea broke the can you awhile to figure that out what text record is but if they are. But there's also some more little bit less than there are entering through in three years and you'll be okay. He'll be OK but if Texas was to go like ten and two they'd probably make a change. Well. Do you think. James Franklin is a candidate for either of those jobs yes. And would you move from Penn State to those two job we drove from Penn state of Tennessee. Well it depends on how many rules he's broken up at state college so far. And where he feels the heat meters that. You'll these video games when your criminal they've got to he leader boards a Grand Theft Auto. If you got so many crimes that he would get on to anything. You're asking the wrong person and I actually know a little bit about that has nearly taken away from us on several times for the middle epithet. We've got the whole heap meter right. And if you break if you break so many laws the that he gets on to you which you don't war. And I think right now frankly in this day and under the heat leader. For now. But it's gonna come up to obviously if they won the national championship this year it would behoove him to leave. I think. And it was either go to Tennessee Texas and India I don't know if he'd come back to the SEC you know the way he left Mandy. Now they have that that be a tough. As you know the minute he got back into the league. All eyes will be on what the heck is he doing. And every coaching Donald the SEC as well as anybody. They will read it they read each other out so many times I mean Nick Saban. Had they NC double a hotline. Enforcement when you freeze got the top five. Recruiting class mania that won't speed dial. While there was a time at the press conference this week when he has been asked about other jobs that James Franklin actually said Michigan. Nine straight talk it's. Confusing him as you age as these as he did the Belichick. I know we're all those Michigan apologists are. Member at the beginning of the year is higher percentages are intern now. Well. I'll give his I'll give his insanity the youth. You know the insanity meet your goals of the young you'll. But these are grown folks or Kalamazoo. Michigan we're going to the playoffs and we're gonna win the Big Ten and I mean national writers get bill bill Bender back shall agree animal mission. Yeah we get a month I we're out of time for this hour coming up. Wanna get into. The SEC basketball pays what here with a gamecocks were picked him basketball.