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We're back in the huddle on ESPN upstate tonight 730 we'll have the Yankees Indians deciding game in that baseball series. And a Stephen Strasburg is gonna pitch this afternoon you may have heard that on the ESPN. Update for the nationals you'll start game four against the cubs this afternoon talk guesses ones allergies. Whatever was that dom. Had him under the weather that he was not going to be able to. Pitch. He's better now so we'll pitch the sentiment. Against the cubs 8444773776. Stephen's been doing Ellis did image here next I statement. I got ours is. Good at a comment about soccer and earlier you were here speaking about the women's soccer. I know for a fact we have about. At a perfect coach on our scene that is now and she was from England and she says that the women's soccer around the world and not as coveted as millions of course and they actually don't respected at all. Thought I think that's why get so much acknowledgment here. It is just a call the women. Actually have a voice and and play before here where a lot of countries don't even have a 1000. Well that's good point appreciate Jamaican that statement. Ital and end the -- the poll is really running all the son of a good Twitter poll as when you have. Three choices and they're all really almost dead even and pretty close. 36%. Couldn't care less that we demy the World Cup 36%. Would prefer that we made it. But they're not devastated an inch 48% are just devastated. Devastated we're up to fifty go to the ball Addie SP in upstate. If you would like to vote. In artwork I was when I was devastated people calling in oh here's some sob I'm telling you man did you not it's enjoy watching as the in the morning ideas. I didn't know did you look at Twitter you most do you follow different people. The non. What's that supposed to mean yeah. I do follow our wrestling people spokesman that's all about it's still sports a sports entertainment but I follow on this web sites and in. These guys and they can afford ultra serious business and a lot of our listeners are wrestling. I'm sorry. I'm sorry dissent and dissent it before I really thought about iPods. Know there are no the reason why they looked down on me here you know why is it. I will rise above the lesson I saw a bunch of people just. Going nuts last night in this morning about the soccer lost a bunch times. I'm just site and they're out there. They're out there is that someone out there who actually called in sick today because. We view as interesting to edit I mean they're probably as I guess probably imminent. Most 8444773776. At the text line is 71307. You know there's blood coming Harry called me about already coach on soccer. Yes but that's. You know what I know there's no. Three choices. But to me it's too that was percent. Wryly. I mean the ones in the middle. They're leaning towards don't really care but again Trinidad and Tobago someone can travel agency. And they couldn't tell you words that. But I did it because again this and that is saying why. I think it states made it out wanna do well because the United States. Now I agree I would root for him I might even watch it wrong tomorrow on patriotism as I guess it's the middle of the ones it's more about. They're supporting. I do I daresay the flag. See that's that's like Josh his point last hour about the Olympics makes perfect sense here because we will watch the Olympics. You brought he had no idea what the sport is gonna root for our country. Yeah opportune the other thing is actually had the opportunity to go to the Olympics when there was an Atlanta. Must step down to big archer. Traveled all over the world in. An archery and there was some interest in family doesn't actually yeah actually went over competed in the Australian. As a teenager in archery and so he got us tickets. And we went and watched the archery competition. There in Atlanta and I mean. I've never been ones this but I was. Yeah McAllen archery for you know but you know what it was great because I think the kid that won it. I know it was from America. And the story that was behind him I mean he would crack issue in 2000. You know hope nobody stepped out of the dark when it do them exactly right you know but you know they told the story about him. Being in the front yard and he would shoot through the living room. Into the backyard hit the target and when I'm when he missed. Mama what the half. In the cap was missing. Let's give rise in your next in the huddle they Bryce. Garrett richter out of me only around yeah all the talk of Europe aqaba. Probably out there that with the group that devastated. And the last night has to be. That we lost our a stunt its release Mexico Panama one day. Well religion can detriment that it will put the worst soccer team in the world only interlude that and yes. To look at it if not you know now like your football team leader and the next week you get to eradicate them you know. Four more years or anything happens but. That kind of like all the work that we made because I mean soccer you know we have football and basketball this year nobody really cares about and we made sure it in the past. In fifteen years to get us up there. And as I just rolled out away it would do it in black or gay. How do gouging and it was soccer fog and ask Bryce are two mashed your age child are you. Yeah I stopped when he agreed to arm yeah so. I don't know it was a cut off until about there maybe play when I was growing up but I never I just didn't understand that. And then honestly. Both he and video game when that came out and I started playing well let me soccer actually. It's a lot of it. And so I started walking and playing more every so. Song it's you know I would love. I'm to be able to go to the game developed to go to match it up like that but. That's kind of how I got into it or. I yeah I recognize that you know on the outlook to follow a lot closer but. Soccer's they're itself like the US government is gritty who's worked. I'm except for soccer and a pain and just as an American like we should dominate at that meant everything else. Good call Bryce I appreciate him and cede areas they are your devastated soccer fan on so thank you there thanks Paul remembrance. I wonder if he's devastated heard something about. The teams were oral the American team was upset. That the match was played in just want it and that's awesome field condition issues. Man descends like excuse make enemies and you. The hummingbirds that play only. See that tells me Vegas and Vegas doesn't capitalize on it I don't think it's a real war. And a biggest handicap. They would have automatically go along with humming birds because it was a swamp. When you always take an island team must walk on that type of terrain. There ago. Saying it would only if we'd only taken a look at that it may do it now estimates put lines Aniston sports to you consider these boards and yes the watched it the other day in America aren't. Man they get after. I let me switch to the other food ball. The American version one that actually matters finally. And talk about lot up all climb bomb I'd say about announced it was on now first take. And I you know he he's he's count off on Clinton everything you did earlier this year about Clemson fans about how point in the arm that we play that too. Well. He's not really buying that it's just Clemson and Alabama. On a straight line to another rematch for the national championship here's what farm outs. Steve and I have Obama contrary and as you know in if you told me I cannot take climbs and Alabama to me or. The field I how would take to feel I think Alabama will be there until lecture Clemson will be because. At some point you write you run into someone that. And it happened last year to climb to the Washington home to Pittsburg Pittsburg. They should've lost to NC state. The NC state kicker missed a chip shot and they have to go to NC state my trying to make that into some all world game. But but at some point you do lose we see it every weekend we saw last week of Oklahoma we saw with Michigan. It will happen I don't think will happen Alabama. But I do think it could happen at Clemson. So fine mom putting Clemson right in there with the oklahomans. And the Michigan's. And done. The other teams that are pretty good but not really unbeatable do we have a ring quota on the show. Did you got to hold on wasn't. I mean all of he has there's a lot of buildup of really don't bother you come more on how it bothered me but he sourced to any team can you can lose that he would you not Alabama look. Yeah that is unhealthy. Yeah obviously he forgot about them lose and Ole miss a couple of years ago that a lot. But they did lose drugs a lecture. Elect fun mama. It's not that model liking it it's it's what he's doing. Baiting Clemson and yet the honey come all the calendar and you know I know I know you war. But it but the thing though is GMAC I don't think he's I think he really means it. Because he never has to be a quote national show. Has she ever had either double Cellini or any of the players on he has a lot of the players on from all over the country. I can't remember him ever having. A player or coach affiliated with Clinton on his show has ever been on. I'm on. May be demo would go on fund. What does that matter I mean the guy has a major platform for a reason obviously he's talented enough to get to where he's gotten two I mean you don't have to have every coach. From every team on your show do. I don't know I must say in that but when you're starting to make accusations. And you're starting to use certain things. Are okay up against a particular team. As of as a media what you said as a platform. That is a national platform. That I think you have to give the other tip and the other side the chance to at least come on the show but they'll actually say. You don't that distance this thing is equal time except for politics you don't have to he obviously has a bias towards who he likes he obviously loves Alabama. There's no doubt about that. He doesn't have to look the other cycle more. There's no one who says he has to. Well I think that if you're gonna go to the outlandish ness of what he does. And again he's doing it because he's manipulating the fan base to pay attention to I get it. But I also think there's a part of him. They're really he really believe I really believe that if Clinton wins the national title and they were to beat Alabama again this year and he might retire. And I can. I would not be shocked. I would not be shocked. If that's what if he's kinda like the way let but art is with all this political little tart said they only show. That he's to the point now where he's probably gonna quit. Because of the whole Joseph mill hill and Disney and ESPN and all of that and you know he's all he's all Opel that it. Well I think that if Clinton continues to win and win the way that they are. You cannot stand it. That Alabama is not the toast of college football he can not stand it my real early to say they're not. At this point I don't as of Clemson won the sugar it. You're close affair if you want him to stay on there. And see him just this peace beamed all the time because your your team so good depth that makes it all and that's part of the fun of what we do. Sure and get all that. But I mean I don't ever see him sit in the same things about Ohio State. Or. And fish you or the you know he goes out of his way. To make those type remarks and visit. Have you ever personally been offended by a fan base and and quite a few people from that same fan based is. All the time offend you. They tick you off on me personally not only are coming off the year. And its chances are he's had some experiences with some Clemson fans I mean I've had those experiences with Clemson fans. And it. Other people have had those experiences with gamecocks fans it makes you not like an entire team because of having to deal was on certain fan base in house. Some of the most vocal of them act. I don't know I'll tell you why. If you are going to be in any type of public form I don't care whether it's. A sports talk show host political Parcells coached politician won over. You have to accept the fact. That they or going to be certain people that are going to hate you no matter what you do. If you have any given. For home and you've got a hundred people. 30% of them are going to hate you. That's. What you say that's just the nature. Of demographic strive for higher persons that broken well. I'm not disagreeing with you there. But if you give everything there even do that pretty much what you're gonna get from Britain announced them. Let me get John on this topic month on month John welcome and. Yeah it ended. Up on. Meant so just a couple of I have not. Caught it and not my main team I'm looking at this without the orange and purple glasses. Combine it. I I just not sure what fine bomb and watched this year terms of football. Column. I mean to meet Clinton and basically. A spitting image. What how they'll all been for the last eight years. What I say that I mean the defense this. The best I've ever seen Kirkland sent. It's gonna hit them and every football game. And if Kobe. Bryant or whoever tech cornerback the opportunity. Two win the game and not have to score forty points. The other thing is they've got a great athlete on the permit her and can't have a big buckeye fan just that out there. We have a great running back OJ JK dollar and about state he's phenomenal. Eighteen is the best. Freshman running back in this great running back class of freshman. He'd be best of them all you people options Porsche. And his breakaway speed and is. Breaking tackles. Club that is just what I watched Clinton Sen compared to every other football team including Alabama. I just tell you what it would I've Mohammed is really seeing the guys I. I really am flabbergasted by because that is the class of the and the class of and here this year. Thank you John appreciate it I think John's point is excellent. I think there's a separation that most people see between Alabama Clemson in the rest of the field and I'm I'm done like that no he doesn't. Or maybe he's doing exactly what you said at the beginning of the show he's just trolling. Because troll and there's a lot of fun in New Orleans. It is but I don't think it is with him. I think he really. I think you put yourself out there because I believe he predicted back during the national championship and Alabama would win and would win handedly. And then they lost. Handed well not handedly but in a very dramatic fashion. Idea but you look and make predictions you're gonna get. 40% wrong no matter what absolutely absolutely but he was all Adam. About Alabama was gonna win that this was the best team in the history of college football he was the one that started there. Yeah but you've been adamant about things before we have the jury I mean if you have an opinion have a strong opinion you're gonna go at it with volume and when you're wrong. You fall flat on your fate. A little surprising to me that that. My mom is staking a flag here yes that's what great point he's taken flak and let's not all mine upsetting people. Early in my broadcast career consultant for the entire fan base. Because I predicted Florida State was gonna win the national championship. And John Amos wants to go in the Heisman. As a redshirt freshman. People showing up a remote want to fight. I mean that's a true story it. I. You can handle the right. You have let violently that they went through you know so I understand. If I understand the point about if you believe something. And at that particular time I fell and I believe that Florida State was the best thing. Just like this year I thought that Clinton is the best team and look at I don't get into that. I just try to call it like I see it and some people like some people don't really don't care that may. But with him it's like he's in it's not coming from that angle it's like he has taken this personal. And no matter what happens. He's gonna keep driving that state I mean when you come out you call an entire fan base intoxicated. That's taken it to another level. 8444. 773776. Up next we'll check in lobby JC charmer talks and gamecocks football. That is next and how colonias be in upstate stay with us. By the back. To huddle on ESPN upstate ledger when this was get to the phones bring in a JC server the big spur dot com. Mr. sharper power things going. Mr. reckoning things are gonna get today and I don't know when we element of the South Florida has its search humid. The that's what we get for Davida at a opening weekend of college football mild temperatures you know everything always. Don't. Our current I guess so mind it'll change in the mall wish it was no warmer gambit a somewhat gamecocks is that was a pretty good performance against Arkansas last week up. They I think he wrote something on the big score about what with the keys for us defensive improvement this year under traverse Robinson the coordinator there. A what are you seeing from this defense was made the difference for the getting so much better here. Well I think it'll factory unit if you noticed last year the beginning of the season. They played pretty good at times but when they they play teams that were faster than they or. They struggled like Mississippi State in the first half paid in my. Just they just couldn't get there where there Simon. And of course down the stretch he had a former Clemson. South Florida western Carolina. You know Missouri Eva to a certain extent late last season. You know that they would just give up some big plays because they just you know get curse may be packers' safety that you are I don't play. Coming amity can beat generation. With one leg. You know and any trial hardly coupled with political arm but he is what I'd deal. Their safety yeah there was no doubt more TJ brunt of course but if you look at it this year you know are more. Is an upgrade at the will position over Bryce now in terms of speed that autism are ready linebackers faster. And then you get brought to them their strategic Solomon. And that's a major upgrade until those guys. Are are making life I mean they're they're both playing at a high level probably tired and I expected. On the defensive line is over achieving in my opinion. Are they ideal or they want the best in the country here have been an SEC probably are but at least their middle of a packed old Earl. And you got some players like Javon can call. Her make some strides Dennis swan on making strides and and then you get some improvement there and then in the secondary they outplayed our man football this year produce some injuries. But were shot Fenton is you know basically shut down everybody covers. He dismissed them further cripple marked as solid jamarcus he's even getting better. And and a guy got like Stephen Montag and keeps on nick shouldn't count stepped in and provide depth now. You know to the personnel. Matter and and and I think they're always had a good plan. Yet are always in pretty good position and our goal is get enough to make forays. I think this group now. You know there are good enough to make so we are most important are they ideal. You know is that a dominant beat their narrow but. You know. When the hustle and when you play hard. And you do have some talent and some athleticism. Get things are gonna happen and certainly good things happened. You know this past weekend at camp against Arkansas 03 defensive touchdowns for turner. Now plus seven in turnover margin this year which is great for the game Cox up but what happened with these armed with these defense of scores last week is a I mean there's got to be a little bit of good fortune involved in that right to have that many of. Now Arkansas sort of felt or I mean I often now on I don't know what's wrong this year he's not the same quarterback he worked last year. They couldn't get the run game go and make it all the all the ball. And then it just kind of snowball Solomon. Then and then they're back up for the pick six Turkey son nick should play. Until that just littlest things where. Yeah yes South Carolina forced some turnovers that they they yes the Scott Moore takes six feet made that play you know. On the one light drowned but they're right to have somebody is probably don't ticket you know he came over made the play. The fumble you know they make the play PGA browser and get awareness to escape without. Armed but not a lot of Arkansas to an Arkansas. Just like that snowballed on them in the second half and you know kind of got to wonder what can happen out there what rebel Lehman now. They've got a lot of income and. About DI health of the offensive line is it. Look in any better this. Well you know they think that barely made maybe ago but I would pay for what I have heard it. You know all that I think it's more likely that gas are back after that open date Bailey homes. That you get while the U Blake came along right tackle this week that he played pretty well at our. Well yeah it's such an. You know as much as he. Struggled especially for court that day and now. I'll probably get sort of redeem himself in the Arkansas probably cannot protect the game got out eloquent well. The usually played a lot better Allen not part what is best football. Of course that's one game and we also on all the and then potentially possible people lost probably. A little bottles and all the public is that we don't have a lot doubt they've got Walton are. If you thought all I hope they. If you have to play there was rules on the long that they continue to play a lot to get last week in my own little colder. After bag. Targeted JC sure bring the bigs Murdoch come mob. I say give me your thoughts on nudging Bailey right now there was a quote from him this week that he trying to quiet his feet down a little bit must champ says that is quarterback was over stride and son. I'm. I don't know exactly nearby hospital and into every day every day. Every day somebody got to go get. A ticket and it you know that a bit about it what you don't take right now how's how's he look in the I think a lot of people have over. You know here's here's the issue it is history in the speech that Obama back sometime this cult and not be back at it that being said. I think some of the criticism he's taken from the doctor on base is Dick. Coming out ala demoralized doctor Oz 06 right now chip or shakes. Mean you know that nobody else talk about a great place to make it about a litmus test their past in the first quarter of this game here anyhow. And an outlook happy to hear much chance and also Jerry says that because that's been. So orderly issues you know I think he's felt pressure on that hasn't been there and what he's been inaccurate that's bitten. What happened and I think that. If you look back last year. He had worked protection. But he says these statements uttered and have a higher completion percentage and you know when you're South Carolina. Yet this season you're gonna hang in the balance just about every game you know there every game you'll be competitive. Com you know and and so those report pat that you miss. You know maybe the difference between winning and losing. You know and that's not a big correction in indignantly. Knows how to fundamentally play quarterbacks so I think that that would be good you know that you get that corrected and it does get protection I think you'll have a pretty good game. All I'd Tennessee this week noon game in Dalian stadium our reports are changing quarterbacks are how about Garin ton of verses dormant in a much differences. I. I think it's a desperation to me and I think I even while all show everyday talk about Gator Todd and I thought it was just one of the most overrated players out there. Now from the standpoint it has potential and upside. But this from the standpoint of he's kind of gather too campy or gain delegate to cancel really get oil and short. That you look at it tied to production up their Bergen Catholic what neck good. I think that you don't go however he ended up being the number one tool for quarterback in the country according it will it will have a sport composite. Well here's mistake rather recruiting industry you know they let their quarterback go jury on yet he transferred twice. And needed junior college in California and protesting fans out there please don't correlate tape to make up. Any and you want to pick this break with Tennessee's quarterback situation look at the players that Atlanta. Native Peter and you know couldn't get off the bench he goes to hit. And turns up an NFL draft pick Reilly first serve as a Memphis now. You know total 400 part of the game or whatever they can't alert and kind of trash and that. A little bit if they want normal you know you had general and aired its. You know they've recruited good quarterback they haven't always. You know had a volley stay didn't have a hard pan am outlived Clinton Normandy looked better in a reserve role that he had this year at any count so. I don't know what's wrong bat I think they could be South Carolina you have to you have to war yet. You know him get loose or run or some pending his teammates are about to. Get that momentum because. You can see enough talent to beat South Carolina it is just a matter of where they act and you know and and you know you don't want that happen. Taj is gonna say JC on you'll sometimes you don't wanna find a desperate man enough. Butch Jones is pretty desperate right now how does that play on your mind. Well you know I haven't seen Butch Jones. There's a couple of times in pressure situations. Just seems it really responded I'm thinking of two terms. In particular thing Tony fifteen year Georgia 43 in the first half. And and they rally at a point in the game in and get it incredible parole. Of course another quarter last year I got out of the game ball. Did you get this between you know shook a little bit of that spoke against Georgia Tech when they get down okay. Alms. But that is Jordan that is bull over in the if so it's it's did he get them the or you know about going to be against the wall in game. You know but but my question but that is weird globe awards this year with the because Georgia Tech's got southern proper talent on defense of talent took over. Well now or or number two it was a part of the job job who have been tremendous leader. To pass all the intangible you warned as leader of all TV channel will be. Without oh logging in 20141. But it. Now and he got so you know that's my question and I think that's been the thinking what Garrett not say you're out of the mobile that. You know make some plays that they happen to Ottawa Seattle he would do in my capturing their. The key to south Carolina's defense also that are going to be the Bob what John Kelly I think the best running backs in the SE they. Maybe the best states faced. You can't let it more on the ball make things easier all Maria first announced order QB. Tom you know I think that's got to be the key itself are gonna make sure they don't run the ball against them. And let the chips fall where they bring in the past a year. Good stuff JC sharper at the big spurred our come thanks JC. I will appreciate that we talked him next week about that game in the gamecocks on moving forward with the off week coming up. 8444773776. Going to get him phone lines are open now it's the huddle on ESP in upstate. Again it's the huddle on ESP and ups are you guys know what happened 25 years ago on this date. October 11 1992. Was the day. Audience before because we're up against brickyard at your 1 morning. Deion Sanders. Suited up for both the Atlanta Falcons. And the Atlanta Braves. On the same day we'll let ever happen again. Hello down on none of them but here's the thing. The falcons played the dolphins. So Dian play nine game. And then he got on a helicopter flew to a private jet. And flew to Pittsburgh to be the Braves for a National League Championship Series game. Against the pirates. October 11 1992. Thing is ending get into the baseball ever I think she played in both games when you remember written. That's the way people remembering the envoy enough baseball game and football game on the same thing now he did not get an and and he's still ticked about that. He is not happy about he's working on a documentary about the sling when you detect can be ticked me is a playoff game you know you don't just stick to man. To game five against the pirates the the theory that most people I was about a Cox didn't want him to show for the football game just wanted to come with a baseball games are to blame when he got. Yeah. Yes that's one Tim McCarver and him got into it. Remember that yeah it was a failure yeah it was I think that next week after the Braves won. The division was the division of the play and they want the World Series when the grocers and you know not by five and one was here and when they clinched it because my Korver came out the next week. And really laid the lumber to beyond for doing both. And saying stuff like he wasn't voted for the Braves and the you know you can't play to professional sports and Dion met him in the locker room and so they McCorvey need to cool off and don't ice all over now. I was actually pretty funny out. One car. He was it was not a happy camper. Meanwhile I'm looking at a picture of beyond get off that helicopter on the today he was someone heck was he aware that. He's got like a like a vast on that has the peace symbolizes is carrying a purse and some flowery shorts. Do. I mean you're gonna get your picture made on this day look good. Anyway. Interesting documentary if he gets it done. He says you know tell the story of all why what was behind him. Not getting into the baseball game in his mind. We'll see but that was that was amazing in I don't think oversee it. Same day baseball and football game on the bullet receives final break we'll come back and wrap up our number two of the huddle in a moment you wanna jump on board. You candidate for 44773776. Carolina coaches RB superstar text line 71307. Will be right back. A three minutes before the top of the hour so imagine the phones bring Steve in for the spinal segment hi Steve welcome into the huddle. Eight power it. Steve junior army. It cults and I don't. Connor Shaw is gonna get worked out with Leo. Houston Texans. Josh the gonna beat out the show once and pencil him. What difficulties if he can make that. I don't have you know he's he has already worked out with the text. According to reports and the Texans the mine as well be in South Carolina with as many Clemson or Carolina. Players on team would've be great to have arguably the best game caught. Quarterback in the Basque Clemson quarterback on the same team I think it would be cool to accorsi was released by the bears that happened in early September. Play with a browns and a thumb injury with the browns and pre season game back in 2015 so we missed the whole season. Sam just tons of injury problems had a broken leg with the bears last year in the pre season. And any art Harris hamstring. This year and the pre season. With the players so I just can't stay healthy so you don't know what he might be able do that it stay healthy. Income. Possibly. Make a roster I don't know that it's going to be. Think Connor Shaw can be dealt concept which yeah would you rather have congress challenger back. I mean compared to what we saw from Simon whenever Sheldon and I know he's only been in you know. Well he hasn't done now about it doesn't really not mean hadn't. That one pretty good game when they were used on the like last man standing at the into the sixteenth and had to play. It just you know he's too amazed I given up he's gonna continue to try to make teams for awhile at least and so he's working now. With the Texans. He's got a better shot and Kemper and well for different reasons. But we won't play into the planet come on commercials better quarterback and Catherine stop. Any day I'm on the are you kidding me now aren't did you not stop any he would not kidding I agree that the overseeing jeopardy player in NFL game vs commercial playing in an opponent. Yes okay. What were you watching any day. Here at curry from so glad to sour note you know you people in your politics and just let it blind you. Mean. Just let it behind you where you people around you people paying you sports show cohosts. So cool gonna Wear shades a 444773776. Did he comes in here. And we'll talk some soccer. He darted try to come at once about motion to back house and another and baseball. Is Red Sox are toast Silas were. He's back in a moment bottle for our number three on ESP NN state.