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I final hour of the huddle on ESPN upstate thanks for joining us here on Wednesday afternoon. 8444773776. Is our number here will be joined at about 330. By Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network talk about the Panthers. And Eagles coming up tomorrow night on Thursday night football couple four and one teams squaring off. What should be a pretty big game enough Charlotte tomorrow night right now might even ditty joins us he's our ESP in upstate dot com blogger and podcaster and resident baseball fan. What had to him on notice again got that I lost that little of that box of Boston hand in the day on the David really disappoint you're you're expecting this. I was kind of expecting it. And it was one of those things where like yet be awesome especially for me this year to see them go deeper into the playoffs hopefully you know whale World Series but. I want in the mess around keep jump fairly down so kind of a win loss counterfeit is now it's time to move forward they have the talent they have the pitching they need to coached actually manage the people they have wasn't working with John Farrell since wind and you win your division. Was it to your room. I'm an implement this was back to back in it and you can't you project. Since you get demolished in both a LBS and followed up to finished last place and followed up finishing last place two straight years with those two. Demolishing it's in the hail yes that that you get fired. We've seen guys in the other leagues do this we've seen. I was hole ever got fired after making Western Conference finals. You know it happens you have to get the job done and when you have the talent you spend the money like the Red Sox have. You can't keep making excuses for a manager not getting the job done and he's supposed to be pitching coach it was the pitching coach for World Series for the Red Sox. And couldn't get that pitching staff in order to save his life. And that's just. The end of the road out of excuses it's game overtime 21 seasons his fault he got them there but. Losing in the policies and you do blame him it's way beyond just the post season. It's the whole collection of the four years hosted the World Series in his first season he kind of got to ride that wave of the perfect storm of an unfortunate circumstance with the marathon bombing at the bright group of guys the right clubhouse they came together jailed in one because of that. And maybe even in spite of John Farrell. And he rode that wave and back to back last place finishes in the at least in and back to back divisions where you just disappeared come playoff time and both of those division wins by the way. They back pedaled into. Losing to clinch the division last season on a walk off Grand Slam by the Yankees. After losing that same night so it's not impressive. Wins. You know after coming out and doing it like dashed as an Indians did. In and you get swept out of playoffs that might be different conversation but backpedaling into the playoffs that's bad art who's next who runs the team next. Personally I would love to see Alex core. I come in I would love to see arsonists is an option I think that's the kind of guy who can work this. I'm pitching staff as a catcher. Obviously the perfect world but he's not interested in this that numerous times about to see Jason Varitek back in uniform. As a fan but I really think Cora. And Hoss missing your 212 guys you really have to go after don't mind guide decent CNET to the bench coach from the last season Tom Girardi. Electorates were opposite the but if you Girardi I don't dislike journal as a manager but I don't want a former Yankee and I have personal disinterest in him so I don't care about is eating habits Jimmy Girardi. To the Yankees beat the Indians tonight though now and I think it's unfortunate if the Yankees fired her party. Very unfortunate what team what he's been able to do with that club the last 45 years. With the aging superstars that were getting the job done having did. Pat egos while still competing a team that didn't have the pitching to actually compete still in the mix down to the end of the season every single year. With a not great club top to bottom. I think he's the one of the better managers in baseball the last 45 years dealing with all of that dealing with A-Rod to share injuries CC all of that. Moving forward into this new young team making the playoffs when the problem morning ready to make yet this year if they fire their great athlete race. About an hour from now itself Washington and a Chicago Cubs we now know that Strasburg is going to start. Today and now look as nice of him right I guess the county player the allergies have a broken here with Strasburg starting does does Washington even up that's here. I mean I'd like to see him even it up because of obviously game five are always the best and get one tonight but it's going to be tough I mean you have to play in Wrigley. They're already seems to be some kind of disconnect with. Him in the team it seems with everything and you know you don't really trust him after game one didn't really get the job done he's been kind of back and forth in post season pitching. It's kind of tough but you had to I still can't fault Dusty Baker has needing your game three starter to be on the broad. You want Max Scherzer anywhere. More so than at home you can trust Max Scherzer anyway even if it didn't work out and lost their baseball game. I would rather have Mac shares on the bump in Wrigley. They have masters are game wine. Knowing that my other guys don't pitch well on the road so I'm not gonna fall Dusty Baker for the decision. It just backfired because they didn't hit the ball game one or game three and that's the team that you hit the ball the win. He's still fired up about postseason baseball with the Red Sox and oh absolutely amazing it's amazing I after the Red Sox lost I think enjoyed Monday even more ID of the games Monday night or insane and the cubs guy coming back with the Yankees blown out. And obviously the Dodgers clinching a bad night it was a heck of a dame baseball. Why does nothing about baseball is talk about real sport soccer yes thank you finally trying to get sucker airwaves in Greenville but but you know picket line up front. How. Mega deal as what happened last. Very big deal that's the most embarrassing thing maybe in sports in American history that's terrible it goes back to. Basketball teams losing. It's a Russia I think it was the year before that the world the Olympics before the dream team happened. Things like that are on this page this is bad you cannot. Tried to build a soccer federation in your country tried to pretend that your Major League soccer league is. Relevant in the national landscape international landscape in and not even make the World Cup losing two to one to Trinidad and Tobago. That's bad it's bad it's embarrassing Tyler twellman I think hit everything perfect. On ES PM last night and again this morning he just obliterated the entire federation which includes him as a former player. This pay for play scheme that they have for kids that have to buy into being in these academies is a joke. It keeps the best athletes out of the sport. We cannot be this much of an embarrassment on the international scale even though it's not our favorite sports it should not matter. Because we're not not making the World Cup in hockey when the Olympics hockey is this Olympics in World Cup back to back. That the men's soccer team did not make and there's far too much money being put into these federations and being put into this MLS. Hope that they have these days for them to not make the World Cup. Here's you brought him up Solis your little bit what Taylor Twellman said this morning about what happened to the US and instinct. Everything from top to bottom I I descended a little bit earlier that it's paid a place Horton. On average American kids are playing paying 2500. 23500 year. Put you to play the lead soccer dad that's not no that's not what the rest of the world who's doing did you change after this and what's the point. I said this earlier on sports under the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again knowing the result you have to change things. You're talking to federation talking and had immediate everything right from top to bottom that discussion has to be had. It's not to happen overnight but butch do you have to have that discussion. Expressed some people are saying everything's okay. Yeah just just just. You know I was just happened this year but we'll be right back if that disconnect and it's like a must both have to care about this anyway it's like in just act like it doesn't matter four years from now we'll see you for a center are excited about it by it it's embarrassing if we're supposed to be this country of greatness and athletic prowess and way and we get so hyped up over. The Olympics every two years we care about curling every two every four years for the Olympic Winter Olympic sports because. It's America we need American wind right but there we act like this doesn't matter that's such a hip pocket. Excuse me hypocritical. My way to look at things we either dominate or we don't dominate in if we can just bow on except our soccer team being an embarrassment to the country. As they have been the last couple of times through this thing and especially not making the Olympics and World Cup the last two years now. If it's unacceptable they need to blown up from top to bottom. Like ten odd twellman said take out this paper play nonsense. Let these kids play soccer and start building a actionable federation around everything you have and soccer with all of the billions of dollars put into the molest these days. Instead of just thinking it's gonna take care of itself. Just take a long time to be well it took Germany ten years but they want the World Cup after they said ten years they would win the World Cup they've missed the euros in 2000 they were an embarrassment to their country being. A lot of altogether with the Bundesliga and all the leagues in their country just like we could do. There's three leagues there's levels of leagues in this country if you start putting the money that they're spending into the right places instead of the wrong places that things would change. I gonna have the same dedication to soccer than Germany. Probably not but I mean Germany has other sports. A and they had American and other countries owners of their. Clubs in their country that are German by incidents. So why can't we get our owners of our clubs our country that might not be from here to buy in with all of their billions and billions of dollar. On and you really follow the Orlando soccer since. So educate my co host here. We're talking about Atlanta earlier there really drawing in Atlanta two miles Orlando drawing on. They are they're gonna mean to Orlando kind of set that pace guy after you saw the Seattle's in Portland's kinda kick this thing off and take this league to another level Orlando was one of those grassroots type cities the smaller market not huge huge city market that finally. Brought more attention to the game that wasn't all you know big city market big name big guys obviously they're brought in to cop was an international superstar in his day he's way past his prime. I'll buy it. It's still such a different kind of build. Atlanta it was still one of those big city feel kind of builds in the proved us wrong does none of us expected them to be of the Phil Bobby Dodd every single week and they did. In now they're filling the new Mercedes-Benz arena as well and it's been pretty impressive to watch him and actually have a front office that decided to put together a team that could make the playoffs. Instead of just saying that their goal was to make the playoffs likened it to step in Orlando. Well I'll still say this we put it up on a Twitter polo if you look at how much I care about the US not making the World Cup only 25%. Are devastated by others when he more devastation that there's football tomorrow. I don't care. Yeah there's football. Maybe because it's happening in football season or next year when the World Cup rolls around there's no we in my den and I really like this for years ago we had a team that was just a lot of fun in four years ago for us to go watch the state. I write to gamecocks football Tennessee coming up butch jones' desperate. You see this thing plan. Guys with a brand new quarterback to which means we're gonna make them look like Tim Tebow right that's what that is oh man that's the typical MO gamecocks football you bring in you guys have never seen the field before he looks like the greatest player ever. So it's it's frustrating as a fantasy because you're just afraid now. Yeah you get the kind of fear this game it's on the road they always are terrible up there in rocky top and it's very. Nerve wracking looking at this thing does everything lines up. To where you should think the gamecocks should win this they really should be able to win this game but I really just don't think well. They're gonna keep Butch Jones making Tennessee fans miserable for at least one week. Yeah one more week in Alabama though. They did retire muschamp when he was still Florida right game they should of lost time and much chance never lost the Jones. Did a year on our website ESP in upstate dot com blogs and podcast and politics media tab and the show's inside the mind doing everything is there. A two man. We appreciate it good soccer and baseball talked yesterday for the horrible for a segment. Not a lot of truth while those crime we had a bunch of us soccer call today and it was the one time in three appears that we've led the show was soft nice and a good stuff it's coming dodi's. 8444773776. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back gets the huddle on ESPN up states. Odd Dallas Cowboys players reportedly were told to bring their concerns about Jerry Jones position on the National Anthem to a meeting. And it's on network reported this meeting. Outings and Matt. Course. Jerry Jones has said in a radio interview in Dallas that players can express themselves prior to the National Anthem. But not injuring the National Anthem as Stephen A Smith on ESPN says some. He does not expect. Any cowboy players. To do fly. Jerry Jones. If you really really think about it Jason Witten would never do with because obviously he feels differently. The other two guys is particularly in a position to protest and I think at this moment it's little things are okay and that press got the second year player he's not going to do that. So who else's thing you don't happening other stars on a Dallas guy was worried about it checked their word about livelihood if you got guys who make in the exorbitant amount of dollars who are huge names who resonated such profound that it that the words that we can from their mouths. Are thought ought aren't going to have an impact not to mention their play. Backs op. Backs them up to such a degree. You're not going to take the same stance in my opinion you are not going to take the same stance against those guys that you like taking against these guys. That's the difference it's about Zeke it's about Dak that's about Dez Bryant another individual he's in no position to protest or say I mean he's overcome a lot. And Jimmy Joseph helped him immensely these are not individuals and a position to go up against Jerry Jones. Stephen A Smith they are now there was a backup quarterback had a a division three school. In Redding Pennsylvania Albright College. Name is John Reid drew ranting. And he kneeled last week. During the Nationalists. Before they lost a Delaware valley 41 to six. And he's now off the team. Dismissed. A spokeswoman for the college said in a statement that the team's leadership council. Voted to Neil during the coin toss and stand during the anthem this guy decided to Neil during the anthem. And that they kicked him off the thing. So there's that found. Pelosi and there may be some I don't think we're done when dealing I don't think Calgary with Stephen say that Nevada's Hindu and on the established as the guys in a position do that the star players. Are not a good position to do that for other reasons particularly as it you know it just not gonna do it. Under his some circumstances right now and I don't think I don't think Dak is gonna do it. I just nothing's gonna happen I think they'll probably get through them over Rossi some more kneeling on some other teams but the other teams haven't said hey. You won't play if you Neil. Only cowboys. So far on that so watch and and see how that. Plays out. A 444773776. They while we're gonna going get a break here because we need to catch up in a moments with glee. Carolina Panthers radio networks Jim's Oki Panthers play tomorrow night. And they play good team in the Philadelphia Eagles. We'll talk to soap about backs up next stimulus in the huddle on ESP in upstate. We're back a subtle on ESPN upstage with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso and Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network who joins us on the Wednesdays to talk about the Panthers and it's good news once again for the Panthers nice win over Detroit. Soak last week I am I was impressed about you. Absolutely yeah I was is reminiscent of the win at New England delete the or where they build a big lead and then an elite team where there. Pro Bowl called fame type quarterback. A huge brawl right devil you know it's two touchdown late but it in the papers did enough to win. And good majority of both of these dating to last two weeks a bit more about it Jean ZLX urgency in overall. That you can either do it without Greg Olsen about lack little Coca. So all together. They absolutely are Tom and Jim mud just seems like practicing during the week makes a big difference for him by he's been really good the last couple weeks. Yeah I mean we talked about the lack of work you get so it's easy because of the rehab schedule and does not get out of the teammate could now. He is really quickly brought bad timing together the past two weeks of hundred. That keeps the role of the go out album Bragman Kurt touchdown and that was the beauty hitting stride. About one I mean you expected to be able to make some of the easier road but there's a lot as but being the accuracy. And distance was. Terrific so that that makes opening bell two got that line. They're great job back a little bit and allows them to support pressure at tackle is peanuts really do it again after the quarterback industries league yeah outsiders really good. So Lotta Lotta things like about a game lastly. Talked about Olsen being out big game for Dixon had tied in last week. Man was a pick it up on my fantasy football or that sparked. I did this week five catches 175 yards and a I think part of it is quite honestly you know they're not really teams know much about overtake humans you looked out whether you're looking at like the most support that government. It only got uncovered by it's not the priority at all think when you look at what else we got out there and so. He'd open and then beat take advantage today about seem to get to account or that shall try to take that away as Philadelphia tomorrow night but. You had a good players and probably for eight years it back stat ball Arctic get a couple good years there when you're about that he catches so I had to exit court. Jim let me ask you about Christian McCaffrey of course the first draft pick of the alas draft for the Panthers looks good job catching the football. They're really not getting going yet running the football is a fair. Yeah 103 yards to carry not good. And make every two point eight so we're we're not really get that done. I think what's happening Gregg got Jeter loaded up the box and try to take the run away and bearing camp to pass a ballot getting burglar. He would bet he can't go all out so it might eat that now look at this past. To run when they become a loosen up the running game with the bill we throw the ball. And epic will probably feel better they are being read about a bigger lead into expected got to sit on the ball but try to run at two they're anticipating that. It makes sense that. If you don't dwell on the it's just a matter of in the broken that big went off the Internet to more receivers or 27 catches is the most of any rookie that is receiving yards Specter the most that you were 237. So nothing spectacular nothing huge yet but you know that's gonna break it's a. This is a a good Eagles team that's coming in tomorrow night they're four and one numb you believe they're for real. They are for real and Carson went just in the second years brought up quickly at. Go back a look at the tape last week against Arizona return for touchdown passes that went thirty or so early losses at city. Which are widely considered just what is the best in the league so far and that urged. Teletype then we'd all the side of the beleaguered and catches it. Receiving yards and buy ours and a more weapons those thirty to catch it again reflects the twenty catches. And can probably Rockwell Lagarde want. They're good and you're good on defense it. Very good on third down both offensively and be sensibly and it's actually get. Takeaways on defense it's six takeaways so far they're gonna special. Order Leo well rounded team and I think they've been probably one of the more. Pleasant surprises in the league in terms of a team that you would expect Libya for one team at this point. Somebody said that this is a game where both defense of lines will probably have an advantage over the offensive lines in agreement that. The other good having bad that they can't there's been there operative lack of credit they've done a good job like if he'd like Detroit like last week match and bam a bit of good they are quarterbacks. I think the campus can handle the eagle deepens but it an eagle look at a level bowl. The campers speed out of line and it cap obviously been planned terrific five and have sex so far. Getting help obviously in the deducted Jacqueline you expect linebackers. Out from an up front seven to the campus just terrific in. You know walker called an obviously at Tampa as a low bid being got back secondary they're but they get so much accomplished that sponsor of dissent a lot archer or expect. Talk about the issues playing a game on a short week but dobbs could be home when that happened drank. Right obviously Philadelphia traveling today. So they get an even shorter week in terms of preparations. You know to their advantage they had Sunday all ball apathetic about late but they. Guerrero took so little bit or watch their. I think also the fact that yeah it would get called game Manger or your culprit so I think would be short week games and isn't an advantage for the answers this. Our rights Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network in Gaza have video broadcast on classic rock won a one point one tomorrow night Jim thanks man. Record here all right to Jim's Oki keeps us up to date every week. On the Carolina Panthers thinkpad there's going to be the Eagles Mormon at home I'm come pick against the Panthers. They've been impressive number one Carolina and their home this is going to be. Their toughest test so far yeah you can Panthers in two big of one alike in as a good Thursday night game quit complaining about Thursday night games you can do that this week. I don't see Carson once against the panther defense down I'll echoes and see if they do like. So Hussein and get the running game going home. Death are you worried about McCaffery is a running back who's been good as a receiver but really hasn't. Has broken again maybe they have been stacking the box and ethnic because Kansas hasn't been KM and now he starred in opened things up to me and not be defensive. Once once he starts and those thousands of that running game. They're going to be pretty good. This news just gave Jim Morse for the giants. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended. By the New York Giants. Ben Mack adieu. Said he spoke with Rodgers-Cromartie yesterday. And that he was at the team's facility this morning. And attended team meetings. And decided to leave. His teammates didn't know about the suspension when they took the field for practice. This afternoon. Just seen Anderson and ESP and talk to Rodgers-Cromartie. He says he'll come back tomorrow. Rodgers to Marty told Joseph Sanderson got into an altercation with his coach Mack can do on the sidelines during the loss. To the chargers about playing he said I handled it the wrong way. But to set me a game had me hot so I left. Roger Marty was a little bit injured tried to play through the pain eventually was removed from the contest through his helmet onto the field. They're real. Patch this up. No discuss the NFL. The NFL as a whole. It is. In serious trouble. Very very serious trouble. Exodus earlier in the year strike is coming. Is just going to be a matter of when the players pull the trigger and do. Obviously I think it's going to be sooner rather than later because. They're gonna use the whole all of protest platform. As an excuse but they were gonna do it anyway because. The CBA has to get re done. And right now the NFL from organizational standpoint is in total dysfunction and meltdown MO. I'm literally GMAC aren't expecting any minute war there to be a stoppage. I will not be shocked. Will not be shocked. And it's coming. It's coming. Especially with the Smith being reinstated as the NFL PA route. And the complete. Disregard that he and Roger Goodell have now you've got players. I mean you're seeing that Lee threw out that the protests are just bring in this two and of what the players have been feeling for. Several years now. And it's it's gonna come out it's gone my my thing is what what's going to be the market there's going to be a parlor game. And then it's gonna then it's going get really bad. But there's I mean this doesn't shock me that. You know via players getting into what their coaches I mean you've got it the whole situation over. And Pittsburgh you you've got on the dysfunction now that's going home with Dallas. And it's going to get worse it's not gonna get better it's gonna get work. I just I can't I don't think so I I can understand more you would see the signs and things like death but I think they're gonna pull things together as far as the giants go. Thorough winless team and and when teams are winless you get this type of this pharmacy at this type of that I mean I don't remember a guy who's leaving before. But that's not. I'm not surprised by a but I did I just don't believe it took a strike again how to do that. Yes some of us in altitude that don't I don't because that's money. What they're doing the protests and and everything that's different than money when it becomes money. They're not they're not going to do well let's stop believing. That's money to do. Because I think that's what a lot of the meeting was about with the cowboys meeting with Gerri is if we needle in your benches for the game do we get our game check. So I have to think they're gonna strike even before the season's over. I would be shocked I don't think they will. But if it happened I will not be shocked it's going to happen sometime between now and 21. Is just a matter of win. But it's coming and it's going to happen. Gerald McCoy is a divas of Lyman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he says there could be an uproar if NFL players are forced to stand for the anthem. I was on podcast and he said. Nothing is going to be an uproar. The two basically taking away a constitutional right to freedom of speech if guys wanna have a peaceful protest he says he doesn't think it's right take that away. And soul. That's Tampa Bay would it happen at Tampa Bay. Where they would sit this came after details letter yesterday right habits that he wants players to stand wants players to stand I mean that's pretty clear. But did not say how he won't make. Players that this whole freedom of speech thing. Argument is stupid because. Yes you have freedom of speech but you also are an employee and if your employer puts a rule out and that is a rule. Then you have to abide by it or you go get another job the other team as it's ever listen if they institute a rule here where I have to cut my hair. Com or go cut my hair or on the go find another job that they've put uniforms that we have to Wear uniforms we have to Wear a tie coming out all of these growing up. Now let's say it happened as a policy Josh were both Thai because that's what they can go and play it's it's a wall by your employer at Windsor. Really yeah you nonviolence. In all us. I know what you're saying it's a rule but they're Smart and there's not Smart and some of the draw the line somewhere here you're going to draw the line somewhere did not just you know you know. Say hey yearly implore you can say whatever you want and and make us do whatever you want their one big going to draw a line and depends all that's why they have a players association. The players association generated respond dollars. They are in the problem though is there's nothing either way. You know Stephen A Smith and his argument which was totally wrong. Saying that it you know like Dallas what we wouldn't do that if Richard Sherman who are overweight or yes he would. See people forget Jerry Jones fired a Tutu and Super Bowl champion in the middle of the height of the Raun. Jerry Jones does not care about who you bar where you come from and what you do. He's the one that spent a 140 million of his own money to buy the Dallas Cowboys to make them a four point five billion dollar company. The why did he take him out on the field and kneel before the camp nobody bother that charade because I think it was a this it was a guts stay it was a good shot of what are we gonna do now because it happened so fast. You've got all this stuff that happened so fast and in the moment he's getting hit with a every type of information you can yet. From his players from his coaches stand summer or not they did not want a repeat of what happened with Pittsburgh. Which is totally screw Pittsburg Pittsburg season's done that team is so divided it's not even funny. He did not want a repeat of that. So before he could figure out legally what he could do. He's an okay this is how we're gonna do it and I'm going to be the one that's gonna leave isn't doing and so he did it. Now that he's had time to think about it now that he's had time to consult his legal team. I promise you a businessman is having is Jerry Jones is not good at issue and eat it if he feels. There is any repercussion out of it from a legal standpoint. And there is an element to what lines are saying Gerald McCoy is wrong. OK and NFL owner whether you like it or not that is a company. And he has every right. Every right unless it specifically stipulated. In the CBA which it's not. There's nothing in the CBA says the owners to institute a rule. But there will be next on. Probably so one way or the other on a little bit or if it comes down to we can give more money or we have to put this rule and they're gonna go for the money it see here's the other thing that drug in this it's what's going on the NBA. And the players are seeing this if you're already having a mean huge had a NASCAR guy come out saying I want what the NBA's did right. So if he's saying that I imagine if you're player in the NFL let's be honest a lot of those guys are close brands. And they're seeing the money that. Me for goodness sakes Jolie and being just got a 150 million dollar contract. If he's not even gotten all the emergency room yet. I mean what does he done nothing. But yet you've got guys out there like Aaron Rodgers even Matt Stafford compared to the NBA. Is underpaid. When you've got this issue with the protest not you've got the owners see the owners are in a little bit of an influx. Because now they had total control before and now it's about power. And the owners cannot give and even if it means they strike. Because if they do just what happens you lose your team. When the players start dictating. How do you run your company you lose that company. And the owners they would disband the NFL before they allow that to happen if I'm a billionaire. If I'm Jerry Jones would literally mortgaged my entire. Company prior to spend a 140 million of my money there's not a damn player don't tell me what to do in my company. Not one if I tell you just can't you the most. Perry. If you don't like you'll post them on at forty maybe you are going for jobs. Now some owners aren't going to that extreme. They're saying OK let's try to deal with this lets the players now let's try to do this. And they have that right. Because yes they are part of your but they are there on the older. First. And these guys have spent massive amounts of money on these teams and you think they're just gonna let the players. Dictate. What they're going to do. Not gonna happen. Normally all Wednesdays and Dallas stack Prescott's ends each Elliott talked in the media today they did not. They declined interviews yep. 8444773776. We'll have a final segment coming up to get back to the phones back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. It's the final segment of the huddle here for a busy Wednesday. On ESP in upstate. That's good Jim Andy's been hanging on for awhile Jim welcome into the hollow our unit. I'm doing good up much so. I guess it'll start to show I would never talk about this is noble put on won't talk at night. January 3 that precipitated much for sorting decked Cuban people. And I exporters bought it back there in the Carol. Intuit football player and that in that order. From the Pittsburgh student division in Newton elected and they took what he preached bridge group without that could I would do wreckage group. And delete it ought to get my but it is actually hit money groups replace the issues that are firemen Jews. I am as drivers choose. Ain't got no right to protest in that it is currently not this debate that's going to the world would not perfect. But nobody. Where there are lots better outlook and we are. Thank you very much. Jim. I'm not sure what it was didn't do with the Pittsburgh player of the got a team around stood in the tunnels of wisdom. The malignant. What did he he apologized over apologizing now that has gone. I baseball tonight you're only as paean of stay we'll have the Yankees and Indians game 734. Of that one that's AI game five deciding game. That's ago went. And then about two I get underway. Is the cubs. Nationals game and Stephen Strasburg is going to start. Dame for the National League division series Dusty Baker and said he was too ill to start today and that it would have been tanner Roark. But dumb Strasburg showed up at Wrigley Field today. And according to Pedro Gomez and ESPN's Strasburg was. On the first bus to the park today and told Dusty Baker he's feeling much better. And he can start. So that's what's gonna happen. Earlier nationals general manager Mike Rizzo had told reporters that Stephen Strasburg had experienced flu like symptoms since his last start. On Friday. He was on antibiotics. He was getting fluids. Intravenously. When asked whether teammates pressured Strasburg to pitch Rizzo said no. Said he felt obligated when he felt as good as he feels today felt more like himself. Right. Fair enough. Would definitely a factor pitching when because gonna affect her eyesight if your eyes water and I mean you know you don't like seriousness I don't know why can't be considered laws are convinced you know so I have I think I think it's a little less manly to views as an excuse but still. When you outsized problems we have flu like symptoms you feel horrible you can't see very well there's a lot of things that. You're all achy and you know it's. So precise being a pitcher that would have to affect. You're at least replacement. So he's worried about his team. He's only out there for five innings anyway. I mean Major League Baseball has its just a rotation of relievers he may have a Michael Jordan moment we don't know but stellar it. I'm glad you brought up Michael Jordan. Dan so honest or was nowhere close to what Michael was going through. Nor was on this board where. Curt Schilling laws. With a almost a bone sticking out of his ankle. Here at 870. Gopac a Benadryl. I'm sure that'll that I think you can read it sort of militants and we'll go to the team doctor and get a fix. Or video Crocodile Dundee remember that. Porsche watering and put the towel over the breathing. Strasburg going to be good didn't know they're human UB. He's at a point 86 earned run average since the all star break. That is the second lowest ever by a pitcher in the second half of the season he's not going to be good and. I think he's scared of the pressure. Quite honestly. I mean he ran a half a mile. The guy stays in shape and it works out. And he did that earlier in the day and then. With 24 hours before the game announces although I can't pitch because I've got the sniffles. And then now he's getting shamed into going out and pitching you think this is yeah absolutely the fans aren't anonymous tech yeah man he was getting blasted all over. The news. Our army everywhere you look he was getting made fun of his teammates I'm sure we're giving him. More than their share. Boston shops. Well it takes the mound in nine minutes so we're about to sink. And if Washington you're one and that will make that a two games each series just like the Yankees and Cleveland are right now yankees and Cleveland tonight. NATO a first pitch here on ESP announced it. I tomorrow comes seals will be out that gringo heritage federal credit union downtown gringo Washington street so will be on location. Looking forward to that straight at the Sturgis coming up next. Thanks for listening to the huddle on ESPN a statesman a fun day enjoyed the soccer talk. We'll talk less soccer tomorrow. See you tomorrow 1 o'clock enough.